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^^the~VaUe(l StaUS
MO^DAV DtlC. 2,182*.
' „irjock tbe president of tbe se
M n,u tempore, Mr? Gaillara, took tbe
ot the members being, presenit.
A<1“ was, oq motion ot Mr Bai
AUll-,t?o the house ot representatives,
that tact, and tbe readiuess.oi
.e (o proceed to business,
^otnin of Mr. Barbour, a committee
1Appointed tojoin tbe committee ot tbe
* ,7 representatives to wait oa %
oMbe United States, anl In
f' him ibat tbe two houses were ready
,uC® any communication trom rmi\;
® HK of Nb'v York-anJ Mr-Ma
were appointed ; and
Xl,e senate adjourned.
.. |j o’clock precisely, the speaker
m P P. Barbour,ol Virginia,) took the
1” , ,0d Mr. Samuel Burch, principal
jX’jn tne office of clerk ot the house ot
Irrntalives, called over the roll ot
S tiers, when it appealed that a quorum
7L members were present
01 Os motion of Mr. Taylor of New
v ra a message was ordered to be seut
,S senate, informing that body that a
Irum of tins bouse was torrned, and was
l,a, to proceed to .business
Ok motion ot Mr Taylor, also, it was
Mitered that a Committee be appointed,
1“Li io’intlv with such committee as may
® appointed by the senate, to wait on the
president of the, United Mates, and in
L him that the two bouses were ui ses- i
L, and ready to receive any commum !
yliin which be might have to make to
Alter receivin' a message from the se
me, by their secretary, that they had
formed a quorum—
On motion ot Mr. Taylor, it was order*
ed that the house do now proceed to the
f[e’ction ol a clerk, to dll the vacancy oc
casioned by the death ot Thomas Dough
tft/. esquire, late clerk of this house.
this being an office to which persons
other than members of the house may; be
elected, noiuiualions of candidates are,
ty the rules of the house, required previ
ous to election ; and twenty persons were
founinated as candidates tor the office.
Tbe balloting took place. - I
Mr. Hill, from the committee of tellers,
reported, that the whole Dumber o; votes
given in was 154, ol which William Mil* i
oor received 14, Samuel Burch 10, Levi j
H Clarke 19, B. S. Chambers 17, S D.
Franks 15, Tobias * Watkins 12„ Robert
Temple 13, Edward W Du Val 5. S A.
Foot?,JamesM Pleasants 13. Mr. Briggs
o,J. S. Wiliiams 4, M. St. C. Claik 9,
and of tbeolher vote9 not more than three j
were given to any candidate.
Mr. Taylor, from the committee appoint- j
ed to wait on the piesidentot the United ;
States, reported that the committee bad
performed that duty, and had received tor
answer that tbe president would, to^inor
row, at 12 o'clock, make a communication ]
to tbe house in writing.
Another balloting then took place tor j
clerk, the result of which was as follows : j
Whole number of votes 149; for Mr, Tem
ple IS, Air Foot 9, Mr. L H. Clarke 22,
Mr Milnor 12, Mr. Franks IS, Mr. M. St.
•ClairClark 12, Mr. Burch 6, Mr. Wat-!
kin3 ll), ?4r. Chambers 20, Mr. Goldsbo* i
rough 4 Mr. Pleasants 13 ao other persoo
voted tor having more than three of the
remaining voles.
A third balloting then took place, which
resulted a* follows, viz ; Whole number
149; for Mr. Temple 23, Mr Foot 8, Mr.
L.H Clarke 24 Mr. Milnor 9, Mr. Franks
II Mr M St.Clair Clark 14, Mr. Wat
kins 12. Mr. Chambers 20, Mt. Pleasants
15, no one other person voted tor having
received more than tour votes,
A fourth balloting then took place, in
which Mr. Temple received 28 rotes, Mr.
fr*>» 6, Mr. L H IClarke 2fi Mr. Milnor
1 Hr. Franks 8, Mr. M. St. C. Claris 17,
Mr Goldsborough 7, Mr Watkins 6, Mr.
Chambers 25, Mr Pleasants 17,
A filth balloting took place, which gave
t^Wf. Temple 48 votes, Mr L. H. Clarke
*vMr Franks 10, Mr M. St. C- Clark
Mr* Chambers 28> Mr Pleasants 8,
3Qii (here wert* 9 scattering votes.
The sixth ballot gave to Mr Temple 54,
Jr. L. H. Clarke 12, Mr. Chambers 29,
Hr.M.St C. Clark 24, Mr. Pleasants 17,
.p Pranks 9, and ,3 scat'ering votes,
the House then adjourned, without ha
/:llS made an election of Clerk.
Washington Dec. 4.—Matthew Ft.
*<iy Clark, of Pennsylvania, was vaster- |
’Clerk ot the House ot Repre- !
* Natives of the United States. He is a
Pelican in politics, and the son ot a
'«tby Whig, uow no more* He was, i
ago, a resident ot this District,
studied law, in the practice of
^uhefcas since been engaged
jVat. Intel.
Presi dext of the United States
hisUdy, arrived in this city yesterday from
b ^idencem the State of Nevv-York.
[iYaf. tut. oj Tuesday.
e the Editors from a gentleman at
i.Harhor, says, «‘C°1. Brady, o. the
Array, arrived here on the 21st
r , (November, : £rom the Falls of St. Ala.
W^S’place he left on the 1st inst. by
^ ^114 we learn that the troops at that post were
and comfortable quarters.—
** were-U inches of sno w on the ground
'“*n he ttft the post.” [/A.
"a3* 0,1 'Tl,est**v ',st
"kbvut oapos*oa, to be Governor
%u'* 1>l Noith Caroitoa tne ensuing
^4aK\°L!j AktTllME riOAL PARADOX.
lovvi;^ 'U^c nian.iscripl was.iound the fcl.
^r*biane Uaf decisionoi a dispute : Two
the igj ' ^^°wn todinner^ one had 5 loaves,
•iredf JL.f •^c* A strangei passing by, de
*ir*ed t '0n *°e:U with them, which they
pier®, of ^aug^r dined laid down eight
fee'cfU and departed. The proprie
H three * . ,oavcs took up live pieces, and
c ‘ “ the ov'^or, who objected, and in*
sisted for one half. The cause came on before
Ah the magistrate, who gave the following
judgment_*Let the owner of the live loaves
nave seven pieces of,moiiey,bt- the owner of the
three loaves one.’* Q,jcry tne justice ot tne
sentence t Answer. Ali’s sentence was just",
tor, suppose the loaves to be dtviaed eacn into
three040*1 parts, waking twenty-tour parts 111
all tne eight loaves, and each person to cal an
eijualor eighth part; thereiore the stranger had
seven parts of the person who contriuuied live
loaves, or tifteen parts, and ouly one of linn
. ho contributed three loaves, which makes
nine paits i !'.
The fate of the gallant Capt. Allbn, of the
4lhgutort has excited the keenest regret, and
deepest feelings of aohorrence towards its au
thors, in the breast of every member of this
community,—May his death have the effect to
open the eyes of our government to t^ie necessi
ty ofiletnanding from the -Public- Authorities
of Cuoa, protection for the lives,#ud property
of our fcitizens—11 they cannot, or will not, j
guard their shores and soil from pollution by
Uiese Buccaneers, other nations must do it—!
by adopting the only possible means ot putting
an end to their viilanies—that oi landing and
establishing military posts upon the island, in
the vicinity of their haunts ; and by hanging
up every vagaboud in Havana, Mantanzas, <xc»
who shall be found in possession of their plun
der. In this business, the good old maxim
should be regarded—f*the,receiver is as bad as
iheUieif,” , .
iSesvsof the death of Capt. Allen was receiv
ed and published at Havana on the 14th ins; —
l’he American vessels in port immediately
hoisted their colors a. half mast, and were fol- |
lowed by the vessels ol yvery other nation in
poit, except the Spanish / /—The Piratical ves
sel taken by the Alligator was well known to
have been utted out at Kegla, in .the harbor of
1 Havana.—This accounts lor their not regret
tiug the loss of Capt. Allen. [C'fiarl. Counef.
Charleston Nov* 27.—By the Eliza Polly,
Arrived below last evening, we have received
Havana papers to 17th inst. The American
ship Victor, 35 days from Cadiz, bound to Vera
Cruz, called off Havana on the 14tn, bringing
date* from Madrid oPthe 2bth September.
The new Minister from Great Britain to
Spain, Sir W. A’Cocrt, arrived at; Madrid
on the 26th September, and the Universal of
that city congratulates the* nation that every
thing between the Court of St. James's anil
the Spanish people remains and will remain,
i upon the most friendly footing
The king Of Spain issued an address to his
subjects on the 16th of September, consisting
of his usual professions, promises, 6zc. It is
long, and it any thing worth remarking is to
be found in it, we shall notice it to-morrow.
Charleston, Nov. 28.—By the Lend we have
received,'* from our correspondent at St.
Thomas’ papers of that Island to the 8th inst.
inclusive, and Barbadoes papers of j the 26th
October. To the politeness of Mr. Eerr, a
passenger in the Leod, we are indebted for a file
of the Guianna Chronicle to the 7th October.
The U. S. brig Spar . Capt. Wilkinson,
touched at St. 'Thomas’ and sailed on the 3d
inst. We regret to learn that there was much
sickness on board the Spark. Walter New
comb, one of her officers, died at St. Thomas’
on the tth of November, and bis femaieg were
interred next morning with military honors.
Accounts from Laguira Otthe30th Oct. had
been received at St. Thomas**. *:The U. States’
ship Cxjane had then gone down f6r 10 days to
Ccrracoa, to demand the release of some Ame
ricans confined there, and was to return to La
Guiraand take a convoy through the Mona
Passage and touch at St. Thomas’
Markets at St. Thomas’ are very bad for A
merican produce. Flour 8 1-2. *
FO R EJG V / VT E L L / 0 E yC E.
Per the Triton, arrived at Boston %lth ult.
On the 16th Oct Sir Robert Wilson re
ceived a peremptory order from the Po
lice to quit Paris in 24 hours. The cause
of this order is not slated.
A large number of Greeks, emigrants
from their own country, have domjcilated
at Marseilles, where they weie kindly
treated .
. The Cortes and King of Portugal look
the oath to the Constitution on the 1st ot
Oct. at Lisbon, .
On the 16th Oct. the usual expiatory
funeral ceremony took place in Paris in
commemoration of the murder of Maria
Antoinette. Monsieur and the Duke d’An*
gouleme assisted at the religious rites,
which were performed at the Metropolis
tan church.
Trieste, Sept 30—-The new? ol a
naval victory gained by the Greeks, is
fully confirmed to day- The encounter
took place in the Straits of /tacca-Sil ta,
between Negiopont and Andres. The
Turkish fleet, entangled in a narrow chan
nel, full ol rocks and shoals, and attacked
unawares, fought with disadvantage.—
Two frigates were grounded on the coasts
of Chyipi and of Cape Ore. The great
est part of the transports were captured or
sul)k_The rest of the squadron endea
vored, under all sail, to gain the waters ol
Teuedos ; but quickly pursued by the
victors, and some nure ships were lost
which had escaped from the tight. Of all
this armada, only the three decked ship,
I frigate, and nine or ten transports, re
entered the Dardanelles. The troop?
who boasted they would cany fire and
sword into the Morea, all perished except
2009 either the prey of fire, or drowned
in the waters ol Bocca SiloU.
London, Oct 22, (one o clock j . .
folly of speculating in Foreign Securities
cannot more clearly be demonstrated than
by re.erence to the price? of Colombian
Stock ,* yesterday 95 a to 96 ; to day 91 ;
and great doubt entertained w nether theie
is any authority to nfcgociate any nf>w
loan for this Republic- At all events,
there is a serious irisundertandiBg- Ci
ther Mr Zea has no adequate power, and
the authority given him lormePy bV oo.
ivar is out of date or the President s pow
er is questioned by ihe Executive at tne
seat ol Government.5'
Extract from a private letter from a Brit
ish o.tkcer, dated Coriu, Sept. 21st,
“ i'he Gieek cause is now very uncer
!aiu, h ha9 received a great blow by
Tie surrender of ihe Subotes, who, from
the want of water and provisions, have ?.t
ifng b capitulcted. Tb* Britisli Govern
ment in the Ionian Islands have guaran
•>ed to them an asylum at As9tf, a small
harbor on the Noith side of Cephalonia,
By Chi? event, the Tmkiah force of neaily
14000 men is set at liberty for other op
From GoreLiverpool Advertiser of Oc
tober 24.
PRICES —Ashes, U. 8. Pot 43 a 45s;
do do Pearl, 46 a 48; beeswax, Am. ll a
/12; brimstone, rough 22 a /25, coffee 130
a 134s; dourd. 85 a 95s; do St. Domjngo
100 "a 105$, do Havana 100a 110s; flax
seed for crushing 36 a 38; hemp, Peters
burg 40; hides, B. A. 9 a 12; oil cod, /20;
Greenland wnale /26; rice. Am 14 a 19-*;
ro3in 7s 3d a 7s 6d; tar, Vjrg 13 a 14s 6d:
tobacco, J- R. 2 a 7d; turpentine 14 a 15;
Am. Flour in bond 28 a 30s; do sour 30 a
329/• .'?mV i .
The cotton market at Liverpool contin
ued steady at prices last qnoted, with a
partial advance on some descriptions.
American cottons have not been at ail en
banced, holders having been willing to
sell at iorgner quotations. Uplands and
Orleans have been in request at sie dy
rates. Sea Island has been acted upon
pretty extensively, but also at steady
rates, > * .
From tbe.lSlb to 18th Oct, inclusive,
the salesare computed a* 11800 bags, and
the imports amount to 1579 bags. Sales
ol Upland have been made at 6* a 8t»i-^
Orleans 7i a i2; S. Island 12 a I9i; Tenn.
and Alab. 6* a 8; Bengal 6 7 8 a 6
There is no truth in the report of the
illness of the king of France.
Lord Liverpool and the Chancellor of the
Exchequer have determined to submit to
Parliament, as one ot their first measures
of Finance, a plan for connecting the old
Four per Cent, annuities into 3* per cent.
The October Account terminated on
Wednenday, which was settling day at
the Stock Exchange, and was remarkable
only lor the little fluctuation which has
occurred since its commencement. The
prices rose gradually about 2 per cent,
and a circumstance almost unpiecedented,
is. that on no occasion the re action or de
cline in.the Funds exceeded * per cent.
One defaulter was announced, and his
differences are understood to be targe, for
besides the speculations fora fall in the
English funds, he also engaged in large
operations in Foreign Stocks, which, by
the new regulation of the committee, are
recognized by ir, 3t least as far as regards
the bargains made with members of the
Stock Exchange.
London, Oct 22—Stocks. 3 per c*ts.
Cons. 82* 3 8—3* per ct, 93* a 93—3
per ct. Red 81* 6 8—4 per ct, 1822
102* 3-8 o*8.
Batonne, Oct- 12—The military pte
parations proceed without any interrup
tion. : i\
The mosf recent letters from th* 3 pro
vinces of Biscay state that the public tran
quility becomes more and more consoli
dated by the energetic measures of the
Magistrates, supported by the exertions of
the different Constitutional columns which
are iiv constant motion. The bands which
infest those provinces being entirely dis
persed, have thrown them-elves towards
Santander, and particularly towards Irati.
The news of^ the deleft ot the Royal
ists who went trom that place is confirm
ed, and they were repulsed with sever*
loss. It is even reported that the place is
iolesftd by their adversaries who hoped
to make themselves masters of it in a tew
days; but they have repeated this boast so
often, that we must not give credit to it,
and especially because Espinosa is nojt
strong enough to undertake the operation
and at .the same time to attend to the
maintenance ot Uanquiiity in the interior
of the province.
i he Royalists are still concentrated on
the banks of the Segre, from Urge! to
Puycerda; but several Chiefs of Gueril
| las had relused to obey Gen. Erolei* Gen- j
| Mina has severely punished on his vray
several individuals who had declared in
tavor ol the insurrection.—Some priests
had even been hanged. The rear of the
Constuional Army is constantly harrassed
by the bands of the Dtlenders of the
Faitb, who alarm the garrisons and mter
• rupt the communications; but it seems to
be the intention ot the Constitutional Gen
erals to let them alone tor the present,
i and to direct their whole efforts against
j Urge! and Puycerda. in order to put down
1 the Government ol the Regency, and that
■ they will then adopt measures to restore
peace in the interior.
i Venice, Sept. 22.—Letters from Cor
fu of 8th July say, that the Greek fleet
was off Cape Papas, and the Turkish fleet
in the Gulf of Lepanto where it was block
aded by ihe Greeks
The Greeks continue masters, says the
same report, of the Morea, with the excep
tion of Patras, and are advancing anew
through Livadia towards Thessaly. On
the other hand, fresh Turkish troops are
advancing from Macedonia, and strong
corps from the Danube are to follow them*
It is probable there will be some hard
fighting on the south of Thessaly before
the present campaign is ended, which
will be in the middle of Oct at the latest,
because tbe weather, the bad roads, and
the want ot necessaries ol all kind, make
it impossible to prosecute military opera
tions in that country. The Greeks, there
fore, have but to make a few efforts more
to be secure duiing the approaching win
A Paris Journal says—“To the^consfer- j
nation of ail France, Talma groat
tragic actor) is about to retire tiorn the
■..... in II IT II IIBU I
For Amsterdam,
jrfHL The superior copper fastened
JS&K brig AMEKiCA, Henry Peterson,
master—to sail about the I8lb iust. and
will latte some light freight on moderate
terms. Apply to .
\\ M. FOWLE & CO,
IVhohave rtCdptr said brig and for sale)
bO bhds retailing mola&9es
7 tons St. Petersburg hemp
80 pieces heavy &. light ravens duck
160 do broad diapers
10 do kussia sheetings
9 »tons plaister pans
dec 6
----— |
Boarders Wanted.
MRS. SHIELDS will accommodate a
reasonable terms* Apply at her residence,
oo Koyal street.
dec b «
r St. Domingo Coffee, &e.~
&V Jhgi St. Domingo coffee, ol su
tr\ 1 perior quality, just received per
ft sloop Regulator & brig Colum
bus, from Port-au-Prince, aud
or sale by SAM- MES>ERbMlTH,
Who has in storef
100 bbls, Baltimore whiskey
26 do apple brandy
100 matts .cassia
70 sacks blown salt
23 hall chests imp. b gunpowder tea
75 ten catty boxes do do
9 boxes each cont’g 20 two lb canis
ters dot
10 hhds muscovado sugar
1200 lb Laguira green coffee
1500 St. Domingo do do
40 Bundles sugar loaf paper
Sicily Madeira,C olminar ( wtmi?
Malaga and Canary \ >v
Cognac brandy, Holland gin
Antigua rum
Pecan nuis, superior Havana segars
Hampers of porter and wine bottles
Sweet oil in flasks
Mould candles—low to close sales
Balter’s chocolate, No. 1 & 2 •
Baltimore do No. 1, 2 & 3
Muscatel raisins
6o$hen i beese, &c,
dec 5 if
Bunk of the Valley in Virginia» )
Winchester, Nov, 26 1822. >*•’.
THE annual meeting of the Slockhold- j
ers tor the Election of Directors, will
he held at the Bank on Monday the 6th of
January next. LEWIS HOFF, cash*
liny 30—dec 5tin
fj^HE stockholders of the Farmeis’
A Bank of Alexandria are hereby noti
fied* that ait election of thirteen directors
(or the ensuing year will be held at their
banking bouse, on Monday the 6tb day of
January next. JOHN HOOFF, cash,
dec b _tawtJ6
Mr Parml)—Dentist,
HAS returned to Alexandria, and may
be consulted a tew days at Mrs. Rap
ley’s boarding house, on King street, just
below Fairfax street.
A treatise on the disorders and treat
ment of the teeth, by E. PARMLY; Den
tist, for sale as above.
“ 'The author of this Treatise we know
“ to be an able and ingenious Dentist
“ This little volume contains perspicuous
“ directions for the management of the
“ teeth, and sensible obse rvations on the
“ causes of their decay " —[London Med
ico Chirurgical Journal and Quarterly
Review of Medical Books for September
1821.dec 33t
Drawing Announced !
of the
Grand National Lottery,
5th class,
will positively take place at the City flail
in Washington,
On Wednesday, 18th inst.
Should the capital prize of One Hundred
Thousand Dollars come out on that day it
will be immediately finished thereafter.
No time should be lost in procuring chan
ces for the following splendid prizes, yet
undnwn. and but THREE DRAWINGS
to complete this brilliant Lottery. Ca
pitals are, viz :
1 prize of 100,000 Dollars
1 do. 25,000 Dollars
1 do. 10,000 Dollars
1 do. 5,000 Dollars
31 do. 1,000 Dollars
2 do. 500 Dollars i
36 do. 100 Dollars
besides an immense number ot smaller
Whole tic ts mb
Halves 12 50
t^iiuarters Ub Zb
Eighths 3 12
uraers irom an}' pan oi me u oiaies,
post paid, enclosing the cash or prize tick
ets, will meet the same prompt attention
as if on personal application, addressed to
Lottery and Exchange Office, .
dec 5 King street, Alexandria•
For Freight,
The brig COLUMBUS, Leonard
.Marbury master; burthen 12oo bbls.
The brig VENUS, James Kelley
.master,’ burthen 9oo barrels
The sch’r THOMAS, Samuel
_,Miller, master; burthen 9oo bbls.
All good vessels, and will very soon be
ready to load, in preference! tor the We9t
Indies Apply to JOHN H. LADD k Co.
dec 3_tf
For Freight
JjiAv The good brig HALSEY, Benj.
I ^f#Ks,Tia1*- master; burthen about 12oo
j bbls; and will be ready to load in 3 lew
days, in preference to a Southern or West
India port* Apply to
| y JOHN H. LADD k Co.
Who have just received by said vessel,
I 74o casks fresh Thoinaston Lime.
| dec _3____
Columbian Inn.
1HAVE taken my torrner stand, the
houses of Gov. Sprigg, on Bridge and
High streets, next door to the old Bank ot
Columbia, (late Indian Office.) and the
Druggist Shop of Doct John Lille ; where
Citizens and Travellers
who may please give me a call, will be
served with the best the town affords, and
at charges reduced to suit the times—I
will also take a few more boarders.
Georgetown, nov 19_3faw 1 m
Salt Eetre.
KEGS Baltimore refined Salt
■ Pelre. jt>^ received lor sale low,
11 mo 2
■ ^ ..
ON FRIDAY, 6th inst.
ON FRIDAY will be sold, at the
Auction Store, a variety of goods, &•
mong which are
Sugar in barrels
Rum in do,
Jin in do.
Vinegar in do.
Superior Baltimore beer
Applebrandy _
Soap, chocolate
» Mustard, ginger
Day A Martin’s blacking
Crockery ware
Beds ana furniture
Stoves and grates
One cart, 50 pairs shoes
Wool hats, glasses, Ac. Ac.
A lot of dry goods
nov 2b }
ON FRIDAY at 10 o’clock; will
be sold at the Auction Store, by order
of the executor, «.
2 quarter casks very superior Madei
ra wine
1 pair prints
2 pair candlesticks
1 set waiteis
S. A. yaARSTfcLLER, auct.
nov 28
WILL be added to Friday’s sale, on
a credit ol 4 & 6 months
10 pieces kerseys
10 do knap’d cottons
10 do red flannels
2 green carpet cloths ^
, 6 6-4 cloth *
20 do knit yarn hose
100 lbs, shoe thread
Plaid, cassiroere
Sattinet, Russian diaper
2 bales assorted rose blankets
1 bale 3 strand cul'd knitting cotton
nov 30_-f.v
Public Sale; .
On SATURDAY, the 23d instant,
1 A J ILL be sold on the premises, that
VV valuable lot ot ground on the east
side ot Fairfax street, and to the south
ward ot King street, lately in the tenure
ot Mrs. Mooney, milliner; fronting on
Fairfax street 33 feet, and running back
one hundred feet; on which is erected a
convenient store and dwelling. The above
sale is made pursuant to the will ot Geo,
McMuno, decease. Terms at sale.
of Geo. McMunn, deceased.
§jt The above Sale is post
poned to Saturday the 7lh December
nov 26 . ts
Boots, Shoes and Hats.
JUST received by the brig Cypher,
from Boston, a complete assortment
calculated tor the season; made particu
larly by order (warranted good). Gen
tlemen’s imitation beaver hats, some very
broad rims; boy’s do do, men’s and boy’s
coarse and fine wool do. Also a few cases
ladies’ / ' S
Straw Bonnets (Cheap.)
Likewise, 1 case of
Superior Leghorn Bonnets
of latest importations, All the above ar
ticles will be sold wholesale or retail on
moderate terms. TRUE & HARMON
dec 3 3w
For Sale.
RANCE COMPANY of Alexandria
can be bought on accommodating terms.
Application to the editor of (he Gazette,
may be made. ,_dec 3 4w ^
To Rent.
The subscriber will rent out her
about 1 mile and a half from town. Pos
session to be given immediately.
dec 2 . t._ 3t^
To Rent,
A convenient dwelling house,
at the corner of King and Wash'
ington streets, lately occupied by
i James Allison, dec’d. Enquire
nov 30___3t ^
YESTERDAY, a Check, drawn by the
subscriber, on the Branch Bank ot
the United States, at Norfolk* tor about
forty-three dollars. The finder will please
leave it at the office ot the Gazette
nov 30 _ __3t
leas, Mackerel, Raisins, &c.
John H. Ladd & Co.
HAVE just received for sale, by brig
Cypher, and schr. White Oak.
20 hall chests imperial tea
30 twenty catty boxes do do
15 half chests gunpowder do
100 bis No- I, 2 b 3, Boston mackerel
100 boxes Muscatel raisins
16 cases mens, boys and children*
shoes and bootees. tf—no^
J. H: Ladd to. r
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