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I' Alexandria, <p._c.)
jM0M3IX0* DEC. 3, 1832.
F I R K !
tire broke out in Mr. Jossm B. Ladd’s j
t ^ Mill, in this town, on Saturday last, at
'■ if A 0*clock. It was extinguished by'the
i8"“e f’xrrtinns of the fire companies and the ;
general:?; not, however, before it had
‘.Urea the roof of lhe bu,,d'nS’ th* who,e of
*' • ,r «turV. and much of the machinery of
'.»upp*f MU‘. •
, A considerable quautity of brain was
’ -td or destroyed 'l he amount of the
Unstained we have uot heard estimated.—
|t'f fire originated from a spark blown from the
' 0| the Bake House opposite, into an
door in the loft of the Mill, where it caught
rJ m>i burst out through! the root. ;
ihisis the second accident of the same kind
, has happened to Mr. Ladd's Steam Mill,
nmr»e of a few years, but w»* are pleased
:,.n ihat in the present instance the property
noired. We cannot conclude this article
|>ut mentioning, in terms of praise, the hero
, luctol several of our citizens, whose in
„[ ,hry vte noticed, and by whose exertious
,,.,1 viluahle property was saved.
commences its session at the Capitol
, ia>\ We believe that a sufficient number
fiheiembeisof both Houses will be present to
n qm,ruins in the Senate a>»d House of Re
’ *r,tati*es. l» the President’s Message
nil he dvli-ered to moirovv. We shall make
.wv nerlian to obtain this document at as ear
v an hour av possible for our readers.
f ■, >L? also commences, at Richmond, the
* . i . U* I .11
„..i ,n of (lie v iroinia ijegtsiaiuir. snan,
itt :.g the session. keep our readers constantly
of all proceedings of interest entered in
•j t» ilie Oeiieial Assembly.
We !a» before our readers, to-day, the Ad*
j. «, of the South Carolina Convention to the
people of the United Slates. Said to he from
vie [fn of Mr M. 1) ilfi..*. It is an important
d*umt-nt, and will not tail to receive theatten*
*.ioa of those to whom it is add leased.
For a short time we shall have to devote a
space in our columns to the publication «>f
the Reports from the Heads of Departments,
and other public documents of interest. l’i e-e
reports and documents con no in fact, a val la- j
We history of our government, and uu^lil to be
read bv everv citizen.
1 • •
The notice for the meeting of trie Hickory ,
Club inverted in the (i'nb»> if Saturday l-> head- 1
»d with the cut of a h'akort/ brj&m—eiublemalic, j
"e presume, of the Association.
file second edition of the Netv Yoik Daily
\dvertiser of the 09th ult. has this parjgrapn: 1
P.xic.—United Sta’es Bank stock, which I >;
it 113 per cent, on Wednesday, 'ell this tlav |
about 4 jier cent. It began ai 1144 and went :
•vin f« 113 p**r cent. Between tuu and thiee !
‘inuvi’.d shares sold at ill rates, from l U)-I to 1
II4(. I'his eitraordinai v fall at this moment |
•* a subject ol no small sitet ulatioil.
Die Journal of Commerce says—U. S. Batik
vires weie pushed, at our Broker’s Hoard to- i
■l.'V. until trier run down to ftll 1, being a fail of
4 dollars. 1 his is understood to be from the
i t, pre-ty well ascertained, that the charter 1
■if _a a i. it . . i
r* • * UiiMk mil ii«ii Uf rviicwi’u mi any
'.’raw. _
h'f Ness lr<>m die Convent of the Vihit.vion
n Oeurgetown, D. C.. on Wednesday last, un
ftiie conduct of Rev. Mr. M E 'oy, took
>eir departure for Mobile. Ala Tori. i< '•Mition,
it is believed, is to establish an institution iu
-*'at P*44** in order toenlaige the opportunity for
tfdusatiun to the young females of the South. ;
I Kf'tucky — l he lust Frankfort paper furnish
r' "fficial report of the result of th» I' esi
V'otwl Electiuu in every county iu the State.—
Pic aggregate is
For the Clay ticket, 43,614
Jackson ticket, 36,-290
Vilay majority, 7,3-34
Ate htimblv irust tnat the approaching
*>f J- A'snabiy will feel itself liberated
"'the shackles of personal party, and free to
,|Ur*'' the course recommended by the ancient
* ,r.'^ and present interests of the Cominon
^"•«d bv that awful crisis which inspires
^ L**V tlai m every wise inan and true patriot.
"orV n'1 ^,‘av'*"» lhal neither Jacksonism.
d'ler ri" ”ue,,*Ma l,or **** Richieism, will be eun
ihn ,i V** T'^l'ficatiu®, but that looking
tie"^ [hr°0^thr Commonwealth, and through
}* VVfty pw*rt_v tl>0M individuals may
t-Hi 7,e<^ t**0* em*>e,,t f°r ability, must tllus
,>14lj* ur',r<u*« and who*e combined qualities
Tf> (hi*e *° ren<**r the greatest service
*M c s ) n® ai,d to inspire the great
^adencein these councils which may be
^spnag of their deliberation
*t<d » maD at ^eMt* **** 6*P0 designated,
tierin' muctl ,n's*,,lerpret the direction of ga
"ame 2 °pmion, if it does not point the
Leigh has not been to Congress,
" ** ^nnce. but his reputation towers
fm above ihe pecessity of aid from adventitious
honors. Its lustre could nut be brightened by all
the honors in the gift of Presidents or Monarchs.
His abilities have not been merely tested by a
solitary speech, the fruit of months* labor, and
patched by borrowed thoughts from every con
temporary’* brain, but have shone under all cir
cumstances and in every sphere of forensic and
legislative debate, and wherever he ha* been plac
ed, in the Legislature of Virginia, before the
highest judicial tribunals, and in the most emi
nent body of the age, the Convention of Virgj.
nia, have carried him immediately, infallibly,
and by the acknowledgement of all, to the highest
eminence. But why need we descant on abili
ties confessed bv all, and celebrated at every ex
tremity of the U. States? Why should not this
gentlemen, thus trsnscendantly endowed, un
spotted in fame as the snow on the Andes, and
the individual who, in conjunction with one or
two colleagues at most, upholds the ancient re
nown uf Virginia for talents, be selected to re
present her at this, the hour which demands the
clearest heads and the firmest heart-,? VVill any
mao have the vile stupidity to object that he is
not tor Jackson? Mr. Leigh is against the Ta
riff—against Internal Improvements—.thorough
ly State Right in his views of constitutional con
struction—willtiol this couuteibalance his doubts
of Gen Jackson’s Presidential qualifications?
Was (here lime to canvass this subject before
the People, and to fori e upon their attention the
inappreciable consequence of Virginia’s being
repicsented at this time by her most commanding
talents, and especially by men free of party en
gagements, and at liberty and determined to act
for the country, without reference to Gen. Jack
sou, Mr. Van Buren, Mr. Clay, or any other
competitor for the Presidency, there could be no
doubt of the result. Beloved in the K.»9t, res
pected in the West, admired ami valued every
where, as a citizen whose abilities have resuscita
ted the tie-lining glory of the Commonwealth,
the Penp'eol Virginia would not permit his ele
vation to be defeated by the narrow calculations
of P esideut-makers—for if defeated, such cal
culations and such only, could produce that re
sult. We have apparently assumed, that Mr.
L- i^li is prospectively Aoli-Van Buren. We
know nothing ol the matter, anil ir it oe an in
iJi-jR-nsable condition to his election that he
should favor the pretensions »f that personage,
we hope with all our heart*, t"at such is already
the bent of his inclination.— Rich. Il'liig.
/'rum the Ilia "hum Gazette.
The question is oak til, what has become of
th * Comet? Ai cording to the tabulation* in the
A me i n. an Almanac, ami we believe “f European
ast.ouomers also, it was nearest the earth on tiie
23 oil ami being above the horizon in ilie night,
should have been vi-mle then, if at all. Hat vi
sible it was not. Some persons have seeji slar»;
but no one, as we can learn, has yei seen the ge
nuine Cmnet.
Toar the Comet shouhl have been visilile on
the 23d ult because nearest the etirlh, is without
the slightest foundation in nutli, however plausi
b'e it uiav appear at first sight. Any one ac
quainted with ihe philosophy of light, will at
once di-« ern the iea»oti. It is a well establish
ed tact, that the nearer anv opaque both approx
imate- inwards a luminous one, the stronger will
it ieffect the light proceeding from the luminous
bodv; unless it be very small, (like Mercury,)
anil so near a* to b*- lost in 'he sun’s rays. H;*r
schel, Saturn, ami even Jupiter appear only like
small points in t e Heavens; vet they are im
mensely larger than the earth. Am! the reason
of their appearing thus diminutive is owing to
their great distance fiom the Sun. Place one of
these bodies in such a manner as to tevolve with
in the mbit of the earth, and it would appear as
tonishingly laiger ami luminous
The Comet,when nearest the earth, was at the
distance o) 51.035.921. miles from it,and 98.65.
424 from the bun It being a large body, the
diameter of which is upward-of 42.000 miles.t
ami its elongation, being sufficient to throw ba> k
its light upon tlie'eartli, it will conscquentalljr
appear brighter to us after i's ascending node,
and when about 85 millions miles from the butt.
It is well known. »o praciical astronomers at
least, that i star with the best defined horizon,
and pm.* atmosphere is not plainly disveiruble
on its fi’st ris ng. And as the Comet ri«es late,
il i- d ffi’ult to observe it with any accuracv lie
•ore II t.r ism me iiock at nigut. me nest
lime fur observation, is at (lie hour it passes the
1 wtlir!o*emv remarks bv adding somp calcu
lations fur the place of the Comet for thi** dav.J
It is now hi the southern part of the Constella
tion Cancer, anout one device above a star of the
4 li magnitude, marked B*-ta; them e it passes in
to the northern part of tin* Cun'tella'ion Hydra,
through Se.duns. Sic. int«» I’vgo, and has its de
scending node ubouf the 8•» degree ol the sign
Scorpio, and in the Constellation Libra, near
SSube-i el ( hamuli. Right ascension »his day, 12f)
deg 30 mm ; detlinaMon 10 deg 34 min. norih.
Rues east by nuith, 4 tleg north, (not allowing
for variation,) about 3 minutes pasi 9 P. M On
tlie meridian at 4 \ M next morning; 31 d»*g.
38 min Irotn ourZ'M'h. Distance fioin the
earth 64,256,886 miles; from the Sun, 83,972,
187 mile*. CONFUC US.
t Including it* envelope. + Friday, 23d Nov.
Fiench Dutie« on Jimeri- an Flour —It i* stat
ed m several Newspapeis. but on what authori
ty we know' not,) tiiut the French Government
has increased the duty on American Fiour to ll)f
45c per kill which amounts to a prohibition —
‘1 his new regulation, especially after we have
considerably reduced the duties on Fiench Silks,
\\ mpj. &c. is unfriendly to say the least of it;
and the successor of Mr Rives at the Court of
; • Tuilleries, whoever he may be, will doubt
I*-*** be instiucted to present a strong represents
tie >n the subject.—Petersburg Int.
W. have received from Washington a report
on weight*, and measures, prepared by Fred Rod.
Ilass'.er, under the direction of the Secretary of
the Treasury. It is a very elaborate and scien
tific treatise. One of the statements is a com
parison ul the weights and measures in actual
use at the present time in the various Custom
houses in the United States. The variations arc
such as to produce great inequality. The pro
portions of the bushel in some of the ports are as
follows: Frenchman’s Bay, 84j; Bath, 74; P*irt
land, 76; Saco, 80; Portsmouth, N. H. 78; Bos
't*u, 78; N«w Badfbrd, 78; Providence, 784;
New London, 78|» New York, 78|: Philadel
phia, 78|; Baltimore, 774; Washington, 764;
Cherry Stone. 83; Newbern, 874; Savannah, 76; i
Charleston, 78.
The extremes of difference are enual to twen
ty per cent, and in the weights used, to sixteen
per cent. The amount of duties varies accor- i
dingly, being sixteen and twenty per cent, as
the case may be, higher in one port than another.
[jV. Y. Jour, of Commerce.
On Thursday last, the Hon. Hugh L. White,
of Tennessee, to Mrs. Ann Peyton, of Wash
On Friday, by the Rev. Mr. Weems, John
Hkaih- Esq , of Richmond, Va , to Mias Ma
ria Catharine, daughter of the late Charles
Slade, Esq., of Alexandria.
Howard street Ftour.—There has been a mo
derately fair demand this week, and the sales
from stores have very nearly kept pace with the
receipts. Nearly the whole of the sales have
been made at £6 25 per bt>l; in an occasional in
stance a limited lot was sold at 6 18$. To-tlay
the store price is uniformly 6 25 per bbl with
, very light stocks on hand. The wauon price has
been steady throughout the week, at 6 124, and
the same rate prevails to-day. .
City Mills Flour.—,- Sales of standard su
perfine, to a considerable extent, were made on
Saturday last, at 86 per bb! } and at 6 124 fm
parcels free of garlic.
I Since Monday the market has been compara
tively calm: sales have been made, to a moderate
: extent, of standard superfine, at *6, in some ca
ses on time w ith interest added, in others on short
] credit without interest, anil in otlieis at g5,874t
! m*erest added. We quote standard to-day at
i *5,874 a fc6.
Susquehannah Flour.^A lot of 250 bbls su
[ peifine was sold at £6,124.
A lot of 150 bbls Fredericksburg fine wa9 sold
i ui |#ri uni.
I Ghain.—
lYhrots—Xo change of moment lias occurrd in
• the market since our ivport <d Friday last. The
1 sales ot good to prime reds have generally ran
| ged Iroin ftl. 17 to 1,20 per bushel. In several!
j nstances in the course ol the week, parcels of ex- j
; ti a prime, machined red. were taken ut ftl, 22
per bti'ihel- Two considerable parcls of this de
scription were taken at this price yesterday.— .
; There appear to have been but few parcels of
. stiictlv prime reds at market since Tuesday.
Tu d.iv the market for good reds is considered
■ a cent per bushel lower, sales of parcels which
had previouslv brought ftl 17 a 1 18 having been
m de to day at ftl 16 a 1 17 We continue to
j quote good "to really prime lots at ftl 16 a ftl 20
; —the indisposition to buy being more inaiked in
: pro|*ortion as tbe quality recedes from prime —
j \\ e continue to quote white wheats at ftl 20 a
1 25. Two parcels of extra prime machined
; were sold yesterday at ftl 27
I Com —Sales of new Corn throughout the
■ w eek, according to i's dryness, at 62 a 66 and 67
; cent-, pee bushel. In old corn we hear of noth
ing doing—it is quoted nominally at about 75
; coots per bushel. _
SAti.rn, December 1,' .
Brig Ann Maria, Rice, Rio Grande.
; |t^7» The note appended to the statement of
the Adairs of the Mechanics* Bank, at the^ re
quest of its iate Cashier, will, we are requested
to sav, be answered in to-morrow's paper.
.. ■ ■■■ 11 ■ ■ .■ 1 1,1
*Vfc\\ \Wu\aius.
rik I) .XF.S fresh Mu.citrl Uaisins, for wile.
TJ P dec 3 S WIM. 11 I.AltMOUlt fc Co, j
\AU\e VViVfcr Vumyikt YknuA
TJIP. Stockholder* «r«? hereby notified that an Klee*
11 on wi.l beheld nt the City Hotel, ill ihe lu*n of.
1 Alexandria, on Frid.iv, the 11th lay ot January, 18 >3, i
between the hours of 1J and 2, Inr a President, f>ur |
Directors, ami u Treasure!; also, foi the settlement of j
tin- accounts oi tr.r present vc*»r
,]tc 3 JuNAIl THOMPSON, Treasurer. |
0 The Winchester Republican and the Genius of ,
Liberty. *;t 1 eexburg, will insert the above nuiicconce
a week lor four week?. _ j
Xj* A f> w Tickits for sale in Pennsylvania Union '
Canal Lottery, drawing expected this morning,
Grand Consolidated Lottery,
Clays So . 9 for 18.5 J.
To be drawn in '.V* ,• ington, i*el • i M mljy, Dec 3
ICH33T PaiZ J $20 000.
Tickets r4; halves 3; quarters 1 00
Naw York Consolidated Lottery,
Class So 44 fur 1832,
T(, hcdrxwn in w Y.'rk on tVcdnesdav, Nov 5
S7LX2 Dili CAPITAL PRIZE $20 000
t.ca-*ise5j halt vs '2 50; quarters 1 25.
To oe had in a variety oi nunu-trsat
/ oti^ry Office, Royal Street.
XT Ord'Tt from the country specially attended to
Drawing of the New York Consolidated Lottery, No.
4 > for 181;’:
11 53 46 14 GO 6 34 5 37 Gl
Grand Consolidated Lottery,
I Class So 39 for 1832,
To be drawn at Wilmington, Del. on Monday, Dec 3
1 prize of g-20,000 J 1 prize ot 84,000
1 do of 5,000 ( Sic Sic Sic
Tickets $4; halves 2 00; quarters 1 00.
On asle in great variety at
Lottery office, corner King and Royal sta *
^draws this day
Grand Consolidated Lottery,
Clou So 9 far 1832,
Will be drawn at Wilmington, [Del.] on Monday
Deceir.K r 3
Tickets ♦} halve* i jQi quarters i u0.
To be bad in a variety of numneraot
Lot ‘TV I? £ change Broker, JHe-••nJria
Drawing of the New York Consolidated Lottery, Class
No 43, for 1832.
i 11 53 46 14 60 MM 07 Gl
Taken at the Alexandria Museum, Nov. 1832.
By T. Mountpord.
r « j a Appearance op toe Wea
!,* S ? li- THEE,At.
sbs ;£ *___
1 42 56 68 w Indian turn; fog, smk’y,hazy
2 54 65 66 palm Ditto
3 45 60 61 do Ditto
4 58 66 67 sw Ditto, slight rain
5 63 66 66 calm Smoky, cloudy, humid
6 60 65 62 do Cloudy
7 4 50 48; nw Ditto
8 42 44 46, do Rain, cloudy
9 58 44 47; io Clear; [sunrise 34°3
I0j?8 34 55‘ % Clear; heavy wh froat I nt
llU 58 56a to n Smoky, clear, pleasant
12t4o ’3 56 calm Citto; white frost laa: night
13*41 36 59 a Fog, clear, hazy
14 4 44 47 nw Clear, bracing atmoephere
I5j35 38 39 do Cl; earth froz 2d t far. 30°}
16|27 40 45 do Cl: do 3d i [s. r. 26°J
17:39 45'49 n Cloudy, very humid, rain
18 48 52 54 calm "o dense fog, mist
19 53 57 60 s Mi*t, dense fog, fair
20 54 40 44 nw Clear; very high wind I nt
21 32.42 43 do Alternat cloudy, hazy, fair
22 '9 42 43 ne Cloudy, humid, rain
23 39j48 17 aw Fog, cloudy, hazy
24 38;46 45 s Fair, rain, snow-flirt, 1st
25 29 39 43 sw Clear; cold wind
26 4(>52 56| s Alt clear, hazy, cloudy, fair
27|54 56 55 n toNW Cloudy, fair, windy
28-i() 53 55 s to he Cl**ar; lightning 3 hours I nt
29 »9 54 59 sw Smoky, clear, hazy
SO 48j60 60 do Do fair, overcast
Comparative Statement:
v Average ot this month - - 47“
Range of the Thermometer - 40
Wannest day - - 67
Coldest day, - - - 27
During the month 8 clear days.
November, 1831:
Average ----- 42“
R .-ino-p of thp 'rhprtnnmpfpr . 44
Warmest day - - • 64
Coldest day 20
During the month, 13 clear days.
Note.—Tne weathpr throughout this month,
for it, mildness, has resembled that of Novem
ber 1830. Whereas, it will be recollected, that
the greater part ol the weather of November,
1831, was rematkably cold for the season; for
winter set in in good earnest, that month, and
continued w ith an unusual degree of severity un
til spring. The river, in that month, became
innavigable with safety, by obstruction of ice,
on the 21»f. and was entirely closed on the 4lli
of Cecember following. In fact, November,
1832, has been remarkable for the long continu
ation of Indian summer, and, to the last day of
the month, there has not been a particle of ice in
the river.
What a contrast is here:—on the last day of
November, last year, the Thermometer ranged
from 20° to 37°, ami on the last day of the same
month, this year, it ranged from 48° to 64°; mak
ing a difference of twenty-seven degrees between
the same days of the month, in each year.
Since the termination of the Asiatic Cholera
here, this place has been blessed with that de
gree of health for which - it is so remarkable —
This disease, so fatal in its consequences where
it meets a congenial atmosphere, ha9 been terri
ble in the extreme, in the more southerly parts
of the continent; and it happily appears, accord
ing to accounts received, to be still moving fur
ther from us.
I'he Comet, so long expected, has not yet
made its appearance in our latitude.
Museum. Nov. 30, 1832.
Fot Amsterdam,
The superior coppered ship MARYLAND,
William v| .rrdl mister, has the principal part
• ), cargo ready to go on board, and will take one
hundred and fihy lihda. and small stowage on freight
Apply to MK.NUY DAlNliEKFIEl.l).
diet _____
LAMliNG this day from oil board brig John t.aird,
from St, Domingo,
150 scruims 5't Domingo Tobacco
70 do do do
5 hhds Molasses
2 do lltniey
1 ho* Turtle -Shell. For side by
dee 1—6:_W, H. M1LLEK,
Coffee, \Wya\u3, &C,
5BM.KS Manilla Coffee
15 bags St. Domingo Coffee
10 do ve y superior White do
30 do prime Green Coffee
50 boxes. Bunch haitins
25 do Muscatel do
6 kegs Salt Pctre
4 bbls Judd's Sperm Oil
10 bbla Country Gin
5 l>bk Peppermint Cordial
8 hhds piimeSt Croix mid Porto Rico Sugan
Jiiat received and for tale by
nov 30 _Cl. AG KIT k PACK.
Ofi § Candida.
i BBLS. Winter strained Sperm Oil
111 34 do Fall do
100 boxes Sperm Candht
Just received from New Bedford, and foraale by
unv 30 __S. M. £ S H. J .NNEY.
WJIUSTI AN and I.INSEY, manufactured at Dumfries
1* Va ; for sale by
nov 30_B S. H JAKNET,
- ttrtiwdy
4QR. Pipes superior Cognac Brandy, just receivet
and for axle by
nov 30 SAM'L H. JANNKY
Jamaica Hum.
5 PUNCHEONS Jamaica Hum, in store, for tale b)
nov 30_J h W II 1HVVIN
H ‘iaiaa, Grumes, ^c.
j on BOXES Bunch Raitins
ILH * 20 jars of Grapes
140 boxes Soap and Candles
2*! q: casks Sweet Malaga Wine
20 do Dry Malaga do
10 hhds of New Fngland Rum
6 bales first 'ort Hops
Received per schooner Hamel, and for sale by
nov 27A. C CaEKNoVB ’i Oo
Via© Teas."""
TIN*Catty B 'xe* Gunpowder? TEA*, of the
r&l 38 do Imperial 3 first quality,
Entitled t«» Debenture.
•Just received and f'.Tsale by
H3T Saving* Fund Institution open
thia iU), uuaet tbe direction ul a Comomtte ul • be
B jard of Managers, at tbe Marine Insurance Office, at
i 3 o'clock, P. M- [c Mon if
WILL be sold, oo Monday, >d.December, at 19
o'clock, at my Auction Siore—
4 pipes Holland Gin
I do llrandy
9 qr easka Marseille! Madeira Wine
9 uo do White do
6b bones Madeira Wine, 2 dozen each
12 chests Young Hy*on l ea
4 do Imperial do
3 do Gunpowder do
1 pair Scales, &c. ac.
30 WM. D NUTT.
Maliogau^ at Auction.
NOW landing fiom on board brig John Laird, at
Hooe'a wharf, and will be sold at auction on Wed*
oetda', the 12th day of December neat,
467 Log* South-aide St Domingo Mahogany
21 do Korto aide do do
This cargo is represented to be of superior quality,
two-third* of it Cannon Wood, among which ia a good
port on of fable ood.
l erme liberal and will be made known at tale,
dec 1 W. D. NUTT, Auet
The National Intelligencer, and Baltimore Amen
cau will please insert the above daily till sale, and for
1 ward tbeir accounts to thia office
Trust ditlc,
ON Monday Afternoon, 3d instant, at 3 o’clock, wil]
be sold at my " arcbouae, to close a deed of
tniHi. mi-dry unieleaof
among winch are aeieial Feather Beds of good q-ia
lily Also, a lot of Hardaarit I case weavers sl<*ighi|
1 pair elegant gilt mantel glasses; several pier do. do.
VI itli many other aiti- lea.
By order: GEO WHITE
jit Private Sule.—First quality Percussion
\>UM9 I glass 1/IIBllUUHCr
dec 1
Frfcft\\ ttetf.
SKA1.F1> Proposal* for supplying the Troops at
Fort Washington, Md., with FHESH BrEF,
I tor twelve months commencing on th; 1st January,
! :831. end ending on the 3!st of December following,
| wilt be received t>v the subscriber until the *Oth
of December, 1832, at 5 o'clock, P M., when they
• will be opened 1 he Beef to be of a good and whole*
j some quality, in quartet • with an * q 'al portion of each.
(Neck and shanks to be excluded.) The days of ia
' sue, and the probable quantity of beef required, and
! the terms ai.d conditions of the contract can be aS
| regained on application to the subsenoer, at Fort
Washington, Md.
dec 1 - 2w Lt k A. A c. 8.
Vf ItftllgURgQ.
UflLL teach the ludnnents of the French Laa
guige, 3 nights in the week, at per quarter.
Hours of teaching, from 7 tiit 9 o'clock. Nights of
tuition, Tuetdy, Thursday und Friday. Apply at the
, shop, on King street dec I —St
Office of the Alexandria Canal Company, >
Novkmbem 29. J
IS htreby given to the stockholders in this Com
pany, that an instkimei.t of four dollars per sham
; is nqmred to be paid on or before (he 1st day ot Ja
nuaiy, und a farther instalment uf four dollars per
share to he paid on or before the 1st day of February
next. Uy trdcr of the Board,
Clerk A C. Co.
dec 1—»13t, Jec 30, 31 y Jan 1, 30, 3I< feb 1
Union Tavern.
THE subscriber respectfully informs his friends and
the public generally, that he has removed from
Union street to Fairfax street, between King and Ck
incron streets, and near the Market, where Ladies and
1 Gentlemen can be accommodated in a genteel manner,
| a-his Establishment is well lilted up, and furnished
sulTv ientiy to render comfort to those who may pleam
to patronised him.
lie has excellent STARLING for twenty or thirty
Horse-, for which Ids charges will be moderate.
Gentlemen can be furnisntd with «>YS*KR SUP
PERS in private rooms or otherw ise, as lie has his Ojra
ter Establishment in complete order.
He can also accommodate ten or twelve BOARD
Kits, by the week, month, ur year, at reasonable pri
His II AH is furnished with the best Wines and Li
quors the place will afford.
Being thankful for past favors, he hopes, by strict
attention and moderate charges, to share a part of pub
lic patronage. J VMES MORRIS.
Viiip 90 — 1 m
To Went,
MTlie TAVKUN HOUSE and LOT now occ«.
pied by W. P. Itichardson, at Fairfax Court
| Huu» , for one or more year* To a good tenant, the
rent will be made low. Possession I t Jan. 1833. For
term* apply to kOBP. UAl'CI IFPE, F.xecutor
dec l—2w Richard UatcliHV.drc’d.
Hiberiiion sotletj.
f|Y||R Members of this Society will take notiee, that
i on next Monday Evening, at 7$ o'clock, a Quar
tet ly Meeting will be held, in the Uoom over the Hy*
draulions, on the Market Square
nov 30—3t Secretary,
lWita ani A\\oca.
8 1). EDSON, King Street, (a few doors below
• White's Auction Store) has received, per sebr.
tUniet, and other lato arrival >, a further supply of
which, with Ilia former stock, enables him to offer a
very extensive assortment in his line, which will be
sold by the case, dozen, or single pair, at a very small
advance for ca«h. •
Also, a few cases Men’s and Bo.'a’ Black and Wh te
WOOL HATS, very fine _nov ~8
OVYve OU a Yiuue*.
ga w chests «f Florence Oil, of very superior quahty
ft 75 packages of Prunes F- r -ale by
„ov 28_ A. C. CngSNOVE k Co.
V or Yrfc\p\\t or IhwteT,
1 he achooner HOPE, Capt Bratley, now
Ui^iinloadiiig in Baltimore, and can come r* unddo
She i» a new vessel, carries about 900 barrels,
and would prefer* voyage to the West Indies Apply «o
the Captain in BHtin.ore, at Vr. Andrew Hall’s, or to
„,.v h GKO .to:ivsn\ ts' Cu
Aintricau ttrun&y
4 n HALF pipe* American Brandy, of superior qua
ill lity, just received fur sale bv
nov 27 BIlW’l) DAlNGEHFI*-l.l>
a/\ TIRRCKS Veion refined L'uiviana Sug-* , jut*.
11 I received and liar sate t>>
nnv r *» MEOfBRaMlTIf

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