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ftatiufonl tttopa.
T* one ofthe moat iterate
I teria H.-!ms far *he cure oftbatcl'-ao ^Bod
Oise i*es produced bv an *J“lveelh»bi»i«g them
• vitiate 1 habit of Vvlv, and u leprosy, St
selves In the forms of scrofiila, ^ ^ones are
Antho-i >** fir*. fever'***•■fL __|ied with Dr. JebV*
whit ; sw^ Img** (' PP more lernind fves.
s-fr- K^S-SS. S
scal<l hm<l 1 , r festrrinfr eniptiofiaand veie
*ss *"d
cleanse the ay stem from humours which frequently ap
£,**“? these aeason* of the year. They also -id tbe
process of digestion, sod, by purifying the blood, pre
vent the accretion of malignant humours on the lungs.
The proprietor confidently relies upon the vast num
ber of cures effected bv these Drops, not only in Bos
ton snd its vic'mitv, hut throughout the Union, for th
best proof of their excellence as an unfailing altera
tive medicine, in all the cases almeapec.fiea. Th'»
article hat recently been pronounced, bv a ph>«ctan
of th, first re.pectrnilitv. who had sr.1tneased town
nrisioe -ffieicv. as entitled, m his opinion to takethe^
h id ‘f iIt the p pular cuisel^inown for the above com
Js: an l m f-e 1 it is fctfcuniug this point m pub
lic estimation, tVoughuja thw country.
Price $1 a BAPe, or SffBotlUtfor fa.
OF Ion? stsmliHGW °f the 1!i0st, obstJnZ *
character. 4a* bann/Su Lately relieved, and often
permanently cured. in alaHety of case.<that ias.e o s
•urred in Brr ton and vicinity, bv using for a short time
both of which are to be taken together, according to
valuable, pi dn, ami prac'ical directions, accompany
ing the Specific. Price 50 cents each.
• • ,V>oe are genuine unless signed on the oulsije
printed wrapper, fy the Site Proprietor T KIDDER,
immediate successor to the lute Dr. It . /’ Conway For
sale at his Counting ttoorn, over No 99, Court street,
near C-mcert Hall, [Boston! and also *>v his«jv*ctal ap
pointment bj WM. SI ABLER,
#pr 5 Fairfax Street,.Hexandric
IK most prevalent and fatal of ill '.he Diseases in
<LA cident to civilized society—the Con.un.ptlon —
nuy g*nerallv be traced t-« th, least aUrming of disor
Icrs u slight but ne’leckd Cold By estimation it ap
* . s i_J_1 ... i i Vjiun i l nersnns die
mnuaUy of the Consumption Most of thesr dr ad
ill result* ;nav be attributed to common Colds, and a
oeeligent treatment of the hariWmg Cough 'hai ge
nerally ensues which is nsual’y folluwed h> hfficu»t
breathing, pain in the side, and at last ulcerat'd lungs.
Viotrnt and repeated asthmatic attacks also bring on
Consumptive s> mptoms. One or t wo dollars expend
ed in the purchase of
and a little attention to their timely administration,
will usually emure a mitigation of these disorders, and
generally effect a cure. l'he Pill* are also an easv
and effectual renedy for the symptoms preceding^ and
accomp mying the Asthma and Consumption: f r t >lds
Cou’hs D faulty of Brea'hiog Tightness and <tnet
ure aer as ike • he tt, ■ Pace zing Pain in the Side Spit
tin* of Blood. Zte Pew cases cm occur of ant ol Hits
class of lis irders in wli ch the purchasers;of Hr Keifc’a
u.iti vrill not fin'1 a rn-b r*'urn for *h*ir ’if! ic ex
Tvliture. Pr ee — Whole Boxes, oO Pills, l Dot hr;
HJfctih ,12 Pills, 50 Cents
£3“ To THE faAD'Es!
nrn I TK and SOUW) T22 TU sre both in oma
\jH/ meat and a blessing. Ihe best s curity for
th-ir idvantares is to be found in ’he use of the
This very e.eg tot To uli P >w -r w til a very little
use, eradicate* the Scu'cy in .he Gums, and prevents
the accumulation of Tartar, winch not only blackens
hut loosens me teeth snl acce erates their decav —
The IV otrifioe thus removes the providing causes oj
Offensive Breath preserve* the hea th>ness and florid
nf the dans, and readers the Teeth beauhfu'ly
ichite Price 5d cents.
/ n | s excruciating pcin—the decrepitude and de*
fortuity, and the premature old age, which are
the usual attendants of this disorder, are suffered by
miny from despair ofa cure, or disappointment in the
edicacv of tae numerous pretended antidotes used to
effr rt this purpose. Bat those who have made a fair
trial of
even in cases of long standing, and ofthe most severe
character, have received certain relief, and many have
ha.m atira.1 in a ihvi. mine ii 24 hours! as a num
ber of pcsms in U >*ton and vicinity, who were for
m;rly ifll. Wed with the Rheumatism, have very fully
testifie I. Certificates are in possession of the Propri
etor. proving the nut th *rou'gh and surprising cures
bv ut ;aus of this powerful L'niraent, in cases where
u'-har approved applications had utterly failed The
l.ui.ment is xU »used wth «u tcesa for Bruises.Sprains,
Numba-w, StiTness ofthe Joints, Chilblains, &c.
Price, 59 cts. a bottle.
F1H sore t irtanted Byes gwes immediate ease
an l relief. On recent sore eyes the effect is most
salutary. tViiere the corap!lint has been of year*
stan lmg. an l m so ne exceeding btd cases, the most
iiusosote i and desirable relief has been found in the
uso of this fits Varsa. after every other remedy had
fade 1- H kny persons who have used it, pronounce it
the oest prep iration far those comp'amts they have
ever raw with. especially in cases of sorenssa or in
indaoiaiion of long standing. Price 25 cts a bottle.
None are genuine unless signed on the outside
printed wrapper, by the sole proprietor, T. KlDOKlt,
immediate .uc:essor to the late Ur. \V T. Cos wax —
For sale at us Con iting doom, over No. 99, Court st,
ue ar C oacert t( all, Boston, an 1 also by his special ap
p>intraent,by W4. STtBLKIt
apr 7 Fairfax Street, Alexandria.
A certain cure for the
nyi I VKVKIl inveterate. in me hotir*s application,
fc&l and no dinger/‘-oss takingen'd, ty using
This prep irati m, for pi -? »sao’noss. safety, expedi
tion ease an l certainty 'tanlt ao-ivilUd for the cure
of this troublesome complaint- It is so rapid, aa well
as cert ain i'i ts ipera'ion, u to curenhii disagreeable
dis jr ler m >»t effectually in oneh>ur'i application on'y!
It d»** n >t contain the least particle of mercury, or
other (angeriua ingredient and may be applied with
pe feet safety by pregnant temal -sor to children at
the breast. Price J7i cent-., with ample directions.
O'P'fB proprietor begs leave to recommend (which
be does w-t-s the fullest confidence) one of the
mv*t valuable remedies known for tkit truuhlmoma and
* painful complaint. Without gomg into detail, he
deem, it<*noughto •ai.thathehasinh.spo.sess.onthe
most undoubted testimonial# that it ha* mnrtcomplctcty
answered thepurpot's for which it was intended, than any
other popular Medicine. . . „ -_
This remedy is perfectly innocent in its application
to all conditions, ages, and sexes Full directions, de
scription of the complaint, **.e. accompanying each
packet, which consists of two boxes, Ointment ana
Electuary. Price, f l for th» whole or 50 cents if but
one of the articles is wanted
• • jtw are genuine unless signed on the ouisiac
wrapper by the-mle proprietor. T KIDDER, immediate
successor to t he late Or IV T Conway. For sale at Ins
Counting Room, over Mo 99, Court street, near Con
cert Hall, Boston, and also bv^hn. Jjr"
b*Ttpr 9 fairfix Street, Alexandria
iT ford* .nstant relief, and at the same time dissolves
and drawst e Corn out by the roots, without the least
Pl clirmurt -« To those afflicted with Corns on
their feet I do certify, that I have used the Albion Corn
‘Plaster with complete succeas Before I had used one
box, it completely cured a Com which had troubled me
for many years 1 make this public for the benefit ol
those afflicted with that painful complaint,
i Flushing, f. 1 F-*b 28. Wm. Stiaw.
> Price 50 Cents a Box
SfpHKT purify the bloud, quicken its circulation, as
sist the suspended operations of nature, and rre a
general remedy for the prevailing complaints among
the female part of society. They Pills are particularly
efficacious in the Green Sickness, Palpitation of the
Heart. Giddiness, Short Rrenth, Sinking of the Spirits,
Dejection and Disinclination to Exercise and Society.
Married ladies will find the Pills equally useful, except
in cases of pregnancy, when they must not be taken;
neither must they be taken by persons of hectic or
consumptive habits. Price fl 50 a box
fCT* Thecelebrated CAMBRIAN TOOT II
ACHE PILLS, w.iich give immediate relief,
without the least injury to the teeth. On trial this will
be found one of the^best remedies known for thiscom
plaint Price 50 cents a box.
• #* None genuine unless signed on the outside
•■.rinted wrapper, bv the sole Proprietor, T KIDDER,
• J. . _A. jL. « fL Iff 71 C'nn inn >/ fllf
I fc-n«(lid v
Sale »t his Counting Koom, over No. 99, court street,
near Concert Hall, Boston, mol *.• Ins special appoint
ment, by WM STABLER,
Fai fax Street Alexandria
Valent live V»\ u\ me ill y
WILLIAM STAH! E!f, J1 stmt, Alexandria
' ITIK above Oinlmeii* is recommended to the public
L ms a safe and certain rentedv foriiiose obstinati
diseases, some of which have so long baffle J the skill
of medics! science:
1st Wh.te swellings of everv description}
2.i Sore Ires and .deers of long standing,
3J Schlrrus or glandular; urn 'rs, part cularlythose
hardened tumors m worn u’s breasts, which oftentimes
terminate in ulceiated canoere?
4th Felons; or what some ,>e »ple know by thename
of catarrhs, of every description.
5th dhuumatic pains of tiie jo;,its;
6th Sprains and bruise* of-very description, or in
whatever part situate;
fth Tetters of all km Is. In this complaint the pa
tient. in applying the ointment, must keep the part
out of waterj
8th Chilblains or parts affected by frost.
The following communication addressed to the pro
prietorof Judkins* Ointment, tr im the Hon. John T»
liaferro. Member of Congress, is highly interesting. —
The gratuitous manner in which it is made, exhibits
feelings of no ordinary character toward* suffering hu
manity* and iscertamly well deserving of public at
WasKureTo*, Janua»y 22,1829
aia—Ithasbecnmy w<»h fora considerable time,
to communicate to vou ihe good effect with which I
have u«ed the Oin.ment invented by a Vfr. Judkins,
and which V n *w understand is made and sold by
agents appointed bv yourself, I have applied this
Ointment during thelast three years to every species
of tumor and vtroun 1, without failure to produce a cure
in every instance I consider it the most decided and
efficient r^medv in nil r.nf tumnr h» ih#. rinu
whatit may; and Ihave found nothing so good for
wounds of any description It mav be proper to
add, that the cure of a turn >r called white swelling,
given over bv the most listmguished physicians as in
curable. and which: hev d cidvd would, without ampu
tation. prove fatalto die patient, was, und<. r my imme
diate notice, effected by the use of Judkins’ Ointment,
and the patient is in fine health Hi* limb affeoteduy
| the tumor neing restored to a perfect state of sound
ness. visa that the leg of an aged min winch had been
wounded, and exhibited one dresdf illy ulcerated sur
face from the knee to the foot, and which, for more
than tw>> years, had been considered incurable, was ef
fectually cured by the application of Julkins’ Oint
ment. I mention these two cases, which fell under my
immediate notice and management, as a decided evi
dence of the efficacy oftliis remedy in cases of tumor
and ofmcersi I bare expe ienced, as decidedly, die
good effect ofthis remedy in the cure of Felons, and
of every species of fresh wound. It seems to ms that
any one who wll obs -rve on the operation of this Oint
ment, must be satisfied as to its beneficial effect I can
with the utmost confidence recommend the use ofthir
valuable remedy.
lam, sir, very respectfully,
To Mr. Caaaixs HtnsToas. Proprietor d
of.ludkiiis’OiutmiMit, nrari-'rede- >
ricktown.MJ. S
|C7* Having been for several years in posses
sion of a concern in Mr. Satha* -'sKr sun's patent,
for making and vending hn ointment, ait iwn !>, the
nun of* Or > V Judkins' Patent '’pecijic Ointment,'—
and said Nathan Shepherd having obi lined a new pat
ent thereon, and 1 having likewise renewed with
N. Shepherd the same interest I held before, it is
deemed neceasarv that public notice be given of the
t umstance. Having devoted much time and care
during the above period,in preparing and making this
Ointment, and been instrumental in giving it the gene
ral character it has sustained, with whatever improve
ment, n all this time, it has received. I present it to
public attention As haretotore, the genuineness of
the Ointment may be known by the label around the
ointment pot, thus:
" Hade and sold, wholesale and retail, near Frederick,
3Id by C Her stone, concerned m the patent right ”
April 15. . CMUtl.KS .1 KRb roNS
june 8_Druggist, Fairfax Street
Job Wii\Ung~
Aeafiy and expeditiously executed at this
\V$geYau UnWerwA VegelftVAfc
•TtHERE is no complaint to which the human frame
I. i« subject, but is designed to teach man wisdomi
thst is. to assure him that no Disease come# upon him
bv chance. The Asiatic Cholera, or any disease, b'
whatsoever namt it may be known, either in its ori
gin, progress, duration, or termination, is sent by the
appointment of one Supreme First Cause, who is won
derful in counsel and excellent in working, and whose
lighteousness, mercy, goodness, and truth, will not
permit hint to do an act of in justice to any of his crea
tures} his kind nets jMtd-du* tender mercies are to be
seen over all his works. If we are- sick, his goodness
has provided a multiplicity of medicinal herbs plants,
and gums, to pieserve health anil to afford relief to the
afflicted, and also to effect cures in all casv# of disease,
if curable, without the aid of poisonous mercurial, mi
neral, or chemical substances, dug from the bowels of
the earth, to which the body is approaching with ra
pid strides Itight reason will condemn the use of de
leterious drugs or medicines, because thev promote
the dissolution of the body, which is in part composed
of flesh and blood- Shall we, then, persevere in the
use of cr'omel. fcc„ and hence commit an act of sui
cide upon ourselves, and so make the cure worse than
the disease ? Surely not.
Bv the use of MORRISON'S Salutary T «•
gel able Universal Medicines, prepared at the
British College of Health, L ndon, which have obtain
ed the approbation and re omnv*ndation of some
thousands of cures, in all diseases under all their varied
forms anJ names, as ihe Hygeian conviction is, that
man ia subnet to one only rent Disease, that is, TO
appears evident, when we consider that Ilf.QOD is the
I.IFK of every living creature, and that, as disease is
generated by an impure state of this vital principle,
so, in like manner, when the cause that produced it is
removed, health, s'rength, and all its concomitant
blessings, must be the result. To effect this most de
sirable end, these Medicines (under the blessing ol
Heaven i hav • been found fully equal to the task, both
in England and America.
Extract of a letter receivi d by the subscriber from
'.gentleman in England:
• 1 betieve the Medicine has not only restored me,
by the Divine blessing, from severe illness, to health
and activity, but my wife also from an alarming bilioui
attack, w hich continued many months, in which time
she brought off quarts of bile, and whose recovery w’«<
not expected by tho'e who knew her, and had seen hti
during her illness Vet, through the bicssing of God
upon the means, without the use of any other medl
cine, Morrison’s Pills were rendered effectual to hei
recovery, aiu sne is now Riming ne-.n uany, 10
surprise oT those who li«d seen her at the worst, lr
conclusion, upon this subject, I can *av, that if the
Royal College of Physicians were to offer me their aid,
in all cas> a of disea e, freely with Morrison’s Pills in
mv possession, 1 would thankfully decline their aid,
and trust to my own resources."
'I he original mav he seen s* mv limise
WM POMEROY, Alexandria,
So’e Agent for the District of Columbia and its vicinity
By Ahum the Pills are sold in packets o' one, two
and three dollars each, and the Powders at 37 i cent!
perbox, with printed directions; mid also by the f<>!
lowingSub-Ag nts: it W. PoUiuliorn, between 9th
and 10«h «treet.s, Pennsylvania Avenue; John Stillins,
Navy Yird( Washington; and I’ln.iiim C Wright,
Georgetown; of whom alone can the Medicines b*
warranted genuine By appointment of l)r II S.
Moat, II. P. M., M It. C. II , Brooklyn, New York, ‘he
sole importer of these Medicines
Morrisonia, or tin- Family Adviser, price $2 75; Pram
tical Proofs, cllustrated b> numerous cases ofrure.se
condan t liiird editions, price ‘25 and 376 cents; to be
hid as above
Alexandria, August 18,1832—6m _ _
V'Aiiim auA ViAtt\\cr.viiivte.
Has luteD rec.-iveu, per ships Virginia
8* and Shenandoah,
^ff3k One Hundred and Eighty- 7\vo Crates
/gS&fflL and Hogsheads
y&jhBjgm comprising his F vLL SUPPLY, and offer*
ed fur sale, wholesale and retail, on tiie
most moderate terms.
Blue, blsck. purple and pink printed Dinner Sets
India Chins Dinner Sets
Handsome Gilt China Tea Sets, of the best quali
ty and patterns
Plated Castor* of best quality, silver mounted
French Gilt Tex China, &c imported from Paris,
via New Y rk, large assortment
Rich Out Glass Bmv'b, Celeries, Tumb'crs, Wines,
vc , latest and* to-st patterns
Moulded and Flam GLASSWARE, comprising
cverv article in that way
Window Glass of every size
Pipes in boxes
Black quart and pint Bottles Wine and Porter
Thermometer*, a great variety
5 Gallon Demijohn*___
Chair Manufacturer and Ornamental
I^HANKFCL for the patronage he has already re
1l cciveci l"Om Ilia menus miu jiuuhv, •'--r*v*
fully informs them tha* he will continue to make, and
keep constantly for sale. a> fairpric.es, at his Manttfac
torv, south we t corner of King and Columbus streets,
opposite J. t3* J Douglas’ Store,
— A general assortment ol Grc
cian, Fancy and Windsor
The public are re«p:cifully invited
l»o call and examine his present a»sort
nent. He feels assured that they will
he found not to be inferior, either in the
durability of their materials or ill. neatness of their ex
ecution, to *ho-e ot any other mxnufac urer in the Dis
trict lie w»R execute
Sign and Ornamental Painting and Gilding,
•u *1: tneir vuriuus branched, on the most accommodat
iug terms . ^ .
01,1) CHAIRS will be taken in part pa* ment for
n*w ones, or will be repaired or repainted ut the
shortest notice.
Chairs purchased at this manufactory will be sent,
free of** *pense, to any part of the District.
nov 10 -- tf_
7 o the Citizens of this place and the Public Ge»
Passengers for Baltimore,
Jic.are resp«ctfully informed that
they can aecure their pa-sage to
Baltimore by the9,12 or 2 o’clock
f.ine of Coaches from Washington, by taking seats m
Alexandria at Newton’s Hotel, and leaving in the 7.
8. 9, 10, 11 or 12 o’clock Hosts for Washington,!
there will ae Coaches at the wliarfto convey them U[
to the Stage * trfi; without «ny extra charge.
By this arrangement passenger* cannot be disap
pointed Extra Coacheafurnished for private parties
at all times
Fare to Baltimore #3. ,
P. S. Nine o’clock stage by way of the Hail Hoad.
may U-dtf_**gnt
Roots &
4 D. HARMON has received, by late arrivals, an
,TLs additi n to his stock of
Of every variety, suitable for the season. Also,
2 caiks Gum Elastic Over Shoes, s prime article,
jan *
THE undersigned takes this occasion to inform lus
friends and ‘he public that he has taken he
HOUSE formerly occupied by Stro,
ther, Wiilumion. and Barnard I his i
a large ami convenient Establishment
calculated for the accommodation o.
all persm", and particularly for private families.
To those who may think proper to patronixehiin it.
nig new vocation, the undesigned can safely offer one
assurance the effort to ple^e I,r‘
'■» k“°«,n “lh' ■‘UEH/M.y "°*®£AnTY,
Washington_City,srpt U-d_
v«r Kent,
'fhe lar°e and commodious Hou9e
sWflSFi«Aat the Village, w.th a valuable fruit an-!
Wl JSvege.able (.aaota of two Acres, former
ly owne i by George laylor. Esq.
Also, three Squares of two Acres each, next wes .
east and north east, and ten acres south east, ot tn
firyt. Apply to Samuel B Larmoiir, at the y*aie
house of_ SAM,l. H I AimniTtr *
To >\«nly
MA very SMALL HOUSE, at a verp cheap rent,
n*."fcwl.,rf J..
Fur Kent,
tie 1.01 adjoining on Henry street, now occu
pica oy Mr. Joseph Bavis The rent will be mode
rate, and possession given on the 1st of ^’e^r*‘l*^r
isn 4 •_W. FOWl.B
\JiiiAin Tnvern
The subscriber respectfully informs
rfwfefiAhis friends and the public generally, tha*
'S‘^l’3 Sl^he lias removed from Union street to Fair
f,.t street, between King and Cameron
streets, and near the Market, where Ladies and Gen
tleinen can be acco» modated in a genteel mannerj a
his Establishment is well fitted up, and furnished snt
ficiently to render comfort to those who may pleasi
to patronise him. ,.
He his excellent STJBLIEG ror twenty nr thirty
Morses, for which his charges wil| he rno<J*'™'® _
Gentlemen can be furniihed with OYSTER Si I
PERS in private rooms or otherwise, as he lus hn
Oyster Establishment incomplete order.
He can also accommodate ten or twelve BHAHD
K.US, by the week, month, or year, at reasonable
prices ... , , .
n:. ■>, r> r.i.ni.1,.,1 ih, hr-st Wines and t*i*
quota 'he place will afford.
Bring thankful for past favors, he hopes, by strict
attention and moderate charges, to share a part of
public patronage. JAMES MOHItlS
jan 15—2m __
Office of the Ches. Sf Ohio Canal Co.
Washington, November 23, 1832.
NOTICE i* hereby given, that an instalment of two
dollars and fifty cent* per ->h-tre, (being the .»l*t
instalment j on every share of stock in the Chesapeake
and tiliiu Canal Company, is n-q ured to be paid on the
2d day of Ftuiuary next; a further sum of two dol.
|„r» and fifty cents per whare. i being the o2d inslal*
inent,) on tlie 15th day of February next; a further
sum of two dollars and fit') cent* per share Ibeing
the 33d ui-.taim.Mit,) on thv first day of March next
and a lurrh. r sum ot two dollar* and hf'v cents per
share, (being the 34th instalment,) on the 15'It day of
March next; which instilments must be paid to the
credit oi the t .liesapeake and vtliio Canal Company, to
the Caslpt-r or other officer of either ot the following
Hank*, viz:—
The Brunch Hank of the United states at Washington
Bank of V> ash ngton,at do
Patriotic auk, do
Bank of the Metropolis, do
Farmers’ and Mechanics’ Bank *t Georgetown
Bank of Alexandria at Alexandria
Bank of Potomac do
Farmers’ Hank of Alex’s do
Hagerstown Hank ill H gerstown. Ud
Branch of the Valley Bank in Charlestown, Va.
And tlie B auch of the Vailry Bank in Leesburg, Va.
By ordet ol'tht President ai d Directors:
Clerk Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Co.
nov 30—wtl5thHar___________
V or Went.
Will be rented low, two ’'tore Booms and a
^Qj^Cellar <n a Warehouse in Printei’s Aliev. E«
quire at this office._ f' h ft H
Winw, lAc^uira itc.
rilllE subscriber, having been an l»npoiter sod Deal
J. er in A INKS for many >ears, In in ‘.tine a stock
of every description, old and pure, in wood and bottles.
Also, a general assortment of the best -.elected at tides
in the
q3* The Bottled- \Vines—upwards of 300 Dozen,
packed in cases of one old two d-.zen each— have br-e>
selected frum the m M approved brands: London Par
tic-liar Madeira, part of which late from India, very
old; Tinta and Burgundy do.; Sercial and Huai do ;
Gordon’s pure Grape Juice do , Old Sherry; Supet «;r
Burgundy Port; do. Dry t'on; uni hoc*; wu.ii a van
ety of French and other Wines.
AH of which will be soM at t tie most reduced prices.
dec 4— eotf Fairfax street, Alexandria
C\a8ftifu\ m\A
flNllR Subscriber respecUui'.v announces lo ihe in
i habitart* of Alexandra, that h- has this day open
ed a Classical and English Acadi-mv, in the house re
cently occupied hy T Vowell. Esq. on Water at.
I he undersign- d'ava Is himself ■>» the prem-nt occasion
lo say, that he designs to establish hnnseir permanent
ly in this place, ano to devote his undivided time ar.d
attention to t e arduous and important duties of an
Instructor of Youth The most approved and efficient
si stem of education will be adopted, and ••very men
employed to pr. mote the improvement of his pupi/s.
»vlnch much experit nee -is a Teacher has snggesteit
o him a-s most conduc ve t<> that end. I he discipline
wilt b< mild, and invariably enforced 1 lie course of
studies will comprise the C»rei k and I atin Classics, the
Frmch Language, and the Mathematic*, with their
most useful applications to practice; besides the ele
mentary branches ol an hngli-li education.
Terms of admission and hours of attendance made
known on application at the Academy.
Reference is reapectfiilly made to R I Taylor, Pey
ton Thompson, Daniel Bryan, and Wm. L. Hodgson,
F.sqs. j»n 7—dlw&cott
Utraij Yins.
Q A Fourth, half, one a-.d two gallon Demijohns,
0"T just received per acnr Velocity, from Boston.
Also on Hand,
Five Gallon Demij- hns, German and American; all
for SiU by th- dozen or smaller quantity.
feb 11_H O. SMITH.
IC7* We are requested to announce Spencer
U ttnoh Bali, as a candid »te to represent the County
of Fairfax in the next General Assembly of Virginia.
ICJ° We are authorized to announce
Or Kobbht O. Geavsos, of StafT<rd County, a candi
date to represent the Northern Neck District, in the
Senate of Virginia^___
£7* We are authorized to say that Col. John
R. Wallace will be a candidate for Congress, for the
District of which Fauquier will form apart._
N eatly and expeditiously executed at thii office
&ptan&\A Yurmtwre.
Cabinet, Chair and Sofa Maker, Kina, next door
to the corner of Alfred street.
HAS on hand, and -constantly manufacture* • gene
ral assortment of
V/hich,foreleg-«nceand lural* lily,defies competitioa
lliastock, generally consists of
Grecian and plain sofas, couches and lounges
Mahogany and all kinds of Ira .vmg room chain
Grecian, winged an l single wardrobes
/Vdestal-etid » leooards w-:*.h -narbletops and mi for,
Gothic and various other ditto
Pier tables, with insrblo and mahogany tops
Filler and bl*c!c i:mng, card and breskfxsUsbles
do claw do do do do
Plain do do do do do
Centric or loo do
Frencbaid variou other bureaus, with and without
Ladies Ir-aung cablet, with and without mirrors
Ditto workstands and music stools
Dittoand gentlemen's abinet. secretaries and book
Wash stands, witn marble and mahoganr tops
Richly csrved anJ p!am mahogany, bird e>e, and curl
maple and coin non bcadsteads
Cribs, cradles,candh-atands, tluvingdo.no* table Jeski
and every other article in tbecabinctline.
LIKR mss,
Mahogany of various kinds, steam sawed, curl mi
shaded veneers,copalvsmish, sacking bottoms,eords,
B333. * W ra\?3 31.11.
The above articles will be disposed »f for csshor to
punctual persona on the most liberal terms.
Avery extensive patronage from Washington im'.i;.
cesine tosay.that I w*II l<*<iverfurniture loany pur
chaserin that city free ofexpence.
Turning St Carving executed in the best manner
may 20
Cabinct,Chair,and Sofa Manufac
J1ME9 GREEN Cabinetmaker,—hafmnhatul.snt’
will constantly keep at his old stand on liens!
St., Alexandria, (T1 xt the corner of 10th s!.,Pennt)!
vania. Avenue Washington—a general assortment «»
the moslfasliionable and durable Furniture,which he
will warr.nt equal,if'lot superior in quality, to am
everofleredin the District:—Consistingi n psrt.ef—
Grecian, wingedand plain warcbcles
Gothic, pede st u lend and plain sideboards
Ditto, wrtu cetiaremano m&rDitsiuos
French an<l plain bureaus
Dressing do with mirrors
Ladies’andGentlemena’sccretariesan book-cue
Pier;ableswith marble and mahogany tops
Pilierandclaw Jin'.ng,breakfastani!cHr<Jt»Mr«
Plain do do do do do
Ladies w orh stand
Sharing andcandl do
Washuandsffith mar and mahogany topi
Mahogany chairs
.t/usic* tools,hidetts .cribs, radles
Portable writing desk s&c
With agencrnUssortmentof bedsteads o (ricliti
carved mahogany .maple and stained woods, tl if
which will be soft.'as low for cash as they can be pu
chased ofthc$»mequality atany other manufactory
n the Union. ALSO,
jfrussortnen ofYtDomingoand Jay of llonduui
Mahogany, a partof whict ia suitable f or handrsiit
steam sawed curl and shaded reneers, cops) »»r.
nish ofuupertor'iuality,lacking bottoms.confs.t.c
Handsomely executed mat 6
Wholesale Hat Manufactory
Marx constantly on hud
an extensive assortment of
of all descriptions, calculated
for any market, on the rout
rcasoablet rms.
They have, and const»ntly
keep on hand, a complete u
■hew York and Philadd
phia HATH.
Togeher with a gcnersli'
sortmen' of
Orders in their line
thankfully received, anJ pc*
up at the shortest notice.
Purchased at fair price*.
Alexandria, June 3, 1831.
Jotm T. W NVVVbdr,
King St., noar Rovn!.
at Mrs. Siicrron'*
Has on hand Five D*!
HATS, to which hr par ™
larly invite* the puhlie atten
tion, hoping that they * 1
call and examine for the*n
selves. With only coni’r*-8
care, they will la»t a yrJr
Gentlemen from Vilf1"*
and Maryland, wishing
purchase by the cate ’<r*:f
gle one, would not lute**]
thing by giving him a calf -
N.U Old Hat* taker »
exchange, and I.'iuteircf’
llals kept in order grat.t.
Alexandria, sept 34
H >use Lol lor ftaVe or Went.
i—-tt,. The auSacriber offer* for sale nr rri.<
a+m house * half ache lol
[ gJ j- at themteraectiun of Washington and ■
■'*- iiko streets,! n which he now resides
nov 1 —lawtf KOMUNI) I ' fcr‘
Books and Pamphlets, Lottery Bills,
Catalogue* of8ale, Hand do
Bank Checks, Hat do
Law, Commercial It other Show do
Blsxks. Home do
Policies of Insurance, Stage do
Bill ooki, Cards
Lottery Tickets, Blank Note*,
Bills of Lading, Militia Notices.
In all its varieties, neatly executed, and tri:“
dispatch, at the Phenix Gazette OJjiire, v tT!
will be executed every description ofprinting-''
op ktp.ky kind ron balk at this o,f,c
PAMPHLETS printed at the Gazette OfA

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