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^ro a pk i
1 will notask thee, maiden fair,
Why in such i:nglet» rolls thy hair?
1 will not ask what gentle powers
Have crow n’d thee with a wreath of flowers?
Tho’ natue? all around is glad —
Yet, lovely maiden, thou art sad ?
^nv, don’t deny the charge! — I spv
The tear.di op twinkling in thine eve !
The heavens may shew a lovely blue,
The eaith display .« verdant hue,
Ruse? may blush beneath thy tett,
And shed their gratuiahng sweet :
Yet hi a- eu and earth cannot erase.
The gloom that gatheis on thy la*. e.
Thv countenance so ove» cast.
Proclaims that joy is not to la?t ;
That sorrow still her Arad upieais.
That i’en the • lower n nursed by tears.
That when the leaves bestrew the plain,
The lucid grief dops still leir.am.
from the American A.conomist,
»|'his world's a god !—Its children much adore
Worship and serve, and eager borv before it,
Ofier oblation’s body, soul, una spirit.
That they its bliss, and fulness may inherit.
If vou tlnnk not, then bring some tact to prove
This world’s a God, or why so many love it ?
31 y creed I prove from tacts that I discover,
And the loved object, by the ardent lover.
This worlu’s a God ! Altho’ it is a creature—
A mighly God : not Juggernaut is greater !
It not a God, whv men so much admire it.
And sell their souls and bodies to acquire it?
'Co ?erve this God, blood often runs like water,
Nations engage in wai and human slaughter,
Rob, kill. a-.d pillage, and enslave each other,
in brutal bondage, brother binding brother.
This world’s a God, its lovers testify it
Rv their attachments, none can e’er deny it,
Were it not so, why so much thirst forgetting.
And w hy are used the aits of fraud oc cheating?
Honest Willian, an easy & good natur’d fellow,
Would a little too olt get a little too mellow.
Bodv coach man was he to an eminent brewer—
£So better e’er vat m a bo>i to be sure.
His coach was kept clean, and no mothers or
Took that care of their babes, that he took of
his horses.
Jle had these- -ay.and fifty good qualities more,
Butthe bus’nessof tippling could nv’erbe got
o’er ;
So his master effectually mended th« matter,
R v hiring a man who drank nothing but water
.No*' , William, sav* he, you seethe plain case;
Had vou drank as he does, you’d kept a good
Drink water! quoth William; had all men
done so,
You never had wanted a coachman, I trow.
They’re soakers, like me, whom you lead with
That enable you brewers to nde in vour coaches
Mitchell’s discourse
The Uc tins read before the Lyceum
by the President, at a full meeting, j
with a crowd of visitors, held in the N. I
York Institution on ihe 21st inst was I
on (ha subject of those animats which
inhabit, during the whole or a part of j
their lives, the bodies of other living
In toe enumeration and description
ofthese numerous and fearful tribes,
Dr. Mitchell availed himself of the |
most modern and scientific researches
The catalogue is much more extensive
thao is generally supposed, and the j
inodes oy which weak and contempti* ;
ble creatures atiack the strong and
powerful,' are singularly diversified,
and al oust terrifying.
lie considered tnese tormentors of
the am ual race under the four great
masses in Zoology to which they be
long, to wit:
\ Crustacea, 3. Insects and
2. Aracknidcs, 4, Zoophytes.
The Crustaceous Parasites include
the Cyamas, or Whale bug; the Cya• ;
nothoa, or Fish louse; the Idotea, or j
ti il-scratcher, and the Cancer Pisetns, j
or Pea-crab; the whole of which are j
confined to inhabitant of salt water,
such as the ce aoeous, piscatory, and
molluscous orders ; and to those they
are dreadful sco irges.
The Arachnidul Parasites compre
head the almost endless and destruc
tive fa ui-y of the Mites and Ticks,
He traced the former, or Acarus, by
microscopic aid, to their abodes in the
•kin, forming the itch,to the holes they
gnawed producing ulcers, and to the
loul sores which they either produced
or continued* lie mentioned them as
infesting fair water, stale beer, and
sour milk, aud with these fluids enter
the alimentary canal, and probably
contributing to excite certain forms of (
diarhoea and dysentery Th«*y had j
- i. i • . . ^_ j:*_!
of the human frame, sticn as the brain
for example and the eves, iiut, what
is not the least wonderful in the histo
ry of these wide spread and pernic ious
beings, he described them as infesting
coleopterous insects, while themselves
supported another crop ot parasites,
asid these latter yet a third; and as ob
servation had been carried, there were •
jfcari Jcaruritm, or Mites upon Mites, (
iu possibly an infinite series ! Ho tie j
tcribed the latter, or hades, as they
pans witnexserted legs, from the blades
of grass *nd leaves of *hrubs, upon the
bo-.lie* of animals, man and beast, in
whose external parts they have been
known to feed and multiply at such a
rate as to dee»»*oy horses and kine by
exhaustion. Another spocics was men
tioned, which, creeping down the uairs
of the skin, and burrowing at their
roots, prod iced a disease • illrd Rou«
get, whose itching is intolerable.
Dr. Mitchell then gave an accocntof
the Parasiti al Insects,
The Pediculus, or Loose, which of
ten infer a the bodies of unclean per
sons, was described as giving rise to
the disease called by the ancients, to
whom it was known, Phtheiriasis, of
which the Homan Dictator Sylla was a
memorable victim. Three instances
were quoted as having occurred in the
city and neighborhood ot New \ ork.
Their excessive multiplication in such
cases, exceeds, as some think, all the
regular propagation. After descri
bing the other species of these perni
cious vermin, preying upon man. brute,
and fowl, the lecturer proceeded to a
very particular description and classi
fication ot the family of Jticinus, all of
which, though surprisingly numerous
and diversified, with the exception of a
single species, are confined to birds.
In the display of this branch of the
subject, he availed himself of the mi
i mite entomological researches ot M.
Nitsch.the distinguished Professor ol
^a'ural History tit Halle, in Saxony,
s be Ins done throu^ u>ut of those of
Latrielle, Cuvier, Dorfeuille, and oth
ei s. Of these Parasites, he said, it was
well a»i ertained that sevei al sorts in
iales'ed a single bird. The common
barn-door fowl nourished as many as
live several sorts; the hawk and crow
as many, and indeed the grea er part ot
the ea limed race supported three or
tour. Phe Musca Carnaria, or Car
rion Fly, was described as depositing
its larva in wounds and sores, and ren
dering them thereby literally alive
w«»h maggots. The (Estrus, or Oxoou
F!v, w;:s delineated as ii ascended the
nose and occup ed the frontal sinuses
of sheep, and another species occasion
ally invading the frontal and maxillary
sinuses of man. Its paesag* vva# de
scribed as it penetrated 1m skin of the
reindeer in Lapland, of neat cattle in
our own country, and ot man in Sou'h
America, producing the tumours called
Warbles. The (Estrus was also fol
h.wcd to the lui king place of the larva,
through the mouth &. fundament, with
in the stomach and in estines of the
horse, engendering JJotts. I he ugly
and annoying genus ot Ilippobuscu
was next noticed, and ihe history ollhe
several species was sketched, as they
gave pain, vexation, and misery to hor
ses, birds, deer, and sheep—for the
common Sheep Tick is the IJippubosca
After having discoursed of several
more pernicious Parasites of the insect
class, Dr . Al. proceeded to the fourth
head of his arrangement, which com
prehended the Parasitical Zouphytes,
which are only known as the inhabi
tants of other animal bodies, and are
so constituted that they can live in no
other place These monsters, which
no human care can guard against, no
prudence avoid, are bred within the
bodies of animals, where they some
ti ne* exist before birth, and are there
fore connate They nave been called
Intestinal, as inhabiting the intes
tino*—out they are by no means limit
ed to that residence, for they insinuate
into the hepatic du-.ts, the cellular inem
brane. the blood vessels, the heart, the
brain, liver, lungs, and indeed the mo t
sheltered and pro ected parts of the
body. The Ascaris, in Ins several
species, was distinctly noticed, as the
horrible inmates of the stomach and
intestines, not only in man, but in
beasts, birds, lishe-, reptiles, & worms
themselves. So was the mischeviou*
Tricocephalus, chietlv resting in the
coBcuiii of the mamniferous creatures.
The Lerneea, which anchors himseli
in the sid«s of fish, anil the fi.ariu. \
that insinuates nimself into the ne»h,
among the muscles and membranes, in
man and otner crea'ures, were por
trayed io almost shuddering terms. But
the theme became additionally inte
resting when the lee' i.rer deac> ibed the
Stromylns as devouring the kidneys
and penetrating into the arteries, ana
producing aneurisms; the fasciola «s
blocking up th« gall ducts, and ob
structing the liver; the 'Pceniu as the
insatiable devourer of the chyle, thro'
the long circumvolutions of the ah
mentary canal; and the Hydated, as
occupying a station in almost every part
of the internal flame, producing a dole
ful and formidable train of symptoms
and diseases, in human beings especial- j
ly, and also in other animals.
“Of all the seasons, Spring is the
most delightful. Nature is, a* it were
then beginning to receive existence |
The howling storms of desolate win-j
ter are gone and forgotten! The mild
serenity of the morning, the gradual
advance* of vegetation, and the chan
ging appearance of the whole face of
things, accompanied by the harn.o
niou* confusion of the singing of birds
heard on every side, convey to the
transported imagination, & pleasure
which the mind can scarcely conceive.
Not only birds and animals, but even
inanimate creation, seem to rejoice in j
something like that universal joy ex
pressed on the appearance of the first
spring, when “ the morning stars sang i
together, and all the sons of God shout- I
edfor joy " The music of the grove*
_the roaring of the tempest—the stri
king colors of the living landscape—
the immense circle of heaven—the
boundless extent of ocean—comprehend
all that is great, sublime, glorious, or
magnificent; and sink into the soul
with irresisticle power.'’
Earthenware, China & Glass
Hugh SMITH* Co have received
per ship PioM' f, just arrived irom
223 Crates & hlids. E. Ware,
&c- This supply added lo their slock on
hand, gives tht-ni a very large and general
; assortment, which they offer lor sale at
the lowest prices, current in the LJ. States,
either repacked, or in the original pack
They have also, and will keep constant
ly on hand a general assortment cl
made by John Swann, which they will
sell as low as can be had ol equal quality
Alsof window gl .!■?, ol the sizes com
monly used, either ivp.i* wed or by the box,
pipes in boxes, b ack qu..il bottles, in
hampers or repack I.
_apr £9 _
HAVE just ret ived per ship Pioneer,
Captain Crabtree, Irom Liverpool,
their supply of
Consisting of
4-4 superfine checked and striped cam
bric ginghams
9*8 and 6-4 cambric muslin*
4 4 whiteS: roloied fancy muslins
9-8 do do. do cravat bdtrfs.
7 8 lancy prints
3- 4 Wilming on sir pes
4- 4 power loom shirtings
White and colored cotton hosiery
Twilled black bomhazettes, fcc. <$*c.
London superfine clo'bs & cassmneres,
white and colored drillings, Irish, Scotch,
and German linens, jaconet and book
muslins, white and printed quiltings, Da
lian sewing silk*, white «$• colored, threads,
Holt’s patent sewing cotton, choppa ro
mals, buttons, i ins, <S*c. &c*
Mrs. A. Kerry,
(Residing or. Fnvce st between Fairfax
ond Royul streets )
INFORMS her Iriends and the public in
general, that she pioposes to
Scour Gentlemen’s Coats,
of every d» senption,
obliterating the grease spots ami other
blemishes, which she is convinced she can
1 d<> with m-a ness and despatch, and on mo
derate term?. Those who may lavor her
with their custom in this line, will, she is
assured, bp ; erlectly satisfied,
N. B. Mis. B. will accommodate a few
genteel boarders.
| aprii i9 _eo3t
!l. I\ Whitney
HAS just received, by tue sloop Fanny,
cant. Mitchell, from Baltimore, eve* J
ry quality of Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s
Leghorn and Chip lints; ;
which, together with every descripton of
clothing, he offers for sale at reduced pri
ce*, for cash only, at his store, corner of
Prince ami Water streets, opposite thu
Farmers’ Bank,
French Dyer iy Scourer,
H\S the honor to inform the iadie* and
t entlemen of Alexandria, that he has
open d his establishment in the above
line*, on Prince, between Fairfax and Wa
ter streets, next door to Mr. Matthew Ro
binson’s ; where he will dye every des
cription of silk, cotton, or woolen goods
of any color; and scour silk, cotton, and
woolen clothing of any kind.
will he bleached aud pressed in the finest
style. and
cleaned, dressed, and dyed of the finest
hlack. He feels confident, from the ex
perience he has acquired in hi* trade,
both in P«n« and London, that he will be
able to render general satisfaction ; for
which h will spare no pain*, and will be i
thankful o those who wil please to iavor !
him wit their custom*
may I___!
Stop tlu* Kuusiways!
12 AN AWAY, on the 29th ult. JOHN
I.V E. GREEN, an indented appren
lice tu the boot and shoe making business
John is a about 19 years old. fair com
plexion, large eyes, down look ; bad on a
brown coat, grey pantaloons, & a striped
or dial) vest. He ran away in company
with Ralph Clark, an apprentice to Mr
L. Maslerson* Ralph is fair complected,
had on blue clothes, and is 17 years old
I will give five dollars for securing John
in any jail, or the above reward and all
reasonable expenses paid for bringing him
All persons are forwarned harboring
the said boy, at'tbeir peril,
may I_-R
Six Cents lie ward.
RANAVVAY from the subscribers, on
the 20th u!t.
William Evans,
an apprentice to the biscuit baking busi
ness, a white lad, in the 20lh year ol bis
age. He had on when he absconded, a
tine black hat, (not his own,) half worn,
dark grey cassinett pantaloons, striped
waistcoat, with a fashionable rolling col
lar, and round jacket of coarse grey cloth.
Whoever will apprehend and return said
boy, shall receive 6i cents (but no thanks)
for their trouble.
N. B- Masters of vessel and others are
cautioned against harboring or employing
3ai boy. ‘
may I_3t
Maryland Tobacco.
Purchased by WM. FOWBE&Co.
HAS received and is now opening bis
spring assortment of lancy and staple
DRY goods:
Consisting in part, of
Cloths and cassiineres
Summer and Priest s cloths
Cambric, jacKonet and mull muslins
Plain and figured book ditto
Rook muslin handkerchief*
Fancy, while and hgured Marseilles
Rordered vest shapes
Col’d £ bl’k bombazines (very cheap)
Black worsted do (for coals)
ftlack & blue [willed bombazette*
Figured ditto
Cambric ginghams, searsucker ditto
Heal blue and yellow 6ear*uckers
Wellington stripes & cotton cassimere
Linen and cotton drilling* (white and
coloied) some very tine
Irish linens and lawns
Linen cambrics, do do handkerchiefs
Tamboured cap patterns
Zelia and sattin gauze hdkfs
black love shawls
Real merino shawls and hdkfs
Imitation ditto ditto
Sdk and lahby velvets
Shoe ribbons and galloons
Elegant lancy riblu ns
blrtck, green and while gause
Figured and plain siiks
Be*t black Italian lute*tring
English and French, black and while
and colored kid gloves
Allen’s, Woodstock and beaver ditto
black & while Eng. silk hose (cheap)
Haw silk do
nibbed silk half hose
Men’s Irish thread ditto
Black ingrain coiton do
Slate and white do
Burlaps, osnaburgs, white tickien
burgs and drr ghedas
Spool, sewing and floss cotton
Knitting ditto
Tapes, pins, Henning’s best needles,
(no imitation)
A genet al asssortmevt of Domesttcs ;
all which, have been selected with care
and will be sold low lor CASH.
4th mo 2t)lh__fij
Salt Afloat.
O)0() Bushels coarse, 700 sacks fine
J salt, 60 crates wine and porter
bottles, received per ship Pioneer, h.
Crabtree, master, irom Liverpool, tor sale
by • WM FOWLED Co.
jwHK The packet ahip PIONEER
sail in a few days, and be
early in Liverpool to receive the tall goods
fur the distiict._apnl 28
For Cowes,
The superior bria ANN, captain
ig&R&Snow, will sail lor Cowes about the
28th inst. and accommodate a tew passen
gers. Apply lo WM Ft) Y\ I.E 4* Co.
a p r il 19_______
For Freight or Charter,
{Either coastwise or to Europe, or West
44* v The schooner ROMEO, J. P.
Norton, master. Apply to
a pr 26__3t_
French Burr Mill-8tones.
rpKK subscriber has iust received from
.1 New York, a good assortment of ma
terials, and continues to make at his shop,
near the upper end ot Kii.g street, Alex
,Mill-S tones
of all sizes and of a very superior quality,
where any gentleman, calling can be sup
plied on the shortest notice ami at the.
most reduced prices, to suit tbe times.
Millers and other*, are requested to call
jnd judge for themselves
april 29lm
Respectfully informs the ladies
and gMitlemen ol Alexandria, that he
ias taken a room in Mr. John I hompson’s
muse, on Royal street; where be will be
nappy to wait on them ill (he liue ot his
april 29_ if
IN virtue of a deed of trust, executed by
William Hartshorn* amt wile. tou« the
subscribers, for the purposes therein men
tioned, we shall proceed to sell at public
sale, on I he premises, on the 2bf/i day oj
May next, at 11 o’clock in the morning,
dl that lot or parcel ol gtound lying and
being in the townof Alexandria, oegimiing
»t the intersection of Water and Wilkes
streets and running southwardly wiih Wa
ter street 17G teet 7 inches; then east
wardly in a line parallel with Wilkes st.
into ib* river Potomac ; then in a Jine pa
rallel with Water street, 17G feet 7 inches
to Wilkes street ; thence westwardly with
hat street, and binding thereon, to the
place of beginning.
'The terms of sale are, one fifth part ot
the purchase money to be paid on the day
af sale ; the remainder on a credit of one
and two years wiib interest thereon, nom
he time of sale, and secured by a lien on
[be premises. The title to this property
is considered good, and such a one as w§
lan make shall be given
THOMAS JANNEY, \ rustt€ *
apr 26_hn ,
Family Fish.
ORDERS left at James Mankinds booth
on the fi9h wharf, for family fidi, will
be thankfully received aBd laithlully a**
tended to, by Lewis Hipkins, whowiti
personally attend to their being well pur
up. _ april I_
onnCASKS fresh Tbomaston Lime
landing and tor sale by
april T7_ *>t -
Pirrcha«ed by .V. k’. PAZKNOVfi fc Co
I ubiic Saie.
ON TUESDAY the iOtb of May next,
will pesitiwdy lie sold, at the resi
dence of the lau* «Koh Heineman, dtc’d,
a vabietv or
Household and Kitc'ucn f urniture,
consisting of beds, bedsteads, sideboard-,
tables, chairs, carpets, and one eight un
dock ; also, one first rate milch cow—.
Also, a variety of silver spoons, soup li;.
dies, cream-pots. kc. Sic.
april 12_ is*
Public Sale.
PURSUANT to a decree of the Hon,
Judges ot the County Court ot PrmcJ
George’s County, in the state of Mary
land, acting a? a court of equity, will i*
-old at public auction on the 22d day 0{
May next, if fair, and il not lair, on UJe
next fair day thereafter,
A Iract of Land,
late the property ol Wni T, Sv»ann, p;q,
deceased, called Magruder’s Ferry Piai,
tation, lying in the said county, on the
Patuxent river, adjoining to the land m,
which Maaruder’s Ferry, is kept, and to
the warehouse by the name of Magruritr’s
warehouse, and within otie mile ot Lewtr
Marlboro- The land contains about 140
acres, is rich, and peculiarly adapted (<j
the growth ol fine tobacco. The said
land will he sold on the premises, on a
cieditolsix eighteen, twenty-tour, and
thirty months, the purchasers giving bond,
with uppioytd security, to secure tin- pay
ment of the putebase money, which pay
ment being ir.arte and done, the subscri
ber will cenvey to the purchaser or pur
chasers ol said land, by a good and suffi
cient deed or deed*, such title as the Mid ;
William Thomas Swann had in the said
land, the same being a lee simple.
At the same lime and place will also be
sold trom 8 to 12 valuable negroes, con
si-ting ot nit n, wormn, and children, on a
credit ol 6 9, and 12 months, the purcha
sers giving bond, with approved security,
for the purchase money — the purchase
money both lor the land and negroes to be
on interest Iroin the 'Gy of sale. The sale
will commence at mid-day. and continue
until all the piopeity shall be sold.
apr 24—2awlm Trustee.
Public Sale
BY virtue ol a deed ot trust, executed
by Alexander Veitch, to the subscri
ber will be sold at public auction, on the
premises, at 11 o’clock, 2Ulh ol May next,
the following valuable properly, to wit;
ffvirj ments. situated on Prince street,
*■* I between Henry anc Fayette tts.
l.fcj ALSO, three vacant i.ots of
ground, immediately adjoining said tr ue*
ments, and t.andsomely >iiuatecJ lor build
ing, fronting on Prince slieet, running pa*
rallel with, and binding on Henry sheet,
to an alley. And also, three other i.ots
of ground, fronting eastward on Henry
s'reef, and running parallel w ith Pr nee
street, I2T feet, 5 inches, to the centre of
the square.
The above described property, lying all
together, &. situated in a handsome, heal
thy, and improving part ol tiie town, is
thought to make it highly desirable to an
| individual , but it will be divided and ot
tered at sale, so as to accommodate pur
chasers. The terms will he made known
I at the time and place of *ale,
I mar 29 lawts
District< f Cultirobia,
County of Alexandria
JOHN B- G 0 KmAN has applied tu
ihe Hon. Win ("ranch, chiel judged
the U States’ Circuit ('our' ot the Dis
trict ot Columbia to be discharged Horn
imprisonment, under the act lor the relief
ot insolvent debtors w ithin the district of
Columbia, on the 1st Monday of May nex t,
at 9 o’clock. A M. at the courthouse in A
lexandria.when and where bis creditors are
required to attend.
H EDM. I. LEE, c c.
april 29 _
Respectfully offers bi» services
as a Dentist to the citizens and visi
tors ol the District of Columbia.
Washington. Georgetown.
Dr. Sim, Dr. C. Worthington,
F. May, P. Warfield,
Cutbush, Henderson,
Huntt, N.W. Worthington
Sewall, Bohrer,
Washington, Magtuder,
Dr. Femmes Dr. VNashington,
Richards, Kitzbugh,
Peake, Stabler,
Gen. John Masen. Richard B. Lee, M
Col. A. Henderson, Geo. Graham, tsq.
Rev. Dr. A. Hunter, and Dr. Dick. ^
Office on the Pennsylvania avenue,
tween 9ih and 10th streets. West, (on tn®
same square w’ith Mr. Guntou s Apo
carv Shop ) ... , .
gjT l)r. Gunnell will oe
Mr. Clagelt's Hotel, Alexandria, every
Tuesday and Friday, Iroin 12, M
P ,M. during the months of April ana di )>
(and longer if necessary.) All leiters ai
dressed to Dr. G. in Washington, or Wi
at Clagett’s Hotel, will be punctually
♦ended to. . ,r
Washington, March 6, 1623. f3_
For Sale,
A Tract of Land,
§ N Fairfax county, lu miles, from
I andria and eight IJ om George tow ;
containing FOUIi HL/JSDtiEH 4f #
TY acres, about loh.acres of *b*
heavily timbered. There is *n eicf■ .
orchard on the premises. A greatl *f
may be had if immediately aPP![e7Ny
apriieg DANIEL F. LI LAN»

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