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—■—— I 11■ ■ ■■ —— ■ I Hf-g-g——=g= 1 ===== "" ===== ' ■ ===== 1 Vi ==^gap
“Yatt ce qa’iY faut, arrive ce qyi’iY \un\rra ”
TOiLo 33o ifimid&u m®:BS?ap(S9 ^iiumkasvr % ass$c> m a©fi0
For Xew-XoTk,
The Schr
Capt. Nickerson, now loading; can take some
light freight. Apply to
jAll i4 A. C. CAZF.XOYE & Co.
Also, for Boston or any Eastern
The schooner BETSEY, Cobb mas
ter; is n<»w ready to receive a cargo and will
take a freight for Boston or any Eastern port.
'Apply to
ya7^9 ‘ tVM. FOWLF. & Co.
Vov Freight,
The new and superior
John CrofFord, master, carries 650 barrels;
i ^^will be ready for the reception of a cargo in a
i^wda^T and take freight to New-York or any South
ern port. Apply to "M FOWLED Co.
Mo have for sale said Schooners cargo of
. 2300 bushels Liverpool salt_,ian $
For Freight,
Capt. Tstlob, burthen about 700 barrels.—
Applv to
Who offers for sale, Ian ling from the schnrs Cent anil
La t'»y*tte.
25 hhis. superior English island molasses
20 »jr. casks and half qr. casks French Madeira wine
7 >6 lbs. Zante currants_dec 10
Eov Freight,
■—* I'hetine
jyf \ Captain Crase. two years old, and will stow
barrels; would go to a Southern port in
tTestatesor to the West Indies.^ Applv^to^
Mo has just receivedfor sale per Exchange from N. 1 uric,
. i v i \/\ gallons of winter pressed spermaceti oil
1 ijl_IUut excellent quality._(*c^ H
To went,
>- . The brick warehouse on our wharf
recently occupied by Win. I.. Kennedy as a
fl H £!: ship chandlery and grocery,for which the stand
equalt0 anv *n P^ace- The rent will be
nmdcSe. ' WM.FOWLE&CO.
dec 13 _____
To Uewt,
The large and commodious thice story
Brick House, occupied by the late Nobkt ller
|« -‘M bert; situated on »he corner of Fairfax and
‘“^Cameron streets. For terms apply to
To Let,
MA very cohvenient brick dwelling House, with
mthouses complete, adjoining Mr. Thos. Smith’s
To Let,
MA small two story frame dwelling house on
Columbus, between ‘King and Prince-streets.—
nov 8 Apply to C. P- THOMPSON.
^fewwrV. Cu\cr.
racked Cider, of a very superior quality,
|)U landing this day p-wsloflp C’nauncey, from New
York—and per Farmers Ingenuity, from Plnladelplna,
Ann jr tUous winter pressed oil ot warranted quality, tor
^ [jan3] K. I- T. WILSON.
LINDSAY & IlILL have lOOO bushels old Corn fo
sale, which they will sell on reasonable terms_ dl
li round •Ilium Suit
BUSHELS ground allum salt—just received
CH rLF and for sale by [dlT] JOHV S. MILLER.
l\ru\\mrt Twine.
This day received and in Store—
4 C> CASKS shad, herring and sewing twine, lor sale
VO by [nov29] WM-FOWLE&Co.
^ i V_
sauvuci *u. dtuuiej,
U.\S just received perschr. Farmer's Ingenuity and
offers for sale,
15 kegs Venetian red, ground in oil
3<J do white lead, ground in oil
45 reams quarto post paper
In Store,
12 boxes cotton and wool cards
70 kegs white lead, ground in oil
15 do Spanish brown do
15 bales Virginia cotton
4 casks llridport seine twine(shad and herring)
20,000 Russia quills
22 casks sperm, and whale oil
25 boxes sperm, candles_1 mo 3 tf
Consolidated State lottery
«*f Mary land, to be drawn in Baltimore on the 15th Feb
ruary. Tickets onlv $12, and the highest prize
Tickets in the above splendid Lottery', in a variety
of numbers, mav be had by calling or sanding to
Comer of King and Royal-street, Alexandria.
Cash advanced as usual for prizes as soon as drawn.
Orders bv mail promptly attended to._j*n 10
QA HOGSHEADS first quality retailing molasses,
Ot "landing from schooner Lincoln, for sale by
. nov 29 IV M. FOWLE Si. Co.
Slaves Wanted.
THE Subscriber will at all times, pay the highest
pnee in cash for slaves, either single or in families.
Letters addressed tome in Alexandria, will be prompt
ly attended to. sep 19 E. P. LEGG.
Xew Brj Goods.
The Subscriber has just Received—
Scarlet, white and black merin > shawls
Gros de Naples fancy silk hdkfs. a beautiful article
And will receive by the next Pao^t, a further supply of
Fancy prints, cassimerc shawls, cotton yarn, &c. &c.
which with his present stock will be sold very low for
Cash._ dec 16_JNO. DUNLAP.
¥Your mu\ Grocer Yes.
HAS taken the store lately occupied by Mr. Sam.
uel Mcl.ean, on King.street, opposite Mr. James
English’s, where he will purchase flour and othercoun
j try produce, and receive flour in store on the usual
• terms, lie has on hand, & intends keeping a supply of
nov 19 _ __
Swaim’s Panacea.
WF. have just received a fresh supply of SIV.H.'PS
Now landing at Irwin’s wharf
A (5) bbls. and 3 tierces loaf sugar
11 quarter casks Cette and Madeira? Wine.
8 do do Cette Sherry 3
And a further supplv of nails. For sale by
nov 19 A. CAZKNOVE St Co.
INFORMS the public that his old established OYS
TER HOUSE is kept open for the accommodation
-of such as may please to favor him with a call. He
keeps constantly on hand a large supply ol
of the best quality, w hich will be served up at the short
est notice in any manner ordered.—Parties will be fur
nished with private rooms if requested.
Private families can be furnished with
OYSTERS, either shucked or in the shell,
nov 14—2m
Tailoring, Fall Fashions, etc.
Kin^-strect, 3 doors below the Mechanics* llunk,
RESPECTFULLY informs his customers?*, friends,
.in<l the public in general, that he has just
WeVuYued fYom VV\p XovVU,
w here he has made himself acquainted with the latest
fashions. The information recently received, combin
ed with his former mode, will enable him to execute
all orders in the first style. The advertiser begs leave
to inform the public in general, that he has on hand a
very handsome assortmentot
of every description, with a general assortment of very
superior trimmings, which he will furnish low.
nov 1__ ’
iVjstYY WoilSfc
ROBERT SANDS respectfully informs hia friends
and the public in generJ, that his Oyster Estab
lishment, on King-street, opposite the Washington
Tavern, is now open, and ready for the reception of
company. He is prepared to furnish such us may give
him a call, with oysters of the best quality tnc market
affords, and serve them up in any manner directed, ai
the shortest notice.
His bar is always supplied with
Private families can be supplied with shucked oysters
at the shortest notice, and on moderate terms.
nov 3—tf__
Wyu Vdns\p & Co.
QA Whole )Y H. TEA,
Oil 93 half > of superior
25 boxes 6 & 13 lbs. ca. J quality
55 hluls Muscovado and N. O. sugar
100 bbls do do do
5 puncheons superior Jamaica rum
100 bags heavy Sumatra pepper
350 casks cut iiails and brads asst’d sizes
2 pipes Madeira wine
100 bales bleached and unbleached 7-8
4-4,54, 6-4 o *ttonshirtings & sheeting
Cassimeres, sattinets, 8tc. &c.
100 pieces Choppa Romals
20 cases hats assorted
160 bolts Russia T
50 half tlo do > DUCK.
60 pieces Ravensj
100 pieces Russia diapers
20,000 bushels Isle of May, St. Ubes, and Turks Is
land Salt-_ nov ft
Southern Hotel.
The subscriber informs bis friends
anil the public thathc has taken the es
tablishment at the upper end ot King
street, adjoining the town of Alexandria,
(heretoforcoccupied by Mr. Eli l.vgg,) and that be is
provided with every thing necessary tor the comtorta
ble accommodation of
Travellers ami others*,
that he has made particular provision for gentlemen
from the
southern COUNTS Y
and for the security and support of their servants.
He flatters himself, that his unremitted attention to
the convenience of those who may call at his Tavern,
will secure to him a share of the public patronage.
Team-Ho at Hotel.
I^HE subscriber takes this method of in forming
the public, that he has added tohis establishment
•\ large \arA ai\A Stable,
capable of
Accommodating from 40 to 50 Horses.
It is situated between the Market and the Team-boat
Ferry, which renders it decidedly the most convenient
stand'for gentlemen coming from Maryland, as well
as for Drovers, who will always meet with purchasers
at the subscriber’s Hotel—most of the horses sold m
Alexandria being for the Maryland market.
The stable will be attended by Ostlers of establish
ed sobriety and industry, and will always be provided
wit hprovender of the first quality, The charges shall
be as low as any others in the District, and every exer
tion made to please gentlemen who may think proper
I to call. WMJ. blL»AKl.
Yorlune’s Home.
WILLIAM PRENTISS, Agent for P. Cawfieid, an
ticipates much pleasure from distributing a large
portion of the following Capital Prizes in the
M.«vy\an(VHniveTs\ty Lottery
8th Class—New Series—To he drawn on the 22d Feb.
1 prize of $100,000 is $100,000
1 do 50,000 is 50,000
1 do 40,000 is . 40,000
1 do 25,000 is 25,000
1 do 20,009 is 20,000
5 . do 10,000 is 50,000
10 do - 5,000 is 50,000
44 do 1,000 is 44,000
88 do 500 is 44,000
, 176 do 2:30 is 40,480
3:32 do 100 is 33,200
5,676 do 50 is 28.3,800
6,358 Prizes—19,600 Tickets $784,240
(CpEvery Prize payable in Cash as soon as drawn.
In this rich scheme, for the small lumber of tickets
and the large proportion ol Capitals,'*It is evident the
risk is much less, and the chance of gain much greater,
than in any other Lottery.
A considerable portion of this Lottery is put up in
packages of seventeen tickets, warranted to draw $300,
less the 15 per cent, deducted by the State, with so
many chances for the Cun.lal Prizes.
Whole tickets &50
Halves 25
Quarters 12 50
Llghths 6 25
Sixteenth 3 12
Thirty-secondthl 56
nv a certificate as follows: a certificate or u wnoic
tickets can he had for #595; 17 half tickets #297 50;
17 quarter tickets #148 75; 17 eighth tickets #74 38;
17 sixteenth tickets 37 09; 17 thirty-secondth tickets
#18 59. Which certificates will entitle the purchasers
or ow ners thereof to whatever prize may he drawn h)
the original tickets of like number, over and above the
sum of # being the amount due thereon, and in like
proportion for shares of certificates respectively.
Capital Prizes for sale, as usual at Fortune's Home,
Agent for P. Canfield, Washington City.
Wluit the Cash will, as usual, be promptly advanced
for Prizes as soon as drawn.
Orders, postpaid, enclosing the cash, for e\en a sin
gle ticke t or share, will meet with as prompt attention
as a personal application, if addressed to
Agent for P. Canfield,
jail 5 Washington City.
v* i n i n tii
i .lverpooi oaii, cy xuoiasses.
YJ"OW landing from on board schr Mary Eleanor,
1^1 3000 bushels Liverpool coarse Salt, 10 hhds mo
And from sloop Constitution,
10 seroons Cuba tobacco, for sale by
dec 10 _J. S. MILLER.
Cush tor Slaves.
* VrA.\' TED to purchase, about 30 or 40 Negroes
V? of both sexes; a liberal price will be given in
cash. Enquire at the
upper end of King-street, Alexandria, (late Mr. Eli
Legg’s,) k pt by John W. Smith. feb 15—tf
~ \V \ne" audOll.
10 hhds. C MADEIRA WINE.
50 qr. casks3
10 boxes fresh salad oil, (30 flasks each)
30 casks first quality winter st’dsperm oil
Now landing and for sale by
dec 17 A. C. CAZENOVE & Co.
liobm W ilson,
At his manufactory, atthe southwest
corner of King and Columbus-streets, &
opposite J. & J. Douglass, continues to
make and will constantly keep on hand
a general stockof
Grecian, Fancy andlVindsor Chairs,
which he w ill dispose of on as accom
I'modating terms as they can be had else
1 where in the district; and will as usual,
.... • / \1 I fl •
Kepamt and Kepau wiu v nairs,
upon the shortest notice. N. B. He has engaged a first
rate workman to execute all kindsof plain and fancy
Sign Tainting.
(0 Orders from the country will lie gladly received
end promptly attended to.
He has also an establishment on Pennsylvania A
venuc, opposite the Gazette Office, Washington
where favors will be acknowledged. oct 11 .>m,
District of Columbia,
Alexandria County, Set.
November Term, 1825—11th Dat.
James & Jacob Douglass, Complts. }
akainst > In Chancery.
James Allison’s Admr. and Als. Defts. j
ISAAC BOBBINS, administrator of the said James
Allison, deceased, having heretofore returned his re
port of the sale of the said decedent’s real estate, made
under the decree of this Court, pronounced in this suit
on the 18th day of November Term last, shewing in his
hands the sum of two thousand one hundred and twen
ty five dollars, the gross amount of the said sales, and
no exceptions having been taken to the said report, the
Court doth receive and confirm the same, and the said
Isaac is allowed to retain out of the said sum a commis
sion of five per cent, for effecting the said sale, and for
paying over the money as is hereinafter decreed, to
gether with the expenses of sale as by him reported;
and it is by the Court decreed and ordered, that the
said Isaac do out of the said sum, pay the expenses
which have been incurred in the prosecution and de
fence of this suit, to be taxed by the Clerk, and that af
ter giving one month’s notice in the Phenix Gazette
to the creditors of the said James to exhibit their claims,
he do distribute the remainder ot uie said sum pari pas
su amongst the said creditors whose claims have been,
or shall be, sanctioned by the Orphans Court of Alex
andria county, or have been, or shall be, established by
the judgment or decree of this Court; and should any
claim be exhibited for payment not so sanctioned or esr
tablishcd, the said Isaac is required to retain in his
hands a rateable dividend on all such claims, and to re
port the same to this Court at its next session for their
decision thereon. Test.
EDM. I. LEE, C. C.
(0Such of the creditors of the above mentioned
James Allison, as have not heretofore exhibited their
claims to me, are now called on to exhibit the same,
authenticated as required by the above order, on or be
fore the 21st day of next month.
jan 20—eodlm Admr. of Jas. Aliison, dec’d.
More lioo&s.
At his old established Store, corner of King and Fair
fax streets, Alexandria,
White, black, and scarlet merino scarfs
Shepperd’s bl’k and blue first qualitycloths&cassimeres
■Silver and Parsons’s grey mix’d do do
Sykes’s superior blue ami grey mix’d cassincts, which
he respectfully invites thepublic to call and examine,
as they are a beautiful specimen of the superiority «t
American over Foreign manufacture of that article. ,
A new and very general assortment of calicoes, warrant
ed fast colours
Very handsome silk stripe caspansfor ladies dresses
Tartan and Circassian plaids, Canton & Italian l>)Jk crapes
Ladies and gentlemen’s black and while silk hose
Kid, horse skin, Woodstock, buck, and beaver gloves
Flushings, blankets, blue plains, Devonshire kerseys,
flannels, baizes,burlaps. linens, lawns, cambrics, checks, j
plaids, stripes, and most description of DOMESTIC
GOODS, which together, with his former stock, com
prises a complte.assortment, and will be sold very low
for the cash, or to his punctual customers as usual.
Baltimore Cotton Yarn, Candlewick, and
Carpet Chain.
nov 18
An additional supply of fancy goods
JAMES A WATERS, at his new store, south east
corner of King and Fairfax sts. has just received and
is now opening a
$\>\vn&u\ A ssovtment
Of Fancy Goods, consisting in par! of the following Articles:
Scarlet, white ami black merino scarfs, ot excellent qual
ify, equal to any that have ever been biouglit to this
7-4 and 4-4 black, white, and scarlet shawls
Scarlet, white and black cashmere scarfs
Do do do Mazarine blueauddove colored shawls & lulkfs
Figured sattin hdkfs, do barrage do
An elegant assortment of shaded Gros de Naples silk,
do do figured silk
1 piece superior double flounced black silk
Striped cassimere, do cassinett
Barrage ginghams, something very handsome for ladies
Calicoes of a very superior quality and new style
Marseilles counterpanes
Black stripe caspinfor ladies’ dresses _
A JS fcNV tlSSOYimeiYt.
(Opposite Jon’a. Butcher’s Hardware Store.)
HAS just received in addition to hisFall Goods recent
ly‘advertised, the following supply of
Superfine blue, black, brown and grey cloths
Do do do drab and grey cassiineres
Fine biuc and mixedcassinets, domestic kersey & linscy
Bose, point and striped blankets, calicoes and ginghams
Irish linens, lawns, linen cambric and hollands
White, scarlet and black Merino shawls, scarfs and hdkfs
Cloth and worsted do Scotch and Circassian plaids
Black Italian lustring and sarsnet for dresses
A few pieces of splendid white fringe
Bleached, brown and colored domestic cottons of every
1000 lbs very superior cotton yarn, with a great many
other articles, which shall be sold at the very lowest pri
ces, and on the most accommodating terms, nov 26
Dissolution oi‘ Partnership.
rjlHE copartnership heretofore existing between Jo
l nnthan C. May & Jonah habell, under the firm o
Jonathan C.'May &.Co. was dissolved on the 22d inst.
JONATHANC. MAYh: iving purchased of Jonah Isa*
b, ll his interest in said concern, this is to notify all per
sons indebted to the concern to make immediate pay
ment. The business in future will be carried on by
J. C. MAY.
Uho has on hand and offers for sale—
Manufactured tobacco
Gay &. Pankey’s in kegs and half kegs T
Barclay’s cavendish in do do do V II urranted.
8’s, 12’s, 16’s and l’s, twists J
Scotch in bladders and bottles’!
French rappee f SNUFF.
Tuber rose Bourbon
Virginia and Spanish rappee J ,
1st, 2d, & 3d quality Spanish segars in whole half and
quarter boxes
In do do do half Spanish segars
^Th'e highestcash price given foTOBACCO.
oct 28 _!L_
Jonathan C. JVay,
MERCHANT TAILOR, at his old stand, lower end
"of Prir.ce street, respectfully informs his friends,
and the public in general, that in addition to his former
stock, he has just received a genreal assortment of
Consisting of the following Articles, viz.—
Superfine blue and black cloths
Second do do do
Blue plains, Devonshire kerseys
Red, green and white flannels
Red and green baize
Flushings and fearnaughts of various colors
Rose blankets, gloves, mitts and caps
Tartan plaids, Russia sheetings
Burlaps and ticklenburgs
Irish, German and Russia dowlas, bed tickings
Bleached and brown domestic cottons
Domestic plaids, stockings, handkerchiefstocks
Irish linens in pieces and half pieces
Checks and cambrics, fancy and plain cravats
Bandanno and flag hdkfs
Snittalfield and common pocket do
Calicoes well assorted, fancy toihnct vestings
Olive and black velvets, tabby do
Figured blackk silk vestings,
Black t brown borobazetts, guernsey frocks
^ assortment of Cotton Yams, and a general assort
ment of TAILORS' TRIMMINGS, together with a
Clothes and Mattrasses.
He is determined to sell on the most moderate terms.
N B custom work executed with neatness 8c dispatch.
oct 11___—
Cuba Tobacco.
A SEROONS Cuba tobacco, just received per schr.
10 M- ““toS sWr.
Landing Tins Lay,
6)A Casks Cheese, of a very superior quality
SO boxes Raisirs
210 Groce Velvet Corks, and for sale by
jan 21R. 1. T. WILSON.
Af\ kOGS St. Domingo Mahogany, for sale by
jan 13 JOHN S. MILLER.
jan 16
Lor ter and Wina Lotilos.
(5y/"| hampers Bristol porter and wine bottles
s£\J 10 crates Newcastle ware, &.c.
Landingfrom the schr. Man1 Archer, and for sale by
THE subscriber will take one or two boys, from 15
to 16 years of age, to the Hatting Business, if ap
plication is made soon at my hat factory on Fairfax-street.
Auction Store.
A HANDSOME lot of fresh seasonable DRY GOODS
at very low limits, and long time at private sale.
jan 13_S. A MAKSTELLKR, Anct
Li&trict of CoiunVbia,
Comity of Alexandria, Set:
November Term—1825.
The Common Council of Alexandria,"'
George Chapman, Charles I. Catlett, >/n Chancery.
Sarah Harper, Townshcnd Waugh,
William Yeaton, John C. Mandcll,
and Thomas Irwin, Dcftsv
THE defendant George Chapman, rot having enter
ed his appearance and given security according to the
statute and the rules of this Court, and it appearing to
the satisfaction of the Court, upon affidavit filed, that
the said George Chapman is not a resident of the Dis
trict of Columbia: on the motion of the complainants by
their counsel, it is ordered, that the said George
C(iapman do appear here on the first day of next April
Term, and enter his appearance to this suit, and give
security for performing the decrees of the Court, and
that the other defendants, Charles I. Catlett, Sarah
Harper, Townsend Waugh, William Yeaton, John C.
Mandcll and Thomas Irwin, do not pay away, convey or
secrete the debts by them owning to, or the estate or ef
fects in their hands, belonging to the said absent defen
dent, until the further order or decre*uf the court; and
that a copy of this order be forthwith published for two
months successively, in one of the public newspapers
printed in the town of Alexandria; and that another co
py be posted at the front door of the courthouse of said
county. A Copy. Test, EDM. 1. LEE, C. C.
jan 202m
District ot Columbia,
Alexandria County, Set.
November Term, 1825.
Daniel Street, Complainant, ^
Jgainst > In. Chancery.
Charles Coleman & James L. McKenna. 3
THE defendant, Charles Coleman, not having entered
his appearance and given security according to the
statute and the rules of this court, and it appearing to
the satisfaction of the court, upon affidavit filed, that
the said Charles Coleman is not an inhabitant of the Dis
trict of Columbia— on the motion of the complainant by
bis counsel, it is ordered that the said absent defendant
do appear here on the first day of next April term, and
enter his appearance to this suit, and give security for
performing the decrees of the court; and that the other
defendant, James L. McKenna, do not pay away, con
vey or secrete the debts by him owing to, or the estate
or effects in his hands belonging to the absent defen
dant, until the further order or decree of the court; and
that a copy of this order he forthwith published, for
two months successively, in one of the public newspa
pers printed in the town of Alexandria, and that another
copy be posted at the front doojvof the Court-House of
said county. A Copy. Test, EDM. I LEE, C. C.
jan 13 2m
iivimmV AYYum SaU.
Ifinn BUSHELS coarse Liverpool Salt, 200sacks
OLWIvr fine blown do. for sale by
jan 3A. C. CAZENOVE &. Co.
William ioNYifc & Co.
40 hogsheads £ Muscovado sugars, part of which of su
30 barrels S perior quality
10 pipes Otard, Dupay 8t Co. and Seignette brandy, of
superior quality
6000 pounds Sumatra pepper
150 chests and half chests young hyson tea of approv
ed quality
21 tons St. Petersburg hemp
350 bolts of Russia ) , .
300 do of Ravens Sn
100 pieces Russia diaper
12 casks Bridport -shad, herring and sewing twine
20 cases coarse hats
100 pieces choppa romals
1000 s des red so. J leather
300 casks nails, assorted sizes
40 barrels mess and No. 1 Boston beef
45 do tanner’s oil
150 do ~)
40 half do £ No. 2 MACKEREL
60 tubs j
21,000 bushels Turks Island and St. Ubes Salt.
130 tons plaster Paris, Awn
120 bales forming a complete assortment of Domestic
Cotton Shirtings and Sheetings, Sattinetts, Cassi meres,
Linseys, Burlaps, Sic. all ot which will be sold on liberal
terms.jan 3
JUST receivedat the auction store,
1 superb hair covered sofa
1 do piano
New and second hand sibeboards
do do chain
do do tables
do do Book cases
Wash and candle stands
Clocks and fancy time pieces, Beds and bedsteads
Chocolate No. 1, fig blue, Spanish & half dosegan
1 double flageolette, 2 cUrionettt
Spy glasses, Etc. English walnuts, filberts, Etc. Stc,
ai.so—Grates for burning coal, stoves, Etc. Etc.
nov 26 S, A. MARSTELLER, Auct.
Jt ■’

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