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_ -— 1 -. ■■■ .... .—■ 1 ' ■■'--■■■ -■'■■■ ■ ' ^".■^■=e=ss;af!saa,!
“Fait ce qvi’il favxt, arrive ce qu’il pourra *>'>
% ’ •* $W*raS| ' * ..' ^5 " . ■ 7 ' • . %
A ^ , , - . . , • _ __ __- _ _ __ — -- --- — ■ ■ ■ —- — •- ■» •• ■ —
J f©iLc. aa0 s&’ffajaiD&ir sa®ai$M®9 a>a®asa®aa a®9 a©s®0 &©« «®&,
Kor Charleston or Savannah,
The schooner
Rich, master; will be ready in a few days and
_ will take some freight. Appl\ to the Cap
•J^boardorto SAML. M. JANNEY.
Who offers for sale on board said vessel,
800 bushels superior Penobscot potatoes
' 12 mo 8 4t
Fot ttoston,
The Packet Schr. HARRIET,
Hawes, master, will sail in all the present
week, and take 300 barrels on freight—Ap
__ply to WM. FOWLE 8c Co.
Who have for sale, received by said Schooner—
50 barrels No. 1 and 3 mackerel
20 half barrels No. 1 do
jfp Freight to the amount of 50 to 60 dollars will
jlfObe f>*ven a S>OCKl vessel for Norfolk—Apply as
tpdvc___^ec 11
For o\* Freight,
The schooner GIiEEb,\
is95tons, carries 800 barrels, and canibe sent
to sea at a small expense, will be sold low, or
will take a freight to a southern port or to the
ifwt l»die9. Apply to
For Bos’on,
The brig GLEANER,
Iellerson, master; will take freight on mode
rate terms. Apply to
dec 5W. FOWLF. Sc CO.
For Sale or Freight,
iThe Schoarier ALBION,
Geo. P. Frost, master, burthen 91 tons or 750
bur-els; a good vessel, one year old, and now
ready to receive cargo, will take a foreign or
Mstttise freight. Apply to the master on board, or to
nov lO _JOHN H. LADD.
For Freight,
The fine schooner
Travers, master; burthen 750 barrels, would |
^— prefer a freight to the West Indies ora South- j
J^ortTn the United States.
80v15 , VowelPs Wharf. |
’ For Freight,
The very superior schooner
Moses Pike Sd, Master, burthen 1200 barrels, j
twill be in readiness in three days fora freight
0any port. Apply to JOHN H. LADD.
L Who offfrs for sale on board said schooner,
f 75 tons plaister
250 bushels potatoes
500 bunches onions
10 barrels beets
6 barrels apples _ nov *
T\\e Steavnboai
BRING now in vcrv complete order, with a n.ew cop
per boiler oil the most approved plan, will com
Tisnce running between the City ot Washing on, • -
iiiiri*, Vo. 'elk, City Point and Richmond, on wea
neilivthe 19th inst. Leaving Washington at 4 a
Alex uvlria at 5 o’clock on every Wednesday
arrive at Old Point Comfort and Norfolk tue follow1 g
afternoon. Leave Norfolk the next morning at six o -
clock, and arrive at City Point and Richmond on the
evening ofthe same day. Returning, will eave »
aond.it six o’clock on Sunday morning, touching at
City Point, and arrive at Norfolk the same evening
Uave Norfolk at 9 o’clock on Monday moi nmg, ouc
ing at Old Point Comfort, and arrive at Alexandria and
Washington the next morning in time for passengers o
proceed on to Baltimore.
F 7R F*
Fran, Washington or MeXandlia to Richmond, meals
included, _ ^
From Washington or Alexandria to Old 1 oint and. -
folk. . do . S
From Washington or Alexandria, to all tntermediate
places (where passengers can be landed with con
venience) between Alexandria and Old I oint or
Norfolk, do 6 00
From Washington ta James Town , ° },,,
WashingtontoCity ^'\rrrr^S^genl.
A'lmtiUvj Seed.
| r BU^HEI.S fresh Timothy Seed just received
U„,d for sale by LINDSAV R HILL.
\Ve,i jVvvvse Wanted.
\HF VLTHY Woman, with a breast of fresh milk,
who can come well recommended, may hear of a
pXkl situation on application to the editors ot this pa
per, or Dy letter addressed to A. B., Fwrf**vg rt‘
House, Va. ___v
Orate toa\s.
OIGHir* BUS I ILLS Manchester Grate Coals, now
4260 landing from schooners Breeze,ind Zetu ,
for vUie by WM. L‘ KENNEDY.
nov 11 _____—
— yy^nt^A.
4 NU US F. for a young child. To one that can come
A well recommended, good wages will be given.
Apply at this office. • ~ —_L-_—.
VaWov'ius u\u\ \Wb\i-<M a\n&.
DOBERT GRAY has commenced the TJILOJifNG
It AND HJBIT-MJKWC business, on k.ng-stieet,
opposite Lewis Beeler's Confectionary. Punctual »t
<en,lance will be paid to all who honor him with their
patmnage. 3w

Yov ^latanzas,
The fine fast sailing schooner
W. S. Turpin, master;" has the principal part
of her cargo engaged—For freight of 150
bbls. apply on board, or to
dec 15 ROBINSON & SHINN, VowelPs Wharf.
Philadelphia Packet Notice.
The new
Schooner NEW-YORK
A. Frambes, Master, will positively sail from
_^Philadelphia on the 16th inst. for the District
of Columbia, and will be the last vessel I shall dispatch
for the District this winter.
dec 11 ^ Proprietor
A\ftckete\, Temper, fctc.
60 Barrels No. 1, 2, and 3 mackerel (fall caught)
15 bags Sumatra pepper «*
50 tons plaster, received per schr. Potomac and
For Boston.
The packet schooner
Captain Beers, will sail soon. For freight of
500 barrels, or passage, apply as above,
dec 11
For Freight;
The schr
-•, Master, would prefer a freight to the
West Indies. Apply to
dec 12_ JOHN S. MILLER._
\V in. r ovvle 9* Co.
H* VE in store, and offer for sale,
150 chests ^ Young hyson tea, of re
75 half do cent importation and su
50 ten cattty boxes j perior quality.
10 half chests I Imperial and gunpowder
50 ten catty boxes | tea.
3 cases choppas
300 pieces X U Brucsgin's and other qualities
Russiu Duck
20 do half duck
350 do heavy ami light ravens do
350 do brown and bleached sheetings
16 tons St. Petersburgh clean hemp
10 cates Bridport shad and herring seine twine
600 sides red sole leather
25000 lbs St. Domingo and Havana coffee
12000 lbs Sumatra pepper
7 hhds ,
100 bbls Muscovaao sugars
Halfpipes and quarter casks Iver’s Sc Co. supe
rior Madeira wine
20 cases sparkling Champaigne
2100 sacks Liverpool filled blown salt
23000 bushels Turks Island, St. Ubes & Lisbon do
350 casks nails assorted sizes
20 cases tacks and sprigs
70 bbls No. 1 herrings
And of Domestic Goods, a targe supply of
Brown and bleached shirtings and sheetings
Cassimeres, sattinets, kerseys, and coarse woollen
goods of various kinds nov 27
*1. V3. U&zenove & Lo.
Muscovado sugars of various qualities
Refined do ^ do
Retailing molasses, chocolate,
Coarse suit, sack salt, N. E. and W. I. Hum
Holland and American gin, Cognac brandy
Madeira, Sicily Madeira, French Madeira, j }yin^s.
Port, Claret, and various other 5
Old Whiskey, salad oil
Almonds, raisins, filberts
Hyson, Young Hyson and Imperial teas
Manufactured tobacco best brands
Rice, citron, olives, winter and summer oil
Cut nails and brads all sizes
Swedes iron, hoop do, nail and spike rods
Mess and cargo beef in fine order
Baltimore window glass of all sizes
Russia hemp, soal leather
Sugar loaf and factory paper
Common writing paper, sperm and mould candles
Castile and yellow soap
German pipes and steel, etc._sept 13
FarmeYs1 Lank Stock tor SaYe.
FROM -50to 100 shares of this stock may he had on
very reasonable terms by application to
(£j-The par value of the shares is 50 dollars each,
apr 13—tf _
" \V oo A.
Rr. RAMSAY Sc CO. have for sale, on the Coun
* ty Wharf, from 60 to 70 cords of pine wood, of a
very superior quality._____nov ^ ^
To Let,
And possession had immediately, a
[with two run of 6 and one run of 4$ feet
dyM—^of Burrs, and one run of country stones,
situated on the waters of Holmes's run, about 2* miles
from Alexandria; there is attached to the mill about
SECT TTY ACRES OF LAND, on which there is
Orchard and comfortable Dwelling House. For
tennsanply to HANNAH WILSON, or .
™ y 6 y THOM AS I It WIN._
' For Sale or Kent,
That desirable Mansion House,
Llately in the occupancy of the late Jona
than Swift, esq.deceased, with the gai*
CTr*Jdcns attached to the premises. Also for
rent, Two Grass Lots opposite the dwelling house. .
Any person having business with Mrs. Ann Swift in
I if’ Ple“e aPP,y *° "UNDSAY & HHJ
Worse i
' ^iavket.
subscriber«*espectfullyinforms tne pnonc, max
L he has taken out a license for
Vfending Worses,
»ml that he will offer for sale on Tuesdays and Satur
days at 9 o’clock, in each week, at the Team-Boat
Hnte’l Horses of various descriptions. He will always
he nrenared to attend to the calls of his friends at an
other time—having good stables for the accommoda
tion of Horses, persons wishing to purchase may gen
c,.Me supplied .t private R §TUART,
JUST received, and for sale, at the Book-stores of
Messrs. Kennedy, Douglass, and Stewart, and at
the Post-Office—
T\\e TvvunvpVi o£ Truth
By Daniel Bryan Price 50 Cents.
It has already been announced that the profits of this
work—if any should be realized—are to be applied to
the relief of the Boston Baud, who is now wholly de
pendent upon the benevolence of his countrymen for
the humblest means of sustenance
If not through sympathy and respect for hapless Ge
nius—or from regard to the honor of your country;—
O, do, for the sake of Charity—do, through pity for
the sufferings of a consumptive, dying, brother-man,
and of his aged, widowed, heart-broken, mother, con
tribute your mite to shelter them from the chilling
blasts of winter, and the horrors of starvation!
HAS just received Ins Fall and Winter assortment of
British, French, German, Scutch, Irish, k u/nestic
which he offers to his friends and the public at the most
reduced prices. They consist, in part, of the following
Superfine London blue and black cloths
1H> do brown, green, claret, mixed St drab
Do do blue and black cassimeres [ditto
Do do cinnamon, brown and mixed <1 itto
Do do blue St plumb colored pelisse cloth
A beautiful assortment of Winter vestings
Two cases of very superior Irish linens and lawns
Italian lustring and black mode
Low priced India black silks
Figured and striped silks for ladies* pelisses
Bolivar stripes, a new and handsome article
Calicoes and ginghams
Plain and jaconet cambrics
Figured and plain book muslins
Do do Swiss ditto
White k scarlet merino shawls, scarfs k handkerchiefs
Cassimere shawls, plain and figured
Bandana and Spittlefield handkerchiefs
Ladies barrage Jk. figured *Bk shawls k handkerchiefs
Tartan and Circassian plaids [bazetts
An elegant assortment of plain, black and figured bom
Do do crimson, green and orange do do
Whitr, green, red and yellow flannels
Rose and point blankets
Striped and plain linseys
Sykes’ best blue cassinet
Low priced ca? si nets of every description
Brown, bleached and colored domestic cottons
Blue and white kerseys
Burlaps and Scotch linens
Drab flushings and green baizes
Cotton and linen clu cks and bedticks
1500 lbs of Powhatan Cotton Yarn, best quality.
All of which, with many otlu-r articles too numerous to
mention, shall be sold cheap, and on accommodating
terms. oct 13
HAS just received, and is now opening, at his Store,
south-east corner of King and Fairfax streets, a
general assortment of
BviUs\\, Vvcnc\\, (»pyman «> iwu\
Domestic iiooAs,
Consisting in part, of the following Articles—
Sheppard's supej hne blue and black cloths
Olive, drab, green, claret, and dark grey do
French grey, fawn, drab, and blue pelisse do
Blue, black, and drab cassimeres
Valencia, toilinet, andsiJk vestings
Calicoes and ginghams
Plaid silks (new and handsome style.)
Italian lustring, best quality
Sattins, modes, florences, figr'd and plain silks
Ladies' black and lead worsted hosiery
Barrage and silk handkerchiefs
Linen cambric hdkfs and linen cambrics
Flag and bandanno hdkfs
Plain and figured book muslins
I)o do jackonet do
Do do Swiss do
Jackonet and cotton cambrics
Plain bobbinct, and ditto lace
Cloth shawls, plain and borderec
3-4, 7-3, 4-4 and 5-4 unbleachedbcmestic cottons
Do do do do bleached do do
Plaid domestics and checks
Drab and Olive flushings
Blue and white kersey, domestic do
Plain and stripe linseys, for servants' clothing
Plain and stripe eassiiietls
Also, a large assortment of
T&altivwoirfc \avw,'
Together with a variety of other articles, too nume
rous to mention, which will be sold low tor CASH,
oct 10 _
0. & I. V. Thompson,
HAVE received per ships Shenandoah and Belvide*
ra, and other arrivals, their supply of
Extra Saxony blue, black, olive and mix'd cloths and
Superfine and fine do. and double milled drabs
6-4 drab and olive fearnaughts, pelisse cloths, cassimere
Devonshire kerseys, drab and mixed plains [shawls
8-4, 9-4, 10-4, 11-4, 12-4, and 13-4 rose blankets
3, 3 1-2 and 4 point do
White, scarlet, red. green, yellow and black flannels
| Swanskins, booking and drapery baizes
! Plain and figured black and colored bombazetts
! A variety of black and white and fancy color’d prints
Jackonet cambrics, cambric and book muslins
Fancy cravat handkerchiefs
4-4 Irish linens, 5 4 and 6-4 Irish sheetings
8-4, 9-4 andl 0-4dainask and diaper table linen
Brown andbleached Russia sheetings, brown hollands
Bandanna, company flag, Madras, black levantine, and
fancy silk handkerchiefs
Black sarsenets and Italian crapes
4-4 super Sea Island shirtings, brown and bleached
common do.
Fluids,satinetts, ladies’ and men’s leather gloves
Cotton and worsted hosiery
Italian sewing silks, silk twist, sewing cotton
Patent Threads, buttons, pins, ribbons
Scotch and German osnaburgs
Shoe threads, etc, _ sept 18
■Lindsay & Uiii
(5w~w\URLS. Susquehannah No. 1 gross Herrings,
100 do. do. do nett do
50 do. do. do Shad, put up par
ticularly for family use. dec 13
To Varmevs and VLysicians
BEING afflicted with the rheumatism, and my health
otherwise too delicate to admit of my attending to
an extensive country practice, I offer for sale the FARM
on which I reside. This farm contains from
4UUto 500 Acres
of rolling land of the best quality. The soil is a mix
ture of clay and sand, with a substratum of marie, which
by deep ploughing may be kept in a constant course
of improvement. It is situated in King George coun
ty, Virginia, in the centre of a wealthy and popu
lous neighborhood, (called Chotank.) The build
ings are commodious, the dwelling house not of the
modern fashion,—but comfortable and sufficiently
large to accommodate any family. The stables and
granery have been built but a few years, and are upon
the most improved plan. The situation is handsome and
elevated, three-fourths of a mile from the Potomac river,
of which it commands a beautiful &. extensive prospect.
On tips estate there are more never-failing springs,
yielding the purest water, than I have ever seen on
the same number of acres. Timber, of the
^v^tVJ^kiud common to such a soil, is abundant,
wfjtejT viz.
<$* White Oak. Hickory, Walnut, <jjjmc
the second growth is locust and cedar. It lies suffici- |
ently remote from creeks and marshes to ensure health
to its possessor, and yet near enough to secure the
phvsiciaiPsemploymcnt in his profession. The terms
will be very accommodating. Persons disposed to
purchase will address their letters to Hampstead, Va.
nov 17—coStlawtf GEO. FITZHUGH.
To lifct,
The Wharf and Lots at present occupied
by Geo. Smoot h Co. with the house appur
tenant thereto. For terms apply to W iliiam
, Herbert or Muuiice Herbert, Alexan
dria, or to JNO. C HERBERT,
dec 13—2awlf near Vansville, Md.
SoaUi fesitUev, etc.
A 0^| SIDES Eastern tanned Soal Leather, for sale
10*1 very tow. Also, a few barrels of excellent
CIDER, suitable for immediate use, just received by
Who expects, in a few days, fifty barrels of prime
CRAB CIDER, suitable for bottling.
N B—He continues to purchase Country HIDES,
and wishes to engage of one Butcher, at least, all he
may have during the year 1827.
dec 11 * 2awtf _
Look Out! Look Out! Look Out!
<§>100 YIywayA.
LOPED from my residence on the 10th inst. negro
j N0RRAGE, about 24 years old, 5 feet eight or
nine inches high, ot a dark complexion, regular fea
tures, likely appearance and considerable intelligence.
He has been trained from his infancy as a house ser
vant, waiter, market man, carriage driver, he He has
in> doubt tiken with him a supply of money, with dif
ferent kinds of clothing, as he has been very Intel}
convicted of several very high handed thefts. Previ
ously to this lie bore the character ot a very trust-wor
thy servant in every respect. He is well known in the
District of Columbia, particularly in Alexandria, and
has been at different times with me, and on my busi
ness, in Baltimore, Annapolis, and other parts of Mary
It is likely some unprincipled scoundrel will furnish
him with forged papers to facilitate his final escape. 1
will give Twentv -five Dollars it he lie taken and secur
ed iii the District or Prince Georges County, so that I
get him again, or Fifty Dollars if taken in any other
part of Maryland or Virginia, or the abovereward if ta
ken elsewhere, with all reasonable charges if safely de
livered to me at my residence.
Hatton Hill, near Piscutaway, P. Georges Co. Md
nov 13 . tf
\U*)j UuoAs.
HAS just received in addition to his Fall Goods, re
cently advertised—
Cloths and cassimeres
Cassiiu tts and kerseys
Rose and point blankets
Striped and plain linseys
Calicoes and ginghams
Plain and jackonet cambrics
Swiss handkerchiefs and common do
Black English silk vesting
Do do silk velvet
Black Italian lutestring
Fancy barrage silks
Black and colored Canton crapes
Irish linen and lawns
Bonnet and belt ribbands
Bandanno and Spittalfield hlulkPs.
Plain black and figured bombazetts
Merino shawls and handkerchiefs
Brown, bleached, and colored domestics
Scotch and Burlap linens
With many otlicr articles, all of which shall be sold at
the most reduced prices. uov 24
yas\\ for .Vegvoes.
THE subscriber will give the highest cash price for
25 or 30 YOUNG NEGROES. As the prices of
Negroes are on the decline, those wishing to sell would
do well to give me a call as early as convenient.—I
shall be constantly at Elias P. Legg’s in Alexandria,
until 1 complete my purchases. Application personal
ly, or bv letter, will be immediately attended to.
sept 26 __
To Rent,
. j And immediate possession given, that eli
u'ible three story
at the corner of Kingand Washington-street*,
lately in the occupancy of Mr. Daniel Minor.
Also—TWO OFFICES on Washingson-street, ad
joining the above.
Also—That commodious three story
at the upper end of 1) ike-street, formerly the
residence of the late General Young.
Good tenants may obtain them at low rents, on ap
plication at the Mechanics* Bank to
aUg9—ec CHA. CHAPIN, Cashier.
rOXES mould candles, 4, 5 8c 6's—landing
from schr James G. Stacy, from Providence
for sale by VV. FOWLE & Co
dec 12
THE Annual meeting of the Stockholders of the.
Washington and Ale andria Turnpike Company,
for the election of five Directors, a Treasurer, and Clerk,
will be held at ’he Town-Hall, on Monday, the 1st day
of January next.
dec 11—tJ2DEN.F. C. ASHTON, Clerk.
ACL'EltK that is a complete master of book-keep
ing and writes a handsome hand. Apply to the
Printer. dec 11
liensfield for Sale.
This valuable Estate, containing
1500 Acres of Land, is situated in
Charles county, near the line which
i . divides it from Prince George.
The site upon which the Mansion House and other
buildings are erected, is high and healthful, and com
mands a fine view of the surrounding country. A great
proportion of this tract of land is fertile bottom, lying
in full view of the dwelling, part of which is heavily
timbered. The greater pail of the upland is in rail
timber; the arable part of a friable soil and very produc
tive. This estate abounds in springs of the purest wa
ter, and however dry the summer months, every field
is sufficiently irrigated to afford a plentiful supply of
water to stock ofevery kind. It is distant from navi
gable water but three miles; from Washington twenty
four, and from Alexandria sixteen; it lies equidistant
from Piscataway and Port I obacco, but eight miles
from either place; and thus from its location, advanta
ges from either market is easily derived. Feeling de
sirous to emigrate, I will sell either the whole ora part
of this estate on very accommodating terms, Applica
tion can be made by letter or otherwise, either to Ben
jamin T. Duiunv, or to
dec 1^ of Alexandria.
Extract from a Law of the Corporation
“That no person shall discharge any musket, fowl
ing piece, pistol, or other fire-arms, or any composition
of gun powder, or fulminating powder, within the li*
mits of the town of Alexandria. Every person off end
ing herein shall forfeit and pay one dollar for each of
fence ”
In order to put an end to the silly and dangerous
practice of firing guns, crackers, &c in the public
streets to the great annoyance of the inhabitants, one
half of the penalty will be paid to any person who will
give information to the police officers, so as the violat
ors of the above law may be prosecuted to conviction
By order of the Mayor,
dec 12—t24Z). Police Constable*
2Ve\\ and CAmvp bonds
SINCE the recent fall in Dry Goods, have reccivet
by the late arrivals from New-York, the following
articles, viz:—
Fine and superfine blue and black cloth?
Drab, brown, and mix'd do
Blue, black and mix'd cassi meres
Red, green and blue bookings
Blue and white plains, drab flushing
Cassinets of every description
Plain and striped linsey
Red, white, green and black flannel
Worsted and lambs wool hosiery
Plain and figured black bombazetts
Tartan and Circassian plaids
8*4, 9-4, 10 4, 11-4, 12-4, and 13 4 rose blanket?
2£, 3, 3J, 4. and 4 1-2 point do
Brown and bleached shirtings and sheetings
Plaid cot*ons and cotton checks
Sackings, burlaps, oznahurgs and tlcklenburgc
Brown and bleached Russia sheetings
Irish sheetings, diapers and linens
Meri> o and cashmere shawls, cloth and cotton dc
Hearth rugs, hangup cords
Black and colored Nankin and Canton crape;.
Black and white Italian do
Black Italian lustring of good quality
Plain and figured gios dc naples
Black, w hite and green satin
Black, blue, and white florence
Black and pink levantines, black mode
Black, scarlet, anil drab silk velvet
Black, scarlet, and drab tabby do
Blue and black plush, long lawns, linen cambric
Scotch lawns, linen cambric handkerchiefs
Calicoes and ginghams, new style
Black and colored bombazines
Bandanno and Madrass hdkfs
Cotton cambrics, jackonet do
Plain and figured book muslins, Swiss do
Plain and figured real India do
Gentlemen's beaver and dogskin gloves
Ladies beaver and kid do
Bobbinett lace, thread edgings
Bobbins, tapes, cotton and silk cords
Colored sewing silks, cotton balls and spool?
Black and cohired sash ribbons
A supply of COTTON YARN, of good quality, witk
a variety of other articles, which will be sold low fo
CASH._nov 7
Seine Twine, &c.
fill! E subscriber lias lately received, and offers fo;
i_ sale on moderate terms, a fresh supply of Shad
and Herring English Seine Twine.
Corkwood and Cordage of all descriptions, togetlie,
with every other article necessary for the Fisheries,
Js*ew MUinevy Stove.
T1TISH to inform the inhabitants of Alexandria, tha.
f f they have opened a Milinery Store on Fairfax
street, opposite Hrvan Hampson & Son’s Mary M,
Johnston has just returned from New York with the
latest and most fashionable Hats, and is ready toexhi
bit them to the public. The ladies arc invited to call
and examine for themselves, and they respectfully soli
citashare ofthc public patronage. oct ?,
Insxneaucfc ftUielt.
a a Q SHAMES of Stock in Marine Insurance Com
1 lO pany, 120 do. do. in Fire Insurance Company
for sale by
sept 26 A. «. CA2ENOVB fc

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