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\ Jt ■
the following advices 'from
i J*j n, slated the 4lii iust The sou of
Sowriioiit, who had come here, has
febu'.i.nni»t»S departed tor Seville, im board
11 g,P laden with artillery, mortars, bombs,
other warlike stores, lurnisbe J by the
Vrft'tgBfse government. Two other ships
. me port ar* tak,n* in siin‘lar cargoes
*thi. same destinatton. .
»K*rt«!***, AD(i* ,t;— "be Vl*
. J M me i-to, the cantouments of our
n«r Barcelona anJ i« goiug to re
I .nijgain to Villa ¥ rauc* Ou the 7lh of
L month, a sortie w?s made trom Figue
of S.oO*) ,rjc“? ,iUl ,hey were repulaeu
[n all directions, and retired to the tort in
0ly\TA*o, Ai’GO'r- lb\—L’Escadron, who
•ubivi-ted at the same time as gen. Manso,
arrived at M taro. The head quarters
J ,|,e marshal at Vich. He has caused
‘’e enemy to be pursued, wbo are in lull
ittreat on the Seo Urge!.
*T vr*>. aU*». i?,— Koten has had a dis
ru'sion with M»«*» wb'» wishes to remain
... Barcelona, and reluses to take the field.
VtcH Au»: 17.—Gen. Fromalnt anJ
R,r.»n Ernies >va» yesterday at Prater de >
Hunan**, ouJ were to depart at i o dock,
i'tiiroaelia, where Viilam is with his ,
re41 jjuard The army wishes to gam the
ja(lUrge), or the position he occupied ,
ai Mntil Blmch.
• VIaTahio, Aug. Io.—The negwctaturns .
rplat.ve to the capitulation ot Milan* and
II ,.i^,a appear t«» be susptOu*;J. I hese
two chiefs with »ha troops under iheir j
command, bav^ abandoned their po=»Uuii
aod proceeded to >e*» d’Urgel M me
marshal lias despatched troops in pursuit
„l them, and has quitted Villa Franca to
• jrtpove his herd quarters to Mmresa.—
*(V bamu d:Eioles manoeuvres oo the
of th« enemy. Hie <*Jinmistratioiis
attached to bis corps have arrived at Ma
\11 viv nv THE PYRENEES.
quested to bare the necessity quantity o
tonnage ready to embark 700 nek an'
wounded, with whom the French genera
did not wish lube euconioered in case h«
should think it oeceksary to change his po
New-York, Sept. 28.—By the Marion,
from Havre, we have received Paris pa
pers to the 30th ult. inclusive.
The most prominent articles of intelli
gence are disastrous to the Spanish cause,
and give us fears that resistance to the in
vaders is nearly at an end.
Corunna and Algesiras both capitulated
to the French on the Nth August.
The last advices frum the Duked’Angou
•erne state that, on the I8lb August, he
**?« holding a council of tear under the
walls of Cadiz. Previous reports «tated
that he arrived at St. Marys on the 16th
and immediately sent a flag into Cadiz
with propositions for a negotiation with the
Cortes—but the Cortes, it is said, declin
ed to receive any propositions *>xcept they
caine through the British government.
'Idle defection of Manso, one of Mioa’s
generals, is confirmed. He had joined the
French with 42 ot his troops.
Balhsteros carried with him 4000 of bis
1 oe Kegency at luaaria, n is saia, en
deavored to procure ot the Duke ot An*
gouleme a modification of his decree a
gaint tbeir authority to imprison the Con
stitutionalism. But it appears the decree
w h put in execution, and upwards ot 600
no ;ii had been released ftom prison at
The Pope Pius VII. died at Rome, on
the 20th Aug. agvd 83. Mis pontificate
was twer.ty-three yeal one ot the long
est recorded.
A letter trom Bayonne. Aug. 19th, says
a courier passed through that place on the
18th, reported to be the bearer of an order
from the government at Cadiz, to the Con
stitutional Generals, lor the suspension of
hostilities. Another courier passed through
Bayonne, with news of the death of Mr.
Berlin, at Seville, the agent ol the house
of Rotscbild.
Paris, Aug. 29.—The Monileur to day
gives the following article iu i's official co
TeUgrap.b Despatch from Bayonne.
The Commanding Genera! at Bayonne, to
hi* excellency the Minister of War.
*(»en. Rourrk signed .. treaty on the
I4t)t, by which Corunna will bo given up
on the Mine conditions as those granted to
Gen Mi ri lo.’
verpigna*. Aug. 21.—(From a private
letteO J'bt army of Milan? continues •>
movements, and is leaving our frontier, i
was at Soisene on the 19lb, and baron
Kride* vi^ at Bercne with a part ot his
Uivi.-ion and iour French battalions.
BAJfussts. Aio. 22*—Preparations are
actively going on lor Ibe siege- of Pampe*
Fiie Regency is engaged, but with lilt!**
success, iu organizing volunlivr Royalist
in Spain. They want arms.
A courier arrived this morning with
news ihat M. OuVrard w as on his return ?o
Madrid. He also asseiis that it W3S be
lieve J in Madrid that the duke d'Angou
leme would speedily follow him.
Getf v^uesvla has, for some days, been
making ineffectual atitmpts to introduce
his little army into the capital. He is op
posed hy the duke de Reggio
Plie news of the capsulation of Zayas
is not confirmed. The troops ot Balla-te
ros are still quartered iu the several villa
ges assigned to them.
Madrid is in a slate of uncertainty which
cannot last long. The constitutional roy
alists manifest great uopes ; the absoiutis
tea apoeired uneasy. As for the rest, all
is tranquil, although there are occasional
disturbances at night, caused by the un
authorised removal of the goods, and of
the imprisoned constitutionalists.
The Madrid Gazette of the 19th, an
nounces that gen. Lopez Bano«, colonel
Aniuz, and several other chiefs, had pass
«d the Tagres at Alineras and the bridge
of Arzebispo. Their lor. e amounts t<>
4000 men. They have occupied Tala
veara de la Reyna, the Royal authorities
of which place have retired to Madrid.
The advanced posts are, lour leagues be
yond ; but there are about 400 Fiench at
T> ledo, which will be able to stop l ie ene
my in tn» approach towards the capital.
It is reported that the authorities of
some of the northern provinces < f Spain,
refuse to carry iuto execution the nude*
nance of Andujar. Strong detachments ot
troop9 have gone from before Pampelnna
to Puente la Reyna to assist in liberating
the prisoners.
« n n i ■ n o * rn n a r\ ■ f7
nrrrtino /u
Paris, Aug. 26. — We learn that his
Koyal Highness the Duke ot Angouleme
arrived on the 16th at Port St. iMary, op
posite Cadiz, and that the next day he re*
viewed the troops. Every thing ivas in
readiness to begin the bombardment, if
no arrangement could be effected.
It was rumoured at the Exchange this
day, that his Koyal highness. Oil his arri
val before Cadiz, had written to King
Ferdinand,, and that most auspicious re*
-ulls were expected Irotn the answer oi
His Majesty
Paris, Aug. 27. — It is reported that his
Koyal Higness, as soon as he arrived be
|.»re Cadiz, bad sent a flag ot truce to king
Ferdinand, bearer ot the conditions that
may bring forth an arrangement between
the belligerent parties. His Koyal High
ness. they say, required an answer in 2-1
hours. It seems that a reply was immedi
ately returned to the Prince that this ten®
was too limited, and that D»s Koyal High
ness granted them 5 days. Three days
iave already elapsed since the departurt
•f the flag of truce witbo « his returning
V favorable result was a. ticipated Irutr
this delay.
F | Fatten from Port Saint 51arie, of tbe
i j |?.*h say, tb»t the Prince Cenera-issimu
I ; bad assembled tbe general olliccta oi bis
1 army i i council of war
llm eimd ib»f Algesira*, after bav
ins been bombarded capituMeJon tbe l-tth
Paris, Augost i’8—No lurtber news
have been received this day Imni Cadiz
The evening ministerial paper only men*
tioo? that N i'e {.abide, aid-de-camp to
bis Koval Highness, b»9 been admitted
into the place *nd nas bad a long inter
view with :'l Valdes, military governor
of Cadiz. The letter of which be was the
bearer, was banded to the King.
From the London 'limes of Avgust 27
The Monileur and oilier Farit Journals,
ol Sunday last, contain no intelligence ol
importance, txcept dial it appear? that the
French b ve been disappointed as to the
! result ofanother act ot ^military treachery,
j According to a letter from Perpignan,
I Manso, in deserting to the enemy ha?
| been able to carry with him only 43 men
! and his own disgrace. On 'he 6th, at
1 Vendrell, he signed hi? submission, and it
was .forwarded to AloNCfcV. On the 7th,
be still flattered himself Mat he would be
able to eedure the whole ot his dtvi.-ion,
hut a violent commotion having taken
place in his camp, and AIii.a.vs being on
his march to Vendrell with » strongde*
tachmeui, the traitor, to avoid being ar
rested,fled in all haste with hi- lew wretch
ed adherents. It must he owned, howev
er, that tins discovery of freacVry among
the troops under Alina io Catalonia, tiith
, erto so zealous iu their ie?i-tance to the
French, is sufficiently discouraging to the
constitutional cause.
Intelligence by express was received
yesterday trom Madrid ot the 18th instant,
i by an eminent mercantile house iu Me
! citv, that the Duke d’Angouleuie arrived
• at Port St, Mary’.? on the 16lli,* and that
immediately on Ins arrival a flag ol truce
[ was sent into Cadiz, with propositions lor
( a negotiation with the Cortes. The intel
ligence proceeds to stale, that the assem
bly declined receiving any such proposi
tions. unless lli« French Generalissimo was
authorised to uoiie with them a proffer of
’ the mediation ol England between the ne
gotiating parties. No hint is given wheth
er the treaty wa* proposed with the Cories
as the representative of the Spanish ua
tiou,or as a prelude to that “personal c»*
• pitulation” lately defined by the Journal
des De-hals. The intelligence mus! there*
lore, be received with some degree of dis
trust, but may be allowed, perhaps, to es
! tahlisb one important point at least—tint
j the firstoflers of negotiation have proceed
j ed tromthe French General—a confession,
f so far, of the difficulties fcfhis situation
London, August 23.—We have receiv
ed Dutch papers to the 2lst inst. We ex
tract from them the following article upon
the atf.iirs of Germany •'
Munich. Aug. 9. —Our readers have not
forgotten that at the conclusion of the
Congress at Vienna, two of the greater
German Powers united to take steps for
the assembling of .« German Congress at
Vienna, to winch it was intended to invite ,
all llip Powers of the German Confedera
tion, and at which the Act of th»» Confed
eration of 1814 was to he revised, in urdu
to remove from it all traces of the con -
ce-.-ions which the danger? ol the moment j
had extorted from the ministers ot tintj
day. The endeavors of the cabinets- of!
Merlin and V unm* were fruitless, and
Prince Mcllern- h was obliged to content
himsell with having destroyed the spirit
ol opposition which had been formed in
the bosom ol .the German Diet. Bnt the
views ol Austria were only adjourned, and
that Power ha- now sent a circular to se
veral German Governments, to invite
them to a Congress which is to be held at
Vienna in the month of October next.—
The object of this Congress, says the cir
cular, i- to introduce into the system of
government in Germany, more similarity
and unnoriiiity. thereby to strengthen the
ties winch must unite all the member? ot
the Coulederauon, <Vc* This circular has
caused if to be generally believed and re
ported that the affairs ot Germany are to
be regulated at Vienna, under the influ
ence ol the Holy Alliance. Our govern
ment has refused to send a representative
to this Congress, and Wurtemburg has im
itated the firm c.uuduct of Bavaria.”
On board ship Boston, in Hampton
Roads, on the 27th ult. Master Wiujam
j Pelton, aged 19 years, son of Mr. Enoch
Pelton, of this town. It is due to the me
mory ol the deceased to briefly notice his
death —It is too often the case, that boys
who follow the se3 for a profession, get
into had and dissipated habits, and turn
out worthless members of society—hut this
was not the case with young Pelton. He
was remarkably steady and moral in hi?
habits, pleasing in his manners, and bid
fair to become a perfect master of bis pro
fession. It has pleased the Supreme Ruler
of the universe to summon him to 4 another
and a better world.* ’Tis a bitter pang to
his parents, brothers, and sisters—but they
have this consolation left them, that *to die
is gain.* K.
HE Farmers Bank of Alexandria (his
day declares a dividend of profits, up*
on its capital stock paid in, of three per
cent, for the last six months, payable to
Stockholders, or their representatives, on
Friday the 3d inst. By order,
- JOHN HOOFF, Cashier,
oct 2 ths2w
District of Columbia,
County of Alexandria. set:
ROBERT STOTT bas applied to the
honorable William Cranch, Chief
Judge of the United States’ circuit court
of the District ot Columbia to be discharg
ed from imprisonment, under the act lor
the reliet ot insolvent debtors within tbe
District of Columbia, on the second Wed
nesday in October, at 9o’clock, a m. al
the Court H.MJae in Alexandria, when and
where bis creditors are required to attend.
» oct 2—3t EDM. 1. LEE, C* C,
NINETEEN boghead* whiskey, now
landing Irom scbr. 'I’win t{ro!ber$,
tor sale by JOHN H. LAUD 4* Co.
orf g
Police Notice.
rI''!IE following section of a law of the
■ Corporation, is published for the in
formation and government ot the People ol
Color, passed 20th of January, 1820.
** Suction 3d Tbe meetings of thepeo*
pie of color, tor any purpose, are not to he
permitted to continue longer than ten u’
clock at night; they are to be dispersed at
that hour by the Watch—and it they do
not then disperse, they are to be treated
as suspicious characters are hereto before
i directed to be treated.”
] Tbe above law will he sfrictly enforced
: alter the 10th <<t October uexi.
By order of the Mayor.
WM 1) AVIS, Captain of tbe Watch,
sept 3o
Two Dollars He ward.
LOST on Friday everting last, on the
road to the Episcopal Burying Ground,
i or al that place,
A Gold Chain and Seal,
Also, a Gilt heal, w/th the figure of a Dog
i oil it, and Gilt Key, belonging to a lady's
j watch. Tbe finder shall receive the above
1 reward on leaving it with the Printer,
sept 3o 3t
Pocket-Kook Lost.
TOST, between Fairfax Court-House
J and .Alexandria, or in Alexandria, a
Green Morocco Vocket-Eook,
containing three nob-sof Five dollars each,
on the Farmers’ Bank in Virginia; two
bonds ot William Grigsby for four hundred
and twenty-five dollars each, one payable
on the 1st of Match, 1824 the other on
the Istot March, 1825; on the former cre
dits are endorsed to the amount ot 150 dol
lars. Also, a bond of Waller Harrison,
due on the 1st of January last, tor sixty
tour dollars; and several other papers, of
no use to any one but the owner. The
finder will receive a reward ot five dollars
on leaving the pocket-bouk and its contents
with Charles Chapin, at the Mechanics’
Bank ot Alexandria; or giving it to the sub
scriber, residing near Haymarket, Priuce
Will iarn county, Virainia.
sept 23—3t FOUSHKE TF.BBS.
Of the 9 th Day's Drawing oj the
Grand State Lottery.
No. * 17399 a prize of olOO
11180 23981 prizes of 5()
Sold at ALLEN’S.
This splendid lottery, which has become
so truly interesting in consequence ol all
the high prizes remaining in the wheel,
has but eleven more drawings to complete
it. one ol which will take place on Thurs
day, October 8th Those who are in want
of the needful, should not de*ay one mo
ment in tbe purchase ol chances, whete
the prospect is so favorable to make them
i he Prizes are :
100,000 Dollars.
1 Prize of 20,000
2 Prizes of 10,000
2 Prizes of 5,000
12 Prizes of 1000
Besides prizes of lOO's, 50’s, tyc- &c.
Tickets are selling at nlo, shares in
proportion, to be bad, in a variety ot num
bers, at
Lottery and Exchange Office,
Pennsylvania avenue, Washington city.
Orders by mail, post paid, enclosing
most kinds ot hank notes, or prize tickets
in either o! the Baltimore lotteries now
drawing, will he promptly attended to.
Monument tickets 10dollars; University
do- ID, tor sale as above.
Sept 27
Now Landing,
50 bhds Baltimore whiskey.represent
ed to be 2 years old ind ot prime
50 twenty catty boxes ot Young Hy
son tea ot late importation. For salp by
Kail Goods.
HAVE received by several late arrivals
from N. York, a very general assort
ment ot .-easonable goods: among which are
White, red, yellow, green and black
Green and blue bookings,& drapery baizes
Mixed, blue and drab plains
j Devonshire kerseys
; Kuse blaukeis. and heavy 9i, 3 4:3$ point
Worsted and soil wooleu Tartans, blue
Common, fine and superfine ingrain’d
I 5*8 and I Venetian stair carpetings
i Superfine blue at bl’k cloibs & cassimeres
I Brown, olive and mixed cloibs, 2d quality
* Cassinets, Valencia and toilinet vestings
' Elegant figured black silk vesting
< Fine dark London ginghams, calicoes
White and colored cassunere shawls
, Long and square merino shawls,
Merino bctkts. cotton cambrics
I Jaconet cambrics, and do lidkfs.
I Book and mull tr.u9lins, & super India do
Fine cambric edgings,
inserting? and flounces, thread laces
Sewing cotton in bail*, spools, and hanks
Floss and knitting cottons
i Kid and beaver gloves
Silk and cotton umbrellas, ?ilk velvets
Irish linens, steam & power loom shirtings
Domestic cottons, gingham?, sheetings, fcc
Oznabarg?, burlaps, Drngheadaa, bagging,
iic. &c. Which, with almost cvevy arH
cle in their line, (hey offer lor sale at. ven
l ow prices for C A 8 H,
or oil the usual credit to ?u;'n #>f tbeir ciiS'
tomers aa hitherto punctual
At 1. M. will be sold oo (be pre
mises. (be WHARF and tr;me>
warehouse of I be late Isaac Entwi
— _ *le. dec’d, situated on tbe eolith
side of Wolf street, beginning cn Wob-t.
20 II. east ot Potomac Strand, and running
on said street 162 feet, and Irom Wub at.
south, parallel with tbe stream 87 feet 3i
incites. .The wbarf is substantially built,
and now in good order, and has sufficient
depth of water for any class of vessels that
can asceod the Poiomac. Trims liberal
and made known at thv time ot sate
S, A. MAR3TELLER, auc.
ort 2__
Night Sale.
At candle light, will he told at tbe Auction*
A Choice Collection of
Also, Plates for Music, w ith much ef
! cellent Music
| As no catalogue will be printed, purcha
sers are desired to call and see the Book*
previous to the sale.
'IVn-plaie Htoves.
ON SATURDAY, the 4tb ol October*
at 3 o’clock P. M. will be sold at
auction, on Washing ion* street, near the
Mayor’s office,* number ol ten plate stoves*
the property ol the late Jame»;A>li*on,dec.
Also, one mahogany bureau arid book
cast, out do bedstead, the property of (he
late Eliza Duiany, drc’d.
£jT 1ii consequence of the
General iuu9ter taking place on Se'urdajr
next, the above sale is postponed to MON
DAY, at the s*inf hour and place.
sept 25 _ tg
Important !
^I^HE undersigned, the executor of the
J last will ot Mrs Charlotte Ewell de
j ceased, (who was executrix cl the late col
j Jesse Ewell.) will oiler for sale to the
highest bidder, on the 3d day ot October
next, at 12 o’clock, at Bell Air, in Piince
William county, Ya about 6 miles hom
Occoquan and Dumfries, ail the personal
estate—consisting ol
Twenty Slaves,
many ol them yrting and valuable. Also,
household and kitchen lumilure, tam ing'
utensils, cattle, &c. 4 c.
Term* of sale—F*»r all sum* under 20
dollars, (’ash; lor the Slaves only one halt
cash, and a credit ol twelve months' ou
the balance, the purchaser giving bond
with approved security.
Also, at li e same time and place, will
be offered for rent
The Beal Estate,
fw_f consisting ol about 850 acfes. with
AlSf 0|l‘*r Wl* houses; a Grist Mitt; an
iueL. txcfllent Orchard, Garden 4-c,
Dumfries, Sept 18 t03
The National Intelligencer. Fauquier
Gazette, and FreiKricksbuig Herald, wil|
: publish the above till day of sale, and for
ward their account »o this Office for col
! lertion. _
Public or Private Hale.
IF not previously disposed of at piivate
sale, »vii! be sold on the pimiiats, on
THURSDAY the 23d OCTOBER, at 12
tfgrgo. o’clock, TWO HOUSES* and lots
I # VTtf* <>t GROUND, near (lie Lancas
3 1^. teiian school house, the piopeity
fiiijSWw «d Thomas Julius, deceased- The
houses are well calculattd lor small fami
lies; the lots large, and hatiri-ome'y situa
ted in a pleasant pait of the town, and
i near good uat« r. For terms, kc. app y to
aug ?t_thtOE3
iruatee’s Saie.
ON the 22d day of OCTOBER next, as
near 12 o’clock as may be. 1 will sell
at public auction, to the highest bidder, lor
The Tract of Land,
lying in the county ol Prinee William,lat*
, the property ol Charles Hopkins, deceas
ed, and purchased by him trom the exe
cutor of Dr. George Oraham The Ians,
lies not far from the Occcquon Mills, and
adjoins that of Janes Savage, and others.
Fora description of it, reteietire is had to
the deed ot trust given by said Hopkins to
the subscriber, in trust tor the executor of
Dr. Graham, dated the 29>h March, 1821.
amt recorded in the Office ol the County
Court of Prince William; and to the de
ceased from the executor to said Hopkins,
recorded in the *air.e Office. ’I lie saie
will be made on the premises. 11 the day
j, rainy, it will be made ou (be first lair
day theieaf'er.
aug 23—1022 Trustee*
it i . i»_ o. i _
IHillMliU » OillC.
IA7 ILL be sold on the premises, by th*
, W Marshal, lor cash, on Wetintiduy,
the 19th day of October next, at 12 o’clock,
all the right, title and interest of Mr. Wil
liam Herbert in and to the following lot of
ground, adjoining the town of Alexandria:
Beginning at the intersection of West and
Oronoko streets; running notth with West
street to Montgomery street; thence west
! to the northeast corner of Peter Sherron’s
| lot; Thence south with said lot to Orono
< ko-street; thence with said street to the
beginning} containing ten acres, more or
less—Sold to satisfy an execution in U?uc
of the Bauk ot the United States.
D. MINOR l) M.
for T. RIN<«GOLD. Marshal.
-at'ALV' 1
Liverpool Salt.
THE cargo of the brig Reindeer, Dan id
Gray, master from Liveipool of
5,000 bush. Course Lirerpoi!
sill, (i r nit by V M. FQWLE k ( c.
'r.ruuci’RKKA. Ai’G. 14.— 1 be move
a vtii ot the enemy upon the ''eo d Lrgel, .
..oh.nger luuMful. Milan* ha* march
ed’ySabona with the intention of raising
tne blockade. 'I he brigade of Trmneliri
follows, one day’s jour my behind. v>«
have in* news from the baron d Eroles, hut
it oi3y he pre*U n>-1 he '>as lolloped the
efietnvN movements from Manrtn. Mar*
ili,I Moncey is proceeding toward* Man
re*a, with a reserved abbot two thousand
to be ready t*» move in any direction
ace irding to circu nslance*. I hope the
lurch nf Milans will have the same con
sequence'* to him that Mina 3 movement
towards Cerdagne nad.’ ,
By the arrival id' Dutch and Flanders
UjaU this morning, *■« have received
Du h paper* to ‘he 231 io-*t. and Ham
bur, pipers to the l5»b. According to
3ii ,'rti :le fro u rrie*te, date.I August 4, ‘
th-re >re accounts o! the Greek admiralty
being engaged i , preparing to transfer ’be
theatre ol war to Asia Minor, and to make
.hem'eIves masters ot Smyrna. It is at
urned. mat fyr the execution of thi* pro*
ject. the Greeks have assembled a flotilla
with a body of 12 000 troops, collected
|r«im the *everal »«lands in ’he Archipela*
g.» «Inch have sh*wn the greatest eager
u«!> m the cause ot independence.
The capt. Pacha is ?u he Ionian sea.
and on the coast ot f'andia, whei-e the
Greeks do not think they can undertake
any’ting important, because they have
bteii ab.e to prepare ,tor a vigurons de
fence on all tiie points (bat are threatened
The Divan, it is said, has r.-ceived m«
lor nation of tins expedition, n*i has sent
Ibrahim Pacha, with some thousand cho
sen troops, to NV.olta. He *s to take the
thief command of a Hew army that is or*
ganiirng there, oi which tiuop- be bj« ta*
ken ’rum Cwosi.ititinople, will turio the
vanguard* j
Tlie success of the Greek expedition
wi:i principally depend no the par’ that
tiieir numerous countrymen ol Asia take.
In !he meantime, it is repor’ed that the
cartf Picaa has received or lers from Con- ;
alantinoplu, to return with all hi* fleet to |
tiie coast of A«ia Minor, to attack the
Greek t^et. Ttve G»-eek expedition will
thus act a« a diversion to induce the cant.
Pacba to leave the Ionian sea and the
coast of Greece.
Since the above was in type, vve have ;
received the London Morning Chronicle ol ;
the i6ib and 2?th, from which we extract
tiie lolloping:
Lokdox, Aug. 2d.— Letters have been
receive J from Marseille*, siatmg that the
wliule of the Turkish fleet has been de
stroyed by the Greeks, with the exception
ul i’J *ail, and that these escaped in a
wretched condition. The same letters state
that t’ie Greeks have been successful he*
yon i tbeir hopes in Canlia; that by strata*
jp-n they induced the Turks to make a
sortie hi great numbers from Retimo,
wh^re their retreat wa* cut off. In all, 16.
* 4|0O Turks have lately met their late in
lia’ Island In l'bes*aly, Macedonia, and
th- Peloponnesus, success has also atteod
e t the exertions of ine Greeks.
uondox, ^ug zi— vve atiunea on non*
•lar last to the intelligence brought by a
vessel which left Corunna on the 14th, of
iHe future of an attempt made by the
frenr.h against that place on the ISth —
understand that a vessel which left
lerrolon the Mill, has arrived and that
one of the passengers reports, (hat no*-with
'’anding the pains taken by the French lo
prevent the inhabitants trom knowing what
was passing before Corunna, they had
'"und out that a desperate attempt was
•runlesjly made on the litb.
The same passenger states that the
trench had either exh-uisted all the coin*
*> idihles they could fin i in Ftrrol or des*
Hired of producing any effect on Corunna
r Hom vtrdigg p. consequence ot which
H'^v c**a*ed firing heavy ordnance, and
Withdrawn a greater distance troWi the
V'lut ot annoyance. De Bourck’s posi
”*n nad tUj become very precarious, thro’
P* * b mce of the Constitutionalists under
*1,,r*h an 1 the formation of new guerril
* P»rties iu the interior of the province,
v *h*rh nems he was unable to carry on
c"r,e>pondence unless by «ea In cm
h-qnence also .»f ai: expected attack in the
■ar, and the dangers wuh which a diffi
**' r#tr> a» wtvild be pregnant, after the
1 l,f'» o* the experiment oftakug Corun ,
'^Ffeuch commodore bad been re*

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