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I tent MedumJwrHi* «n>- ^ n ()fthe blood and
f»a?3 »:t;iC'sT
•elves in form* of scrofula, salt TJeuI": 'JP™/.'
Aothons *. fire, fever tore* (even m-hen the h ines »re
Ct.nl, white swe'hngs. (*f applied with Dr. Jehl s
li iiuient• foul an l ob-tinate ulcer*, sore leg# and eyes,
aenld head in children, acurvy and scorbutic gou., pun
pled or earhuncleu face*, foatenng c™.Pt'on< fcnd1 *•"'**
ml taints throughout the body, tn which last case h
Drop* often cu e when mercury fails* They are also
th-* best spnng and »*itu nnal physic, to punfv and
cleanse the system from humours which fr -qtientjMP
pear at theae aeasona of the year. They alaoaurihe
process of digestion, and. hy purifying the blood, pa
rent the secretion of malignant humours on the tings
The prnprietoeconfidently relies upon *he yas no
ber of curea effected bv the*e Drops, not on y >n
ton and ita vicinity, but throughoot tbe Um»», fart
best proof of their etcellence as •*» 11rhis
tv * medicine, in sll the «me*aboveapecilT d* Ti^„
article haa recently been pronounced » P
tHZfilITm Pi« i.>.-• $M-t«•*.P».»t»P»»
<t, nation tn-miighoul the country.
Price #1 o Bottle, or Six Bo." Us for 15.
OF Ions' atundin^, and of the most obstinate
dvtncter has been immediately relieved and often
permanently cured, in a variety ol case* that hw .O^
• *r d it. B * • aid vicinity hv uong Na short ti ne
Doth of which are to t>* taken together, according to
Valuable, plain, anJ practical direct cns, accompa y*
in? the specific Price 50 cents each.
V YW ore genuine unless signed on the outside
printed wrapper by the S.te Pn^etor P A 'Dlte.H.
tjumsdialesu'cessor to the lot'Dr tV. P Cwm'ay o
«*!e »t his Counting 'om. aver No 99 Court * ree ,
near Concert Hall, [Boatonl and al.o »•> h'|*P*CUl ap
pointment bjr \VM. STABLER,
apr 5 Fairfax Street, dlexnodna
D ak IK most prevalent and fatal ol all the Disease* in
if cident to civilized society-the Consumption -
mire ner*Uv be traced to the least alarming of disor
Q. r* « atight but n~’Med 'Vrf lly est-.nation •! ap*
ne,ra , one hundred >nd hf y 'bousaad persons die
' annualsa f the Comump'wn Most ol the*e dread
fut result* »' oe attnouteu w -
negligent treatment of the harassing Cough that ge
nerallv ensue . which is usually followed by difficult
breathing, pain in the side, an.! at last ulcerated lungs
Vi »'?nt an 1 repeated asthmatic attacks also bring on
#..nsu«ptive *\ inptoms. One or two dollars expend
ed in *he pur-h seof
and a little a’tenhon to th- r time-y administration,
w ll usual’*' **n-nre a mitigition of these disorders, and
generally < (F-.ct a cure. I’he l*i»ls are also an easy
• •id eflf'c*'ist r-medv for til- symp'orns p-eccdi»g and
atroma tnyine the Asthma tnd aosumpt'O 't f r Cd/s
Cm* As. tv faulty of Breathing flight ness and strict
ore .iemta 'Ac Acs/, tVheezing Pain in the Vide. ■<p t
tin »of 8»>d cS*c F-w c .j a can occur o' any of tins
class of disorders in wh ch th** purchasers of Ur Uelfe’s
Pill* wilt not fi'*’ a rich re*ur» for their »nfl -ig ex
p .Inure. Pr ee-Whole flora. 30 Pill* 1 Eo'hrt
Half diu ,12 Pills, 50 Cents
To the Ladies!
aw 11 ft and SOUAD TEETH nr* both an orna
iunt and a messing, t he beat s entity for
th autage* ’• to found in 'h- u*e of the
I’ nsrerv e’ -gint fo i F wi. r With « very little
Use. T*die«»e, the Vot ary in the Owns, and prevent*
the accumulation <*f Tart<tr. which not only blackens
bui I jos ‘he t ;ethu,nd accelerates their decay —
Th*l> ii'nftce thus removes the preooUng causes of
Offensive Hreath preserves the hea th>ncs'and flor>i
tu<eof the 'bums, and renders the l\elh hmultfuJlj
Price SO cents.
JQ IE excruciating pain-the decrepitude and de
IX formitv, and the premature old age, which are
the usual attendants of this disorder are suffered by
rtj.n. from despair of* cure, or disaopomtment in the
efficacy or tht I imerous pretended sntid »tcs use I to
effect this nurpose. But those who have made a fur
trial of
even in c we* *f 'ong atan.tmg, and of the must severe
oh * ■ vit-~ n«v - rvo -«ved c -rtain relief, snd many have
b • *n cured in a few davs, some in 24 hours! as a num
ber »fn-- *na m B and vicinity, who were f »r
ru rtv uu iru w%u '«• * ■ ——* — j
teV'ii-* l Certificate* are in .vines-ion nf'he Propri
eto- proving the mn«t thorough and surprising cures
l»x n-ins of tun powerful Liniment, in c ises wh-'re
o'hif approve 1 spp ieati ns had u icrly faded Hie
L»h' is Vs » use l wsh sii'C-ssfur 3'Hi*es.3pruns,
Nu n * 1 •*«, Siffness ofthe Joints, Chilolaius, Sic.
Price, Jd cts. a battle
F>t *>-e >r • id.tied Kves <ives immediate ease
an 1 relief. • >n recent sore eyes the effect ia most
sa'utary. Where the complaint has been of years
ptau Img, and in so ne exceeding bad cases, the m ist
un-toected an 1 J •urable relief has been found in the
u,e of this Krt Vara*, after every other remedy had
failed 4suy persons who have used it, pronounce it
th-* vest preparation f >r those c imp-mints !bey have
ey .. mil with, especially in cases of soreness or in
a*fl»nation of long standing Price 25 cts a bottle.
•#* 'J-me are genuine unless signed on the ou’side
nr . 1 wrapprr, by the sole proprietor, T. KHIIIEIt,
kn ne-liate successor to the late Ur W T. Ceawar —
p *r -tie at us Counting loom, over So 99. C *urt st,
n -.<• • nicer* 'tail, Boston, an 1 also by hi- special ap
pointment, by „ „ WH.3TARJ.RH
Bp, 7 Fairfax Street, .Alexandria.
W1 itVF.Vf^R inveterate, in <ne how'* application,
IKI and no d infer f-nm fak■ ngen'd. by u-ing
This pr-puMtion, nr p* • issotneoa. Mfe'JT, expedi.
tjoq «*»< an J certvaty iiand* tsnnvalled f ir the cure
of lis troublesome complaint It is so rapid, as well
asc-r sin in it* -p-rauon, as to eur- this disagreeable
disorder m >steff;ctua*ly in on*hour'* appli'ati m on y!
It imnit contain the 1 east particle of mercury, or
oVie-lsugermaiogredie.it and may be applied with
p -feet tafet* u »r~guant females or to children at
oreitt. Price >7| eebi-i. w th ample directions.
jttj 14 proprietor be r* >.v .if -commend (which
oe 1 ws v t« 'h-i fullest c infidence^ one -*f the
raioaolo remedies koowu tor this trouble*cw and
painful complaint. T&rthout ynng' in ^ the
deems it enough to say,that he has in hi mure completely
most undoubted testimonials that it has
answered thepurposesfor which it was ^tended, toon y
other popular Medicine . . .„r>lir_atior
This remedy is perfectly innocent in •PPo de
to all conditions, ages, and sexes TromDtnving each
scription of the complaint, *c nLilment end
packet, which consists of two b'>*e^ 50^entt if but
Electuary. Price, #1 for the whole or 50 cents
one of the articles is wanted. . tie outside
••• r rui"e ^TkIuDBR.
wrWKrb.tb'.fprnprHUr TKWU^ h,.
successor to the late Dr IV T Co y nesr Con
Countmg Room, over No. 99. 9° ipccitt Appointment
apr9 fairfixjftreet, Aexandna^
STKKSSKK fitSffigs
and draws the Corn out by the roots, without the le
P CMT.ncATK To those afflicted with Corns on
their feet I do certify, that I have used C'„"
Plaster with complete success. Before I h*d •*** d one
box, it completely cured a Corn ***t £
for many years I make this public for the benefit oi
those affl.cted with that painful complaint.
rualiing, 1. I Feb 28. Uts.SnAW.
Price 50 Cents a Box
JplIRY purify the blo<»d, quicken its circulation. as
sist the suspended operations of nature, an< »
general remedy for the prevailing complains among
efficacious in th» Green Sickness, Palptlal«m of th .
Heart Giddiness. Short Rrenth, Sinking of the
Defection and Disinclination to Exercise and Society.
Married ladies will find the Pills equally useful, except
in cases of pregnancy, when they must not he taken.
neither must they be taken by persons of hectic or
consumptive habits. Price ft 50 a box
P^T The celebrated CAMBRIAN TOOTH -
ACHE PILLS, wnich give immediate relief.
without the least injury to the teeth. On trial this will
be found one of the best remedies known for l his com
plaint Price 50 cents a box.
• • None genuine unless signed on the outside
_• 4. j ..... k. /f.4» mn la P tennr! pfnr V’ ff 11) D FI
immediate successor ifi the la t Dr II I' Conway. For
vile at Ui» Counting Koom, over N<>.^ 9J, omirt street,
near Concert Call, Boston, *' d • his *pec»«l appoint
meot, by WM. STABLER,
Fai fax Street Alexandria_
Dli. ”nvTJ U l) KINS’
Patent VWutiuent,
WILLIAM STABLE It, Agent, Alexandria
TUB above Ointment ia recommended to the public !
a safe and certain remedy for those obstinate
diseases, some of which have so long baffled the sk.il
of medical science:
1st White swellings of every description;
2d Sore legs and ulcers of lung standing,
3d Sr.hirrus or glandtilai tumors, particularly those
hardened tumors in woman's breasts, which oftentimes
terminate in ulcerated cancers;
4tn Felons; or what some people know by the name
of catarrhs, of every description.
5th Uhetim ttic pains ol the joints;
6«h Sprains and bruises of every description, or in
whatever part situate;
7th Tetters of all kinds. In litis complaint the pa
tient, in applying the ointment, must keep the part
out of water;
8tli Chdolains or parts affected by frost.
The following communication addressed to the pro
prietorof Judkins* ointment, from the Hon. John Ta
liaferro, Member oi .oogresa, is highly interesting.
The gratuitous marinet ut which it is made, exhibits
feelings of no ordinary character to\vards suffering hu
inanity < and is certainly well deserving of public at
W ashi.vstox, Janua'y 11, 1829
Sir—It has been my wish fora cnnsidemole time,
to communicate to you the goad effect with winch I
have u»ed the Ointm-nt invented ny a Mr. hi-kins
and which ! now umlerstoid is made and a«»M by
agents appointed bv yourself I have applied tlii
Ointment during the last ’hree years to every species
oftu nor and wound, without failure fo u-oduee a cure
in every instance. I consider it the most decided anri
efficient remedy in all cases of tumor, be the cause
what it inivj and l have found nothing »•> good for
• ltl, that tile cure of a tumor called white swelling,
given over by the most distinguished physicians as in
curable. and which they d-cidrd would, without ampu
tation, prove fatalto the patient, was, und r m\ imme
diate notice, effected by'.he use of Judkins’.') utment,
and the patient is in fine *h H a limb atf.-ctedbj
the tumor being restored to a perfect Mate of sound
ness. ' Iso that the leg of an agt «t man which had been
wounded, and exhibited one dreadfully ulcerated sur
face from the knee to the foot, ana which, for raorr
th >n two years, had been considere I incurable, waaef
fectually cured by 'he application of Judkins’ Oint
ment. I mention these two cases, which fell under my
immediate notice and management, as a decided evi
denceof the efficacy of this reme ly in cases of tumor
and of ulcers* I haveexpe ienced, as decidedly, the
good effect of this remedy in the cure of Felons, and
of every species of fresh wound. It seems to me that
any one who wll observe on the operation of this Oint
ment, moat be satisfied as to its beneficial effect 1 can
with the utmost confidence recommend the use oft his
valuable remedy.
1 am, sir, very respectfully,
To Mr. CtottiB* Hbrstoxs, Proprietor!
of Judki'is*Ointment, nearFrede- >
• ricktown, Md. S
►C7* Having been for several years in posses
sion of a concern in Mr-Nathaw Shkv'Ehd's patent,
for making and vending his Ointment, known b, the
nam of • Dr. IV. Judkins* Patent Specific Ointment,*—
and said Nathan Shepherd having obtained anew pat
ent thereon, and I having likewise renewed with
N. Shepherd the aame interest I held before, it ia
deemed necessary that public notice be given of the
• umsUnce. Having devoted much time and care
during the above period, in preparing and making tbia
Ointment, and been instrumental in giving it the gene
ral character it haa sustained, with whatever improve
ment, n all this time, it has received. I prevent it to
public attention Aa heretofore, the genuineness of
the Ointment may be known by the label around the
ointment pot, thua:
*« Made and sold, wholesale and retail, near Frederick,
Md by ■' Versions, concerned in the patent right **
A|»ru 15. C11ARLK8 HKR3TONS.
june 8_Druggist, Fairfiuc Street.
Job VriutVng
A tatty and expeditiously executed at this Office
WxttfcVflm \jiv\veTftaA
THERE is no complaint to which the human frame
is subject, but is designed to teach man wisdom*
that is, to assure him that no Disease comes upon nun
bv chance. The Asiatic Cholera, or any disease, by
whatsoever n*m« it may be known, either in its ori
gin, progress, duration, or termination, is sent by the
appointment of one Supreme First Csus^v who is won
derful in counsel and excellent in working, and whose
righteousness, mercy, goodness, snd truth, will not
permit him to do sn set of in justice to any oFhu crea
tures* his kindness and hit tender mercies are to be
seen over all his works, if we are sick, his goodness
has provided a multiplicity of medicinal herbs pianta,
and gums, to pteaerve health and to afford relief to tue
afflicted, and also to effect cures in all casr-a of disease,
if curable, without the aid of poisonous mercurial, mi
neral, or chemical substance*, dug from the bowels of
the earth, to which the body is approaching with ra
pid strides Right reason will condemn the ust of de
leterious drugs or medicines, because tbev promote
the dissolu'ion of the body, which is in part composed
ot flesh and blood Shall we, then, persevere in the
use ol calomel. fec*t in^l hence commit sn tet of §ui*
c*de upon ourselves, and so make the cure worse than
the disease? Surely not.
Bv the use of MORRISON'S Salutary Ve
getable Universal Medicines, prepared at the
British College of Health, I, ndon, which have obtain
ed the approbation and re ommendntion of some
thousands ot cures, io all diseases under all their varied
forms and names, as the Hvgeian conviction is, that
munis suhpet to out only real Disease, that is, TO
appears evident, when we consider that BLOOD is the
I.IFKof every living creature, and that, as disease is
generated by an impure state of this vital principle,
ao. in like manner, when the cause that produced it is
removed, health, strength, and all its concomitant
blessings, must bo the result. 1 o effect this most de
sirable rm|. these Medicines (under the blessing of
Heaven) hav been fuunJ fully equal to the task, both
in England and America
Extract of a le< ter received by the subscriber from
agentleman in England:
• I believe the Medicine has not only restored me,
by the Divine blessing, from severe illness, to health
an'1 activity, but my wife also from an alarming bilious
attack, which continued many months, in which time
she brought t.ffqturis of bile, and whose recovery was
not expected by tho-e who knew her, and had seen her
during her illness vet, through the blessing of God
upon the means, without the use of any other medi
cine, Morrison’s Fills were rendered effectual to her
recovery, and she is now gaining flesh daily, to the
surprise of those who had seen her at the worst. In
i.mtitn. iinnii ilm. sohit-ct. I can sa\. that if the
Iloyal College of Physician* were to offer me their aid,
in all casts nf disea e. freely, with Morrison’s Pills in
my possession. I would thankfully decline their aid,
and trust to my own resources ”
The original ms; be seen at mv house
VVM POMEROY, Alexandria,
Sole Jgent for the District of i 'oiumbia and its vicinity
lly >h'>m the Pills are sold in packetsoi one, two.
and three dollars each, and the Powders at 37$ cents
per bos, with printed directions; and also by the fol
lowing Sub- *g. tits: It W. Polkiidiorn, between 9'h
and 10th -treets, Pennsylvania Avenue; John Slillinx,
N«vyY..rd, Washington; and Thomas C. Wright,
tieorgetown; of whom alone can the Medicines be
warranted genuine Hy appointment of I)r. H S.
Moat, II. P, M., M U. C. II .Hrookly n, New York, the
sole importer of these Medicines
Mornsonia, or the Family Adviser, price $2 75; Prac
tical Proofs, ellustrated by mirr.rrouscRsesofrure.se
condand third editions, price 25 and 37$cents; to be
had as above.
Alexandria, August ; 8.1832—6m_______
WtmetVj tur \he IItop 1*3.
THK subscribers feel a pleasure in an nouncing to
the public that they hive io their possession,
and for saleat their \o »th caries shop, King street,
Alexandria, a l’HIKI) and lYV VI U tBuB remedy
for the above named distressing, and too olte.i fatal
disease. As a safe and convenient tfydrsgogue. it»
effects are almost immediate, discharging the water
from the system cniousl'; »s an alterativ , it restores
the equal tetion of the vetselti cstihlisne* the
tones of the system, *nd thereby secures the patient
from a recurrence of attacks. The under* yned Feel
confident that in all cases where the d scaae is not caus
ed by actual disorganisation, the cure will be •UR*
The confidence with whi- h the knti hydrophic ptils
are recommend -d, i* founded on experience in cases
already tried, ami upon the fict of their being the re
nilt of genius, founded upon science, and not ol ein
piricism .
Twenty four pills, in most cases, effect s cure. Ap
plications from a distance must be post paid Appli
cants will be furnished with the medicine at five dm
lara a box, on their forwarding the money, ami pay ing
the expense of its conveyance.
jy 12—eotf WU.MAM T,\NPH1EH & CO.
1^11 K subscriber contiuu.-sto apply the newly disco
v redeemed; for l)v nep-u. which has made per
fect cures-.f hundreds in tins and other places Ilia
pr.ee ism * lcra'e Application to be made at his
t»ru, Store "n street. ^ HARpRR
x? \ general supply jf fresh Ijrugs-rnedicines *c
on hand an 1 ffere.d as low asthev can be purchased
in Alexandria for cash r the usual credit.
\Y H li AB*.1- *rt‘C-'r- f— P-mih-a, *» d the Sick,
a lit n», r- C ’ Kewen-kie'a Com
pound IV.MR OF CSVPHOH. This valuable
Co m. tic. -n «ini\ersa'|v u*« d in «t Petersburg!, and
throughout the * mptit: of Russia. '• * preventive
aga n t the alarming disease called ihe Lbolkba.
C;op\ of a Certificate from l)r J H Rhinelander;
Mr 0 G Osborn.- ha*shown me a Compound Wa
ter of Camphor, nrcde by C R T- Kewenskie, the
composition of -Inch he haa given me. I believe it
will oe ver\ r. freshing to a patient, in 'he present hpi
demic. ** a W ash. and also useful in purifvmg the air
of the a rk rooms J R- RHINELANDER,
• aw Yore. July 13,1832 .
I n- »•.ove Article it so.d genuine by Mr. William
Stable*. Druggist, Alei*ndr a.
stable*, w KB ,, c OSBORNE,
• N. 108, Pratt atreet. Baltimore
1WISH to purchase them from the age of 13 to 25
years. Persona having auch to sell, shall have
cash, and the highrat price*, by apply'"* to the imb
scriber. Pratt atreet, Baltimore, near the intersection
of tit* Rail Road withthe Washington City Hoad. Li
her* I commission* will be paid to thoae who wi 1 aid
i0 rr, ,“!rJfor tllc "““‘mStw woo. folk.
400 .Ves>ro«8 wanleii
WE wish to purchase Two Hundred Negroea, of
both sexes. from 12 to 25 years of age, field
hands; also mechanics of every description.
Persona having such to dispose of would do well to
give us a call, as we are determined to give higher
prices fui alivea than any purchaser* wbo are now or
may hereafter come into this maiket.
All communication* promptly attended to. Wecui
at all time* be found at our residence west end Duke
street, Alexandria, D C. aqmvivi n
ftUaa Eiiaim
Il/ILL continue the buaineaaat the Store occupied
f ▼ by chamberlain & Edson, opposite the Meehan
id Bank, and offer* for aale a general assortment of
At price* that cannot fail to pletae purchasers.
N. B A few cases Straw Bonncta, on consignment,
sod will be sold low. *u£
Cabinet, Chair and Sofa Maker, King, next door
to the comer of Alfred street.
HAS on hand, and constantly manufacture* a gene
ral assortment of _!
Which,for eleganceand durability, lefies competition.
Hisstock. generally conaiat# of
Grecian and plain aofk*, couches and lounges
Mahogany and all kind# of drawing-room chair*
Grecian, winged and tingle wardrobe# .
Pedestal-end sideboard* with marbletop* and miror*
Gothic and various other ditto
Pier tables, with marble and mahogany top*
Pillerand block dining, card and breakfasttables
do claw do • do do do
Plain do do do do do
Centric or loo _ “°
French and variou other bureau*, with and without
LadiesJressing tables, with »nd without mirror*
Ditto workstanda and muaicatools
Ditto and gentlemen'* abinet, aecretarie* and book
Washstanda, with marble and mahogany tops
Richly carved and plain mahogany, bird eye, and curl
maple and common beadstead*
Cribs, cradles,candlestandt.shavingdov portable desks
and every otherarticle in the cabinetline.
Mahogany of various kinds, ateam sawed, curl and
shaded veneers,copalrainish,sacking bottoms,cord*,
The above article* will be disposed of for cash or to
punctual persons on the most liberal terms,
A verv extensive patronage from Washington indu
ces me to say, that I vdl le'iver furniture to any pur
chaser in that city free ofexpence.
'Fuming b Carving executed in the bast manner.
may 20
Cabinet,Chair, and Sofa Manufac
Jk M ES GREEN Cabinet maker,—hasonhand,and
will constantly keep at his old stand on Royal*
•t., Alexandria, It*at the corner oflOtl^t., Pennsyd
vania, Avenue Washington—a general assortment *
the moatfashionable and durable Furniture, which he
will warrant equal, if lot superior in quality, to any
ever offeredin the District Consisting! n part, of—
Grecian, winged and plain wardrobes
Gothic, pedestalendand plaimideboards *
Ditto, with cellaret than J marbles labs
Frenchand plain bureaus
Dressing do with mirrors
Ladies’andGentlemens’iecretariesan book-case
Pieriableswith marble and mahogany tops
Plain do do do do do
Ladies work stand
Shaving andcandl do
Wmhitandswithinar and mahoganytopl
Grecian Sofa's
Mahogany chairs
Husic♦ tools,uidetts,cribs, radles
Portable writing desk sbe
Wjth ageneralnsortmentyf bedsteads ofrichly
carved mahogany, naple and stained woods, all of
which will be soldaslow for cash aathey can be pur
chased ofthesamequality atany ither manufactory
n the Union. ALSO,
jfntssortmen ofMDomingoand /Jay of Honduras
Mahogany, a partut winch is suitable for handrails
steam sawed curl and shaded veneers, copal var
nilh of isuperiorquaiity,sacking bottoms,cords.b c
Handsomely -Rented may 6
WhoVcaa\c HaV Manufactory
Have constantly or hand
anextensive assortment of
of all descriptions, calculated
for any market, on the most
reasonable t rms
They have, and constantly
keep on hand, s complete as
hew York and Philadel
phia HATs.
To.'elier with a general as
sortment of
.jJ' Orders in their line
thankfully received, and put
up at the shortest notice.
Purchased at fair prices
Alexandria. June 5, 1831._
T. W. WWW,
King St., near Royal,
at Mrs. Sherron’s
Has on hand Five Dollar
HATS, to which he particu
larly invites the public atten
lion, hoping that they will
call and examine for them
selves With only common
care, the1' will la*t a vear.
Gentlemen from Virginia
and Maryland, wishing to
purchase by the case or sin
gle one, would not loae an)
thing by giving him a call.
N. B. Old Mata taken in
eichunge, and Customer*’
(lata kept in order gratia.
Alexandria, sept 24 _
nAVR removed to the Brick Store house south east
corner of King and Royal streeta. They are now
opening a portion of their
and daily expect a fur-her supply i to which they in
vite ihe attention of their customers and the public
The Store Houae recently occupied by us. It
J*ij*ys sn eligible situation for the Dry Goods or K
tail Grocery Business. To a good tenant the rent will
be low._%v h M
To OTOoeTa. Huckatiexa, see.
MI will (to a good tenant) r-nt that desirable si
next to the corner of Prince and A ater streets, oppo
site the Farmers' Bank.
Intending immediately to make some slterstion.
with a view to the improvement of said prop, rty, I
invite persona wanting such a situation to call for the
purpo»<- of suggesting such improvement ss ma\ best
suit their views. JOPIAH H DvVIS ]
China, Astral Lamps, Blue Painted and
Crockery Ware.
rCR ATRS and packages of elegant gold banded
China Tea 9etts; Astral Lamps; blue painted and \
edged Di*be«; Platc-s; Pitchers; Bowl*; Rwers and
Basina, Ac. Ac.- received and for tale low by
oct IS QEO. WHITE, i
Xoufig ImAiea1 ftemlnatv
Brooke Lodgt, on St. Atnph Street, be*.
King and Cameron. ^
WILLIAM M. JONHS inform, his friend,„n
public that the duties of hit School will l '
•umed on the flrvt Monday in September miti
tin, Preneh, and the useful brandies of a ^ V
English education, w II comprise the cour,;o(?“‘
all arranged to suit different capacities |„ 0,£
produce habits of industry and a love for Ltena*
connected with othe- facilities of the ln«i‘mJ0, ^
Free Library of upwards of one hundred and ft,*'
lumes, carefully selected from the heat anhor,'
which gradual accession* will be made. A, rt !
seal nor attention will be related, lie hope*, ft,,,
experience of teaching ■ Female School e|tfft
twelve ye»ra, snd attending particularly to th* l
Erovement i made in the science of Educating 1
e enabled to give generaUstisf»ction to hi, pi,r ’
Experimentally knowing the^good elTecu rt^
from examinations, and a co-oper»lion o'
eated. he respectfully invites them to r'llfr.q*J
and witness for themselves his system of imtruo#
and the regular progress and proficiency of his
Teachers among the most unproved and but
fied will be employed to instruct in Trench, k*
Drawing, and Fainting.
Alexandria. Angoat 2, 1812--Sin
Spring iivtotls.
(NHARI.es RENNET I has received and t,’,,.
J sale, a general assortmcrt of
The following area psri:
Superfine cloths and kerseymeres o!l>t
Merino and Vigonia kersey mens
Book, cambric, jaconet and mull mttdin
6-4 and 3 -4 dimitit s
Calicos and ginghams of first quality
A general assortment otcotton am’ t,lk hcs>«
4 4 and India nankeens
Verv best Mationi black Italian lustring
UamWnna and tl »g handkerchiefs
London drillings
Ripka’s best cotton and Rouen kerstia*^
summer wear
Checks and stripes; colored cambric.
Hemming’* 1st quality needles, imported
and warranted genuine
Gentlemen's English doeskin gloves
Clark's Sc Clispp’a best sewing cotton,ij*4
and ball*
4,4J, and 5 lb pint
Letter paper of various qualities, fnm the In
wine Factory
Foolscap and common post psper
6 4 5 4 Irish, Scotch and Russia vln-etirn
A variety of diapers; Irish linen* Ri.dh*M
German ticklcnburgh and burlaps
Cotton burlaps, very stout
Shoe thread, at-inetwine, Ac. Ac.
•Vtvlicfc |
7o the Citizens of this flute and lheP\i&\
Passengers for Balliro
Stc.irt- respectfully infor*i'
they can secure their p»*i>c
Esin more by the 9,12 or.u'u
Line of Coaches fr. »n Washington. by taking »
Alexandria at Newton’s Hotel, and lea»mg'«
8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 o’clock Hosts for Washing**
there will be CoaeSvaat the wharfto convey tka
to the Stage Office without »ny extra charge
By this arrangement passengers cannot be i
pointed Extra Coacheafurniahed for private p*
at all times
Fare to Baltimore #3.
P. S Nine o'clock «♦*re bv way of the Rnlli
may 14—dtf_ Kf<
Dr, Lee's genuine Patent JVfeuf IM
Bilious Pills.
EXTRACT of a letter, written by a very Wi
ble gentleman, residing in Baltimore, totkn
acriber, who deem* it hia duty, though urtwrhn
to lay it before the public, withholding the n
name, for particular reference, should any wf*
personally. V SAM’L H P 0
BatTiwoaa, A cam, l*1
Doct. S H. P. Lax, New London, Conn.
Dear Sir—It is now upwarda of twenty yea-n
have used your New London Bilious Fill* inai*
It, and always found them an efficient pmy*tw»»
most every description of disease I neverhast*
accustomed certainty to vary in their operatioat*'
frets, until a few months past, and having lino
b en sadly disappointed in every instance •*
them—1 began to conclude that you had nude *
fortune, anil hid abandoned their manufacturet»«
cenary and unfaithful hand*. Under this impro**
accidentally saw an advertisement of yi'ur’v n*>
York newspaper, designating spurious imiisWW*
your own manufacture, by having your writtenw
ture to each bill of directions, and that innii**
were the imitations signed with pen slid in*>
a perfect copy in every other respect
I had without tins test, I began to su*pec< tw
was not fair in medicine, as well as ■'<
called at several of our apothecaries lor your p;.».
your written signature. I procured a bov, »n .
ing them* found the same effects from theta
ways experieiic d, and am so much r joimw®*
im seif in possession cf a medicine I so hign1
that 1 cannot injustice refrain horn giving J
formation. , ..
I hope and trust, Sir. for the ben* fit <> "* , ,
that your valuable m-*l»eine will be perpf '
original quality, ana that mercenary imitation* •
frowned upon by an insulted community.
yuurinriiu. ^ ...f-. il
j J* To avoid the impotition of Counter
spurious imitations •» related above, the Pu
only to examine the oill of direction* c“'^' ^
Box, and if signed at foot, •'» my °*n * ^
lonnediately under my printed name, they
and prepared by me. hut it out the P^1 ‘ c
alfixed, they are apurious and to be iV"" e ' yi
New London, Conn., 1832.
VStS ‘‘‘'’“"'w'ilLiAM STABI.W
lTiiuse if Lot t»r »al« «
, - The aubacriber offers for *■!« *
at the intersection ofWaah.ng,0"*““
fi*|S4 ko atreeta.i n whichbe now rc..d ( ,E(.
nov I — iawtf EliWt.
B'toka and Pamphlets, ! Lotte-y j
Catalogue* of Sale, l Pin0 '
Bank Check., ! «»t g
law, Commercial & other Show
Blase.- | Horse do
Policies of Insurance, Stage
Bill ooka, • f
In all its varieties, neatly executed. on ^
dispatch, at the Phenix Gazette yi *
unit he executed every description J r..,, ,
therm RED, BLUE, GREE. »L'r
IIatiso -eceive l latel y •e*?r*1 ^^bant*’ *
arge Plain ami Ornamental Tm- ^ «r
and .ther Job Printing c»n he bandwmc
coaly ejected at tiny

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