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From Blackwood's Edinburg Magazine,
* fj« sweet upon the impassioned wave,
To hear the voice ot' music stealiug, .
And while the dark winds widely rave,
To catch the genuine soul of feeling! i
While all around, the ether blue
Its dim, majestic beam 13 shedding,
And roseate tiuts, of heavenly hue,
Are thro’ tns midnight darkness spreadiug.
So it is when the thrill of love,
Through every burning pulse is flowing,
And like the foliage of the grove,
A holy light on all bestowing !
O ! never from this fever’d heart
Shall dreams on wings of gold be flying—
But e’en when life itself shall part,
/’ll think on thee, sweet maid, tho* dying !
*Twao thus, upon the mountain’s height,
Young Dermond sung his plaint of sorrow,
Regardless of the evening light,
Tnat ushers in the gay to-morrow !
JFor love had of his cheek bereft
That smile—that glow—of joyous gladness,
And sympathy’s cold sting had left
Nougnt there, but pale and gloomy sadness l
To cueer the fainting sou 1.
From the Repertory,
The following is selected from among the pa
«pers oi the late Kev. Jos. K. Andrus, which
were returned from Africa after his disease, di
rected to his father, E. Andrus, Esq.
Place me where winds and tempests reign,
Where frowning winter binds the plain
In chains of ice and snow ;
Where never summer’s tepid breeze
/nvigorates the dying treesy
Or bids the water flow.
Or place me where the arid soil
Mocks human skill and human toil;
Where ceaseless thunders roll;
Where not a leaf of verdure grows,
Or dew descends, or fountain flows.
3Iy Saviour’s love, my Saviour’s smile
The tedious moments shall beguile,
And give the desert cnanus.
What ttio* the clime »vere winged with death 1
• fwere heaven to yield this fleeting breath,
And fly to Jesus’ arms.
On the island of Malta, the caper tree
grows wild n^great plenty, and i9 partic
ularly abundant on the wall of Lavalette,
where much fruit is annually produced,
which since the capture of the island, has
been the undisputed perquisite of the offi‘
ter in command of the Engineers. Some
'considerable time ago the officer coromr.nd- ;
ing that corps complained to the governor,
stating, that the trees were cut down, and
the fruit carried away by the inhabitants,
and begging the governor to issue an or
der for the protection of what he concei
Ted to be bis Jawful property; upon
which that old facetious gentleman gave
out tbe following ludicrous order :
“ Whereas it has been reported to me by
tbe officer commanding the Engineers,
that the inhabitants of Lavalette have tor
some time past destroyed the truit, and
cut down the caper trees hanghing on tbe
outside ot tbe wail of tbe walls ot the gar*
risen , it is tbe command of the governor
that no one in future cut capers either on
the top or sides of the walls, except the
Lieutenaut Colonel commanding the En*
gineers. Any one tound cutting his capers
on tbe walls, alter this notification, will
be confined in tbe black bole tor tbe first
©deuce, and lor the repetition ot so dagi*
tiousan act, tbe umt capers they cut will
be their own, at the tail ol a calasb, to tbe
tune ol cal o’nmetaiis.”
A gentleman lately returned to England,
from St. Helena, lias addressed a letter to
the Kev. Ur Rogue, with a copy ot the
Essay on tbe New Testament, of which
the latter gentleman is tbe author. It is
stated the volume thus sent, was once in
the possession ol Napoleon Bonaparte,
and tbe writer trusts that it bad beeu
perused by that extraordinary man.”
He also writes that Bonaparte, *’ was ol*
ten observed to be engaged in secret
prayer, whilst lingering on bis dying bed,
and known to have joined in prayer with
the priest who Jived with him, and who
was considered an amiable man ; and to
have made a profession ol bis laith in
Christ, through whom be prayed to the
The anecdote of Anne Oldfield, a cele
braled actress who, in her last moments,
was so entirely engrossed with the dress
In which she was to be arrayed atter her
death, puls us in mind ol a similar anec
dote of the French Princess de Charolais.
Although in the agonies of death, it was
easier to bring her to receive the last sa
craments, than to take otf her rouge; no
longer able to resist the entreaties of her
contessor, she at length consented—“ Bnt
iu this case,*' said she, to the attendant
woman, “ give rue some other ribands ;
you kBow that without rouge, yellow rib
ands look frightful upon me.” The last
words ol Mrs. Oldfield were, “One
would not look a tnght after one’s death,”
or, according to Pope,
One would not sure look ugly when one’s dead,
And—Betty '—give these cheeks a little red !
For Freight, j
The brig COLUMBUS, Leonard
Marbury master; burthen 12oo bblt
The brig YENUS,James Kelle)
master; burthen 9oo barrels
The sch’r THOMAS, fcamue
Miller, master; burthen 9oo bbls.
All good vessels, and will very soon be
rrady to load, in preference, lor the West
indies. Apply to JOHN H. LADD & Co.
dee 3 tt
For Freight;
The good brig HALSEY, Beni
Small, master; burthen about 12oo
bbls; and will be ready to load in a lew
days, in preference to a Southern or West
India port* Apply to
Who have just received by said vessel,
74o casks fresh Thomaston Lime,
dec 3
For Boston,
The packet schooner CENT,
>Jona»ban Hallet, master; burthen
900 barrel-*—uas part of her cargo enga
ged, and will be dispatched in six days.—
For freight or passage apply to
Who have received for sale by said vessel,
60,000 India Fire Crackers.
dec 12 6t
For Amsterdam,
The superior copper fastened
. brig AMERICA, Henry Peterson,
naster—to sail about the 18th inst. and
(vill take some light freight on moderate
errns. Apply to
Who have rec'dper said brig and for sale,
80 hbds retailing molasses
7 tons St. Petersburg hemp
80 pieces heavy & light ravens duck
160 do broad diapers
10 do Russia sheetings
9«> tons plaister paris
dec 5
For Sale,
rpjJE cargo otihe brig Hope, eonsisS
X ii
ing of
1200 bushels salt
)30 boses RAISINS.
60 do muscatel )
10 cwt. of cork wood
For Sale, Freight or Charter,
The brig HOPE, she is a good
vessel, and will soon be ready to
receive a cargo. Apply as above,
nov 28 tf
For Freight,
The coppered brig ELLEN MA
_RIA, Wm, Allen, master, carries
about 1600 bbls is an excellent vessel, in
complete older to receive a cargo on
board. Apply to
Who have received by said brig, and for
q Ton3 of Cordage, of assorted sizes,
^ made of the best clean heuip, will be
sold___hov U
For Rotterdam,
The superior copper fastened brig
ANN. Henry Snow, master, will
sail about the 15th inst. and take some
freight if offered immediately. Apply to
WM. FOWLE 4* Co.
who have tor sale received by said brig,
45oo bushels Liverpool coarse salt
Io,ooo lbs Sumatra pepper
loo casks nails assorted sizes
lo tons St. Petersburg clean hemp
Io bales Russia feathers
lo do containing 35,ooo quills
3 pipes ^superior quality Lon
52 halt pipes > don particular Madeira
4 Qr. casks S WINE
15 Qr. casks Teneriffe wine
3o bbls No. 2 and 3 mackerel
For Freight,
The new gchr. PACKET, Da
__vid Haman,master,carries looobar
rels, will be ready for a cargo in a tew
lays, and for sale said schooner's cargo oi
l4o tons plaster pans. Apply as above,
oct 1 tf
Flannels, etc.
C. I. P. Thompson
HAVE just received per brig Mission
ary, from Liverpool, a further sup
ply of
White, red, green, and yellow flannels
Greeo, blue, brown and red booking
Green Drapery
Blue and green serges,
sept 23
leas, Mackerel, Raisins, &c.
John II. Ladd & Co.
HAVE just received (or sale, by brig
Cypher, and schr. White Oak.
20 halt chests imperial tea
30 twenty catty boxes do do
15 half chest? gunpowder do
100 bis No* I, 2 & 3, Boston mackerel
100 boxes Muscalel raisins
16 cases men?, boys and childrens
shoes and bootees. tf nov 26
Seine Twine, 6$c.
6 hhds best Bridport seine twine
1 do sail do
1 bale shoe thread in 2 £ 4 oz balls
3000 bushels coarse and fine salt
2000 wt best green coffee
White St. Domingo do
Shot assorted sizes
Dupont’s Brandywine gunpowder
Jin assortment of Groceries,
cordage, tar, rosin, &c. for sale bv
Also, a Seine,
130 fathom5 long, 180 one and a quarter
inch meshes, with rope, cork, &c* com
plete. It was made last fishing season,
and only used a few days, Apply as a*
cct 15 tt
James C. £$ Robert Harry,
HAVE just received from Baltimoie,
Mid now opening, a fresh supply ol
which, together with their former stock,
makes a very complete assortment; and as
these goods were ailjpurchased at Auction,
at great sacrifices, they would earnestly
recommend their friends and customers to
give them an early call, as they are
determined to sell goods CHEAP—
1 case 7-8, 4*4, 5-4, 6*4, 7-4 & 8-4
merino Shawls, and a few elegant
1 case Nankin crapes, bl’k & colored
1 do Irish linens and lawns
I do calicoes, newest style
1 do fig’d pl»m bombazettejail col’s.
R bale warranted domestic cassinets
1 do kerseys, Indigo'blue
1 do linseys striped, plaid and plain
1 case plain and printed cloth and cas*
simere shawls
Black & blue, fashionable London cloth
Do do do do cassiinere
Pelise cloths and flushings
Swansdown and Valencia vestings
1 piece newest fashions do
1 bale rose blankets,
1 do point do
1 do flannels
Scotch and Irish sheetings, cords and
| velvets* company, flag, bandannas, silk
I chintz shawls; Madras hbdkfs. spotted
mull and cambric cravats, cambric mus
lins, fine plain and tarobored muslins, plain
and fig’d mull, power loom shirting,Holt’s
superior 6 cord wire cotton, on spoils,
warranted 300 yards, in No’s, from 20 a
120, Holt's floss cotton on spools No’s. 6,
7, 8, 9; Holt’s cotton in balls and hanks,
English knitting cotton in hanks, patent
threads assorted in colors, best Italian
blue & black cloth, & colo’d sewing silks,
wide French ^Italian crape, hat .bands'do.
Italian lutestring &, florences, gros de Na
ples, worsted and cotton suspenders, broad
and narrow tapes and bobbins, pins in box
es, pounds and papers, ribbons plain and
fiigured, Ferretings, patinet lace, black &
white silk gloves, ladies’ best beaver a.id
kid gloves, gentlemen’s superior Wood
stock ditto, English black and white silk
half hose, ribbed of a superior quality,
domestic brown sheeting and shirtings,
ditto bleached do do lace and silk buttons,
Tartan and Scotch plaids, Circassian do.
1 bale Dorchester bedtiekings, best 4 4
linen tick, very low’ priced, and a neat as
sortment ot colored bombazines, with a
variety of other articles in their former
stock, too numerous to mention
Also, on Consignment,
200 pieces domestic plaids
20 boxes real Spanish cigars
1500 lbs cotton yarn, of No’s. 6 to 20
all of which will be sold at the lowest pri
ces, for those articles in Baltimore Phila
delphia or New York*
dec 7
J. C. L R. B,
William Fou'le Co.
HAVE now landing andfor sale
6 pipes brandy,Signetts brand, of su
perior quality.
1 bale broad cloths., that cost low
and will be sold ata small advance,
oct 31_ ti
For SitH*.
RANGE COMPANY of Alexandria
can be bought on accommodating teims.
Application to the editor of the Gazette,
may be made. dec; 3_4vv
Pliineas Janney.
Has in store, and offers for salet
C) £ tons Russia clean hemp
^ 90 bolts do. duck
50 pieces ravens do
20 do bear do
40 do Russia sheetings
1 case Canton crapes
2 do do silk shawls hdkfs
2 trunks cambric muslins
I cask sewing twine
2 bales shoe thread
10 boxes English mustard
40 do Rodman’s sperm, candles
13 casks do do oil
4 do whale oil
3 cases patent water proof hats
325 tons Swedes iron, assorted [do
10 do English small, round & square
2 do Swedish steel in bundles
Nutmegs, white lead, Spanish brown,
chromic yellow, vitriolic, ether and
aqua fortis.
dec 7 7t
Cassia, nine, Whiskey, c$t\
band and offers tor sale on accommo
dating terms,
109 Matts Cassia
540 His. Baltimore whiskey
4000 lb** Laguira, Havana, and St* Do
mingo coffee
£00 kegs English and American white
lead, ground in oil
280 Sacks Liverpool fine salt
30 Bbls. No. I Potomac shad
34 packagesgunpowder & imperial tea
of the latest importations
12 hhds. and bbls. 1st & 2d quality
Muscovado sugar
2 Pipes Holland Gin
2 Hhds 3d prooi Antigua Rum
1 Half pipe 1 qr. task / sicily
15 Half qr. casks ) VV 1 N E.
10 Qr. casks Canary do
15 Ditto. Malaga do*
6 Ditto. Colmenar do
Sugar-loaf paper and binders boards
10 Cases Sweet Oil in flasks
35 Boxes Muscatel Raisins
50 Boxes Mould Dipt Candles
Boxes and i boxes, Baker’s No. I Si 2,
and Laphams’s No. I, CHOCOLA7’E,
constantly for sale. Baltimore No 1. & 2,
& 3 ditto.
sep 7 _ tf
A Teacher Wanted.
A person well qualified to teach the lan
guages is wanted in a private family
in Virginia. Application to be made to
the editor of the Alex’a Gazette.
nov 5 if
f J^HE subscribei has removed a few
J1 doors lower down from Kiug-street.
where be ba3 on hand Cut and Wrought
Nails, of his own manufactory, be has also
received on consignment one hundred
kegs ot nails from 4L)d to 2<i, Which he of
fers as low as any sold in the D.C. toi cash,
or onja short credit to his punctual custo
mers; he has casting of various discretions
and expects by the Philadelphia Packet,
twelve ten plate Stoves. Keeps constant
ly on hand a general assortement of Cut
Tacks and Sprigs.
nov 23 2aw4w
Laud to Rent,
I Ti^HE subscriber wishing to live a less
I irksome life, by relieving himselt ot
some of histempoial cares, is desirous to
farm out, or let on rent lor one or more
years, the
or Farm, on which he now resides, either
with or without die Stock and bands, as
may be desirable—To a good and careful
tenant the terms would be advantageous.
Or with a view to effect the same ob
ject, would engage as a Manager or Over*
seer, a steady industrious man ot sober
habits, capable of taking the entile direc
; tion and management ot his agricultural
concerns. Persons wishing to engage in
either way, will please to make appiica
i tioi. to the Subscriber, (Charles County
Maryland) about tive miles below Piscata
i way#
! _— -—
To Farmers and Planters.
I Will furnish young Fruit 'Frees on
moderate term> to such as may wish
to improve their larms in this way.
Apples, Peaches, Pears, Plumbs
and a variety ot siikueery, from: the Nur
sery of DANIEL SMl'IH, Jtear Burling
ton, Sew - Jersey. In a climate like ours,
these delicious Iruits n ay be had in abun
dance at a small expence, by every farmer
w ho teels disposed to bestow a portion ot
bis time anti labour in their cultivation.—
A catalogue ot the trees may he had at my
store, near the corner of King and Royal*
streets, where orders will he received and
forwarded. GEORGE DRINKER,
Agent for Daniel Smith.
9 mo 21 tt
fl^HE subscriber informs his old cusfom
_& ers and others, that he has finished
his work on the Maryland side and return
ed home; and is now ready to undertake
work in his line of business on accommo
dating terms. I have a lew hundred lights
Window Sash, S L'y 1o, *
made el pood materials to St differeot.si"
zed windows; also, eotne good
Panned Doors.
Apply to WM. STEWART,
Wolf st. near the Presbyterean Church,
oct 29 if
Respectfully offers bis services
as a Dentist to the citizens and visi
tors ut the District of Columbia.
Washington. Georgetown.
Dr. Sim, Dr. C, Worthington,
P. Warfield,
N.W- Worthington
F. Alay,
Dr. Semmes Dr. Washington,
Richards. Fitzhugh,
Peake, Stabler,
Gen. John Mason. Richard B. Lee, Esq.
Col. A. Henderson, Geo. Graham, Esq.
Rev, Dr. \. Hunter, and Dr. Dick.
Office on the Pennsylvania avenue, the
third door west ot 12th street, or two doors
above Mr. Duport’s Snuff Store.
Washington City, oct 9_ law if
Office of the Marine Insurance Company of
Alexandria, Ncv 6.
rpHE stockholders in the Marine Insu
ranee Company are hereby no tified,
that an
Election for fifteen Directors,
to serve tor one year, will be held at their
oifice on Wednesday, the 15th day of Jan.
next, to commence at 10 o’ clock, and
close at 2 o’clock.
J. B. NICKOLL’S, sec’y.
N- B. The transfer book will be closed
on Friday, 10th Jam at 2 o’clock, untill
he election is over. Iaw5t dec 0
Carriage Sj Gig for Sale.
ri^ilE subscriber oilers tor sale very
JL low for CASH, an excellent second
band CARRIAGE AND GIG, zoith har
ness complete. W31 H. I* 11Z11UG H.
Ravenswortb, Nov.* lawtJl.
Hugh Smith Co.
HAVE received per ships R os ton and
Aretbusa, their fall importation,
which gives them an extensive assonnent ol
Earthen-ware China O' Glass.
whicli they offer at reasonable prices and
on their usual terms. Also stone ware
well assorted, pipes in boxes, and window
glass 8 by lo and lo by 12.
Penitentiary Plaids.
HAVE just received on consignment,
100 pieces superior
Indigo Blue Domestic Plaids.
which will be sold low for cash, or ap
proved paper. They have also received
a tresh supply of
which will be sold to customers as usual,
at the Baltimare Factory prices,
nuv 9 R
J^AVE ffcttoKfcd from F5irl3,
sL'tiSSZ'-'*• *”i”
»/<m they are opening an Eitenne, .
met* of '
Imported in the ship Boston •
pool; among tvhich are * °m W
Saxon cloths and cassimeres
r i • I
Double niilled drab cloths
Ladies’ cloths
Pelisse do. plain and twilled
Rhodes s bonjbazetts, plain lndfi
Flannels, while, red, yellow and.
Becking baize, green, blue ancrtd ‘
Oreen drapery baize u
Tartan plaids
Orange, scarlet and crimson W|jPrt,
Fancy waistcoatmgs
Plain blue, mixed and drab
Blue and white kerseys
9-8 cotton apron check
Russia and Scotch sheetings
Irish linens, iicklenburgs *
Brown Hollands
Best English sewing silk and’BvM
Patent thread cl all colors
Holt’s cotton balls
Worsted and cotton hosiery
Calicoes and ginghams
4*4 and 6-4 cambric muslins
Imitation India book
Corded cambric
Loom sewed
he no
Cords and velveteens
Best gilt coat and vest buttons
Plain do
Pins, needles
Ribbons, gloves, Lc, be.
9 mo 10 jl
C & I. jP. '1 hompson
HAVE received per ships Boston and
Fair Trader, from Liver cool,
imperial Saxony cloths and Cassiireres
Fine and superfine Yorkshire cloths
do do double milled drabs
Pelisse cloths of most fashionable colors
Fancy ribbed, figured and printed Valeo
tia vesting
Fine and super swansdown de
Superfine kersey moleskin
6-4 stout twilled fearnoughts
Devonshire kerseys
Booking and drapery baizes
White, red, yellow and green flannels
Milled flannels
4-4 fine and superfine kidderroinster car.
5-8 3-4 4 4*4 do Venetian do
Imperial wilton and common hearth ru^
Sty 34 point blankets
8-4 to 12*4 rose do
Figured and plain black ana colored boi*
Double tartan plaidsand plaid bembazettr
Circassian plaids
Mens, womens, girls cud ;cildrens worst
ed hosiery
Ladies’ Mohair, do.
Fancy undressed prints
0-8 k 6-4 cambric muslins
Power loom shirtings
Holt’s patent white ty coloreo cotton bsi.$
Buttons, pins, tyc. kc.
On hancii
Irish Linens,
And Sbeetines, table diapers, brown hoi
lands, jaconet and tancy muslins, luliao
sewing silks, Choppa Komals; thread,4*c*
frc._aug 3; __
V V now opening a very general assorl
nent of seasonable
First quality London black k blue cloths
Second do do and tancy color?
Blue, black and coronation casfcin*feres
Double milled drab cloths
Swansdown and Valentia vestings
Oreskany and blue (nixed casainotts
Rose, point k. duflil blankets
Flannels, white, rt*d, yellow 4* green
Milled flannels
Green 4* red booking 4* drapery baizes
Flushing and coatings
/Slue mixed and Devonshire kerseys
Tartan ami Circassian pi-ids
Plaint figured bombazets, various cuior
Black and colored bombazeens
Women’s, girl’s and children’s LlacK ur
colored worsted hose 1
White and colored hall hose, Linsey s
Irish linens, dmper« and Hollands ,
5*4 and 10-4 Flemish and Irish sheetings
Merino shawls, Waterloo do
Cashmere long shawls
Plain and figured black levantines
White hguied sattin and Gros de Nap-'-5
Italian lutstrings, senchrw 4* sarsauHt?
Ladies 4'gentlemens plain & ribucu
Canton and nankin crapes
Itaban do various colo^
Fancy calicoes, ginghams
Furniture chintz
Ticklenburgs, burlaps # a
Domestic shirtings, sheetings, pD;fl: "
stripes riirk'5
Together with a variety of other
offered lor saie at’reduced prices, loi C3ili'
or to punctnal customer*
oc t 8 --*
too nuuw mu;
which have L
and Phi la del,. 7
dec 5

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