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— —11 *•-*-• r , rv . t. iv.. 1.1 n
The Steam-Boat Botomac,
| _ *rU|CH for speed and accommodation
V V equal to any other, continues to
I SfoSX Alexandria and Wa
I she leaves the city ol Washington at e
I „verV llmrsday morning, and A
If C at hall Past y'- an'1 a,ter lal"ling
■leumlria at nan PM je[.( p|a£M on the ri.
■passengers a «» ^ 0l.i Point Comfort,
Krnves at Norfolk on Friday morning m
I, II for the Southern Stages, and the steam
Koat for Richmond and Petersburg. On
R w tiv morning she leaves Norfolk at 1 w
y arrives at Alexandria on Tuesday
■Aloruing and proceeds direct to the city of
■ Washington- N. B. Hor.es and carnages
■ a^il*The Proprietors of the Steam boat
■Potomac are desirous to grant every ac
IcoiDmodation to passengers, and have <tr
Bhngeii the line of departure and arrival in
teb manner, a, to admit passengers from
Richmond and Petersburg to transact bu
lines, in Norfolk;atid those proceeding to ,
Re nortnward, to transact business at A
Rxandria and Washington without loss of
m - may 2 I
I Fifty Dollars Reward.
»T> AN A'V AY from the subscriber living
■linear Marbury’s ferry, District of Co
Bunibia, on the 1st of May last, a" negro
■mail named
licalling himseli Daniel Solomon, general
tiny known by the name of Talbott s Dan
gel. He took with him several suits of
Brood clothing, a fur hat. and a drab co
lored great coat with a large rape.
I Drfniel is about forty six years of age,
Ibout 5 feet 6 or 7 inches high, is stout
Bade, has several remarkable «cars on his
Breast thick lips, and the under lip consi
Pjerably projecting, large eyes, and high
lforehead. He is an artful insinuating tel
Daniel has an extensive acquaintance
Wt relation* in Fairfax county and his Dis
ijtrict* It is probable that be »s lurking a
fiout Alexandria, or at Cedar Grove. Mrs
IHcCany’s, where he has relations r itty
fioHara will be given tor his apprehension,
|If secured in jail so that I get hhn again ,
l and all reasonable charges will be paid it
[brought home. # £
jQTlt is ascertained tliat
Bauiel ha9 obtained the tree papers of a
■ree negro, named Nai Wilson. No doubt
Baniel will endeavor to get to the north
I aug 13._ : * * ) ,
9t INDS.AY k HILL have removed'ito
il J the new brick store, lower end of
JlCmg street* where they offer for sale age
'Ineral assorment of groceries, on accom
jW.datirig terms They wish to purchase
■wheat, rye, and corn, for which the high
|t*st price will be given. ’
au? 17
15 Dollars Rtoward
1T17ILL be given for safely securing a
■ ?▼ grey mare, vvbicb strayed .pr was
■tolen from the pasture at Vermont, (es
■tite ol T* Dixon, deceased) between the
Inightof the 4th, and the evening of *be
96th inst. Said MARE was three years
Sold last spring, about 14 hands high ; a
■knot arising from the distemper shows ?t*
self under each jaw ; neck thick at the
junction with the head ; the mare begin
ning to pace, is very gentle, tray faced,
full eyed, and some few specks on h- r
body ; and was uever shod before leaving
the pasture.
For the mare alone (if safely secured)
the above reward will be given. If taken
in possession of another, who may be sus
pected of having stolen her, 25 dollars
will be given for securing both
A letter addressed to
IOak hill P. 0 Fauquitr cty, Va.
will reach'he subscriber*
July 13 tf
To the Stockholders of the
Leesburg Turnpike Road.
V[0 I ICE is hereby given, that the 5th
(being the last) instalment ol ten
dollars on each share »s called lor, and re
, to be paid on or before the 1st day
°t September, 1824. Those who have
®otuaidthe former calls, cannot expect
lo gger indulgence; the road is finished and
*ust be p?»d for.
TWOS. R. MOTT, Treasurer
»ug6 IdS
One Cent Reward.
RAN AWAY from the subscriber
yow.v KING,
an apprentice to the shoe making business,
wMl i ^ 'Che above reward
HI be pail on delivering said appren*
ice to me in Alexandria; but no thanks
nor charges,
*0 St
gehm vn (JXKKa
H.BRMBV: MO no.IX Si Co.
• VE imported n the ship Virgini
u Bremen.
•^rlaps, No 1.2, s 4.
l|nor3i},€nburg3 °* good qUa,ity'.
To lease for a term of years,
SITUATED within a mil* of Alexan
dria, between The river Potomac, and
the Washington turnpike road. The pre
: inises which are generally known to com
; prehend a terti.'e ISLAND, with a rich, &
well reclaimed MARSH, will be leased
1 on liberal terms. Also, the
contiguous to the farm, Apply to Dr* W,
C. Selden, near Leesburg Va. *
june 29 2 aw tf
Buit .Mill-Stone Manufacto
ry, Alexandria.
Ff^he subscriber wishes to inform his cus
JL Jomers, and the public in general, that
he keeps his shop on Peyton St. between
the upper end of King St. and the stone
bridge,* where he has on hand an elegant
assorment ot the very best quality ol
French burr blocks, and Bum ready made
first quality warranted equal if not supe
rior to any made in this country.
Liberal Credit will be given to men of
march 14
Bolting Cloths.
JONATHAN JANNEY, has for sale
an assortment of
Bolting Cloths of Superior
All orders from Millers or others will
be particularly attended to.
A constant supply of
Ground Plaster,
for sale by the ton, barrel or bushel, at a
very reduced price.
fr^rCash given for empty barrels.
9 mo 29 2awtf
w vs cotfvimEo
"pO the jail tor the county ot Alexan
I dria, D. C* on the 25th inst. as a run
away, a brisrht mulatto man, who calls
himself WILLIAM BROWN; five feet
pight or nine inches high, has a scar on i
the right side of his nose, and one on the
tore part of his head, which is covered
with fine curlv hair ; appears to he about
11 vears of age ; bis cloathmg, me grey
cloth coat with metal buttons, one new
blue cotton cassimere coal, one black and
one light colored mar9eille9 vest, and new
pantaloon* of large red and white stripe.
Hp claims freedom, and had in his posses
sion a certificate to that etfect, signed
William K Dance. Clerk of the county
court, Powhattan, Virginia, which writing
»« believed to be a forgery; says he served
his time an apprentice to the hatting
business with tfevnly Wells»at Chester
field, on the turnpike road, about half
way between Richmond and Powhatan
court-house The owner is requested to
come, prove property, pay charges and
take him away; otherwise he will be dis
posed of *s the law directs.
june 9 tf
Cash to give lor Slaves.
rHE subscriber, who resides in Alex
andria, D. C. wishes to purchase a
few likely young
male and female, from 10 to 18 years o
O^rPersons having such property for
sale, mayi*find the subscriber living on
Henry st. between King and Princestrts,
Alexandria,near Mr. Swan’s plaster mill,
in Mrs. Nutt’s brick house.
dec 1 lawtf
Received per brig Ilebe.
PKlME Upland Cotton
“ new rice
First quality Bordeaux oil
While and brown Havana sugars!
Bristol porter buttles
Leghorn hats and bonnet9
For sale by
j une 18 __
Ilenrv P. Whitney,
HAS just received, and offers for sale,
at reduced prices,
Ladies’, gentlemen’s and children’s leg
horn and chip hats of every quality,
and at all prices from li to 20 doN
Every description of fashionable cloath- .
ing, as usual,
Constantly on hand, at the lowest terms
at his well known stand,
Opposite the Farmers’ Bank of
Alexandria. i
June 11
j\XKS. G ■UvNEK begs leave to inform
JLvA the public that although she has re
moved to the house lately occupied by
Mr. Green, the
are kept up with the same attention to
comfort that has hitherto been given. And
also Will be kepi as an
Oyster House
luring the season.
I flifitil Bushels bran, just re
* ceivedantor sale hy
july it* tf eL & D, REED, i
i For Amsterdam,
jjNL The superior coppered brig
BilS EIGHT SONS, Low, master,
(daily expected) having the most of her
cargo engaged; will meet with dispatch
and can receive 100 hhds. on freight.
Apply to WM FOWLE & Co.
july 4 tf
i 'The schr. CATHERINE cap*
X£R3inger, carries 1000 bbls. will take
freight coastwise on very moderate terms*
Apply to WM FOWLE * Co
Who have for sale said schrs. cargo of
600 casks Thomaston Lime
inly 4 tf
! For Freight,
JfffL The superior brig ABIGAIL,
James Goodday, master, carries
3ooo bbls. flour, or 42o lids, tobacco; she
is in good order, and will fake a cargo im
mediately on board Apply to
June 13__
For Freight,
jffqvfe The good schr. POLLK, Abner
Koones, master; burthen about 400 bbls.
and is now ready to load* Apply to
Who have for sale, on board said vessel,
17 Tierces and 5 halt tierces
may 8 , R ICE__tf_
For Freight.
jpfiK' The good schooner PROSPECT,
capt. Perkins, burthen about 1000
bbls. will be ready in a few days to take
freight to any northern port Apply to
JOHN //. LADD 4* CO.
june II
For Boston,
Edward Robinson, master a supe
rior vessel, will sail in a lew days & take
500 bbls. Apply to
june 8___
For Freight,
The new and superior brig SYL
VESTER HEALY, E. Robinson,
master, carries about 1200 bbls. will be
ready for a cargo in a few days, and take
a foreign or coast wise freight. Apply to
Who have for sale said brig's cargo ot
700 casks Thomaston lime,
june 4
‘ For Bremen,
v The superior bi g ABIGAIL,
feJames Gooday, master ; will com
mence loading in a tew *days, and take
100 hhds on freight if offered soon. Ap
ply to WM. FOWLE Co.
For Cowes,
The coppered brig VENTROSA,
__, Allen master; will sail about the
i^th 'July, and take some passengers.on
moderaie terms. Apply as above.
june 9_ tt
Best Chewing Tobacco.
KEGS and halt kegs manufactu
|k| I red tobacco, of 12s, 8s, and pound
\JV-r twist, Barclay’s brand, warran
ted superior to any in the dis
trict, just received by the schooner John,
capt. Burk, from Richmond and lor sale
by JNO D. BROWN, Agent.
june II 2awtf
John Yates,
Attorney at Law9
OFFERS his professional services to
the public, and will practice certain
ly in Charles county, Md. also, it encou
raged, in Montgomery. Prince George’s
and St. Mary’s County, As to promises
for care and attention, (which are usual)
be make9 none—suffice it to say, reputa
tion, success and support greatly depend
upon a prompt, honest and conscientious
discharge ot duty.
Georgetown, D C June 15
To Wood Merchant*.
J will sell from 500 to lOOOcords of good
oak wood, ready cut in the woods,—
Also 2oo acres of land with a good supply
of fire wood, building and rail timber on
it. This wood and land lies within li
mile of the Potomac river, where there
is a good road and landing; 30 miles be
low the District of Columbia; this land
lies well, of a Stiff soil, and clear of hills
and brakes I will also furnish any pur
chaser with 3 good oxcaft9 well calculat*
ed for the wood business and ten or twelve
good oxen in their prime, and well brokg
to the cart. I will also sell a lot ol land,
containing two acres, with a gobd new
store house, a hall story high counting
room, lodging room, granery and tobacco
shed. Also a tobacco press house and a
well ot as good water as any in the world.
This lot and improvements lies in a healthy
neighborhood and a good stand for busi
ness. It is one mile from the above land.
1 also have l5o acres ot land, of an extra
quality, lying 3 miles above the atoresaid
land, and one mile from the Potomac; it
is well watered and has a good seat for a
small mill, with a never failing stream.—
Any person wishing to purchase the above
property may have anfrreat bargain, as !
wish to decline the wood business. The
t,ash will be wanted for the wood that is
cut and the carts and oxefl. I will give a
liberal time on the lands
Charles county, Md. March 22 eott
’’' V' " SHAD.
inn BARRELS. No. I Shad. For sale
1 ! "
* s 1 } ■ * ■ m f» j *
■ JIatx, Shoes, Toftise Abell
Combs, bjc
JOHN H. RUNNELS & Co. have io»t
received at their new Shoe and Hat
6iors, King-street, Alexandria, a general
assortment of superior
BE AYE 11 HATS; , ,, _
made by first rate workmen in the coun
try. Also^Cdw priced comprising of everj’
kinds do; and nave made arrangements
with different manufacturers, which* will
enable then to be constantly supplied with
the very best ; with a general assortment
of shoes, together with ivory, tortoise, and
mock shell combs of every description ;
clothes, hair, and other brushes, ot differ
ent kinds, with a variety of other fancy
articles, which will be disposed ot on very
liberal terms. Fancy or other goods Will
be received as heretofore, and disposed of
to the best advantage on commission. ,
aug 3 i- 3t < <
• t
Co-Partnership Formed
THE subscribers have formed connec
tion in business under the firm of
True 8$ Harmon,
And now offer lor sale at tbeir old' stand,
next door lo Messrs. Palon and Butchers#
King street.
&000 pair of
of every description, suitable for the pre
sent and approaching season.
30 cases offu8hionable
imitation beaver,
Roram <$r low priced Uats, Leghorn do.
Ladies fine and low priced Straw Bonnets
and trimmings—All of which wilt be sold
wholesale or retail at very low prices.—
(They will soon receive an additional sup*
ply of '
Pall 85 Winter Goods.
Country merchants and others will find
it to tbeir interest to call at t ibis establish
ment tor their supply.»
aug 3_ If t
Spring Goods.
Braden Morgan & Co. have im
ported in the sbipWilbelinina, from
7 8 fine and super fancy priuts
9-8 do do do chintz
Do super furniture Jdo*
Do cambric muslins,
; 6-4 do do
Do camb ging* striped k checked
PJain leno
Tamboured do
Loom sewed japaned
Do do do book
Tamboured do
India cfo
Do mull ^ MUSLINS.
Corded check'
Hair cord
Fancy stripe
Do ch^ck
Satin stripe .
Jackonet J*
Fancy gingham robes
White Marseilles quiltings
H ndsome printed do
i and i drab, slate, blue, and ripe
I cotton cassimeres
Plain and striped drillings
7-8 and 4-4 Irish linen?
Do brown hullands
7*8 and 9 8 steam loom shirtings
Women’s white cotton hose
Men's do do do
White cotton bails
9-8 cotton apron checks
Striped jeans
Do florentines
Wilmington stripes
Black plain and footed^
Tea, scarlet, crimson nAltnriN*
Drab lilac and -faALLUUNi
Ingrained scarlet J
Black and white hat hands
Tribble gilt coat k vfest buttons
Horn suspender do
Pearl shirt buttons
4 4$ and 5lb*best London pins
5 mo 9tf !
John H. Ladd 1$ Co.
HAVE just received by brig Winifred
from Havana, and brig Resolution
from St. Tboroas, and schr. Mary from
60 boxes white and bionn Havana
30 boxes Muscovado do
£1 bbls. do do
14 hhds molasses
#000 doz. Amegor superior Spanish se*
gars, in whole, halves 4' quarter boxes
8 bags cocoa,
5 do coffee
2 hhds W„ 1. rum
1 bbl k 4 boxes tallow
\ 1 cases men's 4* boy*£ fine shoe*
3 do ffiir hats
50 bbls N. E* rum*
11 .
Whiskey, Cotton. Oil, &c.
JOHN H, LADD 4* Co* have just re*
ceived and offer for sale :
205 bbls Baltimore Whiskey •
20 bales prime upland cotton
10 casks summer strained speito oil
7 cases mens fine shoes
4 do. mens and boys fine hats*
july II
: District of Columbia,
' JOHN H. (utha
U Hon. Wiliam Crancb, Chief Judge
of the Uoited.States Circuit Court of the'
District of Columbia, to betoisciUaocD
i from imprisobmeoty under tbe act tor tbe
relief of Insohreot Debtors within tbe Dis
tnct of Coiuoihia; oo Jo** bratMonday-of
beptember.neat.al 9 o’clock, A. M.*at
the Court Hqus? in Alexandria, when and
where hi*Creditors are reqUirwMo'attend,
•;v/; EDM; I L££tC.C.
— - 8U* l “ ■ • -gf:
Prize List of the 27th day’s drawing of the
No.' 4670 a prize of DlOOO.
10,063 16.800 19,364"" ’ 60
893 5,061 7,l03 IM69 J
j 16,640 16702 47*002 ( 20
and seventy seven prizes of** •* 1 .10
Merited thus (♦ j told at RVfVfELLS
• The drawing will take place again on
Wednesday next, as usual;
The first drawn No', on Wednesday, the
' 28th idst. will be entitled to’
i • •- -~TT • J -f :
e^iU *T ^
O^-This timely notice wiil give distant
adventurers an opportunity to supply theft*
v selves Wftti chances. The pndrawn pii&ss
* 2ret
1 of 30,000' DOLLS. ,
1 of 20,000 D >I.LS,
- 4 of 1,000-DOLLS.
; is of loo noixSi
36 of 50 DOLL8.
*174 of 20 DOLLS.
* And the full proportion ot to dollars are
still undrawn.
0 Orders from ahjr j>att of the United
' States, enclosing the cash or pfize tickets,
post paid for tickets and snares, will be
' promptly attended to, addressed to
Lottery and Exchange Office,
King street, Alexandria•
; aug *4 " ‘ ‘ y
, Grand State Lottery of
1 prize of 2o,ooo i« 2o,ooo Dolls.
[' >* 1 o,ooo 2o,ooo
* &,O60 10,000
1 3 ooo 3,ooo
l,oo6 1 o,ooo
oo loo 6,000
' 22? ort 6,00Q‘
226 *Q . 4;66ti
6000 lb 60,000
6391 Prizes $1*7,500'
9609 Blanks
15,000 Tickets at #8* 127:500 Dolhrkr
O^rPnzes subject to a deduction of fif.
teen per cent, payable 6U days after the
All the prizes to be floating from the
commencement of the drawing, except the
following, which will be deposited io the
wheels at definite periods, viz;
After tbe *d drawing, 55,ooo
Do. 4tb do 1 o,ooo
Do, 7tb do • 1 o,ooo
Do- 9th do ■ 2o,ooo
In ordfer to finish this lottery with the
most practicable despatch, tbe prizes only *
will be drAwn^this arrabgement will en
able tbe Commissioners to complete the
Tickets in tbe greatest variety of nuiir#
bersare now ready for sale at the original
rate of Eight Dollars and Fifty Cents eactr
Most Lucky Lottery Office; King-street,.
• Orders by mail; enclosing pr/ze tickets
or cash, for tickets and shares in tbe seye
ral lotteries now drawing, will meet wHk
Kixg^stfeeeV Alexandria
2f BATI»Y B^BSPTgP it T«*Z OFFlCg.

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