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associations. If its operations were to be direct
cd for the benefit of any one class, equivalent
favors must, in justice be extended to the rest ;
and the attempt to bestow such favors with an
equal hand, or even to stlect those who should
most deserve them, woulinever be successful.
All communities arejapt'to'look to Govern.
ment for too much. Even in our own country
where its powers and duties are so strictly lim
ited, we are p'rone to do so, especiallyat peri
ods of sudden embarrassment aud distress. But
this ought not to be. The framers of our ex
ccllcnt Constitution, and the people who appro
ved it with calm and sagacious deliberation,
acted at the time on a sounder principle. They
wiselyjudged that the lcss Government intcr
feres with private pursuits, the better for the
general prosperity. It i3 not its legitimate
object to make rhen rich, or to repair, by dircct
grants of ironey or legislation in favor of par
ticular pursuits, losses not incurred in the pub
lic service. This would be substantially to use
tEe property of some for the benefit of others.
But its real dnty that duty, the performance
'of which rnakes a good Government the most
prccious of liuman blessings-: is to cnact and
ouforce a s'stem of general lawS commensurate
with, but not exceeding,' Vhe objects of its es
tablishment; and to leave every citizen and ev
ery interest to rcap, under its benign protcc
tion, the reward of virtue, induslry and pru
dence. I cannot doubt that on this, as on all similar
occasions, the fedcral constitution will find" its
agency most couducive to the security and hap
pincss of the pcople, when limiled to the exer
cise of its conccded powers. In never assum
ing, even for a well mcant object, such powers
as are not designcd to be conferred u'pon it, NVe
shall, in reality, do most for the general wel
fare. To avoid every unnecessary interference
with the pursuits of the citizen, will rcsult in
morc benefit than to adopt mcasurcs which
could only assist limited intcrests, and are ea
gerly, but perhaps naturally, sought for, under
the pressure of temporary circumstanccss. If,
thereforc, I refrain from suggesting to Con
grcss any spccific plan for rcgulating the cx
changes of the country, relicving mercantile
embtirrassments, or interfcring with the ordina
ry operations of forcign and domeslic com
mercc, it is from a conviction that such mcas
urcs are nojithin the constitutional province
ofthc general goccfnment. and that their adop.
tion would not promotc thc.rcal and prrmanent
tfelfarc of those they might be designed to
The difliculties and distrcFCs of the times,
tiiough unqucstionably great, are limited in
thcir c.xtent, and cannot be rcgardud as affect
ing the pcrmancnt prosperity of the nation.
Arising in n great degrec from the transac
tions of forcign and domeslic commercc, it is
upon them that they have chicfly fallen. The
great agricultural interest has, in many parts
of the country, sufFurcd comparativcly little ;
nnd, ns if Providcnce intendcd to display the
iminificcncc of its goodncss at the moment of
our greatcst nced, and in direct contrast lo the
cvils occasionod by tho waywardnes3 of man,
v;c have bcen blesscd throughout our extended
tcrrltory with a season of uncommon fruitful-ncss.
' ' ' i 'gpcnbitj "f.g.",ri' 'F'nf jyu-STifisor
limc, ana ilnucr sucn circumsiances as wu uuvu
l:itely witncssed, could not be other than a tem
porary mcasurc; and we can scarcely crr in
helicving that the period must soon arrivc when
all that are solvent will redcein all their bills in
golJ and silver. Dcalings ibrcad naturally de
pcnd on rcso'urces and prosperity at home. If
l!ie dubt of mcrchants has accumulatcd, or thcir
crcdit is impaired, these are fluctuations al
ways inciilent to cxtensive or extravagant mer
cantile transactions.
But the ultimat'c security of such obliga.
tions docs not adniit of question. They
are guarantied by the rcsourccs of a coun
try tlie fruits of whose industry afford a
luindunt mcans of airple liquidation, and
bv tlie evident interest of every merchant
to siiitain a crcdit, hilhcrto high, by
promplly applying thcse means for its
I dcepJy regret that evonts have occur.
rcd which requirc mc to ask your consid
eration of such serious topics. I could
have wislied that in making iny first coni
munication to the assembled representa
tives of my country, I had nothing to dwell
upon but the history of her unalloyed
prosperity. Since it is otherwise, we can
only feel more deeply the responsibility of
the reprcsentative trusts that have beeti
given to us, and under the pressure ofdif
ficultics, unite in invoking the -guidance
and aid of the suprcme Ruler of nations,
nnd in laboring with zealous rcsolution
to overcomc the difiicullies by which we
are environcd.
It is. under such circumstances, a high
gratifiation to know, by long cxperience,
that we act for a people to whom the
trulh, however unpromising, can bespok
en with salety; for the tria! of whose pa."
triotistn 110 emergcncy is too severe, an(l
who are sure ncver to dcsert a public
functionary honestly laboring for the pub
lic good. Itseemsjustthat they should
receive, without dolay, any aid I in their
cmbarrassments which your dehberal.ons
liiLiaii iiaoiiiv."'- .' .,11 r ,1..
an afford. Loroing dec.dedly from the
lidsl of them, and knowing the course of
cventsin every secnon t u. '
froroyou may best be learned,.as well the
extent and nature of these embarrass
ments, as the most dcsirable measures oi
iVm awarc, hotvever, that it is not
proper to delain you at preSent longer
than may bc demanded by the sp.ecial ob
iectsfor which .you are convened. lo
them, therefore,l have confined my com
munication.and believ.ng il w.l I not be
your wise to cxtend your de hberat.ons be
Vond them,I reserveunt.l the usual per.
"od ofyourannual meeting, that general
information on the state of the Un.on,
which the constitution requires me to give.
Washington, 4th Sept. 1837.
Iilberty and Unlon, non and forever One and
Conghes3. Mr. Polk is electcd Speak
erjbyva majority of 8 votes. Mr. Allen of
the Madisonian, is elected printer, over
the publishers of the Globe. Haight re
elected Ser. at Arms. Regular journal
next week.
Owing to the greaf length of the Message, we
are unable to give returns in detail. In our next
we shall give a list of the representatives elected
with such other particulars, as can be obtained.
. . WMg.V.B.
1 7 towns in Washington County 3 14
17 " Caledonia, 9 8
14 " Chittenden, 9 5
14 " Orangs',' 4 10
20 " Windsor, 14 6
21 " Rutland, 16 5
17 " Orleans, 11 6
9 " Lamoile, 1 8
11 " Franklin, 7 4
20 " Addison, 16 4
18 " Windham, 13 5
5 " Grand Isle, 3 2
6 " Essex, 3 3
10 " Bennington, 5 5
114 85
Tho following is a list of the Represen
tatives ejectcd in the several towns in
this county.
New Haven
E. Brewster
S. Pond
C. G. Robbins
J. Ellsworih
L. Drakc
A. Barrows"
F. Brown
O. Capron
S. T. Walkert
Luther Cory
Lyman Clark
Iia Bushnel
H. Necdhanit
B. Scyniour
L. B. Smitht
L. Carpcnter
D. Eaton
W. W. Pope
d. Doud
Whiff. t Van Burcn.
GovERNOB. As ncar as we can judge
from theTnJturns received, Gov. Jennison
is re-elec(edrby amajority as large as he
recpived Iast yeaKjl m
IlT.' Governor. iHTToamp is ciceuja
by about the same majority as last year.
Tbeasorer No clection gocs to the
Senators will stand much as last
year. In Addison county, the Whig tickel
is elected by a large majority
ment of votes next weck.
HMessage, Read it no time for rcmarks.
JtfSeveral communicationg,and othei articles
intended for our present number, arcunavoidably
ConnECTio.N. In the communication of t:Plain
dealer," week before last, two errors escaped our
notice. In the paragraph near the liead of the
third culunin for "the first and third ofthe above
resolutions were unanimously supported by Mr.
Baiber," read " were opposed," &c
From the New York American.
The right of ihslruction, which the Gfobe,
the Richmond Enquirer, the Argus, &c. &c,
consider, or elfect to consider, as the esscncc
of democracy, il likely to perplex the party sad
ly. It must cither be adhered to, or renounced
and either alternative is fraught with diflicul
ties. .
If it be adhered to in spirit, and practically
carricd out, therc will be an cxtensive change
To begin with the Senatc. New J ersey ha
vin"1 elected all Whig Representatives to Con
gross, air. Wall mustcither vote with the whigs
Georgia having voted against Mr. A an Bu
ren for President, her Senators must also go
against him or resign.
1 ennessee having swepi v an uurenism uu
but clean out ofthe State, Mr. Grundy must rc
nounce or resign.
Indiana having made a clean sweep, Messrs.
Tipton and Hendricks must follow the lead or
Ohio, too, having chosen an anti-Van Burcn
Rnvf-mnr. and bcinff now. we oresume. unques-
tionably most thoroughly anti-Van Buren, Mr.
Morris must renounce or resign.
Here are seven Senators, who, if they truly
carry out the spirit of the right of instruction,
which we take to be that the elected person
shall always exactly represent the will of his
constituents, must change sides.
In the House of Representatives, the most
marked case is that of the Georgia delegation,
all but one of whom were elected as Van Buren
men before the Presidential election, but who
now, having ascertained the feeling of their
State should go with it, and against Van Bu
rcnism. Then, too, there is Mr. Cambrelleng noto
riously opposed in his political views and opin
ions to the great mass of his constituents he
will not resign, will he misrepresent them ?
But if this right be nof carried out and if,
under one false pretext.and another, it be insisl
ed that the doctrine does not apply in the cases
we have cited, it may be hopcd that the people
who these mouthing democratic journals have
hithertojso successfully deluded vithprofession,
will perceive the emptiness and falsshood, both
ofthe doctrines thusprcached andof the im
postors who put them forth.
We look for the issue. l-
Enlistment of a Van Buren Sentfor. A
good story is told of one of the Van Buren
members ofthe Maine State. Ar.5png at Au
gusta, he went to the Arsenal anajhv'ocd his
seat. He was told that he must sfgl Lname
first on the books of the establish:St. He
complied, and found subsequently thif'he had
enlisted in the army for scven yeani-Boston
Atlas. '
At Shrewsbuiy, on the 6th inst.. bvlthe Rer.
Mr. Hix, Ezra Meech Jr., to Miss Cnthia H.
ALL persnnsw.To are indebted to tlieiate fitm
of Bbewster & Fisii. are herelvj notified
that payment isexpecled wilhout furthfjf delay.
E. breIter.
Sept. 12, 1337. ':3w
ber wiil pay CASH for a few cbousanu louWds
of good FLEECE WOOL. J
Aug. 14, 1837. 14:tf.
T'HE subscribcr havinir Durchased tlie Aootb.
ccary establishmcnt and Book Store o;
Ciiarles Bowen, solicits a sharo of public pa
tronage. He intcnds keeping a good assort-J
ment of
Middleburj', Aug. 29, 1837.
STRAYED from the subscribei-, in the
month of June, a dark bay mareyColt, tw'o
vcars old, a s!ar m her forchead. rath&r hollow
back : 110 artihciai marKs. v noeve
information of, or retiurn said colt, s;
erallv rcwarded.
Cornwall Aug. 28, 1837.
AL1L1 pcrsons in
E. B. GonDAK
questcd to make immcdiatc payme
authorizcd to settle tho same.
Middlebury Aug. 28, 1837.
J storo of DrucS and Books C to Sid
ney Moody, is compelled to call upon all who
aro indebted to him for immediate payment.
He hopcs this notice will be sufficient.
C. B.
Middlebury Aug. 29, 1837. 16
ALL persons having unsettled accounts
with the subscribcr, or with the late firm
of G. W. Root & Co. will please call and set
tle the same by the first of Oct. next, or settle
with a Lawyer after that time.
Middlebury Aug. 29, 1837. 16:4w
fTUIE subscriber informs his fricnd. and pub
lic, that he is coloring IndigcT"T!!uc, this
fall, at common pricc, at his old stand in Wey
bridge Lowcr Falls.
Weybridge, (Lower Falls) Aug. 29, 1837.
SINGLE WAGON, with stcel springs
and Iron Axlcs. Enquire at this office.
Middlebury Aug. 22, 1837. 15:tf.
f HE copartnership heretoforc existing be
twcen the subscribers, is by mutual consent
this day dissolved. All the business of the
firm is transferred to GEO. H. FISII, who is
authorizcd to settle all demands.
T. P.-SBAK''
Middlebury, Aug. 21, 1837.
raiHE subscaiber prcscnts his acknowledge
ments to the 'friends and cuslomers of
requests a continuance of it on his own account.
Middlebury, Aug. 21, 1837. 15:3w.
Addison District, ss.
BE it remembeeed, That at a Probate
Court holden at Middlebury, within and
for said district, on the 22d day- of August, A.
1). 183 1. rresent oamuei. awiFT, Judge. 1
Whereas, an instrument, purporting to be I
the last will and testament of Henry Olin, late
of Salisbury in said district of Addison, de-1
ceased, having been presented for grobate. It j
is therefore ordered, that notice be givcn to all I
persons concerned, to appear if theyjsee cause,
before a probate court to be holden at the office
of said judge, in Middlebury aforesaid, on the
l'Jth day of Sept. next, at one o'clock in the
afternoon, then and there to make their objec
tions, if any they have,' to the probate and re
cording of the said will, by publisbing a ccrtifi.
ed copy of this order, in the People's Press, a
newspaper printed at said Middlebury, three
weeks successively, previous to that time.
E. D. BARBER,i&&wrer.
A true copy of record, 16
Attest, E. D. BARBER, Register.
1 :-ui
1 1 h'lL
fpiIE members of the Vermont Mutual
P'irn TnsiirnnnA rinmnrinv are herebv no-
tified that the following assessmentshave been
made by tho JJirectorson all notes m iorce,
on the following days, to wit :
Nov. 19, 1S36, 1,1-4 of 1 percent,
Dec. 8, " 1-2 " " "
Jan. 13, 1837, 1-4 " '
March 11, 1-4-if' "
Karch 26, 1-2
May 10, " 1-4 " "
Slaking 3 per cent. assess
raent for the year ; which is to be east on tho
original amount ofthe premium note, without
roferenco to any endorsement, and the same
to be paid to the Treasurer at his office in
Montpelier, on orbefore the I8thday of Oct.
1837. An opportunity will be presented to
forvvard assessments by the members of tho
Legislature, and those who neglect to forward
thelamount when due, are referred to the 6th
Sec. ofthe Act attached to eacb policy for tho
By order of the Directors: v
&HOMER W. HEATON, Treasurer
Montpelier, Aug. 10, 1837. 15
LARGE assortmenf, conaisting of
Burcaus, diffcrentkirtda-fnprv-Trd
coiumon lauies ana oianas ; rrencn uoa
Steads, and common do. Raised Scat Rock.
ing Chaira ; Largo and smallDining Chairs,
different paltcrns,together with almost every,
article in tho line, this dny received on con-
signment, and for sale on rery accomodating
termB-fqMcash, or most kindi ofProduce, by
.ti. 1. aiULJ.n.
N. B. Arrangements havingbecn made
hvith the manufacturers ihe subscribcr will
ibo happyto furntsh any arlicles in tho above
Imo to order, and on short notice.
12 E. R. SaiiTH...
THE Trustees are highly gratified in being
able to state that
has acccpted tho office of Prcceptor in tb
The Terms of the ensuing year will com
mence as follows :
lst, on Monday tho 4th Septembpr next.
" 4th IJecember.
5th March, 1838.
" 28th May.
on English Branches, includ-
tal Philosophy and History, $3 00
anguages and tho higher Eng-
iranches, such as Logic, Rhetof-
Ticmistry, Moral and Intelleclual
Josophy, Algebra, Geometry, Trig-
metry, aurveymg JNarigation, As.
$4 00
No oxtra charges made for fuel or ordinary
The Trustees have procared, during the
II . annr9tu--iy which "manv.
of the most intcrcsting and useful cxpcrimentil
in natural philosophy may be performcd. Ar
rangements have been made to furnish the
Preceptor with apparatu3 to perform a variety
of experiments in chemistry.
Mr. WARNER will givo- special altcntion
to tho instruction of those, who proposo to
tcach Common Schools ; and all who bclong
to any portion ofthe English Dcpartment, as
well as those who are chiefly devoted to the
Languages, will roceivo his most assiduous
Middlebury, August 1, 1837. . 12
THE subscriber would respectfully inform
the inhabitants of Bristol and viciniiy,
that he has takcn tho shop heretofore occupicd
by Mr. C. Tuttle, where ho intends to carry on
the Hatling Business in all its branches.
lle Iibs on hnnd a general assortmcnt of
Gcntlcmcn's Black and Drab Napped Hats.
Boys' " " " "
Likewise, men's and boys Felt Hats. Ho
is also rccciving dircct from market an elegant
assortmcnt of a'lLK HATS, a splendid and
fifshionable article. Those who wish to pur
chuse any ofthe above articles are rcspectful-
ly Invited to call and examine them, and the
suDscriber pleuges nunselt to sell (Jorpay) any
orall ofthe above r.amed articles as low as
can be bought in this vicinity, or in the state ;
and ho trusti that in so doing and by constant
attentionto business to merit and receive the
patronage of a libcral public.
Bristol, July, 25, 1837. ll:8w
JLw Tcgetablc Universal Pills,
a new supply, just received and for sale by
July 25, 1837. H:3w
THE subscriber would inform the public
thatie has the exclusive right of making
and vonding Coat's
Patent ltcvolringr Haiid Kalces
for tho county of Addison. These rakes are
made in asuperior style and will be kept on
hand and for sale at his Cabinet shop one mile
south of Shoreham villago, price 5 50.
Coat's Revolving Hand Kake is a new nnd
valuable invention. Every farmer ought to
have one. Hear nhntfarmers say of it
Tho undersigned having used Coat's Patent
Revolving Hand Kake on our farms the past
season, do certify that itgreatly facilitates the
Iaborofgetting tho hay together, and that it
performs the work in a neat and economical
Hon. S. H. Jenison, L. B. Harrington,
Royal Tumll, isaac D. Swat '
A. W.Perry, E. W. Barnum,
Henry S. Low, John Brown.
t, tN' E- T0WNSEND:
Shoreham, Vt. June 20, 1837. 7
AJTTED, immcdiately, as an AP-
- - ---uiiuiiiig uusiness
alad 15. or 1G years of age, of good moral
habits. H. HERVEY.
juiaaieDury, itiay 30, 1837. 3:tf
HAS just received from NEW-YORK the
of T. P. Wiixiajis & Co., for 1837, for
and is rcady to executc all orders in his line of
business, at his shop,
No. 2, Nichols' Building.
All orders will bc carefully and punctually at
tcndcd tor, and all ?arments mnr? htr ti;m n
warranted to fit. Therefore, all gentlemcn'
wisiung 10 ue cioineu rntne latest style are re
spectfully invited to call, as we shall endeavor,
while we fit your bodies, to'have the workman-.'
ship please yourtaste, and merit yourcontinued
He also intends to keep on hand a few
ofthe latest style, which willbe sold cheap for
. yj-jiy, M'ay 22. 18W. 2
NOTICE is herebygiren that the co-partner-shiD
heretofnrp Tiiinrr Kntn'non it.
scribers under the 2rm of BREWSTER
FISH, expires this day. Tho busines9 ofthe
firm will be lefi in the hands of said Brewster
who is authorised to close the same, and to
whom it is desired that all debts duo us may
be paid with as little delay as possible.
Middlebury, May 1. 1837. S0:tf
rBHE time for paying the instalment of Five
Dollars on each share of the capital stock
of the Middlebury Manufacturing Coropany,
has been extended from the 13th day of Septcm
ber to the 4th day of October next.
By order ofthe Directors,
riiaci cAcrucwHtwcjwno me aecrcniiuaa
W and deforiri&.tTsndime nrcmaturc old
order, aro sufFered "bymiiy, from a dcspair of
a cure, or disappointmwt'in the cfficacy of the
numerous pretended ahtidotes used to cfiect
this purposc. But these who bavc made a fair
trialof , rggy
even in cases ofloneItanding, andf;tle most
severe cnaracier, nave received cowmh reuci,
and many havo been curcd in a fewiiayflsomc
in 24 boufs jasXn'ifraber of pbrsaeem'Boston
;tEb "eumatjsaavScrlreKsiiftsd.
Certificates are in the possession"of the Pro
prietor, proving the most thorbugb and surpris
ing cures by mcans of this powerful Liniment,
in cases where other approved applications had
uttorly failcd. The Linimeutis also used
with succcss for bruises. sprainsj numbness,
stiffucss of tho joints, chilblaiflsTf&c.
Price 50 cents a bottlo.
FOR sore orinflamed cyes, givcs immedi
ate case and relief. On reccnt sore eycs
the efTect is mest salutary. Where tho com
plaint has been of years standing, and in sorno
exceeding bad cases the most unexpcctcd and
desirablc relief has been found in the use of
this Eye Water, nftcr every oiher rcmedy had
failed. Many persons who have used it pro
nounco it the best preparation for thcse com
plaints they have cver met with, cspecially in
cases of soreness or influmation of long stand
ing. Pricc 25 cents a bottlc.
fnJ-None gcnuino unlcss signed on tho out
sido printed wrapper by the sole proprielor,
T. KIDDER, immediate succcssor to tho late
Dr. W. T. Conway. For sale at his Count
ing Room, over No. 99, Court-st., nearCon
cert Hall Boston, and also by hi3 special ap
pointmenl, by
Middlebury, July 18, 1837.
10 No.-3.
JSHER.MAN, Captain Henrj- Mathews,
will ply between Vergennes and BufTaloj
throUgh tho season, running night and day, as
follows :
Leaves Vergennes. Lcavcs Buffalo.
Aug. 19. Aug. 28.
Sept. 12. Sept. 21.
Oct. 7. Oct. 16.
" 31. Nov. 10;
This Boat is new nnd fitted up in a style
equal, if not superior to any cther of the kind ;
and people moving or visiting to and from the
west, will hnd accommodations not surpasscd
by any line. Frcight and passage rcasonablo.
Families moving must have their freight on
board the day previous,as this Boat is tow'd to
Whiteball by steamboat and will icavc tho
wharf at six o'clock in the morning of ihe abovo
dates. For further particulars, inqjiic of R.
CHAPM AN, or tho Captain on board. Tho
boat will lay at the wharf from 2 to 4 day3
previous to sailing.
Vergennes, April 15, 1837.
A General assortmenmr SCHOOElind M1S
IIAGAR'S H.nrtl -rrvro A T CH T ATTM I
- "'whoi' 'iba "xi - jl 1 jil ;iiiii

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