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“¥ait ce, qa’il taut, art We ce qa’il pourra ’’
wiLo aa<
wass&i? m©3S?as3®9 axfa*w a©„ asm
Yor Ravlja&ofes,
Thefcood brig
_Captain Hawes; wants 300 bbis. freight, for
■which or passage, apply to
July 7 JOHN* S MlU F.R.
For Sale, Freight, or Charter,
The fine
Schooner LOVELY SUE,
Robert Pollett, master; 5 months old, and is
^^_^wt ll found in every respect—Apply to the
•er on board, at Vowell’s wharf, or to
Jl(lv 7 WM. S. TURPIN.
\*\uubev aiu\ l\um.
WOHN H. LADD offers for sale the cargo of the
schooner American Hero,
100,000 fcet Penobscot lumber
J puncheons West India ruin
Yor Frt\gW,
The Schooner
.James Rustis, master, burthen 1000 barrels;a ;
Lsubstaiitial and good vessel, will be ready in ■
throe davs for a freight to a Northerner Lasicrn port.
inne 17
Suck Salt, Whiskey, ^iaer, Ccc.
SACKS salt, 30 barrels whiskey
■vl/tl 25 bbls. cider of a superior quality for bottling
A ton shot, assorted
12 kegs uni canuisters verdegris
2 bbls. bright varnish
10 boxes Sic.lv lemons
TjHfttV'of from sloop Chauncey and schooner Harriet,
anJ for sale by ROBINSON SHINN.
¥oy Flight,
The Schooner HARRIETT,
Ac worth, master, burthen 550 barrels.—will
^be ready to load in two days—Apply as above,
juue 12___
For Freight,
The liris LUCV-ANN,
a first rate vessel, Ummmond, master; burthen
about 40o hh Is. or 2800 bbls.—For terms ap
iiply to ‘ WM. FOWLED Co.
June 11A
may 1
For Freight,
The Schooner ENTERPRISE,
Captain T. L. Hall, carries 700 barrels; and
would prefer a freight to the West Indies—
Applv to
T\\y Stvtwuvbowl
IB KING no.v in very complete onler, with a new cop
1» tier boiler on the mostanproved plan* will com
mence running between the City of VV ashmgton, A ex
andria, Norfolk, City Point and Richmond, on W cd
nesdav the 19th inst. Leaving Washington at 4 and
Vu-x mdria at 5 o’clock on every Wednesday afternoon;
irrive at Oi l Point Comfort and Norfolk the following
afternoon. Leave Norfolk the next morning at six o -
clock, and arrive at City Point and Richmond on the
evening of the same day. Returning, will leave Rich
mon l at six o’clock on Sunday morning, touching at
t:uv Point, and arrive at Norfolk die same evemng.
Leave Norfolk at 9 o’clock on Monday morning, touch
i ir at Old Point Comfort, and arrive at Alexandria and
Washington the next rnornir in time tor passengers to
proceed on to Baltimore*
FAR E: %
From Washington or Alexandria to Richmond, meals
From'wlhiiron ^ Alexandria to Old Point and Nor
folk do . . * V
From " ashington or Alexandria, to all intermediate
places (where passengers can be landed with con
* venience) between Alexandria and Old Point or
Norfolk, |1° qq
From Washington to James Town do a UU
"”“”Mhi”St"",0Ci,y TranW^
fewgav wuvV
-O- ' ,
BB1.S. loaf sugar
*>V 15 l»h<l- whiskey, hmdhiff from »>oop Fannj,
.mlthr sale hy A. C. CAZENOVE i CO.
june 15
Vvfts\\ VUce.
TIERCES fresh Rice just received and for sale
hy [june 27] JOHN S. MILLER
New-Orteans Sugar
i w HMDS, prime N. O. sugar, per schnr. Walton
v Gray, and
25 boxes Muscatel raisins
11 half tierces rice, per sloop Chauncy, from New
Tork, *nd for sale by
time 12 * R.I. T. WILSON.
a BBL3. whiskey, landing andforsale bv
100 LINDSAY & lllLL
lh Stnrgt 10,000 lbs. superior BACON, cured in tewn
june 17
Ttvvexu to Let.
The subscriber offers to let, that old and well
.established tavern *■"£•*?* VT
•'ig centrai, offer, »*«**£ S'eA
terms apply to 1
ap IS _______■
Sugar, Coffee, etc.
6HI1DS. St. Croix Sugar, 9 bags prime Green Coffee,
20 barrels Baltimore whiskey, landing from the
schr Caravan from Boston, and sloop Fanny from Balti
more, and for sale by _
Hair iMattrasses.
FIRST quality mattrasscs, warranted stuffed with
18 second quality mattra9Ses
Just received for sale by JOHN H. LADD.
July 8
IP </, ES Burlaps, received per brig George Hen
rv, via Baltimore, and for sale by
june 10 W«. FOWLF. 8c Co
¥rcs\v Teas.
Landing from Sloop Constitution—
(5)0 II ALF chests Young Hyson Tea,
5 do Imperial, represented to be of superior
quality—For sale by 5. MESSERSMITH.
june 17____
A 6% HHI)S. of prime quality, landing from schooner
.. . ' L
dltxull, at Irwin's wharf, and for sale by
june 17 d. C. CJZENOVE Uf Co.
Win. 1*. Kennedy
HAS in store and offers for sale,
20 bids New Orleans and Barbadoes sugar
1500 lbs prime Havana coffee
300 gallons sperm oil
20 boxes muscatel and bloom raisins
5 bales Spanish tobacco
50 boxes and cannisters gunpowder, voting hyson
and souchong teas—latest importations
1000 lbs tallow—£ ton shut, assorted sizes
5 kegs gunpowder
20 kegs chewing tobacco, as good and as cheap
as any offered in the District
6 dozen salad oils, superior quality
Faints and oils—spirits turpentine
Sewing twine—cordage, assorted
Alluni, copperas, pepper, mustard, kc. kc.
4000 lbs corktvood, suitable for the fisheries
3000 bushels coals for grate and smiths’ use, as low as
can be jtad in the District
W\vcut Wauted.
Apply as above.
june 15
Hat Store
AS just received, per schr. Mary Archer, from New
f| York, a large supply of gentlemen’s 1)RAB and
ouths and chil
dren's fancy, do. do. Hatters furs and trimmings, and
every article reqnirite for a manufactory, selected by
himself,and will be sold low for cash only.
N. B. A liberal price will be allowed for Old Hats in
part pay for new ones._niuy ~~
William Fowle & Co,
j a'w-k BALKS 3-4, 3-8, 4-4 ami 5-4 brown St bleach
1UU ed domestic shirtings and sheetings
230 bolts 1st, 2d, and 3d quality Russia duck
40 bolts half * do
300 pieces light and heavy Ravens duck
100 do Russia diapers
15 tons St. Petersburg hemp of superior quality
100 pieces Choppa Romals
50 chests and half chests Young Hyson Tea
20 pieces India straw carpeting
10 cases common hats
"5 ca-ks Bridport shad and herring twine
9c'0 sides red soal leather \
200 bags prime Green and St. Domingo coffee
30 bags Sumatra pepper
20 hhds New-Orleans sugar
20 do retailing molasses
10 pipes Seignett brandy
1 do O’Card, l)upy Si Co, of superior quality
2 hbds Jamaica rum
5 hhds. ? Xew-Knglaml Rum
25 bbls. 5
20 barrels Phelps’ gin
300 boves mould candles
1200 sack* Liverpool blown salt
22000 bushels Turks Island, St. Ubesand Lisbon salt
300 casks nails assorted sixes may Id
THE subscriber has on hand a large supply ol North
ern ICE, superior to any in the District, as it has
been ascertained that one peck will last longer and go
farther than half a bushel of common Ice. Private
families will be supplied with the usual quantity at $4
the season, or it wdl be sold at 50 cents the bushel, &
in proportion for smaller quantities
may 4 WM 13. STUART.
tor Sale or neni,
That desirable Mansion House,
■lately in the occupancy of the late Jona
than Swift, esq.deceased, with the gar
dens attached to the premises. Also for
rent. Two Grass I.ots opposite the dwelling house.
Any person hating busineas with Mrs. Ann Swift in
absence, will please apply to us.
inarch 11 L!NDSA\ Sc lill.L.
Yor Sato or Went.
A FARM, containing about 400 acres of Land, sttua
ted on the River Occoquan, about one mile below
the village of Occoquan, called
Svjau Point.
There is a comfortable
Dwelling House on this Farm,
well situated for health and con
gnMMvenience; a tolerably good Sta-^.,
ble and a voting Orchard of well selected trees. About
tw J thirds of the land is cleared, and has for several
years been under a course of judiciouscultivation. It
will be sold low, or rented on the most accommodating
terms. Apply to SAMI EL M. JANNfcY.
4 mo2 0—tf - -——
Wiue, &c.
8 half pipes port wine
200 sides soal leather . , - , ,
Bos,on ^TS*5«ret
HAS received from Philadelphia and is now opening,
in addition to his early spring supply, a very
Handsome Assortment oj Desirable Goods, viz:—
A few pieces super black and citron brown cloth
Single drab and blue cassimeres
Extra super drab and mixed vigonia for coats
Striped and plain unbleached and white drilling
Regent and Russia ditto
Black twill’d Circassian, (some fine)
Rest and common blue and yellow nankins
Super fancy and w bite Marseilles vesting
Irish linens, long lawns, and linen cambric
Brown Irish linens, stout and fine
Ginghams, Grecian 9tripes and jackonct cambrics
Striped and twill’d stull’s for boys
An excellent assortment ot men’s plain and ribbed
long and short hose, women’s and girls’ do
Swiss muslins, jackonet do
Tamboured Swiss hdks, book do
Swiss tamboured cap patterns lor ladies
A large assortment of men’saiul women’s gloves
White and colored silk and gauze fancy hdkfs
Plain white merino shawls (cheap)
Colored lustring 8c Denmark satteens for pantaloons
Best and common black Italian lustring
Colored florences and striped silks lor dresses
1 case silk umHtellas
1 do parasols, fashionable brown and green
Black, drab and orange rattinet for coach-makers
Green silk for umbrellas, children’s kid gloves
Oil cloth, Scholfield’s real gauze flannels
Floss and sewing cotton on spools
Superior khitting cotton, No 10 to 36
Printed bed spreads, suitable for taverns or steam
Colored patent threads
A few superior style suspenders
Bleached and brown Russia sheetings
Best and common ticklenburgs
15 pieces 7-4 and 4*4 real NANKIN STRAW MAT
TING, of S. Archer's importation ‘
Which with his stock on hand, renders his assortment
of l)rv Goods complete._6 mo 8^
Just recurved at Wus. Auction
SUPERIOR CHAIRS, 2d do common do warranted.
New and second hand pianoes, hair covered sotas,
sideboards, beaureaus, tables, beds, bedsteads.
Law, theological, medical, historical, miscellaneous
and other books.
French brandy, tea, coflee, tobacco, Isugars, port
and claret wine, shaving soap, cro«ltei% glass, pot
iron, raisins, invoice fur hats, retitgcrutors, Sec.
Callicoes, ginghams, painted imislins, hose, cloths,
cassimeres, Ac. S. A. MAHSTELI.ER.
june 14 ____
XfcYiark Cuter.
15 BARRELS of superior Newark Cider, in prime or
der for retailing, and
10 chests Young Hyson Tea, just received and for
sale by
Cheap Shoes, etc
Just received and for sale—
CV BOXES containing 162pr.man’s linedScbound shoes
5) 2 do 104 do waxed do do
1 do 54 do boy’s do .do
2 do 72 do copper fastened do
2 do 72 do bnrgans do
6 chests Young Hyson tea
5 31b. catty boxes Imperial do
4 boxes, containing'20 21b catty boxes Gunp. do
1500 Ihssoft shelled almonds
150 groce velvet corks
30 groce porter bottles
1 puncheon superior old Jamaica spirit
58 barrels shad
30 do herring—By
Yarmevs1 Bank Stodti’orStvYe.
I71ROM 50to 100 shares of this stock may be had on
very reasonable terms by application to
(Cj’The par value of the shares is 50 dollars each,
apr 13—tf __« _
Liverpool Coarse Salt.
BUSHELS, on hoard the schooner Sciot
TrvM_M_J from Wiscassct, fl>r sale by
june 13
du^ars, iAMnons, eic.
MUDS. Barbadoesand I’orto Bico Sugar, rcprc
sented to be prime,
126 bbls St. Martins do.
5 casks soft shell almonds
70 boxes Sicily lemons
19 do prime do
landing' this day from schr Potomac and sloop Chaim
_ . _ I i*_ 5 » r> %l L'CC L’ 1»C \1IT1I
ON application to the Judges ot Charles Countv
Court, by petition in writing of Jons T. Ilious, of
Charles County, for the benefit of the Act of Assemble
[ for the relief of sundry insolvent debtors, passed atNo
j vember session, 1805, and the several supplements
i thereto, on the terms mentioned therein, a schedule
of his property and a list of his creditors, on oath, so tar
as he can ascertain them, being annexed to his petition;
and the Court being satisfied by competent testimonj
that the said jQhn T. Higgs has resided two years im
mediately preceding the time of application in the State
of Maryland; and being also satisfied that the said John
T. Higgs is in actual confinement for <}cbt an«l for no
other cause, and the said John 1. Higgs having enter
ed into bond with sufficient security for his personal ap
pearance in Charles County Court, to answer such al
legations as his creditors may make against him It is
therefore ordered and adjudged, that the said John 1.
Higgs be discharged from imprisonment, and that b)
causing a copy of this order to be inserted in some one
of the newspapers edited in the district ol Columbia,
once a week for two months successivclj before the
third Monday in August next, he give notice to his cre
ditors to appear before the said County Court at Port
Tobaco in said County, on the third Monday in August
next, for the purpose of recommending a 1 rustee for
their benefit, and to shew cause, it any they have, u hy
the said John T. Higgs should not have the benefit ot
the seversl insolvent laws as prayed.
cey, and for sale by
Charles County Court,
March Term, 1826.
To liont,
The two story brick house on King
■ ■ VT street at present occupied by Mrs. Margaret
|iqJ Scott—Possession may be had immediately.—
ScsJLJLln point of health and situation, none is more
desirable, l'or terms apply to
juue 6_A. C. CAZENOVE &. Co.
¥o? \Vont,'
Pinion Fairfaxstrcet, near the market, well calculat
ed for the comfortable accommodation of a genteel fa
mily, at a low i*nt. Apply to
may31 ' C. P. THOMPSON. •
£iT Little River Turnpike Road
Stock.—Eleven Shares for sale by
may 17_‘_J. ROBERTS.
Sxvaim’s Panacea
IMIlS valuable medicine has obtained a distinction
which its efficacy alone can support. As u purifier
of the blood it has no parallel. it is the most useful
spring und autumn alterative ever known. All those who
are affected with Scrofula, Leprosy, Scurvy, or cutaneous
Eruptions, or any of those melancholy diseases arising
fibm the impurity of the blood and juices—also, those
who suffer by diseased Liver, Rheumatic affections, or from
indiscretion of their youth, as well as those whose con
stitutions are broken down by mercurial, antimonial or
arsenical medicines, should submit to a course of Swaim’s
Panacea. The effect of this medicine is such as not
to interrupt either business or pleasure, and requires
only the common restraintsof moderation in diet. It is
conveyed by the circulating fluids, and corrects their
tendencies to all those diseases which originate in vitiated
blood. It is a safe, though a powerful substitute for j
mercury, and removes those evils which au unsuccessful
use of that mineral so often occasions, &.c.
“I have repeatedly used Swaim’s Panacea,both in the
hospital and in private practice, and have found it to be
a valuable med!*ine inchronic, syphilitic and scrofulous
complaints, and it* obstinate cutaneous affections.
"VALf.fti illUl 1,31. 1J. |
“Professor of Surgeiv, in the University of N. York,
Surgeon of the N. V- Hospital, &c.
New fork, 1a/ mo- 5th, 1824,”
“I have within the last two years had an opportunity
of seeing several cases of very inveterate ulcers, which
having resisted previously the regular inodes of treat*
ment, were healed by the use of Mr. Swaim’s Panacea;
and 1 do believe, from what l have seen, that it will prove
an important remedy in scrofulous, venereal and merc
urial diseases. • CHAPMAN, M. Di _
“Professor of the Institutes and practice of Physic in
the University of Pennsylvania, ftc.
Philadelphia, Feb. 16, !824.”
“1 have employed The Panacea of Mr. Swaim, in
numerous instances, within the last three years,and have
always found it extreme If efficacious, especially in se
condary sy philis and in mercurial disease. 1 have no
hesitation in pronouncing ft a medicine of inestimable
value. W. GIBSON, M. U.
“Professor of Surgery in the University of Pennsyl
vania, Surgeon and Clinical Lecturer to jhe Alms
House Infirmary,
February 17, 1823.”
Caution to Purchasers
The great demand and wonderful success of this me
dicine, have induced a number of persons to imitate it
in various ways. Some are selling sarsapnrella and o
tliei syrups, imposing them on the ignorant for the Pa
nacea; others are mixing the genuine medicine with
molasses, &c. making three bottles out of one—thus
retaining some of.ts virtues. These imitationsand adul
terations, have in many instances, protracted the suffer
ings of patients in cases where the genuine medicine
would have proved instantly efficacious. I therefore
dcci.i it a duty I owe the public, to acquaint them,
that it is impossible, from the very nature of its consti
tuents, to be discovered by chemical analysis; and con
sequently, that all other mixtures represented to be
mine and sold as such, are fraudulent and base imposi
tions, calculated to deceive the ignorant and unwary
Thegcnuinc medicine lias inv signature on a lube 1 re
presenting Hercules and the Hydra, and my name on
the seal. ,, , , .
Communications, postpaid, and orders from any pari
ofthe world, will receive immediate attention.
(1^1'Printed directions accompany the medicine.
Vo. 13, South yinlh.t,treeMfhilcddphia,
'icWniversity of Pennsylvania.
Opposite the'
A constant supply of the above valuable medicine
1 I 1 * • t ..... Wf.lf ItrAlltv
A cuiiwwii 9tArrv - . .
keot hv the subscribers who arc appointed sole agents
r Alexandria. Prices—*5 per bottle, or '
t’lau CTilll V
ipril 28
$30 per do
Swaim’s Panacea.
[ From the Philadelphia Evening Pott. ]
HAVING made the proper inquiry, we can vouch tor
'the accuracy of the statement contained- m the
subjoined communication. No one should hesitate to
bear just evidence to the merits of a medicine like that
of Mr.Swaim’s, which would seem to be very dittei
cut from the nostrums of the day.
To the Editors of thr Saturday Evening Post.
I)r Gibson; Professor of Surgery the University of
Pennsylvania, in his Lecture ot Monday last spoke .n
h£h terms of Swaim’s Panacea. He remarked that he
had found it deadly beneficial in chronic cases of fey pin
J&c. and that he had known pat.cn s who fasalia
bo’rcd under this disease for a length ot time, and tried
almost every remedy commonly employed for its cure,
wdh very little if any effect, but who, after using the
Panacea?recovered quickly and entirely. He related
several instances of rapid and extraordinary restoration
to'robust health from a state of the most miserable
weakness and infection, wherein repeated salivations
had produced only the mischief.ncide.it to the use ot
mercury- He spoke likewise of Mr Swann, personal
^ . .-v'nowlcdiring the generosity which lie had shown
in’the distribution of his medicine to the pogr, and in
k Lnnrt even of whole families until a cure was cf{
the supp pr0fcssor mentioned that lie had been
fC dr fl 1 v Surgeons and Physicians for recommend
Cenfl! pa^cca of Swa,m, but that he thought it a duty
which 1»V owe l to suffering humanity not to witl.hokl
tlm expression of his opinion and
cacious character ^ ^ ^ tQ ^ that we aie sur
nrU, d to find that a number of spurious mixtures have
ITenVot up btelv, in imitation of this most valuable re
aPPly »
known to be ha'.,
anril 28
* Y\Aam\ Cotton.
4 GJ BALES received and for sale by
IM tune 24 -'
rHE above ointment is offered to the public as a safe
and certain remedy for those obstinate diseases,
*>mc of which have so long baffled the skill of medi
:ai sciences.
1st. White Swellings of every description.
2d. Sore liCgs uud Ulcers of long standing,
od. Schirrus or Glandular Tumors, particularly those
hardened tumois in women’s breasts, which oftentimes
terminate in ulcerated cancers.
4th. Felons, or what some people know by the name
uf Catarths, of ever)’ description.
5th. Rheumatic pains of the joints.
6th. Sprains and Bruises of every description, or in
whatever part situate.
7th. Tetters of all kind?.—In this complaint, the pa
tient, in applying the ointment, must keep tfe pait
out of water.
8th. Chilblains, or parts affected by frost.
It is also one of the best remedies for Bums b Scalds.
Jt eases the pain and draws the fire out in a short time.
For inflamed women’s breasts and glandular swel
lings, it is superior to any medicine yet known to the
medical faculty. It is much safer than mercurial appli
cations, (as it does not contain the smallest atom of any
preparation of that mineral,) because it does not lay
the patient liable to injury front exposure to cold.
This ointment has cured sores of many years stand
ing; where it is impossible or imprudent to heal the ex
ternal sore, in consequence of the bones becoming ca
rious or rotten. It will stop the progress of the curies,
increase the quantity of the discharge, remove thp of
fensive smell, and ease the pain.
It cures the worst Felons or Whitlows on an appli
cation of 48 hours.
Rheumatisms which have stood so long as to become
a systematic disorder, require medicine to be taken
inwardly to remove them entirely. But in most com
mon cases, by applying this ointment, externally, as
directed, it will give relief. And even in old people,
whose pains have been of longer standing, it will of
ten ease the pain.
From the National Journal.
Th'' following new and ltiglily respectable testimo
nial of the efficacy «f Judkins’ ointment in curing one
of the diseases for which it is deemed to be a remedy,
Itas been lately received by the subscriber from the
hon. John Cocke, of the House of Representatives of
the United States,'with permission to publish the same.
Sir: My son being afflicted for five years with white
swelling, and having applied every remedy recom
mended by the most eminent physicians within my
reach, without success, 1 at length procured one jug
ol Judkins’ ointment, and made the application accord
ing to the directions accompanying the ointment; and
stata, for the benefit of the afflicted; that before the one
jug was used, a perfect cure was effected. My son lus
enjoyed good health ever since. I have no doubt to
the ointment alone is he indebted, as nothing was
used for more than nine months before the application
oi'the ointment, Respectfully,
Dr. Wm. Gunton, Washington.
Mr. N Shepherd: about 20 years ago I was attacked
with a fit of sickness, which terminated by settling in
one of my legs After a few years it became a most
painful ulcer; with considerable expense 1 tried various
me::ns of healing it, but all to no good effect, until [
made use of Dr. William Judkins'patent specific oint
ment, and 1 have the pleasure to inform you, that in
making use of less than two boxes of the ointment I
effected a complete cure. Two of my daughters have
also been cured of obstinate tetter worms in a very
short time by using the above ointment. I have al»o
found it preferable to any thing else with which I anr
acquainted for the cure of bunts. I am with r«. spect,
Frederick county, June 19, 1822.
In my harvest field in July last, a circumstance prov
ing the great virtues of Dr. Win. Judkin’s patent speci
fic ointment, was so plainly given, that I feel it a duty
to lay it before the public from a pure motive, viz; to
do good. Mr. Grim, living on my place, was assisting
me in harvest, when be received a Very severe wound
under the hark of his arm myr the shoulder, as he was
sitting near a bundle of wheat, from a scythe by one of
the cradlcrs whose back was towards him, in cutting a
swathe. The above ointment was applied and nothing
else, and in one week Mr. Grim was enabled to go to
work again; the blood was stopped by a person pre
sent before the ointment was applied.
Frederick County, Oct. 3d, 1820.
Certificate of Mr. I). Brook hart, Tavern Keeper, Boons•
uurougn, ,
HooNSiioRotroir, Dec 31, 1823.
Mr. H erst on*—In the fall of 1822, Mr. Nikerk living
near this place, received a severe bite from a dog in the
calf of his leg, the teeth having entered both sides, the
wound deep, the leg much irritated and inflamed with
considerable pain; lie called on ine about the third day
d'ter it happened to know if 1 knew of any tiling to help
him. Having a pot of Dr. Judkins’s Ointment in my
house, 1 applied a plaiater, which acted with its usual
iuccess; the application was c<#Hinued for fire or six
lays, by which time he was rjuite well. Again, one of
>ur neighbors had one of Ins thumbs badly torn and
nangled by a bite; this Ointment was applied, and no
ting after, and made a perfect cure. 1 have applied
t in many instances in n.y ow n family, with great suc
res#; in burns and scalds I do think it s’ands unrivalled.
!t is well worth the attention ot every' family.
Certificate. <f I)r. Grohp, ut Taueytoum.
Sir—For the benefit of the afflicted I beg leave to
nform you that a negro woman of mine after childbed,
vas very severely afflicted w ith a sore breast- I ap
died Dr.- IVm. Judkins’ Specific Ointment a few times,
uid it completely cured her. In my practice, other
:ases of women with sore breasts I have known cured
>y the same ointment. __
Taney Town, Aug. 16.1820.
Having been for number of y< ars diriictccl witli
Ihcutnatic affection to that degree that oftentimes 1
vas unable to walk: trying a variety of cures withoift
my effect, I heard of Judkins’ Ointment, obtained it,
md by using one pot agreeably to the direction, was
mtirely cured, and have not since, more than a year
.(iu*. been in any way afflicted with it.
York, Sept. 28, 1821. JACOB LETIIER.
For sale by
Inward. Stabler & Son,
7tno !•*

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