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touth; nor baa Mr. Clay auy where such eulhu- j
- .jc*and ardent friends. Tire generous spirit
1/trie South cannot be turned entirely against a
„ »hose splendid talents are an honor to the
■ D Clay has many, many respectable
Lroi friends iu those States which are most op
posed to him. _
yulii/icaivn Sentiment.—The followingques- ,
on „ arked b.v the Charleston Mercury, the
h,et Nullification print in South Carolina:
.. And what is meant by being a citizen of the
|-"ited States? Strictly speaking, there is no
• cm thing!—fur it »* utterly impossible that
individual should be a citizen of the 24
{rates 0f which the Union is composed. Who
opposes that a citizen of Carolina is a citizen of
i^!r-/u? Or that a citizen of Georgia is a citizen
j Massachusetts? It is utterly impossible!” I
\\ hit intelligent American lines not see through
•ne drift of the foregoing? There is no man who
• with a modicum of common sense, that
WKi;,| not be ashamed to undertake a serious re
tuU’ion of what is here put forth, with a fervent
Vppe. mf doubt, that it should be blindly recog
j as the •• true doct ine of State rights.”
On the first day of the present month two
ninls i»f the Three per cent, stocks of the Unit
ed States were paid off—about eight millions of
dollars. Of this amount it is piobable *ix mil
luini belonged to foteigners. Of this six mil
lion*, it i» further probable two-thirds at least—
f the charter of the Bauk of the United States
hid been renewed, as bv a decisive vote iu both ,
Houses of Congress the people aud the States of
this Union determined that it should be,—would j
have been reinvested in that Bank; and thus
have in*ured to the American stock holders sel* j
ling out, advantageous prices, and have liberated j
a'i equal amount of American capital, to relieve )
fne pressure in the money market, and to vivify, I
and give impulse to, other departments and ;
bunvl.es of American industry.
Maryland Flection. —We have the returns
from all the counties in Maryland. The House
of Delegates will be—Anti Jackson 55; Jackson
•’3. The Senate all Anti-Jackson. The Anti
Jackson Counties are Prince George, Somerset,
Worcester. Dorchester, Caroline, Talbot, Kent,
St. Mirv's, Charles, Calvert, VloutgtMnery, Anne
Arundel, ami Annapolis City. The Jackson
Counties are Washington, Baltimore City anti
County, Harford, and Cecil. Alleghany sends
1 Anti-Jackson, $ Jackson members; Frederick,
2 Anti-Jackson, 2 Jack-on; Queen Ann, 2 Anti
Jackson, 2 Jackson. From present appearances
we presume Jackson will get but three of the
electoral votes of the State.
Pennsylvania Flection —The electi-ms com
mence this day in Pennsylvania. F.very inch
of ground will be contested. The struggle will 1
be ardent, because it is the preparatory movement j
to the grand effort that is to be made next month :
at the Presidential election.
- i
A ««• Tragedy.—Dr. Birds* new Tragedy s»f
Oraloosa is highly spoken of by the critics who
have read it. It is shortly to b« produced in
Philadelphia, Forest playing the principal cha
racter, Tor whom, indeed, the play was written.
l)r. Bird bids fair to shine as a diamatic writer:
he gamed great fame for his Gladiator, and Ora
loosa is said to be superior to that production.—
The story of the piece and a plot of the plav are
given in the New York Eveuing Post, which, to
us, shows rather too much complexity.
Senator Poindexter.—Several entertainments
have been given to this gentleman, by his friends
in Mis-issippi, since his return from Congress.—
nr ha* proved himself an independent Senator, I
and theicfote deserves the honors of his cnnstitu- J
ents; hut, iu these party times independence is j
a trait of character not highly valued by parti-;
sans; ami therefore we have no hopes that Mr. 1
Poindexter will he supported beyond his present i
term, unites indeed, there should be a great re
volution ol political sentiment in nis state, which, J
according to all accounts, is chained to the car '
of the hero. . ■ - —— ,
f From »he Met York Journal of rommerce of FricUv •] 1
-bnericoji H*ard of Missions. —The annual
meenn* commenced in this city on Wednesday ■
morning, and will close today. In the course '
J*1 yesterday morning’s session, the letter which j
‘tas been extensively published in the newspa- ■
pers purporting to lie President Jackson’s reply j
’>» the memorial of the Board in respect to the !
Cherokee Indians, was alluded to by one of the
’’embers, aud the Prudential Committee stated (
'■it no such letter had been received by them, j
>»nd toat-they hud no reason to suppose it was ge-1
nuine. . rr 6 ;
[V* e should like very ;.iuch to know in what
toper this letter first appeared. We might then ,
ferret out the author J
I be Salem Gazette furnishes the following ta
^ rof votes given for President and Vice Presi
dent at the elections since Washington’s retire- .
Presidentt Adams 71, Jefferson 68.— *
ice President T Pinckney 58, A. Burr 50.
ISmi President Jefferson 73, Adams 64.— i
'ice President A. Burr 73, T Pinckney 58. I
President Jefferson 162, C. C. Pinck- I
President, G. Clinton 162, Rufus
km* 14.
1808 President, Madison, 122, C. C. Pinck
^5 47. > if< President, G. Clinton 118, Ru
fus kin* 47.
1812 President, Madison 127, D« Witt Clin
-°Q 83 v'icc President, E. Gerry 128, logersoll
1616 Piesident, Monroe 183, Rufds King 34.
Vice President, Tompkins 113, opposition scat
1820 President, Monroe 218, no opposition
except one vote give from New Hampshire.—
Vice President, Tompkins 212, opposition di
1824 President. Andrew Jackson 99, J. Q.
Adams 84, Win, H. Crawford 41, Henry Clay
1828 President, Andrew Jackson 178, J. Q.
Adams 83 Vice President, J. C. Calhoun 173,
Richard Rush 83.
Italian Opera.—Great exertions have been
made to establish an Italian Opera, permanently,
in this country. If the present company in New
York is patronised, so as to retain its services, it
is contemplated to build a new Opera House ex
pressly as such, to be used entirely by Italian
and French companies, for city assemblies, &c.
Weie> Poem. — We learn that Messrs. Carter,
Hendee & Co. have in the press a Poem, by a
distinguished gentleman, who is better known as
a statesman and diplomatist, than as a wooer of
the muses. The poem is a Historical Tale of
the twelfth Century, in four cantos, and the sub
ject of it is the conquest of Ireland, by Henry
the Second. We hope that the success of the
author, in this effort, may be as brilliant as that
which he achieved in his new career of duty in
the national legi&latuie last winter.
Boston Dai. ddv.
Price of Produce in Jiltxandria yesterday, from
wagons and Vessels.
Flour, per barrel, - - %5 75 a 5 77
Wheat, per bushel, - • 0 95 a 1 00
Corn, do * - 0 70 a 0 00
Rye, do *• - 0 60 a 0 65
Oats, from wagons, per bushel, 0 33 a 0 35
Oats, from vessels, do • 0 30 a 0 32
Corn Meal, yellow, do - 0 80 a 0 85
Corn Meal, white, do - 0 85 a 0 87£
Flaxseed, - do - 1 00 a 0 00
Whiskey, per gallon, - - 0 31 a 0 32
Bacon, per cwt. - - - 6 50 a 7 00
Butter, per lb. - • - 0 10 a 0 16
Lard, do • • - 0 07 a 0 08
Plaster Paris, (retail) per ton, 5 50 u 0 00
Flour.—Our Flour market is yet without
clungr*. We quote the wagon price £5 75, and
the store price £6 00, because it cannot be pur
chased for less; but we hear of no sales.
Export for the week ending Saturday, 6th in
stant: 1747 barrels; foreign 200, coastwise 1547.
Quantity inspected during the same period:
King street, 632 bbls.
Pot n mac, 627 “
Whaaf, 71 “ 85 half-bbls.
1330 85
Besides 13 bbls. Rye Flour.
FUmr and Meal.—In consequence of the small
stock of Superfine Flour on hand, and limited
receipts, there has been a giadual advance in pri
ces last report, and sales ol upwards of 3000 since
bis for export, at various prices, ranging from 5 75
to £5 50 at the close of this. The sales* for home
use have been brisk during the week at 5 62 a 5
75; holders were firm to day ut the latter price.
The price from wagons to-day was 5 62.}. The
transactions in Rye Flour have been confined to
a small lot, extra quality, at 4 25. Corn Meal
has been in good demand, and about 1400 barrels
sold at 345 a 3 50, principally at the latter price,
and ISOhhds. at 15 50. The export of super
j fine Flour to foreign ports in September was 5725
barrels; of Rye Klour 1647 barrels, and of Corn
Meal 2035 barrels, 1082 hhds.
Grain.— The market has been almost bare of
every description of Grain during the week, and
better prices paid for the little which has come
in. \\ heat had sold at 110 a 112 cents; Penn
sylvania Coro at 72 a 74 cents, and Southern
Yellow at 71 a 72. and White at 69 a 70 cents.
Oats and Rye are also scarce at quotations
P'ice Current.
Cotton—The weeks transactions have been
pretty extensive, a considerable portion of which
has been by dealers and spinuers for domestic
manufacturers: the sales reach about 22' 0 bales,
rnnfiKliiiff nl lllin VTnlflmla If} a 1 1 4 And 10i
4;)0 Florida’s and Alabama's 10 a lU and 12,
anil 700 New Orleans 10$ a 12.L Tnere is no
alteration in prices from those of last week. Im
port hum 29'. h Sept, to the 6th Oct. G07 bales.
VoJJet—Coffe still continues scarce and sales
are readily effected at out quotations. We have
to advise the following transactions— 250 a 500
bag* Laguira at 15 cents; 600 bags St. Domingo
at 14 cents; 80 bales Mexican at 14 centg; 100
a 200 bags Sumatra at 13j cents; some Cuba at
13 J a 14 cent*; 750 bags Rio afloat at 14J cents;
a cat go of 2900 bags Rio just arrived is not of
fered for sale, but going into store. A lot of
1250 bags Cuba afloat is held at 15 cts.
Uytwoods.—Sales of 160 tons Campeachy
Logwood at 828; 60 tons St. Domingo ditto
at 24 00, and some Maracaibo Fustic at 18 00,
all cadi. |
Fluxsttd.—Sales at 811 for crushing. No ex
port demand.
/«A—Codfish continues without alteration in
prices; the demand for country trade is dull;
sales have been made accoiding to quality at from
82 81 to 3i; about 800 qts have been taken for
export at 83j package included. Mackerel has
been dull amt sales for No 2, 1831, have been
effected at g3| to 3jf, and of 1832, for No 2 at
841 to 4|—of No 3 at 83 to 3$ Connecticut
shad and other fish remain as before.
Hour—There lia* been rather non* animation
during-the present week than for some time pre
viouslv. Western has sold more freely, and at
a trifling advance. Ttoy comes in slow ly. But
little Northern has been received »»nce oufMaat,
and as several parcels have been taken for ship
ment our stock u reduced aud holders are very
firm but without any variation in prices worthy
of notice. The sl.'pments during the week have
been principally of Richmond city to South Ame
rica, and other descipuon* to the West Indies.
Scratched has been enquired lor, and js scarce, j
Rye flour is lower, with but a trifling demand.—
We notice an advance in Corn Meal in hhds- ,
Grain—There have been do sales of Northern i
or Western Wheat worth noticing. Two car-]
goes of North Carolina have been sold at our
quotations. Coarse grain remains without ma
terial change. The first parcels of new Barley,
arrived early in the week and were sold at 75 cts
the quality good. Our receipts of new southern
wheat amount to nearly 100,000 bushels.
Hide*—A sale of 5000 prime Rio Grande
Hides to'the Trade at 14i cents, 6 months,
is the principal transaction.that has come to our
Indigo—Sales have been made of 40 cases
Bengal at 21 40 a 145 ao<J 40ceroons Caraccas,
(fiores) at 1 28 a 1 32.].
Leather—Two auction sales of sole leather
comprising about 10,000 hides went off with spir
it, at some advance from previous sales.
Lead— Pig lead is in fair demand. There is
no variation in prices since last report.
Molasses—Several sales have been made by
auction. Ordinary Cuba SOI a 31 f: and some
tart Matanzas at 29. Molasses of good quality
continues scarce and is in demand at our quota
Oils—Considerable sales of whale Oil have
been made of late lor export at 28J to 29 cts for
hhds and tierces. Tnere is also an improvement
in the demand and pri< es of Sperms, fall strained
having been sold at 95, and winter at 105c.—
No variation in other descriptions
Piovisions—Our provision market has been
very animated during the past week, and mess
Pork has advanced to 14j; Prime do 111 for the
best quality. Be»*f is principally out of market
particularly prime—last sale 5{ for prime. Mess
29 to 9}- Some new has been packed upon the
river and is hourly expected to arrive. Lard 9
to 10 cis.
Ilice—The sales of Rice during the week have
been very limned and do not exceed 100 tierces
at *3 75 a 24 25.
Salt—Since our last there has arrived 20,000
bushels Turk’s Island Salt, 4000 do ground do,
1200 Falmouth do, &, 2300 sacks fine do. Price
of i'urks Island about the same, do of Ground
not transpired, do of Falmouth 47c cash, do of
sacks about 22.
Spirits—There have been sales of Jamaica Rum
at 88 to 91 cts quality hardly fair, and of Bor
“ * it 21 25. In other descriptions
business has been done at our
quotations. Sales id Rye Whiskey have been
I UliUJf ill UI/$ a O I L • 3.
Spices—cassia of the Roman’s cargo was
pan sold at 23cents, which is now the establish
ed worth; in other spices we have no change to
| Sugars—There has been an active demand for
all dcsciption of Sugars. The market is fiim
and prices rather higher, particularly those of
Musi ovudoes, of which our stock is now much
! reduced. About 50') hints Porto Rico at 7 4 a
7* cents. 200 boxes browns at 8$ a 8* cents,
and a few whites at 103 a IO4 cents.
Tobacco—The sales since our last have been
chiefly to the Trade; some small parcels have
been taken fin export; there has been more eu
quirv for the article, but wc have not heard of
any thing being th‘#.-d ot importance.
Teas—The ship Roman’s cargo was sold on
Thursday by auction. Wc reported the prices
l on that day under the head of auction sales.—
' Former prices were fully supported; our quota
; tions are the best criterion of the value ot this
tYines—Sales of both sweet and dry Malaga
at 45 cents; a>wl by auction a lot of cargo Tene
rifle brought 71 cts. These prices are about the
same as iast week, but an increased business has
been done in all descriptions.
IVool—no material change in the wool market
for the last week. Prices fully equal to our lust
Freights—There is a little improvement in
the rates lor Europe. The Havre packet of the
10th has a full cargo engaged—Cotton at ] cent.
... — Courier.
The Market.—Sales of Richmond Ci; Flour
have been extensive at 86,75 Georgetown j< S6
a 6j. Richmond Country at 85.81 Sa1-'" Ms
rv and Corn at 73cts. Northern yellow at 80-1*;
live steady. Wheat rather nnprnv ing. Whale
and Sperm Oils maintain full prices
P S. Holders of flour are pushing their ad
vantage and to day hold Western at 86 for com
mon brands, and common Southern at 85y.
iV Y Cour. Uct. 6.
Agricultural Report oj It eat her and Crops in
the vicinity of Sew York for September.
[Prep in d f >r the New York Duly Advertiser ]
September has proved to be unusually pleasant
throughout, with rather more ram than common
—the grass is consequently very luxuriant for the
season, and paaluies are nearly as good as in
the month of June. Should the weather contin
ue favorable this will help out the winter fodder,
which is much needed, owing to the small stock
of hay remaining over last spring, and the light
crop of grass cut this season.
Corn, which is an important crop in this vici
nity, has been exceedingly backward, owing to
the late period of planting and the continuance
of the cold weather, which kept the plant back.
Many were fearful thai an eailv frost might af
fect the car in the milk. The. fine weather of
August and September has caused the corn to
ripen; it is now out of danger and many of the
fields a> e cut and in stack, the crop is full an
average one, perhaps more.
Potatoes will turn out well, but owing to the
high price of seed potatoes 'ast Spring and Win
ter, the quantity put into the ground was less
than usual and the crop will consequently be
(Jarilen Vegetal tea have been good the whole
season; but owing co the Cholera, but few have
been brought to market; ami full half the crop
raised, has been suffered to rut on the ground
wit >out being gathered. A change has now ta
k* n place, and the markets are well supplied at
reasonable prices
Pruitt — Late Peaches have been more abun
dan: than usual, and have sold at lower prices
than common. Apples are abundant, but like
early vegetables are hardly worth" bringing to
market, the demand having been small from fear
of Cholera.
Buckwheat—is unusually fine, and farmers
have commenced cutting and housing their crops.
wWt Wanted,
A ND the highest market price given, by
A oct 4—6t W. ft, .MILIAR. I
Arrived, Oct. 7,
Steamer Colombia,Mitchell,Baltimore; freight
and passengers for the District.
October 8—Schooner Pocahontas, Reed, Ban
gor? lumber to A. C. Cazenove & Co.
Sailed, October 7,
Brig Belvidera, Fletcher, Amsterdam.
Schr. Velocity, Ryder, Boston.
- Baltimore. Morton, Portland.
Sloop Miller, Teal, Philadelphia.
Brig Columbia, Webster, hence at Boston 5th.
Scltr. Robert Gordon, Baker, cleared at New
York for Georgetown 6th.
R*s\eru Yiumbti.
tiA M feet of Boards, on board the schooner Po
ll./ cahootaa Captain Heed, from Hangor, now at
Marke1 street wharf, for sale by
_octJ>_A C. CAZKNOVE 8s«*Co.
Fur Buslun.
' ifTSv The Brig PATRON, K Knight, master, now
«*dv to load, and can take a few hundred bar*
tcia o freight. Apply to
oct 9 _J.II1N U LADD.
* CuUuu SeYufc
1 B ALK of superior Cotton Twine, Not. 6 and 9,
jo i received Iroin Baltimore, and for aaie b>
j oc\ 9 __J, A W H HtWIN
Upturn lea.
Half Chests of itysun Tea, of good quality, on
i In' d. winen would be sold low to close sales,
oci 9_GKO_JOHNSON & Co.
XY YveuV and YV^e,
_ oct 9
ONK round cornered, with carved drawaand metalic
One round cornered ditto, without draws, and
with metalic plate,expected by next packet,
and will bt sold unusually low
On Hand,
One square cornered ditto, vt.rv cheap. For tale by
oct 9 _GEO. JOHNSON St Co.
LUDWIG'S Dictionary, English, German, and
French, 2 vols 4to, Leipzig Brice 8 dollars.
Neuman's Spanish and English Dictionary, 1 vol.
1 */v
F.ntick’s I atin Dictionary, 1 rol, f\ 50
Nugent’s French Dictionary, I vol, 1 dollar
*>n«alebv JAS. lilOUDAN,
Corner K ng and Itnval st.
XT On hand, Pink, Yellow, Sec Letter Paper} Sta
tionary; Music d Instruments and Sporting Apparatus,
oct 9
That large Brick WAREHOUSE
at the head of Ramsay's Wharf, as recent
ly occupied by Messrs. Cohagan U Whit
t_t'e Immediate pos-ession *
The two WAREHOUSES corner of King and
Columbus streets, now m the occupancy of Messrs J
% J Douglas; to give possession on the 15th Novcm
The WAREHOUSE & WHARF formerly
called f'ucktt’s *n lisrf, now in the occup »ncy of Measts
A C Caz» n >ve Co.; to give possession on the 4th
January, 1832. Apply io
oct 9—d3tC>'i>*wil5tliNov
, Uei\r$ NaVugfcvfifcVi
n\$ taken a Store on his Wharf, and will continue
to transact business as heretofore,
oct 8
I c I Half Pipes Srignette Brandy, of superior quali
lU ty.j ist received and lor sale by
flTio ha-i in Store for Sale,
St. Croix. \e* irlcans, and Porto Rico Sugars,
part of superior quality
llo’land Gin
Scg-ietle Brandy, in pipes and half pipes
llalt pipes American Brandy, 5tc. Sic. oct 8
V t>Y l\w»tun—im VVeduMda'j.
Tlie schooner HARRIET*, Opt Nickerson,
ay-^ viH sml as Home- mil take wl.at freight may
otler. Apply to the master on board, or to
V 0. r:\ZKNOVE A Co.
will be sdil low, to close aalo>, if imneuiate applies*
tion is unde f r them oct 8
oct 8
Vk WllUti
\ SMART, active I.ADin a llrv Goods Store. One
who can come well recortimtnded may liear of s
situation hv application to the Printer,
oct 8—3t
A i \!\ 4- PERT 4 4 Mahogany
l V*0 ml ‘-*55 do 9 * and 11-4 do
6t>8 do 3 8 do. sideboard tops
255 do Coffin Boards
Received and for sale by
or* fi W M r> v U TT.
FI WERE will be no Butchers' Meat at Market on
1 Sunday mornings, until the first day of April neat.
G. CORYELL, Clerk of the Market,
oct 6—3t ___
JVo .Mucker el.
Fit Barrels No. 3 Mackerel
01" 25 half barrels do
For sale by J. & W. H. IRWIN,
oct 5 _ _
Q Hogsheads winter sperm oil
O 2 do summer do
10 barrels fall do .
5 barreis linseed oil
For sale by W. II. MILLF.R.
oct 5 _ __
A FEW bushels Cloverseed, for sale by
oct 5W. H IIII.I.P.R
liutsheii v'heeae.
fa Buses G >shen Cheese, landing from Schr Vir
011 ginia, for sale by STEPHEN S!I|\N,
oct 4 Janney's whsrf
liunp »Yfder Tea.
S) CIIESTS, e*tra fine, just received and for sale
by _ S MK«SKRSMtrH
— lieef.
25 4 PH'r"b"f' rtCCi,^"<1 !T NUTT.
\\h\»Wey ~
io zn^vrdM *&irss#.
On the 5th iosUot, of e short illness, Jax*
Eliza, dtughter of Benjamin and Julia Wal
lace, aged 3 years and 52 day*.
In Philadelpnia, after a lingering sod painful
illness, on Thursday night, 4th inst. at 11 o'clock
the Rev Dr. Jokn’Olendt, aged 77 years, for
merly Pastor of the 2d Presbyterian Church of
Baltimore, where he will be long remembered
with affectionate regard for his many virtues.
DUlticl ot Columbia.
County of Alexandria* Set.
JOHN W. BAHKKK has applied to the H-nora
bte William Cranch, Ohiei Judge of the United
State* Circuit Court of tbe Oiatriet of Columbia, to be
discharged from imprisonment, under the act or 'he
reliet of inolvent debtors wiihin the District of Lui m
bia, on Monday, the 29th of October instant, at 9 o'
clock, A. M ,*t the Oourt House in Alexandria, when
and where hi* creditors are required to attend
oct 9 -3» RDM. I- I KK, C. C.
Ttuftl Sale,
BY virtue of a Deed rf Trust, bearing date the 15th
dav of April, 18.'S, from Samuel D • Vaughan to
the sub criber, for the purposes therein mentioned,
will be sold at pub'ie auction, to the highest bidder,
on Saturday, the 13th October next, at 10 o'clock, A.
M . on the premises,
mTftl IF LOT OF GROUND, lying and being on the
J^|*2k‘ast si 1e of llenry »t>eet, between Prince and
lluxe- street*. Term* made known at the place of aale.
«-pt2b JOHN h !'WKa TON, ~t ruate»*
L ubVic
UNDER the authority of a deed of trust from Au
gustine B. Williams will be sold at public auction,
to the highest bidder, for cash, at Fairfax Court Ho; me
(in the State of Virginia,) on the 23d day of October
tA TRACT OF LAND, lying on the
waters of Sandy Run, in the said County of
Fairfax, which was conveyed to Augustine
B. Williams by deed from George Williams,
20th of December, 1824; and which Tract
of Land contains about two hundred and seventy fouk
acres, more or less.
Title believed to be unexceptionable; but such title
only will be conveyed to the purchaser as is vested In
me as Trustee. THOMSON K MASON.
iept 11—lawta
Look Ou.il—j50 \S*.waid
RANAWAY from the subscriber, a likely, black,
smooth skinned Negro Lad, called
about 20 years old, of a moderate active aiee, and has a
scar in his forehead, very plain to be seen, caused by a
fall from a horse He absconded about the 28th of
August last, and has been seen in Alexandria since, on
board of a small vessel. He is a very smart, active,
artful fellow, and will evade d-tection if possible
I will give «he above reward, if taken sixty miles
from my residence, or f20 any shorter distance, if se
cured in j*ii so that I get him again, .»nd all reasonable
charges if brought home to roe.
Hatton’s Hills, near Piscataway, Maryland,
sept 58 —tf__
A Good ¥arttt for aa\e.
t\V 11.L sell the Estate upon which 1 live, containing
1270 Acre*; one half is in wood, and the other un
der a course of cropping; situated upon the great
Southern Itoad leading from Alexandria to Richmond.
:t is so universally known, that I ahall give no descrip,
tion of it. Any one wishing, from curiosity or a desire
to purchase, is invited to call and examine it. It is
well provided with every description of comfortable
building; better ditched tlun any other Farm in Virgi
nia, and has been for more than 30 years under an im
proving course of cultivation. I would be willing to
exchange it for Limestone or Mountain Land. Tobac
co n»akers would do well to call,
sept 18—eotf _ _'V. H. FOOTE.
Doctn* Wedderbur u1#
A Grand Restorative to Health,
PREPARED and sold by him, a> his Shop in. King
street, one door above J Jannev Sc Co. mil oppo
site W M Morrison’s Book store These Bitter*, for
near twenty years past, have been acknowle !ged to
be one amongst the preventives against Ague and Fe
ver. Intcrmitent and Bilious Fevera, fee There ire a
number who use them as directed, and who have no
malignant complaints in their families, and who, incon
sequence, always keep them on hand.
In con*-qu-nce of the rise in spirits, it is out of my
po* er to sell * he Hitters as I have done heretofore.
The price of each bo'.tle will be 62 j rents; by the do
zen bottles, $6 per doa-n; by the gallon, $2 55, of
6>* cents per quart. The advance will take place
from Saturday neat. W. WEDDERBURS
sept 20—eo2w____
Dr. Lee s genuine Patent JVew L/ynaon
Bilious Pills.
INXTR\CT of a letter, written by a very respects.
'A *'le gentleman, res.dmg in Baltimore, to the sub.
scribcr, wli*■ deem* it his duty, though unaiitboristd,
to lay it before the public, withholding the writers
name, for particular reference. alioulH any require it
personally- 8AM*I. II P I ► E.
Baltimoiib, Aubcst, 1828.
Doct S II. P. Lis, New 1 .one on, Conn
|>-ar Sir—It is now upwards of twenty yea t that I
have used your New London Bilious Pills in my tami
b, and always found them an efficient purgative in al*
most every description of disease. I never found their
accustomed certainty to vary in their operation and ef
ft-cis, until a few months past, and having since then
b. en sadly disappointed in every instance of using
them—1 began to conclude that you had nude jour
fortune, and had abandoned their manufaettft* to mer
cenary and unfaithful hands. Under this impression I
accidentally saw an advertisement of your** in a New
York newspaper, designating spurious imitations from
your own manufacture, by having your written signa
ture to each bill of directions, and that in no instance
were the imitations signed with pen and ink, although
a perfect copy in every otner respect Finding ‘base
I had without this test, I began to auapect *!»** “ “"
was not fair in medicine, as well as in politics, and
called at several of our apothecaries for your pills, with
your written signature. I procured a box, an i, onua
ing them; found the same effects from them I had at.
ways expciienc d, and am to much r joiced on finding
mj self in possession cf a .nedicine I so highly prue,
that I cannot injustice refrain from giving you this ID
^nlope and trust, Sir, for the benefit of mankind,—
th't yoP,r valuable m dicine will be perpetuatedin ,U
original quality, and that mercenary mutations may be
frowned upon by an ioaulted community. I ain, Sir,
yourfrien ^ imposition of Counterfeits nnd
sounous imitations, as related above, the purchaser has
only to examine the bill of directions covering each
Box, and if signed at foot, in my own hand writing,
immediately under my printed name, they are genuine
■nd prepared by me. but if obit the printed name la
«(fixed, they are spurious and to be avoided.
New London, Conn., 1832. 8. M. P. LEE.
The above Pills for sale by x
•pen dt% from 10 to 12y end frn»3

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