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“Fail ce qavi\ faat, arrive ce ^u’ii Ybarra ”
T©3io H3o" 7 " Sa&lT S©, a®S(8o W®0 SS?fo
• • ^_'_ ___
For Boston,
The packet schooner
Hammond, master, will sail in all the week,
ind will take freight on moderato terms.
Apply to WM. FOWLK N Co.
. IVho have far sale an board said schooner,
50 tons plaster parts may 16
For BtvrbmYors,
Stone, master; will sail in all next week, and
take 200 barrels flour on freight. Apply to
i may 13 __ W FOWLK & CO.
For »w-\ork/
The Packet Sfoop VERSOS,
S. Wilson, master; will sail on the 39th inst.
For freight or passage, having good accommo
dations applv on board, or tOj,
ROBItfSONif SH/.V.ytelfj Wharf
JVho hare received, per Sfoon Vernon—
3 hUds. first quality St. Croi.v sugar
15 bids. Newark cider
12 bbls. cider vinegar
2U boxes lemons
d hour, 28 and 14 second glasses may 13
For Boston aiu\ i'ovWaiuv,
Nason, master; will sail early ne$t week, ami
take 400 bbls on freight for either of the a
i jhove ports. Apply to W. FOW I.K & Co.
Who have for sale said brigs cargo of
2,500 bushels l urks island Salt, may 12
U\er\Mio\ Alloat,
On board the ship Pioneer from Liverpool, and will be
»Id on liberal terms.
7000 Bushels coarse, and
1000 sac«ts blown salt, large,in white twilled sacking
Apply to WM. FO • I.K & Co.
For &TU3tervVwm
The Superior tirppered Ship PlOyEER,
X/^will sail early in June, and u ill take 200 hluls.
tobacco ;uid small articles on freight—Apply as above,
may 4 * __
For Freight,
The fine Schr. .1 LB TOW,
p. Frost, master, burthen 751* bSis. and will j
aiTuew davs be in readiness for the recent • n ot a car
go. Apply to T. If. HOWLJ XI).
Who has for sale, received per said vessel trout Matan
zas, 2u001b». prime Green Ctftl __m;'\ 3
For Freight,
The Schooner E \'TERPRISEy
Captain T. L. Hall, carries 70O barrels; and
wouhl prefer a freight to the West Indies—
Apply to
m*y 1 _ JOHN S. MILI.KR,
Tbe Steamboat
C.1PT. URWIJE \Kiss,
Bring now in very complete order, with a new cop
per boiler on the most approved plan, will com
mence running between the City ofWashington, Alex
andria, Norfolk, City Point and Richmond, on Wed
nesdav the 19th inst. leaving Washington at 4 ami
Alexandria at 5 o’clock on every Wednesday afternoon;
arrive at Old Point Comfort and Norfolk the following
afternoon. Leave Norfolk the next morning at six o’
clock, and arrive at City Point and Richmond on the
evening ot the same day. Returning, will leave. Kicli
:noii l at six o’clock on Sunday morning, touching at
Citv Point, and arrive at Norfolk the same even.ng
Leave Norfolk at 9 o’clock on Monday morning, touch
ing at Old Point Comfort, and arrive at Alexandria amt
Washington the next morning in time for passengers to
proceed on to Baltimore.
From Washington or Alexandria to Richmond, meals
From Washington or Alexandria to Old Point and Nor
v folk, do w
From Washington or Alexandria, to all intermediate
places (where passengers can be landed with con
venience) between Alexandria and Old Point or
Norfolk, do 6 00
From Washington to James Town do b OU
From Washington to City Point ^
apr lO_ _ A" WATTLES, A&nt.
Shad, Herrings, and Mackerel.
The Subscribers have on hand,
Uanels shad of a superior quality, put up by
OU themselves. Also,
250 barrels gross and nett herrings
25 do Mackerel. Also,
100 lbs. live feathers
With a general assortment of the best LIQLORS
may 12_H. T. RAMSAY &■ Co.
Farmers'* Lank Stock tor^aYe.
FROM 50to 100 shares of this stock may be had on
very reasonable terms by application to
(jj*Thc par value of the shares is 50 dollars each,
apr 13—tf.
M\W Stones.
a PAIR of Cologne mill stones, of various sizes,
I D from 2 feet to 4 feet 4 inches diameter; for sale by
5 mo. 3M. Mll.LER & SON. .
Ta\wn to Let.
M The subscriber offers to let, that old and well
JuLostablisbcd tavern stand, the
at the corner of King and 3t. Asaph street, lately occu
pied by Fuel A Perry. The house is commodious, the
stables large and in good repair, and the situation be
ing central, offers advantages worthy attention. For
terms apply to CATHARINE McREA.
ap 18
C. & 1. P. Thompson
HAVE just received per ship Pioneer, from Liver
pool, an assortment of
may 5
Oranges and Lemons.
Qfl UOXES fresh Sicily Oranges and Lemons—5 do
3U transparent Soap, landing from sloop Vernon,
and for sale by R. /• T. it ILSON.
may 13___
William Fowle & Co,
I An BALKS 34, 3-8, 44 and 54 brown 6c bleacn
1UU ed domestic shirtings and sheetings
250 bolts 1st, 2d, and 3d quality Russia duck
40 bolts halt’ •
300 pieces light and heavy Ravens duck •
100 da Russia diapers
15 tons St. Petersburg hemp of superior quality
100 pieces Choppa Ronials
50 chests and half chests Young Hyson Tea
20 pieces India straw carpeting
10 cases common hats
15 casks Rridpoit shad and herring twine
900 sides red soal leather
200 bags prime Green and St. Domingo coffee
30 bags Sumatra pepper
20 hh.ds New-Orleans sugar
20 do retailing molasses
10 pipes Seignctt brandy
1 d<» O’ Pai d, Dupy & Co, of superior quality
2 hhds Jamaica rum
25 !;!;£'* gland Hum
20 barrels Phelps’ gin
300 boxes mould candles
1200 sacks Liverpool blown salt '
220oo bushels Turks Island, St. Ubesand Lisbon salt
300 casks nails assorted sizes may 16
Life of Pinkney,
SOME account of the Life, Writings, and Speeches,
of William Pinkney. By Henry Wheaton; with a
portrait, 1 vol. 8vo. $3
A treatise on the I aw of Obligations, or Contracts.
Bj M Pothier Translated with notes, references, ap
pjrtidix, fcc. Ike. by W. I). Evans, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. $12
'The Young Steam Engineer’s Guide, containing an
investigation of the principles, construction, and pow
ers, and a description of >teuin Engines, &c. With
two engravings, ltv Olivar Evans. 1 vol. 8vo. $1 75
The works of Francis Bacon, Baron of Veruism, \ is
count St. Albans, and Lord High C hancellor of E. g
land, with a portrait. 10 vols 8vo. . $22
Letters from Spain. By Don I.eucadio Doblado. 2d
edition, revised and corrected by the author $o 50
\ large collecti >n of Foreign Music, for the piano
forte, guitar, flute, violin, Ike &c by Beethoven, An
dre, Latour, Mozart, Plejel, Steibelt, Vanhall, Kotze
luch, Woefl, Cramer, Riottc, and other celebrated au
thors. Just received.on sale by _
Washington, May 17 PISHED THOMPSON
I Market.
** -
THE subscriber truprctlull) imonnsthc public, that
lie has taken out a license for
Vending \\m*ses,
and that he will offer for sale on Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Sii/urdays, in each week, opposite the Market
House, Horses of various description*. He will always
be prepared to attend to tne calls of his friends at any
■t.u r tadt—having good stables for the accommoda
tion of Horses persons wishing to purchase may gen
erals be supplied at private sale.
inay 4 _WM. B. STUART.
“ ICE.
THE subscriber has on hand a large supply ot North
ern H'E, superior to any in the 1 >istrict, as it has
n ascertained that one peck will last longer and go
farther than half a bushel of common Ice. _ Private
families will be supplied with the usual quantity at
the season, or it will be sold at 50 cents the bushel, &
in proportion for smaller quantities
,tlin 4 WM B. STUART.
Ya\uc avion.
Christ's Church lecture Room.
rflflK subscribers can receive classical and English
I scholars Bovs learning the l.atin and Greek bn
gouges have the benefit of English and Mathematics,
without an additional expense.
For Classics, & P<*r quarter
For Mathematics, 6 per quarter
For English, 5 per quarter
A mevlean V on\ as s.
SVMIIEL M. JANNEY has just received from the
phenix Factory, Paterson, N. J. two bales contain
ing -ample* of Vmerican Canvass, which is recommend
ed as superior to any in ported duck for cheapness and
durability STORE,
24 boxes sperm candles (New-Bedford brand)
8 casks whale oil
60 kegs white lead, 1st and 2d quality
15 do Spanisli brown
14 do Venetian red
2 cases quarto post paper
7 boxes cotton and wool cards
18,000 Kussia quills_4th mo 20 tf
Yor SnVfc or Went
4 FARM, containing about 400 acres of Land, situa
t*-d on the River Occoquan, about one mile below
the village of Occoquan, called
$w*n Point.
There is a comfortable i
, .Dwelling House on this Farm,
[well situated for health ami con
..-^.-Jvenience; a tolerablx good Sta
ble, and a voting Orchard of well selected trees. About
two thirds of the land is cleared, and has for several
years been under a course of judicious cultivation. It
will be sold low. or rented on the most accommodating
tet ms. Apply to SAMUEL M. JANNEY.
4 mo2 0—-tit
Alexandria Hallxs.
THE public are respectfully informed, that the sub
scriber has opened his
opposite the City Hotel, and is prepared to accommo
date them in a neat style. The benefits arising from
the use of the warm bath are so well known, tliat he
deems it unnecessary to say any thing in commenda
Terms—fora family, 6 dollars the season—single
person, 4 dollars do. and single batli 37$ cents, or four
tickets fora dollar.
Pale ^le
A Barrels Dawson & Morrison’s pale ale just rec’d
lvr and for sale by JOHN S. MILLER,
may 2 _
$\>v\\\g Ootma.
THE subscriber is now opening a handsome asort
ment of
nook, Swiss and mull muslins, figured and plain
Jaconets do and cambrics
Cambric do
Super calicoes, chintzes, nnd furniture do
Do 3-4 and 4-4 striped and plaid ginghams
Handsome assortment of gause veils and lidkfs
Book muslin and linen cambric do
Irish linens and long lawns
Dowlas, linen cambric, fancy cravats
Black, white and green Italian crapes
Do Italian lustring, black mode
Inserting, bobbinet laces, brown cambric
Silk and cotton bandannosand flags
Viironia cnssimercs, a good article for summer coats
Black twilled Circassians do do
White and colored linen drillings
Do white cotton do
Black and colored striped Denmark satteens
Plain hlack bombazetta
Wilmington and other stripes for boys, denims
Best blue and yellow nankins
Super white and fancy Marseilles vestings
Do silk do
Russia diapers and sheetings, ravens duck
Ticklcnburgs, burlaps and osnaburgs
Ladies horse skin, kid and silk gloves
Gentlemens’ Woodstock, beaver and doe skin do
Cotton and silk hose, half do
Fine bleached muslins
3 4 and 4-4 brown do domestic plaids and checks
Walpole tickings umbrellas and parasols
Palm leaf fans, sewing silks cotton and thread
Floss and spool cotton, knitting cotton, tapes
Bobbins, cords, pins, hooks and eyes, &.c. &c A i so.
A constant supply of Powhatan COTTON YARN,
All of which, with his former stock, will be sold on the
most reasonable terms *
Spring U nu\s.
Opposite Jonathan Butcher's Hardware store,
HAS just received from Ntw-York, Philadelphia and
H iitimore, a complete and handsome assortment of
British, French, Scotch, German, frisk and Domestic
Dry Coo&s,
Consisting in part of the following articles,
Superfine London blue and black cloMis
Ditto ditto green, brown, and other cloths
Ditto single and double milled blue and black cassi
A beautiful assortment of summer vestings
White and colorecT drillings
2 cases of very superior Irish linens, lawns, and
brown hollands
A splendid assortment of calicoes, ginghams, and
Grecian stripes
Plain and jackonet cambrics
Mull and Swiss muslins
Figured and plain book muslins
White and black Italian crapes
Black Canton _ do
Black Italian lutestring
Plain and fig*d black silks
Striped barrage robes, very handsome
Fancy silk and gauze hdkPs
Spittiefiekl ami bandsnno do
Thread and bobbinett laces
A few splendid bobbinett veils
Plain bobbinett •
Ladies’and gentlemen’s cotton stockings
Do do silk do
Blue and yellow Nankins
Striped jeans for boys clothes
Black twilled bombazette
Do do bombazine
Burlaps, Ticklenburgs, and Scotch oznaburgs
Green gauze
Knitting cotton, boss cotton, tapes, bobbins and pins
Brown, bleached and colored domestic cottons
Chocks and bedticks, Irish dowlas
\0V)0\bs. heal quality Cotton
With many other articles too numerous to mention.
All of which has been carefully selected, and shall be
sold at the most reduced prices, arid on the most ac
commodating terms. (ap 17]_H
ROBKRT H. MILLKR hasjust received from Liver
pool, per ship Shenandoah,
Sixty-tv<o Crate* & \ioga\iead*
of fcartheuNvare and China,
being part of his spring supply—among which arc
Iron stone China table services
Blue printed (Liverpool) do -
China pitchers and tea-setts, richly gilt
Do tea-setts gold edge and view of Mount Vernon
Do do plain, with do anti common patterns
Which, with the usual articles in his line, such as edged
plates and dishes, enamelled and printed bowls, 8cc. Ike.
a further supply of Lafayette Ware, makes his asort
ment very handsome.
He has also lately received a superior
assortment of
WicAx Cut V\z*.
Globe decanters, quarts and pints in setts;
i tumblers and wines to match; salt cellasr,
I cellery glascs* &c.—All of. which are offer
f ed at* moderate prices and upon liberal
terms, whole nle and retail, mar 1—tf
I he (ienius oi i.inerrj, »» »irc -ion iwnw, *» *•••
Chester Republican, and Woodstock Herald, will please
insert the above for two iveeks, and forward their ac
counts to R. M
Rheumatism and Gout.
Benjamin Morange djf Son’s Medicated Oil Silk.
HUMANITY require* to proclaim to the public an
exterior remedy for the cure of all Chronic Dis
orders, but particularly the Gout, Hhcumatism, and
Colds. Many thousands have been cured of these ter
rible diseases, both in the Uhited States and in France;
and as many highly able .- n l respectable physicians of
this city wish to give justice to truth, they have deli
vered the following * .
NwYwrk, 2'3d.4ug. 1820.
Xj*The varnished silk manufactured by M Morange
& Son, is capable of being applied with great advan
tage in many cases ot Gout, Rheumatism, Chronic, en
largements and stiffness of the joints, and indurate
glandular tumors: and in some cases is Referable to
any other remedy with which we are acquainted
Wright Post, M l). John Watts, jun. M. I).
Alex. II. Stevens, M. D. R. S. Kissam, M. 1)
David Hosack, M I). W G. S. Macneven, M.D.
John Neilson, M D. t dw. Delafield, M. D
Felix Pascalis, M D, Dr. Valentine Mott,
Samuel L Mitchell, M. D.
To be had at the Drug Store of JOHN I. SJtYRS,
sole agent for Alexandria. _march 30 •
To all those having, or desirntu if having, an interest in
the Stli Class of the
Grand \3n‘wevs\\’$ lioWev^.
The sale of tickets in the above Scheme not having
been sufficient to warrant the drawing to take place on
the the 22(1 ultimo, as originally intended, without a
risk of considerable loss to the manager, the drawing
of the same is herebv postponed for 30 or 60 days; no
tice of the precise day on which the Lottery will posi
tively be drawn will however soon be given.
P CANFIELD, Manager.
It may not, perhaps, be necessary to assign any fur
ther reasons for this short postponement than are con
tained in the above. The MAVACfBU would, liowev* j
er, beg leg leave to add, that when this class was is
sued, few persons, if any, anticipated in the least, the
late panic in the money market which has almost para
lyzed every kind of business, and has caused such a sin
gular and unprecedente d stagnation in trade. The
distress of capitalists and monied institutions has not
bei n confined to any single state in nur confederacy,
but it has been severely felt from one extremity of tin*
country to the other, and has been general in several of
the oldest and wealthiest foreign countries. And it
will not be considered a matter of surprise, that the
same Causes which have induced so recently the post
ponement of the drawing of an important lottery, should
have a.similar effect on one of much greater magnitude,
llut if is hoped, that a happy change for *hese reverses
has already commenced, and that all classes of our citi
zens in every part of the Union will soon participate in
the returning .ide of prosperity. The scheme now of
fered is by far the most attractive and splendid of any
ever presented to the public in the United States; and
many, very many who adventure therein will certainly
be rewarded with princely fortunes or handsome addi
tions to what they already possess.
Those who have not yet take-nan interest in this Lot
tery, now have an additional opportunity offered them;
and they arc respectfully reminded, that by promptly,
purchasing chances in this most splendid scheme, they
will insure an early distributi n of the rich prizes it con
tains—as the lottery shall positively be drawn as soon
as the sale of tickets will justify; and the prizes paid
in cash immediately after the drawing; all persons
therefore are inviteu to come forward and take a ticket
or share at either o*‘ the manager's offices; where all
applications personal or per letter, will at anytime be'
nroinnflv attended to by the public’s obedient servant,
139 Broadway, New-York; 129Chesnut street, Phila
delphia; ISO Market street, Ilaltimore.
8th Class—New Series.
Capital Vvvze 100,000 Uollars.
| The next brilliant lottery in this country; soon to be
drawn, is the following unparalleled
Truly fir and and Splendid Scheme:
1 prize of *100,000 is *100,000
1 do 50.0UO is 50,000
1 do 40,000 is 40,000
1 do 25,000 is 25,000
1 do 20,000 is 20,000
5 do 10,000 is 50,000
10 do 5,000 is 50,000
44 do 1,000 is 44,000 .
88 do 500 is 44,000 •
176 do 250 is 42,240
342 do 100 is 34,200
5676 do 50 is 283,800
6356 prizes amounting to *“84,240
No time, therefore, (if you would do wisely) to delav
vour purchase. A golden opportunity is now presented
In all wMurers-will not each instantly improve it
Another like opportunity may never be yours! And
as it is certain that the subscriber will soon furnish Ins
natrons with more really splendid prizes, and more in
.umber, than were ever distributed before in as short a
neriod from any one office in America, are vou not veil
limr to accept the invitation to call immediately at lus
office and partake of some of the Brilliant Prizes now
offered, which-FORTUNE-will soon award to her
Whole Tickets g50 Eighths 6 25
Halves 25 Sixteenth 3 12
Quarters 12 50 Thirty-seconchh 1 56
Bv 1 certificate as follows: a certificate of 17 uhole
tickets can be had for *595; 17 half tickets *297 50;
17 auartcr rickets 148 75; 17 eighth tickets 74 37;
17?iitecnth tickets 27 19; 17 th.rty-secondth tickets
18 Applications personally, (or by letter, post paid, en
elosimr the cash,) for even a single ticket or share m
the above, may be made at either of the Manager s Of
fices, where the cash will, as usual, be promptly paid
f°r\il of wh* r*h aj JhAarions will be thankfully received
and respectfidlv, as well as duly attended to by your
Agent for P. Canfield,
mar g Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington City.
Worth" niblic patronage, is open every day, trout 10
to 12 forenoon, and from 3 to 5 afternoon.
>f^w Musta.
tt1A M \RIOV.” a favorite Scotch Song, by Mrs. Miles,
lvl “Swiftly from the mountains brow," by Moran.
“There’s a tear that flows when we part,’’ by Daricy.
•‘The friends we left at home, a Swissair.
“The Harper of Mull,” a favorite Scotch song. ,
“How oft when watching star*," a Savoyard air.
“I’ll watch for thee from my loiudv bower.’*
G’Huller’s celebrated Pas ^enl in Cherry A Fair Star.
“Fomin through the rye,” a favorite Scotch melody.
Grand March, from Rossini’* Opera of Tancredi*
with many other Songs, Waltzes, Marches, Ac.
lately published.
GuitaVs, Flutes, Flageolets, Ac.
.1 rr.I.VO FORTE, manufactured by I oiid A Pra
thers. Philadelphia, with round corners, additional Key*
and superior tone Price 2.’5 dollars On sale by
Swdim’s Panacea
HIS valuable medicine has obtained a distinction
which its efficacy alone can support. As a purifier
of the blood it has no parallel. It is the most useful
ipring and autumn alterative ever known. All those who
are affected with Scrbfuta, Leprosy, Scurvy, orcutane«.u®
Eruptmn*, or any of those melancholy .diseases arisr g
from the impurity of the blood and juices—also, those
who suffer by diseased Liter, Rhemnatieaffections, or from
indiscretion of their youth, as veil as those whose con
stitutions are broken down bv mercurial, antimonial or
arsenical medicines should submit to a course of Stobini’I
Panacea. The effect of this medicine is such as not
to interrupt either business or pleasure, and require*
only the common restraintsof moderation in diet. It is
conveyed by th circulating fluids, and corrects their
tendencies to all those diseases which originate in vitiated
blood. It is a safe, though a powerful substitute tor
mercury, and removes those evils which an unsuccessful
use of that mineral so often occasions, Ac.
“I have repeatedly used Swaim’s Panacca,both in the
hospital and in private pructi. e, and have found it to he
a valuable medicine inchronic, syphilitic t,!!'.! «cr»iu!oW
complaints, ami in obstinate cutaneous affections.
“Professor of Surgeiy, in the University of N. York,
Surgeon of the N S'. Hospital, 8cc.
New YorV, If/ run. 5fh, 1824,”
“I haw within the last two years had an
of seeing several casts of very inveterate ul
having resisted previously the regular modes of tn^tj
merit, were healed by the use of Mr. Swaim’s Panacea;
and 1 do believe, from w hat I have seen, that it will prove
an important remedy in scrofulous, venereal and mt rc
urial diseases. • UHAPMAN, M. 1).
“Professor of the Institutes and pract ce ot Physic in
the University of Pennsylvania, &.c.
Philadelphia, Feb. 16, !824.”
“1 have employed the Panacea of Mr. Swaini, in
numerous instances, within the last three years,and have
always found it extremely efficacious, especially in se
condary sy philis and in mercurial disease. I have no
hesitation in pronouncing it a nird.cinr of inestimable
value. 'v • GIBSON, M. D.
“Professor of Surgery in the Unitcrsity of Pennsyl
vania, Surgeon and tftlinical Lecturer to the Alms
House Infirmary, &c.
February 17, 1823.”
Caution to Purrhnnerx
The great demand and wonderful success ofthis me
dicine, have induced a number of persons to imitate it
in various ways. Some are selling sarsaparefla and o
thci syrups, imposing them on the ignorant for the Pa
nacea; others are mixing the genuine medicine w ith
molasses, &c. making three bottles out of one—thus
retaining some of its virtues. These imitationsand adul
terations, have in many instances, protracted the snfl.-r
ings of patients in cases where the genuine medicine
would have proved instantly efficacious. 1 therefore
deem it a duty I owe the public, to acquaint tin m,
that it is impossible, from the very nature of its cer.sti
tuents, to be discovered by chemical analysis; and con
sequently, that all other mixtures represented to be
mine and sold as such, are fraudulent and base imposi
tions, calculated to deceive the ignorant and unwary.
Thcgomiine medicine has my signature on a label re
presenting Hercules ami the Hydra, and my name on
the seal.
Communications, postpaid, and orders from any part
of the world, Will receive immediate attention.
iij’Printed directions accompany the medicine.
No. 13, South Ninth-efretf, Philadelphia, '
Opposite the University of Pennsylvania.
A constant supply of the above valuable medicine
is kept by tli* subscribers who are appointed sole agents
for Alexandria. Prices—#3 per bottle, or #30 per do*
zen. EDW. STABLE* & bON.
april 28
Pwaim’s 1>: iiarea.
[From (he Philadelphia Evening Pont ]
HAVING nude the proper inquiry, we can vouch for
the accuracy of the statement contained in the
subjoined communication. Up one should hesitate to
bear just evidence to the merits of a medicine like that
id Mt.Swaim’s, which would seem to be very dilier*
cut from the nostrums ot the day.
To the Editor* of the Saturday Everting Pott.
Dr Gibson, Professor of Surgery in the University of
Pennsylvania, in his Lecture of Monday last, spoke in
high terms of Swaim's Panacea. He remarked that he
had found it decidly beneficial in chronic cases of S> pht*
lis &c. and that he had known patients who hao la
bored under this disease for a length of *ime, and tried
f I most every remedy commonly employed for its cure,
with very little if any effect, but w ho, after using the.
Panacea, recovered quickly and entirely . He related
several instances of rapid and extraordinary restoration
to robust health from a state of the most miserable
weakness and infection, wherein repeated salivations
had produced only the mischief incident to the use of
mercury. If spoke likewise of Mr. Swaim, perx.na.
ly acknow ledging the generosity w hich lit m il show n
in the distribution of his medicine to the poor, audio
the support even ol whole families unt.l a cure w as ef
fected. The Processor mentioned that he had been
censured by Surgcons*and Phy sicians for recommend
ing the Pr.nacea of Swaim. but that he thought it a duty
which he oweil to suffering humanity not to withhold
the expression of his opinion and expenence of .G effi
cacious character. A bit DEM.
N B We think it our duty to say, that we are sur
prised to find that a number of spurious mixtures have
been got up latelv, in imitation ot this most valuable r#
medv and that several strangers have been injured by
the mistake- We would adi sc- all per*#.* who are in
want of such a remedy, tu apply where liie gM-mne h
known to be had. *• MlllllCWe.
april 28

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