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from Pout son's Daily Advertiser.
You have saeh a February face,
So full of frost, of storm, and cloudiness.
Such a gloom
Suits well the thoughtful, or unthinking mind,
The mind contemplative, with some new theme t
Pregnant, or indisposed alike to all.
** rotvrBR.
The second month of the year is a j
more quiet, and perhaps, all things con
sidered. a more comfortable month
than tts predecessor. Tho hurry and
bustle incident to the commencement
of a new year, and to m»ny a new a?ra,
15 but for a short time, and every one
relapses either into his former manner
of living, or begins to be accustomed
to that new employment he has just
commenced, fie can now judge with
tolvrable accuracy of the success of his
uniiortaking, whether it will equal,
cr tall short of the expectations with
which he commenced it. ll it has been
favorable, it gives a zest to his la
bour, and awakens new energy’ ; if
his hopes have nut been realized,
d appointment will damp his enjoy
meat, and enervate his exertions. He
thus a fiords a lesson, to which too
much attention cannot be paid —Let
U* enter upon all the speculations of
life, without too high hopes of success,
but with the indulgence of moderate
expectations. Ttf* will prevent the
unpleasant feelings which will ensue it
he should bo unfortunate, and enable
» us to bear our disappo ntmeir without
much emotion. for in proportion to
the hopes first indulged, will be the
treasure or pain consequent to the na
t iro of the event. It, on tne otner
Rand, we err in cherishing expecta
tions too sang'iine, there i* danger lest
on that account we relax o«r exertions,
nnd by this very uaonns frustrate those
effects, which bv diligent attention to
business would naturally result, ^Ano
ther useful admonition inculcated isAhat
au Idea prosperity should not so elate us,
ns to induce us to leave immediately
our former mode of living, & aspire to
i new and more elevated circle, requi
rin r <* more snowy and 'xpemive equi
p,/* Such a course, if unathorized
V.v"tne actual state of our property, and
only undertaken from our calculations
of future success, is a dangerous and
often ruinous experiment. Be not im
patient to acquire a splendor which
C4n dazzle but for a moment, and then
be succeeded by a cold, distressing,
and irretrievable advesi'y more in
tolerable from the gaiety and elegance,
wpich you had just quitted. j
February, according to ono author,
u f<o called’ from the word Februo, to
parity, because in this nvonth were,
performed the ceremonies of purifica
tion and sacrifices for the ghosts of the
dead. L’Gmpriero says, ‘‘the Fera
b » sacrifices which the Romans of
fice i to the Gods Manes, were called
febru'.I, whence the name of the month
February, during which the oblations
W'r© made ’* It was the la6t month
in the Hebrew and Roman years,
und w is known to the former by the
rvnes of rthebta, and Adar or Vea
dir. Adar (corresponding to the last
pHr: of February, and first part of
March) being strictly the twelfth
month .
February is a blustering month, and
tnweii the sacred delights of home and
family more apparent *o those who
cau listen to, and not foar, the howling
te np*«t without, for tempestuous wea
ther is always pleasant when it is heard
and not felt.
>-0w stir the fire, and clo'c the shutters fast,
l.et fail the certain*, wheel thesota round,
And while the bubbling and loud hissing urn
Throws up a steamy column ; and the cups
That cheer but not inebriate, wait on each,
ifo let os welcome peaceful evening in.
And l might as v in tho words of the
same pout,
Is winter hideous in a garb like this?
The domestic fire-side then seems
move cheerful—all without is dreari
ue<i* and cold within, every thiBg
ooinfortable and delightful. The ploa.
sant feelings inspired on this account,
veni themselves in interesting, and live
ly conversation, there is nought to stop
"‘the genial curreut of the soul” in its
flow, but it rolls along and diffuses it
ielfthroughout the wholo. To the
Conte nplative mind it alTords a con
trast winch cannot but tend to increase
his comfort, whilst to the benevolent
OuVftwed in seber meditation on tho des
titute state of others, it causes emotions
of gratitude mingled with noble pity
for thoso who
Sore pierc’d by wintry wind;,
Shrink into the sordid hut
Of cheerless poverty.
The ninth of February i» memora
ble on account of tho deathos Ring
Henry, a notable spra in English histo
ry as being the origin ol vast conse
quences. The marriage of Queen M»
rv with Lord Darnley, cousin to her
self, as well as to Elizabeth, excited
tm* displeasure of tho latter, who was
the cause of tho numerous machine
ti ns put in force against her Accord
ing to a^reconccxted plot, Darnley was
blown up in his house; and to encom
pa».* .he destruction of the unfortunate
Ali'y* the rumor was circulated, that:
«he had baen accessary to his death.
nud her marriage with Bolhwell, who j
had been stigmatized as one of the j
murderers of her husband, seemed to
afford 6ome confirmation. Site was
accordingly imprisoned, forced to ab
dicate her regency, and deserted by
Both well who lied the country. Af
ter experiencing the most unjust and
cruel treatment from Elizabeth and
her accessaries, a mock trial decided
her fate, and she was beheaded in the
nineteenth year of her captivity,
Feb. 9. 1567—King 41enry Darnley
10. 1763—Peace between Great
Britain, France, and
Spain, at Paris.
13. 1790 —Monasteries suppress
ed in France.
22. 1732—Geo. Washington bom.
26 1798 —Papal Government put
down by the French.
The Pope quits Home.
27, 1776—Tories defeated in N.
Feb. 10. 1823-Eclipse of the Sun, 4
minutes after ten invi
sible. j
12. —Ash Wednesday.
February 1, 1823. X.
forensic eloquence. I
Under this head, an eastern paper gives the
following as an exordium of J. T. Bucking
ham, Esq. in his defence before the grandjury
in the case of the Commonwealth of Massachu
setts on the complaint of Rev. J. N. M a flit, for
an alleged libel published in the Galaxy, and
edited by the defendant:
4‘i expect Irons you, gentlemen, and
from this honorable court, some little
indulgences in conducting this defence,
which a professional man might neither
expect nor ask. tor I am unlearned in
tho science of Law, having never at
tempted to explore its uncertainties
and secrets, or to unravel its dark
though interesting mysteries.
1 am also unused to public declama
tion. My profession and my labours
from my childhood have been mechan
ical. No academic halls, devoted to
letters, to eloquence and philosophy,
have ever resounded with iny voice.
No groves, sacied to the muses, have
ever whispered their airy responses to
any poetical breathings of mine. The
Hewers of rhetoric never bioonaed for
me; and I have never been admitted to
pass even the vestibule of the temple of
flow then ean I hope to win your
favour? How expect to discharge my
self from the net in which I am taken?
How escape from the dangers ot the
thick and thorny wood in which lam
entangled, where* every step ts pregnant
with fear, and a single false one may
plunge me into irrevocable misfortune,
1 depend lor victory, gentlemen, » »
& single weapon which the ignorant
mav wield as safely as tho learned.—
This honorable court has placed in my
hand that two edged sword, which 1
trust will elear my way before me.
The attorney for the commonwealth,
with a magnanimity, a liberality, and a
love of justice, which has ever charac
terized his official, as well as his pri
vale life, had previously given me a ta
lisman, which will guide me through
the darkest and most doubtlu! road.
This talisman which is to guide, this
weapon which is 'O guard is l/'uth’
before which, the impostor and the hy
pocrite shrink and disappear like sha
dows beneath a vertical sun. Aided
by this and the justice of n»y cause, 1
rely, gentlemen, on your intelligence,
your magnanimity, your love of virtue,
■ your scorn of hypocrisy, your aversion
j to meanness and vice, your detestation
• of imposture and quackery for a tri
[ umphant acquittal.
What better breast-plate than a heart untainted?
Thrice is he armed who hath his quarrel just.
And he hut naked, tho* lock'd up in steel,
Whose conscience with injustice is corrupted*
THE subscriber will Rent for the ensu
ing season, Oip
j belonging to the farm on which be resides,
! on the Potomac river,known as Four Mice
1 Run Fishery The tenant can be sup
plied if necessary, with a good seine,
boats, &c —The terms will be very mod
erate. Ai.cn, the fishing landing on Alex
anders Island.
Summer Hill..
feh 4 _1L
rpHE subscriber informs the public,
I. that he has taken the bake house
formerly occupied by Mr. Koone*, and
recently by Mr. Lanham His in«ention is
to select the best of Flour, and to be
verv particular * in making the
he is determined to give the strictest at
tention to his business and to please Ills
customers. With assurance on his part
to render this establishment of the first
rank, he confidently hopes that be will se
cure the patronage of the public.
N. B. CAKES may be had by the bar
rel or smaller quantity.
jao 28 St !
Remaining in the Post-Office, Alexandria, 1st
Februarr, 18^3.
Catharine Alexander, Dan’l Alison. Sa
rah Ashton, Westky Adams.
Lucy Ann Branham, Margaret Byrne,
Win. Bulterwick, Thomas Berry, James
Bloxham. Lewis Blackburn, Paulina A.
Brooke, Tho- K. Beale, James Boyd, Ed
ward Bates, Elizabeth Brown, Mary A.
Baird, Tbomas Bird, Capt. Joliu Butts.
James Carson. James L. Cathcart 2,
Emily Cole. Jane Crandell, George Cor
bin, James Carter, Thomas B. Crawford,
S-Claphain, Jaeadan Charfield presumed
for Jonathan Schol/ield.
John Drain, Kitty Dozens, Thos. Dix
on, Ann Davies Juliann Davis, I homas 11.
Mary Elsber.y, Win. M. English.
Patrick Fardy, Jo’.n Fitzgerald, Robert
Fulton, Miss Harriet Fitzbugb, Alordicai
C Filzbugh.
Kinsey Griffith, John Gil^s I. Graves,
Sarah Gordon, Elizabeth Gordon, Nancy
Grigsby, Robert Gray, Ji.
Susan Haynie, John Harrison, Jacob
Heutz, Nehemiaii Hicks, Robert Hail,
Philip Hellrigle.
Catharine Jewel, Aaron JonM, I rcsiey
Jacobs, Curtis 'Johnson, Clapt 1 hoinas
Jackson, Edward H. Jacobs. Mary John
son, Jane Johns, Marlin Jones, Ann Jen*
Samuel Kirk, Pliny Kingsley, Eli Ken*
dall, Mrs Elizabeth King.
Richard Libby’s administrator, John
Longden, Mr. Layton, William Lightfool,
Thomas Lowe, John Lanhvn; Noble
Lindsay, Joseph L^die, George Leak,
Maria Langley, MissSally Law,Mi-s Anne
Leary, losepli Lakfc, Thos Lawson, Eli
zab**b A Linn, Joseph Libbey, William
Jos C Marbury, Emma McQiiano, Win
A Maddox, Peter B Martin Thos Monroe,
David Marie. James Mill*, Abial Marshall
John Morris, Joseph McClran. John M
McCarty 3, Mrs Ann McCarty, Ignatius
Murray, master of Brook Lodge No 2.
Palmer Patrick Wm Pa'terson, Caleb
Putman, Jas C Patton, John H Pooh
! -Elizabeth Rinker, Ross Sr Frazer, Mat
thew Robinson, 'I hos C Roacb, Richard
John Shakes 3, Harriot T Stuart, John
0 Shannessy 3, Sami H Sanderson, Daniel
Somers 4, Sain! Summers 2, John B Seyer
A Sandlord, Rnbt Skallmg, Thos Smith.
George Semmes, Wm Singleton.
Wm E Thompson, Catharine Talbot,
Thomas Ta'bot, «enj C. Tborubton.
Martha Wancber.Geo B, Wilkinson, 2,
Hiram William*'. Harriet West, George
Wright, Thomas Williams, Mr Whitney
Sami Wing, Alexander West.
Eliza Zimmerman.
(fir Persons applying for letters in the
above list will please say they are adver
tised. D. BRYAN,P.M.
feb 4__
Grand National Lottery.
Highest Prize.
1 Prize of 4)40,000 is 4)10.000
1 Prizeof 15,000 is 1:>,000
2 Prizes of 10,000 is 20,000
2 Prizes of 5,000 is 10,000
100 Prizes of 1 ,'W0 100.0O0
20 Prizes of 500 is 10,000
10 Prizes of 100i* 1,000
i 8000 Prizes of 13 is 1 Of,000
8130 Prizes, 4).>00,000
Whole tickets D11 oo I Quarters 2 75
Halves 6 5o J Eighths 1 37
On the 12th day will be deposited in the
wheel one Prize of D5ooo; on the 16th
day; one prize of Dlo,ooo: on the 17th
day, one prize ot Dl5,ooo; on the 2oth
day, the Grand Capital Prize of D4o.oou«
All the other Prizes floating fiom the com
mencement of the drawing. Prizes sub
ject to a deduction of 15 per cent.
Prizes only to be drawn,
The drawing will take place on the 13t
Wednesday in May next, and be complet
ed in twenty drawings, with all possible
dispatch, under the superintendances of
WM. BRENT, | i
Tickets and shares, in the greatest vari
ety of numbers, for sale at
pottery and Exchange Office.
Orders from any part of the U. States,
enclosing cash or prize tickets, will re
ceive the most punctual attention, if ad
dressed to
jan 30 King-street, AlfTnndria*
In pursuance of the provisions
of a deed of trust from WILLIAM
—mmm_L. bis wile to Walter Jones and
the subscriber, for certain purposes there
in mentioned,
Ji Valuable Mill,
and its appurtenances and 500 acres of
land attached thereto, will be offered lor
sale, either togetberor separately, at pub
lic auction, on the premises on Wkonks
das’, the 29th day ol Jauurry, l^T—
This estate lies in the county ot Stafford,
in the state of Virginia, and *0 miles Iroin
Fredericksburg. The Mill-house is well
constructed of freestone, taken frorp the
adjacent land; tuns two pairs ol stoue,and
has Evans’ improvements. I be mill stream
is remarkable for its constancy during the
greatest droughts, and Irom this advan
tage the Mill affords extraordinary profits
in dry season?- I’he dwelling house near
the mill, is spacious; and with some re
pairs, would accommodate a large tamily.
It has been, and is still on excellent stand
tor a retail store. About one sixth ol the
land is opened; the rest is in wood, suited
to the market ol the District ot Columbia,
and is distant Irom a mile to a mile and a
half Irom the river Potomac. A lucrative
business has been carried on io the trans
portation of wood Irom this land to the
market of the district; and, it is believed,
that, under the management of a judici-.
ous person, the proceeds ol that article!
alone would pay |the purchase money of \
the land As this valuable estate must be I
sold speedily to accomplish Ibe objects of
the trust, a great bargain may he had in
it; and on this account, and irom its pro
ductiveness, an extraordinary oppoitunity
is off, red for the profitable investment of
money The following will be ife terms
of sale viz: one fourth of the purchase
money to he paid in hand, the res-idue to
, bp payable in three equal annual instal
i rnents, bearing interest Irom the day ©I
i sale, and to be secured by bonds, with
i approved rureties, and a deed ot trust up
on the pro;vriy
Under tbc provisions of the same deed,
will also be ottered lor sale in like roan
nr r, and upon like t'*rms, upon the premi
ses, on Thursday the 30th day of Janua
ry next, a tract ot Huarry Land, lying on
the navigable water of Aquia Creek, in
the county aforesaid, containing about 130
■ acres, of which 70 or 80 acres are rnarsh
that may be reclaimed at an inconsidera
ble expence. Theic are on the land the
necessary buildings tor those employed in
quarrying and an excellent wharf, whence
I the scows t<tke the stone and deliver it on ,
: board the vessels. This tract contains
some valuable stone.
i Possession of the abovementioned mill
| and tracts of land can be given imrnedi
| ately after the sale* They will be shewn,
i and information respecting them will be
given by WILLIAM BREN 1\ .Jr. Esq.;
. and Capt. WILLIAM FORD, who reside j
j near them.
Under the provision* of the same deed, !
i will also be offered for sale, in like man- ,
I ner, and unou like terms on (he premises
j on Wednesday.‘he 2iM day of January
, next, tha> valuable and commodious dwel- j
' ling house and one acre lot attached diere i
to, in the town o- Alexandria, which are !
now occupied l*y Mrs LEE, an i were *
formerly the property of William H. Fitz
hugh, E«q. Also a lot of 16 acn-s of land j
adjacent to laid town, and formerly Ifie i
property ot the same gentleman. The {
house is situated in a most healthy part ot
Alexandria, and is considered to '»e, in
evt-ry rt-pect * qml to any in it for the re
sidence of a private family. 1 he lot ofj
16 acres is oivnled from toe farm of Hugh
Smith, Esq by die old L^esbuig «oad,and
a small stream pa*ses through it. The
greater part of it is capable of making t
good meadow.
Further particulars will be made known !
on the days of sale, «»r before, upon ap
plication to the subscriber. Of course
such title only as is conveyed by said deed '
to Uie trustees, will be conveyed by them ,
to purchasers. i
Acting Trustee, j
l assent to the foregoing sate*.
{jTTIic abo\e property is!
now offered for sale by private contract, in i
pursuance ot the provisions ot the trust
deeds* Communication* respecting it, ad
dressed to the subscriber, at Dumfries, >
Va. will be promptly attended to.
Acting Trustee.
feb 4 3taw2&lalf* j
\V tinted. j
A SOBER middled aged Man, who nn» i
derstands the care of lioreos 'and ;
can drive a carriage. Enquire ot the prin
jan 14 3t*w?w
JAMEb b O CNN ELL, >1. 1>.
Respectfully offers his ser ices
as a Dentist to the citizens and visi
tors of the District of Columbia.
Washington. Georgetown.
Dr. Sim. Dr. C, Worthington,
F. May, P. VVarfield,
Cutbusb, Henderson,
Hunlt. N.'V. Worthington
Sewal), Bohrer,
Washington, Magruder,
' Watkins,
1 Alexandria.
Dr. Semmes Dr. Washington,
Richards, Fitzhugh,
Peake, Stabler,
Gen. John Mason. Richard B. Lee, E«q
Col. A. Henderson, Geo. Graham, Esq. ’
Rev. Dr. A Hunter, and Dr. Dick.
Office on the Pennsylvania avenue, the
third door west of 12th street, nr twodoore
above Mr. Duport’s Snuff Store. ,
t Washington City, oct 9
J. //. Ladd Co.
ter 7 MM’fc MESSER^MlTHv
Charles County Court.
Jlvgvst Term, [«*:
ON application to the judges ot Ctiar.i
County Court, by petition in writing
of Randolph B. Avion, ol Charles county,
tor the benefit of the act of assembly j„*
the relief of insolvent debtors, passed *i
November session, !805, and the several
supplements thereto, on the terms men
tioned therein, a schedule of his property
and a li<d of his creditors, so far as lie can
ascertain llrnm, being annexed to bis peti
tion ; and l eing satisfied by competent
testimony, that the said Randolph ft. Ac
ton has resided two years immediately
preceding the lime of his application in
the state ot Maryland ; and being also sa
tisfied that the said Randolph ft. Acton 19
in actual confinement for debt and for no
other cau«e, and the said Randolph ft.
Acton having entered into hond with suf
ficient security, for bis personal appear
ance in Charles County Court, to answer
such aMegations as his creditors may mak*
against him ; — ft is therefore ordered and
adjudged, that the said Randolph ft. Ac
ton be discharged from imprisonment, and
that by causing a copy ot this order lobe
in-erted in some one ut the new«pj»perj;
edited in the District of Columbia, once*
week for two months mcres-ively, before
the third Monday of Marcfi next, Be give
notice to his creditors to appear before (he
said Court at Port-Tobacco in said county
on the said third Monday in March next
for the purpose of recommending a trustee'
for their benefit, and to shew cause, i| any
they have, why the said Randolph B Ac
ton should not have the benefit ot the lev
cral insolvent laws ot this state, as prayed
Teste, JOHN BARNES, (Ylr. '
jan 2 Iaiv2m
Charles County Court,
.Avgust Term, 182?.
ON application to He judges of Ciiarle*
County Court, l y petition in writing
of Ubgait I’ocvis ot Charles County,
for the benefit of the act of Assembly tor
the relief ot Insolvent Debtor*, passed at
November session 1005. and the several
supplements Hereto, on the terms men
tioned therein, a schedule of his property
and a list of bis creditors, on oath, so hr
as he can a-certain then), being annejtd
to bis petition and being satisfied by com
petent testimony, that the said Obgalt
Reeves has resided t*o years immediate
ly preceding the time of bis application
in the State of Maryland, and being also
satHfi»;d that the said Ubgatt Reeves
is ia actual confinement for debt and for
no other cause ; and the s-od Ubgatt
Reeves, having entered into bond, with
sufficient security, for his personal appear
ance iu Charles County Court, >o answer
such allegations as his creditors may make
against him, it is therefore Ordered, and
adjudged, that the said Ubgaf! Reeves
be discharged (root) imprisonment; and
that by causing a copy of this order to be
inserted in seine one of tbe newspaper-,
edited in tbe District of Columbia, once a
week for two months successively, before
die Ihird Monday in March next, he give
notice to his creditors to appear Mori
tbe said Court, at Port Tobacco in said
County, on He said third Monday in
March next, fur the purpose of reconew
ding a Tiu?tee, lor their benefit audio
shew cause it any they have, why the said
Ubgatt Reeves, should not have the be
nefit of the several insolvent laws of tbis
State a3 prayed.
jan 16 -m
Charles Comity Court,
Avgust Term lb'1'2.
ON application to the Judges ol Cbarltl
County Court, by petition in writing,
of John Smith, of Charles County, fcr the
benefit of the act of Assembly, lor th* re
bel of insolvent debtors, passed at Novem
ber session, 1005, and the several sup
plements thereto, on the terms mentioned
therein, a schedule of his piopertyka lisl
of his creditors, on oath, so tar as lie can
ascertain them, being annexed to bis peti
tion, and being satisfied by campefeui tes
timony that the said John Smith has rear
ded two years immediately preceding tin
time of his application, in the Stale ol Mi*
ryland, and being also satisfied that the
said John Smith is in actual confinement
for debt, and for no other cauie, and tU
said John Smith having entered into bond,
with sufficient security for his personal
appearance in Charles County Court,!1*
answer such allegations av his creditors
may make against him :—It is I lie re tore
ordered and adjudged, that the said Jutiii
Smith be discharged from imprisonment,,
and that by causing a copy of flits order
to bo inserted in some one of the newsp**
pers edited in the District of ColutM3.
or.ee a week for two months successively,
before the third Monday of March tie*1,
lie give notice to his cieditors to >PP*»
before the ‘■aid court, at Port ’fotwciv.
in the said county, on the said third 3Jou*
day in March next, for the purpose cl n*
commending a tru«t«e for their benejit*
and to shew cause, if any they have, *» »7
the said John Smith should not have M*
benefit of (he several insolvent lawsulud
state as prayed. ?’*{!„„„ ,
jan IG ______ __
J) rafts
ON New York,
Baltimore, and
Rrchmond, Va.
Either at sight, or short date*, can, ft
all times, be had in sums, to suit purcM'
^ at S.&.M. ALLEN fcCo’i
Lottery and Excliartge Oifice.
Pennsylvania Avenue.*
Who vish to pur chase
North Carolina | j
South Carolina • m>’K NOTES
(feorgia, and ^
Virginia J
sep 13_____
Boarders Wanted.
Mr. Sill ELDS will accommodate i
reasonable terms. Apply at h:? rtaiwuc*
on Royal strep*.
dec b

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