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To TUairt*
The brick warehouse on our
f wharf, recently occupied bv Win. L.
Kennelv as a ship chandlery and_
_kgrocery^ for which the stand is equal
to aov m the place. The rent will be mode*
rate. K WM. FOWLEfcCo.
dec 13
Murdock, Yuille, Wardrop
T IE subscribers agents for the above
house, have received by the bng Marths
arrived at New-York, the Wines ordered thro
them, which will be shipped round by the
next packet. They will also receive by this
arrival, a large addition to their present stock,
in Pipes, Hogsheads and Quarter Casks, war
ranted of the best quality, and now for sale at
importation cost. . .
Those gentlemen who have not been in the
habit of having their wine especially ordered
for them In Madeira, and may be disposed to
do it in future, will please forward their or
ders at any time to __
}Vho hare on consignment, <md for sale on the
usual terms, a supply of inferior wines.
L- P. market Madeira
Cette do
Sherry, dry and sweet Malaga do
Claret in cases
Cognac Brandy
Holland and country gin
St. Croix and N. E. rum
Prime green and Java coffee
Muscovado anti refined sugars
Molasses, common and old whiskey
Winter ami summer strained oil
Common whale do
fresh salad _ d°
Sperm, mould and dip’t candles
Castile and common soap
Cut nails and brads 2d to 40il
Nail rods and hoop iron
Swedes iron •
Window glass (all sizes)
Mess pork and beef
Cargo No. 1 do , ,
Manufactured tobacco, every description
Dupont's gun powder
Fresh olives and prunes, kc. kc. dec o
AVV the Capitals tfalA l
•OMEN'S OFFICE, No. 114 Market-street.
Biltimohe, Nov. 30,1825
We had the pleasure this morning of paving,
as usual on presentation, the capital ot 7 a.
THOUSAND DOLLiRS; drawn on the 9th
inst. in the Grand State Lottery of Maryland,
bv No. 38010. This prize- was owned in Pro
vidence, Rhode Island, and completes the
payment of all the great capitals in the scheme,
although but twenty days have elapsed since
the drawing took place.
The drawing of the next Grand State Lot
tery of Maryland will tike place in the citv of
Baltimore on the 15th February next—the
whole in one day. The capital pmM “re
$100, XX), 30,000, 20,000, 10,000, 5,000, &c.
for the whole of which, the CASH may be
had the moment they are drawn. Tickets
are now #10, but will be advanced to $12 on
the 16th December.
Orders meet prompt attention, addressed to
^ 2 Baltimore
Tasl\lou«ble Wat Store.
pj v received from New York, a large
supply of the latest fashion* that the ci
tv affords. With this new assortment and the
present stock on hand, feels assured that it is.
equal to any in the District Also,
H itter’s Fur $ \ rimininujs.
Beaver on the skin and cut down; Neutra
cleaned by a patent machine. Also, in the
usual style, old muskrat, Russia rabbit, cam
el’s hair, lining, binding, and every thing
requisite for * manufacturer.
N. B. Cash given for furs, and a liberal
price allowed for OLl) HATS taken in part
pay for new ones nov '26 tf
Sc V TUonvpaou.
‘ WE received, per ships Pioneer and She
nan loah, from Liverpool, a well selected
assortment of
3 mm* them art—
#xtra saxony cloths and cassimerea
Fine and superfine, do do
Do do double millfed drab
Mixed and drab plains
Drab water proof do
Drab and olive feanuughts
Fashionable London toilinet Si Valencia vesting
Figure I, plain and twilled bombazettes, in
Circassian plaids [great variety
White, scarlet, red, ? FLI.VXELS
Yellow, green and black >
Swanskins booking and drapery baizes
8-4 cassimere shawls, plain and printed borders
8-4, 9-4, 10-4. 11-4, 12-4 and 13-4 rose blank
ets assorted in trusses
5, 3$ and 4 point blankets
Fancy prints of the newest style
Do clouded costume ginghams
Bo the Brunswick,/vm Bremen,
20 bales of burlaps, So. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 0
Cambric, jaconet and fancy muslins
Drown and bleached shirtings
Cotton and worsted hosiery, choppa romals
Dev mshire kerseys, pelisse cloths
Buttons, pins &c &c.
ind, daily expected,
4.4 fine andsuperfiiie ingrain carpetings
5-8, 3-4 and 4-4 do venitian do
dearth rags carpet bindings
Streliti osnaburgs twilled sacking
Russia sheetings, ravens duck
Irish linens patent shoe threads._ sept 1
VjharVfc^ itonneu
HVS imported per the Pioneer and Shenan
doah from Liverpool,
Scholfield’s flannels and baize*
Rose and point blankets, all sizes
6-4 milled drab and common blue cloths
Navy blue and Oxford mixed superfine do
Common and superfine patent shoe thread
£ consignment of Shod and Herrin? Seine
Twine, which will he sold very low
Best double G’oster cheese
On h tnd, fotm former •mporfations,
Superfine cloths, kerseymeres, Irish linens
f.% vns, diape rs, cambric muslins
4, ij, and 5 lb. pins
** Best London twists and sewing silks
Superfine bombazetts, a tew dozen first
quality ladies’ cotton Iwwe
Choppa Romals
Best Aberdeen and patent colored threads
An assortment of domestic cottons
Best W ite tickk*nbur>jv and ravens duck
First quality treble gdt coat buttons, Ac. Ac.
<i& DoMaTS ^ewavi.
AD AUK mulatto boy was kidnapped from
the house of his aunt in Alexandria, on
Thursday evening last. A person apparently
a seafaring roan, called at the house of a co
lored woman, and enquired if she could do
some washingforhim, and on receiving an
answer in the affirmative, said, if she "
let the boy go with- him to his vessel, a short
distance from her residence, he would send
the clothes, and they must be washed by 11
o’clock of the next day The boy wasi sent
with him and has not since been seen or heard
from—it is believed he has been kidnapped.
The Boy is a dark mulatto named JOHN
McCARTY, about 8 years of age, with curled
hair, and has a scar on the left side of the
faCe; had on a pair of dark colored domestic
pantaloons; his other clothing not recollected.
Ft is hoped the humane will unite in endea
voring to rescue from bondage this boy, and
bring the perpetrator of such an outrage to his
merited punishment. dec 24 ->t
try The National Intelligencer and Balti
more American will publish the above^three
times, and send their affmivi *’
AnAAAUiouftl Su\>\A>j oi
JAMES A. WATERS, at his new store,
south east corner of King and. Fairfax sts.
has just received and is now opening a
S\>\em\U\ Assortment
Of Fancy Goods, consisting in part of Ihe. fol
lowing Articles—
Scarlet, white and black merino scarfs, of ex
cellent quality, equal to any that have ever
been bioughtto this market
| 7-4 and 4-4 black, white, and scarlet shawls
Scarlet, white and black cashmere scarfs
Do do do Mazarine blue and dove colored
shawls and lulkfs
Figured sattin hdkfs, do barrage do
An elegant assortment of shaded (Jros de Na
ples silk, do do figured silk
1 piece superior double flounced black silk
Striped cassimere, do caasinett
Barrage ginghams something very handsome
for ladies dresses
Calicoes of a very superior quality and new
Marseilles counterpanes
Black stripe eospin for ladios* dresses_'
V&&\nom\b\e Wats.
has just received from Balti
more, a supply of BEAVER
H ATS of the latest fashion and
(of a superior quality. Also, on
hand, a large and general assortment oi nis
own make, consisting1 of 1st, 2d and5(1 quali*
ty beaver and castors; low priced for and wool
hats; making his stock equal, if not superior,
to anv in the District—All of which will be
sold on on pleasing terms, wholesale or retail,
oct 21__tf
Dissolution of Partnership.
*pHE copartnership heretofore existing he
l tween Jonathan C. .V«y if Jonah IsubiU,
under the firm of Jonathan C. May & Co. was
dissolved on the 22d inst
JONATHAN C. MAY having purchased of
Jonah Isabell his interest in said concern, this
is to notify all persons indebted to the con
cern to make immediate payment. The busi
ness in future will be carried on by
J. C. MAY.
Who has on hand and offers for sale,
Manufactured tobacco
Gay & Pankey’s in kegs and half kegs 1 2 j
Barclay's cavendish in do do do >
8’s, 12’s, 16’s and l’s, twists • j
Scotch in bladders and bottles "
French rappee
Tuber rose Bourbon
Virginia and Spanish rappee _
1st, id, & 3d quality Spanish segars in whole
half and quarter boxes
In do do do half Spanish *egars
Also, American do
The highest cash price given
Voy Transfer Tobacco.
oct 28 tf
JouaVUan C. May,
4 T his old stand, lower end of Prince
street, respectfully informs his friends,
and the public in general, that in addition to
his former stock, he has just received agene
eal assortment of
Consisting of the following Articles', tiz:—
Superfine blue and black cloths
Second do do ^ do
Blue plains, Devonshire kerseys
Red, green and white flannels
Red and green baize
Flushings and fearnaughts of various cblors
Rose blankets, gloves, mitts and caps
Tartan plaids, Russia sheetings
Burlaps and ticklenburgs
Irish, German and Russia dowlas
Bed tickings
Bleached and brown domestic cottons
Domestic plaids
Stockings, handkerchief stocks
Irish linens in pieces and half pieces
Checks and cambrics
Fancy and plain cravats
Bandanno and flag hdkfs .
Spittalrteld and common pocket do
Calicoes well assorted
Fancy toilinet vestings
Olive and black velvets, tabby do
F'igured black silk vestings
Black and brown bombazetts
Guernsey frocks
An assortment of Cotton Yarns, and a gene
ral assortment of TAILORS’ TRIMMINGS,
together with a large assortment of
Ready Made Clothes 6>• Mat trasses.
He is determined to sell on the most mode
rate terms. N. B. Custom work executed
with neatness and dispatch. oct 11—tf
•Mn lasses, Sugars, etc
/» K lihds West India and Orleans molasses
50b“'lJ d0 Jo ,u*ars
36 bag's white Brazil sugar
130 do green and St. Domingo coffee
5 do old superior Java do
35 chests and boxes gunpowder, imperi
al, young hyson and souchong tea
10 bags pepper
5 do race finger
5 casks cheese
1000 lbs soft shell almonds
1200 lbs sup. quality fig blue, 230 to the lb.
25 casks Sicily Madeira 3 years imported
25 do L P Tenerife & Colemenar wines
Old L P Madeira, Port Lisbon & Malaga do
300O gallons old whiskey
Cognac brandy, old Jamaica spirits, Holland
and country gin, and northern rum
1000 gallons cherry- bounce
i nhd West lrnlia shrub
30 barrels No 2 mackerel
40 do nett and gross herrings
10,000 lbs yellow and brown soap
»i),000 lbs good bacon
\Vith various of her Articles, for sale by
Kevj Tirs Goofo.
The. Subscriber has just R* wedr
Scarlet, white ami black men > shawls .
Gros de Naples fancy silk lidkK a beautiful
article _ . e .1 _
And will recti* by the next Paotel, a further
supply of
Fancy prints, cassimere shawls, cotton varn,
81c. &c. which with^is present stock will be
sold very low for Cash.
dec 16 JNO. DUNLAP.
Y\oUT tlttlY OvOCfcTVCS.
AS taken the store lately occupied by
mm. Mr. Samuel McLean, on King.strcet, op
posite Mr. James English's, where he ui
purchase flour and other country produce,
ind receive flour in stcn- on the usual terms,
lie has on hand, & intends keeping a supply ot
nov 19
(EJ- The editors of the Leesburg Genius <4
Liberty and Washingtonian, will please insert
the above three times and forward their ac
counts to this office for payment.
YvesA\ IVaiavns ivnd 0\\.
LANDING this day, nunch and Muscatel
Raisins, in boxes, halves and quarters,
Salad oil
Java and Brazil Coffee
St. Croix rum
Mess Fork, New-York inspection, for sale
bT A. C. CAZENOVE &. Co.
dec 7 ____
CuiViasfcTi & WUitWc.
4 hluls St t^roix rum
I 5 do molasses
' fiO boxes mould candles
>10 casks clieese
2 boxes lined and bound shoes
Cash ana tne mgm-fii msr*ci pnoc
nov 28 _____
First Lottery to bo Drawn!
By authority of the State of iV. 1 ork.J
To he drawn in the city of Ncw-York, on the
4th of January, 1826, and finished in a few
minutes. Under the immediate management
of.l. B. Yates and A. McIntyre; 45 numbers—
6 ballots to be drawn.
. \o\*k State \AteTatUYfc
Lottery, (Mass 3, for 1826.
1 prize of
5,051 prizes
9,139 blanks
L,uss than two blanks to n Prize ’
Whole Tickets $50
Halves 25
Quarters ?w
Eighths 6 25
Sixteenths So 1-i
The above lottery is the most important that J
has ever been furnished for the patronage of
the American people The effulgent charac-,
ter of its prizes, astonishing demand lor tick
ets, and the evident and glorious chances
which it exhibits, ought to be strongand sulH
cient inducement to encourage individuals to
secure fortunes before the hungry hand of de
mand places them beyond their reach. Ano
ther fact ought to arouse sleeping energy to
action and remind the economist of the impor
tance of early investment. It appears obvious
that the price of tickets will shortly be advan
ced to $60, in support of which probability the
reader is solicited to refe^to preceding facts.
All orders mailed prior to the advance will
be supplied at the present price.
Prize tickets in respectable lotteries, and
notes of specie paying banks, will be received
in payment for tickets, All orders must he
post paid. Address
3. \\. WuuneWs,
Alexandria or Washington, D. C.
nov 23 * _
Swaim’s Panacea
\f»E have just received a fresh supply of
sep ]9 EDW. STABLER 81 SON.
W\W\pys & \V slungtun.
HAVE imported, per ships Pioneer and
Shenandoah, from Liverpool—
Extra blue velvet cloths and cassimeres
Fine and superfine blue and black do do
Do do olive and Oxford mixed
Plain and'figured English silk vesting
White, scarlet, red, ) fUjyNELS.
Yellow and Green S
Swanskins, hocking baizes
Circassian and tartan plaids
8-4 soft lambs wool, do—a beautiful article for
ladies wear
Toilintte Valencia vestings
8-4 cassimere shawls, plain and print’d borders
2A, 3, 3$, 4 and 4$ point blankets
84. 9-4, JO-4, 11-4 and 12-4 heavy rose do
Figured, plain and twilled bombazetts
4-4 blue and brown camblets
Fancy prints in great variety
On Uaud,
From recent arrivals from New- fork,
Plain black and figured Canton crapes
Blue, pink, white and black Italian do
Black Italian lustring, very superior
Senchews, sarsinetts and levantines
Jaconet and cambric muslins
Figured aud plain book and swils do
7-8 and 4-4 Irish linens, long lawns
Brown Hollands, Russia ami Iridi diapers
Linen cambric, and cambric hdkfs
Cambric and furniture dimity
Flag, bandanno and madrass hdkfs
Worsted and cotton hosiery /
Clack’s spool, sewing and flosfc cotton
Fancy silk and gause hdkfs
Lambs wool shirts
Patent sewing and shoe thread
Burlaps and tiklenburgs
Twilled sacking and oznaburis
10 bales superior Russia sheetings
100 pieces ind:go blue cassindts
Blue mixed kerseys and plai: s
30 bales domestic goods, comprising a band
some lot of 3-4,7-8 and 4-4 b own and bleach
ed shirtings aud plaids, whi Altogether with
their former stock, will be sole at reducedprices.
sept 24 ■ tf
A new two story brick House and lot,
cJ|^in Aldie, Loudoun County, Va It will
be sold low, or exchanged for Bank stock or
real property in the District. Apply to Mr.
Lewis M. Smith, residing in Aldie, who will
show the property, or to the subscriber
INFORMS the public that his old establish
ed OYSTI.R I70U8E is kept open for
the accommodation of such as may please to
favor him with a call. He keeps constantly
on hand a large supply of
of the best quality, which will be served up at
the shortest notice in any manner ordered —
Parties wiil be furnished with private rooms
if requested. '
Private families ean be furnished
with OYSTERS, either shucked or in the
shell. nov 14—2m
Tailoring, Fall Fashions, etc.
King-street, 3 doors below the Mechanics' Bank,
Respectfully informs hi« customers
and friends, and the public in general,
that he has just
RfctuYnetV from tViu XoyWy
yhere he has made himself acquainted with
he latest fashions. The information recent
y received, combined with !?!s former mode,
i-ill enable him to execute all orders in the
irst style. The advertiser begs leave to in
•orin the public in general, that lie has on
liand a verv handsome assortment of
jf every description, with a general assort
ment of very superior trimmings, which he
ivill furnish low. _nov ^
Cash for Slaves
WANTED to purchase, about 30 or 40
Negroes of both sexes ; a liberal price
will be given in cash. Enquire at the
upper end of King-street, Alexandria, (late
Mr. Eli Legg’s,) kept by John W. Smith,
feb IS tf
New they (ioo(Vs Store.
HAS just received from the north, and is
now opening at his new store at the south
east corner of King and Fairfax streets, (re
cently occupied by Messrs. Withers & M ash
ingto’n) a handsome assortment of
among which nrc the following articles:
Sheppard’s superfine London blue cloths
Do do do black do
Austin’s do do blue, black and drab do
Do do do olive and claret do
Do do do green and mixed do
Blue pelisse cloths
Black, blue and colored cassimeres
Sattir.cts of various colors and prices
Svvansdown and toilinet vestings
Black figured florentine, hapdsome patterns
Do do do English, superior quality
Yellow and white canvass
Rose blankets, 7-8, 8-4, 9*4, 10-4, 11-4 8c 14-4
Gott’s make
Point do 3,3i and 4 duffil do
Blue, olive and Jrab flushings
Green and red hocking
Red, yellow, white, green, black and scarlet
Circassian and tartan plaids
Plain and figd bombazetts, plain and bordered
cloth shawls, black do do
Handsome stripe caspins for ladies’ dresses
Manclerine robes, superior article for ladies’
Black and colored Canton crapes
White, pink, green and blue florence
Black Italian lustrings and double florences
White, pink, blue and blk satin, white fiM do
Black mantua, sarcenet and senchew silks
Black and drab levantines, imitation Italian
Blue and brown figured silks
Black do, beautiful pattern
Black, white, pink, blue and yellow Canton
crapes, hat do, black boinbazeens
Crimson, black and drab tabby velvets, silk do
Brown and bleached Russia sheetings
Scotch oznaburgs
Ticklenburgs and burlaps, Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
1 case 7-8 Irish linens, 1 do 4-4 do sup qulty
Linen cambric, d hdkfs, Irish sheetings
Irish dowlas, Russia and table diapers
Brown hollands
Ladies’ black and white French silk hose
do do do do ribbed do
do do do English do
Gentlemen’s do do do do and plain do
do do do do do half do
do do worsted half hose, do hose
do white and colored do dolambswool
do do do hose do
LaSies’ colored and black worsted hose
do white cotton and worsted do
do black do and Mohair do
do black and white English kid gloves
do do do French do do
do lined kid and beaver do
do black Si white silk do, long white kid do
Gentlemen’s black and white kid do
do beaver, dogskin, Woodstock and lined
beaver do
4-4 and 6-4 cotton camoncs, ao jaconet <10
Plain and figured book muslins, do mull do,
do Swiss do
Merino scarfs, cashmere do, do shawls & hdkfs
Black, white and scarlet merino shawls
Black and colored braids, do gimps
Gilt coat buttons, vest do, superior quality
(Wallace’s make)
Pearl, lace, steel and twist buttons, suspender
do, moulds do
Hooks and eyes, black and white tapes and
bobbins, black ostrich plumes
Black, blue, crimson and drab sewing silks
twist do
Super white, pink and blue patent crape,
saddlers’ sewing silk
Madras and fancy hdkfs, blk and col’d galloon
Black, white and colored lustring ribbons,
from No. 1^ to 16
Do do do satin ao No l$to 16
2 boxes rich ombra ribbons, 1 waist do, black
velvet do
Narrow and wide black mode, white do, plain
and white figured pattinett
100 pieces London and common chintz cali
coes (handsome style)
Ginghams, furniture do, Orrel and Holt’s co
loured and white cotton balls -
Clark’s boss and floss cotton spools, worsted
and cotton suspenders
Bobbinett and thread laces, black and col’d
cotton shawls, black lore do
Gentlemen’s black fig’d silk and plain Italian
cravats, ladies’ do silk do
Blue and white kerseys, Devonshire blue
plains, mixt do
Drab corduroy, bang uo do, 1 case umbrellas,
gentleman's swiss cravats
6-4 and 3-4 dimities, 34, 7-8, 44, and 54 un
bleached domestic cottons
50 pieces plaid domestics, do 3 4, 7-8, 44 and
54 bleached do
An elegant Assortment of Coarse goods
Yoy Servants1 C\ut\ung.
Variety of Other Articles
too numerous to particularise, which will be
sold at reduced price* for CASH,
oct 4 tf
Oyster House
Respectfully informs h'»friends and
the public in general, that his Oyster
Establishment, on King-street, opposite the
Washington Tavern, is now open, and ready
for the reception of company. He is prepar
ed to furnish sifch as may give him a call, with ,
oysters of the best quality the market affords,
and serve them up in any manner directed, at
the shortest notice.
His bar is always supplied with
Private families can be supplied with shuck
ed oysters at the shortest notice, and on mode
rate terms. ___nov 3 tf
No Vi \jantYii\g,
From Schnr. Hash Packet, at Irwin's
20 hhds retailing molasses
10 do and 35 bbls N. E. rum
30 boxes mould candles
25 do dipt do
25 do brown soap
4 hhds & 11 bbls sperm oil, winterstra’d
16 bales Bluchton 3-4,7-8, and 4-4 brown
shirtings and sheetings *
6 bales plaids—For sale by
nov 15 A. C. CAZENOVE St Co.
Wm Fowle & Co.
nA Whole 3Y- H. TEA,
Oy 93 half J- of superior
25 boxes 6 & 13 lbs. ea. 3 quality
55 lihds Muscovado and N. 0. sugar
100 bbls do do do
5 puncheons superior Jamaica rum
100 bags heavy Sumatra pepper
350 casks cut nails and brads asst’d sizes
2 pipes Madeira wine
100 bales bleached and unbleached 7-8
4-4,5-4, 6-4cotton shirtings & sheeting
Cassimeres, sattincts, &c. 8iC.
100 pieces Choppa Ronuds
20 cases hats assorted
160 bolts Russia
50 half do do
60 pieces Havens j
100 pieces Russia diapers
20,000 bushels Isle of May, St.
Turks Island Salt.
Ubes, and
nov 8
(JeoTge 3ones,
Gun-Maker and Whitesmith,
Four doors from the Market Square, Fairfax
made and repaired on the
which (even in the wettest weather) is sure
fire. To those on the water side it is a great
acquisition, as no flash is seen from priming.
The simplicity of the construction will not
render it liable to be out of repair so much as
the old principle, and it is a great saving in
powder, 8tc.
A constant supply of primings always on
•Surgeons’ instruments, razors, shears, &c.
ground and repaired. Fancy work in steel,
iron, or brass, neatly executed.
Ship Compasses 65 Quadrants
Door Docks repaired, and Keys fitted of any
Andirons, fire-irons, coffee mills cut, and re
paired: hell hanging neatly executed.
An apprentice wanted, aged about 14years,
oct 18 2m
Slaves Wanted.
rjpHE Subscriber will at all times, pay the
il highest price in cash for slaves, either sin
gle or in families. Letters addressed to me
in Alexandria, will be promptly attended to
sep 19—tfF.. P. LF.GG.
-Orleans Sngar, &c.
5 HMDS, prime New-Orleans sugars
1 pipe cognac brandy
Landing and for sale by
Who Has in Store, and offers for sale—
40 hhds St.Trinidad and Thomas sugars
Consistingof Young Hyson inchests andhall
chests,/?&</ very superior; Imperial in chests,
half chests, 20,' 10, 5 catty boxes, and boxes
containing 21b. cannistcro
Gunpowder in 20, 10 anti 5 catty boxes
Boxes containing each 20 two lb canisters do
Pouchongand Souchong in half chests
Havana, Laguayra, St. Domingo, Rio and Java
Cognac brandy and Holland gin in pipes
Sicilv Madeira wine in half pipes
French do in halfpipes and quarter casks
Chocolate in boxes, Baker’s No. 1, 2, and 3
Lapham’sNo. 1, inboxesand half boxes
Glauber salts, wrapping paper
Demijohns, window glass
Refined sugar loaf, No. 3 and 4
Goshen cheese
Bordeaux oil in baskets, etc. etc. etc
sept 22 _
King-stieet Hotel.
SrpHK subscriber respectfully informs the
<iA public that he has taken the house lately
occupied by Mr. Charles Scott,on King-street,
nearly opposite Mr. James English’s flour
store,'and in the neighborhood of the diagonal
pump, where the best water in town is obtain
ed, and intends keeping it as a
House of Entertainment,
where travellers and others can be accom
modated with every thing necessary in such
an establishment, on the very' best terms.—
Connected with this establishment is a large
which will be constantly supplied w’ith the
Best Provender the mu kit affords,
and attended by an accomplished ostler. On
his own part, he is determined to spare no
pains to give satisfaction to those who may
favor him with their custom, and solicits a
share of public patronage.
qyN. B. S. H. will, as heretofore, cement
BROKEN CQMBS in the neatest manner,
on their being left at the above establishment,
or at Mr. Thomas Mount’s. je 14—tf ‘
SouHiern Hotel.
The subscribe^ informs
his friends and the public tha
he has taken the establishment
at the upper end of King street,
adjoining the town of Alexandria, (heretofore
occupied by Mr. Eli Legg,) and that he is
provided with every thing necessary for the
comfortable accommodation of
Travellers and ottos*,
that he has made particular provision for gen
tlemen from the
southern country
and for the security and support of their ser
vants. He flatters himself, that his unremit
ted attention to the convenience of those who
may call at his Tavern, will secure to him a
share of the public patronage,
fejs-tf JOHN W.^SMITH.
A most valuable East India Medicine for the
cure of the
TU\e\m\atism, TUieumatic,
Gout, &c.
Extract of a Letter from the Rev. James English,
dated Bengal, Jo hit friend Dr. F. Bedtucll,
in London.
“Dkar Sir—Agreeable to your request I
have with difficulty procured and now send
you by the ship Jason, Capt. Rob&fxon, a few
Sounds of Poladelphis, or what gem rally goes
y the name of India Extract, a medicine uni
versally esteemed among the people of India,
for the cure of Rheumatism. Was I to inform
you of the number of people who arc daily re
lieved and cured by this valuable remedy, it
would require more paper than I am able to
purchase, and more time than I am able to be
stow. Indeed, the effect of this Medicine is
so immediate, that in Rhecmatism you would
in some cases suppose it acted almost like a
charm in removing that painf"! disease. The
difficult)', however in procuring the Extract,
will, for many years, retard its general circu
lation. It being obtained from a Ahrub grow
ing on the Mountains of Tibet, in the Herman
Empire of India, and held in so much re pute
hy the Nutives, that to part with it, is like part
ing with their existence.” The usual mode of
talcing it is in the form of Pills. 1 shall use
all my endeavors to send \ ou a constant sup
ply. ^
Since the proprietor has received the above
Medicine, he has put it up in boxes made for
the purpose, containing sixty pills, with a bill
of directions and a certificate of its being gen
uine, signed in his own hand writing—and in
order to show its vast importance, has thought
proper to submit for public inspection, a few
out of a vast number of Certificates from peo
ple who have been cured by it in Europe and
London, Jan. 7, 1823.
Dear Doctor—f have been violently affect
ed with a Rheumatic complaint for many years;
even my fingers were so contracted I could
neither dress nor undress myself, or give the
least assistance to my*family—I have only used
two boxes of the Extract, and I am perfectly
restored. Yours, truly, K. RALSTON.
London, April 19/A, 1824.
Dear Sir—1 beg leave to inform you that 1
have been for Jbese several months so affected
with such violent pains in my hips, thighs and
legs and swelling of the joints, that I could
not rest day nor night; nothing that was ap
plied gave any relief, until a neighbor of mine
informed me of the India Extract haring per*
formed many cures; I sent for a box, which
gave wonderful relief, and by using two boxes
and a half, 1 am as well as ever I was in my
life. Your obedient servant, J. WELSH.
London, Feb. 10th, 1823.
Dear Sin,—I think it my duty to inform
you, that after trying every remedy pointed
out by the most respectable physicians for the
relief of my son, without any success, who, you
know, has for many years been labouring un
der severe Rheumatism, Rheumatic Gout, Fe
ver, &c. I made trial of the India Extract ac
cording to the instructions, and I am rejoiced
to say, it has pro>cd a perfect cure.
Richmond, Virginia, May 2d, 1824 -
Dear Sir—It becomes me at this time, to
express to God my gratitude for the means he
had made use of, in restoring my long lost
health, by the use of a medicine called Paht
delphis or India Extract. * For the last five
years I have been so grievously afflicted witli
Rheumatism, that I have at times almost wished
for death to relieve me from my suffering—
seeing this medicine advertised, I sent for a
box, and I do declare, that since lhave began
to use it I have never felt a pain, and am sure
that by continuing to use it for a short time,
I shall again enjoy my usual health, and be
able to support my family, as heretofore. In
closed, 1 send you three dollars, for two box
es, which you will please to pack up carefully,
and Mr. Hemey will bring it safe to me. You
may tell the world it is my opinion, that the
PoLidelphis is the only medicine in the world,
that will cure the Rheumatism. With joy and
gladness- Yours, WM. G. MEYER.
Extract of a 1st ter from a respectable Physi
cian in Bedford County, Slate of Pennsyl
vania, to the dgent of the proprietor.
T here is in my neighbourhood a gentleman
who has been heavily afflicted with Rlieuma
tism for many years. He lias been using the
Panacea, to the amount of six or seven bottles
without any effect; on seeing the Poladelphis
advertised, he got a friend to call at Mr. Desil
ver’s book store, in Market street, for a box
of the pills which he is using, and receiving
much benefit from it; and I am of an opinion
that one or two boxes more will produce a ra
dical cure. 1 believe it to be valuable medi
This is to certify that I have appointed
Doctor Robert Harris, Jr. of Philadelphia, niv
only agent in the United States, for to dispose
of that valuable medicine, called the Poladel
phis, India Extract, with full power to appoint
agents where he majf think proper; and as the
great demand may induce unprincipled per
sons to fabricate the medicine to the injury ‘>1
the public, 1 have thought proper to accom
pany this certificate signed in my own hand
writing, with the directions round each box;
and the more effectually to detect counter
feits, the public will observe the signature of
my agent Robert Harris, Jr. on the outside of
every box. To counterfeit which is felony.
Signed at my Office, No. 22, Greek-Street, Ism
dun. F BED WELL.
Agreeable to the authority given to me, by
Dr. Btnwiu, I have appointed
Edward Stabler & Son,
Druggists in ALEXANDRIA,
The only Jigents in the District of Columbia
for disposing of the India Extract.
*,*On every box observe the signature of
(Cr'Price, tl 50 per box—>15 per dozen
jane 18 ftn

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