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er~Noticee published under this
heading will be charged legal rates
In accordance with the ruling of the
McLean County Press Association,
and no affidavit will be Issued until
all publication charges are paid.
Notice is hereby given that certain
cage executed and delivered liy Arsen Nar-
miurstu W.O. llHuck. mortKnue.-, (luted tint
2Bth day of December. JMOS ana liltid for
sale of the premises in such morlKI
hereinafter described at the front door of !i"
Court lloii-e iu the City of Washburn in ihe
County of u.cLean and Slate of North lnk'i.i
at the hour of two o'clock I'. 1. on the 2'itli
of January, 1!1- to satisfy the iiiinntiitdiii: mum
such morlKaKu on tbe day of sale.
The premises described in such niortmiKe and
which will be sold to satisfy the ~uuie are de
scribed as follows, to-wi' Th' S iiilhwest
quarter (SW',4 I of Section tlip-r (3) in town
«nipouo huudr-'d :iwl forty nine ill!1) Norilwtf
KaiiKO seventy iiiin- 7:») West of he I'f1'1 prin
cipal meridian coiiLairiiii: one hundred and
sixty (IHO) acres more or le-s aeconliui,' to the
3overuineut survey thereof.
Thero will be due oi such in irtiiiic »t
date of sale the sum of ,-ixty five ami !0-l0
(SKi.40) dollars on this niorti:a«e and the lur
ther suin of. one huiidie-, ninety-five and II
100 ($1'J:..-I1I dollars int.-i-tst paid -NI a prior
or Ura^e. with inti'rest tii-reoti in the -urn of
forty and lll-IOi t$l'i.li) dollars, nmkinn the
total .sum for which this in irt.-,'ii«e will h* fore
closed, the sum of three Mindred and il.-M'
($30M.!7) dollars and the -ts of fnrei'losur
ami sale.
A. M. Manser.
As-i«nce oi -aid JlorlKSitfoe.
J. Futike.
Attorney for said As-innce.
Aiiamnose. No. Dak.
NOTICK OF MO! T(i.\)!.
December A. 1).. I'.IIO. ai -i o'clock- I'. M.. iiud
recorded in Hook IIill of Mortcaires at pat'etWI.
4ind assigned by said niortgaire'- to Merchants
State Hank, a corporation, which said assign
ment was dated the 1st flay of December A. I ..
1 1 0 a a
Kegister of Deeds of the County of McLean and
State of North Dakota on the 2."th day of
February A. D.. 1'Jll. at4:J0 o'clock P. and
recorded in Book 8 of Mortgages at page 10.
will be foreclosed by a sale of the premises iu
Mich mortgage and hereinafter described at
the front door of tho Court House in the City
of Washburn. County of McLean and State of
North Dakota, at the hour of 2 o'clock in the
afternoon on the 27th day of January A. I)..
1912, t« satisfy the amount due on such mort
KaKe on tho day of sale. The premises de
scribed in such mortgage aud which will be
sold to satisfy the same are described as fol
lows: The West Half of the Southwest Quar
ter (Wy SW!» of Section Twenty Seven (27).
and the North Half of the Southeast Quarter
Ni4 SK'ii I of Section Twenty Fight (28) in
Township One Hundred Fifty (lliu* North of
jBanpe Eighty (80) West of the Fifth Principal
Meridian, iu McLean Comity, North Dakota.
The said Assignee,of Mortgagee has elected
to declare the whole sum secured hy said
mortgage immediately due and payable upon
the failure of the said Mortgagors to comply
with the terms of the said mortgage and the
whole sum secured by said mortgage is hereby
declared due and payable.
There will he due on such mortgage on the
day of sale the sum of One Hundred Sixty
Seven and 8l-10il ($107.81) dollars, which amount,
includes interest on a prior mortgage paid by
said Assignee of Mortgagee to protect itself
under the terms of the said' mortgage hereby
foreclosed, besides cost.- aud attorney's fees.
Dated at Velva. North Dakota, tnis l.'th day
of December. 1011.
Merchants State liank.
Assignee of Mortgagee.
Velva, North Dakota.
N. O. Dolve.
Attorney for Assignee of Mortgagee,
Velva. North Dakota. 2."-30
Notice is hereby given that that certain
mortgage executed and delivered by William
A. Milligan, a single man. of McLean County.
North Dakota, mortgagor, to the Winona
-Savings Bank of Winona, County of Winona.
State of Minnesota, mortgagee, dated on the
Uth day of August A. D. 1006, and Hied for
record in the ollice of tbe Register of Deeds of
McLean County. North Dakota on the 17th day
of August, A. D. 1906 at 3:15 o'clock P. M., ana
recorded in Book "F-14" of Mortgages, on page
156, will be foreclosed by a sale of the premises
in such mortgage and hereinafter described,
at the front door of the Court house in the City
«f Washburn, in the County of McLean, ana
State of North Dakota, at the hour of two
o'clock P. M.. on the loth day of February, A.
D. 1912, to satisfy tbe amount due on such
mortgage at the day of sale.
The premises described in such mortgage,
and which will be sold to satisfy the same are
described as follows: The South Half (Sft) of
the North East Quarter (NE'i) and Lots One
and Two (L. 1 & 2), Section Five (Sec. 5), in
Township One Hundred Fifty (Twp. ISO), North
of Range Eighty-one, West (Rge. 81), 'contain
ing One Hundred Sixty Acres, more or less, ac
cording to the Government Survey thereof,
That nnder and by virtue of the mortgage
held by the Winona Savings Bank the mort
gagee bereiD. the Winona Savings Bank has
paid the real -estate taxes on the land herein
before described for the years' 1SH 8, 1909 and
1910, amounting in all lo the sum of Ninety
..ue*ep&78?100 ($87.78) Dollars. That the said
taMtf*were paid by the Winona Savings Bank,
the mortgagee herein, under and by virtue of
the mortgage held by it, and in order topro
tect its interest under said mortgage.
-There will be due on such mortgage at the
date of sale the sum of Six Hundred Fifty-nine
and 80-100 ((659.80), and the further stun of
Ninety-seven and 78-100 (97.78) Dollars for taxes
Mi4 by the said mortgagee herein, as herein
before stated, making a total sum of Seven
Fifty-seven and
Hundred 58-100 "($757.58)
Dollars dne on snch mortgage, including tbe
taxes paid by the said mortgagee, at the day of
a«le, together with the statutory attorney's
fees and the costs of sale.
Sated this 30th day of December, A. D. 1911.
Winona Savings Bank,
Winona, Minnesota.
H.IS. Johnson,
Ryder, North Dakota.
Attorney for Mortgagee
Washburn. North Dakota.
Sheriff uf kcian County.
Notice is hereby given that that certain
amctgage executed and delivered by 'Anna
Boaen and Ed Rosen. her husband. Mortgagors
toCitiaens National Bank of Williston, North
Dakota, Mortgagee,dated, and bearing date the
21st day of May, A. D. 1910, and filed for record
hi the office of the Register of Deeds in and for
the County of McLean, in State of North Da
kota, on the 81st day of May. A. D. lSia at 9:00
o'clock A. M.. and recorded therein in Book
"BO" of Mortgages on nam 368. thereof, will be
foreclosed by sale of the prtmlses In such
Mortgage .and hereinafter described at the
frost door of the Court House in the City of
Wash born County of McLean and State of
Morth Dakota, at the hoar of two o'clock P.
Mwen the 10th day of February A. D. 1912, to
•atmy the amount due on said Mortgage' on
tM day of sale.
premises described in said Mortgage and
will be sold to satisfy the MM are
certain promises situated in the County
State of North Dakota ana
Seeeribed as'follows, to-wit
the North
Notice i» hereby tjivfn that that ciTtiuu timrt
Witfc. extveotvd Hud delivered by Andrew Taylor
liitd KUit» M. Taylor. mortjriiyorK. of McLoan
CV.untv. North ijakuia, to E. E. Simmons of
ii-ui:cr. North Dakota, inortgnicce. dated tho
Ith 'lay of September. A. D. IWJK, and Med for
r» cord in tlie oHice of the Ketfi^fer of Deeds of
McLean County, North Dakota, on the 21.s*t day
Oi •Sopteiubf,r. A. f). i!'03 at 3 o'clock P. M.. and
cord -d in Book "H-ltr of Mortffngus. puge
*•30 *\and asi«ued by the said inort«a«ee to
Pedor llnnson on thesth day of September* A.
I). ItHJ. which nssitfiiment was recorded in the
o'l'ce of tin* Reciter-of Deeds pf^ McLean
A. D.
iutheotlici! of the rnnistei- of or the
(bounty ot McLean aud State uf North Dakota
«m the 12th day of March. UK** and r.-rortloil in
Book HIM of MortKUKeii ul pan" .V.iOninl assign
ed by said miirlrauce by an in.-iriinit'nt. in
-writini to A. M. Hiui-er. which said ns.»inm»eut
lias been duly died for neonl and
ii the otlice of l-he resister of 'lociIs
uf the County of McLean and Mate
of North Dakota, will be force sod
ou the date of sale.
The premises described in such mortgage,
aud which will be sold to satisfy tlrv ainonnt
due on such niiirt(?an' lire described a follows:
Notice is lu^reby ^iven that that ci'rtaiu mort
gage executed and delivered hy Johnii \ak'^dnl
a a a i
The Kealty Investineut Company, a eoroora
lion. MortuBirce. ilated the Inih day of (lelohi-r mn.innt duo on su -h n: -i i^u-'e and which will
A. D.. 1010. and filed for r. con! in ihe o.!:ee 1 |~o|tl to satisfy the -.line are described as
the Register of Deeds of he roiinly of MeLeau follow-: The Sout.h-Ea~i t^uarter IS. E.
anil State of North Dakota tni the I'.'tl^fla.v of .Seetiou Twelve (I2t iu Township One hundred
Notice is hereby given that that certain
mortgage made, executed and delivered by the
Miuot Realty Company, a cor|oration, of
Minot. Ward County, North Dakota, mort
gagor, by C. R. Ilierly its President, to Rilla
Taylor of Minot. Ward County, North Dakota,
Mortgagee, dated tho seventh day of April,
1010. and duly tiled for record in the oflice of
the Register of Deeds in and for McLeau
County. North Dakota, at Washbnrn in said
County, on the 0th day Of April, 1910. and duly
recorded in Book "IKi" of Mortgages on page
.'115, will be foreclosed by a sale of the premises
in such mo' tgage described at the front door
of the Court House in tho City of Washbnrn,
County of McLean, aud state of North Dakota
at he hour of two o'clock p. m. on the 24th day
of February, 1912, t.q satisfy the amount due on
such mortgage on the day of sale.
The premises described in said mortgage
and which will be sold to satisfy the same arc
described as follows, to-wit: tne South West
Quarter of Section Thirty Four (:«), Town
ship Ono Hundred Fifty (i.".0). North, Rauge
Eighty Seven (87), West of the Fifth Principal
Meridian, situated ill the County of McLean
and State
of North Dakota.
There will ho due on said mortgage at the
date of sale tho sum of Five Hundred Thirty
Four Dollars and Sixty Two Cents ($534.62),
besides costs and attorney's fees.
Dated at Minot, North Dakota this 4th day
of January, 191'-'.
Chatticld & Fahey.
Attorneys for Mortgagee,
Minot, North Dakota.
rouiitv. Northi Dakota
.on the ljtli "f the same found to be adulterated or
at 4:i
and ri-'
cor:l( in Book "ll-'i" of Moft^a^e Record. oil
p.tL'i:1 7.'/'. will he forecUised by ft sale of tho
preini»- in such mor!K8«e and hereinafter
described, at the front door of theC'ourr House
in tho Cit.v of'Washburn, County of McLean
aud State of North Dakota, at the hour of'-'
o'clock P. M., oil the 27th day of .lanuurv. A. f.
IflL'. to satisfy the .amount due on such niort-
The South Half (SH'l of the North KastQnar
NE'.i I. Lots One and Two (L. 1& 21. Sec-
tertNE' .
tiou Five iSec. 5). Township One Hunored
Fifty iTwp. l.Vij. North of Ranee Kiu-htv-one
Kite. SI). West of the Kiflh Principal Meridian
i.-.th P. M.I.
There will be due on sneh morttfaue at the _____
date of sale the sum of Ki«ht lluii'Ired i-'orty
four A: :i.V100($s+».:n I Dollars, together with the
foreclosure, incliidinir statutory at-
toruev's fees.
IViler Hanson. I
Assignee of the .Mort^aKee,
Benedict, North Diilcota.
II. K. .lohiison.
Atiorney for Asi«neo of the MortKii^'ee,
lice and Postoflice address,
Hyiler, North Dakota.
H. O. Simon.
Sheriff of McLean County,
North Dakatii. I
and hcreiniil "1- described at the front
door of I he Court House, in the city of Wash
burn, County of Mcl.. an, and -tate of North
Dalula at the ho :r o'' Two
Notice i- l.ereby sivmi that a certain niort
7787—Canflv, mixed. McFadden Can
miue. made, executetl and delivered by .James ..
and Adellti Davis, his wife. Mort^a^ors.
to .1. It. Meagher, of Velva. North Dakota, given. Misbranded.
MorljjiiKee. dated the ljth day of January.
I'.IIO. and tiled for record iu the oltice of the
Ket'ister of D""i of Mjl-ean Couiify. State of
North Dakota on the J.'ird day of February.
I'.IIO. at Nim- :!h lock A. .M.. ami recordeil in
book l!.:::!of Mo!l rmi'.-on |iaue2^: will be fore
elo^ed fi.v a sale ot lie premise- in such inorl-
o'clock, P. M..
tin-t.h day of .f iry. 1!H2 to sat isfy the
Forty-nine 11 l!M No-'h Rmitre Kiirhty-two.
west, of the l-'ij "tli Prin-ipal Meridian.
i:i Mcl.cau Connly .N rth Dakota.
Said mortgage contained a provision that if
default shall he made iu the payment of any
part of the Principal or interest, then the
mortgagee, his heirs, executor-, administrators
or assigns may declare the whole principal
sum due and payable and the mortgage may be
foreclosed at once default has been made ami
the said mortgagee hereby declares the whole,
principal sum duo and payable.
There will be due on such mortgage on the
day of sale the sum of One Hundred Fifty
Ki„'ht Dollars and Seventy-Four Cents. ($158.7-1)
together with the costs and attorney fees.
Dated at Velva, North Dakota, thh 19th day
of December, 1011.
•I. R. Meagher,
Hylaud & Nue^sle
Attorney for Mortgagee.
Otlice and Post-OMice Address,
Washburn. North Dakota. -"-30
Rilla Taylor.
State of North Dakota County Ctfnrt.""
County of McLean
In the matter of the] estate^oflGcorge
Doland, Deceased.5i,'v'g!Ti!S*^r -^3** .C
Whereas, John W. Doland, the administrator
of tbe estate of George E. Doland. deceased,
ha* this day tendered, and presented for settle
ment and tiled in this .court his final account
of his administration of said estate.,
It'Is Hereby Ordered, That Monday, the 4th
day of March A. D. 1912, at lo o'clock A. M., be
and tbe sBme is hereby appointed, for the
settlement ofsaid account.,.
Dated this 13th day of January. A. D. 1912.
G. Olgeirson
Judge of the Connty Court.
C. F. Mi
Attothey for Adm
Washburn, N.D. 90-33
Notice is hereby given 'that that certain
mortgage, executed and delivered by Samuel
W. Hagy, an unmarried- man, ot McLeau
County, North Dakota, mortgagor, toF. Rosen-,
berg of Ryder, North Dakota, mortgagee,
dated the 7th day of November, A. D. 1910, and
filed for record in the ollice of the Register of
Deeds of the Connty of McLeau and State of
North Dakota, on tne 9th day of November, A.
D. 1910. at 9:0fto'clock A. M., and recorded in
Book "B-32" of Mortgages, on page 587, will be
foreclosed by a sale of the premises in such
mortgage and hereinafter described at the
front door of the Court House in the City of
Washburn, in the "Connty of McLean, and
State of North Dakottt, at tne.hour of 2 o'clock
P. M. on the 2nd day of March. A. D. 1912, to
satisfy the amount due upon such mortgage on
the day of sale.
The premises described in such mortgage
and which will be aold to satisfy the same are
described as follows: The South Half (SH).
North Bast Quarter (NE%), Lots One Two
(L.'1'ft 2). all to Section Si* (Bee.'), Township
One Hundred Fifty (Twp. 150) North. Range
ie. 8&)<: West, McLean County,
containing One Hundred Sixty
acres (160)' acre*, more or less, according to
Government Sorrey thereof.
Eighty-five (Ri
North Dakota,
That default has ooctired in that mi
in that the interest due on the principal
ired the whole nrineinal
past due and ,unpaid, and the mortgagee herein
has declared the whole principal 6um due ana
Thet under and by virtue of the mortgage
•nortgagee herein oo the premises
ribed, the said mortgagee did, OL
the9thdaypf January.A. o7w?ln o(der to
proteet her interact «uder said mortgage, pa
and la behalf of the mottaaipr, tht
sum of Forty-sS *16-100 (IH.28)
being t^iaUwsrt dne on a pHo«
executed by the said mortgagor a.
N ior Six Hundr^ Dollars, said mort
0% percept)
Intcfjctbeing doe aa thefirnt
eoets of fore-
I, E. F. Ladd, Chemist of the North
Dakota Government Agricultural Ex
periment Station and Food Commis
sioner for North Dakota, do hereby
certify that the list of food products
and beverages herein specified have
been analyzed during the six months
preceding December 30th, 1911, and
misbranded within the meaning of the
Statute as shown in each individual
I case.
I further affirm that this is a true
and correct list to the best of my
Chemist and Food Commissioner,
Subscribed and sworn to before mo
this 30tli day of December, 1911.
(Seal.) Notary. Public,
Cass County, N. D.
My commission expires Oct. 28, 1917.
7782—Black Strap Molasses. Winston
Harper & Fisher, Minneapolis, Minn.
Weight not shown short weight.
7785—Marshmallows. Angelus. Rueck
heim Bros. & Eckstein, Chicago, III.
Weight not shown. Misbranded.
7786—Funke's Chocolates and Bon
Bons. J. B. Fnnke Co. (address not
give i). Weight not given. Mis-
I dv Co., St. a ll, iMinn.
Weight not
7788—Bonita Chocolates. Name, ad
dress and weight not giv-en. Mis
77P5—Millc. J. P.. Hienen, Casselton,
N. T». Partially plvimmed. Illegal.
7737—Fancy Midgets. Pickles Wil
liams Bros. Co., Tietroit, Mich. Con
tain benzonte of soda and alum. Il
7798—Clam Chowder. Capbell's Con
densed. Jos. Campbell Co., Camden,
N. .T. Weight not shown. Misbrand
7700—Sweet Pickles. Pnritv .Brand.
.1. S. Gedney Pickle Co.. W.Morville,
Minn. Contain benzoate of soda
and alum. Illegal.
7800—Sweet Pickles. Honor Brand.
Gowan Peyton Twohy Co., Duluth
Minn. Contain alum and benzoate
of soda. Illegal.
7801—White Domestic Onions. Uni
versity Brand. Winston Harper &
Fisher, Minneapolis, Minn: Con
tain benzoate of soda. Illegal.
7802—Pickles. Extra Spiced. .Alart ft
McGuire, New York, N. Y. Con
tains alum. Illegal.
7803—Rice. Fancy Table. Puritan
Brand. Wright Clarkson Merc. Co.,
Duluth,M!nn. Net weight not shown
polished v'ith talcum. Illegal.
7804—Rice. Bulk. Thoreson-Runcl
Co., Kathryn, N. D. Polished an
coated with talcum. Illegal.
7805—Rice. Bulk. A. J. Salthemmer,
Hastings, N. D. Polished coatei
with talcum. Illegal.
7S0G—Rice. Bulk. J. F. Wellentine,
Alice, N. D. Polishedi.coWpl^with!
talcum. Illegal. p
7821—After Dinner Mints
Manufacturing Co. of America,
Philadelphia, Pa. Weight not!
shown. Misbranded.
7823—Sweet Mixed Pickles. Alart &
McGuire, Green Bay, Wis. Aluml
present. Illegal.
7730—Fre^zem. Herman Lelstikow,
Marion.. N. D. Sodium sulfite pres
ent. Illegal.
7835—Rice. Bulk. Sheldon Merc. Co.*
Sheldon. N. D. Polished and con
tains talcum. Illegal.
7836—Rice Bulk. L. Sorenson, Shel
don, N. D. Polished coatjed with'
talcum. Illegal.
7837—Chocolates. Alakuma, Chaney
Bverhart Co., Fargo, N. D. Weight
not fgiown. Misbranded.
7839—Almonds. Chocolate Covered.
Zlegler-Reinertson Co., St. Paul,
Minn. Weight not shown. Mis-!
7840—Chums. Prize Package. Rueck
h«hn Bros. ^k^g^kstein, CJtfeago.i
111. Weight nol^wDwri. Mislmnd
.. edl
7841—Chocolates. Extraordinary.!
Johnson's, Milwaukee. Naaife andj
.address not property given weight!
not shown. Misbranded.
7842—Chocolates. Sterling. The Tour-j
ain«i Co., Boston, Mass. Weight not|
shown. Misbranded.
7843—Rice. Fancy Table. Hiawathai
Brand. Stone Ordean Wells Co.,
Duluth,.Minn. Polished added tal
cum. Illegal.
7844—Soaked -Peas. First Quality. J.
S. Farren & Co., Baltimore, Md.
Short weight large proportion of
water. -Mifebrauded.
7845—Tomato Bouillon. Red Star
Brand. Koehler & Hinrichs. St. Paul,1
Minn. Coiiteats not shown con
tains benzoate of soda. Illegal.
7862—Fruit Jelly. Rex Brand. Corn
Broducts Refining Co., Davenport,
la. Colored with coal tar dye. Il
7863—Rice. Bulk-. -Jas. Purden Co.,
Wahpeton, N. Polished added
talcum. Illegal.
7867—Candy, ChocolateB. Lowney's.
Not labeled for name and address of
Mfg., nor weight. Misbranded.
7868—Candy. Maraschino Cherries.
Chocolate covered.. American Can
dy Co., Milwaukee, Wis. Not label
ed for weight. Misbranded.
7889—Nacaco Chocolates. National
Candy Co., St. Paul, Minn. Short
weight Misbranded.
7890—Rice. Telmo Brand.
MacVeagh Co., Chicago.
ished added talcum. .,
7897—Pickles, sweet mixed.
brand- Alart ft McOuire,
m: pov
N. Y. ConUtn alum. Illeg*!^
7898—Flavorine. Two Bees Mfg. Co..
Fargo, N. D. Short measure artt
illy oolor^d. Illegal.
-Fine Confecttont.
Bxeellenc*. N*uje of Wgij:aiB%, &*•
no woltfit. Mtobraq^-W
Ci^m. S. L.
mt*», ». D. OelMin ppptilw,.
In fat lUosM. -J
7»0»—Ice Cream. «. Cj
Wyndmwe. N. D. how In
7906—Rice. Fa«::Jr Table: Stone Or
dean Wells Co., Duluth, Mhiii. Pol
ished coated with talcum. Illegal.
7907—Rice. Fancy Table. Golden
West. Green & DeLaittre Co., Min-.
neapolis, Minn. Polished coated
with .talcum. Illegal.
T910—Bonita. Nut-O-Ling. The Boex-
Holman Co., Fond Du Lac, Wis.
Weight not shown. Misbranded.
T911—Chocolates. Cocoanut Cakes.
Peerless Brand. Geo. Ziegler Co.,
Milwaukee, Wis. Weight not shown.
7912—Chocolates. Ranter's Banquet.
A. M. Ramer Co.. Winona, Minn.
Weight not shown. Misbranded.
7914—Molasses. Louisiana. Topsy
Brand. D. B. Scully Syrup Co., Chi
cago, 111. Weight not shown. Mis
7923—Gelatin Ice Cream. Lion Drug
Co., Hatton, N. D. Low in fat. Il
7924—Gelatin Ice Cream. L. O. Lande,
Mayville, N. D. Low in fat. II
T930—Chow Chow, Extra Spiced. Park,
.Grant & Morris Grocery Co., Grand
Forks, N. D. Contain alum. Illegal.
7931 —Sweet Fancy Mixed Pickles.
Willams Bros. Co., Detroit., Mich.
Contain benzoate of soda and alum.
7932—Tomato Catsup. Climax Brand.
Loudon Packing Co., Terre Haute,
Ind. Badly decomposed. Illegal.
f937—Strawberries. St. Lawrence.
Medina Canning Co., Medina, N. Y.
Weight not shown. Misbranded.
793S—Pickles. Bulk. Glaser Kohn &
Co., Chicago, 111., Contain alum and
benzoate of soda. Illegal.
7941—Rice. Bulk. Grinager Merc. Co.,
Mayville, N. D. Polished: added tal
cum. Illegal.
7041—Chili Sauce. Bengal Brand.
Griggs Cooper & Co., St. Paul. Minn.
Contains benzoate of soda. Illegal.
7945—Vanilla Extract. Noekewil
Brand. W. T3. & W. G. Jordan, Min
neapolis, Minn. Short, weight. Mis
794fi—Marshmallows. Roach & Tis
dale (i'clilitis* not given). Weight
not given. Misbranded.
7949—Gelatin Ice Cream. B. Wood
ward, Lidgerwood, N. D. Low In
fat. Illegal.
7985—Tee Cream. Fergus Falls Cream
ery Co.. Fergus Falls, Minn. Low in
Tat. Illegal.
7962—Ice Cream. Rexall Drug Store,
Oakes, N. D. Low in fat gelatin
present. Illegal.
7963—Gelatin Ice Cream. Wood Sfug
Co., Oakes, N. D. Fat 5.4%: large
amount of gelatin. Illegal.
7964—Chili Sauce. Monarch Brand.
Reid Murdoch & Co., Chicago, 111.
Weight not shown: contains ben
zoate of soda 0.302%. Illegal.
7965—Mixed Pickles. Crown Brand.
Benton Harbor Preserving Co., Chi
cago, 111. Weight not shown alum
present. Illegal.
7967—Stick Candy. Ward Owsley Co.,
Aberdeen, S. D. Weight not shown
coal tar dye. Illegal.
7969—Imitation Fruit .Telly. Rex
Brand. Corn Products Refining Co.,
Davenport, la. Colored with coal
tar dye. Illegal.
7972—Lemon Flavor. Bengal Brand.
Griggs Cooper ft Co., St. Paul. Minn.
Not standard strength. Illegal.
Louisiana. Topsy
Brand. D. B. Scully Syrup Co., Chi
cago. 111. Weight not shown. Mis
7977—Junket Ice Cream. Jos. Erritt,
Ellendale, N. D. Low in fat. Ille
7979—Fancy Rice, Japanese Style.
Jewett Bros., Aberdeen, S. D. Pol
ished: coated with talcum Illegal.
7980—Vinegar. Bulk. Pure Cider.
Schenkberg's Diamond. C. Schenk
berg Co., Sioux City, la. Not a pure
cider vinegar. Illegal.
7981—Bologna Sausage. Jas. H. Mc-
Clure ft Son., Ellendale, N. D. Col
ored with a coal tar dye. Illegal.
7982—Honey, Strained. Sodelishup
Brand. Northern Mfg. Co., Minne
apolis, Minn. Short weight. Mis
7984—Tomato Catsup. Jewett'6. Jew
ett Bros., Aberdeen, S. D. Composed
largely of decomposed material. Il
legal. „1
7986—Honey, Strained. Paragon Brand
St. Paul Syrup Refining Co., St.
Paul, Minn. Weight, not shown.
7987—Pure Cider Vinegar. Bulk. A. J.
Brodtkorb, Edgeley, N. D. Not pure
cider vinegar. Illegal.
7989—Rice. Bulk. Submitted by Park,
Grant ft Morris, Fargo, N. D. Pol
ished coated with talcum.-- Illegal.
7995—Licorice Candy. Zagacki-Robi
deaux, Minot, N. D. Largely starch
paste flavored with anise. Mis
7998—Spiced Sweet Pickles. Everbest
Brand. Olaser Kohn. Co., ChlcagQ,
Til Cpntalta alum and benzoate of
soda. Illegal.
§000—Sweet Gherkins, Extra. Wam
pum Brand. Stone Ordean Wells
Co., Duluth, Minn Contain "Alum
and benioate of soda. Illegal.:
8013—Ice Creaim. Henry Anderson,
Park RiVer, N. D. Vegetable gum
added and not
labeled. Illenl.
8017—Candy Caramels. Geist Confec
tionery, Grand Forks, N D. Coiitain
paraffine. Illegal.
8021—Seeded Raisins. En»lgn Brand.
Rosenberg Bros.: ft Coi, San Fran
cisco, Cal.. Weight not shttwn bor.
dtclg present. Illegal.
S022—Spicied .Tomatoes. i^eopa^
Brand. Geo. R. Newell ft Co., Mm
neapolis, Minn. Weight not shown
sodium benzoate present. JllegM.
8023—Spiced Pickles. Sour Gherkins,
Arabian Knight Nash Bros.,Qrand
Forte. &. D. CoftUln^um. ntopO.
«0M—Tomatt JW»
m* Pickle ft *re§«^ Co* CliKtoir
aitl. 6: A large proportion «f dtooatt
posed matter, llljibranded.
serve Co
net shown Mistauidtf*
GocWans. SneUlng.
ley Brota. A Kelly, pt Paul.
tain sodium bMNtM
•Ice Cre*®-
SOSJi—Spiced Sweet Pickles. Everbest
Glaser Kohn ft Co., Chicago, 111. Con.
tains alum and benzoate of soda.
S039—Chili Sauce Gedney's Minne
haha M. A. Gedney Pickling Co.,
Minneapolis, Minn Badly decom
posed contains sodium benzoate
0.15%. Illegal.
8041—Chinook Salmon. Columbia Riv
er Brand. Columbia River Packing
Ass'n, Astoria, Ore. Weight not
shown. Misbranded.
8042—Pickles. Gedney's Standard.
M. A. Gedney Co., St. Paul, Minn.
Sodium benzoate and alum present.
8043—Bombay Sweet Relish. Glaser
Kohn & Co.. Chicago, 111. Contains
sodium benzoate and alum. Illegal.
8046—Gelatin Ice Cream. E. M. Wil
liams, Hannah, N. D. Low in fat.
8047—Gelatin Ice Cream. C. Ofste
dahl,, Milton, N. D. Fat 10% II
8055—Zanzibar. Color for Sausage. B.
Heller & Co., Chicago, 111. A coal
tar dye. Illegal.
8096—Sweet Mixed Pickles. Fox River
Brand. Alart & McGuire. Green
Bay, Wis. Contain alum. Illegal.
8097—Chow Chow Pickles. Hiawatha
Brand. M. A. Gedney Co., St. Paul,
Minn. Not labeled for weight: con
tain alum and benzoate of soda. Il
8099—Sour Pickles Sodelishus. North
ern Mfg. Co., Minneapolis. Minn.
Weight not shown contain alum.
8104—Imitation Fruit Jelly. Manier«
Yoe Syrup Co., Chicago, 111 Colored
with coal tar dye. Illegal
810(5—Tomato Ketchup Blue Label.
Curtice Bros. Co., Rochester. If. Y.
Contains benzoate of soda. Illegal.
8111—Ice Cream. Wm. O. DePuy &
Co., Holla, N. D. Low. in fat. Il
8116—Ketchun. Hoffman House. Ac
me Pickle &. Preserve Co., Cincinna
ti, O. Weight not shown: largely
decomposed material. Illegal
81-24—Fancy Japanese Rice. Victoria
Brand. Leach ft Onmble. Wahpeton,
N. D. Polished: coated with talcum.
8125—White Rock Drips Tofi'le's Sn
perr. Towle Maple Syrup Co., St
Paul, Vinn. Weight not shown:
not properly labeled to show per
cent of glucose. Illegal.
8132—Extract of Orange. Two Bees
Mfg. Co., Fargo, N. D. Low in oil.
8133—Lemon Extract. Two Bees Mfg.
Co., Fargo, N. D. Low in oil. II
8141—Gum Ice Cream. F. J. War
necke, Cando. N. D. Low in fat
contains starch. Illegal.
8153—Tomato Catsup. Dinner Party
Brand. Finest Quality. Orchard
Park Canning Co., Orchard Park. N.
Y. Misbranded as to name largely
decomposed material: contains ben
zoate of soda. Illegal.
8177—Red Raspberries. Thomas Can
ning Co., Grand Rapids. Mich.
Weight not shown. Misbranded.
8184—Rice. Bulk. Sunset Rice Asso
ciation. Houston, Texas. Polished,
and coated with talcum. Illegal:
8193—Candv. Lemon and Orange
Slices. Wool worth & Co.. Grand
Forks, N D. Colored with coal tar
dye. Illegal.
8195—Rice. Banner Brand. C»ill Rice
Milling Co.. Lake Charles, La. Pol
•shed and coated with talcum badly
worm-eaten. Illegal.
820$—Fruit Juice, Corn Syrup and
Acid Phosphate Jelly. Acorn. Towle
Maple ProductB Co., St.. Paul. Minn.
Not properly labeled to show glu
cose content short weight. Mis
8205—Gelatin Ice Cream. J. H. Mel
ners, Flaxton, 1*. D. Butterfat 8.4%
8206—Tomatoes. First Quality Del
mar Brand.' Delmar Packing Co..
Del mar, Del. Weight not shown
large proportion of water. Illegal.
8207—Maraschino Cherries. Eclipse
Brand. Bettman-Johnson Co.. Cin
cinnati. O. Contain benzoate of so
da. Illegal.
J212—Chow Chow. Columbia Pre
serving Works, Chicago. III. Con
tains ailum. Letters to the company
returned. Illegal.
8213—Rice. Bulk. R. E5. Young. Cros
by, N. D. Polished and coated with
talcum. Illegal,
g"14—Preserved Raspberries Tioga
Brand. Columbia Preserving Cf.,
St. Louis, Mo. Contain benzoate of
soda. Illegal.
8217—Ice Cream. Mandan Drug Co
Mandan, N. D. Contains gelatin
low In fat. Illegal.
»222—Maraschino Cherries. White
Rose Brand. Winston -Harper ft
Fisher Co., Minneapolis, -Minn. Con
tain benzoate of soda. Illegal.
8223—Gherkins. Selected. Mlnneopa
Brand. Bismarck Grocery -Co. Bis.,
marck. N. D. Contain alum. Illegal.
5224—Honey. Strained. Paragon brand:
St. Paul Syrup Refining .Co.,. St..
Paul, Minn. Short weighty Mis
8247—Tomato Bouillon. Red Star
Brand. Koehler ft Hlnrlchs, St. Paul,
Minn. Contents not shewn contains
benzoate of. soda ,0.25%. Illegal..
8248—Ketchup. Hoffman House. Ac
me Pickle ft Preserve Co., Cincin
nati, O. Contents hot shown: made
from low grade material. Illegal.
g249-_Ketchup. Blue label. Curtice
Bros., Rochester, ,N. Y. Contains
benzoate pf soda 0.138%. Illegal.
8250—Selected 8ugar Peas. Nashotab.
Waukesha Canning Co., Waukesha,
Wis. Weight not shown. Misbrand
'Bd.'.': V,
#252—Apple Butter Webster Canning
ft Preserving Co,, 'VVebster, N. Y.
weight not shown: Misbranded:
6254—Early June Peas. Quail Brand,
Tolerton ft Warfield Co., Sioux City,
la. Weight not shown. Misbraud'
83J5&—Petit Pols. French Peas. Nun*
and address ot Mfg. or producer not
given. Net weight not shown cop
per salts present !ti,ffl!SgaJ..-.-u
8SS»—Sweet ,Pickles. Derby Bran
Glaser Kohn ft Co., Chicago,
Containp alum,and of soda.
8260-5iweet Plcltleai
Aberdeen, S. D. Contain alum und
benzoate of soda Illegal.
—8onr Gherkins, Pickles. Quail
Brand. Tolerton ft Warlield Co.,
Sioux City. Ia- ConUUt Urge amouut
of ahm. IllMaL
tWM«ee» gherkins, l^ktes. Qua»
benzoate of .soda.. Illegal.
8263—Lingori Presents. Abedson
Scott, Providence, R. I. Contain
benzoate of soda. Illegal.
8267—Cane ft Maple Sugar Butter^«
Dickinson -Brand. Marshalltown Sy^"J t'
rup & Sugar Co.. Marshalltown^ Hu
Contains benzoate of soda. Illegal,
8271—Maple Syrup. Submitted by
Mrs. C. M. Stevens, Oakes, N. D.
Contains large proportion pf cane
sugar. Illegal.
8273—Soda Crackers.' Northern Can
dy ft Cracker Co., Minneapolis,
butterfat. Illegal.
8317—Ketchup, Tomato. Compound.
Jersey Packing Co., Cincinnati, O.
Made from low grade material anoj
contains glucose Illegal.
8318—Sweot Gherkins Bluebird brand.
Stone Ordean Wells Co., Duluth,
Minn. Weight not shown contain
alum Illegal.
8324—Extract of Lemon. Bluebird
Brand Stone Ordean Wells Co., Du
luth, Minn. Short measure. MiB
8336—Sweet Pickles Honor Brand.
Gowan Peyton Twohy Co., Duluth,.
Minn? Contain alum and benzoato
of soda. Illegal.
8352—Evaporated Applffs. Belmont
Brand Leopold ft Feron, Chicago,
111. Weight not shown: short meas
ure: made from wormy apples un
fit for food. Illegal. iK
8353—Currants. Cleaned. Parthenon
Brand. Name and address of pro-:
ducer not given. Badly infested
with insects: unfit for food Illegal.
8354—Candy. Butter Creams. Assort.
Cocoanut Squares Submitted by J.
F. Shaeffer. Ashley. N. D. Coated
with varnish. Illegal.
8367—Candy. Wool worth ft Co., Far*
go, N. D. Colored with coal tar dye.
8369—Rico. Bulk Grand Forks Merc.
Co., Grand Forks. N. Polished
and coated with talcum. Illegal.
8377—Rice. Mikado Brand. Wall Rice
Milling Co., Lake Charles, La. Pol
ished and coated with talcum. II'
legal. ..
8383—Maraschino Cherries. Submit
ted by Chaney Everhart Candy Co.,
Fargo, N. D. Contain benzoate of
soda. Illegal.
8394—Sweet Pickles. Diamond Sbeat
Brand Fargo Merc. Co., Fargo, N.
D. Contain alum and sodium ben
zoate. Illegal.'
8401—Terpenless Extract of Lemon,
Argood Brand. Fargo Merc. Co.,'
Fargo, N. D. Contains very little
citral not labeled to show alcohol.
1134—Blackberry Cider. Red, CrossT
Vinegar Co.. St. Louis, Mo. An artl*
ficial product containing alcohol, .',^.
saccharin and benzoate of soda. II
1135—Artificial Apple Cider. Red Cross sg
Vinegar Co., St. IJOUIS, Mo. An arti
ficial product containing added alco- .
hoi, saccharin and benzoic acid.
legal. r!\i.
1138—Cherry Cider.' Tbomas Morris,
Milnot*. N. D. An artificial product /.i:
containing benzoic acid. Illegal.
1140—Lemon Sour. Drewery'ft 8on«,^Jg
St. Paul, Minn. Not labeled foP
weight contains benzoic acid annL
coal tar dye. Illegal.
1141—Sarsaparilla. Red Crown Brand.
Drewery ft Sons, St. Paul. Mlnn.i^:^
Contains .benzoic acid. Ille'gal.
1143—Limetta. Drewery ft Sons, SW^.|
Paul, Minn. An artificial product
not labeled for weight contains.
benzoic acid colored with coal .tar ^a
dye. Illegal.
1154—Whiskey. Bl«a4^ Elk, JtewMKi
B.^Heller Lifluor Co, IfinneMgpte^'
Minn.. A blend of whiBkey andneni"^
tral spirits not 4 years Old. Illeg^ii}:*!
1158—^Raspberry Cider, W. A. Franci^'
Minn Short weight Weight not
shown. Misbranded.
8279—Maraschino Cherries. Our Own '"jM
a S -B e- 3
apolis, Minn. Contains benzoatejrf
soda not properly labeled. Illeg*
8280—Tomato Catsup. Royal Brand. (1
Warfield, Pratt, Howell Co., Sioux
City. la Measure not shown mad^
decomposed material. Illegal.
8281—Lemon Extract. W. M. Heart 5i
Co^, Chicago, HI. Short Weight.,
8287—Split Dills Quail Brand. Tol
erton & Warfield Co.. Sioux City. Ia.
Contain alum and benzoates. Illegal.
8308—Gelatin Ice Cream. Walter
Master, Willow City, N. D. Low in
Williston, N. D. Contains beneoatt^^
of soda. Illegal.
•'•-''A Chicago man is suing*.for divorce)
tocause his wife has been throwing
tlKngs at him fo^ nineteen years.!
Probably be ,.1s tired- of paying' forj
having the depts t^ken out of th*
We are told that the. yelling of
parrot in New York saveA twenty-flv
llve§ in a burning building. It al»
saved'the feathers of the parrot, which!
was a question of far -more concern!
to said parrot
A man in Pennsylvania hanged hlm^
•elf because his crop of tobacco waei^|
too large to store in his bajrp. HoUndedf
to death by too much prosperity, fcej.
fell a victim to the lacofisistenjey
human wishes.'-
We are told that a hawk
pick a. diamond stud out .Of tbe^bii
front of an 'unsuspecting, dtisen of]
New Jersey. Those Jersey hawks aj
tiecominfalmoftas formidable
Jersey 'skeeters. Sf§'i'1: -.
.' 'J
Isn't it about time tb Invoke tki
clause of die constitution prohibltingjV!
cruel and unusual forms of ftunlefelli
.taieit't A New York, magistme toidjL
the: wlfa of a man brought'bafnrijt^l
k|n .oa a serious charga to take hi*1^
home and tell him what she thought
A German iuu lairented
which will, when ooe'a eult to
swith It, prevent one from
water. I|-ls aald to :b« 'no^thiekeprIiP||
heavier than ordinary llnfiu aa4
•bles the wearer to mw'va^Mit'^
water with ainoet
^ltb,fnUy aa much aafety aa ewi'I
upon dry land- People *h? gtr
the water with boM rifrm
Aaate* to have their cMhee
toe sew fabric, hethg oanfal
not to ji
v. i?

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