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II „u.vbay waxiyti. apul ». »»•
„ under,,»nd that the Circuit Court, ou Su.
7* fo'httg'J Tout*. 'V»TK.». from ■■»
„„ the ground thut hi. .ecood .rre.t
r .,,1, The nhole eummuuity, we pre
' .,1| „j„ite »> this lerminulion of the rni.
” 7 „f thi. iftdieidu.l. Sympathy for his
had taken the pl.ee of dupleasur. for
are „,M ,hat the meeting of Sunday School
* r „t the Methodist Episcopal Church in
r*.ou Sunday week last, was a highly in
] , ,„.e. Some one who was present on
r:Un would pet haps gratify the public by
glia; »u account of it. We would insert it
w.tK s-eat pleasure.__
i, b amusing to hear the Richmond Whig, the
r.,urapS and all tl.e different specie* of the
* .tLUNCATioN, talk about the federalist,
Lr, *, anil so-the federalist* being in favor ol
. e r,ocb,nation—the federalists opposing state
4c ic. Why, we know some of the
.,’ice.t federalists in the country who are,
[x non’!, going nullifitrs! Who supported the,
..'fbitl of the States” during tl.e late war?-;
xVh3 then talked of nullifying? It would be
,uiifwell, then, for the present abuse of the ,
federalists to be let alone. If every body whoj
,.,oi,u the heresy of nullification is to be set
a> a.lidcralist, the old party will be reviv
al again with a vengeance.
Mantua.—A lettei datid the 6th inst. from
Hav.ua, received at Savaouah, says:
.. in »ur market we have nothing new to no
tve. DW'iness is tor me present »us|irnucu,
„Aing IO the holidays. The Cholera, we are
hal,|," t„say, our board of lleal'h has declared
to have left the ciiv, and it is expected that clean
g,>l, of health will be now granted again.”
Tliis is good news.
A few d.v.9 since we had the unpleasant duty
a, oeiluinr, of announcing that Col. I’haver
tu retire from the command ol the station
it West Point. We also intimated, in few
ward', the causes which have compelled lies ac
t.uupltslud officer and gentleman to leave a
4t4tion f r which he is so pecultary well fitted.
We are now more fully informed; and constrain
ed to say that the occupancy of the Executive
(‘hair, bv a weak and vain man, bids fair to de
*tov that most useful, important and pnpu ar of
all "our public institutions —the Military Acade
my. It appears that a number of Cadets hav
i.4been tried bv a Court Martial fur various acts
oiinsubordination, were justly Sentenced to be j
dismissed from the instituting. I he Young Men |
proceeded at once to Washington, ami not only j
succeeded in pro< urn g a reversion of the sen
tence, but something equivalent to a reprimand,
or a censure of the Court i'self.
Thus armed, the cashiered cutlets returned,
and triumphantly marched into their old quar
ters. Another act of insubordination was the
consequence. The young men must celebrate
their triumph over their officers. For this pur
pose, after the manner of the exotic patriots of
this city, a hickory tree was raised at the
Point, and the customary acts of idolatry perfor
mrd. A representation of this freih outrage
was transmuted to the War officer, but no ev
idence of disapprobation was returned from the
Government. On the contrary, information was
received at the Post, that the President, “pleas
ed with a rattle, tickled with a straw,”—so far
from manifesting anv displeasure at the unmili
laryand turbulent spirit of the cadets/ was grati
fied at this renewed evidence of thwr personal de
totion to himself. Under these circumstance*, nn
accomplished sonlier, like Col Thayer, could not
hesitate as tu the line of conduct which duty
required Into to pursue.—iV }”. Com.
L*,»r the credit of the Government, we hope
set this matter promptly, fullv, and satisfac
torily explained. If it is not, let the heaviest
fondemnation, w* say, fall upon the President.
Let impress—let no party in tins country, spare
him. \\e pause for an answer to the above ar
ticle.] _
\flrr full and authentic investigation, a writer
'n London Metropolitan for last month
holds this language:
" British peerage has less of the boast of
ancestry to be proud of than any of the other
"'dors of nobility of civilized Europe;—it is es
'“‘ntiailv plebeian in its origin and alliances;
"hue, at the same time, it is, upon the whole,
»i‘d probably from these very causes, the most
'''’Uhtened ami least prejudiced aristocracy of
, c’! *'>rld has as yet furnished an exam
ple. ’
Washington, April 18, 1S33.
Mr. Snotcdtn—The day’s flying rumors relate
*' change* of the Cabinet proper, as well as of
the highly improper one. Mr. Livingston’s des
tination is perfectly concluded upon; and his de
parture for France will take place early in June,
"fcretarv Woodbury, of the Navy, has vacated
' for a time at least, and gone in quest
t. e pleasure# of travelling and change of scene
o explore a portion of the Western and South
•*stern sections of the Union. He departed a
irtoight ago, and has been hailed from Wheel
ri*’ Je,c*nding the Ohio River, with the honora
''wl redoubtable Second Auditor, H Uliam B.
,l 4n<* w,t^ fhetn went Col. Henderson, of
J* Marine Corps of this place. - What the real
th^C\ > Movement of these Cabinet men is,
«pubic are left altogether to conjecture. No
; ’^enable cause has yet been given, to
{’I -! tl'e,r >hsence from their respective du
eirh or.^e discharge of which they are
j*,10 the re«'P< Urge salary pay. The evi
<nt consequence thence w, that, for the period
of their absence, they will be placed completely
upon the list of sinecures; and the treasury will
be made to discharge a regular per diein, or dai
ly par, to each; with a whole budget ol tavern
! bills, and other moving expenses;—and all this,
| with no solid view of benefit to the country, but
entirely to satisfy, mail probability,the personal
\t<*ws ol Secretary Woodbury himself.
Other views aie, by some, taken of the afore
going Western and South-western excursion.—
One is, that the full contemplation, and ostensi
ble design of it is, to provide for the thorough
withdrawal of all the Bank Deposit?*; and to co
ver it by virtue of this utter disreputable sham,
plaved off upon the public so adroitly Another
idea is, that from his acute naval tact, and from
the formidable strength of his judgment, from his
single survey of the Harbor ol Pensacola and the
Coast of Florida, he can glance, at once, into ob
jects of national value, ol great necessity, and
extensive public utility. Of the correctness of
this, the public can judge.
It is quite industriously spoken of, that the
withdrawal of the Treasury Deposites is actual
ly ta supersede every thing like executive favor,
and to precede every circumstance of private in
terest and political benefit. Thd Kitchen Cabi
net—Messrs. Eaton, Kendall, Lewis, and Blair,
—have, so credited it; and the Cabinet Proper
will have to bend perfect obedience to it; or such
is the influence of the wretched Cabinet impro
per, that Secretary McLine will be immediate
ly discharged from every thing like executive
trust. This is no idle idea; it is founded on
facts and circumstances so distinctly understood,
that none, who know, can be at all confounded
about it. The Vice President is desirous of hav
ing it understood, that he is of the opinion of the
Secretary of the-Treasury in retaining the De
posites in the Uuited States Bank. The real
truth, however, is, decidedly, that he is abso
lutely intrinsically in favor of the rapid with
drawal of the whole monies of the Government,
in whatever shape they come, or may come, and
of whatever description they may be.
His object is cultivate all the favoritism i
imaginable with every State-bank in the Union,
so as to stimulate as great an individual adher
ence of die people to him as possible. This is
>.. k.. i... .k.. h.rui tnra with th«ir in. I
fluence ami command over the people, from the
^rcat dealings with, and debts of the country
people to, the banks. This is »he invidiously
cuntim;' operation of the New York deeply de
signing Magician; and the public cannot be suf
fluently aware of him. The political gambling
he has put into operation is a most consummate ;
one, truly; and, if not well watched, will tend :
to overwhelm public sentiment. !
The Executive report upon the destruction of ■
the Treasury Office, is very propeilv Considered
to be a public matter of the most frivolous and
utterly unmeaning dissatisfactory character; pre- J
ciHe 1 y of the iharauer umst desirable to produce
infinite a'arin, and extensive public reprobation.
No one Was doubted, and none ever will serious
lv doubt, but that the building was most trea- !
cherouslv annihilated; and none but the Heads
of Departments have ever for a moment imagin
ed hut that a vast proportion of the public books
and papers were actually lost in it- Their own
report (and the extraordinary indefinitenes9 of
it, as to the circumstances that were so notorious
ly known and believed to exist,) convince the
community that a very great deception has been
attempted to be practised; and that the labor
with which it has been measured out to the pub
lic is entirely corroborative of the conspiracy
which produced it.
The matter is, that the report made by the
Executive officers is not even satisfactory to Pre
sident Jackson himself: he has seen and heard
abundantly to convince him, that design alone
produced "the destruction of the building; ami
that there exists infinite vileness in the whole
wretched course of wickedness perpetrated up
on the country A public call will most assur
edly, at least eventually, be made for reaching
a full investigation of it: such an one, too, as
will put to shame that which has already been
With respect to the General Post Office: —
There has not a whit of change for tne better
taken place in it. The common report is, that
its utter derangement is conspicuous; and the
infinite disorders with which it is besieged must
produce, ere long, something serious. Dr Jones
of the City Post Office will not, it is said, he
long continued, under any circumstances. He
does not quadrate with the views of Mr. Van
Bur en; and hi* idea* of general political tnea
surement are piuiligiousiy snorr, inueeu, 01 me
enlarged prospectus, so very essential to the suc
cess of his large political plans.
Out of all this seeming infinitely ludicrous po
litical drama, great good, or a vast deal of inju
ry, is to result to tire nation;—either that \ an
Huron is fast over-working, "and will overwork,
his scheme? or. if he sucieeds, the country will
be thoroughly governed by a deep course of
wretched device to deceive, dupe and mislead,
the great mas* of the people.
When [ again communicate to you, my hope
is, that my informants will posses* me of much
valuable matter. They are constrained, howev
er, from the peculiarity of their situations, to lie
exceedingly cautious and circumspect in making
developeiuents to me. There reigns here a per
fect superiorship over the actions and opinions of
every man having a dependence upon Executive
favor, hile the favorites themselves are allow
ed to lavish a strain of infinite abuse upon all
those whose principles and whose nobleness of
souls embolden them to acts of high integrity and
independence. 1 mean, in some future number
to you, to discuss this portion of the Executive
power, and to dilate upon the extraordinary
course with which it has been wielded ever since
ihe existing Chief Magistrate was called by the
people to the Presidential bench.
Without it is utterly discountenanced, the in
evitable consequence will be, that the justice and
rights of the people will be kept a: infinite dis
tance from the practices of their public officers;
I insomuch as tu countenance a power not acknow
I (edged bv the Constitution, and that has hitherto
been principally unknown among us. True it
it a government of the people. Rut 1 ask, with
such enormous intrusion upon public principle
and individual right, how lung can it remain pos
sible to return, in the hands of the multitude, a
control over those chosen by the people to offici
ate properly in the gifts and operations committed
to them?
'ipen dsi'y from 10 to 12, H., and from 3 to S, P II
Louisville, (Ky.) April 6.
Savings Institution.—We had not learned
the result of yesterday’s businesa in the Savings
Institution, when our paper of this rooming waa
put to press. It was, however, nearly or quite
equal to that of the preceding day—ami, it is
believed, that the investments of to day will
awell the amount of deposits to 30,000 dollara.
There can now be no doubt that, in three weeks
from the day on which it was opened, the Insti
tution will be operating on a capital of at least
100,000 dollars. What, then, may we antici
pate from it in a few yrars?^^__________
Flour, Howard street, sales of several hun
dred bbis at 85,25, 5.3W and 5.37J; sales of
Citv Mills, at 5.25; Susquehanna is held at 5,
25; —considerable quantities going on board the
packets coastwise this morning;—sales 200 bar
rels Fredericksburg, at 5,25.
Grain - Prime Wheat sold this morning at
118 cts; Corn, plenty at 68 to 70 cts; Rye—sales
at 65 to 70 cts; Oats, 38 to 40; Whiskey—sales
of Susquehanna at 29J to 30 cts in lihds; barrels
at 31 a 32 cts. __
Arrivkd. April 20,
Schr. Two Brothers, Barcroft, Machodock;
corn to R. Johnston.
Schooner Paramount,Frost,Portsmouth, N. H.
Schooner Duroc, Stetson, Portland.
Schooner Renown, Risley, New Orleans.
Sloop Advice, Crowell, New York.
Sloop Union, Taylor, Philadelphia.
Sag-Harbor, April 16.—Arr. ship Cadmus,
Howell, from South Atlantic, with 1100 bbls. oil
and 9000 lbs. bone. April 9, lat. 34 15, long.
70, saw a fine copper bottomed schooner lying on
her beam ends, and nearly level with the water.
On her stern, and as near as could be ascertained,
were the letters GEKAL. (not certain) and ap
peared to be the last part ol her name; the wea
ther being bad at the time, could not get very
near to her. Nearby, picked up a small box,
containining two glass jars of mue more man a
quart each, anil one ol earlhern of about three
pints, all containing orange preserves, but were
spoiled with salt water. From a number of Da
nish papers found in the box.and printed al Chris
lianstead, St. Croix, and one of them dated as
late as March 4, I think the above place must be
the last sailed from. April 12, spoke brig Chi
pola, 3 days from Philadelphia for St. Thomas.
[ The above is believed to be the General Wash
ington from St Croix, for New York, belonging
to David Rogers & Son, mentioned a few days
since as a mi.-sing vessel.]
Important to Mariners.—-We learn from
Captain House, who made his 150th voyage be
tween this port and Philadelphia during the last
week, that there is a safe harbor at Nantucket
Point, which is not so generally known a9 it
should b?. He says all vessels bound over the
Shoals, that take the wind to the E, and do not
like to proceed, may run tor Nantucket Poin* till
it bears SE half a mile; then steer ESE till the
light bears N by W; then the land will bear E
NE, where there is an anchorage ground in ten
fathoms water, secure from east winds then the
land will be SE three miles und ENE one mile,
affording a land lock of 24 out of the 32 points or
the compass, a better harbor, and more room to
get under weigh, than any other haibor on the
Vineyard Sound. The harbor likewise affords
the advantage ol improving any wind, with which
vessels can be brought over the Shoals. Cap
tain II. will be happy to communicate anv
further particulars to his sea-faring brethren. If
this be a secret by which he has gained the title
of Fortunate Navigator, having never met any
disaster at sea, the information is invaluabl., and
we think masters of vessels will find it so..
Boston Centinel
[\ ribboned disks; and Compound Chulorine Tooth
Wasli, just received from Boston, and for sale by
apr 22 W I.LIAM 8TABLBH.
Superior deiA.eiVi V orders.
LIZA KKNNKDY has received some very superi
or Seidlilz Powdcis; Sandford’s superfine Bark;
I emon Acid: Salt of Lemon, for extracting ink or
other spots from linen or muslin; Phosphoric Match
es; Vestimcntal So.p; Pink Saucers; Preston Salts;
Olio of Hose*; and a general assortment of
as Cologne, Florida. Lavender, Camphor, Hose, and
Honey Waters; Shaving, Cosmetic, and Toilet Soaps,
of var.ous odours; Hair Powder, scented and plain;
Hear’*. Antique, and Macassar Oil; Persian Lotion;
Almond Paste, Milk of Hoses, 6tc kc.
apr 2J—eo3t____________________
V or Ir'xaigUl
rf'Xr The new achooner BALTIMORE, Captain
^^^Morton, burthen 1000 barrels, will tale a cargo
or p*it of cargo to any Eastern p rt, on moderate
erms. Apply to
apr *20 _A C. CAZKNOVE St Co.
Vor nr Vhuxlpx
To the lTest Indies, or South Jimerica,
The brig REMITTANCE, 9. S. Rears,
litlf "“ll'r burthen 140 tons, and carries about 900
bai^^T **he is coppered and copper fastened, and in
evert respect a first rate vessel., Apply to
„pr-20 _S. MKSSER3M1TH.
Uoni YianUA.
I WISH to purchase 4000 bushels good Dry Corn
yellow or mixed preferred—deliverable here
Georgetown, apr20-3t _FRA. DODGE.
lixound A\mn AaU—Ailoat
,,yyi Bushels of Ground Alum Salt, the cargo of
•♦I f{ Fi_F schooner Baltimore, for sale by
,pr \g A. C CaZENOVE Cf Co.
Coffee. Uopa UanvUea.
a LOT of Havana Coftee
A A few balea Hops, Boston inspection; and
A fu.ther supply of Mould Candles, all sizes anu
superior quality
Just received and for sale by
9pr 19_A C CAZEVOVE & Co
x Vox Boston.
jS&Su The achooner FORNAX, Captain Pcrcival.
^pply toU.e ^puinorc^FNOvE fc Cq
Va\n\ V.eat Bats.
AD. HARMON haa just received a prime lot ol
• Palm Leaf Hata, of various quialiticu, which wil
be sold cheap. apr 12-d6U5*eo3t
In&epen&dnt B\ue&\
A MEETING of the Company will be held Thit
Evening, at half paat 7 o’clock, at the Towc
Hall, [next to the Council Chamber.] Punctual at
tendance ia requested. By order:
apr 23—It _B. BUY AN, Sec’y.
Xa»Uc© ia given,
THAT the annual meeting of the Stockholders in
the Alexandria Canal Company, will be held at
the Council Chamber, in the town of Alexandria, on
Monday, the 6th day of May next, at eleven o'clock
A. M. at which time a statement of the aiT-irs of the
Company will be submitted and an election take
place for a President and six Directors, to serve the
ensuing year. By order JOHN H. CKF.ASE.
Canal office, 20th April, 1833. Clerk, A C C.
apr 2‘2~eot6UiMsy_
Grand Consolidated Lottery,
Clast Ao 16 fur 1833,
Will be drawn in Wilmington, (Del.) on Monday,
April 22
Ticketa f4; halves 2; quarters 1 00
On sale in great variety by
qJ Uncurrent Nute, end Foreipn Gold purchased
Drawn Numbers in the New York Consolidated Lot
tery, Extra Class No. 10 for 1833:
1 16 60 56 7 17 11 21 19
Grand Consolidated Lottery,
Class So 16 for 1833,
To be drawn in Wilmington, Del on Monday, Apr 22
Tickets#4; halves 2 00; quarters 1 00.
To be had in u variety of numoers of
Lot my Exchange Broker, Alexandria.
Drawn Numbers in the New York Consolidated Lot
tery, F.x'ra Class No 10forl83>:
l 16 60 56 7 17 11 21 19 _
dWfcxan&Tia Acv&eiwjj.
13HB Trustees of the Alexandria Academy announce
. to the public that they have elected Mr H I.
Crosmx Principal of said Academy; and that this Iii
stitution is now open for the reception of students.—
The course of instruction will embrace the Greek and
Latin Classics, the French Language, and all the
branches of a complete English Education
Rev F.tus IIaubi&or, President.
Rev: E. I.ippett 1 P Thompson,
Robert I. Taylor, Wm C Gardner,
r.iimuiid i. i.ee, t;nanes /i <\iexanucr,
Hugh Smith, Wm. L Hodgson.
John L loyd,
spr 20—tf WM L HODGSON, Ser’y.
s FIRST ra-c. assortment of Woisc's superior manu
1 factured Quills, from No. 10 to 70, which will be
sold at the manufacturer's price, by
Hpr 19 6f W M MORRISON,
T^HF subscriber liss received, per the Velocity, from
, Boston and is now opening, a fresh supply of
BOOTS <$• SHOES, cheap and good,
Wholesale and ret.il.
apr 18-d3t&eo3t__A JD. HARMON. ,
\ V VkrA,
BK.GS leave most respuctluliy to mlorm the citiz-ns
of this place and vicinity that he intends com
mencing his professional business in this place, ami
hopes, by close attention to business, reduced prices,
and success in operating, to merit the favor of all.
U. J P. is prepaied to insert Natural, Sea Morse,
and Porcelain Teeth, of all the various shades, at the
shortest notice.
• ie may be seer, at Mr. A- O. Douglass’, on King street,
second door above Pitt atreel, north side tie will
wait on persons (particularly ladies) at their dwellings
apr 17 —d6t‘*2awtf
I’OTtftt te v* in© tiutUea.
(5| « k Groce best quality Quart Wine Bottles
& . f 1 -1 do do Porter Bottles
16 d ) do I’int Wine Bottles
Just received from the Factory, per Brig Patron,
and for sale by H. C 8 Mil II,
apr 17 Agent for N. K Glass Bottle Co
Vittuk Uwrtrt
2 0 0 no L'fcA to S REWARD.
1) v> \ WAY on the 8th instant, at night, from the
subscriber, Abner Nash, living in Amelia County,
a negro woman named BETSEY, who calls liersell
Betsey ‘•mith Sht is a stout fl* shv woman, about 23
or 24 years ol age, with t round full face and brown
complexion She took wi h her two children, the old
est a girl four or five years oldt and the youngest about
eight months old, witli a bright complexion. It is sup
posed that the bus .amt ofB -tsev, a negro man who
calls himself RH’HJHD SMITH, belonging to the
subscriber, Joseph Allen, of the City of Richmond, has
accompanied her- Richard has a pass from his master
to visit his family, with permission *o be absent ten
days. He is quite a small man, not five feet high per
haps, 25 or 30 years of sge, thick and wtdl set, has a
thin face, high forehead, bushy hair, brown complex
IUII| BllUt "til ■ V'"' ...
head Negrots answering this description were seen
to p<ss through Richmond on the 9ih nstant, in a car
ryall, going in the direction of Fredericksburg. As
two »il the brothers of Richard have been successful in
making their t scape to some of the Northern States,
it is presumed that these runaways will attempt to fol
low them. The man was originally from Caroline, and
the woman from Loudoun* and their route may thefe
fore lie through one of thoae Counties
The above reward will be given for apprehending
and delivering the said runaways to their owners in
Richmond, or one half for securing them in any jail in
the United States, so that their owners get them.
apr 16 - 6t JOSEPH ALi.KN.
AST shall hereafter be mostly in Baltimore, personi
\ indebted to Joseph Janney A Co. or to myselt will
please to make payment to Janney, Hopkins A llud,
♦Jo *J04 Market street, (opposite the Indian Queer
Hotel) Baltimore, orthey may please to make payment
to Charles Hoss, at Jonathan Butcher's or to Jonathai
Butcher, either of whose receipts will be binding.
Alexandria, April 15,1S33. , ,
aN. B. My DWELLING HOUSE is for sah
or rent, and my other Houses lor sale,
apr 16—2awtf_
IfoT Kent or Sa\e,
A neat, comfortable two-story BRICK HOUSl
*« Water str. et, near the Farmers' Bank, wit
a a-KKi Grass Plat, Ac. Apply to
Who will also sell or rent the Block of Brick Builc
ings, together or separate. For one half of the amour
notes of the Mechanics' Bank will be taken at par, an
the other half on long oedit, to be secured by deed <
trust._ apr 15—eo3t
A GENTLEMAN is desirous of purchasing, for »
A own trss, thirty efficient Field Hands Any pe
•on having such Negroes to dispose of, will do well I
apply to Major Lawaxacx Lxwis, near Alexandria, L
q, »pr 9—l30thApr
1 Expeditiously executed at the -lazette Office.
FumituT® Auction*
ON Monday Morning, the 22d in*. at 10 o’clock,
will be told, in front of my Auction Room, an as
sortment of
consisting, m part, of mahogany sideboards, tables,
chair a, bureaus, matrasses, cots, blinds, one turnmg
lathe, smith’s bellows and vice, new and aecond band
carpet Also, 16 boxes Scotch Herrings, fce Ac.
apr 20 GEO. WHITE.
Public ft ale.
UNDER the authority of a Decree of the Circuit
Court, for the County of Alexandria, I shall pro*
ceed to sell, on the premises, on Thursday, the 25th
st the south esst corner of Pnnce and Water streets,
fronting on Prince street 25 feet, and on Water street
44 feet (more or less,) subject loan annual ground
rent of $102 67. Terms at sale.
J. L. McKENNA, Commissioner.
At the same time and place, will be offer
ed tor sale THE VACANT LOT adjoining, on the
south, the above Lot, about 2G feet front on Water
street, and 75 feet deep,
mar 26—w3w&eota
“While Sale—This Day.
following articles, to satisfy rent due R. W. Hunten
I'wo ten-pin alley balls and pins; one ahuffleboard
and pieces; a number of chicken coops; five or six
large tattles; with a bar and other looae lumber,
apr 30—2t JOHN JOHNSTON. Constable.
A Handsome Country Residence
BY virtue of a Deed of Trust from C. Chapin and
wife, for certain purposes therein ooatsined, duly
recorded in the County Court of Fairfax, wifi be sold
at public auction, in front of the Reading Room on
Fairfax street, on Monday, 29ih instant, st 12 o’clock
M (if not previously disposed of by private sale,)
well enclosed, with a comfortable two-stor* Brick
DWELLING HOUSE, and other Improve*
ments thereon, about 2j miles from Alexandria,
Betas! uiwl near the l.ittle Kiver 1'urimikr Koad. Itia
a very desirable Summer retreat, having an abundance
of remarkably good water. (£7 Term* at tale.
J .9EPII W ANOKVILLB, > - , ..
aprl—ts WM D NUTT, Auctioneer.
ON Tuesdav, the '23d instant, at 9 o'clock, A. M. by
order of the Orphans' Court, I shall sell at the
house occupied by the late W’illiam Good, deceased,
•>n Bridge street, near the Market, the following arti
cle!, via:
56 half, 1628 quarter, and 97 half quarter boxel
of Spanish and half Spanish segars
16 Urge boxes soak'd segars, containing 48,800
33 do do do do 123,600
48 lbs of Tonqua beans
752 lbs. of chewing tobacco
10,216 papers of smoking do
1 bale, containing 68 Iba. of 9panish tobacco
10 bhds. and 33 sacks of scrap tobacco, 4492 Ibf.
1036 lbs. of snufT; 13 segar presses
40 tables for rolling segars; 185 segars trays
2 iron screw presses; 1 snuff mill; and
About 175 lots of various hardware, Ac. ,
1 negro boy, 14 years old
1 woman, 23 years old, and her two children, a
boy and girl
Horse, Carts, Gigs, Ac. Ac.
Terms—At and under $10, cash; over $10,6 months
credit. Bunds, with interest, to be given
THOS C. WRIGHT, Auctioneer.
Georgetown, april 20—3t
MYYY i’ropctij at Auction.
WILL be offered for 'm e, in front of the Court
House in Leesburg, on Monday, the 13th day
of May next, (being the first day of May Court,)
THE MILL fy about §0 ACRES of LAND
on Goose Creek, in Loudoun Ccunty, late Duer's, but
more generally known as Triplett's Mill. This proper*
t v is situated at the head of the contemplated Canal or
Siack Water Navigation on Goose Creek. Rale to take
place between the hours of 12 noon and 1PM.
Terms—One-third cash; one third in twelve months,
and the remaining one-third in two years from day of
sale It. 1. TAYLOR, Trustee,
apr 16—2awts
(£7 The Leesburg Genius of Liberty and Washing*
Ionian will please insert the above every week till
time of sale.
T\u& Yft to give notice,
fVTIIAT the subscriber, 'of Alexandria County, in
A Uic lilJUlUl VI \>UIUI1IUI4, IIM UUMIHCU iruui »I1C
Orphan's Court of said County, letters testamr otary on
the estate of William J Robinson, late of the CtMinty
aforesaid, deceased All persons I taring clams agninst
tbe said decedent are hereby warned to exhibit the
same to the subscriber, pawed by tbe Orphans’ Court,
on or before the !8tb day of April, 1834, or they may,
by law, be excluded from all benefit to said estate; and
those indebted thereto are required to make immedi
ate payment. Given under my hand this 18tb April,
apr 19 -<S>3t_Executrix of Win. J. Robson.
Vat Cattle 'wanted.
I wish to purchase
weighing shout 600 lbs. each, to be in
Alexandria in 15 days.
iy Na'ionsl fnteHiirencer 3 times
•>fAitice la hereby given,
Til AT a General Meeting of the Stockholders of the
Fauquier and Alexandria Turnpike Company will
take place at Buckland on Thursday, tbe 9ih day of
May next, for the purpose of electing a President, four
! Directors, a Treasure*, and other Officers of said Com
pany._J. MORGAN, Treasurer.
To Bent,
j AgA A three-story Brick DWELLING
| ajjTJjU HOUSE on Water south ot Queen street,
IIMiHnow in the occupancy of Mr. Robert Con
4y8BBHway Possession to be given 6th April.
t The WHARF and WAREHOUSE formerly called
j ' “ Tuckers;” and the WAREHOUSES on oomer of
f \ King and Cameron streets, lately occupied by J. fc J.
Douglas. Immediate possession given to the two 1st*
- ter. 1BAAC ROBBINS, Agent,
mar 29—d3t{y*eo2w
.' Utile Blvcr Turnpike Co,
o TKTOTICB ia hereby given, That a dividend of Two
'• JLw Donars on each. Share of the Capital Stock of this
Company is declared, and payable to the stockholders
’ or their legal representatives on or after the 5th inet,
spr 3—eo4w Treasurer L.%. T. Co

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