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“¥ail ce qu’iYfaut, arrive ce qyi’il \vourra.11
m©ias?as?©9 a&ssmia^ aa3 asss*
wiLo aa*
sm a?®.
Yot liuston,
The schooner
Howes rnxster, carries 800 barrels, and will
‘be ready to receive a cargo in two da\ s. Ap
ply to WU. FOWI.E & Co.
Also, for Boston or any Eastern
The schooner BETSEY, Cobb mas
ter; is now ready to receive a cargo and will
take a freight for Boston or any Eastern port.
\pply as above. _jan 9
Y*oy Tiostcm,
q The Schooner ONLY’ SON,
Bowlev, master, will sail on Wednesday next:
some light freight can be taken if immediate
ppli cation is made to
A. C. C VZF.XOVE & Co.
Who have also received for sale—
100 barrels refined sugars. jan 7
Yoy Providence, IV. 1.
The fast sailing
Captain Taylor, will sail to-morrow and take
jjj^some light freight or passengers..—Apply to
7. J. M’KEXZIE, jun.
Foy Providence,
\ \\. Lovell, mxster; is now loading and will
tVke 300 barrels freight if offered immediately,
pplyto W. FOWLED Co.
jan 6
lAvcY^ooi Sait aiWmvi.
The cargoes of the Schooners Betsy and Augusta Jane, o f
BUSHELS Liverpool salt, for sale bv
W.M. FOWLE & Co.
Also, Landing from sloop Chauncey,
5 puncheons superior qualitv Jamaica ruin.
.Jenkins master, carries 400 barrels—will take
_^freight to New-York or any Southern port.—
Apply as above.____jan ■:>_
jan 3
Capt Hathaway; can take some light freight,
immediate application be made to
Yor YrcigYit,
The new and superior
John Crofford, master, carries 650 barrels;
be readv for the reception of a cargo ».» a
few dlvTand take freight to New-York or any South
imp**Apph- >0 WM. FOWLS & Co.
Who have for sale said Schooners cargo oj
. 2300 busnels Liverpool salt Jan 'J
Y ox YLotterdam,
Wallis,master; willsail about the 10th January,
and will take a feu hhds. of tobacco or small ar
tides on freight. Apply to W. V'()\V Lh cii Co.
IVho have received per said brig, and for sale—
200 tons plaster pui is dec 22
For Freight,
’ Capt. TAlton, burthen about 700 barrels.—
Apply to
IFfto offers for sale, landing from the schnrs Cent and
La Fayette.
25 hhds. superior English island molasses
20 qr. casks and half qr. casks French Madeira wine
736 lbs. Zante currants dec 10
For freight,
.Captain Cbask, two year* old, and will stow
L7QQ barrels; would go tu J Southern port in
the states, or to the West Indies. Apply to
If ho h ns Just recti redfur *ule per Exchange from A. For&.
a gallons of winter pressed spermaceti oil
I" vlUof excellent quality._dec S_
dec 13
To Went,
The brick warehouse cm our wharf
recently occupied by Win. L. Kennedy as a
ship chandlery and grocery, for which the stand
is equal to any in tire place. The rent will be
dec 16
To Rent,
The large and commodious thiee story
Brick House, occupied by the late Noblct Her
bert; situated on rhe corner of Fairfax and
Cameron streets. For terms apply to
To Lot,
A very convenient brick dwelling House, with
_Bouthouses complete, adjoining Mr. Thos. Smith’s
Columbus, between Kingand Prince sts.. Apply to
nov 10—tf CHARLES BENNET».
To Let,
A small two story frame dwelling house on
_,Columbus, between King and Prince-streets.—
nov 8 Apply to C. P. THOMPSON.
For Sate,
A new two story brick House and lot, in Aldie,
_^Loudoun County, Va. It will be sold low, or ex
changed for Bank stock or real property in the District.
Apply to Mr. Lewis M. Smith, residing in Aldie, who
will show the property, or to the subscriber
To Rent,
The two story brick dwelling on Water-street,
present occupied by CapL James Mitchell—
possession given Nov. 22d.
LINDSAY & HILL have lOOO bushels old Com for
sale, which they will sell on reasonable terms. dl2
JWyj Drs Goods.
The Subscriber has just Revived—
Scarlet, white and black meriao shawls
Grosde Naples fancy silk hdkfr. a beautiful article
Jbul trill receive by the next Pautet, ft further supply of
Fancy prints, cassimerc shawls, cotton yarn, &c. &c.
which with his present stock will be sold very low for
Cash. dec 16 JNO. DUNLAP.
Flour and Groceries.
HAS taken the store lately occupied by Mr. Sam.
ucl McLean, on King1.street, opposite Mr. James
English’s, where he will purchase flour and other coun
try produce, and receive flour in store on the usual
terms. lie has on hand, &. intends keeping a supply ol
nor 19
Swaitn’s Panacea.
E have just received a fresh supply of SIVAJAPS
Now landing at Irwin’s wharf
a (5) bids, and 3 tierces loaf sugar
11 quarter casks Cette and Madeira'
8 do do Cette Sherry
And a further supplv of nails. For sale by
nov 19 * A. CAZENOVE Co.
INFORMS the public that his old established OYS
TF.Pi HOUSE is kept open for the accommodation
of such as may please to favor him w ith a call. He
keeps constantly on hand a large supply of
of the best quality, which will be served up at the short
est notice in any manner ordered.—Parties will b fur
nished with private rooms if requested.
|Private families can be furnished
OYSTERS, either shucked or in the shell,
nov 1-1—2m •
Tailoring,Fall Fashions, etc.
King-street, 3 doors brtviv the Mechanics’ Bank,
RESPECTFULLY informs his customers &. friends,
and the public in general, that he has just
lletuvuftJftoTft Wve. «VoyVU,
where he has made himself acquainted with tile latest
fashions. The information recently received, combin
ed with his former mode, wP.l enable him to execute
all orders in the firststylc. The advertiser begs leave
to inform the public in general, that he has on hand a
very handsome assortment of
of every description, with a general assortment of very
superior trimmings, which he will furnish low.
nov 1 __
O^stfcY UOYlSfc
IIOBERT SANDS respectfully informs liia friends
i;i:id the public in general, that lib; Oyster Estab
lishment, ou King-street, opposite t.iC Washington
Tavern, is now open, and ready for the reception of
company. He is prepared to furnish such as may give
him a call, with ovsters of the best quality the nuiket
affords, and serve them up in any manner directed, at
the shortest notice.
llisbar isahvavs supplied with
Private families can he supplied with shucked oysters
at the shortest notice, and on moderate terms.
nov o—tf
\Ym & Co.
Whole II. TEA,
Oif 93 half > of superior
25 boxes 6 Si 13 lbs. ea. 3 quality
55 hhds Muscovado and N. O. sugar
100 bbls do do do
5 puncheons superior Jamaica rum
100 bags heavy Sumatra pepper
350 casks cut nails and brads asst’d sizes
2 pipes Madeira wine
100 bales bleached and unbleached 7-8
4-4, 5-4, 6-4 cotton shirtings & sheeting
C'assimeres, sattinets, &c. &c.
100 pieces Choppa Romals
20 cases hats assorted
160 bolts Russia T
50 half do do > DUCK.
60 pieces Ravens J>
100 pieces Russia diapers
20,000 bushels Isle of May, St. Ubes, and Turks Is
land Salt._nov 8
SouttifcTtt liotel.
The subscriber informs his friends
and the public thathc has taken the es
tablishment at the upper end of King
_ street, adjoining the town of Alexandria,
(heretoforeoccupied by Mr. Eli I.egg,) and that he is
provided with every thing necessary for the comforta
ble accommodation of •
Tyyy\ ellexs aiuY othevs*,
that he has made particular provision for gentlemen
and for the security and support of their servants,
lie flatters himself, that his unremitted attention to
the convenience of those who may call at his Tavern,
will secure to him a share of the public patronage.
feb_tf JOHN W. SMITH.
• Team-Boat Hotel.
fHE subscribe takes this method of in forming
the public, that he has added tohis establishment
A large \avtV and Stable,
capable of
Accommodating from 40 to 50 Horses.
It is situated between the Market and the 1 eam-boat
Perry, which renders it decidedly the most convenient
stand for gentlemen comi^ from Mary land, as well
as for Drovers, who will always meet with purchasers
at the subscriber's Hotel—most of the horses sold in
Alexandria being for the Maryland market.
The stable will be attended by Ostlers of establish
ed sobriety and industry, and will always be provided
with provender ot the first quality. The charges shall
be as low as any others in the District, and every exer
tion made to please gentlemen who may thinkAP~Per
to call. WM, B. STEW Alt!.
¥ortwi^s Ilomfc.
WILLIAM PRENTISS, Agent for P. Caxtiklp, an
ticipates much pleasure from distributing a large
portion of the following Capital Prizes in the
^Maryland ¥niversity Lottery
8th Class—New Series—To be drawn on the 22d Feb.
1 prize of $100,000 is $100,000
50.000 is
40.000 is
25.000 is
20.000 is
10.000 is
5.000 is
1.000 is
500 is
230 is
100 is
50 i9
6,358 Prizes—19,600 Tickets $784,240
(TjT Every Prize payable in Cash as soon as drawn.
In this rich scheme, for the small number of tickets
and the large proportion of Capitals, it is evident the
risk is much less, and the chance of gain much greater,
than in any other Lottery.
A considerable portion of this Lottery' is put up in
packages of seventeen tickets, warranted "to draw $300,
less the 15 per cent, deducted by the State, with so
many chances for the Capital Prizes.
Eighths 6 25
Sixteenth 3 12
Thirty-secondthl 56
Whole Tickets S50
Halves 25
Quarters 12 50
By a certificate as follows: a certificate of 17 whole
tickets can be had for $595; 17 half tickets $297 50;
17 quarter tickets $148 75; 17 eighth tickets $74 38;
17 sixteenth tickets 37 69; 17 thirty-accondth tickets
► 18 59. Which certificates will entitle the purchasers
■ vv.mi-is thereof to whatever prize may be drawn by
the r : •gimd tickets of like number, over and above the
sum of $300, being the amount due thereon, and in like
proportion for shares of certificates respectively.
Capital Prizes for sale, vs usual at Fortune's Home,
Agent for 1*. Canfield, Washington City.
Where the Cash will, as usual, be promptly advanced
for Prizes as soon as draw u.
Orders, postpaid, enclosing the cash, for even a sin
gle ticket or share, will meet with as prompt attention
ssa personal application, if addressed to
Agent for P. Canfield,
jan 5 Washington City.
Liverpool Salt, 8? Molasses.
NOW landing from on‘board sehr Mary Eleanor,
3000 bushels Liverpool coarse Salt, 10 hhds mo
And from sloop Constitution,
10 scroons Cuba tobacco, for sale by
dec 10 J. S. MILLER.
G>n HOGSHEADS first quality retailing molasses,
sHJlanding from schooner Lincoln, for sale by
nov 29 WM. FOWLE fc Co.
Cash for Slaves.
WANTED to purchase, about 30 or 40 Negroes
ofboth sexes; a liberal price will be given in
cash. Enquire at the
upper cacl of King-street, Alexandria, (late Mr. Eli
L-cgg’s,) kept by John W. Smith. feb 15—tf
Slaves Wanted.
THE Subscriber will at all times, pay the highest
price in cash for slaves, either single or in families.
Letters addressed to me in Alexandria, will be prompt
ly attended to. sep 19_E. P. LEGC.
To Apothecaries and Druggists.
One of the firm of Janney & Bond
having entered into another line of busi
ness, wishes to dispose of his interest in
the shop, south-east corner of King and
Royal-streets, Alexandria, which contains
a complete assortment of
Drugs and •Medicines,
and is situated in apart of the town favourable for busi
ness. Persons wishing to purchase either apart nr the
whole of the ejjtablishmcnt, will find it to their interest
to call.
(TTThc Editors of the National Intelligencer are re
quested to insert the above every other 3 times, and
send their account to this office _nc>v _
¥&s\uon«ib\e Hat Store.
H\S received from New York, a large supply of
the latest fashions that the city affords. With this
new assortment and the present sleek on hand, feels as
sured that it is equal to any in the District Also,
Hatter’s Fur $ Trimmings.
Beaver on the skin and cut dowit? Neutra cleaned 1>>
a patent machine. Also, in the ulual style, old mus -
rat, Russia rabbit, camel’s hair, lining1, binding, and eve
ry thing requisite for a manufacturer.
" N. B. Cash given for furs, and »liberal price allowed
for OLD HATS taken in part ptf for new ones,
nov 26—tf ___
T\obe\*t Wilson,
At his mamnacun v, au«c sumn»«
comer of King and Columbus-streets, &
opposite J. S: J. Douglass, continOesto
make and will constantly keep on hand
a general stockof
(Grecian, Fancy c.tidllhulsor Chairs,
which he will dispose of on as accom
modating terms as aicy can be had else
where in the district; and will as usual,
Kepamt and Kepairv/ia v^nairs,
upon the shortest notice. N. B. He has engaged h first
rate workman to execute ail kindsof plain and fancy
Sign Taint tog.
(Jj* Orders from the country will be gladly received
end promptly attended to.
He has also an establishment on Pennsylvania A
venue, opposite the Gazette Office, Washington,
where favors will be acknowledged. octll—->n>
Valuable Mercant Mill for Sale.
The subscriber offers for sale,his
tvaluable MEliCHAXT MILL,
jjtsituated iu the county of Lou
doun, on Little River, about*
two miles from Middlchurg, and half a mile from the
paved road. There arc in the Mill two pairof Bur Stones
and one pair for country work, with all kinds of machi
nery for grinding Plaster and carrying on the business of
the Mill.
Also, A New Saw Mill.
I will also dispose of from thirty to one thousand acrc9
of Land adjoining the Mill to suit the purchaser. A cre
dit of five years will be given for three fourths of the
purchase money for the Mill property and thirty acres of
Loudoun County, Dec. 30, 1825. coStlaw
An additional supply of fancy goods
FAMES A. WATERS, at his new store, south east
corner of King and Fairfax sts. has just received and
is now opening'a
SyAcnvYiil Assortment
Of Fancy Good#, consisting in part of the following Articles:
Scarlet, white and black merino scarfs, of excellent qual
ity, equal to any thjrt have ever been biought to this
7-4 and 4-4 black, white, and scarlet shawls
Scarlet, white and black cashmere scarfs
Do do do Mazarine blueanddove colored shawls &. hdkfs
Figured sattin lidkfs, do barrage do
An elegant assortment of shaded Gros dc Naples silk,
do do figured silk
1 piece superior double flounced black silk
Striped eassimerc, do cassinett
Barrage ginghams, something very handsome for ladies
Calicoes of a very superior quality and new style
Marseilles counterpanes
Black stripe caspinfor ladies’ dresses
A New Assortment.
(Opposite Jon’a. Butcher’s Hardware Store )
HAS just received in addition to hisl-'all Goods recent
ly advertised, the following supply of
Superfine blue, black, brown and grey cloths
Do do do drab and grey enssimeres
Fine biue and mixedcassinets, domestic kersey & linsey
Rose, point and striped blankets, calicoes and ginghams
Irish linens, lawns, linen cambric and hollands
White, scarlet and black Merino shawls, scarfs and hdkfs
Cloth and worsted do Scotch and Circassian plaids
Black Italian lustring and sursnet for dresses
A few pieces of splendid white fringe
Bleached, brown and colored domestic cottons of every
1000 lbs very superior cotton yam, with a great many
other articles, which shall be sold attiie very lowest pri
ces, and on the most accommodating terms, nov 26
Dissolution of Partnership.
THE copartnership heretofore existing between /.»*
tut than C. May & Jonah Isabel], under the firm of
Jonathan (MMay Si Co. was dissolved on the 22d inst.
JONATHAN C. MA I'having purchased of Jonah Isa*
bell his interest in said concern, this is to notify all per
sons indebted to the concern to nuke immediate pay
ment. The business in future will be carried on by
J. C. MAY.
JHto has on linnd and offers for sale—
Manufactured tobacco
Gav fv Pankey’s in kegs and half kegs 3
Barclay’s cavendish in do do do > Warranted.
8’s, 12’s, Id’s and l’s, twists 3
Scotch in bladders and bottles'1
French rappee
Tuber rose Bourbon
Virginia and Spanish rappee _
1st, 2d, Si 3*1 quality Spanish segars in whole hall and
quarter boxes
In do do do half Spanish segars
Also, American do
The highestcash price given for Transfer TOBACCO.
oct 28 '_
Jonathan. 13.
KRCIIANT TAILOK, at his old stand, lower end
at of Prince street, respectfully informs bis friends,
and the public in general, that in addition to his former
stock, he has just received agenreal assortment ol
Consisting of the following Articles, riz:
Superfine blue and black cloths
Second do do do k
Blue plains, Devonshire kerseys
Red, green and white flannels
Red and green baize
Flushings and fcarnaughts of various colors
Rose blankets, gloves, mitts and caps
Tartan plaids, Russia sheetings
Burlaps and ticklenbur^s
Irish, German and Russia dowlas, bed tickings
Bleached and brown domestic cottons
Domestic plaids, stockings, handkerchief stocks
Irish linens in pieces and half pieces
Checks and cambrics, fancy and plain cravits
Bandannound flag bdkfs
Spittalficld and common pocket do
Calicoes well assorted, fancy toilinet vestings
Olive and black velvets, tabby do
Figured blackk silk vestings,
Black & brown bombazetts, guernsey frocks
\n assortment of Cotton Yarns, and a general assort
ment of TAILORS' TRIMMINGS, together with a
UVih7adT^c Clolhcs and MaltrafiSCS
lie is determined to sell on the most moderate terms.
N b. Custom work executed with neatness & dispatch.
oct 11 _
Yur future, ace.
JI'ST received at the auction store,
1 superb hair covered sofa
1 do piano
New and second hand sibeboards
do do chairs
do do tables
do do Book case*
Wash and candle stands H-^eads
Clocks and fancy time pieces, Beds and
Chocolate No. 1, fig blue, Spanish & halfdo segars
1 double flageolette, 2 clarionetts
Spy glasses, See. Engbsh walnuts, filberts, £c. &c.
aSo—Gratesfor burning coal, stoves, &C. &c.
„o,M S. A. MARSTELLKB, Auct.
Brails im Providence.
THOSE who purchase tickets in the RHODE ISL
AND LOTTERY, which draws in Providence
TO-MORROW, may, in the course of next week, have
it in their power to advertise “Drafts on Providence for
sale” which, of course, will bear a premium, and will
find a ready sale, as large quantities of domestic goods
are obtained in that market ; or if luck should fall upon
the drv goods merchant, how convenient it will be to
have funds on the spot to lay in his spring supply.—
Flattering inducements—and the risk only three dollars
and fifty cents, which may obtain
10,000 DOLLARS.
Tickets and shares for sale at
jan 9__
JONATHAN BUTCHER has imported, by the Poca
hontas, from Liverpool, lately arrived at Baltimore,
an additional supply of HARDWARE, consisting of—
Shovels and spades, socket shovels, curry combs
Shovels and tongs, gun flints,
Stock locks of various sizes and qualities
Clasp headed nails, sledge and hand hammers
Traces and back bunds, halter chains
Brass battery kettles, ship scrapers,
Iron rim door lucks, common and best quality
Butt hinges various sizes, chest, till &. cup’d locks
Brass carpet rods, Scotch braces and bitt*
Saiul paper, razor hones, bed screws
Brass dividers, dentists’ hies, fish hooks
Brass curtain pins. 1st mo 4th—3tawlm
•Move Goods.
At his old established Store, corner of King and Fair
fax streets, Alexandria,
White, black, and scarlet merino scarfs
Shepperd’s bl’k and blue first quality cloths & cassimeres
.Silver and Parsons's grey mix’d do do.
Sykes’s superior blue and grey mix’d cassmets, which
’ he respectfully invites thepublic to call and examine,
as thev are a beautiful specimen of the superiority of
American over .Foreign manufacture of that article.
A iicw and very general assortment of calicoes, warrant
ed fast colours
Very handsome silk stripe caspansfor ladies dresses
Tartan and Circassian plaids, Canton &. Italian bl’k crapes
Ladies and gentlemen’s black and white silk hose
Kid horse skin, Woodstock, buck, and beaver gloves
Flushings, blankets, blue plains, Devonshire kerseys,
flannels, baizes,burlaps, linens, lawns, cambrics, checks,
plaids, stripes, and most description of DOMES/W
GOODS, which together, with his former stock, com
prises a compIte.Assortment, and will be sold vciy low
lor the cash, or to his punctual custumers as usual.
Baltimore Cotton Yarn, Candlewick, and
Carpet Chain.
nov 18
JCoXuigew & Wlntilfc
4 hltds St. Croix rum
5 do molasses
160 boxes mould caiullcs
»10 casks cheese
2 boxes lined and bound shoes
Cash and the highest market price given for
TINS is to certify that I have appointed and autho
rised my brother It. B. Blckxer to act as my
agent, as Executor of the estate of the late Bernard
Ilooc, Sen. anil for any act or deei^ done by him con
cerning the estate aforesaid, I hold myself as responsi
ble as if done by,me. In witness whereof I have here
unto set my hand and seal this 15th Dec. 1825.
j!in 6—2w THUS. II. BUCKNER.
Xotice is Given,
THAT the subscriber bath obtained from the Or
phans’ Court for the County of Alexandria, in the
District of Columbia, letters of administration,^ boni*
non, with the will annexed, on the estate of James
Pahsi xs, late of said county deceased. All persons
having claims against said estate, are requested to hand
tliem in for settlement by the 5th day of July next, or
they may by law be excluded from all benefit of said ca
tate; and all persons indebted are required to makeim
mediate pavment to ISAAC ROBBINS,
Adm’r. dc bonis non, w ith the will annexed,
jan 5 6t
glasses, Sugars, etc.
hhds West ♦ndia and Orleans molasses
40 bhds ? do do sugars
50 barrels >
36 bags white Brazil sugar
130 do green and St. Domingo coffee
5 do old superior Java do<
35 chests and boxes gunpowder, imperial, youpg
hyson and souchong tea
10 bags pepper
5 do race ginger
5 casks cheese
1000 lbs soft shell almonds
1200 lbs sup. quality fig blue, 230 to the lb.
25 casks Sicily Madeira 3 years imported
25 do L P Tenerifle k Colemenar wines
Old L P Madeira, Port Lisbon k Malaga do
3000 gallons old whiskey ,
Cognac brandy, old Jamaica spirits, Holland and coun
try gin, and northejn rum
1000 gallons cherry bounce
1 hhd West India shrub
30 barrels No 2 mackerel
40 do nett and gross herrings
10.000 lbs yellow and brown soap
30.000 lbs good bacon
With carious other Articles, for sale by
Notice is Ilexes given*
rIAT I have revoked and annulled all letters ct•**
tomev which I have heretofore given to Doddridge
Pitt Chichester,1 authorising him to collect debtsduet
me, to hire out my negroes, or to trawact mv bu*me
generally; and hereby, declare that W is no longe y
agent for such, or any otherffi°CHlCHESTER
dec 28 3tlw2w

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