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The President of the United Stales and his
son passed through Philadelphia on Monday
last. It is said th.t he was informed of the
death of his venerable father on his arrival in
It is expected in Boston that tlie President
of the United States, will be the Biographer of j
his Father, who has left’ many valuable manu- j
scripts filed away for publication, in the most
accurate and methodical manner, independent
ofa Journal, which he has always kept. A
writer in the Centinel supposes chat the labo
rious avocations of the President will not per- !
mil him to undertake the sacred task,’St speaks !
of Josiaii Quincy, as a competent and fit per- j
The Boston Patriot, in speaking of the Death
of Mr. Adams, says, that having been for
some da s sinking, ‘•On the Jubilee of Inde
pendence, his declining faculties were roused by
the rejoicings in the metropolis. He inquired
the cause of the salutes, and was told it was the
fourth of July. He answered,‘it is a great and
glorious day ’ He never spake more. Thus
his last thoughts and his latest words were like
those of his whole life, thoughts and words
which evinced a soul replete with luve of coun
try and interest in her welfare.”
. The Mavorof Baltimore,in his comfnunica
tion to the Council of that city, remarks, like
a sensible man, superior to old party prejudices,
and grateful for the services of the authors of
our liberty,—that Jefferson and Adams, the na
tional benefactors and virtuous and enlighten
ed statesmen and philanthropists, “ought no! !o
pais info the silent tomb without particular notice
“Therefore,” he says, “a meeting of the Coun
cil has been called to take into consideration
the propriety of recording in (heir journals ex
pressions of the feelings of the Corporation of
Baltimore, on this very extraordinary and so
lemn occasion, and to recommend to the citi
zens, the manner in which respect to the me
mories of the lamented compatriots, Adams
and Jefferson, may be most suitably demonstrat
ed.” Such sentiments exalt, not the illustrious
dead, but the Mayor and Citizens of Baltimore,
w ho have proved themselves worthy of free
dom, by a manifestation of regard for its ori
gin, and a political toleration that can award
alike to Adams a«»d Jefffrson the meed of
their great usefulness and honest labors. Bal
timore, however, is not alone in her magnani
mous course. To the eternal honor of out
country, the papers from every quarter of the
Union that has been penetrated by the melan
choly new*, teem with proofs of a similar feel
ing. We have more especially named Balti
more, because the Mayor has said so truly and
so eloquently that these great patriots
not to pass into the silent tomb without particular
It is asserted by the New York Evening Post
that the lamented Fisher Ames, in whom this
nation lost one of its brightest ornaments, also
ended his worldly cutcer on the anniversary ol
American Independence.
New-Orleans papets to the 20th ultimo have
been received at New-York, by the packet ship
Russel. The Louisiana Advertiser of the 19th
says,41 We learn from Mr. Wilie, that on Satur
day, after the Price Current was put to press,
all the flour on the Levee was'hought up by
speculators, at the prices at which he had quot
ed it. There is now none in first hands, and
unless the arrivals should be large, the article
must advance considerably.”
It is published in the Ncw-York papers, for
tVie government of our merchants, that the new
quarantine regulations ol Spain requiring a;l
vessels from the United States having clean
bills of health, provided there has has' been no
sickness on board, to go to V igo Bay and per
form a quarantine of five or six days: went into
•operation on the 1st of June, and will continue
till the 15th of November.
[From the Baltimore Commercial Chronicle.]
Among the last wotds uttered by the lament
ed Jefferson, were the following:—“/ hare done
for my country and mankind, all that l could. mid
I note resign my soul, without fear Jo my tied, AND
I’hese are emphatic vvords, and breathe at once
the spirit of Christian resignation, and an un
shaken reliance upon the gratitude and justice
of his country lie has committed his daught
er and her eleven children to his country, to
whom he devoted upwards of sixty years ot his
life—for whom he sacrificed the best and dear
est interests of himself and family—rendered
himself a bankrupt, and left his descendants !
pennyless—under such circumstances, and thus j
situated, he has committed his daughter to his i
country—he had a right to do so; and we feel I
assured that that country will take pleasure in ;
recognising the justice of the appeal; the work
which has been so nobly begun must be con
tinued, and the family of the Patriarch of Mon
*:ce!lo, whose elegant though frugal hospitality,
so recently reflected honor upon America, must
not be permitted to be driven from a home, en-1
deured to them, as well as to the nation, by every j
ennobling consideration. l'he only regret he fell j
v tn quitting this life, arose from the circumstance j
ythnt his debts were not paid— this was a regret bo- j
ijorable to him, and carries with it a strong and
powerful appeal to his countrymen—shall it be j
said that America—proud and happy America, j
who looks to 'the Declaration of Indepen
dence as the Magna Charta of her rights—who
hails it on every returning anniversary, as the
palladium of her liberty—we say, shall it be
said that she permitted its Author to die in
f riury, and had not generosity enough, to step
rward and save to his offspring, the home
which had sheltered him and them from the
peltings of the pitiless storm—shall such a re
proach go forth to the world—shall Europe,
who so recently heard of our civic arches—up
on whose shores, distant as they are, the echoes
of our gratititude reverberated, in paying hon
ors to the Nation’s Guest—shall Europe be
now told—shall our acts proclaim it as upon
the four winds of heaven, that we built aiches,
voted money to I^afayette; and suffered Jeffer
son, the Apostle of Liberty, the beloved of Re
publicans, the pride and boas» of America, to
die in want and be forgotten—forbid it justice.
If we would prove the sincerity of our profes
sions of love and veneration, we must do some
thing more solid than sounding his praise; the
debt we owe him must be cancelled—the nation
must become pay-master—his debts must be
paid, and his creditors satisfied out of the na
tional Treasury, and as to whatever may have
been, or whatever shall vet he raised, by private
munificence, let that be given to that daughter
and her children, whom he has so feelingly
commended to the protection oT the American
From the Boston Centimi of Saturday.
Agreeably to arrangements made, the re
mains of the lion. JOHN ADAMS were en
tombed yesterday afternoon, at Quincy, with
every token of veneration, respect and affection.
An immense bony of citizens assembled from
various'paits of the State. Several carriages
were from Salem, and more remote towns.
A corps of artillery, stationed on Mount
Wallaston, fired minute guns, during the whole
time of the funeral sen ices, and several simi
lar tokens of respect were heard in the adjoin
ing towns; the bells of which were tolled, and
the Hags on various gun-houses, Sec. were hoist
ed half-staff.
The Relatives of the deceased, the Societies,
a"d others, assembled at the. late President’s
The citizens of Quincy met in the town-hall,
organized, and moved in a body to the vicinity
of the mansion-house, when, about 4 o’clock,
tne Funeral Procession was formed, under the
direction of several Marshals, composed of
Gentlemen of Quincy.
Citizens of Quincy.
Pall Bearers Pall Beavers,
Judge DAVIS. £ Hon. Mr. Gbkiti.eaf.
President Kimkla*». !*: Judge Stout,
Governor Lincoln. 3 Lt. Gov. Wisthuop.
Male Relatives.
Members of Honorable Council.
| Speaker and Members of the House of Representa
Secretary and Treasurer.
lion. Messrs. Lloyd, Silsbec, Webster, Crowninshicld,
. Bailey and Everett,
Mayor, Aldermen ami Common Council of Boston.
City Auditor, Clerk and .Marshal.
and other officers of the University.
Members of the Cincinnati.
• Clergy of a large number of towns.
United States Navy and Army Officers.
Militia Officers.
United States Civil Officers.
Citizens of the towns in the vicinity of Quincy.
Twelve mourning coaches, with female relatives closed
tiie Procession.
The procession was of great length. When
the front arrived at the meeting-house, the ci
tizens of Quincy opened ranks,while the corpse,
the relatives, and others, entered the Church,
the pulpit and galleries of which were dressed
in mourning, The house was thronged.
The services commenced and closed with
anthems. The Rev. Mr. Whitney, Pastor of
the Society, addressed the Throne oi Grace in
prayer, and delivered an impressive Sermon, in
which he gave a summary of the eminent ser
vices, distinguished talents, amiable life, and
Christian virtues of his venerated parishioner.
The body was then borne to the burial ground
ar.J deposited in the family tomb.
tt’ashingfo/i,JuJy 13.—Pursuant to the public
notice by the Mayor, the citizens assembled last
evening in the City Mall, to adopt measures to
pay similar honors to the memory of John A
dams, with those accorded to the memory of
Thomas Jefferson. We were again gratified
with the presence of Mr. Rush, Mr. Barbour,
Mr Southard, Mr. M’Lean, and a number of
others, individuals eminent in the several States
of the Union, who mixed among, and entered
fully into, the feelings of their fellow-citizens, in
relation to this solemn event. Very eloquent
addresses were delivered by Mr. Rush and Mr.
Barbour, and resolutions corresponding with
those of Saturday, preceded by a feeling*and
appropriate preamble, offered by Judge Thrus
ion and by Mr. Watf:rstov, were unanimous
ly adopted. The meeting, which seemed deep
ly impressed with the solemnity of the occasion,
desirous of uniting in future the names of the
two patriots, whose earliest exertions and latest
aspirations were given to their country; whose
efforts were united in laying the corner stone of
the Republic; and whose spirits look their flight
on the same day—that of the Jubilee celebration
of our Independence. \\ :th this view, the
meeting resolved to request that Mr Wirt, who
had been selected to pronounce the eulogy on
Mr. Jefferson, should unite with it that of Mr
Adams. We will be furnished with the pro
ceedings in detail for our next paper.^
Nut. Jour.
from the yatioul Advocate.
We have never seen New-York exhibit such
a state of feeling as it did bn the day before yes
terday, when’he news of Jefferson’s death was
made known to the people. Coming so sud
denly upon us after that of Adams, and attend
ed with circumstances so peculiar, it roused
the attention of every individual in this great
community. Nothing was heard after the first
silent emotions of astonishment, but how
strange! how singular! what a coincidence!” 6c
other interjectional expressions of the like kind.
The public authorities took immediate meas
ures on the occasion. The Court of Sessions
adjourned and a meeting of the Common Coun
cil was called. The Park and Chatham Thea
tres, and *he Broadway Circus were closed.—
The shipping in the harbour*showed their flags
half mast, and the streamers from the different
places of public amusement indicated a similar
feeling. The death of two such men on the
same day, and so near each other in point of
time, was felt by the whole community. Friend
stopped friend in the street and expressed in a
few broktn words their surprise and astonish
ment. The very children that play about the
streets, although they could form no adequate
conception of the intelligence, yet seemed to
feel out of sympathy for their parents 8c friends.
It was indeed a fit occasion for the deepest pu b
lic feeling. The like never has happened in the
world, nor can it ever happen, wc may almost
say with certainty.
The first time the Declaration of Indepen
dence was publicly read in Massachusetts was
itt Worcester The express, on his way to Bos
ton, furnished Isaiah 1 homas, Esq. ith a co
py for publication in the Spy, of which lie was
at that time the publisher. The news of its re
ceipt soon spread throughout the town, and a
large concourse of people collected, all anxious
to see or hear so extraordinary a document —
To gratify their curiosity, Mr. Thomas ascend
ed the portico of the South Meeting House,
(then the only one in town) and read it to those
who were assembled. Haifa century has since
passed away, during which our country has in
creased in wealth, population, and power, be
yond all former precedent. Mr. Thomas still
lives to witness the prosperity of the country,
and yesterday joined itt the celebration of Inde
pendence iu the same house lrom which he read
the Declaration fifty years ago.— Worcester Spy
Prices of Produce in Alexandria yesterday:
Flour, (superfine,) ...’ ••• #4 02
Wheat, (sales). ••• 0 60 a 0 75
Corn, (sales). ••• 0 63
Rj-e, ..v . 0 60
Oats, . 0 58..
Whiskey, . ••• 0 32
Bacon,. ... 6 00
Wwt of A\eXA\m\v\vY.
July \ '2.—Sclir Enterprize, Hall, Antigua, 16 days;
sugar and molasses, to J.S. Miller and M. Miller & Son.
Sclir. Diomede, Soule, Baltimore; to T. H. Howland.
Y vyy Freight or LLuyIyy,
The new sclir.
Thomas L. Hall, master, will be in readiness
^to receive a cargo in a few days. Apply to
july 13JOHN S. Mil l.KU.
Jlist received per Schooner Enterprise—
4 (5) HMDS, and 2 barrels Antigua Molasses.
14 do. do sugar
july U_J^S. M1 LEER.
THF: public are "hereby forewarned from taking an
assignment of two promissory notes, of the sub
scriber’s, one due on the 18th inst. and the other on
t!ic 1 Htii Oct. next, for seventeen dollars each. These
notes were given for a horse, purchased of one Eliza
beth Stott, and as the horse was warranted to be sound
and upon trial found to be otherwise, l am determined
not to pay them. WM. N. MILLS.
july 12 -_3t
THF. Members of the Mechanic Relief Society of
Alexandria arc requested to meet at the Town
IEdl This Afternoon, at 6 o’clock, for the purnos^ of
adopting suitable measures for testifying their respect
for the memory of the late illustrious patriots Tgo.mas
Jeffersox and Joux Adams.
By order of the President,
july 1.3 JOHN CORSF., Secretary.
Yyitwy Sugar.
i !IHI>8. prime St. Croix sugar will be landed
11/ this day from on board schooner Caravan, for sale
j uly 12___3t
HtwuiiYWs’s OfficY,
Kin" street, Alexandria, D. C., July 13.
rpilE draw’.ngof the Maryland State Lottery will be
II received this day at the arrival of the mail. Per
sons holding tickets are respectfully invited to call and
have them examined, and if prizes to receive the cash,
or renew them in one of the following popular Lotte
ries, soon to be drawn, viz.
X. \ork Literature "Lottery.
To be drawn on the 19th inst. at New York. Highest
S20,000; g6,000; 4,000; 2,000; See. See.
Whole Tickets $5. Halves $2 £0. Quarters ,125.
Eighths 62 1-2 cents.
Aud on the 29th, or sooner, the snug little Scheme
of th#
Frederickburg Street Lottery,
upon the Alphabetical system. Highest prize $500.
Only 1000 tickets in the scheme, and but one blank to
a prize, every two tickets A and 11, warranted to draw
half their cost, less the 15 per cent. Tickets only $2,
shares in proportion—to be had in a great variety ol
numbers at
street, Alexandria.
Qj'All orders promptly attended to, if addressed to
J. H. BUNNELLS, King-st. Alex’a, I). O
Sugar, Coffee, etc.
6HHDS. St. Croix Sugar, 9 bags prime Green Coffee,
20 barrels Baltimore whiskey, landing from the
schr Caravan from Boston, and sloop Fanny from Balti
more. and for sale by
july 12 _S. MESSEBSM1TH.
Wank oil Alexandria,
. July 3, 1826.
A. DIVIDEND of four dollars a share, for the last six
months, has been this day declared, and will be
paid to the Stockholders on or after Thursday neat the
6th inst. Bv order of the Board.
A • J. L. McKENNA, Cashier,
july 4 . gcl4t2aw2w
APPLICATION will be made to the President and
Directors of the Little Kivcr Turnpike Company,
for the renewal of a certificate of one share of Stock,
standing in the name of Geo. Slacum,issued in the year
18U2; also, one half share, standing in the name of
Geo. Slacum’s estate, Vo. 154o, dated February 28,
1818, which have been lost or mislaid,
june 29—co4w JANE H. SLACUM.
Muscovado Sugars.
8 HHDS. and 20 barrels prime Muscovado Sugar
just received and for sale by
N. Orleans antTSt. Croix sugar in hhds. and bbL>.
july 13
For Freight,
Jonathan Small; master; burthen 1000 bbls.;
\will be ready to load in three days and take
_^freight to Boston or any Eastern port, on ap
plication to july 12 JOHN H. LAUD.
For Freigkt,
Jj/i I a first rate Vessel, 500 barrels burthen, Gray
^roaster; will take freight for the West Indies
■ifcara^or an Eastern Port. For terms apply to
H no hare landing from said vessel and. for sale—
91 casks cut nails, assorted sizes
7 boxes sprigs
30 tons plaister july 12
For >fevf-\ork,
The fine fast-sailing
Schooner PROMPT\
4 P. Erickson, master; will siil on Thursday
_iHext—For light freight or passage apply on
board, or to ROBINSON k SHINN.
.i»lv 12_Vo well’s Wharf.
Sugar and Coffee.
A W I1HDS. and 15 barrels prime Sugar
L$ 24 bags prime Green Coffee, landing from schr.
Napoleon, from Matuiuas, and for sale by
july Id__ LINDSAY k II1I.I -
Transparent Va\e AYe.
? HHDS and 5 barrels transparent pale ale, landing
this day per schr. Esther k Sally from Philadelphia,
and for sale by SAMUEL M. JANNEY.
7mo 4
Almonds, FYYYjeria* &c.
A BALES soft shell almonds.
Llr 10 do filberts
6 barrels Dutch linseed oil, just received and
for sale by A C- CAZKNOVK k Co.
july 8
Luvniy otvu.
. ARGE Flat White Turnip Seed for sale by
lib mo 29_M. MtLl.ER & SON. ♦
Wheat Wanted.
THE highest market price will be given for Wheat
july 4 Vo well’s Wharf.
Sugar fiu& \\ UAskry
* HMDS. Muscovado Sugar, 55 bbls Whiskey, land
•/ ing troir. sloop Vernon, and for salt- lay
julv 7 ROBINSON & SHINN, VowclI’s Wharf.
To uir
And possession had immediately,, a
with ttvo run of (> and one run of 4 j feet
of Burrs, and one run of country stones,
situated on the waters of Holmes’s run, about 2} miles
t'rum Alexandria; there is attached to. the mill about
SEVENTY ACRES OF LAND, on which there is
an Orchard and comfortable Dwelling House. For
terms apply to HANNAH WII.SON, or
I'HE Steamboat Potomac will, on her arrival atNor
i. folk the present trim be detained there one week,
for the purpose of making very considerable improve
j incuts on deck, for the accommodation of passengers.
; After which she will resume the usual route—leaving
Norfolk on Monday morning 17th inst. for Ah * mdria
and Washington. july 6
|6Q0 for ^Dol\&T8 Only,
On Saturday the 29th day ofJuly inst. will he drawn
j at the Town Hall, Fredericksburg, on the popular al*.
I phabetical svstem, the
1 prize of #500 is f 500
2 ” 100 ” 200
1 ” (id ” (32
” 50 ” 100
5 ” 20 " 100
2U ” 5 ” 100
469 ” 2 ” 9'8
5J0 Prizes $2000
500 Blanks
1000 Tickets at $2 $2000
Prizes pavable by the • Corporation of Fredericksburg
forty »lay s oftcr the drawing, subject to the usual de
duction of 15 per cent.
D hole Tickets $2—Halve* 1—Quarters 50 Cents.
To be had in a variety of numbers at this office, if
immediate application be made to
JUtxandria, l). C.
N. B.—All orders (post paid' enclosing cash or Prize
Tickets, promptly attended to._jnlY 3
A ,\tYI WoYUL,
To 1? published by Subscription,
Expressly prepared for America, having the City of
Washington for its centre, from which all other pla
ces are measured.
THIS work has been carefully calculated by loga
rithms, and shows at one view the Climate, Lati
tude, Longitude, Bearing per Compass, and the dis
tance expressed in geographical miles, from the Capitol
of the United States, together with the longest and
shortest davs ami nights lor all the principal Ports and
places in the world.
To be printed in Philadelphia or New-York, and the
number subscribed for here forwarded to
lottery and Exchanee Office,
Where one-sixth part of the work may be^ecn, suffi
cient to convey a complete idea of the whole, and
where the subscriber humbly begs the patronage of a
liberal public
Terms of subscription, One Dollar in advance, tocn
able the subscriber .to proceed on for the complet ion
of the work, and the balance, which cannot be precise
ly ascertained at present, to be paid on delivery, which
it is supposed will not exceed two dollars.
A MAP w ill also lie published upon an entire new
plan, exhibiting atone view the names of about four
teen hundred of the principal ports and places in - the
world, with their bearings per compass, and their dis
tances expressed in geographical miles from the City
of Washington. But as this will require a considera
ble time in engraving, no money is asked in advance,
but any gentleman subscribing, shall have it forwarded
as above, to be paid for on delivery,
Alexandria July 9th,_
1?'oy ,
A HANDSOME pair .of well matched BAY PO
JJIES. Apply »t Alexander West’s stable,
jttne 21 '
Notice. f
WILL be sold to the highest binder, On Saturday
the 19/A day of August next, at the tavern of Lee
Simms, at Pohick Creek,
A Tract ot Lafcd^
*d£L 130 ACRES,
being part of Fowler’s estate, which has been consider
cd prime land; there is probably half in wood, which
renders it valuable. The cleared land might be easily
restored to its original fertility. Any person desirous
of purchasing, can be shown the land on application to
Thompson W. Violett, who lives adjoining.
Terms—A credit ot 6, 12, and 18 months will be
given, on the purchase money being satisfactorily ae
/bred. Title indisputable.
July lo—wts _Att’v. for Geo Fowler.
Trustee’s Sale.
ON TUESDAY the 1st day of August next, at the
Auction Store, in Alexandria, at 11 o’eloclr, A M.
the subscriber will offer for sale, at public auction,
consisting ot Men and Women, some of whora'are
slaves for life, and some have to serve for a term of
years; the purchasers will he required to give bond
and security not to remove them from Jhe District of
Columbia, and Countv of Fairfax in Virginia.
Terms of sale Cash.
Such title will be given by the Trustcee as is vested-in
him by the deed of trust under which he acts. By or
der of the Trustee.
S. A. MAR^TF.LLER, auc.
july 1 2awflA '
JN\tu*s\iwVs Sale*
\v 11.1. be sold on the premises for cash, on Satur*
f day the 22<l day of July next, at 10 o’clock, all
theriadit title and interest of R.'.bert brocket in one
jfcwft-frttne house and lot of ground, situated at the
.D&U.nfr’h west corner of the intersection ot Washing
ton and Queen-streets, to satisfy an execution in favor
of Lindsay & Hill. D. MINOR, D. M.
june 26—ts For T. Ringgold, Marshal.
Trust Sa\c.
BY virtue of a deed of trust given to the undersign
ed, to secure fcei-tain dolts due to Richard II.
Henderson and Thomas Hemlersoir, executors of Alex
ander Henderson, dcc'd. dated tlie 19th August, 1822,
and recorded in the County Court of Fairf*', they, the
undersigned, will On the third Monday in August next,
at Fairfax Court-House, offer for sale at public auction,
to the highest bidder, for cash, the Tract of Land in
said deed mentioned, or »o much thereof as will suffice
to pay all the unpaid part of said bonds that have been
due for six months, and the expenses of the trust. Said
deed of trust is given by Robert Kincheloe, the tract
of laud is that commonly called
which contains upwards of 950 Acres, and is now in the
possession of said Kincheloe. The undersigned will
make sue i title as is vested in them, but which is be
lieved to be sound and indisputable.
\a\vu\b\e Yuvm \rov Sale.
'The subscriber desiting to
\Tvjlis*remove to the South, offers for sale,
at a reduced price, the Farm on I
which lie lives, known under thei
name of SPRINGFIEIdD. T his property is valu
able in consequence of its proximity to the three great
markets of the District—being distant from Alexandria
and Washington 7 miles, and 5 from Georgetown. The
land lies in the county ot Fairfax, Virginia, and in the
forks of the road leading from Alexandria to Leesburg,
and from Washington to the I.ittlc River Turnpike,
Containing between 3 and 400 Acres:
There are four fic/ds for cultivation, under tolerable
good fence; an orchard of 120 young and well-chosen
I apple trees, separately inclosed; 200young peach trees
of the Ilrath English I’urtugal, black pickling and yel
low preserving peach trees—together with a number
of cherry, apneot, nectarine, quince, pear and damson
trees. I ne dwelling house is roomy, having four
roonu and a passage on the first floor, a large cellar
I underneath, w ith convenient Led rooms above.—
There,arc also a good kitchen, smoke-house, barn, sta
ble, cow house, poultry-house, and spring dairy, over
one of the best springs in Fairfax; between 70 and
10 acres of the above land is in wood. There arc
two MILL SEATS on the* place, one of perhaps 50
feet fill, with the best building stone (for dam and
house) on the spot—The second seat lias not so much
fall, but embraces South as well as North run, which
gives double the quantum of water. The Garden is
large and strongly fenced, with posts and palings, in
tended for a market aiul kitchen garden, perhaps there
are few better garden spots in the county. There are .
two Meadows, sown in timothy last fall. Also,
A LOT in Alexandria, fronting 39
feet no Fairfax-street and running 111 back to
Chappcl Alley. There are three small TE
NEMENTS on this property, renting for 54
dollars per year. Any person wishing to see the farm,
it will he shown to them by the subscriber on the pre
| miscs. The lot in town will be show nby Daniel Minor,
! living in Alexandria.
If the aforesaid property is not disposed of hv pri
vate barg-in before the* 14th of September next, It will
on that (lay be offered for sale on the premises, to the
! highest bidder. At the same time will be sold perhaps
on a credit, all the
Slock—House, Kitchen and Farming Utensilst
belonging to the subscriber,
july 12—3tawt$ WESLEY ADAMS.
A'/ nsington i nion Cut and Plain Flint
Class Manufactory, near Philadelphia.
The Stockholders of the Union Flint
Glass Manufactory, w ould inform the deal
ers iu Philadelphia and elsewhere, that
their manufactory cf Cut and Plain Flint
Glassware, will be in operation in all Sep.
tember next, at which time thty w ill be a.
bit* to supply the trade in general with any
article required, equal to any either im
port'd or manufactured in this country,
lilt* dealers and public in g« ncral will please to oh
»er\e that some of the principal stockholders were the
Managers of the Gut and Plain Departments in the New
England Glass Works at Roston lor more than 8 yean.
As the business will he under the care of the same
managers, they feel no hesitation to say, that they shall
not only he ahic to do as at that place, but to excel any
specimens yet maim factored.
N. B. All kinds ot chemical apparatus at the shortest
notice to any pattern.
july 11_»_e0ih
To* lleut,
The house occupied by Thomas M.
Davis, corner of prince and Union-streets
a first rate stand for the retail grocery busi
np<, J. & J. IIARPEK.
July? . . . 3t™2w_ •
\I0Y fcnttt ot Itent,
The HOUSE and Square of Ground
at the Village, formerly occupied by Mr.
George Taylor. The situation is healthy
___^_and remarkably pleasant; thegarden very
oroduotiveTaboumlingin choice fruit trees, sbmUf, Stc.
and there are on the place all the out buildings tii«4. can
well be desired. For terns apply to
*en A. C. CAZENOVF., or
;,mel5-2»wtf JOHN S. M1LLEK.

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