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Marshal's Sale.
r consequence of not being able to effect a sale on
Tuesday the 18th inst. for want of bidders, I shall
On Saturday the 27th day of May next, on the premises,
proceed to sell, all the right, title and interest of Man
Fendall and Philip R. Fendall in the following proper
Mty:—One Lot of Ground with the improvements
thereon, fronting on Washington and Oronoko
streets. Also,
A I»ot of liftnA,
lying in or near the town of Alexandria, which was
purchased of Baldwin Dade, containing three and one
half acres. Also, all that
Pieco or Varcelof Y»anA,
lying between the Town of Alexandria and the Poor
House, containing thirty five acres. Also,.
designated No. 8f in the plat of William S. Moore, ly
ing on the east side of the Washington and Alexandria
Turnpike Road—to satisfy an execution in favor of John
Withers. The sale will commence at the late resi
dence of Mrs. Mary Fendall, at 11 o’clock.
1 D. MINOR, D. M.
apr 26—cotM27 forT. Ringgold. Marshal
• Public Sa\c.
IN pursuance of a decree of the Circuit Court for the
county of Alexandria, rendered November term. 1823,
to foreclose a deed of trust from P- G. Marsteller and
wife to James Keith, for certain purposes therein men
tioned, I shall proceed to sell at public auction, on the
premises, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of Tuesday, the
6/h of June next, the following property.
1formerly the vendue store, on the east side
M(IISof Water-street, opposite the Farmers,
(PglUnank. Also—that tastefully improved
half square of ground,
containing an acre and a quarter, lying on the south
side of Wolfe, north side of Henry, and cast side of
Fayette-streets, formerly the residence of Mr. Marstel
ler.*^ And, 4 acres of land in the suburbs of the town
of Alexandria, well known by the designation of
Terms at Sale.
J. L. McKENNA, Commissioner,
may 9*____eot8
Trustee’s Sale.
ON MONDAY, the 12th day of next month, at 4
o’clock, P. M. the subscriber wilf offer for sale at
public auction, on the premises, a three story
^and Lot of Ground on the west side of
.Union-street, between King and Prince
<HaiBSIJstreets, in front on Union-street twenty
feetTuMiepth eighty-three feet, bounded on the north
bv a twenty feet alley, and on the west by a ten feet
idle?. Also,
f ami Lot of Ground, on the west side of Union
street, a short distance to the north of Prince
_k street, in front on Union-street twenty-one
feet, in depth eighty-three feet to the said ten feet alle^'.
Terms will be made known at the time of sale.—P-y
direction of R. L TAYLOR, Irustee,
may 13 «?. A. MARSTELLER, Auct.
Public Sale.
ON SATURD AY the 27th o*” the present month,
(May) I shall, 12 o’clock, M. resell, on the pre^
mises, at publip auction, (by the wish and consent of
the purcha^r at the sale thereof, made the 14th, Au
gust. that valuable and elegantly situated half
square of ground, with the improvements thereon,
lying on the side of Wahington-street, between
(jrvnuku and Pendleton-strcets—fronting on Oronoko
and Pendletou-strects 123 feet 25 inches, and 353 feet
2 inches on VVaahington-street—subject to a ground
rent of £20 per annum. This property, formerly the
residence of .Mr. Hopkins, is now occupied by Messrs.
Hallow ell 8c Farquhar. The terms, which will be very
liberal, will be made know n at the sale.
J. L. McKENNA, Trustee,
nay 9____tits
Trustees’ Sate.
ON SATURDAY the 10th day of June next, at the
Reading Room in Alexandria, at 10o’clock 4 M.
the subscriber will offer for sale at public auction,
Sundry Xe^roes,
consisting of Men, 'Vomen, and Children, some of
whom are slaves for life, and others have to sen e for
terms of years, the purchasers will be required to give
bond and security not to remove them from the District
of Columbia and the County of Fairfax in Virginia.
And immediately thereafter, at the dwelling house
of Thomas Janney! on Duke-st sundry articles of
one wagon, four carts, a set of Blacksmith's tools
farming utensils and cattle—and the following real pro
MA three-story brick tenement and lot of ground
on the south side of of Duke-street, and west
side of Royal strest at their intersection, now occupied
by the said Thomas Jaunty'
MA three-story brick tenement and lot of ground
adjoining the above on the vvesl, now in the te
nure of Samuel IjmUjy.
\ two story brick Tenement and lot of
Mv ground on the north side of Prince-street,
and west side of Patrick-street, at their inter
section, lately in the tenure of John Morgan.
A frame House and Lot, on the north
f side of Prince-street and east side ot l'atrick
! street, at their intersection, lately occupied by
_, Susan nail Johnston.
adjoining the Columbian Factory, containing about
sixty-seven and a half acres.
A House and Lot on the road, adjoining the farm last
mentioned—lot containing about one acre.
in the County of Alexandria, adjoining the farm of the
late William Fra/er.
containing about 255} acres, adjoining the Kavens
worth tract, the land of the heils of Charles Simms, ot
William Hepburn’s heirs, aud the lands lately Janney
. & Brown’s.
Terms of sale: For the personal property cash; for
the real, one fifth of the purchase money to be paid in
hand, and the balance in four equal instalments of 6,
12, 18 and 24 months—to be secured to the satisfaction
of the Trustee. Interest from the day of sale. »
The subscriber to give such title as is vested in him
by the deed of trust under which he acts
U»y 9—ts JOSEPH JANNEY, Trustee.
Robert Wilson,
Jit his Manufactories,
(ORkkb'of king Sc royal-sts. and king
continues to make and will constantly
keep on hand, a general stock of
I Grecian, Fancy and Hindsor Chairs,
wnich he will dispose of on as accom
modating terms as they can be had else
where in the Dsitnct; and win as usu*i,
Repaint and Repair Old Chairs,
upon the shortest notice. N.B. He has engaged a first
rate workman to execute all kinds of plain »nd fane}
*>\gn Painting
(reorders from the country will be gladly received
and promptly attended to. .
He has also an establishment on Pennsylvania Ave
nue opposite th<- G iiette Otfice, Washington, where
?aVo„will bo acknowledged. »P"18
Sming Gowlft. •
n A vf imnorted in the ship Herald via Baltimore,
Blue, black and assorted col d ca^imercs
Plain and twilled black bombazetts
Black’and col’d ,uip< for panudoons
Wilmington and other stTipesfor
Printed and white Marse.lles
Super London Ginghams, new style
Grecian and shaded striped muslins
Gingham and cambric robes
4-4 and 6-4 cotton cambric, jackonet do
Plain striped and cross barred do
Plain and fig*d book muslin, mull do
Cambric and garment dimities, linen checks
Men’s, women’s and misses cotton hose
Half hose, nett braces
Pins in packs and pounds
10 cases common and suRjrfine prints
Clark’s sewing and floss cotton in spools
Orrell’s do in 2 drachms balls
Gilt coat and vest buttons, pearl do
On hand, by recent arrivals from frtwlork,
Plain and figh’d Swiss muslins
Black Italian lustring
Senchews and sarcenetts
Pink, white, blue and green florence
Pink, white and black Italian crapes
Black and white satin, plain and ng d
Black inode, hat crape
Nankin and Canton crapes
Crape robes, do shawls
Black bombazine and fig’d Gros de Naples
Green gauze and white bobinett lace veils
4-4 and 6-4 bobbinetts, knitting cotton
Beaver and dogskin glove*, ladies’ kid do
Super English silk ftorentine
Flag, bandanna and Spitalficld hdk’fs, Madrass do
Linen cambric, linen cambric hdk’fs
White and fancy colored cravats
Irish linens long lawns, Brown holland
ladies’plain andribb’d silk hose
Ribbed silk half hose
Drab,mix’d and black lasting
Figured Denmark satteens
Burlaps ticklenburgs oznaburgs and sacking
10 bales brown and bleached Russia sheetings
5 do Russia ducks
20 do 3-4 Blackstone and other brown shirtings
10 do 4-4 and 7-% ditto ditto
10 do 3-4, 7-8 & 4-4 bleach’d shirtings & sheetings
Together with a variety of articles in their line too nu
merousto mention, which will be sold wholesale or re
tail at reduced prices. _april 26
(ifcorge r>. Uwugn,
IS now opening a handsome assortment of SPRIA G
GOODS, comprised in part of
6-4 and 4-4 cambric muslins
Jackonct do
Figured, striped and crossed barred do
Book and Swiss do
Best calicos and chintzes and furniture do
An elegant assortment of ginghams
64 and 7-8 Grecian and Bolivar striped muslins
Barrcge muslins
Fancy silk, barrege and gauze hkfs
Book muslin do
Nankin and Canton crapes
Super and common bombazines
A large assortment ot cotton, silk and thread hosiery
both'long and short
Lady’s extra English kid and other gloves
Men’s Woodstock, beaver silk and thread do
Irish linens 44 and 7-8 in half and whole pieces
Irish dowlas and diaper
Linen cambnc and do hkfs
Russia diaper and sheetings
German and Scotch linens and hearth rugs
Wilmington and other stripes for boys
Union mixture and summer cloth lor coats
Wdite and colored drillings (some very' fine)
O ford mixt lasting for coats
Super black twilled Circassian for do
Fine black pruncl for do (a beautiful article)
Black and colored Denmark satteen, for pantaloons
Searsuckers and best blue and yellow nankins
White and colored Marseilles vesting
Striped jean* • nd satteen
Shoe stuffs and nankin floor matting
Cloth and canvas padding
Green, blue, pink and bufFflorcnces
Black Italian lustring, some very superior
. Black inode, green gauze and veils
White, black, and green Italian crapes
Cravats and cravat stiffeners
Best spool and ball sewings
Knitting cotton, and sewing silks and threads
Parasols and umbrellas
A general stock of domestics and cotton yarn
Together with most other articles in the dry good line.
4th mo 14 _
Tbe Subscriber
INTENDING to decline the general Drv.Goodsbu
sinew, in which he has been engaged, offers his
on hand, by wholesale or retail, at reduced prices.—It
consists of—
Cloths, kerseymeres, Scholfield’s flannels
Cambric muslins, Irish linens, long lawns
Irish and English shirting cottons
Superfine bombazetts of all colors
A variety of fine ' estings
English sewing silk and twist
Patent and Aberdeen threads
Twilled and plain tapes _
Best London pins of all sizes
Best treble and common gilt buttons
Gentlemen’s beaver and doeskin gloves
Russia sheetings and Ravens duck
Burlaps, Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4
Ingrain and Vtnxlian klair <V Floor Carpetings* j
Irish linens, fine table damask diapers S-4 9-4&. 10-4
Towelling diapers of all kinds
5-4 Irish shetings, very fine
6 casks of shad and herring seine twine
9 bales of common, y ellow and bleached shoe furead
Domestic cottons, bieached and unbleached
And expects daily, an assortment of Plaids, ^^pes,
Checks and Cassinetts. CHARLES BLNNEII.
apr 10__
Vn\\agvu\ & \V\uU\e
Have just received and for sale—
tillDS. superior West India sugar
/ 10 do New-Orleans do
30 boxes Sicily oranges
10 do do lemons
10 hhds good retailing molasses_****)' *
Vine Tens, etc.
WILLIAM BARTLEMAN has just received
18 chests, hall chests, and boxes Gunpowder
8 chests Young Hyson teas very superior quality
6,000 lbs. fine green and Java coffee
- jjjjkj anti ^ first and second proof whiskey
Which with his usual extensive stock of GROCERIES
will be sold on pleasing terms
april 18____
To V»et,^
A very convenient brick Dwelling
House, with out houses complete, adjoining
Dr. James Carson’s on Cameron street. Pos
session may be had 1st Mav Apply to
For Sale or Kent,
Aadl That desirable Mansion House,
lately in the occupancy of the late Jona
’jPilKthsn Swift, esq.deceased, with the gar
dens attached to the premises. Also for
rent, Two Grass Lots opposite the dwelling house.
Any person having business with Mr*. Ann Swift in
absence, will please apply to us.
march 11 LINDSAY Si HILL.
Skiing and Sumiaw Goods.
mAS iust received, and offers for sale, at the house
South-west Comer of King and Fairfax Streets,
recently occupied by Mr. Jam** Bamht, an extensive
assortment of
New Spring and Summer Goods,
bought in New York and.the intermediate markets, at
the present depressed prices, and of the latest importa*
tions, which will be sold at a small advance either by
wholesale or retail.
Among them are:
Sup. cloths, black, blue, brown, claret, kc.
Cassimeres, drills, white brown and fancy stripes
Superior ginghams, new and handsome style
Grecian and Chilian stripe muslins, muslin robes.
Manderine crape robes, black and colored
Black and colored Canton crapes
Rich barage and Chilian silks for dresses, new article
Black and colored Gros de Naples
Real Italian black lutestring, superior black mode
Florences and satins; figured silks various colors
Senshawg and sarsnetts
Figured and plain Swiss and Scotch mull, jackonet
and book muslins
Italian crapes various colors
Silk and Marseilles vesting
Ladies’ and gentlemen’s silk, thread and cotton ho
Fancy barage and silk hdkf’s new style
Bandanas and chappa romalls
Linen cambrics and L. C. hdkf’s, plain and colored
Ladies colored an l white sup. horseskin, kid and silk
gloves; gentlemen’s beaver, horseskin 8c threaddo
Ladies and gentlemen's silk, thread k cotton hosiery
Blue and yellow nankins
Ladies, misses’ and children’s oiled silk aprons
Leghorn and Bolivar hats, umbrellas and parasols
4-4 and 7-8 Irish linens and sheetings
3-4 and 7-8 long lawns, Russia and Scotch sheetings
German Ticklenburg and Burlaps
Domestic brown and bleached sheetings 8t shirtings
Plaids, cotton yarn, kc. kc. with a great variety of
not here enumerated, and to which the attention of
purchasers, both town and country, is respectfully in
vited.___may 17
JAMES C. BARRY has removed to the store lately
occupied by Mr. Nehcmiah Carson, on King-street,
next door to the store of Messrs. McCrea & Co. and
the Washington Tavern, and has just received a very
general assortment of new and beautiful
Which he offers for side at the most reduced prices, at
his new stand, lately occupied by Mr. Nchenuah Car
son, and adjoining the store of Messrs. K. M’Crea &
Co. and the Washington Tavern— consisting in part of
London and Yorkshire blue, black and medley cloths
First and superfine quality cassimere s of all colors
Black English silk, white & colored Marseilles vestings
Blue and yellow Nankins
Nankin silk regents, vigonia cassimeres, plain 8: ribbed
French brown, regents stripe and white linen drillings
Washington, Wilmington & other twilled stripe goods
Black everlastings and Circassians
Parisian shaded silks and barrage ginghams
A great variety of striped and cross-barrcd ginghams,
Bolivar stripes
Grecian striped and figured jaconet muslins
Swiss, book and mull mull muslins, plain and figured
A new style of calicoes from 18^ to 62$ cents
Mourning calicoes, 6-4 do ginghams, very cheap.
Green, pink, white and black Italian crapes
Plain and handsome figuicd black nankin do
Black and colored Canton do
Silk Bandanno, Spittalfield and flag silk hdkfs.
Cotton do. Chromate, Madras and imitation Spittalfield
White ami fancy colored cravats, new style
White, pink, green, blue, black, lilac & olive florences
Gentlemen’s sdk umbrellas, 30 and 32inch
Ladies’ lined and fringed parasols with ivory handles
Ladies’ and gentlemen’s silk and cotton hosiery, rib
bed and plain
Black, white, and col'd kid, horseskin & beaver gloves
Gentlemen’s Woodstock, English buckskin Abeaver do
Ladies’ black and white silk, and misses long kid do
Black Italian ami India lustrings
Black bombazine, black fig’d Gros de Naples
Plain and fig’d white satin
Green gauze ami white lace veils
Thread, bobinet and mechlin laces, jaconet insertings
Furniture and garment dimities
Ladies’fancy gauze, barrage, and fig’d satin hdkPs.
One case India fans
Walpole ticking, 3-4 and 1-4 furniture & apron checks
Domestic plaids and stripes
Sea Island, steam loom and Madapolan shirtings
3-4, 4-4 and 6 4 brow n and bleached domestics
Burlaps, ticklenburgs, osnaburgs, Russia sheetings
Ravens Duck, Irish linens, dowlas, lawns, and brown
Brown cambric, gilt and fashionable steel buttons
White and colored spool and ball sewing cottons
Plain and twill’d bombazetts, striped lestrings
Bonnet wire, hat crape, sewing silk
Heart and lace buttons, tapes, pins, cotton and worsted
braces,.braids, Stc. &c.
Baltimore Cotton Yarn, Carpet Chain, Candleivick,
and Seine Tu'tne.
All of which will be sold wholesale or retail, on the
most accommodating terms.aPr‘l ^
Muscovado Sugar, Tea, &c.
A Q HDDS. West India and New-Orleans sugar, part
of which is represented to be prime
6 chests Young Ilyso i Tea
3 do Gunpowder do, Pacific’s cargo
5 quarter casks > p,,ench Madeira Wine
10 Indian barrels >
1 pipe Sherry do. represented to be old and of
very superior quality
100 barrels Baltimore Herring, iust received per
schrs Bruce and Lucy Ann, for sale by
may 13 S. MKSSERSMITff.
CAN accommodate ii few GER TELL BOARDERS,
at her residence on
The situation is a desirable one, and she flatters her
self, she will be able to give satisfaction to such as nuy
be disposed to take up their residence with her.
april 4 __m_^tn
The store and house on King-street,
opposite R. H. Miller's, and one door west of
Thomas Mount’s, lately occupied by Samuel
_il). Ha.'per as a hat store.—To a-good tenant
the terms will be moderate. Apply to
apr 14 JON. C. MAY.
Dlaltict oi. Columbia,
County of Alexandria.
SAMUEL HILLS his applied to the honorable Wil
liam Cranch, Chief Judge of the United 'tales
Circuit Court of the District of Columbia to be dis
charged from imprisoiment, under the Act for the re
lief of insolvent debtew within the District of Columbia,
on the first Monday <{ June next, at 9 o’clock, A. M.
at the Court-house in ilexandria, when and where his
creditors are requirecto attend. E. 1. LEE, C.^C.
* may 19 . ^t*
Spring Goods.
3.11. ttHEJTT&Co. .
HAVE received by the late arrivals from New York,
the following articles, viz—
Extra super blue and black cloths
Blue and black cassimeres
Black and colored Circassians for pantaloons
Plain and twilled bombkzettl
Wilmington stripes
Printed and white Marseilles
Ginghams and calicoes, new style
Grecian and shaded muslins
Gingham and cambric robes
4-4 and 64 cotton cambrics
J&ckonct do
Plain, striped and cross barred do
Plain and figured book muslins %
Do do mull do
Do do swiss do
Cambric dimities
Men’s, women’s and misses’ cotton hose
Pins in pack* and pounds
Clark’s sewingand floss cotton on spools
Orrel’s cotton balls gilt and pearl buttons
Black Italian lustring, sinchews and saisnetts
Blue, green, pink and white florences
Green, black and white Italian crupea
Black and white satin, black mode
Nankin and Canton crapes
Black and colored crape robes and shawls
Black bombazines, 4-4 and 5-4 bobbinets
Bobbioet, silk and gauze veils
Beaver, kid, and silk gloves
Flag, Bandanna and Spitalfield hdkfs
Madras and linen cambric . do
White and colored cravats, handsome
Irish linens, long lawns, Scotch do
Brown hollands, ladies’ plain and ribbed silk hose
Black and mixed lasting
Figured and striped Denmark satin
Burlaps, ticklenburgs and oznaburgs
Bleached and brown Russia sheetings
Do do do ducks
Do do cotton shirtings and sheetings
With a variety of other articles, too numerous to par
ticularize, which will be sold low for cash. ^_aP
\Y\us\U'}, Wine, etc.
12 looWl. \ Mtim0r' Whi!k'!'
received per sloop Clio, William, and for sale by
JVho has in Stare,
13 half pipes } Sicily Madeira wine of superior qua
3 qr. casks 5
30 qr. casks French Madeira do
J] hhds ? NaW.Orleans and W. I. sugar
25 bids 5
OThllfd.«t.} Youn*Hj‘0nte*
100 lo’and5cattlfbore?^ «"»*■“*
* «hc8tii Gunpowder do
150 10 and 5 catty boxes 5 1
Boxes, each containing 12 and 20 21b canisters do
5 half chests Hyson do
Powchong and Souchong do in half chests
20 bags superior Java coflee
7 do good green do
32 hampers Bristol and Newcastle wine bottles
Baltimore refined sugar No. 2, 3, and 4
Baker’s and Lapham’s chocolate No. 1 and 3
Bandbox and binder’s boards
3 pipes Cognac brandy, warranted pure
3 do Holland gin
5 hluls N. E. rum
6 do molasses
16 baskets Bordeaux oil, low, to close sales
10 drums Smyrna raisins
1 hhd Zante currants
33 boxes Sicily lemons, &e._may 11
Hair Mattresses,
HAIR MATTRESSES, received per Schooner
Harriet, for sale by
may 3 JOHN H. LAPI).
Bryan Wampaon & Son,
UIIIIDS. St. Croix")
5 do N. Orleans > SUGARS.
30 bblsloaf & lump j
10 hhds Orleans molasses
6 bbls do do
3000 lbs prime green coffee
3000 lbs St Domingo do
1000 lbs Sumatra pepper
3 chests Gunpowder Imperial)
20 boxes do do TEAS.
10 do Young Hyson do _)
2 pipes old Cognac brandy
2 do do Holland'gin
1 puncheon superior old Jamaica spirit
6 do Antigua do
3 do New-England do
10 barrels do do
30 kegs Madder
1 hhd and 6 bbls copperas
1 tierce alum
1 pipe superior old Madeira wine
3 do Li-bon do
10 quarter casks Malaga do
6 do French Madeira do
5 bbls ground ginger
100 reams wrapping paper
Which, with their -usual assortment of well selected
GROCERIES on retail, they offer for^ale on liberal
N. B. Family Flour constantly on hand. apr 5
M. O. Sugar, Coffee, etc.
A HHDS. New-Orleans sugar
l.Lr 20 bags green coffee
30 barrels first proof Baltimore whiskey
150 do Carolina and Suffolk tar
Leiner’s and Garrett’s Philadelphia manufactured
scotch snuff in kegs
Bridport shad and herring seine twine
Cotton do do do
Cordage of all sizes
Turks Island, Ground Alum and American salt
Sacks Liverpool blown do
Hhds molasses, bags pepper
Chests and half chests Gunpowder, Imperial and
Young Hyson Tea
Bags allspfce, boxes mould candles, shoe thread
Ba-rels gjjauber salts, kegs race ginger
Salt petrein kegs, superior Cognac brandy
Jamaica spirits, Antigua do
Dupont’s Brandywine gunpowder, shot
Kegs nails, of all sizes, do chewing tobacco
Teneriffo and French Madeira wine
Loaf and lump sugar, Sic. together with many other
articles, all of which w I be sold on reasonable terms
apr 19 GEO: COLEMAN.
TYy\s to give Xotice,
THAT the subscriber,of Alexandria county in the Dis
trict of Columbia, has obtained from the Orphans*
Court of said county,letters testamentary on the peraonal
estate of Henry B. Deagan, late of the County aforesaid
deceased—All persons having claims against the said de
cedent are hereby warned to exhibit the same with
the vouchers thereof to the subscriber, passed 6 y the
Orphans’ Court, on or before the 2d day of Nov ember
next, or they may, by law, b#excluded from all benefit
to said estate; and those indebted thereto are req uired
to make immediate payment. Given under my hand,
this 1st day of Mav, 1826.
. Mr. Isaac Robbins is legally authorised
to transact all-business relative to the above estate of
Henry B. Deagan, the same as I can do—to whom all
payments will be made, and claims againt the estate
presented and adjusted.
mav 2 dl2t, eo6t k 2aw lm
Spring Goods.
JAMES A. WATERS has‘ just received and if now
opening, at hi* new store, south-east corner of
King and Fairfax street*, a general assortment of •
SeaatmobU Brjj Goods.
Consisting in part of the following articles—
Sheppard’s superfine blue and black cloths
Claret, green, olive and grey do
Blue, black and dral> cassimeres
4 cases ladies’ parasols, 1 case gentlemen s umbrcdas
Long and short pieces yellow nankeens
Black and drab Denmark aatteen, striped florentme
Black twill’d Circassians, linen cambrics
Plain and figured black silks, linen cambnchdks
Do do do coloured do, fig*rd and plain book muslins
Cotton cambrics, jaconet cambrics, 5-4 Swiss cravats
Plain and fig’rd silk hdkfs, 6-4 cross barred do
Flag, bandannoand Madras hdkfs
Plain and ribbed silk half hose, ifcw silk do do
I Julies black and white silk hose, do dodo cotton do
Men’s white, black and colored cotton socks
Blue, pink, white and black Italian crape
1 case 7-8 and 1 case 4-4 Irish linens, long lawns
Black and Drown Hollands, Irish dowlas
Plain St striped drillings, Russia drillings unbleached
Ticklenburgs, burlaps and Scotch oznaburgs
Men’s thread from 10 to 30,* Bolivar stripes
Calicoes and ginghams, black mandarine robes
Colored Nankin crapes, black & colored Canton do
Canton crape shawls, white and colored Marseilles
Cotton cassimere, ladies’ white, blk 8t col’d kid gloves
Angola cassimere for gentlemen’s coats
Bleached and unbleached Russia sheetings
Ravens duck, diapers, 3 4, 7-4, 4-4, and 5-4 bleached
and unbleached domestic cot«>n, colored do
3-4, 4-4, and 5-4checks, cotton yarn from No. 4 to 16
One Case l*eg\\nrn Bonnets.
With a great variety of other articles too numerous to
particularise, w hich will be sold low for Cash,
may 17__
G\\oc o\ate.
A FURTHER supply of Baker 8t fjipham’s No. 1
Chocolate—received per sclir. Velocity, and for
sale by [may 16]_S. MESSERS MITH.
Additional Swwty
ROBERT H. MILLER has just received from Liver
pool, per ship Pioneer,
49 Orntea nnA OngsBenAs
of EARTHENWARE, CHINA, Cf . being the nr
nairder of his Spring Supplies which with hi* stock
on hand, enables him to offer an excellent assortment
of goods in his line.
Porter Bottles in crates 1 groce each
Pipes and Window Glass in boxes
Stoneware of excellent quality
Cooking Furnaces so celebrated for economy ol
The Genius of Liberty, Fauquier Gazette, Winches
ter Republican, and Sentinel of the Valley, will pub
lish the above for three weeks, and charge R. n. M.
5 mo 9__„
Afif\SACKS blown Salt of superior quality. Liver
pool filled
500 bushels potatoes, the cargo of the schooner
Harriett, now- landing and for sale by
may 2 JOHN II. LADD.
Colds, Coughs,Consumptions, Spitting of Blood, Asthmas,
ana all Diseases of the Breast and Isnigs.
fllHEUE is perhaps no medical observationbetter cs
X tablished, none more generally confirmed by the
experience of the best physicians of all ages and coun
trie% and none of more importance to the human fond
ly, than the fact that many of the most difficult and in
curable consumptions originate in neglected colds. ^In
x climate so variable as ours, where the changes ot
the weather are frequently sudden and unexpected, it
requires more care and attention to guard against this
dangerous enemy of life, than most people imagine,
or are able and willing to bestow.—The bills of morta
lity exhibit the melancholy fart, that the proportion ot
deaths by this disease may be considered us about five
to one. Inasmuch then as this fatal disease bids defi
ance to the skill of the most learned physicians, it is a gra
tification to the proprietor that he is enabled to offer to
those afflicted with it a goodly prospect of relief, in
that highly valuable remedy the vegetable Indian Spe
cific.—The Indians are bappv in their knowledge of me
dical plants; governed wholly by experience, they are
certain as to their effect, and it is said by an author ot
great character, that a true consumption is a disease nc
.ver known amongst them.
For the information of those afflicted with complaints
of the breast and lungs, the proprietor inserts (from
among the numerous testimonials in his possession) the
following Certificate:
Baltimore, 7th Ike. 1824.
I, W. Price, of thecity of Baltimore, do hereby certi
fy and declare, that l was for a long time afflicted with a
severe cold, accompanied with an almost incessant
cough, and pain in my breast and lungs; also, spitting
of blood, and purulent matter from the lungs, with night
sweats and fevers, and was much emaciated with loss
of appetite, rest &c. I applied to several eminent phy
sicians, and passed through a course of medicine, but
could obtain no relief, and found myself fast verging on
to a confirmed consumption. Having at length hoard ot
the many astonishing cures effected by the Vegetable In
dian Specific, I was induced to make trial of it, and found
almost immediate relief,.and my rost restortd. 1 con
tinued its use, improving fast, iny appetite better, and
all the symptoms of the disease daily diminishing, and in
a few weeks was completely cured, ami have remained
so for several months, and am now in better health and
flesh than I have been for many years. 1 therefore with
confidence, recommend the use of the Vegetable Indian
Specific to all who suffer under a similar complaint, and
as a safe, pleasant and effectual remedy for consump
tion, ^dall diseases of the breast and lungs.
The celebrated Dr. Cullen has taught us that “our
first attention should be employed in watching the ap
proach of the disease and preventing its proceeding
to an incurable state; and in persons of a consumptive
habit, especially those bom of consumptive parents, the
slightest symptoms of an approaching consumption at
the consumptive period oflife, ought carefully to be at
tended to.”
This Specific is obtained by extraction from herbs,
roots, flowers, plants, &c. when in perfection. In con
sequence of a happy combination of the most valuable
herbs, &c. it becomes a balsam of superior value. It
heals the injured parts, opens the pores and compose*
the disturbed nerves after the manner cf an anodyne;
consequently the obstruction of the chest ami die lungs
which constitute this disease, particularly need its use t
It promotes expectoration, which i* constantly called
for; and whilst it cleanses and heals it also give* strength
to the tender lungs. In this manner it removes the
hectic fever, improves digestion, gives strength to the
nerves, repairs the appetite and improves the spirits.—
This specific may always be given in safety—it is mild,
{ileasant to the taste, and may safely be given to infants,
or which it is of inestimable value. It affords relief in
bowel complaints,teething, whooping coughs, &c. and
is found particularly useful in bypochondrical, nervous
and hysterical diseases. Each bill of directions contaius
ajletailed account of this disease in all its different sta
pes, and will be accompanied with the signature of W.
Sutler, in Red Ink. Sold by JOHN J. SAYRS,
Druggist is" Apothecary, and Sole Agent for Alexandria.

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