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V S one of-h- n ■,» rfi ' -con. compound, .n the Ma
1 »eria 4-d,ca Or he cure «f
d:se ases pr<Kl.»red Sv «n impure state ^
a vitiate thaoit of So «v. .0.1 ^"•'’T^’tnr.C sT
*elves in the fo«p« »f sevofida.^ the bone* are
Anther’s fir-. r^.er we^ (even wh Df *
tiVnTob^ oHSl:^leg, and ryes.
9~Ul hea l in chihlr-n. sc-irvy and scorbutic gou., pun
ole I .rcrSuncU-: faces, festering eruption.and venc
LIi taints throughout the bodv. in which last rase the
l£p!XnSSfwhen mercury fails. They are also
""best spring and su u nnal phvs.c, t? punfv and
cleinse the system from humours which frequently jp
pear at these seasons of the year. They also aid the
process of digestion, and. hy purifying the blood. prc
vrnt the secretion of malignant humours on the lungs.
The oropnetor confidently relies upon'he vast num
ber of cures efTectc l bv these Drop;, not only in Bos
ton and its vicinity, but throughout the Union,* >or * '
best proof of their excellence as sn nnfiihng altera -
tive medicine, in sll the ciscs above specified- • h.s
article has recently been pronounced, bv a physician
of the fi*si respectability, who had witnessed n« sur
prising ■ m-tscy. o» entiled, in his np>n«m to take t >e
it’d of nit the popular articles known for the above corn
plaints, and m l, ed it is fa-t gsini"g this point m pub
he estimation, throughout the country.
Price H a 3ollU%ur Six Unities for to.
OF Ion™ atinrlin™, and of the most obstinate
character, has been immediately rcliered, and often
permanently cured, in a vari-.y of cases that have oc
uurretl in Bo-ton an 1 vicinity, bv using fora short ti ne
both of which are to be taken together, according to
Valuable, plain, and practical directions, accompany
in£ the Specific. Trice 50 cents each.
• • Ytug art genuine Its* signal ori tfif. oursiac
printedwr toper, by the trie Cr prtelor P hMDhR,
tin-net! tie successor to the late l)r l V. P Conway f or
sale at tusCounting Hoorn, over No 99. Court street,
near Concert Hall, [Boston! and alsohv hissp-cial ap
pointment by WM. STABLE.?.
' apr 5 Fairfax Street Alexandria
j vj most prevalent and fatal of all the I) seises in
Cl cidetit to civdixc l society—the Consumption —
-phv g. nerjllv betrsce l *•* the least alarming of lisor
, ’ /» slight hiU n» * ’er'cd Cold By e-ti nation it ap
•»e»rs»hv onenuif'n » *y y ...... .... r..-.
nnvtallif of the Consumption Most of tVv dr ad
til results .nav be attributed to common (htds.end a
neirl'urent treatment of tin; liar rawing Cough baf ge
ncrully ensues winch is usually follow ! «v iijfi:u»t
breathing. pain in the side, and at last ulcerated lungs.
Violent an 1 repeated asthmatic attacks a.so bring on
Consumptive si mptoms. One or two dollars spend
ed in Hie purch ise of
DR. RELFK’9 asthmatic pills,
and a little attention to th- ir timely admins (ration,
v'ill -snallv ensure a mitigation >f these disorders, and
-ally eff ct a cure. The Pills are also an easv
and effectual remedy for the *>/rnp'o»s prseedi ng and
uwnpnnying the Jsthma and Comuinotion.- f r t-.JJs
roughs. D ft-slty of Breathin' T,ghlness and Vncj
ure acmes Ike 'best, Wheezing. Pam m the 'ide Spd
tin,> of Blrxl iSTe K-w ca.es cm occur.;* *oy ol -.ins
Class of disorders in wh cl. the purchasers ot lir Reite’s
I*dls will not find a rich return for their tnfl’ .g
n-iditure. Prce-Whole Holes, 30 Pills, l Dolor;
Half ditto, 12 Pills, 50 Cents
G3* To THE IsADfEs!
,r» ii I’K and SO CM) TEETH are both an atm
' ment and a blessing. I he best s curity for
their advantages is to be found in the use of the .
Thu verv elegsut To K'• P » V ~r w.th a very I tile
use eridicates the K-urvy in the Own,, and prevents
th * accumulation of Tart tr. which not only blackens
butlwoseosiheieethi.n l seceientes their tlecsv -
The O ntrifi e thus removes the prenolmg causes of
Offensive Rrei'h presrrv-'.s the ken thmen un i jfo'id
uea of the <i.t’ns, and renders the Ticth beaut tfu’ly
white Price 50 cents,
DUlttVIiil vliavW.
y-jj IE cxcruciattng p.-.in-the decrepitude and de
Jh formitv, an l the prem* ure old age, which aie
th • usual attend .uts <»f tms disorder ..re suffered by
mfrom despair of s cure, or disappointment inthe
e'fitsov of the >* imcroas prete ded autid »tesiis - l to
e;F- -t 'us uurpose. H i. those who have made a fair
evoi in esses »f long standing, an l of trie m »*i severe
chi seter, isver-c- ved certain relief, snd nmyhsve
b ;en cured in a few days, some in 24iioiir»! as a num
u ;r .f o ..-suns in !t is'on ami vicinity, woo were for
m -rtv utH ate 1 with th • Rheum .tism, have very fullv
te.tifioi. O •«'Urates »re in .»»ssos-ion me rr.ijiri
etor, provi igtli • n ».t th >ro igh and surprising cures
I, n ■ ios ot 11 s p > v ;rt'ul L nnnent, in cases wh*re
h ;f i o:- ive l upiisati ns In l utterly failed t’he
I. i n • it is a;4 * is • l m h 4 t:csssf»r l-ii*es,Spraiu9,
1 it in si. s -1 o *4v offhe Joints, Ghilblauis, 'ac•
. Price, 50 cts. a bottle
{wa, t 4 are nr iurt i nsd hives gives inn-tun fur
d , , i relief. *)n -scent sore eyes tne effect is most
salutary. Where the c ».*.,»!amt has +tsen of vears
st an l -i ', in l m 4 • nc exceeding bid evses, the in >st
u icx »:cte l an l !-• .ra >;» relief has been found in tne
iiv • it tm4 .-.rs Vara t vfter ovary other remed. had
t'iile l- v| v «y persons wh > liave used it. pronounce it
ftu test preparation for those coinp aints tliev have
e.er met with, especially in Cases of sirenvss or in
inflia nation of long standing- Price 25 eta a bottle.
•.•Moneare genuine u » ess signed on the outsi le
printed wrapper, by the sole proprietor, I'. KIUDBU,
It* oediate successor to the late Ur W T Co.swir —
Y »r ia!e at ns tlou iting 'tootn, over So 99, Court st,
near Concert Jail, Boston, an l also ay ins sped il ap
pointment, by W\|. S l'\BI.KK
apr 7 Fairfax Street, Alexandria.
njlTWEVBR inveterate, in one hour's application,
Uvi arpi no danger front takingco d oy using
This prepsration, for pie isaotnesa. safety, expedi
tion ease and c-*rta nty. *tand* unrivalled for the cure
of this troublesome complaint- It is so rapid, as well
as certain in its >pcrv ion, a* to cure tins lisagreeaole
disorder moat effect uaily in onehour's application only!
It ioi« n >t contain the least particle of mercury, or
other langer »us i igrcdient and may be applied with
pe-t'ect safety oy pregnant femaL-a or to children at
the oreaat. Pnce 17$ cents, with ample directions.
jrp’IR proprietor beg- leave i > recommend (which
il hi 1 a.»s witx the fullest confidence) one of the
most valuaole remedies known tor this troublesome and
I painful mmpkint. Without going into detail, he
deems it enough to sav.that he hat in his possession the
most undoubted testimonial" that it has moreeomptcie y
answered thepurpnsrsfor which it wasintended, than any
ether popular Medicine .
This aunedy i* perfectly innocent in its apphc
to all coalitions, ages, and sexea Full directions, oe
seription of the complaint, Sic. accompanying cac
packet, which consists of two boxes, <?n
Electuary. Price, #1 for th* "hole or 50 cents if but
one of *he articles is \MWteJ ^ ^
*,• None are genuine unless signed on the
wrapper by the sole proprietor, T KfUDER.
successor to the late Or 'V T Conway. K»r sale a<t hs
Counting Room, over Vo. 99, Court street, near Con
cer> 11.11, BilMon, .nd .1,0 * £ ^^LER. '
'apr9 fair fax Street, Alexandria
IT fords .nstant relief, and at the same time dissolves,
and drawst c Corn out by the roots, without the least ,
^CRaTmc-.'i —" To those afflicted with Corns on
their feet I do certify, that I have used the Albun < om
Plaster with complete success Before I had '<s-<1 one
box, it completely cu-cd a Corn which hid troubled me
frr many years I make this public for the benefit of
lliose afflicted with that painful complaint. j
. Flushing. I. 1 F-b 28 Wsf.Siiaw.”
■ Price 50 Cents tt Bax
/yji|FY purify the blood, q ucken its circulation, as
sist the suspended operations of nature, and itc a
general remedy for the prevailing complaints among
the feini’e part of society. They Pdls are particular!'
efficacious in the G'een Sickness, Palpitation of Ihe
Heart. Guilt'ness. Short Rreal blinking of the Spirits. ,
Itejcctiun and Disinclination to Exercize and Society.
Married ladies will find the Pilt« equally us^tui, except
in cases of pregnancy, when they must not he taken;
neither must they be taken bj persons of hectic or
consumptive habits. Price ft 50 a box
1CT* The celebrated CAMBRIAN TOOTH
ACHE PILLS, which give immediate relief,
without the least injury tojhe teeth. On trial this will
be found one of the best remedies known for tins com
plaint Price 50 cents a box.
\iine genuine unless sigm-u on ««»«-»»«=
-rinte i wrapper, hv the. sole Proprietor, 71 KIDDER,
immediate successor to the la t Dr W P Conway For
sale s' his Counting Boom, over No. 99, -omri street,
near Concert Hall, Boston, and u his «peci*l appoint
ment, by WM. S I ABLER,
Fairfax Street Alexandria
Valent S\w\tie Ointment,
WILLIAM STABLER, Agent, Alexandria
rlHIK above Ointment is recommended to the public
S. as a sate and Certain remedy for those obstinate
disease?, some of which have so long batHei the skil.
of medical science:
1st White swellings of every description?
2d Sore less and ulcer's of long standing,
3d dclnrrus or glandular turn >rs, particularly those
hardened tumors m w >m ids breasts, which oftentimes
terminate in ulcerated cancers;
4th Felons; or what some people know by the name
of catarrhs, of every description.
Sill Bheum.itic pains ot'tlie joints;
6th Spriins and hnnses of every description, or in
whatever psrt >ituate;
7th Fetters of all kin Is. In this complaint the pa
tient. in applying liie oin*ment, must keep the par'
out of water;
3d» Chilblains or parts affected by frost.
The following communication a (dressed to the pro
prietor of Judkins' (liniment, from the lion- John Ta
iiaferro. Member of Congress, is highly interesting. -
Til** gratuitous manner in which it is made, exhibits
feelingsof no ordinary character towards suffering hu
nunit>; and is certainly well deserving of public at
Washihotor, Jannaty 27, 1829
Sia—It has been my wish, fora considerable time,
to communicate to you the good effect with which I
have u.icd the Oin'ment invented by a Mr. Judkins
and which I n -w understand is nade and sold by
agents appointed bv yourself. I h ive applied tlii-.
Ointment during the lust three years to ev«*ry -pecies
of turn >r and wmtn i, without failure 'o produce a ere
in every insta.ice ' '•..■insider >t the mos* derided amt
efficient rem.dt :.i <•! »•.•» <t ".nor. be the causi
wli.itit mt); aid 1 in.vi found n ■ I- -g so good tot
woonls of my \v< 'Ini'c/! It ■» ae proper to
add, that f a* cure of , . i n r >• white swelling
given over t>\ <ii-* most h- *i idiy -icisus as in
curable. atid which! I, 1 i J, without ampo
tstion, prove i»!a*u: •• i. , .«. under my imme
diale notice, elf- C'eii >y i. >1 Judkins’ Ointment,
and the patient i* *> fi -ii Ilia 'ioib. «lToct-d by
the tumor being r stor< oh p ct-.tate ->f •ounil*
ties*. Is» that tht-Irg • an ug. I m in which had been
vv mud*, d, ail exhoit.rd i i l vidf i Iv u'c r»»-d stir
face iron he Xuee to the Joe, *.,.i wiiich, lor more
thiOtw ve.i'H. !i.,d oeen considered iscurin wascf
fectuallv <yir. d oy the application of Jo’Hina* Oail
in “nt I in ntiou th-setwoca;es, which F- <I under m\
immediate no ice and managem -nt, as » .lecided evi
deuce of the efficacy otUn* reine ly in Cas..» of tumor
and ofuicersi I uve rxpr lenccd, as d cidedly, lie
good /tTect oftbis remedy in the cure of Felons, and
of every sp.-cies of fresh wound. 11 seems to me that
any om who wll obs rve ontbe operation of ibis oint
ment, m ist oe satisfied as to its beneficial effect I can
with 'fie utmost confidence recom neiul the use oft hi*
valuable remedy.
lam. dr, very respectfully,
To Mr OHsats* Hkiistows. Proprietor )
of Judkins* Ointment, nearFceJe. >
ricktown, Md- j
3C7* Having been for several years in posses
sion of a concern m Mr-Natua:* -Htr/iiiiob patent,
for making and vending his Ointment, known b\ the
nstn of* irr V Judkins' Patent 'Specific Ointment,*—
and sod Nathan Shepherd having obtained ant w pat
ent thereon, and 1 having likewise renewed with
N. Shepherd the sa ne interest 1 held before, it is
dewme.d necessary that public*notice be given of the
i um>tance. Having devoted much time and care
dunngthe above period, in preparing and making tliia
Ointment, and been instrumental in giving it the gene
rai character it has sustained, with whatever improve
ment. n all this time; it has received. 1 present it to
public attention As hsretotore. the genuineness of
the Ointment may be k-iown by the label around the
ointoi' nt pot, thus:
“ 'fade and sold wholesale and retail, near Frederick,
Md by C Herstons, eoneernedin the patent right ”
April 15. C<l\Ut.KS .IKUmonS
june 8_Ornggiit. Fairfax Street
Job Printing
bteoUy and expeditiously ececuted at this UJfio
H^gelaw UnvvfcT8ft\ VegeVabAe
^■lllKItR ia no complaint to which the human frame
ll is subject, but ia designed to teach man wisdom;
that ia, to assure him that no Disease cornea upon him
by chance. The Asiatic Cholera, or any disease, b>
whatsoever name it may be known, either in its on
gin, progress, duration, or termination, is sent by the
appmntment of one Supreme First Cause, who is won
derful in counsel and excellent in working, and whose
tighteousness, mercy, goodness, and truth, wYll not
permit him to do an act of in just ice to any of ms crea
tures; liis kindness and his tender mercies are to be
Seen over all bis works. If we are sick, his goodness
has provide d a multiplicity of medicinal herbs plants,
and gums, to preserve health snd to afford relief to the
afflicted, and also to effect cures in all cases of disease,
if curable, without the aid of poisonous mercurial, mi
neral, or chemical substances, dug from the bowels of
the earth, to which the body is approaching with ra
pid strides I!,giit reason w ill condemn the use of de
leterious drugs or medicines, becau-j thev promote
the dissolution of the body, which is in part composed
of flesh and blond. Shall we, then, persevere in the
use of cr'omel, fcc., and hence commit »n act of sui*
cide upon ourselves, and so make the cure worse than
the disease ? Surclv not.
Bv fhe use of MORRISON'S Salutary Ve
getable Universal Medicines, prepared at the
ilritisli College of Health, I. ndon, which have obtain
ed the approbation and re omnu-ndation of some
thousands of cures, in all diseases under all their varied
forms and names, ns the Ilygeian conviction is, that
n «n is suhji ct to one only real Disease, that is, T'l
appears evident, when we consider that HI.HOD is the
I.IFK of every living creature, and that, as disease is
generated by an impure slate of this vital principle,
so, in like manner, when the cause that produced it is
removed, health, strength, an I all its concomitant
blessings, must he Hit* result. To effect this most de
sirable end, there Medicines (under the blessing of
Heaven \ bav been found fully equal to the tnsk, botli
in Kngland and America.
Fxtract of a letti r received by the subscriber from
a gentleman in htigltuid:
• I believe the Medicine has not only restored me,
by the Divine blessing, from severe illness, to health
am' activity, but mv wife also from an alarming bilious
attack, which continued many months, in which time
she brought off*quarts of bile, and whose recovery was
not expected by tho-ewho knew her,and had seen bet
during her illness Yet, through the blessing of God
upon tfie means, without the use of any other medi
cine, Morrison’s Fills were rendered effectual to he!
recovery, and she is now gaining flesh daily, to the
surprise of those who had seen her at the worst. In
n/tliiL-iiin nniiit fhia anUi.»rt I ran cm. if ttl£
Itoyal College of Physicians were to offer me their aid,
in all cas-a of disca e. freely, with Morrison’s Pills in
mv possession, I would thankfully decline their aid,
and trust to my own resources.”
The 'uigiual muv he *een at mv house
W.M POMEROY, Alexandria.
Sole Agent fur Hie District of Columbia and its vicinity
Hy hunt/.e Pills art sold in packets«»t one, two,
and three dollars each, and the Powders at 37j cent:
per box, with printed directions; and also by the fot
l«>wing^uh-Agents: R. W. Polkinhorn, between 9tl
and 10th streets, Pennsylvania Avenue; John Slillins,
Navy Y >rd, Washington; and Dicmas C. Wright,
Georgetown; of whom alone can the Medicines bt
warranted genuine By appointment of Ur. M S
stoat, H. P. M., M B C. H , Brooklyn, New York,’he
sole importer of these Medicines
Morrisouia, or the Family Adviser, price $2 75; Prac
tic-tl Proof*, eilustrated bt numerous cases of cure.se
condand third ed 'ions, price 25 and ;37i cents; to bt
hud as above.
Alexandria, August 18,1832—6m _
Win a »vm\ EirtbenvaTe.
g IDs latetv received, per ships Virginia
& and Shenandoah,
(*ne Hundred and Eighty-Two Crate/
and Hoststmids
ifeS^sT compiling hia F sl.l. SUPPLY, and offer
Pj fur sale, wholesale and retail, on the
most moderate terms.
Blue, blsck purple and pink printed limner Set!
India Ch ina Dinner Seta
Handsome Gilt China l’ea Sets, of the beat quali
tv and patterns
Plated Castor> of best quality, silver mounted
French Gilt Te. China, NC imported from Paris,
via v.ew Y rk, large sssortmei-t
Rich Cut GI »ss II ri, Celeries, Tumb'era, Wines,
sc , latest andl best p-tterna
Moulded and Plain GLASSWARE, comprising
?vert article in 'hat way
Window G as* of every size
Pipes in boxes _
Blaek quart and p'mt Bottles, Wine and Porter
l h rmonietera, a great variety
5 Gallon ' lemi johna__
\iP\\ HuviV.fc,
Chair Manufacturer and Ornamental
THANKFUL for the patronage he has already re
ft ceived from his friends and the public, respect
!u!lv informs them ilia1 he will continu. to make, and
keep constantly for sale, at fair prices, hi ms »nui>b
.orv, soulli wet corner of King and Columbus streets,
opposite J .1 Douglas’ Store,
v A general assortment oi lire
cian, Fancy and Windsor
The public are r<* p ctfully invited
I- i call and * xrmiuc his present assort
o^nt. Me feel* assured that they ay ill
„ _ ,o fr»un 1 not to be inferior, either in the
luraMht* of their m at rials or Mm neatness of their ex
>cu»ioo.io those •>< any othei tm.mifac urer in the Uis*
iriet He v i’l <-x rote
Sign and Ornamental Painting and Gilding,
ui nil liieu various branches, on tlie most accouunotiat
mg terms . . r
01,1) oil AM5: will be taken in part pa-ment lor
new ones, or u ill be repaired or re painted at the
shortest notice.
Chairs purchased at thi« manufactory will be sent,
free of expense, to any part of the District
nov 10— tf _ ____
,V*. We e
lathe Citizens of this place and the Public Go
ne rally.
, Passengers for Haiti more,
ikc.Mre respectfully inform, dthai
‘they can secure titcir plunge tt
- ’Baltimore by the9, 12 <>r 2 o'clock
tine of Coaches from Washington, bv taking seats ir
Alexandria at s’evton's Motel, and leaving, in the 7
8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 o’clock Hosts f»r Washington, i
there will be C taclms at the wharf to convey them U[
to the Stage without any extra charge.
By this arrangement passengers cannot be distp
pointed Kxtra Coacheafurnished for private partiei
at all times
Fare to Baltimore 13. ,
p.S. Nine o’clock stage by way of the Rai Itoad.
mayM-dtf___X**n'‘ _
S. J
HAVE removed to the three story Brick Store, or
the square below where they have been domgbu
sines*. 2 doors above the corner of Washington street
where they have for sale a general and well selected
assortment of
which they are determined to sell low for cash, or to
punctual customers. dec 11
lViatYici of CioVnT\>b*fi,
Alexandria County, Set.
October Term, 1832
Philip Crandell, Complainant, 'I
Sarah Leedsburgfjste Sarah Cran
del'; Jane Crandell, John P.
Denny, and I ucinda his wife,
late Lucinda Crande'1; Maria
Crandell. Mary Crandell, Ann
Crandell, William Cran.Ml.Tl.o
mas Crandell. Edward Cran.lell, L/y CHANCERY, i
and Joseph Lemuel Crandell.
(the last six infant child en of
Th ■ iias Crandell, deceased.)
Lemuel Crandel!; William St <
well, and Susan hit wife, late
Susan Crandell; I'hcmas Harri
son. an 1 Elizabeth llarriswn his
wife, late Elizabeth Crandall,
Defendants, J
1THK defendants, Lemuel Crandell and Maria Cran
dell, not havirg entered tlieir app-nrance. s..H
given security, according to the statute an i the rul si
of this Court; and it appearing to the satisforiion oftbe
Court that they are not inhabitants of t'e District >f j
Columbia—on the motion of the complainant, b his
Counsel, It is
OnnznsD, That the said absent defendantsdo appear
here on or before the first day of the next May term o»
this (:ourt, and answer the bill of the complainant, and
give secuiity lor performing the decrees of this Court;
and that a copy of this order be forthwith puhhdied hi
the Alexandria I’henix Gazette for two months succes
sively, and that another copy be posted at the front
door of the court-house of said county
Testes E l LEE, C. C.
dec 7 - 2m __
IViMi \cA
County of Alexandria, Set.
O cto n e it Ter m, 1832.
Thomas Swann, Compuiinant,
Daniel Graham, Administrator of
John Mclvcr. deceased, Daniel >lfl CIIINCLHY•
Graham, and Maria his wife, Co
lin AuId, and John II. Crease,
THE Defendants, Daniel Graham and Maria his wife,
not having entered their appearance <o this suit,
and given security according to the statute and the
rules of this Court; audit appearing to the satisfaction
of the Court that they are not inhabitants of the Dis
trict of Coumbia, no the motion of thecompiainant, it is
(Inhred I hat the said Daniel Graham and Maria his
wife, and ‘.lie said Daniel, as administrator of John Me*
|ver, deceased, do appear hi-re on the first Hay of the
next May Term of tins Court, and answer the bill of
tlie complainant, ann give securny ior penwmin«
decrees of this Court; and that the resident defend
ants, Colin Auld and John H Crease, do not convey
away or secrete the estate, money, properly or effects
in their hands belonging to, or bv them owing to, the
said Daniel Graham and Maria his wife, or to the said
Daniel as the administrator of lh- estate of the said John
Mclver. deceased, until the further order and decree of
this Court; and that a copy of this order be forthwith
published tor two mouths successively in the Aleaan
dria Plienix Gazette, and that another copy be posted
at the front door of the court hou-e of said county.
leste. El)M I. LEE, C C.
Ar e 5—2m __
1H©U*VC\ »X CuiUlUb'VA,
County of Alexandria, Set.
October Term, 1832.
Juaeph Mandevihe, Complainant,')
Robert I Taylor. Trustee under
the will <>f James Sanderson,
deceased; Colin Auld. adminis
trator wit it tiic will annexed of
said James Sanderson; George
ClemenUfon; William .v Green. 1 jy CHANCERY
well, and Jane Ins wife, late | 4
Jane Sanderson; -Wilson,
and Mary Parker his wife, late
Mary Parker Sanderson; which
said George, Jane, and Mar>
P rker, are the devizrea and
heirs of said James Sanderson,
Defendants, J
'IIIIK Defendants. George Clenvmson; William N.
JL Greenwell, and Jan^.* Ins wife; - dson,
and Vlary Paraer his wif , not having entered their
appearance to this suit, and giv« n securi y according
to the statute and the rubs of tirs Conr'; and it ap
pearing, to the satisfaction of this Court, that ilit-y
are not inhabitants of the District of Columbia, on the
motion of the complainant, by his cou sel, it is
Ordered, I hat the said absent defendants do appear
h< re on or before the first day of the next May term
of this Court, and answer t'ie Dill of the complainant,
and give security for pet forming the decrees of this
Court; and that a copy of this order be forthwith pub- i
lished in the Alexandria Pin nix Gazette for two
months successively, and that another copy be posted
at the frontdoor of the court-house of said county
leste: KDU. I. LEE, C. C
dec 6 2m_
Runts ami »\\m&s.
SD. ED30N, King Street, (a few doors below
• White's Auction Store) has received, per -clir.
Harriet, and other late arrivals, a further supply ot
nnn'Ps a vn SUM'S
which, with im> former stock, enables lum to off-r r
very extensive assortment in his line, which wnl be
sold by the c»*e, dozen, or single pair, at a very small
advance forca*h.
\lso, a few cases Men’s and Bov•’ Black and W hit**
W'tOL HA »’S, very fine __nov :8_
rfYHK undersigned takes this occasion to inform his
1 friends and M e public that he has taken the
HOUSE formerly occupied by StroJ
.SWyyJUther, Wnh-m-on, and Barnard This is
I& i \ jt ;i Ur|jf and convenient Kitablisn^eiit,
calculated for the accommodation of
all persons, and particularly for private fanuh# *
Totlios who may think proper to patrninzehim in
his new vocation, the undersigned can safely offer on.
assurance - the effort to ple-.se J be iinuse u ill be in
future known as the AMERICAN HO TEL
Washington City,sept 14-^1_
AtVveYWae.TWfrut •
formed,” though still a Jack-on Houae,
opposite the Farmer*’ Bank of Alexandria
* tea wlt ha* latelt undergone a thorough repair
having received light and air Irom the north, east and
wu St The south IS also correct, d by substantial ateps
of recent-construction It is a houae that hug been
somewhat neglected, but the recent repair and im |
provrment render* it worthy of the attention <>f any de- I
tent Grocer. Huckster, Shoe store man, Tobacc mist, j
Ac Ac. Ac Ac. Ac ac It it now open for exaniin* j
tion, winch 1 hereby invite.
Vtvr \Unt,
jik«»'ihe LOI adjoining, on Henry street, now occu
pi -Ti uy Mr. Joseph Davis. The rent will be moue
rate, and possession given on the 1st of February
jan 4___W FOWLF..
A D. HARMON has received, by Ute arrivxls, an j
*Va addition to his stock of
Of every variety, suitable for the season. Also,
2 casks Gum Elastic Over Shoes, a prime article,
jan 4
YuvnUuYe. I
Cabinet, Chair and Sofa Maker, Kins', nut do* ■
to the corner of Alfred street. **
a AS on hand, and constantly manufactures I
ral assortment of n
Which, for elegance indl'irahility,defies competj^.
His stock, generally consists of
Grecian and plain sofas, couches and lounges
Mahogany and aM kin Is of Irawing-room chairs
Grecian, winged and single wardrobes
/’edestal-endsideooHrls with nsrhletop* and m,ru.#
Gothic and various other ditto
Pier tables, with mtr'ole and nthogany tops
Filler ami block lining, card mil breakfast tables
do claw do do do do
Plain do do do do do
Centric or loo do
French *nd oariou other bureaus, with and sruhcL*
Ladies Ir-ssiug table*, with snd without mirrors
Ditto workstan la and music stools
Dittoan l gentlemen** abmet, secretaries and boq
Withstands, with marble and mahogany tops
tticbly carved ami plain mahogany, oirj eye, andtuf
-nsple and c-in non bca Lteads
Gribs, cradles,caiullestands,shaving.lo po- UbleJeski
and every otlierarticle in thecabinctline.
Mahogany of various kinds, steam sawed, curin'
shaded veneers, copal varnish, sacking bottomjjconii
B333. VX\rfA\3333 3t3.
The above article* will be disposed offor cashcrts
punctual peraons on the most liberal terms, 1
A very extensive patronage from Washington is^
ce* me to say, that I / ll leiiverfiirniture toanyps*.
chiserin that etty free ofexpence.
Turning Sr Carving executed in thcbcstinanntf
ma y 20 ‘
Cabinet,Chair,and Sofa M&nufac*
tor y,
JAMES GREEN Cabinetmaker,—htMinliand.ifj:
will constantly keepalhis old stand on Km!
st., Alexandria, tT’at the corner oflOth st.,Pennsy!
vania, Ave/tue Washington—a general assortment
the mostfashionsble and durable Furniture,aliicUr
will warrant equal,"'* not superior in quality,test:
everofferedin the District:—Consisting! n j>art,of
Grecian, wingedand plain wardrobes
Gothic, pedesta lendand plain sideboard t
Ditto, w?th cells rettrand marblcslabs
French and plain bureau r
(irf*Amt.rr do with mirrors
Ladies’nnd tJentlerntna’secretam-tan hook-ciu ll
Pieriableswitli marble and mahogany top* 1
Piiierandclaw l. mug, break Us ikin', card i»M:i I
Plain do do do do do I
Ladies workstand f
Shaving andcandl do
Wash‘tandstritli mar and mahogany (op?
Grecian A’ofa’s
Mahogany chairs
.Music* tools,bide Its, cribs, radles
•portable writing desk » Ac
With a general isaortmen to f bedsteads ofrichli
carvi d mahogany , naple and stained woods,sluf
which willbe sohlaslow forcash as they car. be po:
chasedofthesainequality atany other manufacterT
n the Union. ALSO,
.fn isaortmen of.VtIJomin go a nil /Jay of Honduru
Mahogany, a partof whicl is suitable for handaii
steam sawed curl and shaded veneers,copal nr.
nish oftsupc(dor quality,tacking bottoms,cords,kc
Handsomely executed mufi
Wholesale Wat Manuf vc\ory
Hava constantly or trod
an extensive assortment cl
of alt description*, c*lc:lit*i
for any market, on the nut:
reaso ablet rms.
They have, and conwt*nth , j
keep on hand, a complete*! I
ATejp York and Philuiv £
phia H.HTS.
Toeelirr with a generals ^
sor’nrun' of
il7> Ord« r* in tlirir l"1* I
thank fully poind, and K ■
at the shortest notice. *
Purchased sat fair price*. !
Alexandria, June 5, 18.31. _ ___ I
Juhtt T. tt. VVWbar.
King St., near Hou1
at Mrs. S!u*rrwii»
Has <>n hand Five t’"1*'
HATS, to winch hrP*' ''
lari> invites the P»t '
tion, hoping that t!i J J
call and examine for * ' H
■elves With only ctjtuJ' H
care, they will l»'* » ’ I
Gentlemen from ' 'f j
■nd Maryland, «
purchase by tlm e**'1 “ .1
g’e one, would not I'*** ' ,
thing bygivii-gloinsf"' ■
N It Old Hat. «•'' .
exchange, and « “•'
Hats kept in order "
Alexandria, sept 24
ll luafc if li >\ AaVfc <>f
.— - The >snriber ofTVr* ‘or .ale or y '
■nffls HO IKE He HALF A CHb
** \ J2 M»e intersect ion of WJ
<*Jtuuk ICO streets,i n wliicli he now resi*o*$ , ?
nov I —lawtf BOMUNIf
--—” „
Rooks and Pamphlets, I I.otte"y But*.
Catalogue* of *.a!c, |r*nd d°
Hank Checks, Hat do
f aw, Commercial 8t other Qhnw do
Rr.*«K* Horae do
Policies of Insurance, Stage do
Rill ooks, ! Cards
l.ottery tickets, j Blank Soiet,
Bills of Lading, I Mditis Sotice?
% 2>VTEM‘X 21112*^,
or every Ki»r» row rale at Tint ^
PAMPHLETS printed at the Oazelt' n. "

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