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.p,e London Court Journal of September 16,
„ these three paragraph*:
.• Tie Biron de Mareuil ha* received letters
n Pi nice Talleyrand, in which he announces
|fJ ,inmediate return. It is not yet known whe
'n .|ie Baron will resume his post at the Court
Jthe King of Holland. ’
„ j-(K. rejM,rt is current, and it is by no means
reliable, that a treaty is now on the tapis, by
•■Kii as«n ol' Loui'Puillipe will become the
“ [^nd ut D.mna Maria, ami, with the c< usent
if the Chambers, King of Portugal ”
.. fiie Duchess d’Angouleine has declared that
• <r Mtitv motive for quitting the country, were
.„.et>( economy a'ud health.”
( nictruly Viryini".—'Hie iasi Charlottes*
, e Adkocate furnishes the names ami residence
k! AeStudent* who have matriculated at the Uui
,f,iij during the present term. They amount
no—the largest number that have attended
, -.ce the death of Mr. 'eilerson.
A! me recent election for governor, there were
> inure totes pulled than were ever before
•Hilled at any election in Pennsylvania.
/ .niihiUn hy the Governor and Council of
\l,njtund.—Richard B. Magruder, F.»q., Asso
jte Judge of the Sixth Judicial District of the
.•i'cot M inland, ami of Baltimore County and
JUilurd County Courts to fill the vacancy caus
al by the resignation of Judge Hanson.
Hrok'n Rank*.—A coi respomlont of the Na
rionai Gazette furnishes a list of broken State
in the Union. They are ninety-seven in
u>itnt)t-r, without including tliose ill Kentucky,
»imh are set down as *• all broken.” Their
aggregate capitxl is set down at about fifty mil
lirnsuf dollar*.
■[''ae residue of the estate of Madam Butia
p.irtc, mother >f Napoleon, is estimated to amount
tnrf/Vc/< million* of dollars, alter all the legacies
are paid Thu immense estate is left to tl»e cl
dcs! in the male tine of die Buonapartes, in per
petual entail. Joseph is the present heir.
Mr Rivf.s had a private audience of leave, of
the king d Fiance, on the 18th September. He
Jo cd at the Royal table a few days belute.
St Peter's Church at Home. — A Ute traveller
:n Europe thus speaks of this magnificent and
Oeautitul Temple:
‘•Of fit Peter's l can now say nothing: to
ilt-c litre it would till a vo'ume. Iris, without
duabt, the mmt! spacious, most perfect, and most
sublimely beautiful temple ever raised to (tie wor
ship of the Eternal God. .Man dwindles into
Dull mg within its walls. It comes nearer than
am thing 1 had ever imagined, to a •• house nut
made w ith hands. ”
fiilete of the Union —1 he New York Journal
•dCommerce concludes an article, discussing the
value of the Union, in those eloijueut terms:
•• V-. individuals, we have no more interest in
preserving the union ol these States, than those
v. ho are ready to -acrifice it rather than see pro
•>• ’ion withdrawn or withheld from any one
f. Ii ot domestic industry. But, nevertheless,
i f e S3 much interest at stake, that we re
i i <i 1.1 ra and cent*,, even though swelled to
v t* unworthy ot a thought, when con
l* »ur hitherto unbroken and happy
•i. vV i^i once t1 s golden chaiu shall be
tl!—lived, i| s nii is 11 oe its fate,) we shall not
» 11 h d.-grace I, in the eves of all civilized ua*
•• hut we dull leel the shock through “eve*
‘ veiu of t.ri-, side empire,” ptl-ving industry,
•km:idling prop - rv and prej<ariog toe wav for
di-iNtvr*. If »• Ire-do'iv shrieked as K >*ci
1 • "' at will b- .•*■ emotions wnen -he
• *■» l’>it < ri >n !.»!!, for woicb ICisciu-ku consi*
l"r'd i' mood a sacrifice almost too mean tu be
1 n* ndicai party ot Iviglund h;»ve lately been
Ai i the reform leaders m rive mini-try pretty
uurdy ft ta-k. for their comsp, both with re
,fi m e tu the further pr >gre-s of the represent*
,M* a,*d their delays ami inconsistencies
**reoce to ananml refouu ami retrench
I. ml Uthorp, Kul tjiey. and especial*
'* s'ifllur Bnnj'irtiu, ate daily assailed on
*-• i-vni., an.I appear to be lo«»n>; the coufi*
> i e«»t the radical party. Much resentment is
11 i .1 their pa:>.'rs at the new arran ’.einents
*■ 'otry and profit ot the Chun ellorship,
'"'"'i by the ministry. The Hilary is fixed at
<) per annum (nturly sfcenty thousand
' < Jhd the pension on retiriu^ from office,
(1. o» Sia.OOO per annum for life. The
n*S ^ " i,flo,e *‘,J ,ut ■£!-*• 500, and
- t . pension t'4 KM)—So ihat the actual
. ,, u'" ' are »• *a»-'t increased under the «reat
MH»cr. *
^ . .Y' a contrast in the condition
'd" * countries, which t'iev make t ie suffer*
'/.**'*? Ki'^J.in*! turn - radicals” to see,
. ' . r*‘‘lr'nzPension u| r»;iof their law-lords.
10 k,,e 3<donj of the Ameiicaii President.
Halt. Am.
a S»T
.n,j on tik|. £gth ultimo, after a short
>1 'ere 1 J W. IUuh, who was a
destined to the i^erior of \fnra.
MIN \Niuwed
v,„ f‘ 1'^ Cjl1 -scct*m nod»le six «»r e’ght re
’,s.V.’,H'hVltUKKS, at her Dwelling Mouse
' * .Vi, , U‘ t'*vc doors above the Farmer*’ Hank,
1 w-«« Vul Korf.x ,lrevtM
f«y r *r 7 f J as ubdr*'
,{-‘N 1 Si,ul* »"d CELLAR. It is a
iVif„r ,tN6’4*' Grocery, having been oc
-ct u^o‘*. fer several/ a ». lient low.
r ',0to 12, M , aadfrow!? to 5. I’M
The Editor of the Nantucket Enquirer relate!
the following anecdote:—
“ About thirty years ago, a very small child
was noticed lo steal regularly away from its meals
and to carry its plate of victuals with it. This
had been repeated so often that the parents de
lermintd to watch his movements. Following the
child, unperceived, they saw it go to a snug cor
ner of the yard, seat itself on the ground, and
disposing its plate before it, separate the provi
sions into two parts, and then quietly wait, as in
expectation of company. It was not long before
a large rat, to their great surprise, made his ap
pearance from a neighboring hole, and seated
himself at the side of the plate opposite the child
with all the familiarity of an old acquaintance.~
Immediatcly both set to, without ceremony, the
one with a spoon and the other with a nose, each
at his own division of food.
*• The dinner party seemed to enjoy all the gust
which intrinsic worth and agreeable participation
| could yield. When the feast was over, the rat
retired, and the child returned with apparent sa
tisfaction to the house. The only occurrence
which marred the harmony of the occasion, was
an attempt of the visiter to take a morsel from the
; portion which the other had observed for itself;
but this aggression was met on the part of the
child with a gen'le tap of the spoon over the part
used in taking suuflf, and the moderate reprimand
••keep on your own side, rat.”
! Latest Date from London - September 17
j Latest Date from Liverpool - September 20
1 Latest Da>e from Havre - September 21
Baltimore Patrioi OrricE, >
Wednesday, 1 o’clock P. M. $
'i'he Market —A typographical error occurred
I in our report yesterday of the sale of the Raisins;!
■ instead of 200 boxes bunch Muscatel, it should*
read 2oOO boxes, (at 82 95 a 3 05.)
The sale was continued, and 100 boxes Le
mons were taken at 83 50 per b<»x; 50 boxes
i Almonds at 18j c per lb—the grapes were «vith
' ilra'.i n Thu lut nf IVna nil vert iiprt l.'iit ivi>plt.
anil not sold, were again offered, but withdrawn
for better prices, i'he cargo of Porto »«ico Su
gars (per Eagle) were then put up, and 68 lihils
' sold, at prices ranging from 7 CD to 8 20, ami
■ 140 barrels at 7 15 a 7 80; the Coffee not sold,
! The supplies n«» being equal to !he demand,
a slight improve merit lias taken place in Flour,
ami about 1000 barrels of Howard street have
been taken from stores since our last at 86 121;
sales of City .Mills at 5 87.1 The market con
tinues bare of Gram of all descriptions; last
. sales of Corn at 80 a 83 as in qua:ity, and Oils
37 > cents. In Coffee there is but little doing,
the few -ales which have taken place have been
within the range ol our last quotations
About 500 hands of Mackerel were sold yes
terday ai 8-5 I S for No 2 and 3 25 for No 3: we
note sales ol Young H ysoti Tea, by private con
trtrt, at 86 a 83 enta
Sack Sait tmproved^^^^Hlow held at
82 25 bv the raryo
Cotton is looking up—tnTlate advices from
Europe, and the small ness of the receipts, have
imparted fiuniteto the market, and holders ma
nifest n * anxiety to sell, unless at an advance on
former prices.
*sniia» xews.
Ahhivbp, November 1,
Steamboat Potomac, Hubball, Norfolk; freight
and passsengers. Passed, at Smith’s Point, brig
Fox, fiom \insterdam, for Baltimore; at St
George’s Island, one schooner, bound up; ai Rag
ged Point, one herm brig and one topsail schoo
ner, bound up; below Cedar Point Light Boa*,
one ship, at anchor; at Mathias’ Point, two brigs
and two schooners, at anchor.
Brig C runs trad t. Low, cleared at Boston for
Am-terdam, via Alexandria, 27th u't.
Schr. Velocity, Ryder, cleared at Boston for
this port 27th nit
At Ne>i« rt, O' t. 27, Schr. March, Weeks,
from Boston, for Alexandria.
Nou^olk Oct. 27—Arrived, Sloop Venn9,
Satterl.ee, New London, 4 da*s, bound to Alex
duo; put in to land merchandize.
Below, Schr. Garnet, Higgins. Bilik sport. It
days, bound to Af*',ml »; and Eliza Hand,
Harding, from \ "u;: li i, b >und to New York,
In Hampton It »a>ls, B«ig Union, Allen, Tho
rn i-ton, and 40 hours from New Ymk, bound to
Alexandria; put in lor orders.
Nohfolk. CM. 28—\rrived. British Schr.
a rs • 1. I . . II Ilf V LV _I. I !
.v (Hilly OCH'lh, mviii II ima t, ii O 'Mill |Mai^*
ter, bound to Alexandria; put in in distress, with
loss of anchor and part of the best bower chain,
off’ Back River Point, this morning.
Schr. R >b**rt Gordon, from Georgetown, I). C.
bound to New York.
Tie Schooner) Uiiiftd \7a1tt an.! Henry Clay.
— We iearn from Captain Ireland, id the at hr
United States, who arrived here this morning,
that his vesssel was from Richmond, bound to
New Y’ork, laden with coal; the Henry Clav,
Nickerson, from Baltimore, bound to Boston,
laden with flour and corn: that, in standing
down for Cape H nrv, they came in contact
with the H. ('. standing up for linnpton Roads,
with the wind fre**, which injured both vessels so
much as to compel them, for the safety of toe
lives of tho»e on board, to run ashore. The U.
S. is lying on h^r broadside, and tlie I! C. cap
si/ d, both full of water; crews saved.—Her.
Shipwreck of the Schr Fmeline.— In our pa
per off vesieiday we mentioned the loss of the
above schooner. On enquire*, we find she was
owned and commanded bv Capt. \1orris Hat
field, at the Quarantine, Sbaten Island; was of
about fifty tons, and sailed at the commencement
of the gale on the 21st, bound to Egg Harbor,
fora freight of wood. Diiing that night the
wind shifted to the Eastward and blew most se
verely: the schooner being light it is probable she
capslXed on a lee shore, as she drifted on Long
Beach, n-'ir Great Eggilarbor, and all on board
perished, as four bodies were thrown on the snore.
Her commander was one of our most, skjlful
coasters; a man of ♦'X'-ellent character, and who,
by his industry, had a: quired a handsome pro
perty. Hi* has left a wifi- and several children.
His nephew, a young man by the name of Jones,
was one of the crew. The relative? of the de
ceased have despatched persons to obtain their
bodies —-Feip Vork Daily Jddv.
The Schr. Addison, lost If sea, was hove on
her beam ends Nov. 22, lat.-40, long. 704, but
righted, after losing mainmast and foretnpmast,
fall of water. Same night, Coomb*, seaman,
and the cook, a 8panish boy, perished, lashed to
the quarter rail. Next day, George, seaman,
died; and Barnes, seaman, was washed over-,
board and loat. On 29'h, lat. 59. long 65.1, the .
I Sumatra felKn with her, and wim much ditficul- j
1 ty took off tir. D. Lewis, mate, and Mr. Rice, 5
seaman. The captain, Abijah Barry, was una- !
: voidabiy left behind, being in q deranged and dy-j
| ing state, lying in the companion way. The
i survivors had nothing to subsist on but a smali j
piece of raw pork, and no water excepting what
they caught in squalls, by holding up their shirts
aud wringing them.—Boston Courier.
The Ship Trinity, which sailed from Bordeaux i
! on the 12th August for N**w Orleans, with 3G
passengers and a crew of 14 persons, was wrerk
j ed near the mouth of the Mississippi, on the 13th
ult. under the following ^gruuistam es:—The
. Trinitv was a new" 9hip, atwRwned by the cap
tain. Daring the whole of the voyage she expe
rienced good weather and favorable winds; hut
’ the current carried her as far astray as the Bay !
of St- Bernard, off the coast of A'takapas, ;
where she struck on a sand bunk, in three and a
half fathoms water. The captain, thinking to1
pass it, kept on; but in u short tune the ve*sel
j bilged ami began to till, ami all on board were
'obliged to take refuge in the tups, where they
spent one night. The next da* a raft was form
ed, on which all on board embarked, ami made
for the land. On the ralt they existed 36 hours,
living on a little dried corn and oue or two rats
On reaching the shore, they were obliged to lind
j their wav through the swamps auJ shaking prai
I ries, until they arrived at a human habitation,
! where they were hospitably received by the pi an t
SNbthing whatever was saved from the
V \wsmifi.
jxjl SACKS, in prim - ortl'-rrrUt u-ecrived ami for
' sale by UKO. JOI1 SON U Co
nov 2 jijffr. _
Vinke l\t»u * t V mt tttfc
*- . We are authorised to rent mif lyr en%
suing tear, tl e 9
3gj;| BAKE HOUSE f8
opposite the Steam Hill Term*, w nott will to re a
mumble, mnv be known bv applying to f
j Vuviu t *t sn\fc in Fairfax. Go.
j Sfi'!*. A small FARM, of ISO Acres, about
, ilS/sfveii imies fr Alexandria, in an tscc’ ent
j neiglinorliond, can he bad at a re«s n,b!e
1 p»ice, old pm ment h>: the Mime may be made
I in »be notes of the Mechanics’ bank. Apply at this
office nov 2—3t
Remaining in the Cost Office, •ilt-audrin, D. C. on the
' \ft of SOKE MB EH, 1 <32.
cry Persons calling .'or letters in the following lint,
will please say th,i auk advkktisi.ii,or they may not
1 get them.
\ John Adams John Atwell
I Mrs Ad ■ ms James Anderson
James Armstrong
I Captain John A Baxter Mm iuc'etia Bradford
James Burr It 2 H Beater -2
. Richard Barry I httr e« he ich
Captain Reuben Baxter Captain Jon II Bell U S
John Brown Auvy 2 • -
Edward Carotin John E ('larvae
James ' >„** Henry Cullis
Aon Clark Mir* hzi.beth Cartwright
'j. hi Crawly Caplwn Jue< b Curt..v
| Samuel F < 'ruse Mis* Juba runs’on
James Davis Mrs Drury
>fr,s Iverilta Dillon Daniel E Huluny
John if avis
James F.deltn Ehsha Ed Is
i F
I Miss Eleanor Ford 11 «* 1> Fitzhugh blacks'th ;
1 Joan Griffis Edward Gdhtim
1 tetcr (joodlin
r h
j Mrs Early ffnssnek Samuel /him
! . ‘|M tsallyA F Hu chins 2 John Humphries
I N H gst -n Joseph Haw
; II’m Hick ty Vhomos Hu'bert
John Hoffman Vat Lewis H'pkius
! *
‘ Dane Iff Stephen Junney Henry Jefferson—2
Jes-e Jasper Jhu Jam eson
Mrs Mary Knight Mr Kerr ( Sail Muher J
( 1'
Johanna I^anngin D nr. Lecdum
John },ullen Mrs Biddy MsGlauelin
James •/ Me Rea Frederidt My nek
Miss Catharine Me Into e
I ' N
! William Norbcek Mrs Mary Sorbeek
Ca}A oin Cjihr'iim Ferry Reuben Potter
P P Pool - i Air* ar h A Price
'yttmud P’ummer William l'ye
Jurats Per ley Geo Pftet
Si mud Peulrr John II Runneth
II tlliam Unbtnsyn —2 George liobb
Josinh tiulter Ardll bald Rye
Richard R Atork 9 Mrs Mary Ann Stevenson
James Burnewell Sullivan Reims ay re
Joh i t rat/re - •• Robert Ann s
\h sg Ann C Suter Mrs Oath-trine \ands
James W Stars -Ctoey Ailic
Mrs Ann Mann Stewart -blizabeth Atcwurt
Benjamin V ’Trott -4 Simon Turley
.'mrmm S Tuttle Bernard i hruckmorton
hr* Susannah Tracey Henry Tyler
John A Thornton—J.
'Thomas Wheeler * James G West
David Wroodberry
Alexandria, November 1, 18.V2—
Five luautawcfc Co. of
rp>IK President and D.rectorsof this Company have.
JL for the last six months, declared a dividend of
Forty five Cents on each Share heldtn this Institution,
payable to the*Stockholders, or tliur legal representa
lives, on or after the 5th instant
nov 1—d4ikeo2w _Secretary.
tfrencV linogua^tG.
henry giegan
■ I AS the honor to inform ms friends and pupils in
I 1 the District of Columbia. that he will resume the
tuition of hisnative tongue on tne commencement of
October next. 4fePl 22—eotf |
Union Canal Lottery of Pennsylvania,
Clast V'o i'2 fur 1832,
To be drawn >” '*o l delphot > i Saturday, Nov 3
1 prize of 830,000 1 prize of $3,000
1 do of 10,000 30 do of 1.000
1 do of 5,000 &c. &c. &c
Tickets $10; halve.* 5; quarters 2 5Uj eighths 1 *25
- a
Connecticut Lottery—Class No 38 for 1832,
Will be ilr«*n <• > « lav n -n -• u> v, Nov 3
EilOaSST PRIZE $10000.
Tickets r5i naive*.' 5j; qu.rtei* 1 '25
To be had in a variety m uumoersof
Dtl'ery If S< change Broker. Ale nndria.
Drawing of the Grand C msulidited Lottery. Class 24.
36 II 7 50 2f 49 2 64 56 8
Union Canal Lottery of Pennsylvania,
Class Ao '22 fur 1832,
To be drtwn in PliOaLHidua on Saturday, Nov 3 |
1 Prize of $30,000 1 Prize of 83,000 i
1 do of 10,000 30 do of 1,000
l • do of 5,000 &c. &c. &c.
Tickets $10; halves 5; quarters 2 50; eighths 1 25
To oe Imd in a variety ol numbersut
1 ol >ry Office, Koyal At eel
' Orders from th<- c<mntr* specially mtrndeU *o
Union Canal Lottery of Pennsylvania,
Class Ao 22 fur 1832,
Will he drawn at Philadelphia o Saturdav, Nov 3
66 Number lottery—10 Drawn IfallMs. 1
1 Prize ol 830.000 I l prize of 5,000
1 do of 10,000 J 30 prizes of 1,000
Tickets $10; h dves 5; q i art era 2 50; rights 1 25
On s.L' in great variety at
Lottery office, corner King and Koval sts
X w V Ui\ui\vAp u\a. v\a lamt\
* f~£L 't he pickcj sluup MILLS H, 1). Teal, mas
r, will ^Lbn Saturdav. .For freight apply on
i> • t jkf. .|nv •»,<s •«l**»rf
-till i C- i I Idi't prune quality Bacon, cured and
O" f}' f®. h / for sale hy
niiv i SWIUF.I. B I.AUMOUR & Co.
To W\\i VubUc.
I^HE undersigned give ni>tic> t<* all whom it may
concern, that their Note f.r$4o(»0, payable to John
Arn.fi, kl. «uii hy him color eil. luted 15ili October,
1812, mid putable sixty days after date, and the same
umcountid at the Mechanic - Hunk of Alexandria, we
oflered. through our Agent, to pay, and did tender to
i lie i ashler of a.«id flank tin- full amount thereof, in the
Notea of the said Hunk; hut the pavment was refused
bv lh“ fca>d Cashier, and lilt Note within Id We there
fore thus pu did) notify all persons, that we shal dc*
cliue paying the aforesaid Note, in any other paper
but (hat of she Mechanic ' H oik aforesaid
nov 1 _ II. W A Gi CAGK.
District wt t'otumbifi,
County of Alexandria, Set.
llfll.I.IAM I’ HUT IS has applied to the l lonora
I IT hie Widi.im (;ranch, Ghiel Judge >d'the l/iYited
| States Circuit Court of the District of-Oulumlna, to be
discharged from imprisonment, under the act *o» the
relit-l of insolvent debtors within the District of Colum
bia, on Saturday, the 3d of November insunt, at 9 o'
clock, A. M., at the Court House in Alexandria, w hen
and where Ins creditors are required to attend
nov 1 —3t KDM. I I.KB, C. C.
There are 430 A'"res of LaNI3, binil
^‘jS'ing on the I urnpike leading from Alexandria
‘ to Winchester.and >9 miles west of Alexan
diia. which I want t» sell It Is as good as
the gen r.dity of land in Kairfax, and has two Wagon
Stands o;, it, besides a Welland an excellent Sp mg
Mr, ('lur es Stewart, who adjoins this tract, will show i
it to those wh > wish to purchase it. M \U'D
AMie, 1st .Nov.
»>&u\ugti VvuiA.
C?)/16) BDXBS Buiidi Muscatel lUisins
I ,-V 5U b >xes Hloom do
5 ki i-asrp rior Sun do
10 h f Regs do do
£0 b x-s Lemurs
20 puls Grapes, .8 b car h
Just received per the brig Paragon, from Malaga, via I
Philadelphia, and fur sale by
\Dliue& Augur.
f* Tierces, various qualities, from the ’ ouisuna ‘■team
) Hi lining Company. Jus* received am! for sale |
oct 30 j
Win Ooffcc
r 4 i Hags prime green Hio Coffee, jusc received and |
•H ' for sale by
oct 30 S. MP.8SP.ltS WITH.
V^oXw.nD %\u Insurance Office,
1 ............. . IT. I«10
Notick is hereby go. • tM fhe StuckiwIdfH of i
this liHtituti' n, tlut a 1-. • " ’» for eleven Direct
or* will he held at this i>tfi l, between the hours of 10
A. M and 2 P. M , on >luiid iy, the 5tu day of Novem
ber next It \ Ki i Cll,Sec’y.
o 117-t5thNo«|___
Wrt, Insurance, Co nf AW.x’a.
a N Flection will be held -it the t'ffi:e of the Com
A pmy on M today, Ihe5»h pf November next, he ,
t wet it the hours of 9 md i o’clock, to elect twelve I>i- I
rectors to serve the enduing year.
The transfer books will be closed on Thursday,the ]
1st November, until after the Kleclion.
NA i'll. WATTLES, Sec’y
oct 16 -2awt5thNov _._
\7unk Vkvl\—$50 lUwattV.
Ik ANA WAY from the aubscriber, a likely, black,
S. smooth hkmned Negro I .ad, Called
about-20 years old, of a moderate active size, and has a
scar in his forehead, very rdai • to be seen, caused by a
fall from a horse He absconded about the 28th of
August last, amt has been seen in Alexandria since, on
board of a small vessel He is s very smart, active,
artful fellow, and will evade d< tection if possible.
I will give the above reward, if lakrn sixty miles
from my residence, or $20 any shorter distance, if se
cured in jail so that I get bim again, nd all reasonable
charges if brought home to me
Hutton's Hills, near Piseataway, Maryland. "
sept 28—tf_'
te- CHOCK best quality Quart Wine Bottles, re
3 ceived per schooner Fornax.
On Hand, Pint and Quart Porter Bottles, tor sale at
Fact-ry prices. H C SMITH,
oct 13 Agent N. K Glass Bottle Co.
Daily Paper $8 / uuntry Paper $5per annum. Pub
lit bed and edited by
F, 1) G A U 8MIVMIK N .
Expeditious!/ executed at the Garette njjjctj.
V'uTmtarc lirnccvies* §*c.
T/lld (Friday) MORNING, at 10$ o'clock. 1 ahali
sell without reserve, in front of my Warehouse, the
entire Mock in Trade of a Grocer, lately defeased;
consisting »f a pr-tt* general retail assortment of
Groceries, Shop Furniture, 4’C 4‘c AI«o, ail hi*
such as Muhngant tables; < hairs; Bureaux; Feather
BeJs; Bedsteads; Andiron-; btn’Vcl tk Tongs; Carpef:
Looking Glasses, five Ac
Terms at *ale.
Also, a few barrels Mackerel and Herrings.
By order: GKO WtllTK,
uoy 2 __*•_ Aucf
TyUBIy^B 8a\e.
BY virtue of * Heed of T rust from Samuel Moxley
sod Ann his wife to m* 1 will ffer for sale at
public auction, r.n the premise*, on Saturday, the 10th
day of November n*xt at 11 o’clock, A M , all that
i (formerly the property of Uauiel F Dufanjr,
K-q ) wh reupon the said Samuel now rc>
, ,sides, containing
2161 ACRES,
situate in Fairfax County, Virginia, about 7 miles dia>
taut from \iexandria and Georgetown, and lying on the
Road leading from the fi rmer towns to Fairfax Court
Hou«e; together with'he Improvements sod Appur
tenance*. consisting of a new si-1 comfortable
Frame DJVELLISU HOUSE, 2 Hams, 4<r.
This land is of good quality, and has been jnuicious
!y cultivated; is well enclosed and well watered, and
lus more than enough l.mber and other wood for iM
support. There is now a quantity of mall gtain seed
ed, wine1 will be sold with the land.
Also, at’he time place and immediately after the
above sale, will be sold, in like maiin< r, 2 Negio Men;
4 Horses, with harness; 2 (tow*; 3 Ploughs; T large
Wagon; 1 Harrow, and a variety of other Farming
Utensils- Also, the entire Household and Kitchen
Furniture-an the pr« mines, cont»ining many excellent
and useful articles for housekeepers
I Term* of sale arc, for the land, one fifth of the
I purchase money to he' p*i 1 in hand, the balance in
[ rqual payments, at 6.12. and ‘24 months with interest
[ on the whole amount, payable i*vtr_- 6 months, to be
' secured by bond*, with approved securiti: for the
personal property,all sums not exceeding $20 rust bo
„«i.l /.aal, • fur >.11 tiiini* t-xceedme $20 and not mor,
than $50, a credit of 3 months will be give;: and far
all sums exceeding $50, a credit of 6 months will be
given: in each case, the purchaser t< give a bond with
approved security, bearing interest from the day of
Possession of the property sold will be delivered
when the terms of sale shall be c implied with; but if
any purchaser shall fad to comply with the terms of
sale in three day* after sale, tlie properly sold to him
shall be liable to rc-sale at ptiblie auction, fur caili on
reasonable notice by sdverlu- ment, b\ the Trustee, at
the risk and etpense of the former purchaser
On the full payment of the purchase money, and
compliance whh all the terms and conditions of sale,
the I rustee will execute to each purchaser, at Ids or
her expense, a valid and proper convey at ce of all the
right and estate in the property -.old to such pure as
e-, which the Trustee is empowered to sell under the
aforegoing deed of trust.
oct 19—3uwts GKO. WIIITR, Auet.
i*vvbVvc SuAe.
BY virtue of cxecutic.'.s to me directed, by Adam
I.yun, Ksq a Justice of the peace for the County
of Alexandria, l shall, on Tuesday, the third day of
December next, proceed to sell, for Cash,
jtojt With a Fit A MB TBNBUR.Vr thereon, bind
Jjjjl^ing as follows; Ueginoiog on the north of Ki g
street forty-five feet, east of Washington i running
thence east wardlv 20 feel; thence north fifty feety
tlieucit west twenty feet; thence south fif'y feet to the
beginning. Taken, as the property of the Mechanics*
Hunk of Alexandria, to satisfy one execution in favor
of Walter Stuart; also one in favor of Taply Worstcr.
Sale lu t ike place at 12 o'clock
nov 1 —if Constable
Uni f. lie- sold on the 9th day of November next,
at 10 o'clock.
lxing on the east side of Fayette street; ilO feet north
or King street, JO feet front, running back U3 feet.
Property of the Mechanics' Hank of Alexandria, to sa
tiify three executions in favor of Ilontz u Harrison.
oct 31 Constable.
fc'ot or Exchange,.
A large three story BRICK HOUSE
,wh(in good repair) anda 1.0 l ot (1 tiUND,
jEnear the river, in square 503, W ashington
^—^pjjEt.ity, is offered for sate, low, on very ac
commodating terms, or would be exchanged for Alex
andria property, in town or country, on fair terms.—
Apply to CKO. JOHNSON U Co.
To YWnt,
That large Brick WAREHOUSE
at tlie head of Ramsay's H half, as r< cent
ly occupied by Messrs Cohagan & \S hit*
—— rle I nmrilHr pus-esaion
The two WAREHOUSES corner of King and
Columbus streets, now in the occupancy <>1 Messrs J
\ j. Douglas; to give possession on the 13th Novem
ber next tnd
The WAREHOUSE & WHARF formerly
called Tucker'* « hart, n»w in the occup -ncy of Messrs
A C Cazenovc x Co.; to give possession on the 4th
January, 1813. Apply to
oct 9—d3U/3awrl5lhNov__
FOR SALE, a convenient two atorv
UK' usu< on the lower end of Union
\i^IilKktree,> n,1w ,n occupancy ol Mr. John
{kf'HPj&M Mills. For Cadi or short credit a bargain
may be had, as the subscriber wishes to leave town as
soon as he can g t his business arranged
ect 20—Jaw-1 w_JtHIN E DF.MF.NT.
For lUut,
jNJ| The STORE HOUSE and WHARF at the
E^jis! foot of Prince street, at present iu the occnpan
^Tdessrs Fletcher fc llrm- 'it I hi» stand is be
licved to be the best on the Wharf for (lie Grocer) Bu
•iness To a good tenant the rent » ill be low; and
possession given 14th January next For term* apply
net 31 - If _ .
~ To Ys^t #
A two-story Brick DWELLING HOU'F,
J[ji**^»ith a Store Room afach.-d to the aame, c-i.
UnTm street. The llous*, through ut. is in icood or
der; the situation a good on lor bonnes; and to ^
good tenant the rent wdf be made low. Apply to Mr.'.
Ueap, at my house, or to the subscriber,
oct 2J-eo3t WM N. MILLB._
g[jF» The different Virginia and Ma.
.land Electors l rrkt'a ' vi e . ro-nre»l, neatly
printed, on the most reasonable terms, at this Omce

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