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Phenix gazette. [volume] (Alexandria [D.C.]) 1825-1833, February 13, 1833, Image 1

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at SI®SSTJ2f'lb ;p 1388. HOT SKKflKflSS flfc ABE—Sf®. 8844.
fl uty Paper fc8 per annum. Country paper S5.
For Botton.
■CaL The packet schooner VELOCITY, Ryder,
‘tt r will have despatch. F..r freight apply to
'^ter. wii. , w. roWLK W Co.
ICO 4 _____ — ■ -
ICUe 4\u«v Biainuna
5* Wimlil uk- . f'> Kk. .. No,folk ... B'chuoul;
500 barrels. »»d is read) for its .fC> p
L^ic-rres W • J.HINSON fc Vo
, Apply to _ *
Y ot Ft eight
The schooner SHWILLIS carries about
’Od barrels will be read* » w a cargo it. a Uw
iiidwill takea freight to Halifax or an Kaatern
U> 1 ! tn W FOiVI.B Co.
Yot MtiAehft.
■ fs. rhe fine new copper fastened schooner HOPE.
&gfti.,hn Beetly. n»t«;er, is d. signe I to sad for Wa
rrS.:Tolst of ‘■tsri • KWi I4
UMsI thePHope i* to return direct to this port, it prtn
*nt* a good Jpnortu.iitj toimporters of wine, ofw.ich
* ljheyw.il av ai? themselves._JH.t_30_
Sugar $ *>in\a^8ts
.la/ y tllihds Muscovado Sugar
.>() 50 hbds JaniH.c and Cuba Mjjjj R Co.
I’t.r »Hle ny ...
ft i« 8 ____
inn lloxes Orung-.«
IIM 40 do Lemons
l anding fn.ro schooner VJocdv. f.*^ & Co.
Vu'.gVnwA ltum.
Vy Hogshead* New F,.gland Rum, landing ***">
:J. I V.I.N.I.. te “JftVowi.* «. Co.
10> I C«Ax Na,,?’ a”"r,frt *i259. landing from schr
U i 1 n . ;,v. lor «M by ^ g Co.
Vtt>\\ figs
t,W Si a Oru-iu ? Of «>' s!» Smyrna Figs, of j
100 half drums V ' • ry superior quality
l,xn 'ine from schooner I tdochy. for sale t>y
r,b$ a c cazknovk h <;■>.
\ » ‘Xe« smoked Dlgh) Herring, for sale by
?>{)() Mi » y w. it. »nw»N.
.V * \n V.wj;\rttkt\ Vivittt.
,Aik ilog-hcs-.l* of- New KngUrnl Hum, received per
scuooucr \«loci’), tot wlc by
\. fi. C iZi NUYt 1/ Co
Also 50 half box* a Uhocoale. _ feb^8
Lamp utd White flV\.
(j» | II irr. U Winter Sperm O.l. very superior
^ I I„ c .*ks common Wl.al do.
Landing iruot schooner Spica, tor sale low by
(it, S S. M & !LH. l ANNV Y
Wn\ain’t V \§vw*a
|«V(\ Quarter boxes of Havana Cigars, of the best
I* ItF qualit), for>ale bv
MJ A. c. c V7.KNOVK & Co.__
CUViti*, fvc
41) 'sen flip and eune «eat Chairs
1 do Hocking tlhuirs
Toilet t'kblcs and Wash Stands
W ill be soM low. A. C. CAZ::NOV R & Co.
IVb 5
^Hck dbU.
\f \ S U R*', large s ac, landing this day, sml fur
V1 Ft 9 ode at a low price from the whutf.
5 S.VM'I, H 1.ARMOUR & Co.
viiwitt & 6tt\v.
■Ti a Tons I’last t r
«'* P 1009 bii'ht-l* Turks Island Salt
Nos landing, for vale by
A v % % a« m • _
t w ki \ PtMtmla Cork wood
5‘> ends Cordage. in'tlri! mim; w ith
* \ gnrra> assortment of G/i<JCKli/KS & SHIP
1 lUSDLKRY. for sale by
Kb 4 8TKIHIF.N SHINN, Janne>\ wharf.
Wvnlet-\uwiw\ ^ \i*r\\\ VV\V.
jjl t'oki superior Winter Oil, just received and
.if forsaleby J & W. H. IRWIN
frh 2
\niuvp Wi\.
i* l ierces superior winter pressed spenn oil, landing
” troiu schoontf Virginia, f„r >ale by
l«hf _S. M. fa S. H J \NNKY.
St. t^ruVx. Augwr.
8 Hogsheads pritrequality St . Croix sugar, in store,
sn l IwC tale low by
ft>2_S. M. U1 S. II. JANNBY.
Ulowu ha\t.
^ ^.r| Sacks Liverpool Ulown Salt, filled 10 to the
, '-f I'll*, landing from schr- Tom Wood, and for
*7"* S. U. Si S. II. JANNBY.
leb 2
Rt *111X3 .
*** P'P** <*nl?nac Brandy, landing from schr.
* r President, Kmland, from New York, repre
'.nteJ 11 be of superior quality, for sale bv
J!!'__8 H JXNNEY
Run\y &c.
U **• ^ Nl’TT has in store, sod offers for sale
1 > hhils Baltimore whiskey, copper distilled
* do apple brandy
- do New England rum
■* do refined whale oil
- pipes Holland gin
I do French brandy
•0 dozen brooma and brushes ) Just re
_* do reapU keelera and coolers 5 ceived
wO bbU nett hertiags, No. 1
-k lew half bbls No. 3 mackerel feb 2
Tine Steamboat Essex
Will commence running
to Mattox Bridge on Friday
_ the 8th of February, ant
return on cUiuru*. . she vrfll then run as the did las'
Fail, leaving Georgetown every Monday and Thursday
at7 o'clock, A, M.calling at Washington and Alexsn
dria; and on her return, leave Mattox Bridge every
Wednesday and Saturday at 6 o'clock, A. M She wii
stop at the usual landing places for passengers and
freight of all kinds. She has three hundred bags f»i
Grain feb 5
Just VwbUsUftA
And for sat$ by ELIZA KENNEDY,
Til K Declaration of Independence, the Constitutior
of the Unit' d State*, ahington’- Farewell Ad
dress, and the Proclamation of Andrew Jackson to the
People of South Carolina; with prefatory remarks by
one of >he most distinguished Statesmen in the Union
Price 25 cents in cloth; 19 cents in paper,
feb 4_ ___ _
Winter-atrallied ftyerm Wii.
p% Casks winter strained Sperm Oil (wsrianted) Just
.■& received and for sale by
f.-h iXV t| O NUTT.
W ine.
(jr Qit. casks Marseilles Madeira XX’ine, of extrs
& quality, will be landed this day from schr. Pi *
indent, fur sale by GKO. JOHNSON & Co
feb 2____
To VuVinet .Makers
Foil SALK—A lot of 1, 2 and 3 inch Cherry stuff,
well seasoned; a Int n first quality broad half inch
Poplar; s lot of second quality uitto
feb I ,1091AII II DAVIS_
Dll’S ^ .Martin's Meat n
jsj-~v D 'zen bottles, warranted genuine, for sale bj
feb 1 SAM’L. I) LAKMOUH & Co
14 OfA Bushel* of \X bite, in store, for sale by
H F y,n .-.0 GKO JOHVSQN It* C<».
#WGAWlTti VN lr.fc
fpHR subscriber*, designing to make their annual im
1. portation of Wine by the llopr, inviti* order* for
any description of J Howard, March Of Co.’s brand.—
In this way the person ordering will ham the assur
mice of receiving the Wine shipped for tlum — theif
names being cut on the ca^k in Madeira.
Who have remaining, from their last importation, a
few quarter and half quarter casks of Burgundy. I in
to, G:apc Juice and London Particular Madeira Wines,
warranted pure as imported, and fur sale on their
usual accommodating terms._ _ j-‘t> 30
JUSr received from Boston, per schooner T<*ans
. port, a v ry handsome assortment ol
(hit. Ground and Plain ENTRY EAMP8%
Of the most fashionable description. Also on hand—
English Bronzed Astral Lamps
Ho do Mantel do
Do Br*a« Simp do
l>o Tin Wall do
Together with a large assortment of China St Glass
ware of every description, offert d far aale on mo derate
term*, wholesale or retail.
Wind iw Glass of every size and good quality,
jnn30 _HUGH C. Mmi’ll.
A Xty* dVote.
tilN’COLN CMAVBEULMN has commenced the
lower end of Prince street, adjoining John V I.ndd s,
and directly opposite where he formerly kept, on the
whsrf where he intends to keep a general assortment ol
Wines, Liquors, Groceries, and Ship Chandlery,
and whete he invites his old cuitotnera unu others tc
call and gel bargains__jan k9 tf
JU»\\nT. ¥iViu\»
WISHES to purchase KUKS of different kinds,yiz
40.000 muskrat skins
3.000 mink do
500 otter do
70.000 rabbit do
5,000 red fox do
2.500 grev fox do
1.500 wild cat do
And lie is* determined 11 give the liighe>t cash price.
Those having Furs to sell, will find it to their advantage
to give him a call.
lie would inform his old customers and the public
gem rail) that lie stiil manufactures as good work ai
can be found in the District, at his oldst^nd, oppositi
Mr. jonaibsn Butcher’s Hardware Store, King street
Alexandria. __jan 21 d >m
THlgATfta tofffcfc, Mo\U83eS, SiC
fki a Hogsheads? Orleans, Porto Rico and St Crois
VjU 40 barrels $ Sugars
4 boxes white Havana do
60 barrels and boxes leaf and lump do
130 bags Rio, Laguira snd Java Coffee
85 hhds Orleans and English Island Molasses
!00 bbla iCOppertIU“"ed Wh“krJ
6 puncheons old Jamaica Uum
15 hhds New England >to
no chests, half chests and boxes Gunpowder,
imperial, H> son and Young Hyson Teas,
Lewis’s cargo
i 100,000 lbs choice Bacon our own curing
3d,000 lbs yellow and brown Soap
60 boxes mould and dipped Candles
For sale by SAM’L U. LARMOUU k Co.
PURSUANT to an Order of the United States' Cir
cuit Court of the District of Columbia, sitting ir
Chancery at Alexandria, in the esse of Lincoln Cftpm
berlain, surviving partner of Lincoln and Either Cnaro
berlain, against George McCliesh, Administrator ol
Archibald McCleish. et *1., passed OctoberTerm, 1832
the creditors of the said Archibald McCliesh are re
quired to present their claims to the undersigned, or
or before the 15th day of February next, or they wit
be excluded from the dividend of bis estate.
jan 17—lm Master Commissioner.
|CJ» Geo. T. Brown respectfully of
fenhimself to the Voters of Prince George’s County,
Maryland, ax a cxndidatefor the next Sheriffalty.
— ■ ■ -— to— ■■ ■■ ■■■■■
Is any one fond of variety? .‘>t him marry—4
speak it oracularly, and in f«il defiance of the
generally received opinion of the dull monotony
of the marriage life. I affirmit to be neither dull
nor monotonous; but on the contrary, a source of
infinite variety, and as such I r#n recommend it
—though to say the truth, were I obliged to write
my schoolcopies over again, it krould go against
my conscience to say that *• Variety'is char
The fact is, I am a literary man, and get my
living by mv pen. I am a hogtehold drudge to
editois of magazines, bonksellova, and gentlemen
who wish to have a literary reputation, without
the trouble ol writing books. You may there
fore suppose, that quietude aid domestic com
fort is essential to my success. Now my wife
does not think so, or at least her ideas of domes
tic comfort differ so materially from mine, as to
render it much the same thing, She is never
happy but when the house it a perfect chaos with
scouring, dusting, and above pit, “ putting to
rights.” She would berirlsghtcd ifatrpopof sol
diers were quartered on her for the pleasure of
putting things “ to rights” afterwards If she
walked in h*-r sleep, it would be with a duster in
her hand.-—If she weic ever tempted to purloin,
it would be yellow soap. The very paint on mv
doors and wainscot is given w*y in picturesque
streaks to the original deal by repeated scour
ing—anil there is mure bread consumed in rub
bing the paper on my parlour walls than would
feed my family.
It will be tubbed olf soon. I have not a chair
or a table in my house but what is ricketty with
continued polishing;—that is what my wife calls
•• uthing ctne 01 me furniture. nut on: mat
“ putting to rights.” Papi r, paints, chair* and
tables, might all go, if I cotid be spared that hor
n»r. If I die, the verdict of the coroner’s jury
will surely be, died of “putting to rights.”
1 1 have a good si/.ed table t«* myself—a writing
table—on this is spread my various notes and
papers, whether preparing an article for the
; magazine, correcting » manuscript for n publish
er, nr writing a book foi «n author. To an or
dinary eve every tiling may appear in confusion
there, but to me it is in perfect order. I can
- place my finger upon every tiling I want. But
j no; that will not do lor iny wile. Things mud
! be “ pnt to rights.” The moment my back is
j turned, therefore, the process commences. The
I table is rubbed and polished lilt the joints creak
! again—the drawers are all turned topsy-turvy,
and the papers bundled up and crammed awav in
places where it will take me a month to find
them again.
Never ►Inll ! forget the hubbub, we were in
for a whole week, when the child exhibited
symptoms of a Ilea bite The house was scrub
bed from garret to ccilur, blankets were scoured,
carpets beat, windows and doors open day and
night, until she caught—a violent cold, anti I—
the rheumatism Bu4 in order that you may
have a more vivid sense of my enjoyments, 1
will give you mv diary for a day.
March iJ.—llose at 8 o’clock—very cold, a
little snow upon the ground—my wife rises an
hour earlier, she, carfful creature, is determined
the servant shall have no opportunity for making
tea and toast for the policeman—got out of bed
on to the cold floor—my wife says, that carpets
harbor dust, and not healthful in bed rooms—
shave with cold water, teeth chattering with
cold, and cut myself—can’t get hot water, my
wife says cold water’s bracing.
Come down at last, stiff as an icicle, and blue
as the cholera—find winduws and doors all wide
.... .... ...if. ..... . .,..1 I ti.m tilnt«/l Knliou
I wpvii-w ... .
makes things sweet and w holesome, and keeps
dust from settling! —find a little green smoke in
stead of tire, struggling through a host of cinders
—walk briskly up and down the room blowing
my fingers—no signs of breakfast, can’t get the
kettle to boil—servant employed in the interim
whitening the d»or steps; street tloor open, of
course, a cutting north-east wind finding its way
into one’s very marrow. Enter, at last, a bright
tea kettle, placed at a respectable distance from
the green smoke—bit of bread signed here and
there, and called toast—tea made with lukewarm
water, belter that lea should he W'-ak, than the
the bright tea kettle he blai keii so ii»v wife says
—try in vain to get on my boots,find a scrubbing
brush in one, and a duster in the o*he».
About It o'clock find my way not, and toil all
dav among publishers, edftois, &c. without suc
cess, return hungry and dispirited, hoping, though
with some misgiving, to find comfort at home
turn the corner of the street where I live and
view with dismay a volume of dust the downy re
sidue of bed-room sweepings, and tea leaves fly
ing with the velocity of light, through the street
door of my domicile—not my house on fire, and
a dozen engines playing upon it, could convey to
mv senses a more appalmg image—heard half a
dozen miserable children in the street, sijualling
“Home, sweet home, there's no place like home,”
—joined in the chorus. My mind made up to
■ the worst, by the sight of the airing process, I
rush onwards and knock at the door. 1 hey know
my knock inaide, and therefore in no hurry to
come—cutting north-east wind with sleet—the
door opened at last, and back door, being of
course wide open, am saluted with a blast of
wind, storm? enough to spring the fore topmast
of a man of war—in? hat flies into the middle of
the street—striving "to save it, my umbrella goes
after it—and I, struggling for my footing, am co
vered in a twinkling with a cloud of feathers,
Just, and tea leaves, the contents of a dust pan
at the foot of the stairs!
Regain my equilibrium together with mv bea
ver and umbrella, though wuh infinite difficulty
—not so my temper. Enter roy parlor—what
am I doomed to behold—Is it an auction room,
or a place distressed for rent?—Is it a marine
store shop, or a Jew's exchange?—Chairs and ta
bles piled up in the centre of the room—carpets
turned up all round—the flooring just scoured—
windows and doors all open, of course—fire rak
ed out and grate Slack leaded—hearth rug cover
ing the chairs—fender and fire irons upon my
writing table,* and my papers—where! dusted
and * put to rights!’—* put to rights.’ Oh! what
retrospective agonies does not that most expres
sive of horrors conjure up! to those who have
suffered under the discipline embraqpd in that
detestable phrase it is needless to expatiate, to
those who have no!, no words can convey an ade
quite m ailing. To sum up—nothing in the house
to eat, and no fire to cook any thing, not a chair
to rest myself upon—not a room fit to go into—
hunger and and ague staring me in the face.—Re
ceive a note from Hie tax-gatherer demanding im
mediate pavment—recollected having paid him,
and having stuck the m**m. behind the chimney
glass, look for it, and find it gone! burnt or
blown out of the window!—Boy waiting forar
! tide for magazine, faithfully promised by the
10th—papers all dusted and carefully * put to
' rights,’ consequently impossible to be found!—
; Wife scolding-child screaming—servant crying
; —and I in an agony of rage and mnrtifica
, tion, rush out of the house, intending to take a
' passage for the Swan River, or New Zealand! —
: Think better of it, rather starve at home than be
eaten up by the savages, so return to my yoke.*
Cl RAVEN ASHFOul), having qualified as Counts
J t>lo, offers Ills services ns such to the public He
promise* punctuality and despatch. He will attend to
the settlement and collection of accounts, and make
speedy returns of all business put in his hands, either
in his official c^pacitv or as Collector.
Centreville, Fairfax County, dec 13- d3m_
Vt\nte Mrtfct
I^HE undersigned, in announcing to the citizens of
Alexandria and its vicinity that till* Institution it
) now open f«r the reception of youth, would respect
fully assure them that he will continue to infoice the
a»m*- r;gid observance of scholastic discip'ine. pursue
ihc sam- , fficient system in the communication of in
struction, and use the same untiring industry in the
discharge of his professional duties, which have hi
therto invariably proved so jdvniitngccnis to the pupils
committed to his care 1 lie Swem of Exercises in
1 ihr t'rincc-rtrvct Academy tmnnees the following
branches • f Kd ica'ion: lleu-imy; Writing; Arithme
tic; Hook Ke* ping and Cngiivh tirainmui; tleogr.phy ;
the use of At, ps and ti obrs; <«* ometry and Algebra,
with their -.ppheation to the practical branches of the
I .l.thema'ics; 1'rigoiioinrti-', plane ami spherical;
• vcnsuMtiont Surveying and Gauging; Navigation,
| with t'te c .ostru -tion of the tables annexed; the pro
j jection of Mhjii hikI accorijing to priii
j cipics pu»u y mat hematics*; t opographical and .Ar*
| chitectural Sira* ing; Civil and Military Engineering;
Conic Secti >'<s; Fluxions; Hiiomouick*; Astronomy,
and Mechanics. I unsch.tia of the *jxient and xccuracy
of Iiis research in the branches ot science above enum- •
rated, die undersigned lias the confidence to aa*rrt that
he ill give insiruci ion in them,not superficially, hut ac
cording to principles sitsei ptibk of conclusive proof,
in the rigid language of irrefragable demonstration
Terms of tuition, and Rule* of the Institution, will
be made known at the Academy
Alexandria, l)rc-2l-*tf Principal
Office of Ihc Cites. Sf Ohio Canal Co.
Washington. November 25, 1852.
"VTOTICE is hereby given, tout an instalment of two
jjl dollars and fifty cent* per li re, (being lhe3lt.t
instalment) on every share of stock in the ('hcs'ipiHke
and Ohio Canal Company, is required to be paid on the
9.I d«v of Kehruirv next: a further sum of two dol
lurs and fifty cents per share. (being the Sid instal
ment,) on the 15tit day of February nest; a further
mm of two iluilars and fifty cents per abate (being
the 33d instalment,) on the firM day of March next;
and a further sum of two dollars and fifty cents fer
share, (being the 34th instalment,) on (he li'.h day • f
March next; which instalments must be paid to the
credit of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company, to
the Cashier or other officer of either of the following
Hanks, viz: —
The Branch Hank of the United States at Washington
Bank of W ashmgton.at do
Patriotic i ai.k, do
Hank of the Metropolis, do
Farmers’ and Mechanics’Bank at Georgetown
Bank of Alexandria at Alexandria
II ink oft’otomsc do
Faimers’ Hank of Alex’* do
Hagerstown Bank in H-tgerMown Md
Branch of the Valley Bank in Charlestown, Vs.
And the B such of the Vailty Bank in Leesburg, Vs.
By order of the President and Directors:
Clerk Chesapeake and Ohio Cuialco.
nov 30—wt 15th War _ __
AFRESH supply of Jujube Paste, in sheet and
boxes; and Liquorice Hall, of the first quality.
On hund%
The various remedies for the diseases of the season;
also, Swaim'i Panacea, G W. Carpenter's medicines,
Mead’s Anti dyspeptic Pills, Kush's do . Butler's Ve
get able Indian Specifics, WisUr*s Cough Lozenges;
together with most of the regular Tinctures, Ointments,
Platters, Syrups Pills, and other compounds in use,
carefully prepared by tbe subscriber, for the use of
Physicians, Merchants and private families
For Sale,
A pair of Side Lamps with reflectors snd chimnies,
and a complete set of R<-e»'s Cyclopedia
dec 21 Druggist h. Chemist, Fsirfax-st.
fry* We are requealed to announce Spencer
Mutt son Ball as* candidate to represent the County
of Fairfax in the next General Aasembly of Virginia.
3uftt VuibUMi
And on tale by fFM. M. MORRISON,
THE Little Reader, or a Progressive Step to Know
ledge. with engraving*.
The Ladder to Learning, a collection of Table*, ar
ranged progressively, in words of one, two and three
syllables, with original morals; edited by Mrs. Trim
mer, with 79 beautiful wood engravings
l he Child’s Own Book of Tales and Anecdotes, about
dogs, Ac t with numerous engravings
These little volumes will be found very instructive
and amusing to children of all chases- teb 6
\J\>\io\ftierinfc, &©.
STEPHEN 8ANGER respectfully informs the pub
lic that he ha* commenced the
Upon King street, n few doors above Hr. Hurdle’s
Chair Factory, where he is prepared to execute any de
scription of UphJalery, and will furnish to order Feu
ther Beds, Hair, Moss, end common Hatraases of any
size, jrc. Ac.
Slejfhen Sanger and tViUiam Creighton,
under the firm o» Sanger U Creighton, have also com
menced the business of
and they offer for sale Sideboards, Bureaus, Tables,
Bedsteads, Chairs, Sofas Ac.
Persons in want of any of the above articles will
doubtless advantage themselves and oblige us by call
ing. as it is our pur|>oae to aeliat the lowest possible
prices. Repairing promptly attended to
If r©nc\\ Tea VVina, &©.
RICHLY git, superior Fiench China Tea-Sets, 86
pieces, icomplete, with coffee pots
l)o do do in smaller seta "
Do do Teapots, Sugars, Creams, Plates, Ac.
ttrs Tumblers, Wines, Celeries, Pitch
ers, Ac.
A tew richly Cut Cologne Bottles for the
Very superior Pressed Glass Dishes, Co
vered Dishes, Howls Buttertubs, Can
dlesticks, Ac Ac.
' An assortment of Toys forlhe hoi) days
Plain, Cut, snd Moonlight Hall Lamps
Cut and plain Table Lamps Stable and Hall
Cut anil plain lamp Glassea, Ac.
Lamp Wick for Astral and Mantel! amps
Blue, brown and pink Printed Liverpool Dinner
Services, complete
One India China Dinner Service
With his usual assortment of EARTHEA'ffARE,
CWSA & ‘•Is.iVS, wholesale and retail
N. H. PIPES in boat*. dec 20
Ij&aA) for ftrtvontB.
WE will pay cash and the highest prices for any
number of Likely Negroes, of both aexea.
j»n 15 HtANKLIN A AltMFlELD.
C\\ot\ea ItanntU
UAS received, by ahip Maryland, Capt. Morrell,
aireci from Liverpool,
10 bales best Uridport Shad and Herring Twine,
which the manufacturer says is of the very
best quality, and is for sale on the u-uai terms
He has, likewise, received,
Hest cotton Burlaps
Drab woollen Kerseys
Lowell cotton ami wool Kerseys
A f; w pieces lu st Point Blankets
K fe w hales best Sheeting and Shirting Cottons
He ha1- oo h «nd,
Vtr) first quality black Italian I list ring
Ladies' English white silk and cotton Hose, best
English und French best Florentine Vesting, and
velvet Waistceating
Blue anti black superfine Cloths and Kerseymeres,
Ac. Ac
He expects daily- a consignment of Bed Ticks and
low-priced Cussinetts.
I nov 23
Uoota and S\\oe&.
SD. EDSON has just received per Brig Token,
• a few case* Gentlemen’s fine Calf, Sewed Hoots,
at *3 50 to 4 00.
Ditto BuffPsg'd ditto, at 52 50 to 3 00
1 cise prime Leather Over Shoes
1000 pair Brogans and Monroes
Misses’and women's coarse and fine Shoes, va
rious kinds
Also on hand, of my own manufacture.
Gentlemen's calf and morocco Boots, 55 to f6
• l)o do do Shoe*, Hi to m
Ladies’ fine seal, morocco and lasting Shoes
ilisae*’ do do do do
Boys’ coarse and fine Shoes and Monroe*
Children's Shoes, a great variety
N B Ladies’ Shoes made to order, in the neatest
and most fashionable style. dec 15
Hats and Ca\»ft
\T his old stand, on King, between Royal and Fair>
fax streets, Alexandria, has on hand an extensive
assortment of
of all descriptions, which he offers for tale
on the most reasonable terms.
He has also just received a large and
elegant assortment of
CAPS, of the naweat and moat beautifulfaahiona,
of all materials, which he will sell on terms calculated
to please purchasers
All orders from the country strictly attended to, and
executed with despatch.__
iUex&ndTiB C&nn\ Office,
31s/ January, 1833.
NOTICE is hereby given to the Stockholders 'n the
Alexandria Canal Company, that an instalment ot
five dollars per share (making a total of f 50 per share I
is required to be paid on or before the 4th day of March
next< also an inatalment of five dollars per share, to be
on or before the 4th day of April; and a further
Instalment of five dolls.* per share, )o be paid on eft
before the 4th day of May next.
By order of the Board of Directors:
JOHN H CREASE, Olerk A. £. #
feb 2»-d3t—8cl,?,3Si4tfcMar,AprlMy

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