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'S' • -ir- •
.__ , . . - ,. 1 ■ -■ —■ ■ I --
THE subscriber respectfully informs his
mends and tbt public io general, that
he continues the .
Lumber Riisincxs,
•t bis old stand on Un-on street, aod ad
join* ‘be team-boat ferry, and that be
1, a rood assortipent of all kinds o‘ well
which he wiU dispose ot at very reduced
prices lor cash,.>r to pu icturl customers.
MTo Let, a well finished two sto
ry brick bouse on Prince street,
vitha well of good water at tbe
l.or, and every convenience tor a
jentevi lamily- Possession given immedi
ately* AL.SO,
To let, that large and convenient two
jfory brick warehouse, corner ot King and
Faye'le «treet«, at piesent occupied bv
the subscriber Possession given tr-e Lt
ol \pril next. To good tenants tnr rent
will be made to suit tbe times. Inquire
as above. $t_march 26
To Rent,
MTwo houses at West End, near
the toll gale; a very advantageous
situation tor a shoemaker, having
been long occup.ed by one. Also,
several bouses in town—(rent very low.)
march *0_*»» **
To Rent, (very loir.)
way’s wbart well calculated tor
tbe storage ot salt, fish, or gram.
Inquire ot Mr. Robert Jan.\eton,
near ihe premises.
uiar 18taw3w
To Let,
The fire proof brick warehouse,
corner of King and \ltred-slr«*et#,
n< w occupied by Mr George
Johnson, with or wi hoyt a -bed
warehouse, on Alfred-st. It is very con*
venient and one of the b«9t stands in town,
possession may be had at any time. For
terms apply to _
•nar 1 ____________
To Bent
THE subscriber will rent his
store, on Vowell’s wharl to a suit
able person or persons, who wi I
, purchase bis
Slock in Trade.
The terms will be liberal—he will u*e his
iftduence to retain his former customers—
the situation is a good one either lor a
wholesale or retail and commission store
dec It - _u
To Kent,
THE large brick warehouse re
cently occupied by Me-sis. A. k
H. Adams as a grocery, ship
_ _I 'tiandlery, an I paint store; lor
wbicn, or the reception ol grain, being nn
lntelv on the wharl, there can be no
better-ituation. The rent will he mode
rate, and possession given on the 1st ol
To Kent,
. A brick dwelling bouse on Hen*
between Prince and Duke*sts.
calculated fora small family —
p JUAI n mediate possession will- be
g,„a. APPU .Owm F((WLE<>Co
aug 10_____
To Kent.
The subscriber wishes to rent
tor one <»r more years, bis wharl
■ and warehouse- The warehouse
» 1 w*l is S stories high, fire proof. and
having every convenience lor an extensive
business. the wharf it* 110 feet in length,
anJ 40 in breadth, and ha* water ol suffi
cient depth tor the largest vessel*.
aug 15 _
For Hoot,
A handsome convenient 9 story
OTAk brick dwelling hojse, situate on
ISlw Patrick-street,at present occupied
jmSLby the subscriber. Possession
may be had on tbe first day of April.
jan U_
For Sale,
*-THE LAND & HOUSE on Stump
Hill, lately owned by Mr. Nor
Ill lj| ton, beingabout TWENTY ONE
\CRES well enclosed; on the lit
tie river turnpike road. 2 miles Irom Alex
andria Theffarden contains many valua
ble shrubs, vines, and truit tree*. The
JiUiaHon is handsome and nealtby.
Possession may be had immediately—
Toe time of payment will be reasonably
extended to suit the purchaser.
March H,_»awif.
To Let,
That larse and commodious
J brick Duelling House. situated
'|lon the north west corner of Cam
_Meron and Pitt streets it present
occupied Ky Mr. Samuel Vlark. Posses
sion will Se given on tbe 5th day ot April
luq.nre t|)t. present occupant, or
jeb ii _T. F. MASON.
Wm. Fowle & Lo.
Have just received
50 Baltimore whiskey
5t) casks nails (assorted sizes)
4 hofshead'* co perns
4*v bush li ira«b clover seed.
ITU t 1
In pursuance of the provisions
fofa deed of trust from WILLIAM
_L. his wife to Walter Jones and
♦be subscriber, for certain purposes there
in mentioned.
•4 Valuable Mill,
and its appurten»nces and 500 acres of
land attached tlrereto, will be offt-red lor
sale, either together or separately, at pub
lic auction, on 'tie premises, on Wrdnks
suv, the 49th lay ol January, 1843.—
Tots estate lies in the county ot Stafford,
> in the state ot Virginia, and 40 miles iroai
Fre lericfcsburg. The Mid-house is well
constructed ol freestone, taken from tbe
atijactiii hud; tuns two pairs ot stone,and
has Evans improvements. Tbe null stream
, rem.»rkat*ie lo- ih constancy during the
greatest droughts, and trom Ibis advan
i.tgf tbe >111 -ti .r-ls ex'iaorduiary profits
in dry seasons. The dwelling nouse near
tbe mill, is -pacious; and wnh some re
pairs, would m cuuumodaie a large launty.
It b is been, and is tdi, <*•■'> i ul -‘and
1 i«»r a retai store. About oue ?;ixtb ol tbe
land is opened; the rest is in wood, suited
to the market in the Uis’rict of Coluinoia,
and is di-tant irom a mile to a rode and a
halt Irom ibe river Potomac. A lucrative
bu-i<M>«* has been carried ou in hie I rails*
nort «tion oi wood iroin this land to the
market ot me district; and, it is believed,
that, unde' the management of a judici
ous person, tbe proceeds ol that article
alone would pay the purchase money of
'be land As Ibis valuable estate roust be
sold speedily to accompli.-h the ob|ects ol
the trust, a great bargain may be had m
it; and, on this account, and irom its pro
ductiveness, an enraordinary opportunity
is offered for tbe profitable investment of
money The following will be the terms
of sale, viz: one fourth of tbe purchase
money to be paid in hand, the residue to
be payable in three equal annual instal
ments, bearing interest Irom the day ol
sale, and to be secured by bonds, with
approved sureties, and a deed ot trust up
on me property
i Under the provisions of lhe same deed,
i will al«o be offered lor sale in like man
ner, and upon like terms, upon tbe premi
1 ses, on Thursday the doth day of Janua
ry next, a tract of Q,. >r*y Land, lying on
the navigable water of Aquia Creek, in
the county aforesaid, containing about IttO
1 acres, of which 70 or 60 acre? are marsh,
| that may be reclaimed at an inconsidera
! ble expence. There are on the land the
necessary building? for those empl >yed in
quarrying and an excellent wharf, whence
the scows uke the stone and deliver it on
hoard the vessels. This tract contains
some valuable stone.
Possession of the abovemenMoned mill
and tract? of land can be given immedi
ately after »be sale. They will be shewn,
and information respecting them will be
given by WILLIAM BREN I, Jr. Esq
andCapt. WILLIAM FORD, who reside
near them.
i Under the provisions of the same deed,
will also be offered for sale, in like man
; ner. and noon like terms, on the premises
on W ednesday. *he Sid day of January
next that valuable and commodious dwel
ling h true and one acre lot attached 'here
to. m the town of Alexandria, which »te
now occupied by Airs LEE, and wi »e
formerly tbe property of William H. Fitz
hugh. E-q. Also a lot of 16 cr-? of land
adjacen'. to «a»*i town, and formerly me
pr perty of the same gentleman. The
hnu?e i* ’•ituated it* a most healthy pari
Alexam ria, and is considered to be, in
eveiy re-pect < qu*i to any in d ter the r- -
eidence of a private family. I'he lot of
16 ac^es -s divided from tiie farm of Hugh
Smith, E«q by 'be old Leesburg road, and
a smalt s’ream passes through it. The
greater par’ of it is capable of making
good neadow.
Further particulars will be made known
on th** days of sale, or before, upon ap
plication 'o the subscriber. Of course
such title only as is conveyed by said deed
to the trustees, will be conveyed by them
to tue purcnasers.
Acting Trustee.
I assent to the foregoing sales,
j WM. BRENT, Jr.
v* The above property is
| now offered for sale by Private contract, in
pursuance of the provisions ot the trust
deeds- Communications respecting it, ad
dressed to the subscriber, at Dumfries,
Va. will be promptly attended to.
Acting Trustee.
feb 4 3'aw2&latf*
For Sale or Rent,
Duke-Mreet wharf and the store
adjoining, together or separately.
The wharf is 200 feel in length,
38 in breadth ; bas spacious docks
and an abundant depth of wafer tor five
vessels of moderate size, or 'hree of the
large«t merchant vessels. 1 he store is
bmk.45 feel by 25—two stories high,
and covered with large patent mill slate.
The whole is nearly new, in good order,
and will be sold low on a liberal Credit.
march 29 6t
FOR a term of years. A JS'F.GRO GIRL,
between 16 and 17 y-> - of *ge.
Apply to the Printer.
feb 8
Clover Seed,
THRESH and of superi or quality, just
received, and for sale * y
„ A. C.CAZ:;NOVE&C».
mar 19
Fop Freight,
The schr* CHARITY, captain
Pike, burthen 800 bartels; will be
ready for a freight to-morrow, »bicb will
be taken lor some northern port in prefer
ence. Apply to JOHN H. LADD & Co,
Who have received per sajd vessel,
' and oiler lor sale, ,
1oo casks Thomastoo limi*
4oo bushe's potatoes
7o barrels apples
march 2t»
Coarse Salt, etc.
John H. Ladd W Co.
OFFER for sale, the cargo if schooner
Cygnet, of 2ooo bushels Ragged is- ;
. land salt, white and of superior quality ;
the purchaser can have 'he privilege of
bonding the duties, if applied for immedi
, AI»o, 8 tons Brazi’ette wood
j For Freight.
jHK. The superior schr. Cygnet, capt.
SSttffrRich. burthen about ooo barrels ; i
will be ready in three or four days fer the
reception ol a cargo. Apply to
march 20__
j ~ Por Boston
(or some Eastern pttH,) i
1 ftCt The good -chr. ONLY SON,
jjH2Daniel Small master; burthen a
bnut bno barrels, and will soon be ready
to load. Apply to i *rVi> t. r I
march 20 JOHN H. LADD k Co.
For Freight,
The good schooner GENERA!, j
JBKJACKSON, Nathaniel Lear, was*
tei, burthen about 5oo bbls. and will be
1 ready to load in tbe course of this week; a
freight to Portsmouth or Bos<#p preferred.
Apply toJ H. LADU4-CO.
’ft ho have for sale on board said vessel,
looo bushels potatoes
600 bunches onions ?
4o boxes mould candles
So Parrels No- I 4i2 mackerel
^82 boxes cod-fish
6 firkins butler
3 barrels cherry bounce
5 M. boards _ war 18
For Freight, .
The sloop PRESIDENT, cap. .
.Ujfctajn Titcomb ; is an excellent
vessel, carries about 6on barrels, aod will
be ready for a cargo in three days.
Apply to WM FOWfljC * Co.
Who have rec'd per stud stoop *ndJor sale
12 hogsheads ( mit*c.>vaoo(
22 barrels \ SUGAlvS,.
20 barrels N. E. run.
40 do tanners' oil
14.oon feet roercliantabl* luobetf
mar IB _ -
For Bremen,
jlU Tbe good brig COLUMBUS,
]J2j£.Leonard Marbury, mas'er; burthen
about 160 libds. and can be dispa'cbed im
mediately on procuring HO bhds 'reigbt.
Apply to JOHN H. LADD & Co.
mar 15 _
i^ui freight or Clisnter,
I'he brig OLYMPiA, will carry
! _about 1600 barrels ; is now m rea*
ciiness to receive a cargo. Apijy to
march 15 t(_
For Frei<?lit7 I
I . tM The schr. HARRIET, Captain
! JHfcTaylor; burtheu 7i>o bbls- She is •
an excellent copper fastened vessel, and .
will be ready to load to-morrow, b would j
prefer a freight to some southern port. Ap
ply to J.H. LADD & Co.
Who have for sale by said vessel,
2o tons plaster
5 do grindstones
j 2 cask* summer stained sperm, oil
march lb __ _
Oranges, Lemons, etc..
JOHN H. LADD b Co. have just re
ceived per schr. Chatham, trona Bos
ton, ■
109 Boxes Sicily Oranges
50 do do Lemons
30 tons French Plaster
For Freight,
JIT The schr. CHATHAM, Sam’)
22»«Small, ma9,er’v burthen about 850
■ bbls* She is a fine vessel and will be
ready to load very shortly, and would
prefer freight to a southern port,
inarch 15 Apply as above.
For Amsterdam,
The superior copper fastened
XU2 brig AMERICA, Henry Peterson,
master—to sail about the 18th inst. and
will take some light freight on moderate
terms. Apply to
Who have ree'dper said bng and/or sale,
80 hnds retailing molasses
7 tons St. Petersburg hemp
80 pieces heavy & light ravens duck
160 do broad diapers
10 do Russia sheetings
9o tons plaister paris
dec 5 _
Cordage Nails. &c.
3 tons cordage assorted sizes, made from
the best Russia hen p.
20 cask? cut nails, various sizes
4 bundles shovels
2 qr. casks sweet Malaga wine
150 bushels English potatoes, received
and for sale per schr. Albicore, from King
ston. Apply to capt. Fuller on board at
Union wharf, ©r l© T. H. HOVVLAND.
march 25 tf
durchflsed by A. C, CAZENOVE kCo
JOSEPH ./ANNEY has imported by
the ship Boston, just arrived irom Li- |
verpool, a general assortment of
Fall Goo us;
which are offered for sale.
9th mo 19 tf
Domestic Goods.
^R VT’M FOV\ LE & Co. have laming
v v from the sloop Martha.and instoie.
100 peices sattinetls, part nl whirl* h
blue mixed color*. to extra tine quality.
50 piece* red flannels
Ai.so, black, blue and drab broad cloth;
black, blue, drab, and drab cpiied cassi
mere<;% which will be sold at the f actory
prices. jm 4 '
^Vflhd9 prime retailing
on band, and for sale by
feb 8 ft!
Young liyst n Tea.
WM. FOWLE At Co have in store and *
tor sale 25 chesis ol superior Y. H. ?
Tea. _ n.ar tf
fiOOO bushel? St. Coes ?alt, on board
the brig Mary, at Central whart.
For sale by WM. FOWLE k CO.
nrar 6
Russia Goods.
300 pieces Russia sheetings
650 do. diapers
290 do. 1st 4* 2d quality Russia duck
220 do heavy it light ravens do.
33 tons hemp
75ooo quills
5 bules leathers.
For sain on liberal terms hv
ma>- 8 v*M. FOWf.E k CO
\. •'.
Qfi {)/)() bushels of sail, suitable for
** the fisheries, ior sale on libe
ral terms, by WiVl. FOV* LL & Co.
teh IB_
Sugars, Molasses, Rum, <£c.
Have for sale, on favorable terms,
45 IdiiN muscovado sugars
50 to xes i rowii Havana sugars
70 hhds molasses
53 hlids W«st India )
3 do Jamaica > HUM
100 obis N. Fng>and )
13 pipes Cognac 4* Marseilles brandy
3 pipes Holland gin
150 bbls old lye whiskey
26 pif.i * e Araujos & Blam-y k Co. |
Aid ei .< wine, in casks ot 12 g:»lls. <
40 qr i^ks Pico Madeira, Lisbon j
Tenenffe, Sicily, Madeira 4* currant <
wines !
60 bags Havana and St. Horn, coffee !
65 barrels N. York prime beef
550 boxes Marseilles, marbled, whit® j
and Philadelphia yellow soap
75 boxes mould candies
10 do *perm do
700 tons plaister
20 boxes window glass various sizes
70 dozen br-sf olive oil
Liverpool coarse salt, -perm, and common
whaleoil, xtimked herrmgs.hkls colouring,
weaver’s reeds, hops,tdaub.salts, ploughs, j
cu: nails, writing paper,quills hats, shoes, |
boots, Havana a no Philadelphia tegars, I
figs, filberts, rice, co’ton, vinegar, sugar
loaf paper, hinders boards, 4*c. kc.
march 15tf
Rest Cliewinjr Tobacco.
p? p* Kegs and half kegs of manufac' 1
r\ t \ tured tobacco. 8’s. I2’s, L pound j
twists, Barclay’s brand, warrant- J
ed superior to any in the dis
trict ; just received by the schooner Ten
nessee, trom Richmond, and tor sale by
JOHN D. BROWN, agent,
mar 1

1 he Subscribers
HAVE a constant supply of the follow
ing goods on consignment, and ter
sale on reasonable term4 :—
Madeira wine. N. E. Rum
Whiskey .
Bordeaux salad oil, of best quality
Loaf sugar in barrels
Sperm, mould and dipt candle*
American and Windsor soap
Segars, American and Spanish
Swedes iron, hoop and rod do
Cut nails and brads, all size*
Carolina moss
Cotton and cotton yarn
Window glass, all sizes
Duponts’ gunpowder
Manufactured tobacco, of ibe very
best quaiity
And as usual, o general Assortment oj
German ! GOODS
India >* by P^kage or
Woolen I piece.
Cotton &
Linen J
feb 95 __.
FOUR cases of SEINE TH INE is of
fered tor sale, cheap, bv
lehll . ^
1 Aflfk bushels coarse fish salt on board
10UU the scbr. Blacksmith. «***»* by
march 20 WM. FOWLED Co.
For Gibraltar.
The «chor. N’EW-PhISC ILLA,
j James Crawell, masler; burtherl
[25 ton« ; sbe is new and most superior
v*s«el, w db good aciommodatir ns for pas
sengers, and will tvke thtni on reasonable
term*, and bedinpauhed immediately, (be
cargo being ready . Apply f«
april 3 JOHN H. LADD k Co,
For ( liailcstob, J*. C.
*4*^ Theexcellen' schr HE I h IE^ E,
3gfcp;. (apt. WcKowo. bu'tben 5oo I h!a.
and can be dispatched itnn ediMely. Ap*
ply to JOHN LADD k Co,
april I
F'or Freight or Charter,
The brig JA^ MONHOE,
T. Tobey* master. Slu is a good
substantial vessel ot 127 tons oi 1IUO
bblft; and is now ready to receive a cargo.
Apply to JONH MiLLEK,
4 mo ?aw2wUnion wharf.
W hiskey, Bacon, etc.
LINDSAY & HILL have just received
Iron) Philadelphia
30 hbds rye whiskey
30,000 wt. Cumberland bacon
lihds fir*t quality N O sugar
6(i kegs Ohio buller
150 bushels clover seed, and
„_»pr 1if
C otton Yarn.
JAMES C. & K BAH 1%Y being ap
pointed Agents by the “Lniop Ala«u
facturing Company of Maryland” tm ,ihe
sale of Iheir co»ton yarn, take this oppor
tunity to acquan t their irieod!* «*n<i the
public that they havr just received a very
large supi ly per tbe Baltimore Backet,
winch they wi'l sell tu dealers in ttal arti
cle at the
0^7“< cuh'n merchants whi want their
sut ply, will at mce see tbe anvani ge
ot receiving that ar'icle in Al«xan~
dria at the Baltimore price, tree «>i nek
and freight. Tbe long established supe
riority oi ibis cotton overall others manu
factured in the U. Stales, makes it unne
cessary to say any thing further, relative
to its quality. As out supply w ill be made
weekly, our town and country cm tome rs
may rely of> their orders being promptly
attended to, They have also on hand a
general a*‘or'iru-nt of
1)111 GOODS,
comprising a mos; ev*iy aii:cle in that
line, whch will be sold veiy low ny
wb tlisiil or rtfaii, on accommodating
term*. m, rtf;
rUl\CliJl>Eb I Y
dec 7 SAM’L VESSFbSMl If
Alaiylaiitl Tobacco.
urchased by WM, FOWLEkf’o.
mar 6__
Bolting Cloths.
JONATHAN JANNEY, has for sale
an assortment ot
Bolting Cloths oj Superior
All orders trom Mibtr« or others will
be particularly attendee to
A constant supply of
Ground Blaster,
for sale by the ton, barrel oi bushel* at »
very reduced price.
O^rCasbgiven for empty barrels
9 mo 9__8»*tf
'HE copartnership that has heretofore
I existed between the subscribers, un
der the firm of
Smoot bj Brandt,
is this day disseised by mutual consent.
All persons indebted to said fiin* are re
quested to call and settle their accounts:
acd those bavii g claims are invited to call
and have the same adjusted
mar 9P—I3t
Family Fish.
ORDERS lett at James Alanfcins’s booth
ou the fish whart, lortamdy fi*h, will
be thankfully received and faitb/uily at
tended to, by Lewis Hifkms, win* will
personally attend to their being well put
up, aP il I_ _
THE subscriber, havu g removed from
his lortrer stand, now occupies rbe
walehouse on the wharf, lafe'y in the oc
cupancy of Mr. John Furlong, and
Aejrt door to Mr. Phineas Janney't,
where be will continue to trausact busi
ness on con n issiop.
He offers lor sale tbe followirg confin
ed articles : Baltimore refined sugar of va
rious qualities, domestic ginghams, stnpea
and bedticks; an assortment ot bias* hard
ware, do. English stone ware, cut paila
and brads, from 4d to 20d, and William
son’s oalent economical coffee roasters,
for the sale ol which be is the only agent
in town. He has on band also, Baltimore
whiskey, in barrels, several thousand
pounds ot bacon, and intends keeping
Family tlour
and groceries generally. N. B. Flour and
otbei rroduce, received on storage, aa
formerly. GEO. JOHNSON
march 29 _ law3t_

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