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Virginia Legislature.
Richmond, December 15, 1823.
A letter was received from the Go- j
vernor, requesting to know what was ,
trt be done with the child of a negro
woman, who was condemned to
death ; she was, however, ordered
for transportation by the execute,
but*died during her confinement.—
This child was born after she was
imprisoned. The question was, whe
ther the child was not the property of
the commonwealth. I he case was
referred to the committee for Courts
of Justice,
The bill, * authorizing the people
of color in the city of Richmond to
build a church,’ was indefinitely post
poned, by 12* to 59 votes.
rhe bill for * funning a new coun
ty, of part of the counties of Ran
dolph, Monongalia, Harrison, and
Preston,’ was also indefinitely post
On motion of Mr. Morris, of Ha
nover, a resolution was adopted to
instruct the Committee of Schools A
Coll-ges to inquire into the must ex
pedient method of putting tit® Cul
vers. yjnto up ration.
Y’ sie.rday, the engrossed bill, ‘ in
corporating tlie Lewisbnrg Circula
ting Library Company in the county
of Greenbrier,* was read the third j
time and .*a>se !.
Ad eng owed bill, ‘to amend an
t-H'iii* d ‘ an act auMi prizing se
parate cl ctions in the counties ol
Montgomery, Rand Iph, and Wash,
ington,* passed .'larch 10th* 1819,*
was read a third time and passed.
An engrossed hill, • concerning R.
C. Fulkerson/ was aim read a third !
time and passed.
An engrossed bill, * changing the ,
tiro* of holding certain courts/ was
also read a third time and passed.
These sevrral bills were sent to
the Senate for their concurrence,
Mr. Bowyer presented the lollow
ing resolution, from the Committee
0f Propositions and Grievances;
which, as it interesting to our fellow
citizens of Norfolk, we present in
tletaJ: . .
« Resolved, As the opinion of this
Committee, That the petition of sun
dry aubsci ibers, citizens of the Bo
rough of Norfolk, praying that the
General Assembly, in pursuance of
the established policy, to bring jus
tice as far as possible, home to tin*
doors of t.«eir felhiw-citiaeiis, and to
give the inhabitants of said Borough
their jusi share of the benefits of the
present judicial system, will be gra
ciously pleased to grant them a Su
perior Court ol L,aw in and t• *r the
Borough, separate and distinct from
that of the coun y as already estab
lished by law, with such provisions
in relation to the same, as may be
found uecessary and proper in the
case, is reasonable/
The House loncurred in this reso
lution, and ordered a bill to be brought
in accordingly. -
Mr. Blackburn, f om the Commit
tee for Courts of Justice, made a re
' port of two resolutions: 1st, ‘that
the petition of George Winston and
Pleasant Winston, praying for rea*
-sons therein set forth, that the fur
ther time of two, three, and four
years may be allowed them to satisfy
the judgment rendered in the Gene
ral Couit, in June, 1818, against
James A.Campbell, agent of the Pe
nitent ary, and the said George Win
ston and otln rs, as his securities, up
on the petitioners paying the interest
which may accrue thereon hall year
ly, is reasonable and 2dly, for di
vorcing Margaret Cox, of Gmmbii
«r County, a vinculo matrimonii,
from Henry Cox her husband. The
House concurred in both these reso
A Committee was appointed to ex
amine the mate of the Armory, con
sisting of Messrs. Rutherford, Hun
gerford, Breckenridge, Sexton, Eve
rett, Goggin. Kinclieloe, Pollard, of
Ring William, ColUro, and Craw
Another resolution reported by the
Committee for Courts of Justice, w as
read—acceding to the petition of E
lixabetli Mills, of Albemarle, who
prays for a divorce from Martin L.
Mills, her husband.—The House
concurred in the resolution,
A resolution was also reported
from the Committee of Prepositions
and Grievances, acceding to the pe
tition of sundry inhabitants of the ci
ty of Richmond; who pray that a
law may pass, directing that the
quarterly terms of the Hustings court
for th« city of Richmond, shall here
after be holden in the months of Feb
ruary, April, July, and October in
©very year, instead of llie times now
pre-crib«‘d by law. The House con
curred in this resolution.
Ob Mr* Blackburn’s motion, the
committee of the whole House was
discharged from farther considering
the hill * for the relief of Robt. Duu
tliat'_and it was ordered to be en
grossed and read the third time. It
will be recollected, that this subject
was made the order of the day for
this day; but from the remarks
thrown out yesterday, it appeared
that one gentleman in opposition to
the bill was not ready to go into the
argument, and that the question will
not probably be taken up for seveial
On Mr. Davenport's motion, the
House came to the resolution to pro
ceed jointly with the Senate, on the
5th day of January next, to the elec-j
tion of a Register of the Land Office,
for one year from the 1 Oth day of
that month.
On motion of Mr. Thompson, of ■
Norfolk County,
Resolved, That the Committee of
Finance be instructed to inquire into i
the expediency of so amending the!
laws directing the manner of collect- i
ii»g militia fines, as to authorise the I
appointment of collectors from time
to time, of such fines, in all such
counties as have no regularly quali
fied sheriff* bound for the collection
thereof/_— I
Tbe subscriber having purchased
all me stock jq trade ol Sam'l D |
Harper, such as HA T5 4* t UKS,
^ _ . >;»es by due attention, to merit |
pub .c - iironage. He expects daily troin
New York, Brewster’s best Beaver rials,
Marine Insurance Company oj Alex
f 1^1 IE stockholders will please take no
i lice (bat an election tor fiftnn direc
tort will be beld at the office ol said com
pany, on Thursday 15th January next,,
j iroin lo till 2 o’clock.
The transfer books will be closed from
2 o’clock on Saturday ibe lolhef January,
until tbe election is closed.
J. B. NJKOLLS, Sec’y
dec 6_lawt I5J
This is to give Notice,
"I^HAf the subscriber, of Washington
JL County, in the District of Columbia,
has obtained Irom the Orphans’ Court of
Alexandria County, letter* testamentary
on the estate of Caleb Brady, late ot the
county last aforesaid, deceased. All per
sons having claims against the said dece
dent, are hereby warned to exhibit tbe
same to the subscriber, passed by the Or
phan*’ Court, on or before (be 17th day of
May next, or they may by law, be exclud
ed from all benefit to said estate ; aim
those indebted thereto are required to
make immediate payment- Given under
toy hand ibis 17th November.
JAMES BKAl)Y, Exec’r
oov 18—3w _of Caleb Bra i\, dec.
This is t) give Ncticc,
*PHAT the subscriber of Alexandria
J. county, in the District of Columbia,
has obtained Irom the Orphans’ Court ot
said counly, letters of administration on
the estate ol Jeremiah D *well, late ot ihe
aforesaid coun’y. deceased— All persons
having claims against the -aid decedent,
are hereby warned to exhibit the s.me,
with tbe vouchers thereof, to the >ub.-cri
ber, passed by the Orphans’ Court; on or
be lore die 25*h day of May next, or they
may by law be excluded fioai all -enefit :o
said estate, and those indebted thereto
are required to m3ke immediate payment.
Given under my band this 25th day of
November, 1823.
of Jeremiah Dowell, deceased,
mov 25Iaw3w
JL the subscriber 'of Alexandria coun
ty , in tbe District of Columbia, hath ub
tained from the orphans court ol Alexan
dria county, letters of administration on
the personal estate of Charles Norris, late
of <said county, deceased. All person*
having claims against tbe said decedent,
are hereby warned to exoibil the same,
with vouchers to the subscriber passed by I
tbe orphans court, on or belore the 15th
day ol May next, or they may by law be
excluded from all benefit to said estate,
and those indebted thereto are required
to make immediate payment- Given un
der my hand, this I5tb day of November,
1823. JAMES NOK1US adm.
of Charles Norris deceased. <
nov 15 _ Iaw3w
Mahogany Furniture.
^I^rfE subscriber has on hand and for
X sale, a laige quantity ol handsome
crotch and shaded St. Domigo Mohagany,
in Logs, Flanks and Boards, which he will
sell low for Cash- Also, ou band and for
sale, a quantity of elegant
Fashionable Furniture,
warranted equal, it not Bsuperior. to any
in the District: Consisting of Sideboards,
Ladies’ Secretaries, Gentlemen’s Secreta
tries and book cases, Ladies’ Work Tab
bies, Dining and Breaktast Tables, Ward
robes, Bureaus. Clock cases, Wash stands,
Caudle stauds, Bedsteads, Cradles, So
pbas, Chairs, &c. &c- which furniture he
will sell low tor cash, barter, or approved
All orders for furniture thankfully re
ceived and executed in the neatest and
most substantial manner. Orders from
the country, for materials, promptly atten
ded to.
and all kinds of upholstering done on the
i cheapest terms WILLIAM GREEN,
Cabinet Maker, Royal-street, nearly op
posite the market.
undertaken or the lowest terms.
July 4 3m
Valuable Property To Rent.’
^T^HE subscriber will rent the establish'
I rnent of her late husband, at West
' EwD and give Immediate possession It
Mconsists of a Convenient Dwelling
House, containing lour rooms oo
the first ‘floor, and thiee lodging
rooms, a good dry cellar, kitchen,
meat bouse, barn ami stables; also, a
fhe whole in good order; a large garden,
of nearly an acre* with a choice collection
of fruit. Anneied to this establishment is a
. rich and productive, of about two or three
' acres, on a part (# which there is a line
bearing orcbaid. It will be rented low to
a good tenant.
dec 6 _law3w
Potomac Company.
a general meeting ol the proprietors
of the Potomac Cornpauy has been ap-;
| pointed, to be held at the Columbian Inn,
' in Georgetown, L). C on Monday the 22d
: day of December next, at 11 o’clock, for
! the purpose of considering certain import
! ant matters regarding their interests which
, will be then submi'ted to them.
J. M ASON, Presd’t Po. Com.
Georgetown, Nov. 2qH)22
Little River Turnpike Co.
yovember 25, |823.
rI^HE Stockholders in this institution
I will meet at H. Clagett’s Hotel, in
(he town ol Alexandria, on FRIDXY, the
NINTH day of JANUARY, 1824, lor
! (he purpose of electing a President, lour
Directors, and a Treasurer—also, for set
I tlement of the accounts ol the last year.— 1
On the following day, the Superintendents i
! of «h« road, and Collectors of Tolls at all
the gates, will be appointed.
JONAH THOMPSON, Treasurer. ■
nov 27 stJ 12 j
THE subscribers would again remind
those who have accounts with them,
that but a short time longer can possibly be ,
given for tbe closing of all the busings of
the firm ol S. & D. Reed, and that in fu-1
ture no ciedit will be given at tbeir stole,
and hope none will a-k it, as they shall be
under the necessity ol retusmg indiscrimi
N. B. A general assortment of good
for sale on reasonable terms at the old
stand, (or cash only. blLAS REED,
oct 16 if DAVID REED:
Beaver il}it&,ete.
Ju*t received*: tor sale
( < complete assurtcueniGli
lieaver and Castor Hats,
making my assortment very c* n.piete.—
Gentlemen in want of good and cheap
hafs are respectfully invited to call -md ex
amine for themselves- I can a?-ure ihem
they will he pleased with the aiiirle and
price Also, a tew elegant
ot the latest fashion tor ladies and chil
dren, witb a variety of lancy arliclor
sate on accommodating terms. I he v
i a ,e arrargetr.ents to he supplied froo. A.
York, Philadelphia anl Baltitnoie wnb
toe latest fashions and the best quality
O^y-Orders can be furnished at the short
est notice, if ieli at my nt-.iv con.mi-ion
hat and shoe store, Kmg-S'treet, Aiexn’a.
nov 6
'I^HE subscriber respectfully ir.icrn1
1 his friends 4: the public, that he he-*
removed to the next >qmre below hi? lo. -
mer establishment, in a brick hcu?e» i.e ir
ly opposite to the Mechanic’s Bank of A
exandria, on the South side el Kmg street,
where he carries on the! ,
Saddle and H inters Malting
in all its various branches. He tender*
nis grateful acknowledgments to his cus
tomers ior the distinguished patronage
1 he has received from them. His friend?
and the public aie assured of prompt ac
commodations; be !eels confident that
with the aid ol some ol the best wotk
men and a constant supply ol the most
choice, materials, he will be able to ren
der ample satisfaction to those who may
please to favor him with their applications
by order or otherwise.
Patent Elastic Saddles.
The complaint against hard and uneasy
saddles, which is for the most part a just
and general one, and is reaby a great grie.
vance to those who have mm h riding to
do, has caused him to turn In? mind par*
ticularly to that subject, with a view, i;
possible, to remedy the evil. He can
with confidence assure the public that he
has accomplished it. The plan projected
is by means of strong and well tempered
steel springs, so constructed as to support
the saddle seat and give much greater ease
to both rider and borse, than saddles made
in the common way or any other that he
ha? ever seen can possibly do. The plan
is entirely different from the English elas
tic saddles with spring bars ot steel,
whalebone, 4ic. and also from those with
wire springs, and he conceives much su
perior to either,a9 the elasticity is great
er, and the tree not being put out oi its o
riginal form, will not be subject toburtiig
horses on journeys, which is complaint £
of in the saddles with spring bars A
| number of gentlemen have those saddles
now in use, and but one sentiment ex;6i»
among them in favor of their superiority
The invention is equally as applicab.e to
ladies’ saddles as to gentlemen’s. In
point of durabiliry they will be warranted
equal to any other saddles and superior to
The Alexandria Museum
Is open in the forenoon Irom 10 to 12 o’*
clock, and from 3 to 5 o'clock afternoon.
For Sale,
aWifc Hill, lately owned by JMr. Norton,
Site' bei'^ about Twenty'one Acres,
welI enclosed; mi tbe little river
turnpike road, two miles Irom Alexandria,
The garden contains many valuable shiubs
vines, and truit trees. The situation is
handsome and healthy.
Possession may be had immediately.—
The time of payment will be reasonably
extended to suit the puicbaser.
may 27—tf WM. CKANCH.
Sugar, Java Coffee, £$c.
IAN DING from the sebr. Alert and
.isloop Brothers, lOhbds. St. Croix.su
gar weighing from ICoo to I800 lbs each
20 bags Java coffee
3 pipes 4th proot cognac braudy, repre*
sented to be of good quality
20 qr casks French Madeira wine, repre*
tented to be of superior quality
100 reams wrapping paper
i 15 cask9 prime Goshen rhpese, lor sale
Charles County Court,
August Term, 1823.
N application to the judges of Charles
j-ounty coart, by petition in Writing
ot Hezekiah I Dement, of Charles coun
ty. for (he benefit of the act ol Assembly tor
the relief of insolvent debtors, passed at j
Nov session. 18U5, and *he several sup-1
plements thereto, on the terms mentioned
therein, a schedule of bis property and a ,
list of bis creditors on oatb, so lar as be
can ascertain litem, being annexed to bis
petition and being satisfied by competent
testimony that the said Hezekiab T. De
ment has resided two years immediately
j preceding the time of bis application in
the state ot Maryland, and being also sa
, lisfied that the said Hezekiab T. Dement,
: is in actual confinement for debt, and lor
‘ no other cause; ard the said Hezekiah T.
! Dement having entered into bond with
! sufficien' security for bis personal appear*
[ ante in Charles county court, to answer
such allegations as his creditors may make
against him l< is therefore ordered and
adjudged, that 'he said Hezekiah T. De
ment he dischaiged from imprisonment,
and that hy causing a copy ol this order I
to be inserted in one ot the newspapeis !
edited in the district ol Columbia, once a j.
week lor two months successively before
the third Monday in March next, he give
notice to bi3 creditors to appear be'ore the j
sai ] c 'urt, at Port Tobacco, in the said .
comity, on the said third Monday in March j
next, lor the purpose ot recommending a I
trustee tor (heir benefit and to shew cause '
il any they have, why the said Hezekiab
'J' Demeul should not have the benefit of
the several insolvent laws of this stale as
prayed ’lest
dec 9 __2m
Charles County Court,
Jiugusi Term. 1823.
ON application to the Judges ol Charles
county court, by petition in writing
! of Joseph Davis, of Charles county, tor
the benefit ot the act ol Assembly lor the
rebel of insolvent debtors, passed at No
vember session, 1800, and the several
supplement thereto, on the terms men
tioned therein, a schedule ot his property
and a lis* ot hia creditors, on oath so tar
*« he can ascertain them, being annexed
to bis petition; and being satisfied by com
p-tent testimony, that the said Joseph Da
vis bas resided two years immediately
preceding lie time ol bi9 application in
the state ot Maryland and being also sa
Usfi- d 'b »t ’be said Joseph Davi* is in ac
tual confinement, tor debt, and lor no oth
er cause; and tire said Joseph Devi!, hav
ing entered into bond with sulhcient se
curity tor Ins personal appearance in
f 'hailes county court, to answer such alle
gations as bis creditor* may make against
j him: It ts therefore ordered *u 1 adju Iged,
I tnat tiie said Joseph Davis be discharged
I frum imprisonment, and that by causing a
i cop> or tin? order to lie inserted in one of
toe i! w * papers edited in the District of
| ( {»lumbia» once a week tor two months
1 <uccessiv* ly before the third bonday in
March next, be give nuMce to his credi
tors to appear belore the said court at
Port Tobacco, in the '•aid county, on the
said third Monday in Match next, tor the j
purpose of recommending a trustee for [
their benefit, and to shew cause, if any
they have, why the said Joseph Davis)
should not*have the benefit ot the several
insolvent laws ol this *tate ar prayed.
'J est, JOHN BAKNfcS, cl’k.
dec 9 2in
Charles County Court,
August Term, 1823.
ON application to tue judges ol Cb tries
county court, by petition ju w riting
ot Thus. M Garner, ot Chailes county,
for the benefit ol the act ot assembly for
the reliet ot insolvent debtors, passed at
! November session, 1805, and the several
“upplements thereto, on the terms men
tioned therein, a schedule of his property
and alisiot bis creditors, on oath, so tar
as he can ascertain them, being annexed
to his petition; and being satisfied by
I competent testimony, that the said Tbos.
M Garner has resided two years imme
diately preceding the time of bis appli
cation in the state of Maryland; and being
also satisfied that the said Tbos.M Game/
i« in actual confinement lor deb*, and lor
no other cause; and the said Thomas M
<iarner having entered into bond with suffi
cient security, for his personal appearance
in Charles county court, to answer such
allegations as his creditors may make a
gainst him : It is therefore ordered and ad
judged. that the said Thos. M. Garner be
tischarged from imprisonment, and that
Gy causing a copy ot this order to be in
-erted in one ut the newspapers edited m
the District ot Columbia, once a week tor
'wo months successively before the third
Monday in March next; giving notice to
nis creditors to appear before the said
court at Fort Tobacco, in the said county,
on the said third Monday in March next,
for the purpose of recommending a trustee
tor their benefit, and shew cause, if any
they have, why (he said Thos. M. Garner
should not have the benefit ol the several
insolvent laws ot this state as prayed.
Tes», JfMiN KARNES. Herk.
nov 99 law2oi
To Let,
■ The lie-use ar.o Store f nftj"
J> occupied hy He subscribe„„,
._|j corner ot Fairtaiaod K.ns eir. ,1
1 13 considered a good -i- nri i ’
any mdofU^., and will be‘rented
low to a good tenant.— For terms ,i2
<°Dot) Thomas
Vinegar, etc.- —*
rpHE subscribers have on hand a |ar,„
4. h“?,P'y 01 llie U“ Picttin- vioIZ
which they can recommend Al snar*
general assortment of the best * *
(Groceries, Wines, Liquors,etc
Ml «Xr'ed
|,,,|by Wm H.Carne,on KaiI)P •“
* * I wharl. I he situation is com,Z
ed as good as any other in town, a^i
as above-_an V 7
pORthecureolCoophs.Cold. Aath.
Uio a'“’a <;i0"'unij,ll"n‘- Spin,,,, of
liloodand all disorder, of the Ji,em
and Lungs, prepared by Dr. Clark.on
reeman. Hua specific j. extract
ed by a chemical proce..,, frcu,
herb., root., plant, and flower. wjJ
in their greatest perfection, md i. 0f a
bal.amic healing aperient and anodvna
nature, open, all obstruction, of t|,0
breast. and lung., promote, expectora
tion, strengthen., clean, and heal,
the tender inflamed lung., carries off
the slow inward and hectic fever ro
motes digestion, strengthen, the nerve.’
increases the appetite, and revive, t)/
low drooping .pint.,
Lancastfr County, as.
For the information of the public 1
do hereby certify, that the Mlo« we
persons, whose name, are herein men.
turned, personally appeared before me
the subscriber, due otthe justice.ol the
peace in and for the County of Lane*
ter: and being duly .worn and
ed, severally deposed and decUt en that
tLey had made use of Dr. C. Freeman .
Cough Drop, (or Indian Specific) upon
themselves witlr the greatest .ucce.s
for curing of coughs, cold., a.thmas*
consumptions, spitting of blood, ke and
hat in every instance their effect, were
omplete and infallible, will appear by
he following testimony of tho.e who
nave used them.
HenjamiB Wilson, aged 53 years of
Bucks county, exceedingly ill jor ^p.
wards of 2 years, with a dry cough and’
spitting of matter from his iungs, hec
tic fever, night sweats and reduced to a
mere skeleton; a complete cure by
using the specific for two months. *Af
tinned 7th October, Jbl9.
John Kendrick, aged 27 years, of
Lampeter township,a long tin.e exceed
ingly ill with a dry cough, pain in his
breast, tever and night sweats: a com.
pletc cure t>y using two botlieg. Affirm*
med 20th Dec. Ibl9,
I M- Thomas, aged 39 years, of
Lampeter township, a long time’ ill
with coughs, hoarseness, spitting of pu*
| ruient matter from his lungs, fever and
night sweatg,a complete cure bv using 4
bottles. Affirmed 6th January, 1619.
Jo)>u Montgomery of do. very ill with
a most violent cough, spitting of matter
mixed with blood: a complete cure by
UBingthe2 bottles, and it )s now lOyears
since he used the specific and do return.
Affirmed 6»h January, 1819,
John Barr, aged 25 years of Stras
burg township, a long time ill with
cough and symptoms as before stated;
a complete cure by using 2 bottles.—
Aflinned 19th November, 1807.
lieney Bird, aged 26 years, of do. ft
long time exceedingly ill with cough,
fever and night sweats and symptoms
as above stated—a complete cuie by
uning two bottles Affirmed 2d Aug.
Andrew Weice’e daughter Susanna,
aged 25 years of do. a long time ill of
cough, spitting of blood and matter
from her luogs and symptoms as above
stated and ail the hair came off her
head, a complete cure by using 4 bot
tles. Affirmed 22d Nov 1817.
Henry Dehoff, of the city of Lancss*
ter, aged 23 years, with cough and spit
ting of blood from his lungs, a long
time,a complete cure by using one bot
tle, and is now one year anc tour mun'hl
and no return. Affirmed 29th of Nor.
William Green, aged 39 years, of
Columbia, ruptured a blood vessel and
the blood rushed from his lungs, and
continued by spells for nearly two days;
a complete cure by using one bottle,
and is now upwards of ten years and no
return of the bleeding from his lungs
since. Sworn to 13th Dec. 1815.
Adam Werfell, of Conostogo town
ship, aged 45 years, was a longtime
exceeding ill, upwards of three month*
confined to his room—cough and eo«
pious spitting of matter from hislunga>
night sweats, &c. a complete core by
using 5 bottles of specific. Atfir®*^
22d Aug. 181 d.
In 'estimony whereof,I have her*®®
to aflixed my hand and seal, this Ifitb
day of February, 1818, in the city of
(JTA fresh supply of thi*
Specific, price $ 1 per bottle, is eoa
stantlv for sale by
DRUGGIST, Kmg'Street, Alex'*.
July 25
Scatty executed at th* Gozettt GJfc*.

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