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«>ed to the moiinUms, ann Misolongbi
the point ot surrendering. .
Tw**ury-two Greek*. actustd ot being
pirates had been sent Irorn Smyrna to
CoWt#ot‘,,ul>,e* __
BAtT..M* RK, Der. 19-To tbe polite
ne-,a gentleman who came passenger
" [he schooner Abarilla, arrived hero last
fitieen d*y« from La Guayra
toe editors ot the American are indebted
nr regular files ot tbe Caracas Colombiano
a„d Iris to the 26th oil. inclusive.
TdeCoInmbiano of the last date con
.ain, .he ofik.al accountofth*t affairs which
preceded the capitulation ot Porto
p The Colombian Congress of 1824, is
summoned to meet on lbe day 0 JaDU*
ara decree of the Congress, dated lbe 4th
. * ,t declares that “the port ol tbe
n marine* ot Kio Hacba shall be exempt
[rom the payment ot all duties on
n ,,vision*, that may be introduced from
abroad, and necessary tor its consumption,
{or the period ot ten years.
'rejj |vt M enacted in consequence ot
,he dstressed state of the province ol Rio
Hacba owing t<» the occupation of Mara
caibo ’by Hie late contending armies ol
Spain and the Republic
\o o'ficial decree ot tbe Colombian Con
dated on the 6tli August, rejects
the c’:a m of Mr. Mackintosh of London,
f r un thousand suits ofcloatbing lurno-h
e,t 0M the faith ot contract entered into
wita Senor Luis Lopez Mendez.
Tbe Jate«t information received by tbe
rVombian Government from President
K ivaris of tbe M of last July from
southern department- enjoyed tran
ouditT with he eiception of tbe neighbor
hood of Pasto, which was still kept in a
laim by the rebel- who escaped Iroai the
action of Ibarra on tbe 18th ot July.
President Bolivar had thought ht to com
mission Brig Uen. Sucre to proced to Pe
ru. to give .“fleet to the aid granted to that
county, and in order to employ it in tbe
campaign with profit and advantage.—
Gmi. Sucre had arrived at Lima, where be
was received with every mark of respect
and attention.
Extract 0/ u Letter, dated
St JoHin. Porio Hico, Nov.?0.
An act of piracy has recently been com
m: t"l in the Mona pa«s-ge, on the schr.
^ohn. ot Nnw bury port, by a small schoon
er l about t**n tons, aimed with a swivel,
m i-ket« and knive-, and seven or eight
m n She was robbed of a thousand nol
la s jvorthol her cargo and some of her
The privateer Scipio has been stolen
out ol the port of Mayigue? by some ot
her crew.an t it is feared she will rob ev
ery vessel she may meet* She is a fast
sailer and mounts ten or twelve guns. It
is said she has no papers.
g Os Thursday Imst. tbe Elizabeth, bouod
to London, Philip Jonej, master, lett Que- j
bee with a fine breeze from the W. S. W.|
tbe river having every appearance of be
ing navigable and nearly tree from ice, and
continued down the river without any oh
struction trom the Ice until 3 A. M. ol the
following day, when they tell in with a
tron'l field ot ic%, which by day light in
creased so as to stretch completely across
the river; clewed up the fore-top-sail and
found it impossible to proceed .but in the
direction the ice was moving—the live? of
all on board being much exposed, it was
considered necessary to hoist the long boat
eight feet above the deck, so that in the
event ot any accident all bands might im
mediately take to the boat. They conti
nued in this condition until Sunday morn
ing, when tbe vessel struck oft St. Rocb—
sounded tbe pumps and found she made
bo wat«r—continued driving on tbe sbnals
with great violence until 10 A. M.— sound
ed the pumps again, and found six teet
wafer in the bold, tbe vessel at thu time
being on ber broad side—at hall past 10
she righted, there being then as much wa
ter in th» hold as there was along side—at
II A M. the brig was completely filled
with water; and at the rising tide very
large quantities of ice struck the vessel &
accumulated until it had risen as high as
the rails, the extreme pressure ot which
then caused the vessel to fall over on
her beam ends—all band? immediately
jumped into the long boat without being
able to save (lie least article of clothing.
At ten minute? past II the masts went by
the board, and tbe vessel turned keel up—
they then observed that part of her bottom
was out. The master pilot, and crew,
with the grea>e«t difficulty reached the
shore. On Monday the master went on j
tbe highest hill n*ar the river, and with a
glass endeavored to discover the vessel,
but without effect.
There i? much truth in the following re
mark of the facetious l'om Brown ; 4 If
no trades were allowed but tho?e which
are useful and necessary, Lombard street,
OkajMiJ*, and the Exchange might go a
beggmg ; for more are fed by our vanities
and vice?, than by our virtues, and tbe
•ecessitie? of nature.*
{T V Charity Sermon will
debvore d in 3t. Paul’s Church by the
Her. Uroroe A. Smith, on Sunday evr
•**g nett, at half past sit o’clock, when a
collection will be made to assist the funds
°[.lbe ’Female Sewing Society.* The
kM*?' of Ibis society is, to teach the poor j
tut'Iren of the town habits of findustry
neame-s, good order, and religion ; and
th is to cure the evils of pauperism by pre- i
tenting ih-m. It has under its care about 1
Jl«ty children, upon whose habits and
Ntnoers it has already given interesting
proofs <>t its beneficial effects. The mem*
**rs of the society consist, indiscriminate*
t, of persons from among the various re*
r Prime Sug ai\
US day will be landed from schr.
x ise, at (»eo. H. Smoot’s wharf,
1 (J '’Jgsheads prime Rarhados sugar, for
w,r s7 M- MlLLKKiS-SON.
uec iS
On Tuesday evening, the 16ll» inaf. by
the ttev. Mr Andrews, oi Alexandria,
Mr. Isaac G Hutton, ot Washington, to
ftiisi Rebecca Emmeltne Smith, the daugh
ter ot Mr. John Smith, ot Bloomfield, near
ARRIVED, Dec. 18.
Scb, Lucinda, Berry, Trinidad, 16 days;
sugar, specie, & molasses, to J. t J. Har
Ser. Lett at Trinidad—Ship Gleanor, of
I. York; briga Pegasus, of Providence, to
sail in 4 days; Underbill, Clark, of New
Haven, unc.
Schr. Success, Brown, Newhuryport,
M days; potatoes* apples, pears. &c. to J.
H Ladd & Co.
Schr. Alto, Moffitt, Baltimore, freight to
merchants of the District.
December 19.
Sloop Wa bingion, Sanford, New Bed
ford and New port, 12 ds; iron, oil <$• dry
I goods to T. H. Howland, A. C Caze
nove At Co.
Scbr Kose-in Bloom, Weeks, N. York.
6 days; full freight to merchants ot the I
Schr. Esther At Sally, Hand, Philadel
phia; freight to merchants ot the District,
Schr. Ann, Sing Portsmouth.
Scbr. Green, Johnson, Barbadoes.
Brig Margaret, Slocum, Barbadoes
Schr. Catharine, Done, 'Vest Indies.
Sloop Globe. Cole. Providence.
Prom our attentive C orreipondmt,
Beacon Office, Norfolk, Uec. 16.
Vessels left at St. Pierres, (Mart.) 28th
Nov. hy the schr, Emory Ai Lucy, Scar
borough, reported yesterday. Brigs Co*
cbeco, Perkins, of and lor Portsmouth,
(N. H.) uncertain; Camel. Tate, ot and
!n»m Salem, for St. Thomas 8th Dec ;
Sally Barker, Choate, of and from Do. tor
Chat lesion, 6tb Dec.; schooners Esther.
Bowen, ot and from Warren, lor do. in 6
days; William Ai Nancy, Morgan, of and
from Boston, discharging; Catharine, Brad
jey.of Bridgeport, from Portsmouth, for
Wilmington,' (N. C ) next dav; Susan,
Smith, of and from Newbem, (N. C.) un
Below, a U. S. schooner, supposed the
Fox, Lt. Com Kitchie, from Washington.
For Cape Haytien,
jML The very superior scbr. LU
OA&CINDA. George Fletcher, master,
burthen about 700 bbls. and will be ready
to load in a lew days. Apply to
Who have received hy said vessel, for sale,
*4 bM8* 1"a^ | MOLASSES
.obb-fT ^dj sugar
_dec 20_
Whiskey, Cheese, Molasses,
rI^HIS day landing from schooner Esther
JL Ai Sally from Philadelphia,
149 X'4£| »
SO casks cheese
Kegs ground and race ginger, and
1 pipe cognac brandy, superior to a
ny io the district
Also from schooner Lucinda,
17 hbd9 superior Trinidad mola?9es
Houses and Lots on Kent,
(At Fairjax Court*House, Fa,)
1 OFFER at this place, on rent for one
or more years, the brick store bouse, lot,
&c. now iu the occupation ot Mr. Thomp
son Simpson; the store bouse is in the
most public and best situation, and has
been occupied by Mr. Simpson tor many
years past, and has accommodated bira,
not only for a store, but that of a family.
Any person wanting sucb a situation, will
first call and view the premises. Tbe rent
shall be agreeable to the times. Also,
one or two small bouses with enclosed
lots, suitable for tradesmen, and a pronit
able situation tor a saddler, boot and shoe
maker, hatter, and Tailor. Also, several
half acre lots, on ground rent; tbe store
house 2d ot oext month: the other proper
ty may he bad immediately. Apply to
Draws again next Week.
The drawing of the Grand, State Lottery
of Maryland will be continued again on
tbe 24th iust,—Only six drawings remain
to complete the scheme and tbe great ca
pitals of
100,000 Dollars!
i prize of $20,000
2 do 10,000
1 do 5,000
9 do 1,000
are yet to be distributed— tbe whole pay
able in CASH.
Whole ticket* dI5 Oo I Quarters 3 75
Halves 7 5o | Eighths 1 87
To be had (warranted undrawn) at
Lottery Exchange Office, 114 Market*street,
Where more capital prizes have been
obtained than at any other office in Ameri
0^-Orders from any part of the United
States, by mail (post paid) or by private
conveyance, enclosing the rash or prize
tickets in any of tbe Baltimore lotteries,
will meet the usual prompt and punctual
attention, if addressed to
dec 20 J. I. COHEN, jr. Baltimore.
For Rent,
THE cellar under tbe three story brick
warehouse, occupied by tbe subscri
bers, on Fairfax street. It is a large com
modious cellar, perfectly dry at all seasons
and paved with brick, is suitable for sto
rage of any description, or would well ac
commodate a.boot-black* To a good ten
ant tbe rent would be moderate
nov 25 H If
Java Coffeej
dec tv KEHR k HI ZHUGh.
This is lo give Notice,
'I 'tHAT the subscriber, of Washington
L Coun'y, in the District ot Columbia
has obtained from the Orphans’ ('ourt oi
Alexandria County, letters ot administra
tion de bonis non, on the estate of Alex
ander Williams, late of the county last a
foresaid. deceased. All persons having
claims gainst the said decedent, are
hereby warned to exhibit the same to
tbe subscriber# passed by the Orphans’
Court, on or before the eighteenth day of
June next, or they may by law be exclu«
ed from all benefit to said estate i and
those indebted thereto are required to
make immediate payment- Given under
my hand ibis 18th December, 1823.
de boms non ol Alex’r Williams,
dec 2o law3w
1. the subscriber of Alexandria coun
ty, in the District of Columbia, hath ob
tained Irom the orphans court of Alexan
dria county, letters of administration on
the personal estate of Ann B;o>ke, late
ot said county, deceased. All persons
having claims against the said decedent,
are hereby warned to exhibit the same,
with vouchers to the subscriber passed by
the orphans court, on or belore the 18th
day ot .lone next, or they may by law be
excluded Irom all benefit to said estate,
*nd those indebted thereto are required
to make immediate payment- Given un
der my hand, this 18th day of December,
1823. JOHN GRAEFF, jr« adm.
of Ann Biooke.
dec 2o Iaw3w
PiiLiteas Jaline)
HAS just received per sloop Armada,
Irotn New Yi.rk, and offers for sale,
100 bags Sumatra pepper, entitled to
He has also now landing from scltnr. Cent,
from Boston,
, 14 tons Russia clean bemp, which will
be sold on moderate terms. dec 18
Now Lauding
FROM the sloop Armada, Kirtland,
from New York,
3 chests )
6 half chests } GUNPOWDER Do.
20 10 catty boxes )
For sale on liberal terms, by
dec 16
Louis Beeler,
HAS Just received for the approaching
Fresh Curants, ditto Prunes
Bunch Raisins, Muscatel do.
Soft shelled Almonds, Grapes
New York Pippins,
Oranges & Lemons, Cranberries
Pine Apple Cbee-e,
I A few qr. boxes Raisins of the best
quality, foreale wholesale or retail.
. Also, all sorts ot Confectionery, best
Spanish segars, and a vaiietyot Fancy
Articles. dec 16
Linens, &e.
5 cases superior 4-4 Irish linens
1 do 3 4 brown Hollands
1 do dowlas and toweling
2 do company flag handkerchiefs
1 do patent threads
For sale by C. k I. P, THOMPSON,
dec 13
William D. Nutt § Co.
HAVE just received an additianal as
sortment of beautiful
Figured fy Plain Silks,
Silk gimp, buttons 4* cords
Plushes ot various colors
Ostrich feathers
An assortment ol fancy bdkfs.
I piece superior white velvet, (for
Bine and mixed cassinet.
Fine worsted Angola hosiery
Rattinefts, flushings
and a variety of oilier articles too tedious
to mention, all ol which will be sold at the
most reduced pr.ces.
dec II_
Whiskey and Coffee.
AO barrels Baltimore whiskey
25 bags St, Domingo coffee, at a re
duced price, for sale by
Youn$> Hyson Tea.
SEVEN chests Young Hyson Tea, land,
mg this day, and for sale by
Ornamental Trees.
A QUANTITY of young Fir Treet,
for sale on board tbe sloop Favorite,
at Wm. Fowle ii Co’s, wharf.
THE Stockholder? of the Farmers’ Bank
of Alexandria, are hereby notified,
that an election of Thirteen Directors, for
the ensuing year, will be held at their
Banking House, on MONDAY, the 5lb
day of JANUARY next.
JOHN HOOFF, Cashier.
dec 11_tosO®_
Notice to Drovers.
THE subscribers wish to purchase from
two to three thousand
weighing an average of about 175 lbs. of
The best quality Prove Pork,
j and about one hundred thousand weight of
First quality Wagoned Pork\
to be put up for select families* for which
will be paid, in CASH, tbc? best market
dec? 11
20 Dollars Reward.
Lost on Sunday, 7th Dec. between
Piscataway and Troy, a red Morocco
Pocket Book,
containing pl96 in bank notes, viz: on
*»f i»5i> onU.5. Bank; 3or 4 d?o notes
' n U. S Bank; one d2o note on the Bank
of Columbia, a good tbal worn; the
balance is D\0 notes, except one Db note
— several notes of hand, «£c. ot no use to
any person except the owner. Any per*
son delivering the pocket book, with its
contents, or giving information so (bat i
get it, shall receive the above reward*
dec 18 3t
Brew ster’s New York Cortes
Tl e subscriber has jus; receiv
ed from New York, of the cele*
brated Brewster, a handsome
fcassortment of
of the best quality-; and has made arrange
ments to be constantly supplied with his
most fashionable hats. t-»entlemen want
ing fashionable hats would do well to call
and examine lor themselves. He has also
on. band Philadelphia first quality beaver
dec 18
Bxj Authority of the Commonwealth
of Virginia.
Quantico Canal Lottery,
1 Frize of g5,000 is £5,000
1 Prize of 2,090 . . 2,090
8 Prizes of £00 . « 1,600
50 Prizes of 50 . . 2,500
200 Prizes of 16 . . 3,200
1500 Prizes of 8 . . 12,000
1760 Poizes |g26,390
2300 Blanks
4060 Tickets
This is a Lottery formtd by tbe combi
nation ol 30 numbers, and the prizes there
in will be determined as follows:—Thirty
numbers, irotn i to BO inclusive, will be
put into a wheel, five ol which will be
drawn out. The whole number of tickets
in tbit Lottery^will consist, as may be seen
by the above Scheme, ol 4060 tickets, on
each of which there will be three of the 30
nnmbers; and that ticket having on it the
1st, 2d, and 3d numbers, drawn from tbe
wheel, will be entitled to the highest
prize; that having on it the 3J, 4th, and
6th numbers drawn as aforesaid, will be
entitled to the next highest prize ; all oth*
ers having on them 3 of the drawn num
bers,being 8 in number, will each be en
titled to a prize ol 200 dollars: all those
having on them 2 of the drawn numbers,
and those two, the 2d and 3d, or tbe 2d
and 4th, will each be entitled to a prize of
60 dollars :■ those having any other two of
tbe drawn numbers on, will each be enti
tled to prizes ot 16 dollars ; and all those
with any one ol the drawn numbers on.
(being l5oo,) will each be entitled to a
prize of 8 dollars
No ticket, which shall have drawn a
prize of a superior denomination, can be
entitled to an inferior prize.
Frizes payable 30 days after the draw
ing. and subject, as usual, to a deduction
of 15 per cent
Tbe manager is desirous to complete
tbe raising of tbe money authorised by
law for the Quantico Canal as speedily as
possible, and trusts he will be aided in tbe
accomplishment of this object by a gene
rous community The amount for which
he has given security, together with tbe
responsibility of his sureties are such, that
adventurers may leel the utmost safety as
to tbe punctual payment ol tbe prizes.
Richmond. lAlh JVov , 1823.
Having been requested by Mr Archi
bald M’lntvre, the Manager of ihe t^uan
tico Canal Lottery, to examine the prin
ciples on which Lotteries are formed bv
the combination of number, a plan which
be purposes to pursue in raising the money
which he is authorised, by hi-* contract
with the commissioners, to raise ; and
having attentively examined the princi
ples on which such Lotteries are formed ;
we have no hesitation in declaring, that,
in our view, the plan is perfectly lair and
correct. We have particularly examined
the scheme of bis first class, consisting of
4060 tickets formed by the combination
ot 30 numbers; and find, that ibe amount
of tbe prizes which must, of necessity, be
drawn therein,by tbedtawing o!5out of the
30nomber? as proposed by the scheme, is
D26.390, which is the amount ot tbe 4060
tickets at tbe scheme price of D6 50; con
sequently, no other profit can accrue to
tbe said Commissioners, or to Mr. M’ln
tyre, on tbe sale of all the tickets in the
scheme, at that price, than the 15 per
cent- to be deducled Iroro the prizes
We are also of opinion, this plan has a
decided preference over tbe old, on ac
count of tbe celerity and accuracy of the
determination of the prizes. It precludes
tbe possibility of.tbe commission ot frauds
or mistakes in tbe drawing, and saves
much waste ot time and expense.
By the drawing ot this Class in the
month ot January next, in tbe city ol Rich
mond, prizes to the amount ol D26,390
will be distributed in five minute*
Ticket* in tbe greatest variety ot num
bers, for sale at UZ. For lucky numbers*
please forward your orders »o
Lottery 4* Exchange Office, King tlreet,
dec 18
f f^HE subscriber will offer at public sal*
X on Uie premises, on Saturday, the
20th December next,
d Lot of Ground
With the Buildings At Improvements*
on the north -ideol Prince-street, 60 ftet
to tbe eastward ot Patricb-street, in front
on Prince street 43 feet ft inches, in deptb
loo leet, to a 15 leet alley. Tbe above
*ale will be made under the authority of *
deed ot trust from Mrs. B. Mandeviile, to
secure a debt due to W. C. Newton.
Sale to commence at Ii o’clock. Term*
cash. R. |. TAYLOR.
<>ct 16 _ tgoD
This Day,
At 12 o’clock, will be sold on Janney’*
wbarl, 24 heavy bbds very superior'
Retailing Sugar.
The cargo ol the schr. Lucinda, Capt.
i Berry. Terms liberal and made known
i g| sale.
dec 20 S- A MARSTELLEK, auc.
'lo ftight
WILL be sold at tbe auction store at
excellent lot ot
Books, Stationary, Fancy
articles, kc. N. B. Persons wishing goods
sold, Will please bring them early in tbs
dec 20__
AT 10 o’clock, will be sold at the auc*
lion store, lo bhds sugar, lo chest*
tea, 2 bbls pimento, Jo bags coffee, with
a variety of other groceries. Also a large
lot of new and second band furniture.—
Also flannels, kerseys, cloths, cassimeres,
hosiery, vestings, bdkfs, kc kc. Will be
added to the sale,, a few drums Sultana
raisins, a few hundred fresh oranges, 4x.
dec2o 3, A MAkSTELLKK.
On Tuesday,
Jhwn>a Will be added to the sale at
■ *!{ the auction office, at 10o’clock, a
Igfij House and Lot of Ground in lee
simple. The house is two stories
high, pleasantly situated at the upper end
of the town, in a healthy vicinity, k near
good water. O^-Sold for cas(J>
| dec 20 S. A. MARSTELLER, auc.
—_- __
A fresh supply of
rpHE subscribers have just received in
1 addition to their former stock, a well
selected and complete assortment of sea
sonable goods, ron*i?ting in part of
Super and superfine London and common
blue and black cloths
Do do do olive, brown and drab do
Do do do blue and black cassimere*
Do do do coronation and drabs plain and
striped do
Cassinets, blues and blue and grey mixed
from Sykes’ factory
Hose, whitney, point and duffil blankets
Red, white and yellow flannels
Fearnaught, flushing and booking buzzes
Blue and drab plains
I Devonshire and marble kerseys
1 Linsey woolsey, burlaps and ticklenburg*
1 Russia sheetings and diapers
j Irish linens and long lawns
1 Linen cambric and brown hoHands
: Bandanna and flag bdkls
Spiltlefield new fashion twilled silk hdkfs
6-4 4-4 3-4 cotton check*, Dorchester bed
Rhodes’ bombazets, plain and figured, of
various colors
Black botubazeen
4*4 new fashion super French chintz
7 8 do do London do
And a general assortBient of low priced
Indigo blue plaid domestics
4-4 7*8 3-4 bleached and brown shirtings
and sheetings, from the celebrated
Blackelone factory
Lambs wool, worsted and Vigooa balf and
long hosiery
Black Italian and hatband crape
Canton and Nankeen crapes, in pieces and
Mull, jaconet and cambric muslins, kc
And a great variety ot other article*, too
numerious to mention, all cl which will
be sold very low for cash or to punctual
customers, as usual. AKo.
15.000 lbs, Cotlou l (ivnf
from (be Union and Powhatan manulaclo*
ries, in Baltimore, as also from the Pater
son factory, N. J.
'‘Cheap Cash Store, corner of Kmg and
dec 13_Fairfax street*.
Best ChewingTobacro.
£f) HALF kegs manufactured t< bacco,
^ 8’s, I0’s, 12’s,and pound twists. Bar*
clay’s brand, warranted superior to any in
the District. Just received by the scbr.
John, capt. Burke, from Richmond; for
sale by JOHN D. BROWN, Agent,
aug 19 M
Bacon Smoking Establish*
ment on Washingtomstreet.
HE subscriber will receive at bis
Smoke House, on Washington street,
back ot hi9 sugar house, one hundred thou*
•and weight ot Pork, which be will smoke
with good sound hickory, if delivered at
tbe same time, and taken away in one bo*
dy, at tbe rtte of one dollar per thousand
weight of perk, and at t 60 per thousand
weight ot pork, it continued in tbe smoke
house during the fcummer, to be taken a*
way at tbe convenience ot tbe owner, an
hour being affixed for delivery each day;
in that case tbe utmost attention will be
given to smoke it, at all times when requi*
red to preserve the meat in a sound state.
In either case the meat will be at my
risque against fire and theft*
Immediate application is requested to
be .made, in ordet to ascertain whether a
sufficient quantity can be obtained to
make it an object worthy of attention.
dec 9 tC

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