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Voi.. XXI1J
LNo. 6249.
^Icjtran&rm 45a$ctte
Tuesdays, Thursdays Sf Saturdays,
Royal-street, Alexandria,
aT five dolls, per annum.
The Steam-Boat Potomac,
WHICH for speed and accommodation
,s equal to any other, continues to
$$$" Alexandria and Wa
shmgton. .
<ibe leaves the city' of Washington at 8
o’clock every Thursday morning and A
lexandria at halt past 9; and alter landing
nassengers at convemenl places on the ri
'r Potomac, and at Old Point Comtort,
arrives at Norlolk on Friday morning in
time tor the Southern Stages, and the steam
Loa» for Richmond and Petersburg. On
Alooday morning sht leaves Norlolk at 12
o’clock, arrives at Alexandria on Tuesday
Morning, and proceeds direct to the city ot
Washington. N. B. Horses and carriages
taken on deck,
v^-Xhe Proprietors of the Steam boat
Poioioac are desirous to grant every ac
commodation to passengers, and have ar
ranged the line of departure and arrival m
such manner, as to admit passengers Irom
R^hmond and Petersburg to transact bu
Siness in Norto!k;aiid those proceeding lo
the northward, to transact business at A
lexandria and Washington without loss ot
Corn &c. For Sale.
1650 Bushels corn, in good order, in a
store convenient for shipping,
50 hhds. Maryland and Virginia To
4000 bushels Turks Island, ground al
lum and sack salt. Apply to
, «TH0 has to rent, a comlorta
VV ble dwelling house on
«:«!» Prince street, opposite the Poto*
mac Bank.
iuoe 29 _..
For Sale,
_ - THE LAND & HOUSE on Stump
Pf?W Hill, lately owned by Mr. Nor
jjIH ton, being about TWENTY ONE
^ lal ACRES well enclosed; on the lit*
i river turnpike road, 2 miles Irons Alex*
dria. The garden contains many valua
e shrubs, vines, and truit tree*. I he
nation is handsome and healthy.
Possession may be had imrnedia’ely——
be time of payment will be reasonably
;tended to suit the purchaser
March II, fawtl.
|?or Sale.
| will sell a tract or parcel of land cal
Containing three hundred and fifty acres
more or less, lying and being - in Chailes
< ounty, immediately on the road leading
from Port Tobacco to Dummies Ferry- a*
bout six miles from Port Tobacco, within
four miles ot ,Nanje:noy Church, and with
in la mil«»s ol navigable water. I he im
provements on the said farm are a dwell
ing house, kitchen, barn, corn,
j'Wfli house, and other necessary houses.
It is deemed unnecessary to gtve
laia more particular description ol
the same as it is presumed any person
wishing to purchase will view the premis
es. Pnr terms apply *o the subscriber
living on the adjoining farm.
march 26 taw3m
To Kent.
Aprmjdv The subscriber wishes to rent
foi one or uvoie years,his wharf &
h*fiHI warehouse. The warehouse is 3
Oalrsiones uigh, fire proot, and having
*-very onvtnience for an extensive busi
ness. The wharf is 110 feet in length and
*d) in breadth, and has water ot sufficient
depth tor the largest vessels.
march 29
to Kent,
The house lately occupied^ by
^ ' Tr' * Wood at the corner c! King
*nd Pir* streets, the situation is
-.Pleasant and «*?'«»*. "*« 1^
■ paciousand airy. In a tfc\>,(*ays . ?Ie
bUA*s will be put in complete rep'A,r* or
particular® enquire of _
K. T. RAMSAY & Oo.
wm 9 l2t
fashionable Hair Cutting.
k I subscriber respectfully informs the
^ udiea and ^ntlonruMK that he has re*
<die* and gentlemen, that he has re*
r‘l,v ed to the corner ot Prince and Fair lax
street, where he will wait on them in his
li,e of business at the shortest notice, and
r*Uitndlul ot past tavors, hopes to nu^iit a
f °ntiuuance ot the same by strict at ten
l,on his calling.
N. /j. Razors ejroued and repaired at
t..e shortest notice.
Wuh razors keen and water tiot;
. ^ 011 will always tind me on the spot.
W. D.
Ncgnifs Wanted.
^ ^ will be siiven tor seventy or ei^lit
1,1 Ifktly siavts in tainlies or single
d!at trie indrau Qjicen Tavern,
. june so
For Providence, R. I.
The fast sailing schr. ANN, capt.
_Howland, is now ready to load ;
can take 400 bbls. freight and a few pas*
sengers. Apply on board or to
E. CORNING, Vowell’s wharf,
june 25 3t
For Freight,
The brig HALSEY, !. Small,
_master, carries 1200 barrels, is a
superior vessel, 4* will be ready for a car
go in a lew days.
Also For Freight,
The Schr. ANN, B. JTebb, mas
ter, a first rate vessel and carries
!3oo uols.—will be ready for a cargo in
three days. Apply to
Who have for sale said vessels cargoes oj
15oo bbls. Thomaston lime,
fiooo lbs prime green coffee,
3o bags sugar,
lo hhds, Jamaica rum.
june 2o
For Freiglit,
The superior brig ABIGAIL,
_[.Tames Goodday, master, carries
3ooo bbls. flour, or42o hd<. tobacco; sbe
is in good order, and will take a cargo im
mediately on board Apply to
june 13
For Freiglit,
The good schr. FOLLY, Abner
Ivoones, master; burthen about 4UU bbls.
and is now ready to load* Apply to
JOHN H, LAi>D,& Co.
Who have for sa/e, on board said vessel,
17 Tierces and 5 nail tierces
111 c E.
may 28
For Freight
The good schooner PROSPECT,
capt. Perkins* burthen about 10U0
bbls. will be ready in a few days to take
freight to any northern port. Apply to
june II
For Boston,
_jfc Edward Robinson, master, a supe
rior vessel, will sail in a lew days & take
500 bbls. Apply to
june 8 _.
F'or Freiglit,
The new and -uperior brig SYL
_VESTEK HEALY, E. Robinson,
master, carries about 1200 bbls. will be
ready for a cargo in a few days, and take
a foreign or coast wise freight. Apply to
Who have for sale said brig's cargo ot
700 casks Thomaston lime,
june 4
St. Croix Sugar and Jamaica
a liHDS. of -uperior quality St.
3\|, Croix *ugar
VjF Jtl iu hhdsot high proof Jamaica
Landing from schnr. Cent, and sloop Ar
mada, for sale by
For Freight,
The schr. SUSANNAH, A. H.
'xS&LSt even’s master, carries l,ooo bbls.
is a good vessel, and wdi oe ready tor a
cargo in a few days. Apply as above,
may 11
For Amsterdam,
The new and very superior
Jship DELTA, Jame.- Clarkson,
master, (daily expected); burthen 540
bhds- tobacco, and will take ireigiit of ^50
hhds. aod passengers.
Also, for Charleston 8j Savan
Tho good schr. FARMER'S
Y, John McIntyre mas
ter- burthen about IOuO bhl*. and will in a
few davs be ready to load. Apply to
may 14___
Hemp, ftc.
THIS day landing from brig Arrow,
cant. Lovell, from Boston, and for
sale by * WILLIAM FOWLEfrCo.
15 10113 St. Petersburg: Hemp oi supe
rior quality.
5hhds. i jym JE. Rum.
65 barrels*^ S
b chests Young Hy-• *n Lea
2 pipes superior qumty Cognac Jrandy
b hhds muscovada sugar
ft) tous Plaster ol Paris
Foi’ Freight,
tig. THE brig ARROW, V W. Lo
veil, master; carries 1100 barrels,
is in eood order, will take a freislit to the
West In lies, or coastwise, tordhe recep
tion of which, she will be readjT iu two
days* Apply as above- may
For Bremen,
The superior bug ABIGAIL,
r ri_!.??n.ns Gooday, masi r; will com
mence loading in a lew days, and take
loo hhds on treight if offered soon. Ap
ply io WM. f OWLE 4* Co.
For Cowes,
The coppered brig VENTROSA,
v Allen master; will -ail about the
|0*u Juiy, and la^e some passengers on
moderate terms. Apply as above.
;nne S3 B
Southern Sauk Notes.
S& M. ALLEN & Co, Pennsylvania
• Avenue, Washington City, are con
stantly purchasing the tollovviug
Bank Notes,
at the lowest rate of discount,^viz—
Nortli Carolina,
South Carolina and
Also, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New*
Jersey, Vew Yoik, Connecticut and Mas
Persons having the above or any ot the
notes of the solvent banks in the United
Stales will do well by calling at
Lottery 8$ Exchange Office,
Penn. Avenue, Washington City.
Where can at all times be obtained,
drafts on Baltimore, Philadelphia, NTew
York, Boston, Richmond, Va. Fayetteville
N. C. Charleston, S- C. and Savannah,
Geo. on accomodating terms
april 27 dtf
John H. Ladd Co.
HAVE just received by brig Winifred
from" Havana, and brig Resolution
[ frore St, Thomas, and schr. Mary from
; New bury port,
5»j boxes white and biown Havana
30 boxes Muscovado do
21 bbls. do do
14 hhds molasses
3000 doz. Amegor superior Spanish se*
: gars, in whole, halves quarter boxes
8 bags cocoa,
5 do coffee
2 hhds W. 1- rum
1 bbl &. 4 boxes tallow
11 cases men’s <$• boy’s fine shoes
3 do iur hats ♦
50 bbls N. E* rum, jfl
may 11 _____
A. C. Cazenove frt Co.
HAVE for sale, on accommodating
Young hyson and*gunpowder tea, cargo
of ship Panther, imported last month;
Prime retailing molasses
N. E. rum, Jamaica do.
/Fhiskey, gin, and srnrar
Finest old madeira iV part wine,
Cut nails & brads 2d to 4Cd inclusive
Dupont’s gunpowder
/jaltimore window glass
Spanish segars, yellow soap
Sperm, mould, and dipt r indies
with a very extensive stock of American,
European, and India piece goods
may 18
Earthen Ware, China and
HUGH SMITH <H:0 have just recei
ved by the ship Wilhelmina, from Li
1 verpool, a large supply, which gives them
• a general assortment, tor sale as low as to
be had in the northern cities.
They have also, and intend keeping for
sale, an assortment of
Slone Ware.
• Also—pipes in boxes of 3 and 4 Gro ea
| Window glass in do 8 by 10 and 10 by!2
iJetuijohns, 3 and 4 gallons.
• may 9 _3w
BAGS Sugar landing from schr.
Superior, tor sale by
april f6 __
J. II. Ladd £5 Co.
may 28___
I Lentous. .
j Z f) BOXES Sici:y Lemons in prime or
• den just received per ship Tear),
I and for sale by
june 4__ 3t
Bolting Cloths.
NNEY, has for sale
Bolting Cloths of Superior
All orders from Millers or others will
be particularly attended to.
A constant supply of
Ground Plaster,
! for sale by the ton, barrel oi bushel, at a
very reduced price.
i^7“Oa«h given for empty barrels.
9 , go _%awtf
#100 Reward ~
RAN AWAY from me, the subscriber,
in Fairfield, South Carolina, negro
24 or 25 years old, 6 feet lo or 1 - inches
high, yellow complexion, formerly the
property of Butts k Cay wood, ot Alexan
dria. 1 will pay the above reward tor
said Leonard, if lodged in any jail so that
get him again. , nnIOA.T
' april 9._ 1 m _
Sicily Lemons ami Oranges.
Qfl boxes Lemons .
30 fioxes Oranges, fresh and in fine
T_i__nn/l fir\r en!c* nv
order. Just received
apri’ 4
Spring Goods.
Braden Morgan & c0. have im
ported in the ship Wilheltnina, from
Liverpool, f ■
7 8 fine and super laricy prints
9-8 do do do chiutz
Do super furniture do.
Do cambric muslins, %
6-4 do. , do
Do camU ging. striped &rchecked
Plain lefto "'J
Tamboured do !
Loom sewed japaned
Do do do hook
Corded check
Hair cord
Fancy stripe
Do check
Satin stripe
Fancy gingham rbbe9
While Marseilles quiltings
Handsome printed do
4 and £ drab, siate, blue, and stripe
cotton cassimeres
Plain and striped drillings
7-8 and 4-4 Irish linens
Do brown Hollands
7 8 and 9 8 steam loom shirtings
Women’s white cotton hose'
Men’s do do do
White cotton balls
9-8 cotton apron checks
Striped jeans
Do florentines
Wilmington stripes
Black plain and footed "j
Tea, scarlet, crimson
Drab lilac and
Ingrained scarlet
Black and white hat bands
Tribble gilt coat & vest buttons
Horn suspender do
Pearl shirt buttons
4 44 and 5lb best London pins
5 mo 9 tf
Charles Bennet,
HAS received and offers lor sale by
5 cases Irish linens, remarkably ch?«p
) do 6-4 7-4 8-4 9-4 & 10-4 diaper and
6-4 corded and colored muslins
Cambric muslins, of various qualities
London ginghams, mull mull muslins
Russia and Irish sheetings
Flag Bandanna hbdkls. very sup qlt’y.
Hirsts Black, and navy blue Imperial
Saxon cloth
Seine and sewing twine,
Patent shoe and coloured threads
Gentlemen’s doeskin and Beaver gloves
may 4 _I a w 6 w
Lemons, Whiskey, c$c.
O store, and offers (or sale on accommo
dating terms,
116 Boxes Sicily lemons
600 Barrels Baltimore whiskey
2 Pipes Holland gin
2 Hbds 3 pipes Antigua rum
36oo lbs. prime green Laguira & Havana
600 lbs St. Domingo ditto, ,
3 Hh ls.&. 3 bbls muscovado sugar
11 Hhds superior retailing molasses
14 Chests 6 i chests A guopowder and
16 ten catty boxes two 1 imp. teas carg’s
boxes containing 4o r Beaver,Hun
2 lb, canisters. J tress, Savannah.
9 five catty boxes Imperial do
boxes, hall boxes, baker-No 1&2 choc
olate; boxes Baltimore No I, 2 & 3do.
88 Boxes muscatel raisins
50 boxes mould dipt candles
A few boxes sperm, ditto
|0 half qr. casks Sicily 1
10 do do Canary 1 Wiri*
6 do do Cnlminar j
14 do do Malaga J
3o Bis mess and prime pork
bo do No l shad
4o Bundles sugar loaf paper
15 do binders boards
Wrapping & Kentish cap paper
lo Cases fresb oil in flasks represen
ted in fine order*
June 29__.
WILL be given for the apprehension
ol three negro boys (brothers).—
They ran off from me on the 1st inst. near
the White Post; They were seen on the
the same day this side of the river. It is
pro *ai;Ja iuny will make their way to the
Eastern Shore of Md. wbeie they were
raised ; the oldest is named
stout made» and has a considerable imped
iment in bis speech; he took with him a
yellow roundabout, white duck pantaloons,
and a fustian jacket filled with yellow,
and an old fur hat.
18 years old, stout made, took with him a
grey lustian roundabout; ivhitejduck pan
taloons and a new tur hat*
1C years old, rather delicately made; took
with him a pair of white duck pantaloons,
swansdown vest, a felt hat about half
i will give a reward of 25 dollars for
the apprebensionfof either of the 5a^*,.e"
groes,. if delivered to me, at the White
Post, Frederick county, Vv. with all rea
sonable expenses; or, if secured in any
jail so that I get them again. The above
reward of 25 dollars, or IM dollar' lor the
apprehension of t e three, with a*l rea
sonable expenses if delivered tojo .
jtjly 4
Durr M ill-Stoue Manufacto
ry, Alexandria.
f I fbe subscriber wishes 10 inform his cus*
• JL tomers, and the public id general, that
he keeps his shop on Peyton Si. between
the upper end of King St- and the stone
bridge; where be bason band an elegant
assorment. ot the very best quality of
French burr blocks, and Burn ready made
first quality ^warranted equal if not supe
rior to any made in this country.
Liberal Credit will be given to men of
punctuality. ' -
Ef'Othe jail tor the county of Altxan
J. dria, D. C- on (be 25th inst as a run •
away, a bright mulatto, man, who calls
himself WILLIAM BROWN ; "five ieet
eight or nine inches high, has a afir on
the right side ot his nose, and one on the
lore part of his head, which is covered
with fine curly hair ; appears to be about
27 years of age ; his cloatbing, one grey
cloth coat, with metal buttons, one new
blue cotton Cassimere coat, one black and
one light colored marseilles vest, and new
Bantaloons of large red . and white stripe.
[e claims freedom, and had in bis pos$e«~
sion a certificate to that effect, signed
Wiliam K- Dance, Clerk of the county
court, Powhattan, Virginia, which writing
is believed to be a forgery; says be served
his time as an apprentice to the hatting
business with Beveily Wells* at Chester
field. oil the. turnpike road, about half
way between Richmond and Powhatan
court-house. The owner is requested to
come, prove property, pay charges and
take him away; otherwise be will be dis
posed of as the law directs.
june 29_iT
Coach 8$ Harness Maker,
RESPECTFULLY informs the public;
that be has removed his sborrto the
new brick building on Pitt street betvifceri
King and.Cameron streets; in the rear ot
the City Hotel; where he is prepared to
execute any orders in his fine of business,
in the best manner and at the shortest no
tice. He has on hand a first rate
Coachee and Gigs,
for sale. He is determined to pay the
strictest attention to his business, and bis
charges will be moderate
june 6
25 Cent? tteward
(and no charges paid.)
AN AW AY from the subscriber on the
23d June, two indented apprel tire
boys to the house car;>en:ers and joiner* bu
siness; James H. B-an, and John B Chiv
arel. This to to forwarn all peisons a*
gainst harboring trusting, or in n*.y w-y
employing them, as they would evade ‘he*
penalty of the law* JOSEPH KJNKEK*
march (4
7 mo 2d
Office of the Marine Insurance Company of
• , . July 3, 18tt.
THE stockholders are hereby informed
(bat a dividend of five per tent', is
this day declared on tbat part of (be capi
tal Stock now paid. Which will be ready
to be paid on and after Saturday the 1 Sib
of this month. J. B. NICKOLLSj Sec’y.
jiily 4 IaW3w
$40 Reward
RAN AWAY from’the subscriber* on
Saturday morning, the 4th inst; a ne
gro girt named
formerly the property of Mrs. Elizabeth
McKay. She is about 5 feet 1 or 2 inches
high, about 20 years of age, wide mouth,
and very black. She had on when she
went away, a blue striped domestic dress*
white shawl, leather walking shoes, white
stockings, dark caliche sun bonnet, a white
apron, and various other clothing.
I will give the above reward if taken in
the District of Columbia, Virginia or Ma
ryland; and all reasonable charges paid if
brought home,
june 4 *
OTRAYED, or was stolen; froth (he
*3 Iarm o( the subscriber, about five miles
below Alexandria, on Sunday the 9th iust.
Two Bay Mares;
one, a dark bay abfcut 9 years old, be*
tween U and 16 hands high, switch tail,
was. not shod, paces indifferently and
works in gear. The other, a bright bay
ten years old. ratbei smalle? than the first,
had shoes before, but they «^ere loose and
she may have lost tbepi , g; * has a Jump
on her back resembling a navelgall-^lbis
mare also works* in gear, 1 wilt give the
above reward to any person who may de
liver the>e mares to me on my farnd^ ur
five dollars for eitf
mount djephyv.
, % a w 2w
jtine 25
■i o VI. I
june 1

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