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I 'TOUij aaao wiBiDmsa)A^ ja^iassasrOj) a©9 asfi^o im»©4i©a
tltlXTMi AS1* rCillSRZl) .
iur rreight,
The copper fastened ship
master; carries about 425 hhds of tobacco, is
nearly a new vessel, in complete order, and wil I be
ready for the reception of a cargo •«yi*ew‘K^Ap
P'Wh„ have for sale on board said ship, 3000 bushels
Liverpool coarse salt.
The brig MARY COLE,
l ale? n.-. ,or - arf>° '‘n
davs <nd take freight to any East, rn port at
a low _ JVV-I1
For St. Thomas and a Market,
The sloop REGULATOR,
Thomas Munroc. Master. Stic carries about
650 barrels; has one half of her cargo engag
m—^^ed- for the remainder apply to the Captain on
ft Y"We",‘‘",rf'°rl,,S. MF.SSERSMITH
For Amsterdam,
The new brig
Allen, master; will sail about the 20tli inst.
and taler anv small freight that may offer.
be orig
Hall, master; will take freight for Boston or
any eastern port. Apply to
7 W. FOWLE & CO.
Who have received by the above vessels and for sale:
5 tons St Petersburg hemp
150 casks nails, assorted sizes
100 tons plaister paris _ jujy 10
Yot Boston,
The packet schooner
Captain Tratt; for freight or passage, apply to
' july 9 A. C. CAZENOVK X Co.
Yot $a\e,
Tht Schooner DOLPHIN
46 tons burthen, carries about 500 barrels —
She is discharging in Washington, and will be
Inere on Tuesday. The price will be moderate.
Appi, to L. & L. CHAMBERLIN.
Yot freight,
go The new schooner
carries 300 hbl»; will take a freight on low
wSSSaterms, for either Fredericksburg, Norfolk or
Richmond. Aoply to the captain on board at Ramsay’s
wharf, or • T. RAMSAY,
july 7__
Yot YTeigUt,
The good schooner
kCapt. Shove, burthen 650 barrels, will take
_^freight for anv Eastern port.
july f * A. C. CAZENOVK & Co.
For Charleston or Savannah,
The fine fast sailing sclir.
Benson, master; can take 250 bblsfor either
jOf the above places, if early application is
made to ROBINSON 5t SHINN,
june 30 Yowell’s Wharf
ror Sale,
The new Schooner
J51 tons burthen, built in Mathews County,
_*Va.of the best materials and has a complete
suit .at' sails—Site will b<S sold low if immediate appli
cation be made to >V. FO WLF. & Co.
To YUnt, ~
For one or more years, that elegant
jto-i t) «nck bouse, or. prince-street, with
. stable and carriage house, cistern and bath
L ouse, an excellent garden aiU water well,
amt« .vr. other convenience—At present in the occu
pancy of Thomas Fairfax, Esq Possession to be bad
loth of M iv next, or sooner, should it suit the parties.
For terms apply to ROBERT BROCKET, Sen.
mar 15 lawtf
Sugar, Hides, &c.
Landing from Schooner Enterprise— >
v5W"v|R.VC«S prime green cofiee
,<yl P 400 Poflo Rico hides
‘20 bhls. nett herring
20 do gross do
For sale by M. MILLER & SON.
7 mo 13
Military Skfctck Rook.
•T UST received on sale, by PIS HEY THOMPSON,
The Military Sketch Book'; Reminiscences of seven
teen years in the Service, abroad and at home; by
• an Officer of the Line—2 vols. Price fl 75
“The wight can tell,
A melancholy and a merry Talc
Of field, and fight, and chief, and lady gay.”
Engravings of American Scenery, 1 vol. bound; con
taining views of Fairmount Water W’orks; New York;
Trenton Falls; United State’s Bank; Falls of Mont
morency, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore; Capitol;
Mount Vernon; Castle Garden; Battery, New York;
Presidents’ House; High!amis; Harper’s Ferry, City
Hall, New York, Sec- Price $1 50.
Engravings by American Artists l volume: containing
views of the Lake of Albano; Paris, from Pcre La
Chaise; Hampton Court; Athens; Bay of Naples, &c.
Price $1 50.
Recollections of Egypt; by the Baroness MunitoU—
1 vol. Price $1.
Almack’s 2d edition.
Hope Leslie; by the Author of Redwood.
American Annual. Register, for 1825-6. „
New Rvnaas of the Protestant Episcopal Church, a
donted in General Convention of 1826.
July 14__
TLiAttvYriu Museum,
Open d*Hrfrom 10 to J2» A. ML tndfrom 3 to 5, P. M:
Co\mmi Wine.
HALF quarter casks Cclmenar wine, this day
landing from schooner Love, from New-York,
and for sale by LINDSAY, HILL & Co.
. june 21 __
Teas, &c.
A Q Chests Young Hyson tea
X 20 10 catty boxes Gunpowder do
20 do * do Imperial do
5 hhds St. Croix sugar, received per brig Mag
nolia and schr. Ilaxall, from Boston, and forsale by
july 10S. MKSSKHSM1T1L
Saltpetre, Powder, etc.
KEGS of Dupont's best Brandywine Cun
J powder, 40 kegs cannon and rock l’owder,
warranted equal to any other manufacture, and now for
sale at a reduced price.
20 casks refined salt petre, of best quality
20 packages domestic plaids, blue denims and
pantaloon stripes—landing this day and for sale by
july 10_ A. C. CAZENOVK&CO.
e -‘"an&y,
S PIPES Seignett6"'' ndyof superior quality
5 cases champai —landing from schr. Ilaxall,
For sale by
july 9 WM. TOWLE St Co.
F&mtty i?is\\, etc.
THE subscriber has just received
rObbls. Susqaehannah herrings, put up far^family
use, with the heads cut off, and full roed.
; 100 bbls gross and Nett do
10hhds and30 bbls. whiskey, part very fine.
5 do molasses.—With a general assortment of the
l best articles in the grocery line.
! junel4— R.T. RAMSAY.
Ail additional supply ol’Dry Goods
HAS just received at his store, southwest corner of
King and Fairfax-streets,
Yellow Nankins (superior quality)
Do do common
Cotton cassimere, Wilmington stripes
Flag and bandanna handkerchiefs
Plain and figured book muslin
Plain and figured black silk handkfs.
Barrage hdkfs, Madrass do
Blue and white demines
Dorchester bedticking
Amoskeag do
Green and white gauze veils
Black canton crape
A few pieces of very handsome belt ribbons
Parasols and umbrellas
Gentlemens’ Leghorn lials
Ladies I .eghorn bonnets
which will be sold low for cash.june 7
Jftvi and CYveap Goods.
HAVE just received from N. York and Philadelphia
the following article*, which they are now open
ing and offer for sale at the most reduced prices for
cash, at their *tore on King-street, four doors east of
the Washington 'I avert}
Super blue and black cloths
Olive (1°
Blue and black cas*imeres
Handsome assortment of vestings
Plain and stripe cambrics
Cambric dimity
An elegant assortment of calicoes
White and colored satteens
Wilmington stripes
White and brown drillings
Cotton stockings and socks
Thread do
Cross barred and shaded muslins
Jackoneft do
Plain and figured Swiss do
Plain andfigurged bull'cravats
Plain and plaid silk do
Cambric insert ings
Mandarine robes, Canton crapes
Yellow and white canvass
Crttcl and working cotton
Best black double florence
White and blue crape leisse
Horse skin and kid gloves
Beaver do
Fine bobanett laces
Bobanett* 4-4, 5-4 and 6-4 wide
figured do
Gimp lace, pearling, footing
White and black veils
Bobanett scarfs, collars and hdkfs
Bobanett cstps
Plain and watered Grodenap, different colors
Barage granadene, a new article for ladies’dresses
Tortoise shell tuck combs
Do do side do
BrazilUar. combs, cotton fringes
Bunch and pufT curls
Irish linens and lawns *
Swiss linens and sheet 'kgs
Swiss trimmings
Cambric collars and ruffs
Domestic cottons
Colton Yarn
With a variety of other articles, and dai^ expect an
additional supply. aPn1 25
Ml. faicsoiis
YgTAS had a partial acquaintance with the Dry Goads
and Grocery busines—He would like employ,
went in either at this time, on liberal te«ms. Commu
nications (post paid) will he promptly it rtded to.
V asYkionotolfe Hats,
MOUSE & JQ8SELYN respectfully inform their
friends and the public, that they are now manu
factoring Reaver Hats of a superior quality, equal to a
nv manufactured in the District. Also, low pnced imi
tation Heaver, made for retail. In addition to vluoh,
thev have just received from the most celebrated Fac
toriesof Baltimore, a superior assortment of Hats, 1st
2d and 3d quality. It may be wellto observe thatthey
are well supplied with an assortment of Reavers, &c.
from the justly celebrated establishment of Lamson &
The Hats of our customers willbe ironed gra
' c«h given for Furs. Old Hats will be received
npartpayfor new ones. dec 16
Laplate Hides.
LANDING this day from on board the brig Earl, Stet
son, from Itio Grande,
1,200 Dried Hides,
Of a very superior quality—will average 28 lbs.
An extensive assortment of salted hides, viz: Pernam
buco, Maranham, Oronoco and Porto Rico; a few doz.
dried calf skins; 20 bbls. best tanners’ oil—All of
which will be sold sold at New York and Baltimore
prices, by
june 30 M. MILLER & SON.
The National Intelligencer will insert the above
three times, and send their account to M. M. 8c Son.
lUun, Pork, &c.
Landing from schooner Love, from hew* York,
5 Hhds Jamaica rum
20 bbls N. E. do
U To JE.T**"- York City Inspection
28 do Gcncssce flour of superior quality
For sale by LINDSAY, HILL 8c Go.
june 21
M.uftco\ado .
A HMDS, and 5 bbls. prime Muscovado sugar,
IvJ landing this day from sloop Regulator, and for
sale by JOHN S. MILLER.
lllto has in Store—
7 lihds sugar
20 bags green coffee
500 bushels prime yellow corn
Russia and cotton duck
Gordagc, Manilla Rope, Family Flour, See.
june 23
TIIE subscribers have fui sale a-large stock of wines
and liquors, viz:—
Burgundy Madeira, Corsica -,
London Particular Madeira, Sparkling Campaigns,
London Market Madeira, Bordeaux Brandy,
Sicily Madeira, Holland Gin,
Cette Madeira, American Gin,
Cette Sherry, N. E. Rum,
Alicante Port, pine Old Whiskey,
Malaga Sherry, Winchester Whiskey,
Sweet Malaga, Common do m
Colmenar and Claret, Olivas, Anchovies,
Muscat de Frontignan,- Raisins, Almonds, &c.
jime 16 _A. C^CAZENOVE h Co.
Goods Wanted on Storage.
THE subscribers will receive from 1500 to 2000 bar
rels of herrings, or other goods on Storage, in the
Public Warehouse at low rates.—The house is not sur
passed by any other in town. Apply to
may 23_R. T. RAMSAY._
German lAnens, Teas, &c.
SAMUEL MESSEKSMITH has just received per
ship London Packet from Bremen, via Baltimore,
and offers for sale,
20 bales burlaps, from No. 1 to 0
3 do osnaburgs
2 do hessians
He has also for sale, now landing and in Slore—
76 chests Young Hyson tea, of various qualities
100 half chests and 10 and 5 catty boxes Gunpow
der and Imperial do. part of late importation,
and line quality
8 boxes, each 20cftnnisters 2 lbs. each, Imp’l. do
2 half chests Hyson
6 chests Pqwchong
316 bags Havana, Porto Rico, and Rio Coffee
50 bags Java do
3 de Mocha do
45 hhds>N. Orleans and West InJia Muscovado
12 bbls. > Sugars.
30 boxes and bbls. refined do
30 boxes Canton white do. a beautiful article
20 hhds Baltimore whiskry
6 pipes Cognac brandy, Srignett’s brand
2 do superior old . do
2 do Champaigne do
130 sacks Liverpool
150 reams wrapping jvaper
20 kegs raisins
150 boxes Muscatel do
25 Ao and half boxes bunch do
22 do sperm candles
6 do button blue
30 do Sicily lemons
30 boxes and half boxesBakcr’s chocolate
6 pipes and 5 Indian bbls Sicily wine
17 quarter casks and Indian bbls Colmenar do
15 do sweet Malaga do
14 do French Madeira do
1 pipejmd4 tasks old Sherry
5 quar^Hwts Tort do
2 casks^Hppn do
1 pipe fi^Wld Murdoch Madeira
1 hhd winter strained sperm oil
15 kitts mackerel
Nutmegs, cloves, binders’ nnd bandbox boards
Sugar loaf paper, etc._may 26
KfcNV S\>xing Qoods.
South' Went Corner of King and Fairfax street*.
rg"|AVE received fromNew-York and Philadelphia, a
iRllarge and general assortment of Spring and -Sum
mer Goods, such as—
Gi«ghams, chintz ana common calicoes
Grecian stripe muslins _
Nankin, Canton, Italian, and other crapes
Swiss mull, book, and jackonet muslins
Scotch muslins of all kinds
Barrage and fancy silk hdkfs.
Hosiery of every kind
Ladies’, men’s and boys’Legh^s
Silk, horseskin, and kid gloves
Linen and linen cambric hdkfs.
Super white and colored drilling
Black and mist lasting
Circassianfor gentlemen’s coats
Bine and yellow nankins
Wilmington stripes
- Buff, white and fancy Marseilles
Scarlet, yellow, and fancy bandannos
Superior black Italian lustring
French and India black silks
Florences, all colors
Irish linens, shirtings and lawns
Russia sheetings, and Scotch linens
German bUTlaps
Domestic plaids, sheetings and shirtings
Cotton yarn, etc etc. ,
With every article usually wanted at tftjs Seej^b
Cft I. P. THOMPSON have removed to Kang
• street, opposite the Mechanics’ Bank,
july 11 _
Hats and S\\oes.
HAVE just received from New-York, 9 cases men’s
fur Hats, and ladies’ and gentlemen’s Shoes, for
sale by'wholesale, at a small advance upon their cost
at auction.
ALSO—A further supply of cheap and seasonable
july 11
llum, iS*aUs, #c.
4 ^bds Boston rum
1U 120 kegs cut nails
150 reams wrapping paper
9 cases fur hats
25 bales domestic goods consisting of 3-4-and
4-4 brown cotton stripes, checks &c.
Landing from schr. Ilaxall, and for sale by
Also—25 hbds prime molasses on Irwins wharf,
july 9
Sicilv Lemons, etc.
(5% A BOXES fresh Sicily lemons 7 cases women *
shoes ami pumps, and men’s boots shoes and
pumps, of morocco and calf skin—received per schr.
Ilaxall, for sale by
I.v Store—Wrapping paper, green coffee
Almonds, walnuts and filberts
Madeira wine in quarter casks
Olive oil, barrels cloves
Yellow & blue nankins, domestic cotton goods
Leghorn hats and crowns
Cases drab and black hats
Binders’ and bandbox boards, &c.
july 9 _____ _
Lemons, Flour, Cheese, etc.
BOXES Sicily lemonv*aid to be in prime or
2)41/ der, 50 bbls. Genncssee Flour, superior quail
ty for family use
12 casks Goshen cheese
4 do 7 dozen each, London porter
7 barrels cider vinegar
10 do gin
55 boxes fresh prunes
20 do 1 dozen each, Claret wine
10 do assorted pickels—this day landing from
sloop Chauncey, Bartram, from New-York, and for sale
on accommodating terms, by
july 0 _ LINDSAY, HILL 8c CO.
&lc\Vy Lemons.
1 TUFTY boxes lemons in fine order, Just received and
1 for Bale by A. C. CAZENOVE St Co.
july 9 . _
L. & L. Chamberlain
nriAVE just received, 5 hluls goad retailing molas
ses, 3 do New England rum
4 hhds Baltimore whiskey
4 do New Orleans sugar
25 bbls Baltimore whiskey
10 bags Wio coffee july 7_
TIIF. subscriber has lately received a supply of Gro
ceries, which, in addition to his former stock, he
offers on moderate terms. They consist in part o<—•
6 hhds sugars, 1 do. refined do.
10 bbls do , 15 bags coffee
10 half chests & 0 boxes Imperial and Gunpow
der teas
2 chests and 4 half do Young Hyson do
• 10 kegs I.ciper’s and Garrett’s snufl
75 sacks Liverpool salt
500 bushels coarse do
50 bbls rosin, 40 do Suffolk tar
Together with family flour, rum, brandy, whiskey,
molasses, salt petr**, nails, Manilla and other cordage,
hemp and cottoji seine twine, etc. etc.
july 7 __GEO. COI.EMAN.
Molasses, lVam, etc.
firf \ HUMS, prime molasses
OU 10 hhds. N E. Bum
100 casks nails
16 bags green coffee
15 boxes mould candles
An assortment of brown domestic goods
Landing from schr Washington Packet, for sale by
jury 4 A. C. CAZENOVE h Co.
Muscovado Sugars.
Landing this day from schr. Batchelor, from St. John;,
Porto Iiico,
27 94 bbb J Muscovld° S"*ar
For sale by 8. MESSERSkin H.
4 In Store,
350 bags coffee, a part prime green
35 boxes and bbls Baltimore refined sugar
550 reams wrapping paper
«45 hhds Muscovado sugar, part very superior
10 hhds Baltimore whiskey
7 pipes Cognac brandy
Young Hyson tea, in chests and hall chests or va
rious qualities apd prices
Imperial and Gunpowder do, in half chests and 5
and 10 catty boxes do do
Liverpool blown salt in sacks
Colmenar and Malaga wine, See. July 4
Herrings & $i\ati.
/3k grn BARRELS No. 1 Gross Herrings—100 do do.
Nett Herrings—20. do. do. No. 1 Shad—for
sale by LINDSAY, HILL & Co.
j une 6_•
CASES, containing 30,000 tumbler*, received
OU perthe brig Gov. Brooks, from Hamburgh, and
will be sold at a small advance, by _. „
may 16 W. FOWLS 8c CO.
"Furniture an A. MaUogany.
HAS on hand at his manufactory, on Royal-stxecr, a
few doors south of King, a general assortment of
FASHIONABLE FURNITURE of his own manyfac
,BHav of Honduras mahogany, suitable for hand rails,
St. Domingo curl and shaded mahogany in plank and
veneer- ALSO,
Copal varnish, sacking bottoms 8c cords, !c«. all of
which will be sold low for cash or the usual Credit to
^ThTiy/NGof^rfry kind neatly crnuteJ. dec 16
For Sale or Rent.
jtagft The Mill and Farm called TViadelphia Mill, situ*
Ww on Holmes* Run, about 3j mile*fVvmAlexan
dria. This property is so well known, ay to render a
description unnecessary. Possession given on the 1st
August, when the Wagon, Team, Stock, lie. will be
sold, if not previously disposed of at private sale.
Apply to M MILLER k SON.
6 mo 5 __
A 'M Bales Carolina Moss. For sale by
1/ jane IS—_A.C. CAZF.NOVF fc EO.
Lading T\i\s
From the Schooner Love, at Ranuay't Wharf—
3 hhds superior quality Jamaica sugar 5
15 bbls St. Croix do • "r
1 hhd very fine old Jamaica spirit
1 pipe Tarragonia wine
1 cask old Port do V '
1 do Sherry do
2 chests hyson tea
32 boxes mould candles
10 do soap
5 do starch
16 bbls fine old whiskey
5 hhds and 25 bbls common do
30 bbls prime pork
2 pipes old French brandy
25 bbls gross herrings
S5 do shad
liinasay, mu, s vjo.
HAVING a House in Kew-York, v here all their pur
chases are made at auction for cash, enable them
to jell here (which they are determined to do) on as
good terms as goods can be gotten from any market in
the regular way, and invite tnose wishing to purchase,
to call and judge for themselves. Their present stock
Uextensive—among which are;
35 hhdsN. Orleans sugar, let and 2d qua ity
10 do W. India do 4o
15 do N. Orleans molasses
7 puncheons Jamaica rum
$ pipes cognac brandy, part Sugett's brand
40 chests Y. Hyson tea Y all fresh &
16 half do do do C part supe*
25 boxes Gunpowder & Imperial do j rior qual,
35 bags prime green coflee
10 dp Java do
20 barrels mess poik ? v> » . .... •
20 do prime do $ N. York city inspection
25 do gin, very good
15 do line old whiskey
15 casks Goshen cheese
50 boxes lemons
50 do oranges 5 S,c,,y.,n ordep
150 sacks fine salt, Liverpool filled
20 barrels cider
Pimento, pepper, indigo, snuff, Spanish fegars,
starch, copperas, madder, saltpetre, ground and race
ginger, soap, bed cords letter and wrapping paper, kps
april 12
C & 1. P, Thompson
AVB received ner ship Herald from Xiverpouf,
and other arrivals, a general assortment of
Extra Saxony and superfine cloths and cassimerea
Mixed and drab cassinets, for men’s summer wean
Plain ami twilled bombazetta
7-8 cambric and fine fancy prints
9-8 and 6-4 cambric and jaconet muslins
4-4 fine and super mull do
6-4 do do book do
4-4 tamboured sprig do do
4-4 and 9 8 book muslin lidkfs
64 fashionable shaded, striped and corded muslins
l)o do full col’d and sattin striped and spotted do
9-8 do shaded ginghams
44 do do cambric do
l>o do silk shaded harage
Thread lace it Orrel’s, white & colored cotton baHsand
White and printed quiltings, fine and extra super
Grandrell striped jeanetts, brown and bleached drilling
Canton and French crapes, black and colored
India blue nankeens
Ladies white and black ingrain cotton hosiery
Men’s white cotton hose and half hose
Urown thread and black silk do
Ladies kid and extra quality horseskin gloves, black
white and assorted colors
Do black and white silk do
Men’s beaver do
Flag, bandanna, spittalfield, black levantine and Bri
tannia hdks
Super linen cambric do
7-8 and 44 Irish linens
54 and 64 do sheetings
8-4, 94 and 104 damaak and diaper table linen
Russia sheetings and diapers, brown holfands
White tiaklenburgs, dowlss, oznsburgs and burlaps
Sewing silks, twist and colored threads
6'lioc thread in 2 and 4 oz. balls
Palm leaf and feather fans
Uolivar hats, piping ctwds, buttons, pins, fee. Sic.
Brown and bleached Domestic shirtings and sheetings
Plaid ami striped . do ginghams 6
Shirting, apron and furniture checks
Bed ticking, oil cloth tswh-covers, Sic. apf',1 y
V'tcbYi Supply of Garden Seed.
THE subscriber has just received a fresh supply of
Garden Seed, selected in England by an experi
enced hand, which with hia importation last fall, makes
hi* assortment large and complete. There are ten
sorts of Cabbage, several of English Peaa and B«aus,
do. of Raddish, &c._It. T. RAMSAY.
Doack flaking.
DO. PRETTYMAN returns his thanks to his
• friends and customers, and the public at large,
tor past favors, and hopes by attention to business, to
merit a continuation of the same. He still carries on
the above business at hia old stand, on Pitt street, be
tween King & Cameron streets,in all its various bran
ches, and has on hand, for sale.
Your Coaches, three Gigs, and
one fculkej.
all oftohich will be sold low forcish. Also, CarioJes
constantly kept on hand of his own manufacture. Re
pairing work done at the shortest notice, and at price*
to suit the times. All kindsof iron work for the Cpacb
Businfsa, executed superior to any in Alexandria. A
rew setts of Coach Springs and Steps, pn handfpr sale.
Old Springs repaired in tbt be* manner. Order*

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