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CLEMENT A BltBAST. at his Shop on Roya
street. hasj*st faired from New York a •mall
assortment. f PERFUMER Y and other irticles, which
he would be happy to dispose of. Amongst which are
the following:
Senuine bear's oil I With a number of other
Superior antique do descriptions
Naples do Cologne, lavender, Flon
[a new and said to be a su da and Bay water
perior article] Very fine Naples soap, for
Superior toikt powder shaving
Rich scented nuraery do Tooth brushes, curls, puffs
Prestun salts An assortment ofhandsome
Persian rose aoap STOCKS
Bitter almond do Venus poipatum, for dye*
Vernacular and Ceylon do ing red or grey hair black
Jessamine and violet do Penknives, razors, be.
To which he will be constantly adding.
TT Ladies can hire almost any description of Hair
work to order, at short notice. Curls re dressed
Ho hopes, by strict attention to business, to merit a
share of public patronage in the tine of his profession.
Vot \Unt.
The STORE HOUSE next door to Washing
Brent* and the D welling House attached
thermo Possession of the latter can be had immedi
ately, and the former on 1st April. The Store House
is to be put in prime order, with new modem win
dows, be.
The superior location an \ character of this property
for a Dry Goods business, will, it is hupeil, ensure a
good tenant readily. Inquire of Mr Jo-eph Janney, or
mar 20 PRO JOHNSON 19* Co.
To Lets
A comfortable Brick DUELLING HOUSE,
v.th out Houses complete, adjimung the house
occ.i ued by Hr Joseph Baches, on Cameron street
Poa!tes»ion tsuy be had immediately. Apply •
Three wb\e EnfcVUYi
PERIODICALS—At per annum.
JU s r received by >VM- U MOKtHON, who is
appointed Agjnt for this place, the three first
numbers of the re- publication of Blackwoods Hags
zinc. The Metropolitan, and the Foreign Q tarterly Ke
vie w —all for the small sum « f seven dollars
The above works, which are now re published, are
of estsbli bed character for the ability and interest with
which tbev are conducted. Blackwood la well known
as the ablest and most interesting of tbe foreign p-rio
diesis. The Metropolitan is a new periodical, edited
by Thomas Campbell, (recently Editor of Hie New
Monthly) and Thomas Moore, assisted by Harrison,
lauiiKJT ifiary ui i 1) -» — ~
Norton, an l otiivr writers of high reputation. The
Foreign Qiarterly Review is devoted principally to
Continent*! Literature, and is conducted with great ta
lent, It trea’sof .he literature and institutions of this
coiHtry with impartiality, and often in terms of high
and deserved commendation It enio;S at present a
higher reputation th»n ei'hcr of the Rng’iah nr Scot
tish Reviews. The expensiveness of the origin*! puo
Lcations prevent* any extensive circulation ot them in
thi*country—the separate cost of the cheapest oeing
fittv per cent shove th*l of the whole of the re pu »U
cation, an l the cost of the three not lest than 3S dol
lars. five times the co*t of the re print
No intermixture of the w arks will be permitted to
occur, but ail the articles of each number will be prin
ted consecutively, as in the original, *»d in “uch man
ner that «t the close of the year each work c*n Sc se
parated by the Binder, *n 1 bound bj itaelf Vne work
ban l»ometv printed with new type, on rme paper
in imperial t^ino (octavo), in weekly number* u! 22
pages each, * _apr 6—oo8t
\V , \A<\lk^T8 itc.
riTlS snhsenber, having oeen an Impoiter and Oeal
JL er in *V|NKS for mmv year*, h s in stare a s- c
of every description, ol<l and pore, in wood ami bold- s
Also, a general asw*tv v» »f »he be*t -electeJ articles
Ph* Bottled Wines—upward* of 300 Dozen,
pacard in ca*et of one and two dozen each—have bee*
selected from the m i-d aoproved ) ran 1s —London Par
tieular M-.dcira, part of which late from India, very
oil; Tint* and Burguvdy do.; Serciri and Huai do ;
Cordon’s pure Grape Ju.cc do ; Ol<| Sherry; Super or
Burgundy Port; do. Dry Port; Old llock; with a vari
ety of French and other Wines.
All of witch will be sold at the most re lused prices.
dec 4 —eotf Fairfax street, Alexandria.
WA\tt\\ iwatVa u\.
^ta excruciating pain—the decrepitude and de-_
<T formity, and the prematiire old age, which are
the utual aitcndaiA of this disorder, are suffered by
ram* from despair ofa cure, or disappointment in the
e fiiaev of the numerous pretended antidotes used to
e f it this purpose. But those who have made a fair
trial (if
even in cases of long standing, and of the moat severe
ch »• »eter, havereeeived certain relief, and many have
been cured in a few days, some in 24 hours! as a num
ber uf persons in Boston and vicinity, who were for
m :r!y a®, -.led ar.th the Rheumatism, have very fully
teiiinil- Certificates are in possession of the Propri
etor, proving the mist thiroughand surprising cures
b* m ans of this powerful Lmiment, in case* where
oH.*r approve 1 app icati »ns had utterly failed The
Lin. n* *t i* *U > use 1 ar li success for Bruises. Sprains,
N i n »ness, duff-ies* ofthe Joints, Chilblains, <5ac.
Price, 59 cts. a bottle.
Fid «>re Jr inflamed Byes gives immediate ease
and relief. On recent tore eyes the effect ia moat
' salutary. Where the complaint has been of years
stan ling, and *n some exceeding bad cases, the most
msxpactel and desirable relief has been fouud in the
use of this Bts Varan, after every other remedy had
faile i- tflany persons arho hsve used it, pronounce it
thi nest preparation for those complaints they have
ever m :t with. e*pe«*a!iy in cases of soreness or in
iuflamaiion of longstanding. Price 25 cts a bottle.
•.•.goaeare genuine un'es* signed on the outside
printed wrapper, by the «le proprietor, T. KIUDKK,
i>n nediate success.* to the late Ur W. T. Con wav
pur sale at m* C hi iting Room, over No. 99, Court at.,
near 1 nissrt dall, Boston, and also by his special ap
pointment, by WII. STABLER
•pr 7 Fairfax Street, Alexandria.
WF.VER i*v.*terate, »» one How's application,•
and /*> dinger frame takingeotd. by using
This preparation, for pleasantness, safety, expedi
tion ease and certainty. *tand» unrivalled for the cure
of this troublesome complaint. It ia ao rapid, as well
ascertain! a its operation, as to cure this disagreeable
disorder m is*etf$Ctiially in omh tor's appUcati m only!
It does nbt contain the least partiale of mercury, or
other linger his ingredient and may be applied with
perfect safety by pregnant feeuksor to children at
the a re as t. Price 37| cents, srith ample directions.
grp'iR celebrated ALBION CORN PLANTBRat
if ford*.astnnt relief, and at the seme time dissolves
and drawstl t Corn out by the roots, without the least
Cuti views—To those afflicted with Com* on
their feet I do certify, that I have used the Albion Coni
Plaster with complete success. Before I had used one '
box, it completely cured a Com which had troubled me 1
for many years. I make this public for the benefit of
those afflicted with that painful complaint.
Flushing, L I. Feb. 28 W*. Shaw.”
Price 50 Cents a Box
arpflEY purify the blood, quicken its circulation, as
siat the suspended operations of nature, and are a
general remedy for the prevailing complaint* among
the female part of society. They Pills are parttcularly
efficacious in the Green Sickness, Palpitation of the
Heart. Giddiness. Short Breath, Sinking of the spirits.
Dejection and Disinclination to Exercise and Society.
Married ladies will find the Pills equally use ful, except
in eases of pregnancy, when they mus a ’
neither must they be taken by person, of hectic or
consumptive habits. Price $ I 50 a box
iCT The celebrated CAMBRIAN TOOTH- I
ACHE PILLS, which give imttudiate relief, !
without the least injury to the teeth On trial this will
be found one of the best remedies known for thiscom
p taint Price 50 cents a box.
•• None genuine unless signed on the ou'side
r.rinted wrapper, by the sole Proprietor, I KIDDER,
immediate-successor to the la e Dr. VV T Conway. For
sate at hit Counting Itoom, over No. 99, Court street,
near Concert Hall, Boston, and bv his specUl appoint
ment, by VVM. STABLER,
Fairfax Street. Alexandria. ,
fTJtlE proprietor be^s leav.» to recommend (winch
JT he d ies with the fullest chnfi lence) one of the
moxt valuibte re-nedie® known for this troublesome and
painful complaint Without going into detail, lie
deems it enough to sa* ,tbat lie has in his possession the
most undoubted testimonials that it ha« more completely
answered the purposes for which it wasintended, than any
other popular Medicine.
. This remedy is perfectly innocent in its application
to all conditions, age*, and sexes Full directions, tie
scription of the complaint, &c, accompanying each
packet, which consists of two boxes, Ointment and
Electuary, Price, ft for the whole or 50 cents if but
one of the articles is \» ante*!
• • .Vme are genuine unless signed on the outside
wrapper by the sole proprietor, T hflJDE/l, immediate
successor to tie late Dr V T Conway. For sale at bis
Counting Room, ov., No 99, Court street, near Con
c-n Halt, Boston, *ik1 it- • b'v his special appointment
’apr 9 fatrftv Street, .1‘exandria.
\fic VHrAment,
aoii'- 'VII t>\LB AND RETAIL, BY
WILL! i t -V // f' J Ell, Agent, Alexandria
r|TIB above Ointment is recommended to the public
A. as s safe and certain remedy for those obsttnau
disease*, some of whicu Uave so long baffle J the skd*
if medical science:
1st White swelling* of every description;
2d Sore leys and ulcersjoflmtg standing,
3.1 Schirrus or glandular tumors, particularly those
hardened turn ora >n wi.im n’s breasts, which oftentimes
terminate in ulcerated cancers;
4th Felons; or wbst some people know by the name
of catarrhs, of every description.
Silt Rheumatic pains ofthe joints;
6th Sprains aod bruises of every description, or in
whatever part situate;
7th Tetters ol all kinds. In this complaint the pa
tient, in applying the ointment, must keep the part
out of water;
8th Chilblains or parts affected by frost.
The following communiqation addressed to the pro
prietor of Judkins’ Ointment, from the Hon. John Ta
liaferro, Member of Congress, is highly interesting. —
The gratuitous manner in which it is made, exhibits
feelings of no ordinary character towards suffering hu
manity; and is certainly well deserving of public at
Washiwotoit, Januav 21,1829
S1*-"It has been my wish, fora considerable time,
to communicate to you the good effect with which I
have used the Oimmeat invented by a Mr. Judkins
snd which I now understand is made and sold by
agents appointed by yourself, I have applied this
Ointment Juringthelast three years to every species
of tumor and wound, without failure to produce a cure
in every instance. I consider it the most decided and
efficient remedy in all cases of tumor, be the cause
whatit may; and I have found nothing so good for
wounds of any description It may be proper to
add, that the cure of a tumor called white swelling,
given over b\ the most listinguished physicians as in
curanic, and which they decul« d would, with hit amp
tation, prove fatal'o the patient, was, und iny inns
diale notice, effected by the use of Judkins’ Om.rr
and the patient is in fine health Hislimb affeci
the tumor being restored to a perfect state of
nesa. also that the leg of an aged man which hs,.
wounded, and exhibited one dreadfully ulcer*. ,
fice from the knee to the loot, and which, for
than two years, had been considered incurable, w
fcctually cured by the application of Ju Ixins’ O r.
raent. I mention these two cases, which fell under m.
immediate notice and management, as a decided evi
denceof the efficacy ofthis remedy in cases of tumor
and ofulcersi I have expe icnced, as decidedl), ihe
good effect ofthis remedy in the cure of Felons, and
of every species of fresh wound. It seems to me that
any one who wll observe ontne operation of this taint
ment, mutt be satisfied as to its beneficial effect lean
with the utmost confidence recommend the use ofthis
valuable remedy.
I am, sir, very respectfully,
To Mr CaaiLss Hsarrost. Proprietor)
of Judkins’Ointment, nearFrede- >
ricktown.Md. j
j . K7* Having been for several years in posses
sion of a concern in Mr. Naraav Saspvaaa’s patent,
for making and vending his Ointment, known bv the
nam of* Ur. IV. Judkins' Patent Specij/te Ointment,'—
and said Nathan Shepherd having obtained anew pat
ent thereon, and I having likewise renewed with
N. Shepherd the same interest I held before, it is
de**ned necessary that public notice be given of the
i umstance. Having devoted much time and care
dunngthe above period, in preparing and making this
Ointment, sod been instrumental in giving it the gene
ral character it haaaustained, with whatever improve
ment, n all this time, it has received, I present it to
public attention A. h*retotore, the geiSei of
the Ointment may be known by the label around the
ointment pot, thus:
" Made and sold, wholesale and retail, near Frederiek.
MdbyC Herstons, coneeruedin the patent rights*
i , june 8 Druggist, Fairfax Street. *
UeeAih fttcwred,
BY the uae of the Hygeian Vegetable Universal
Medicines of the British College of Health. Lon
Ion. which have obtaioed the approbation and recom
nendation of thousands who have been cured, in con
mmptions, cholera morbus, inflammations,
»eexternalU; dyspepsia, fevett, nfjie,*ndig«rtio»» ‘
iioua or nervous affections, and all dweaaes of the i\ ;
irellow fever, gout, rheumatism,lumbago, tic Joloreux,
Jropsy, St. Vitus’s dsnce, epilepsy, apoplexy, pnniy*
lis, palsy, green sickness, and all obstructions to which
the female form is so distressingly liable, and which
lends so many of this fairest portion of the creirtion to
their untimely graves; small pox, measles, whooping
cough, scarlet fever, asthma, jaundice, _ gravel, atone,
snd all urinary obstructions; fistula, piles, strictures,
ruptures, and S' philif in all its stages; constipated bow
els, worm*. acurvv, itching* of the skin, king a evil,
sml all cutaneous disorders; in short, every complaint
to wliicti the human frame is so direfully subject, un
der all their varied forms and names; as the Hygeian
conviction is, that man is subject to one otuyrttu
Disease,—that is, TO THE IMFURJII OF THE
BLOOD, -from whence springs every complaint that
can possibly assail his complicated frame; and thst it
is the perpetual struggle of this vital, pure stream of
life, (the gift of Almighty power) to disencumber it
self of its viscous, acrid humours, with which it has be
come commixed, through the negligence of parents;
the ignorance or maltreatment of the Doctors; or the
vicious or gormandising propensities of Ui all.
This vali Me Medicine, being composed only of
vegetable matter, or medicinal herbs, and warranted,
on oath, as containing not me particle of mercurial,
mineral, nr chemical substance*, (all of which are un
congenial to the nature of man, and therefore destruc
live to Me human frame,) is found to be perfectly
harmless to the most tender sge or w eakest frame, un
der every stage of human suffering; the roost pi assnt
pnd benign in it operation, and at the i*mt time the
tnost search ng out the roht of every complaint, how
ever deep,-.nd of perfotminga cure, that was ever
offered to the world- This wonderful effect, too, is
produced by the least trouble to the patients, by
meralv swallowing s certain number of small pills and
being called a few extra times to the purposes of eva
cuatiougtrilh the least possible sensation of pain, or
exhaustion of bodily strength, and without the fear of
catching cold, or attention to dress or diet, in any way
different from their accustom* d habits.
These pills cure all cases, and cannot be taken to
excess Kxperience, which is the touchstone of all
human knowledge, has long borne testimony to the
faci; and extensive use of them has already verified
its truth in this country.
These m :diciin>f> cure by purging; and yet the weak,
the feeble, the infirm, tlv* nervous, the delicate, arc
in a few days strengthened bv their operation, bees ise
.v .1 iu.i i.. ■ i i..._ ... „_i
procure sound sleep They are the valent snd most
efficacious menicine to take to sea; preventing scurvy,
cosiiveness, 8ic,
Tli* Vegetable Cleans:ng Pow’ders are of great as
sistance to patients, and facilitate the tvacuatiun of
bad 'hun our-; they soficn, cleanse, ami detach the
acrimonious phlegm; are cooling, and atluy the thirst,
('tie, two, or three powder* may be taken throughout
the day, mixed in half a wine glass of water.
Extract of a falter to Dr. Moat.
Sib : The motive which ha- ind'iccd me ’o write this
letter to \ cm, is, that 1 miglu be instrumental in the
recommendation of Woniaon’s Universal Vegetable
Medicines to the 111 ctcd, which, bv the Divine bless
ing hes cured me of the Scarlet Fever sty case was
as follows: Whilst returning fr in W-isliington to Alex
andria, l was tak> r. very il, wlnrli obliged me, on my
arrival, to retire suddenly to bed, birt could not sleep,
and - he next day my throat became so mu'll mfl*med,
thatl could scarcely swallow; and my lace, breast, and
body, presented evident symptoms of th" great dan
g.r I was in, and I knew not what to d"; Calomel or
Merctry I abhorred as poison, and therefor • d tsired
no assistant:* fr m the lirugg.at; but my mother, wh >
had t xptritneed th good e(f*ct of the Hvgrian Fib*
in a cat * or iwo of her '.wn, most strenuously advised
me to try their virtue, w hich, with reluctance, 1 con
m nted to, and commenced by taking eight No. 1 pills
at -light, and ei.'ht No 2 the next morning and con
tittu' d i-ikuig. increasing daily, mornirp and "veiling,
until I took sixteen No 2 at a hne, which were dis
solved in w aler, *s, by means of my sore throat, I could
not otherwise s v allow them. I confess the dose-made
me feel somewhat qualmish, f*c ; but the pills and the
powders, ol which I took one or two tea-spoonsful I a
day, operated <ved, andtne final result w-s, that I fel1
into a bound sleep, « f which I had been deprived, and
the next morning aw oke in a stale of per.-piration, freed
from fever, coo aud cumforta ile, and m> reason ffor
I had been deranged in mind) returned; snd on the
9'h day from the time I was first taken, I left my room,
and have ever since enjoyed better health than I did
befoie Y«u have my leave to make what u-e you
pl< a*e of this. 1 wijh you success, and am. sir, your
obedient friend, M VKY ANN FOWLKlt.
Alex* D C. March 14 (831
The genuine Medicines can be had of
VVM POMEROY, Alexandria,
Sole Jgenl for the IJitlrict of Columbia and its vicinity.
Hy *h m the Pills are sold inpacketsof one, two,
and three dollars each, and the Powders at 37 J cents
per box, with printed directions; snd also by the fot
l ... nia. D 11/ P.tlkiithnpn Ks*titfppn Qtli
and Ithh streets, Pennsylvania Avenue; John Stillins,
Navy Y rtl, Washington; and Thomas C. Wright,
lieorgetnwn; of whom alov? can the Medicines br
warranted genuine. By appointment ot Dr, II. S.
Moat, II. P. M., M. B. C. H , Brooklyn, New York,’be
sole importer of these Medicines.
Neatly and expeditiously executed at this office
Morrisonia, or the Family Adviser, price $2 75; Prac
tical Proofs, ellustmted bv numerous esses of cure.se
cond and third editions, price 25 and S7J cents; to be
haJ saabove.
Alexandria, mar 21.1833— _
WyV UutA\c,
- iiair Mduufacturer and Ornamental
THANKFUL for the patronage he ha* already re
i. cc'vedfr.un hia friends and the public, respect
illy imorn.* th'*n tbs' he will continue to m tke. and
<»cp constantly for sale, *' fair prices, at his Manuf.c
.,ri, smith w. t corner o' K'ug and Columhus streets,
•pp .'itej C7 J Douglas' Store.
A general assortment ol Gre
cian, Fancy and Windsor
The puo c -.re r-iNp-cifully invited
:o call and examine his present assort ,
arm. He feels assured that they will
«e found not tone inferior, either if the
durability of tneir materials or the neatness of their ex
eeution.to those of any other manufac'urcr in the Uis
met He will ex'-cute
Sign and Ornamental Painting una Gilding,
in all their various branches, on (he most sccumruooat
ing terms
OLI) CH AIKS will be taken in part pa\ ment for
new- ones, or will be repaired or re painted at the
shortest notice.
Chair* purchased at this manufactory will be sent,
free of expense, to any part of the District
nov 10—tf_ __
•V otic c.
THE undersigned takes this occasion to inform his
friends and the public that be has taken the
HOUSE formerly occupied by Stro*
Williamson, and Barnard This is
large and convenient Establishment,
MHWwellcalculated far the accommodation of
all persona, and particularly far private families.
To those who may think proper to patronise him in
hit new vocation, the undersigned can safely offer one
assurance—the effort to please- The house will be in
future known as the AMERICAN HOTEL.
jno. m. McCarty.
Washington City,sept 14—d
LILLY\ WAIT tf CO. publish
PROSPECTUS lhe pub'ic arc here presented
with the firat nilmber of a work, which certainly
hat the claim of novelty upon their attention. In ob
ject U to present the greatest amount of useful in |
formation and of solid instruction in the most pleasing ,
and convenient form, and at the low eat price —
The publishers have it in view to furnish a work for ^
families; one which shall not only satisfy the cuno
pity and amuse the fancy, but which shall at the same (
time store the mind w th dseful knowledge, nnd prove
as attractive to every reader as books of fie ion To j
effect this purpose, the page* of the work will em*
brace whatever U most interesting in books of modern .
travels: entertaining me n >hs and biographies! anec< .
dotes; curious geographical topic*; historical event*
and details, ancient an I modern; remarkable adven
tures, both by sea and land; valuable discoveries and
invention*, particularly in the usefnl arts; notices of
the progress of improvement in all that relates to the j
comforts and conveniences of life; Natural Uistorv,
with descriptions of the most remarkable quadrupeds
birds, fishes, reptiles, insects, Nc.; also trees, shrubs
snd plants, together with minersl*, including the art*
of mining, and descriptions of the most celebrated
mines in til psrt* of tat* world The various pheno
mens of nature likewise present subjects of unfailing
interest, and to them due attention will be paid
In order to render this Magazine mere useful and in
teresting to readers, a large number of highly finished
Engravings will be inserted
The editors will be particularly attentive, in the dis
charge of their duties, to subject! of interest relating
to our own countr<; and w ill introduce intoeacli num
ber a brief view of passing events, both domestic and
On the who!*, it is th*- desire of the publisher* to
produce a work that, by its low price and obviously
useful and entf rtaining character, shall secure the fa*
vor of the public, and become an inmate of every
COXDtTIOyS.—The People’s Magazine is publish,
ed every other Saturdav, at One Dollar a year, payable
in advance, l he postage II be three fourths of a
cent, if under 100 miles, and for the greatest distance
one cent and a quarter only.
They also publish
PROSPECTUS —The design of the publidi’rs, in
thin Magazine, is to offer to the publ.c an entertaining
work for children and youth; one that may become
with them a favorite; one 'hat will please an 1 instruct
them, one that they will regard not as a thing which
they wcsrrejd as a task, but which they will ’ove to
consult as a companion and friend; one, in short, the
r*» 11 dinar nl u. Isirh mat hr* n»*rmitTa»d tn ctdaH rh lr:rf»n
u reward, but the denial of which may be felt at a pun*
i-hment b\ those who are bad. It wi<l consist chiefly
of matters of fact, and the editors will endeavor to pre
sent truth and knowledge in a guise as attractive to
the youthful mind &a that in which fiction has general,
ly been arrayed
The title of the vrurk is chosen as an indication of
what it is intended shall, be its character The style
winch the author of Peter Parley’* t ales has chosen as
a vrhie'e of instruction for youth, will be adopted in its
pages, and Peter Parky, in his proper character of sto
ry teller and traveller, will often appear as a contribut
or. The work will comprise pieces adapted to all sta
ges of the tout Till faculties from childhood upwards
The contents of the work will be too various to be
enumerated in this place; but in order to convey s imr
idea ot the intentions of tin- conductors, the fillowmg
may be mentioned as funning a portion of the tuore
prominent subjects:
I Geographical descriptions of manners, customs,
and countries.
II Travels, voj ages and adventures, in various parts
of ;fie world
III Interesting historical notices and anecdotes of
each State, and of the United States, as well as of fo
reign countries
IV- Biography, particularly of young persons.
V. Natural History, a* birds, beasrs, fi-het, Ac.; as
well aa plants, tiees, Ac.
VI A fann'isr description of tbe objects that daily
surround children in the parlor, nursirv. garden, Ac
VII Original 1 ales, consisting ot home scene», s'o
riea ofadvt mure, Ac calculated to stinvf Ue the cun
osi'y, exercise the affections, and improve the judg
VIII. \n Account of various trades and pursuits,
and some branches of commerce.
IX Cheerful and pleasing Rhymes, adapted to the
feeling* and comprehension of youth
The publishers have made arrangem its to have the
work abundantly illustrated with tp ited engravings,
and every cfF>rt will be tntde to rcnu.nt a useful aux
iliarv to the cause cf education
COhDlTIOFS—Parley's Magazine ia published
every other Saturday, at One Dollar a year, pstaole in
advance. The postage wiil be three tourtli- of a cent,
if under 100 miles, and for the greatest distance one
cent and a quarter, only.
Subscriptions received for the abnve works bv WAI.
U MORRISON, w ho is an authorised Agt nt for the
All orders from the country (postage paid) punc
tually attended to
lint a and v. a\»A
\ This old stand, on King, between Itoyal mid Fair
fax streets, Alexandria, has on hand an extensive
assortment of
ofsll descriptions, which he offers lorsale
on the most reasonable terms
He has also just received s large and
elegant assortment of
CAPS, of the newest and most beautiful fashions,
of all materials, which he will sell on terms calculated
to please purchasers.
All orders from the country strictly attended to, and
executed with despatch.
\]\MaUtings &c.
STEPHEN SANGEIt respectfully informs the pub
lie that he has commenced the
Upon King street, a few doors above Mr. Hurdle's
Chair Factory, where he is prepared to execute any de
scription of Uph Isiery, and will furnish to order Pea
ther Beds, flair, Muss, and common Matrasses of any
size, frc. 8tc.
Stephen Sanger and William Creighton,
under the fir n ot Sanger & Creighton, have a iso com
menced the business of
and they off.-r for s .le Sideboards, Bureaus, Tables,
Bedsteads, Chain, Sofas kc.
Persons in want of any of the above articles will
doubtless advantage themselves and oblige ua by call
ing, as it ia our purpose to sell at the lowest possible
prices. Repairing promptly attended to
jan 30—tfS ANGER h CRKIGHTmN.
John T. hvAna
to purchase FURS of different kinds, viz:
▼ ? 40,000 muskrat skins
3,000 mink do
500 ottar do
70,000 rabbit do *
4,000 racoon do
3,000 red fox do
2,500 grey fo* do
1,500 wild cat do
And be is determined to give the highest cash price i
Those haring Furs to sell, will find it to their advantage \
to give him a call. " " " .
He would inform hit old customers and the public
generally that he still manufactures as good work a*
can be found in the District, u t a old stand, opposite
Mr. Jonathan Butcher's Hardware Store, King street,
Alexandria. jan 21—<L3m <
YurnUun. B
Cabinet, Chair and Sofa Maker,Kin*.nm a . ISO
to the corner of Alfred street. *** 19
a AS on hand, and •; instantly manufactures i 19
ral assortment of RH
Vbich.forelegsnce and luraV.hty, letie, coma..;. 19
Hu stock, generally consists of ? 19
Grecian and plain softs, couches and l.cjo tj IJl
dahogany and all kinds of lraw.ng.room chain fl
dreeian, winged an 1 single wardrobes KR
Pedestal-en.l »i leaojr la with naroleups inj m ., RR
lotbic and varioui other ditto r°’1 HR
Pier tables, with msrble and -mhogany tops HR
Piller and block dining, card and b-eakfasttab's. W§
do claw do do do a KR
Plain do do do do RH
Centric or loo Ejl
Freudian 1 variou other bureaus, with ir.ut,' RJ
mirror* ,m°p ^
Ladies lr s ng tables, with and without mirror.
Ditto workatanda and music stools RR
Ditto and gentlemen'* abmet, secretaries ,nd K . H
cases BC!*
\Vasks'ands, witli marble and maboganv tons 9|
Itichly carved and plain mahogany, Imd c>e, 4n i HI
maple and common bevlsteads *'
Dribs, cradles,can Jl«-stands,shaving »n m-i,, R
and every otherarticle in the cabinetline. H
Mahogany of various kinds, .team sawed, curl»»- H
shaded veneers,copalrainish.xccing > >;•..iX,HR
8 303. t\X&rra\1323.5c9. ■
The above articles will be deposednfiYr cash• ^E
punctual persons on the most liberal terms. H
A very extensive patronage from Washington: .> fl
cesme tossy,that I vdl le'iverfiirn.turc Jo.*., ^E
chaserin that city free ofexpence. Bj
Turning if Carving executed in thef.estuuui H
may 20 fl
Cabinet,Chair, ami Sola Munui ,c. I
tory. B
JAMES GREEN Cabinetmaker,—hasonliauj i fl
will constantly keep at his oldstrnd on ii'.'fl
•t., Alexandria, Iff at the corner ol 10th st, l*e„.. fl
vania, Avenue Washington—a grnnal ■> .»..rin, r,t'.t fl
the moatfaaliionable and durable t‘uriiiti:r»l»|.iid >, fl
will warrant equal, if not superior in quality, to in fl
ever ofTcredin the District i—ConsYtii.g in j.aVt, <r. - fl
Grecian, winged and plain wauirnl.-s fl
Gothic,nedestalcmland plain side K sr.it fl
Ditto, wrth cellarettiand marblcslat v fl
Frenchand plain bureaus fl
messing c.o w iui mirrors
Ladies'and fie ntlem«*ns,rocietkrl<.*An bet Letts
Pieriableswilh marble and mahogany loan
Plain do do do do <|„
Ltdiea work stand
Shaving apdcandl do
Waslwtandawithmar and nuhegsnyt' ,
Grecian .Sofa’s
Mahogany chairs
37isic< tools,bidetts.cribs, radio»
Portable writing desk t kc
With agencralassortmentof bedsteads ofrichlt
carved mahogany,maple and stained weod»,»; Ji
wbichwillbe so.daslow for caeL aslhcTtanbepu*
chased ofthesaraequality atany other manufactcri
n the Union. ALSO,
.fnissortmen of.ytDomingoand2?avof llonduru
Mahogany, a partof wind ia suitable f or handrnit,
steam sawed curl and shaded veneers, copal nr.
niahofasuperior quality, racking bottoms.cord.Lc
Handsomelv executed suf
Office of the Chesapeake 4* Ohio Canal Company
Washixotox. Feb. Gth, 1833.
NOT1CB ia hrrrby given, that an instalment of t»«
dollars and fif'y cents per share, (beh.g the *J k
instalment,) on every “bare of stock in the Lhrsspetkr
and Ohio Canal Company, is required to be psiiloim*
22d day of April next; a further sum of two dollars ani
fifty cents per share (being the 36th instalment,J oo
the 4th day of May next; a further sum of ttro doihn
and fifty cent* per share (being the 3"th instalment
on he 25th day of May next; and a further sum nftn,
dollars and fifty cents per share (being the 38th mi .!■
ment) on the 10th dav of June next; which imtilitewi
must be paid to the credit of the Chesapeake an 1 Ol.:o
Canal Company, to the Cashier or ot.ier Officer of ti
tlier of the following Uanka, viz:
t he U ranch Hank of (he United States at MVhiogV
Hank of Washington, du
Patriotic Dank, do
Hank of the Metropolis, do
Farmers' and Mechanics' Dank at Georjjetevf
Hank of Alexandria, at Alexandria
H >nk of Potomac, do
Farmer's Bank of Alexandria do
Hagerstown Dank, in Hagerstown, Md.
Branch of the Valley Hank, in Cl.arle't .an. Vs.
And the ((ranch of the Valiev Hank in I re-bi:rr. ' > I
By orJcr of the President and Directors,
JOHN P. INtil.R,
Clerk Chesapeake i*. Ohio Canal Compiti).
feb 13 - wtjune 10_
.Vew &11& U^niii.
JUST received anJ on sale, bv
The Psalms, in metre. aelccteJ from the |'«»l.iw«'.
David, with Hymns suited to the Fe-isti and I**'1
of the Church, and other occasions «>l Public lV«r
ship Published in pnrsuance of a resolution ^
the General Convention of the ProlesUnt Kpn*”
pal Church in the United Steles, December 77,
\9 I shall hereafter be mostly in Baltimore, p< rv **
indebted to Joseph Jannev St Uu or Ic n»>aril «•{
please to make payment to Janney, Hop kina k Hu
Ho. 204 Market street, (opposite the Indian tl ierc
Hotel) Baltimore, or they may pleavtonuke psyntn
to Charles Hots, at Jonathan Hutcliei's. or to Junsd •
'iutcher, either of whose receipts will be binding
Alexandria, April 15,1*33.
aN. B My DWELLING IIOUSF. is for ».*
or rent, and my other Houses lor sale,
apr 16—2awtf
llmae. <5r Lot for feaVe or Went.
The subscriber offers ‘or sale or rei t ln
| HOUSE «f HALF ACHE 1.01 %
at the intersection of Washingtonand for*
i ko streets,! n which he now resides
■or l—lawtf EDMUND I. LEE
Books and Pamphlets, I Lotte 7 Bills,
Catalogues of Sale, Hand do
Bank Checks, Hat do
Law, Commercial kother Show do
Bums Hone do
Policies of Insurance, Stage do
Bill ooks. Cards
Lottery Ticket#, Blank Notes,
Bills of Lading, Militia Notices.
In all it* variedes, neatly executed. and with
tispatch, at the Phenix Gazette (Mice, whin
trill he executed every description of printing, n
>r evkht kind row sale at this arnc*

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