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Phenix gazette. [volume] (Alexandria [D.C.]) 1825-1833, May 04, 1833, Image 4

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CT.RURNT \ HKK \S 1* »t In* Shop on Roya
stve-r. ha- i . t r ~ v-d fr.>m Sew York a small (
amnrto,rn» f FERFU'IER Y and other art We*. which ,
hew .old **e hippy to dispose of. Amongst which are j
the f-•llowtBg:
Genu.r»e near** oil With a number of other
Superior antique do description*
Naples do Cologne, lavender, Kk>n
[a new and said to be asu <1* *nd B*y water
perio* ar'ic’e] Very fine Nap! ■ soap, for
Superior toilet powder shaving
Uicn rented nursery do Tooth brushes, curls, pufTi
Prest-n salts An assortment of handsome
Persian rose soap S I*0CK3
Bitter almon l do Venu- pomatum, for dye
Wroaenur and Cevlon do ing red or grey hair black
J.iSasiine mi l violet do Penknives, razors, Sic.
To which lie will oe constantly ad lmg.
?'? Ladies can have almost any description of Hair
work to order, at short notice. Curls re dressed
He hope*, by strict attention to lousiness to merit a
share of public patronage in the line of his profession.
Vtir VV-^ut.
The STORE HOUSE next door to Washing
fc I1*! on k Crent, and the Dwelling Mouse attached
tbrr.to Possessin i of the latter cm be !ia l immedi
ately, and the former on 1st April. The Ntore House
is to be putin prime order, with new m >dern win
dows, &c
•The superior location an I charac’er of this properly
fora Djj (iooua business, wiil, it ia hoped, en-ure a
good teiant readily. Inquire of >1r Joseph Jsnney, or
mar 20 GKO-_JjHIS 3QN 13* Co
'Vo Viet*
m A comfortable Brick D'i ELLIS G HOL.'iR,
with Out Mouses complete, adjoining the uouse
ku U, l.uanh on C»!Tltrjtl itfCtt —
Possession may be bad immediately. Apply “>
TUree nb\fc & \» »pu\ar Vius\l»U
PERIODICALS—At ^7 per annum.
JUST receive! oy WM- « MOitH'OS, who is
appointed AjMit for this place, the three lir»t
numbers of tlte re-publication of BUckw,») !’< Miga
z'*ne. The Metropolitan, ativl the Foreign Q lartcrly Us*
view_all lor the small sum t f seven dollars
The above works, w‘uch are now re published, are
of cstabh he l character f»r the ability and inter- st with
which they are conducted. Blackwood t» well known
as tue ablest an l most interesting of the foreign pt-rio
dicals. The Metropolitan is a new p rioJical, edited
by Thomas Campbell, (recently Kditnr ol tits New
M»mh!y)anl litmus Moore, as-isted by Harrison,
(author of Dins of a Physician) Mrs Hemsns, Mr*.
Norton, and other writer* of high reputation. The
Foreign Q.i«rieily Be view is devoted principally to
Continental Litersiure, an l ii conducted with great ta
lent. It treats of h-- literature and institutions of this
con itry with imp %rti»iity, and often in terms c-t high
and deserved commendation It enjoys at present a
higher reputation thin either of the Knglish or Scot
tish Ueviews. The expensiveiiessof the ong.nal pub
lications prevents any extensive circulation ot them in
this country—the separate cost of the cheapest being
fifty per cent above that of the whole of the re-publi
cation, and the co>t of the three not less than 35 dol
lars, five times the cos* of the re p'-int
N o intermixture of the works will be permitted to
occur, but all the aniclcs of each number will be prin
ted consecutively, as in the original, and in such man
ner that it the close of the year each woik c-n De se
parated by th-* Binder, and bound by i'sclf. The work
ii h andsome'v printed with new type, on psp*r
in imperial ifi.no (octavo), in weekly numbers of 32
pages each, apr 6 —cofit
Wins a,
f IT 1 rt subscriber, having oeew an Irapoiter and De-.l
X cr in WI a’KS fur mmy /■'«% his in s*ore a stock
of v-ry description, old .:n:l pirr, in wood and bot'les.
ALo, a general iss«r*.n»,'t id the best -electedarticles
iy The Bottle 1 vV.nes—upwards of 300 Dozen,
packed m cases ofone and two dozen each—haveoeen
•-.eel-J IV »m the m >*'. approved urands —London Far
ticnlur M tdeira, pvt of which late from India, very
<>l J; Fi r.a an 1 Birgindy I0.5 Ser-iai and Dual do ;
<1 »rdo.i*s p-i*-; <«r»pe do ; Ol \ Sherry; '*nper or
Burgundy Fort; do. Dry Fort; Old Hock; with a vari
ety of French an 1 other Wines.
All of wuich will be sold at the stoat reduced prices.
dec 4 —eotf Fairfax atrret, Alexandria.
iU\et\ i\vt\\is t\\.
and drawst! e Com out by the roots, without the least
CssTirre^.s —“ To those afflicted with Corot on
their feet I do certify, that I have t-sedihe Albi m Com
Plaster with complete success. Before I h«il u«-d one
hot, it completely cured a Corn which had troubled me
far many years I make this public fir the benefit of
those affl.cted with that painful complaint.
Pushing, I. 1 Peb 28 Wm-Smsw.”
Price 50 Cents a Box
STpMF.Y purify the blond, q ucken its circulation, as
sist the suspended operations of nature, and »re a
g-iieral remedy for ihe prevailing complaints among
the femtle part of society. They Pills are particularly
efficacious in the Green Sickness, Palpitation of the
Heart Giddiness, Short Rreath, 'inking of the Spirit*.
Dejection and l)is;nclintiion to Exercise and Society.
Mamed ladies will fi-i 1 the Pills equally ufelul, except
in cssea of pregnancy, when they mast not e ia/ten,
neither must they be taken by persons of hectic or
consumptive habits. Price 11 50 s box
The celebrated CAMBRIAN .TOO III
ACHE PILLS, w.iich give immediate relief,
Without the least injury to the teeth On trial this w,U
be found one of the* best remedies known for thiscom
plaint Price 50 cents a box.
• • Vujie genuine unless signed on the on'sule
I orbited wrapper, bv Pie sole Proprietor, T KIDDER,
L ;i mediate successor to the la c l)r IV T Conway For
sale at his Counting Itoorn, over No. 99, Court street,
near Concert Hail, Boston, ami >>v his speci-il appoint*
merit, by W.M. STABLER,
Fairfax Street. Alexandria.
^ |I‘IR (ira^ne'oi leav • 10 recommend
Ui he dues with thu fullest confidence) one of the
no t valn tble re ?»«• li •«• tni i*; tor this troublesome and
painful complaint Without yoing "ito t eiMl, lie
deems it t nought! *a\,that he has in bit possession the
most undoubted testimonials that it lias more completely
answered the purposes for which it was intended, than any
other popular Medicine. _ ...
Th.s remedy is perfectly innocent in its application
to all conditions, ages, and sexes Full directions, de
scription of the complaint, 4ic. accompanying each
packet, which consinta of two boxes, Ointment and
Electuary, Price, #1 for th# “-bole or 50 cents if but
one of • he articles is w antee
•#* Xmic are Pennine u iless signed on the outside
wrapper by the sole proprietor /' KIDD EH, immediate
successor to tic late "l)r iV V Conway. For sale a'his
Counting Il ium, over No 99, Court street, nesr Con
cert. Hall, Boston, and also bt his special appointment
”apr9 fair fix Street, A'exandria
Patent \Hwtn\ftut,
WILLIAM SIAM.EH, Agent, Alexandria
#T1’I R above Ointment is recommended to the public
JL as a safe and certain rented* for those obstinate,
diseases, some of which have so long baffled ihc skil
of medic*! science;
1st White swellings of everv description;
2d Sore lea* and ulcers of long standing,
3d Schirrus or glandular turn -rs, particularly those
hardened tumors in w mi-it’s breasts, woicb oftentimes
terminate in ulcet-ated cancers;
4th Felons; or w'tui some pe ple know by the name
of catarrhs, of every description
5th ttheumatic pains ot tlie joints;
6ih Sprains and bruises of every description, or in
whoever part situate;
7th Tetters of all kin Is. In Ibis complaint the pa
tient, in applying the ointment, must ieep the pari
out of water;
8;h Chilblains or parts affected by frost.
Uealih Secured,
BY the use of the Hvgeian Vegetable Universal
Medicines of the British College «T Health, Lon
don, which have obtained the approbation and recom
mendation of thousands who have been cured, in eon.
aumpt'us's, cho'era morbu«, infl \mmationa, internally
or extern j!K; dyspepsia, fevers, ague, indigestion, hi
lious or nervous afl'cetions, and all diseases c.t the i' er;
vellow fever, gout, rheumatism,lumbago, tic i.oloreux,
dropsy, St. Vitus’s dmer, epdeosv, apoplexy, pw>*
sis, palsy, green sickne*s, sndall obstructions to wluc ‘
the female fotm is so distressingly liable, and which
s< nos s > many of this fsirest p-rtio . of the creation to
th«*»r untimr ty graves; until pox, measles, whooping
I cough, scsilet Fever, asthma, jaundice, gravel, stone
! and all urinary obstructions; fistula, piles, strictures,
' ruptures, and s'philiein all its stages; constipated bow
! els, worms, scurvy, itrhings of the skm, king s evi ,
and all cutaneous disorders; in abort, every complaint
to which the human frame ts so direfuily ‘•ubj ct, un
der all their varie«J forms sod names; R3 die Hsgetan
' convction is, that man is subject to one only re™
: Disease,—that is, TO THE iMPL RTIY OF fWi
| BROOD, —from whence springs ivrry C*mpl * nt that
i can possibly as->atl bis complicated frame; and that it
I is the perpetual struggle of this vital, pure stream of
i life, (the Kift of Almighty power! to disencumber t?
I self of its s isenus, acrid humours, with whicl; it has be
come commixed, through the negligence of parent*;
the ignorance or maltreatment of the Hectors; or the
vicinu* or gormandising propensities of us all
i Th:s valuable Medicine, being composed only of
; vegetable matter, or medicinal herbs, and warranted,
I on oath, as containing not me particle nl mercurial,
i mine ml, or chemical substances, (all of which are un
congenial to the nature ol m»n, and therefore destine
i live to the human frame,) i"» found to be perfectly
harmless lothe most tender ‘gc i-r weakest frame, un
der every stage of human suffering; tlicinnstpl aiant
and benign in it operation, and at the sime time the
must searching out the rout of every corrpVmt. how
ever deep, and of perfuming a cure, that was ever
offend to the world This wonderful efTuct, too, :s
produced by. the Sent trouble to the paM< n.s, oy
j merely swallowing a certain number of sm;i 1 pil!<, and
i being called sfew extra times to the purposes of eva
cuation, with the least post'd le sensation of pain, or
exli*U3U>H) of bodily a rength, and without the tear of
patching rold, or attention to dress or <’ict, in any way
diflVrei.t from their accustom* d l.al its.
These pills curt-all cases, and cannot, be taken to
excess Kx; erience, which i» the touchstone of a!|
hnmxn knowledge Ins tong horns testimony to the
fact; and extensive use ol them lias already verified
ita truth in this country.
These m- dicines cure by purging; and yc*t the weak,
the feeblr, the infirm, the nervous, the delicate, are
in a few «!»> . stiei gthened b* their cpeiation, heca tse
they ch ar tiie hotly of it* ba 1 bumouis, anil invariably
procure sound sleep They ttre the safe st and must
. ffi ach us n.cnicine to take to sea; pre*entii:g scurvy,
cos’ivcnes*, &.c.
The Vegetable Cleans’ng Pow lers are of great 9B
instance to patients, and facilitate the evacuation of
bail humour.-'; they soften, c!f* nse, ar.d detach the
acrimonious phlegm; are coding, and allay tlic third,
lino, two. *ir three powders may be taken throughout
the day, mixed in lull a win* glass of water.
Extract of a Letter to Dr. Moat.
Sir : I he motive v. Inch ha- imh ced me to write this
letter to * ou, is, that I might be instrumental in the
recommendation of Morrison’s Universal Vegetable
Medicines to the ; ffl rted, which, by the DUin* bless
ing lr*s cured me of the Scarlet Fever. My case was
as follows: W hi!s‘ returning fr m Washington to Alex*
.vidria, I was taken v*rv ill, which obliged me, on my
arrival, to retire suddenly to bed, but could not sleep,
and ho next day inv throat became so much inflamed,
t! at 1 could scared* swallow; and my face, breas:, and
body, presented evident symptoms of the great dan*
g- r l w-s in, ami I knew nut what to d>; Calomel or
llercu y I abhorred as poison, and th'.r-for<* desired
no assistance fr m the Drugget; but my mother, who
had exp1 iR-i.ced tli good ift'-ct of the IJygcian Pills
in a case or two of her own, inm« strenuously advised
me to try their virtue, which, with reluctance, 1 con
s- ntrd to, and commenced by taking eight No. 1 piiia
at night, sir! eight No 2 the next morning and con
tinu d taking, i x-reasing daily, morning and veiling,
until I took sixteen No 2 at a time, which were dis
solved in watt r, *«s, by means of my sore threat, I could
not otherwise » * allow tiv m. 1 confess the dime made
me feel »«ir.i w hat qualmish. Sec ; But the pills and the
powdrr* of which I took one or two tea-spoonsfull «
day, operated well, and the final result was, th-at I fell
into u sound sle'-p, of which I had been d privet!, and
the next morning awoke in a stale of persp ra'ion, freed
from fever, coot and comfortable, and my reason (for
Mind been d* ranged in mind) returned; and on the
9th dai from the tune t was first taken, f left my ro< in,
and h.o e e\er since enjoyed better health titan I did
hrfn.e V* n have my leave to make what u-e you
}>’•*<«• , f this. ! wish you success, and am sir. a our
f,I,-,..1 M VllV 1MN IllWIKH
Hat a and Ca\i9.
| Tins old stand, on King, between ttoyal and Pair
\ fax xtree**, Alexandria, has on hand an extensive
assortment of .. __
of all desert pt ions, wmtli be off rs for s»le
onlbe most reasonab'c terms.
Me has also just received a large and
elegant assortment of
CAPS, of the newest and trosl beau'iful fashions,
uf all m i’cria's, win ill be wi.l sell on terms calculated
to please pure'-.aatrs
Ail orders from the country strictly attend d ‘o, and
executed with d« «p*tcb-__
STEPHEN SANGKI* respectfully informs the pub
lie that he has commr-nced the *
! Upon King street, a f»-w doors above Mr. Hurdle'*
Ch*ir VaCtorv, where he i* prep <red to execute uiv de
acriptiisi of Uph l»«ery, and will furnish »<» or !-r P «•
ther Beds Hair, Mesa, and common iUt lasses «.f i-ty
s;ze, i*c. Ac.
Stephen Sander and l Vill i din Creighton
under the firm oi Sanger A Creighton, hive a-so c ><;
mcnccd the business of
and they off* r for sde Sideboards, itureaus, I ib it,
Urditrsili, (.hairs. Si hi Ac.
Persona in want of any of the above a-iic'es will
doubtless advantage themselves an I oblige u< bvciH
ing, as it is our purpose tn sell at the lowest pogiiole
prices. Hr pairing promptly attended to
jan 30—if * h V sGKU A Gilt IO!l T A’.
i' Tt* nc\\ * * &c.
“r* *.. 2 ..*
pieces, icomplete, with cctf:e pots
do do in s-n Pier sets
d > Teap-it-,, Sugar*, Cre ima, Plates, Ac
A Iiao Iso tie itasort rent of rich Cut D-i' a i
ter*, Tumbler*, W..ic*. Celeries, Pitch
er 1, Ac.
A few rich'y Cut Cologne B'-ttles for the
Very superior Pressed (ll*‘S I) shea, Co
vered Dishc* Howls, U it'.ersub*, Can
dles*ic.ka. 6> c Ac.
An r»s irtm r.t of Pots fir the hoi. days
PUin, Cut. and Moonlight Hall I .amp*
Cut and plain Table Lamps; Stable and Mali
Cut and plain Lamp Classes, Ac
Lamp Wick for Astral and Mantel f amps
Blue, brown and pi >k Printed Liverpool Dinner
Services, compete . ]
One India China Dinner Service
With tua usual u.sortrn -tat of EARTHSXll.1 M2,
C'lf/XA e7 fiLA^S, wholesale anil retail
N It PIP HR in box, a dec 20
3q\u\T. lb van a
V%ruJIlE8 to purebase FUltS of different kinds, via:
Tv 10.000 mu.krat skms
3.t'0i> trunk do
aoO otter do
70.000 rabbit do
4.000 raco n do
3,000 red fox do
2,500 grey fox In
1.560 wild cat do
And lie is determined to give the highert cash price
Those having Purs to sell, will fi;i l it to their advantage
to give him a call.
lie would inform his old customers and the public
generall) that he still manufacture* as good work as
can be f xind in the tiiatnc*, at his old star.I, opposite
Mr Jona'htn Butche;’* Hardware Stor.e, K ng street, ,
Alexandria jan 21— dim
John CnA'iv\>.
RESPEC TFLJLLY inform* h'* frien Is an I the pub
lic gcne.-al'v. »h at he it -ml* carrying on the
opposite Worse fc loss'lvn’g, on Itoyal street tn the
house lately occupied by Mr Joseph M. While a* a
Lottery Offic**, where he will dve Ladies’-an l Gentle
men’* Garments of every lescrip’ion in th.1 best man
ner; cltan*-, bleach, and curl Fringes of Merino slid
Cashmere Shawls; also Leghorn Boone's of every de
scription; also Crape* and Silks of everv description;
Gauze Shawls, iilic Hose, B ••nhazines, {fc
mar 7—d3tno
Cabinet, Chair and Sofa Maker, Kin*.nun
to the corner of Alfred ttntt. ***
HAS on hand, and constantly mmufacturci , „
ral assortment of
*V!iichrforsle rnncc ind lura'.ii.ty, lode* c.»
ir.s stock, generally consists of T
Grecian and plain softs, conches and Ion'/-*
Mahogany and *U kinds of trawmg.ro „n tluin ?
Grecian, winged an i tingle wardrobes ' ’ j
He le rial-end ,i leh-url* w’itt marble teas t^d 1
Gothic and various other ditto 1 ' reri
Pier tables, with ntr »ie and mahogany top*
I iller and (•,!»_* l*nngt c.rdaud hieitfast ib'ci
do claw do d„ ,i0 ' * ;
Plain do do) do do e.
Centric or L.o
French and e.riou other b a t' „ ..
rr.irrr.rs * ‘*a *“•«*
Ladies Ir.-sd igtablea, with and without mirtorj
Mitto workstan Is and music stools
iiiito vi I gentlemen’s ahiuet. secretaries »-, « i,. .
cases . ' '■’*
sVashstands, with marble and mahogany tm,
tt.chly carved and plain mahogany, bird cte, anjtilj
maple *nd common bea ideajs .
Iribs, cradlrs.catdUs an Is,during lo.pr f/vi
a *devery othcrarthle m the cabinet l ilt ’. u
Mahogany of various kin Is, steim
itladed venters,copal, ainish,ucki ighottoV, ’
B103. i« Vri,aA3331.i3. ..’
The above articles will he deposed tffor cjibcr tc
punctual persons on the most liberal terra.
\ very ext'-naive patronage from Washii gtonby..-.
cesme tossy,titat I /.it ledver furniture tuany - .
cha-erin that cay free ofexpence.
Turning Carving executed in in* In! mam-.
ma y 20 .
HaLinp-t.Chair ttrul VI
tor y.
J k M ES Gil r.P.N P.*binet maker,—besonhir.d,srj
*" will constantly keep at bis old stand on
*t., Alexandria, if Jt tiie corner of 10th at., Pecr’svb
vr.nis, Av.'f”;e Washington—a srrncrwt -,
themostfashionahic tml durable I uruiti.re,which! ^
will warrant cc,ual,if not superior :n i,*ali:>,to 1: *
r.vcrofFercili n the District:— Consisting! r. • a; t, -
G.to»n, winged and plain waxdrort'
Gothic, pedcsta lend and plairsidebcx..di
Ditto, with caliarcittam! rrarb!,.sl;.bs
French in 1 plain Lure* us
Dressing do with mirror*
Ladies’sndGwiHlemi-ns'iccrct&m r^n b».L-c:.e
Piertable*with marble and mahogany
Pillrrandclaw lining,breakfaalacdcardti*.!.-«
Plain do do do do c«
Lwdic*woilit: r.d
Shaving andcaudl do
Washstandaar'lhinar an:' main ganytvpt
Gfi cian J>VdVs
Mahogany chairs
Music i too! stride Its .cribs, radlc s
P..rublc writing de*k t f< c
With agcuerulissnrtmeutof bcJaDad* ofritlh
carved mahogany,maple and stained • cods.sl.il;
w hich will be aoidaslow for casb as the? emit |.,n
chased oft heiaine«|U*lity a tany other maim factor;
n the Union. ALSO,
.iumortineii of At Domingoand £ay of Hopdur:i
Mahogany, a partuf urliicl ia suitable for handrail,,
steam sawed cur! and shaded veneers, cops) n\
nishofcsupeidor piality,sacking bottorrs.corJs.!,c
Handsomely executed out 6
District of t'oiumVm.
Alexandria County, to wit.
October Teem, 1832.
William Morgan, C omr lainant, "J
Adam I.ynn, executor •»! Esther Halley, who was
the only surv.vuig executrix of William Hal
ley, deceased; Thompson Halley oneoftbede
sisees ol the said Wiili*m Nathaniel Gates, and
Anna his ife. and Eleanor Nranit—o hirli said
Anns and Eleanor are two of the daughters and
deviaees of the a*i-l Wm. Halley, ilecM; - tl
I ittle, and Evelina hi* wife, and Aim Haller, ^
the latter an infant under the sge of twenty one »
years which said Evelina ar.d Ann ar • the onh ^
children of Robert Halley, deceased, who wna <
a and devisee of the avid *' illuni llatlr.,
dccea*-dj Willian, H. Moore, PrUr G >o<!in», |;»
and knn his wife; Wdliam :i. Gtinneli, and Mil'*
rv lii' w f«; Uushrod Powell, and Catha-me C j
his wife; John J v.yore. and Kl zabeth J
v u I r. cicruct inujj
vA firnity, and the premature old age, winch are
t ie usual attendants of this disorder, are .offered by
mi iv f ■ J'U despair of i cure, or J .appoin’ neat in the
e R:ac/of :ae 11 neru 11 > : * . le 1 »n dries used to
eX-.i.h.s > i.*p Jie. Uut thoie who have in ide a fair
trial of
cv.ri in c mi >f long stun ling, und of tne m'Hi severe
c t«. ac'er. lave received c rtain relief, and many nave
b :en c ired »n a few days, n ne in 24 h Hir-.! asw num
b.r g V'iuu i« in d utuii ivl vicinity, who were for
in.rly a R si • 1 vith the tt'ieuntitism, nave very fully
t • ,;i i; I. :.u ucites are in :»isscs-ion nfthe I’rupri
e* »r. p -win? the n i»t thonugh and surprising cures
r> :i • i is »f i iis p iwerful Cm meat, in cases where
u i !i' 111.- ivj l i,»p isuli 'in li 11 u curly failed r le
I,i it n: U is »'; > u ■ l v> u .u:cisa»‘»r uses,Sprains,
Sinn s*. S i f iusa »ftbe I lints, Chilblains, tx.c.
Pri:e, 59 els. a buttle.
EYE WATE 11.. !
F) t 1 >r- ir Iilmcl 8»e* g ves imnediate ease
aa 1 relief. In -ccent s >re eyesthe effect is must
salutary. Vlv.-re the eonptsiut his been of years
stating, til 11 uni e<cee |iu : b 11 cases, the must
in: t >:cta lull 1 jumble relief has been found i i the
u,» »!':uu-;»s Varan liter every riher remedy had
fj J 4ii/ i-no is wu i h ive u.ed it, pronounce ri
lb: nst nr-pamtiou f >r th >se complaints they have
ev -r m -i wit i. espocta'iy in c ises of soreness or tn
iaAiSi i iit *f long stan ling Price 2J cts. a bottle.
•#* { incurs genuine uniess signed on the nu'si lc
printed wr.ipp r, by the sole proprietor, 1* KI1)1)K«.
i s M l'{tc >4e:«our ts the lute Ur W V. Coswur.—
For *»te »t ns C m »tmg loom, over No. 99, Court st,
nsar 1 msict 1.11, J >.ton, an 1 also oy lus special ap
pointment, by vV4. SI'Atli.KU
apr 7 Fairfax Street, Alexandria.
A certain cure for the
nrktWRVKR iov-t-rat..-. in one boar's application,
and no dinger front takingeo'd. by using
This preparation, far pi t ismtnesh. safety, expedi
tion ease and certainty, da ids anrivalltd fur the cure
of this troubleso ne compLi.it. It is so rapid, as well
as certain in its opera’ tan, as to cure this liaagreeable
disorder most effectually in onek >ur's applicatin only?
It dors not contain the least particle of mercury, or
other lunger n»s iugrciieut and may be applied with
pe-fect safety by pregnant I'emal.-sor to children at
the breast. Price oT\ cent., with ample directions.
XQ IR celebrated JLBlOy COH.> PLASTER af
T ford* nut* at relief, sod at the mm time dissolves
. iviiowiiii; ouiiiiuiiinuaiiDii an iressca to the pro
prietor of Judkins* Ointment, from the Hon. John Ta
liaferro. Member of tJongreu, is highly interesting.
rh-.* TTatuitous manner in which it is made, exhibits
feelings of n > ordinary charicter tow u ds suffering hit
maniti i and is certainly well deserving of public at
-Vasrixotox, Janua-y 2?, 1329
Sir—It has been my wish, fora considerable time,
to communicate to you the good effect with which I
have used the Oin meal invented by a Mr. Judkins
snd which I n »w uuderst nd is made and sold by
agents appointed by yourself, I have applied this
Ointment -luring the Isst tire*- » ears to every species
of tumnr an i wound, without failure to produce a cure
in every instance I co isi-l -r it the must do- ided an-i
efficient rem 'dv in all c.scs of tumor, be the cause
whatit may; and I have f’-*.»nl nothing so good for
wounds of any >1 •arrlp'ion It may be proper to
a id, that tlie cure-if a turn r called white swelling,
given over hi the most lis -uguished phviicisns as in
curable, sinl which hey d :id -l w -u!d, w ithout ampu
tation, prove i-tiil’o the patient, was, under my imme
iiaii* notice, e lec.r-1 >y ih.* use of Judkins* Ointment,
an., tlie patient is •' fine --ealtfi Hialimb affected by
'u‘ t,im ,r being restored to a perfect state of sound*
nes*. * Iso that th-' leg nf .inaged mm whicli ha-1 been
wounded, s id eih-bit.*d -me dreadfully ulcerated sur
tace from the knee to the o >r, anfi which, f-r more
th inw years, h id jeen considered incurable, wasef*
tectuady cured by the application of Ju (kins' (tint*
m nt. I mention these two cases, which fell under mv
immediate no icc ami managem-nt, as a decided evi
dencc of tiie etficact otttus remedy in cases of tumor
and ofu!cer*< I laveexp. .enced, as decidedly, the
good effect ofthis rem dy in the cure of Felons, and
of every species of fresh w.-und. 11 seems to me that
anyone who wll obs rve unt ie operation ofthis Oint
ment, must oe satisfied as to itsbepeficiu| effect lean
with the utm >st confidence recommend the use ofthis
valuable remedy.
lam, sir, very respectfully,
lo Mr Charles Hirst->xs. Proprieior
of Judkins’ Ointment, nearPredc
|L/* Having been for several years in posses !
Sion of a concern in Mr-Nath AX Sre^-sro's patent. '
for making and vending his Ointment, known b, the !
nam of' Or V. Judkins' Patent 'tpeeific Ointment.*—
and said Mnthsn Sh.-pherd having obtained an w pat
ent thereon, an.l I having likewise renewed with
N- Shepherd the same interest I held before, it is
dc'-o rd necessary that public notice be given of the
unwtance. Having devoted much time and care
4breperijd*in PreP»""l?»nd making this
Ointment, and been instrumental in giving it the gene
ral character it has sunt fined, with whatever i remove
ment, n all this time, ,t has received. | present it to
public attention As horetotore, the genuineness of
the Ointment may be known by the label around the
ointment pot, thus: uc
‘‘ to*a*JsQU.wMuale"Untail, near Frederick.
Md by C Hatton*, concerned in the patent rijkt” *
April lj. entities HKKSIOVS
jme 8 Vruggitf, Fairfax Street.
Alexa ll. (j. March 14'5831.
The genuine Medicines tan be had of
WM POMEROY, Alexandria,
Sole Jgentfor the District of t'otirnbia and its vicinity.
By whom the Pills are «o!d in packet*ol one, two,
and three dollar* each, and the Powders at 37$ cents
per box, with printed directions; and also by the fol
lowing ~uii* Agents: It. W. Pollinborn, between 9ili
and 1 Oth streets, Pennsylvania Avrntie; John Stillins,
Nary Y r.l, Washington; nnd rh'.m«s (J. Wright,
Georgetown; of whom alone can the Medicines be
warranted genuine. Uv appointment of I)r, II 8.
Moat, II. P. «., M.B. C. I!., Hrookl)n, New York, ’iie
sole importer of these Medicines.
Neatly and expeditiously execut'd at this office
Mormnnia, or the Family Adviser, price $275; Pric*
tical Proofs, ellustrated by numerous cases of cure, sc
Cendan t third editions, price 25 and 37 j cents; to be
hud *8 above.
Alexandria, mar 21,1833— _
V»fcv\ l\wrA\e*
Chair Mauufacturer and Ornamental
1^11 \NKFU1. f r the patronage he ha* already re
. ceivi-dfrom (ns friends and the public, respect
fully inform* them tha' he will continue to make, and
keep cnnsi willy for sale, at fair prices, at his ManufiC
torv, south wed corner of King and Columbus streets,
opposite J tS" J Douglas’Store,
jt A general assortment of Gre
cian, Fancy and Windsor
The public are resp c'fulljr invited
to call and examine his present assert
nent. lie feds assured that they wilt
>e found not to ne inferior, either in the
durability oftlieir materials or 'h-; ncati-rss of their ex
edition,to those ol any other manufac urer in the Dis
trict He will execute
Sign and Ornamental Painting ana Gilding,
in all their various branches, on the m< st accommouat
ing terms
oi.i) CBAl 18 will be taken in part paimcnt for :
new ones, or will be repaired or re painted at the !
aliortest notice.
Chairs purchased at this manufactory will be sent,
free of expense, to any part of the District.
novlO—tf __
•Voile e.
r|YHE undersigned takes this occasion to inform hi* j
JL friends and * he public that he ha* taken the
HOUSE formerly occupied by Strn?
ther, Williamson, and Barnard This is -
a Urge and convenient Establishment,
__ well calculated for 'he accommodation of
all persons, and particularly for private families._
Fo those who may think proper to patronize him in
his new vocation, the undersigned can safely offer one
ss^uranee—the effort to plesae 1 he hf use will be in
Future known as the AMERICJS HOTEL
Washington City,sept 14—d
iiiim turn civuncBwnfc.
Hps lately rec« iveu, per ships Virginia
and Shenandoah,
One Hundred and Eighty- Ttvo Crate*,
and //.) gstieadi
CHINJi 4- E.i llTHE.SIF.l RE,
comprising his F \U. SUt'PLY, and ofit i*
- ed for sale, wholtsale and retail, on the
most mndera‘c term*.
Bloc, black, purple and pink printed Dinner Sets
India C.h ma Dinner Set*
Handsome Gilt China Tea Sets, of the best qtia'i
ty and patterns
Plated Casters of best q lality, silver mounted
French Gilt Te» China, ic imported from Paris.
via New York, Isrge assortment
Rich Cut GU*s B'‘W*s, Celeries, Tumh'ers, Wines,
>Cc., latest andl best pattern*
Mou'drd and Plain GlJlSSlVARE, comprising
everv article in that way
Window Glass of every size
Pipes in boxes
Black, quart and pint B-tt!e% Wine and Butter
Thi-rmometers, a great variety
5 Gallon Demijohn*
U\\ac\t»A ttemietl
H AS received, bv skip Maryland, Capt. Morrell
mrect from Liverpool,
10 bales beat Ur.Jport Shad ami Herring I'wine,
which the m inuficturcr says is of the very
bes1 quality, and .s for sale on the uiuai tu mi.
He has, hkewi»e, received,
Best cotton Burl*ps
Drab wooiien Ktrieys
Lowell cotton and wool Kerseys
A few pieces best Point Blankets
A few bales best Slu-et ng and Shirting Cations
He has on hand,
Very first quality hlack Italian I ustring
Ladies' Knglisn white silk and cotton Hose, best
English and French best Florentine Vesting, and
velvet Waistcoating
Blue and black superfine Cloths snd Kerseymeres,
&c. 6tc
He espect* daily a cor. .ignment of Bed Ticks and
low-priced Cassinetts.
nov 23
Office of the Ches. <$f Ohio Canal Co.
W ashington, April 2, lS-’j-T
ASPECI AL Genenl Meeting of the Stockholders
of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company will
be held at the City Hall, in the City of Vasliington, on
Tuesday, the7ih day of May neat, at 11 o’clock A. \|. !
for the purpose of taking into conaideration the Act of
the Legislature of Maryland, entitled “ An act to pro
ride for (he continuation of the Baltimore and Ohio
Rail Road to Harper’s Ferry, and for other purposes,”
passed at December session.
By order, JOHN P. INGLE,
Clerk of the Chesapeake A Okie Canal Co.
apr 10—rt If ay 7
— *»:u * ** H'lJivi M., *un, 3i»rj 1 .« n.-ii " |
0 , John J , and KiiZii'icIlii '.rs the only child j
ren an.I heirs at !»•.« of Maiy M ^rr, *n r• «*r. f!
the •laughter1* am! devisee* of the said lYitSiut.. !
Malloy, (lrCiiud, Urhinlnih, J
TOAP. Ucf.r,dar,ti>, riii>tnp»un lialtcv, Nat ir 1
E Gate*. and A*nr.x hi* w fc, Eleanor ,\\»hi*,
Little, ami Evelina In* wife. Ann llaih y. U illiaffi i
ttoore, f’ctoe Gooding ar.d Ann his wife, Wiiliatn !!•
Gunnell, and ihr> his nir, B-tshrud Powell, a«<t Ca*
tharine C his wile, John J Mere, and K iziHf'Ii
xloore, not having ci.t. red their &ppe»rKi cestui j: vc i
security, according to the statute urol tf e role* o! tbi«
C urtj and it xpp, inng to the satisfaction */ »t e < out
that they are not toil ibiumlt of the Ihslrct ut Cu'itm*
hiaj on the motion of the Complainant, by his counsel,
it isOauKiico. I hat the said absent PcfiiuUnts Jo *p
pear here on or before the first Jay of the neat Mm urn
of thi* Court, an i answer ttic bill of tb.• Complaii>»"h
and give security for performing (he .here.* of i t
<tuurtj an l that a copy oHhi* ord'.rb.* furthai'b |
halted in the Alexandria Plums Gazette tor u
months successively, and that another copy b» (■
at the front door ot the court house of said count)'
Tc»t? E, |, LEE, C. (■■
mar 4—Cm
VLimae eV iivil f vr Salts ot VUsut
- — , n_ The so iscriberofiVrs for sale or rei t hi*
■ nr Hou*s *HALF ACUK U)L
llSE* ** themterscctionot Washington and ru»
■But ko streets.! n wliichhe oowresid*. >
rtov I -la*if BDMUNU I I EE.
iirnumX Placer,
For sale by the Tun, Barrel', vr Bostvi. .
r|Ai(C sunscriuer has on lund, and in’< nx,il ■.
E. during the season, Ground Plaster, ah-ch »• I 1,1
sold ut as tow price* as it can be procured at in t! t . •
tnct. JtJNA. JAN.NhV.
Books and Pamphlet*, 'j Lotte*) Ui'h,
Catalogue* of Sale, ; I'and do
Hank Check*, • Mat do
Ijtw, Commercial bother ‘•hour do
Hi.saas ! Horse do
Policies of Insurance, t stage do
Bill o->k«, 1 Cards
Lottery t icket*, j Blank Note*,
Bills of Lading, j Militia Notices.
In alt its varieties, neatly executed, and « »< ■
dispatch, at the Phenix Gazette Offiire. when
will be executed every description of printing• n
therm HE/), BLUE, GHEES, or YELLOW
PAMPHLE TS printed at the Gazette Ope.

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