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I FHl[l1i Monsisa. .tarsi. 18S3.
I \V re • i> I n-> Baltimore morning pi
I * '*i ij • • i .eNewYoikpapersiluejre*
F did not come to luml.
‘ re indented to the politeness of a gent.e
^ho irrivd in town yesterday from New
[ f,r the Standard of that citv of If'eJnes
r " from which we extract the foreign
nee given below. _
!!'»•• 9 ___- - ' '
Yokk M»v -9—By the arrival of the
Inland, Captain Richardson, from
whence she sailed on the 17th of April,
, c received Paris papers to the 16th inclu
' f,.„n which we make the following selections,
r Krenck papei* contain no news from Eng
\|iri' 4'h- — Private letter-* from Con
state, tliat the Sultan has formally de
, ,i uf the Russian ambassador that the Run
1 I flee* shall remain in the Bosphorus until
vi , j, been definitively estab i»hed between
iT. p. te and tne Pasha of Egypt. It seems
r eSi't.n apprehends that the tranquility
would he endangered il the fleet
BJ, vjfeied to depart.
\MII6th,evening.— By letters (,f March 1 5*h,
. \e . in Ina. it appears rertain that M-h *
, V i In* r j-*> teJ file conditi »ns of pea. e of
j. Yimoal R u*<in. Me was pa. ticiilarlv
J .1 ba t'*e a "de requiring the surrender
. i, ll et t » the Porte. It is add>-d tliat he has
,. ,t ..ut a second *q ladron from Alexandria, and
i, Jirecteil Ibrabt n agmi to move forward —
r l!ie receipt of ibis lutedigem e, the Sultan
.',iM l.jv^ ag.in denounced the Pacha and his
4* u-b.-l-. ami Ibe Russian fleet would have
•ltd l!»'* ll»*pm»rus. tl>>pes were espiesseu
this fl *<*t ivuu J immediately effect a junc
, , with a French squadron, ami sail for Alex
Jin, |u compel the IV ha to sign the tieaty.
M irch 15.—Yesterday the squadron
/ vl.niral L’unany arrived in our harbor, and
.. uiichor before toe town .it two o'clock III the
,t.-r “ •!»• I* is composed «*l the following ves
v.,;_t:,e K’nprCss Marv, the Admiral’s vessel,
’ Si guns; the l’aimctno 74: the Adrianople
•I; the Tsiieilos frijjate ol 6U guns, and the
jn. «tt vhtp Laug' ton.
|.,e (jur.<*!te of Madrid contains two decrees,
.ijtimn; that the provinces shall send deputa
> m the capital on the 20tb June, to p.i v ho
:n;tf :.i the voui*; liittnt* Mat la Rii/aibeth Lou*
heire-s apparent to the throne, in delauit
d tu!e heirs This is considered by some
>• *<11* a* in effect a convocation of the Cor*
•hut a more general opinion is tliat it is
signed to suppress the intrigues of the Carlists
fix ti»t' successiou ol 1) m Carlos.
It is mentioned that the cause of I) >n Pedro
mU rai!i»*r mure favorable—*he had succeeded
it. procuring a lar^e loan.
llsi’SSKLs. A pill 13.— We have heard that the
wiimtrY intended to resign. It is said that Mr.
IMl:t, although file silence he has observed dur
n ; the sitting of the 5d of April seems to place
him in a situation different from that of his col
Irrgues tt>e Minister* ol Justice and of the In
trr.ur, msists particularly on his dismissal.
The new* from this country is most encourag
nig: public order is mn*t strictly maintained, end
».« government is acquiring the confidence and
r?;srd ul llie people
At the cl««s*-of the session of the Chamber of
Deputies on tile 14th April, General Lafayette,
accompanied by many of the members, waited
up'll M. I)e. Broglie, to intercede for 423 Poles
slm lud left ihe p'ace assigned them, and who
!» their departure had brought themselves under
' * rigor nl die oidinances ol the government —
l’i»e tienera^spoke with great energy in their
)>*< fixation, and explained their motives M.
ih Bioglir i* said tohave promised to use Ins
ii'tWnce to mitigate the penalties they have in
I’uus, April 15 —The table of the prudurt
»l indirect taxes duiit.g the three first months of
l"iv tear,compared with the product of 1831 and
1HJ2, presents an increase of 8.757,000 francs
»*rr the former, and of 3,710,000francs over the
i he Duke of Orleans did not depart to day
f<>r London. Hi* join ne? is postponed to the
!•'< ol May. |n the mean tune it is hoped that
'•mo iliii,jr more positive concerning the affairs of
hist will be learned, that Ills Koval Highness
jy»v »aider concerning them to more effect. The
i i land and llelgir question will also, it is be
‘ be brought upon tire carpet.
I vKi>, A,ml |Guv.—Private Correspondence
^ 'hjnge report is in a circulation in Paris, but
•>ne which obtain* some belief 11 is preteuded
,sit an extraordinary courier has arrived, an
’•ruing that the Polish refugee* who Hed from
• •-•Nincoi. fiic. had arrived in Hie Grand Dutchy of
lw>ieti, that two regiments of the line and one of
rivalry lud united with them to bring about a
rp ilutionary movement. It is added that the
I'>li!>h refugees wrho have left France are abun*
•Unity provided with monev
M e are assured that the Minister of Marine
i as ordered the fitting out of new armaments at
■ port of loulon. This report has been cur
!?“' since lesterday, and as the aflairs of the
■•'I beemne complicated, there is no improba
".V*10 being rejh/.t rI The projected ex*
•• ion Jgainsi Constanline is no more spoken
^ i ^ ‘e sea*on which is so far advanced, and
J fal *vb is now so powerful in that part of
' r|n, render it improper.
hne is much uneasiness in referrence to the
’ T‘'» of the legitimates m the west. Bjnds
^organizing and make their re appearance
Hies which for some months had been in
* (ltf y* tranquility, and which had hoped to
romall further uneasiness. This move*
* *mong the ('houans is attributed to the ap*
*DC,? °r 80,”‘‘ powerful chief of the partv,
8*mIe..oc»« to re-organize the bands lor
' 1 *rP°*r committing depredations. A nutn*
her of agent* of the police have been sent from
Pans to discover, if possible, the retreat of this
M.Lehonhad yesterday an audience of the
King, to whom he sent a letter from Leopold, and
several notes from the ministers upon the nitua*
lion of the country. It appears that Freuch in
tervention will become necessary, and the du
ration ol peace will be very uncertain. King
William, since the interposition of Russia, re
j-*cts all propositions. Toe cabinet of S». Pe
ter*burgh will no longer recognise the separa
tion ol Belgium which it has already sanctioned.
The Britannia, Capt. Sketchly, brings Liverpool
papers to the 17th, and London to the 16th ult.
both inclusive. They contain but little new* of
interest, as the accounts from the Continent are
not so late as are contained in our French papers
by the Poland We have selected a few items
relative to the affairs of England and Ireland.
f.V. 1”. Standard.
Revenue—It appears that upon the whole
financial year, a« * umpired with the last, there
is an increase of 239,386/. but upon the quarter
itself a deficiency to the amount of 92,0-15/.
Mr. Dawkins, the British resident minister
in Greece, has been accredited Minister Pleni
potentiary since the arrival of K ng Uiho and
his troops at Nauplia.
Viscount Goderuh has been elevated to an
Earldom, by the title of the Earl of Rippon.
The Marquis of \nglesea has issued a procla
maii m, declaring the association called the •‘Irish
Voluwteeis" to Ik* “dangerous to the public peace
and safety*’—and prohibiting all meetings there
London, April 15.
Parliament—The House of Commons assem
bled to dav—a number of petitions »ere present
ed from different places, praying for the abolition
of Negm slavery. Lord Althorpgave notice that
he would move to-morrow for leave to bring in a
bill to enable persons to purchase smal 1 annuities
by means of the Savings’ Banks. The hou*e
then went into a commttee of supply, nod Sir J.
Unchain, in moving the resolutions Tor certain
sums of money for the supply of the navy, said
that, in addition to the reductions made las' year,
amounting to .£7.000 in this department, there
had been a further reduction effected, amounting
to £17,000, besides £5.000 which had been he’re
tofore received in »he shape of fees, making alto
gether a saving of £-29,000. The several wins
proposed were agreed to without opposition.
Dcblin, April 18 — h is a fact, ascertained
bevond doubt, that the Whitefcet are leaving this
country for A nerica. The moment it became
known that th*- county of Kilkenny was proclaim
ed, a considerable number of those miscreants
fled to the adjoining sea ports, in order to emi
grate to the United States or Canada. A fnend
of mine, who has leturned from the county of
Wexford this morning, informs me that the ut
most terror prevailed amongst the \\ hitefeet in
I the neighborhood of Russ, and many of them
: have left the country. In the county of Kilken
ny confidence had been partially restored. Yes
terday a considerable poi turn of the gentry as
sembled at Norelands, live seat of Win, Daily,
. Esq , to enjoy the spurts of the field.
'l*iu** bills have been found by the commission
grand jurv against Mr. John W alsli, one of the
vice presidents of the Trade? Union, lor a speech
alleged to be seditious, spoken by him at one of
the meetings of that body, ami published in the
Evening Post. The trial will probably be defer
red until next commission.
'live pi ic es erf agricultural produce throughout
the country are vryy depressed. Oats are sell
ing at Lounhtea. in the county of Gal wav, so low
as 5d per stone. This could not reniunera'e the
grower, even if the rents were only half their pre
sent amount.
The authorities in the city of Kilkenny have
directed that all “the public houses are to be
cleared out after sunset—no crowds are to be al
low, d in the streets—no music or display of any
kind to be permitted—all idle and disorder j
persons are to be taken up—but, at the same
time, no persons whatever who are going on their
lawful business are to be molested.” The natu
ral good humor of “boys of Kilkenny” did not
forsake them on the occasion of the proclamation.
I On the night previous to its coming into opera
j turn several instruments were gut in requisition
! _a sort ol band, attended by a crown, paraded
I the street*; ami the most plaintive airs were
heard till a late hour.— Globe.
\ ' _____
From Nassau. N P —The Royal Gazette of
the 8th instant, says:— “ A Portuguese slaver
was wiecked at a key near Old Harbor, on the
south side of Jamaica, on the 20th ult. Vessels
and boats were immediately dispatched to the
wreck, which brought oft' ami landed at Old Har
bor 232 of the slaves, together with the masler
and crew of the vessel. The officer ol the Cus
toms, on going to the key, inquired if the slaves
had all been landed, and was told that three of
them had been left behind in a dying state; he
then despatched a canoe to the wreck, where
these poor creatures were found alive, and were
landed with the others. Un the account reach
ing Kingston. H. M. ship Ariadne sailed, and re
turned to Port Royal with them on the 23d.”
The following is from the Argus of the 6ih
instant: — •• An American schooner from l'urk9
Island, bound to N u folk, touched here yester
day morning, to land Mr. Pugh, the methodist
parson and his wife, having on board Lieutenant
ilurgitine, of the 93d regiment, in pursuit of his
Lady, who. it is stated, had been accidentally
carried away in an American vessel, nn board of
which they were passengers, having embarked at
one of the Windward Islands to go to England
by wav of the (Tnited States. The master, ex
periencing bad weather, did not know exactly
where he was, and sent his boat with three sai
lors on shore to ascertain; for which purpose Mr.
Burgoine accompanied them, who, having land
ed, found themselves at the Caicos During
their absence, how ever, the master became alarm
ed at the breakers which appeared, and sailed oft
with Mrs. B , leaving the boat, sailors, and Lieut.
Burgoine behind. Fortunately for Lieut. B the
vessel that touched here passed by, bound to the
same port; iu which he and the tailors took pas
His M. achooner Nimble, Lt. Bolton, lately
raptured a slave trader, bound to some part ol
Cuba, w ith about one hundred and ninety slaves
' on board. This vessel,on being carried (o the Ha
vana, was refused admission there, and was tent
I to the Island of Trinidad.
A Steam Vessel of War is to.be sent out from
England to the Island of Jamaica. It is »uprx>v
ed that the Steamer is for the purpose of working
between the Islands, without any regard to wind
or currents; and in this way much celerity for
the removal of troops will be obtained, suitable
to circumstance*.
Cape tie Penis.—The Globe of this morning
gives a letter from the Charge d’Affdircs of Por
j tuga! to tile Secretary of State, accompanied by
• his translation of a letter from the Governor of
the Cape de Verd hands, expressing bis grati
i lude for the assistance afforded by the citizens
of the United States to the suffering inhabitants
, of his government.
i Fiom the concluding paragraph of the Go
vernor’s letter, it appears that the evil is not yet
: removed. The inhabitants of these islands are
still exposed to all the horrors of famine—and
having no hopes from their Mother Country,
whose condition is scarcely less deplorable, they
• strain cry to us for aid. — Balt. Pat
! ---
Mr. Snowden:— I have just returned from a
, rich intellectual banquet—an inspection of Mr
j Boudet’s justly admired picture of the “ Raising
; of Lazarus,” one of the most deeply impressive,
j ami inimitably tender, of all those multiform
1 scenes which are associated with the earthly his
I torv of our Divine Redeemer. And having been
I gratified to an extent beyond even my anticipa
tions, I cannot retrain the expression of my ap
probation through the medium of your paper.
There are certain technical terms and phrases
peculiar to the art ot Paintiii?, without an ac
quaintance with which, it i* exceedingly difficult
to convey to the mind an adequate idea of any
' of its productions.—Of these terms and phrases '
I am almost utterly ignorant; anil am, therefore,
wholly disqualified from entering into a labored
and critical analysis either of the merits or de
merits of this truly splendid and most attractive
nirfiir<» t «nv i/emfrif*. Iii><-hii<.h it is tnlo>n for
granted, that the nice ami practiced eye of a fi\
nishtd artist would not pass over the entire
whole, without a discovery of something to con
demn; while in the view of others, such as the
writer of this, the piece might be regarded as ,
completely faultless.
But, though ignorant of terms, I am siill able
to form an estimate of general outlines: and of
the natme of the impression produced upon the
mind, there can be no mistake. I have rarely
seen a picture—ami 1 have had an opportunity of
seeing some of the most greatly admired in the
country—the interest created by which was so
deep and so tlndli:ig, or (lie impression which it
lett behind was more full or more delightful.—
The attitude of the piincipn! figures in the group,
the expie^hm of feature* peculiar to each, and
the drapery with which they are invested, are all
striking, significant, ami, 10 my view, beauti
fully appropriate: while the nice distribution of
light and shade, uniting its influence with the
affecting recollections of the stupendous miracle
which is here designed to be represented, con
spires to awaken a train of sensations, at once
the most serious, the most grateful, ami the mo>»t
devout. If not greatly mistaken, it will be wel
comed and admired wherever it goes; ami few, I
imagine, wii retire from the exhibition without
being well satisfied, both as it respects the me
rits oi the Arti»t. ami the claims wlinh lie pos
sesses upon a very large ami generous amount of
the public’s patronage. ZETA.

A little girl, daughter of Mr. Snyder, of Pen
dleton, Va., in 1828, was kidnapped fiom home,
ami every effort on the part of her relatives and
friends proved unavailing, until within a few
days past. She was then fuund in ihe family of
Col. John llooe, of Fairfax County, Virginia,
at w hose house she had been residing since 1829.
About a year after her absence from home, the
little girl was found bv Col. llooe in the custo- !
ily of a woman insane, who was going about
the country soliciting alms. The woman could
give no account of the girl’s parentage. The
change produced in the child during lour years, •
was so great that the fathef did not, at first, ideu-!
tify her as his, but certain marks on her body «
soon proved the relation between them.
[Phil. Gaz.
- r '
The candidates f,.r Congress in Kentucky are
stumping it—holding meetings and addressing
| their desired conslituerirs. Their chief theme
was the United Slates Bank The National Re
! publican candidates contended for a charter, J
j such as was contained in the vetoed bill. The
! administration candidates wished the charter so
amended that no stock should be held by foreign
! ers. — U. S. Guz.
j Great Pedestrian Feat. — U is slated, on the
authority of the Buffalo Journal, that last week
Lieut. Johnson, of GG'h regiment of the British
Army, for a wager of $400, undertook to walk
from Fort George, U. C., to the Kagle Tavern,
in Buffalo, and rtturn, a distance of seventy-two
i niiies, in eighteen hours; which feat was per
formed bv him in seventeen hours, with appa
ent ease,* including crossing the Niagara River
from Waterloo lo Black Rork. The day was
: very hot and sultrv, and the roads were much
broken up by the previous heavy rains.
I IC7* The Annual Meetingof the Members of
I the Alexandria Savii.g9 Fund Society, an.l of all others
interested, will be held in the room adjoining the
Council Chamber on Monday next, the 3.1 of June, at
4 o'clock, I’. M. The Board of Managers will present
to the meeting a report of their operati ns for the
past year K. JOHNSTON, Jr. Sec'y
may 29-3t__
,' I3aa\\ iii -Market.
WF. will pav Cash for any number of LIKELY
NEGROES, (of both aexes) from 12 to 25 year*
f of age, Field Hands. Also, Mechanics of every de
scription Apply to
It C Ballard & Co Richmond, Va.
J. M Saunders & Co. Warrenton, Va.
George Kepheart It Co. Fredericktown, Md.
James F Purveis Co. Baltimore.
John Ware, Port Tobacco, Md.
Thomas M- Jones, Barton, Eastern Shore of
Or to the subscribers, at their residence in Alexandria,
j Persons having likely Servants to dispose of, will do
I well to give us a call, aa we, at all times will pay
higher prices in Cash than any other purchsaer who is
now or may hereafter come into market.
I All communications prompt!' attended to.
At Glen Asile, (Fairfax County, Va.) the seat
of her father, on Tuesday evening, the 58' h inst.
by the Rev. Mr. Lucas, Mr. Augustus Mamye,
of Baltimore, to Miss Octavia, youngest daugh
ter of J. C. Genkres, Esq.
Flour. — Prices are fully supported, but there
have been no important sales since our last. Dar
ing the week, 3a400 bble Ohio superfine sold at
$5 814 * 5 874; 500 do Alexandria mountain,
5 874 a 5 94; some small parcels, G 00; and
200 do Fredericksburg, 5 87] per bbl, 4a6 mo.
In Genesee, the sales have been limited, prices
ranging from 5 75 a G 00, cash.—Pat.
This morning's inaiket was again dull, and
prices generally lower. We reduce the quota
tions of last Tuesday Id to 2d for Wheat, and
fully Id per bushel for Oats. Flour and Oatincal
are each Gd per sack cheaper.
Our supplies of Wheat being moderate during
the past week and this morning, has caused the
trade to a&suuie a firmer aspect, and we have
had a better demand to day at fully the prices of
this week. Our supply of Flour is Bgain con
siderable, The trade is dull fur this article, but
prices are maintained.
Ahuivkd, May 30,
Steamboat Columbia, Mitchell, Baltimore;
freight and passengers for the District.
Schooner Warsaw, Rich, Boston.
Sloop St at ira, Garretson, Philadelphia.
I'assencrra in Schooner IJ’nrsmv, for II onto a
— Isaac Robbins, David Robbins, Mary Rohhm*,
lyliitrics *▼ . Dusturi* Driijiiiifin\r. m a'.cis,
Water*. Philip I limit*. Win. Hooft*. Burrel Plum*
mer, Mary Monell, Maria Stan wood.
Shooner Leonidas, Dearborn, of this port, at
Philadelphia ti9th. from Pernambuco.
O P1 Ton* Plaster, oo board Brig Patron, for sale by
Toy Freight.
bC§T Tlte coppered Brig PATRON, Charles
ji^||gj£riHuJers, master, will be ready lor a freight in
thro u-ys. Apply to JOHN M. LAUD,
may 31
A mer ic \u\ Ur .
Landingfrom sc fir. Alexandria, from Xew York,
A|| HalfPipe* American Brandy, in excellent or*
11 r dor, for sale by
V r eight
%SrF. have thirty baircls freight to Kichmond.
IF may 29 kAM’L B LAUM'>Ult »« Co
?SuF(\’d‘A\ttmuv isumher.
gm jas m Feet sU^quehanna Lumbe*, on board the
33 schooner Cassandra, for sale by
,„ay .9 9 . MKbSKIiSMll II.
For Freight,
err The school t-r CASSANDRA, burthen
about 500 barrels. Site will take a freight at
a low raw- to at v port within the Chesapeake. Apply to
may 29 ’ 8. MB88F.B8MITH.
Txxrtie Soxxp
VITIM, be served up KVKRY DAY «t 11 o’clock,
* ? at ilie Steamboat Hotel, (Union street )
Families supplied, as usual, by sending for it.
may 29 tf_ _It. M- II ARRINGTON.
\\ i\iU Lead -
I 11/ X K*gs ptire White, of M. k S N. I.ewis’ mi
H 9 nufacture, ju.t received and for sale bv
m iy 28 _W. tt Mil I.F.K
A FKW boxes for sale by
A may 28 _W H VtHJLKIL
6\«y Hogsheads Trinidad Sugars, landing from Brig
Xil Caravan, from Halifax, for sale by
may ,8 w. FOWI.E «t Co.
Vur Halifax.
MTlie schooner CUNVUY. Z. Crowell mas
ter, will take 500 barrels freight, if offered soon.
aj j» to W. FOW1.E tsr Co.
Who have for sale said schooner's cargo of
85 Tons Plaster Paris. may 28
Cotton docks.
VN additional supply of Country Knit, just received,
for sale by the dozen or whole quantity, at a re
duced price. J, St J. DOUGLAS,
may 27 ___
dviiss Muslin Caves.
j)/t Dozen Worked Swiss Muslin Capes, just open
Ol I ed, and for sale at reduced prices, by
mty 27 GKO. WHITE.
Hr an.
| •'/ark Busheli Bran, d»ilvexpected, and will be
1 31 HI sold in lots to suit purchasers, on applica
tion to SreniBN SHINN, Janney’a wharf.
tnsv 25__
M anlrii.
4 MILLER, to take charge of Duckland Mill, for
tlie ensuing year — a single man. Testimonials of
character and proper qualiftrittions will be required.
Also, a WOOL CARDER, to whom employment can
be given fur three months from 1st July next
For Sole,
tpj A large broad tread VVA
KSMBjHLgON, and several Horses.
B-ick'snd. mav 17 —eo9w
btrraut* YfantcA
\ GENTLEMAN residing in Jefferson County, Vir
ginia, wishes to purchase, for hia own use, a Good
Female Cook; a Young Alan qualified to wait in the
House; and two Boys, from twelve to fifteen years old.
For those of good character, liberal prices will be gi
ven. Inquire of the Printer,
may 17—eo2w _
¥ot Hite,
\ VALUABLE Man Servant, a first rate Cook; also
two Female House Servants—one an excellent
wtsher and ironer—both of them likelv to be very
serviceable to families. Apply at this office,
may 25—tf *
CaviftW a: Auction.
THIS AFIKRNOON. at 4 o'clock, will be sold,
at my Auction Store, a handsome new Cariole,
with top, barouche front, and plated harness. Terms
at sale.
At private Sale,
A near neat, plain Barouche, with or without Harness,
may 30 GKO. Will I K
(ry l'he Sale of the above Carriole is postponed till
TiHS MORNING, at 11 o'clock, when it will certain*
ly take place. Immediately after which, will be sold
35 Mattresses, of hair and cotton, assorted sizes
l.ot Cooking Furnaces, Painted Tuba, tfc.
may 31GKO WHITE.
BY virtue of a Deed of Trust executed to me by
Hugh W Welch, on the 13th day of Novi m ier,
183?, and oficcord in the office of the County Court
of Prince William, I shall proceed, on the 15th day of
June next, before the front door of Silas Beech’s Ta*
j verr., in the Town of Oecoqnan, to sell at puolic auc
I tion, tor cash, to the big’ e*t '.odder
*69 ACHES.
situate in thi C >um> of Prince A'iUUm, and
in the neighborhood of Occoquan; a Shed
of Unburnt Bricks; one llortr, two Carts,
and tour setts of Harue->s«—or to much thereof
as will be sufficient to meet the purposes of said
deed. The title to the Said 'and is believed to be
good; but the undersigned will only convey such title
as is vested in him as Trustee
May 14th, 1813. JOHN GIBSON, Jr.
may 31—i2awtl5thjune
District of Ou\umbU,
Comity of Alexandria, Set.
JOHN AVP.RY has applied to t e Hononorable Wil
liam Cranch, Chief Judge of the U States' Circuit
Court of the District of Columbia, to be discharged
from imprisonment, under the act for the relief of in*
solvent debtors within the District of Columbia, on
TUESDAY, the fourth day of June next, at ten
o'clock, A. M., at the Court House in Alexandria;
when and where his creditora are r«qu red to attend,
may 31—3l* EDM. I I.EB, C. C.
Union Canal Lottery of Pennsylvania,
Class A« II for l833.
Will be drawn i * Philadelphia on Saturday, June 1
4 Capital Prizes of 10,000 Dollars each!
Tickets *5; halve# l 50; quarters i 25
To be had in a variety oi numbers of
j. oonsB,
bill try tsf Exchange Broker. JUtcnndria.
New-York Consolidated Lottery,
Kxtra Class Aw. 15 for 1833,
Will be drawn in the City of New York on Wednesday
May .9
1 prize of 820,600 I 1 prize of 85,000
1 do of 1.1,000 I 100 do of 1,000
Tickets $10; halves 5; quarters 2 50; eighths 1 25
Delaware and North Carolina Lottery,
Class Ao J1 for 183 i.
t’obe drawnat Wilmington, Delaware, on Thursday,
'•ay 10
Tickets*.! 00; lia-vrs 1 00; quarter* u 50.
On saiein great vanet. l»v
CCj* Uncurrent Notes slid Foreign Gold purchased
(3 it r muni t*»r *n\t.
This beautiful and most perfectly
healthy COUNTKY SK AT, within vn-v
of the Town of Alexnndia, is fur sale,
either in whole or in part It contains
about 300 Acres of Land, one-'hird of which is in
Wood; the balance under good cultivation, and a part
highly improved. The Dwelling is a spacious build
ing, having four Dooms on the first floor. five upon
the second, ami two upon the third; with a summer
and winter Kitchen; large Ice House, Stables, Darns,
Sic. £cc.: a Garden, containing 5 acres of Land, well
enclosed with a Cedar Hedge, and ill which there is a
great variety of most choice Fruit, a good well of Wa
ter in the yard, with many never failing springs of the
purest Water.
For a private Seminary, Summer Hoarding House,
or country residence for a Urge family, no spot sur
passes it. If more agreeable to the purchaser, I will
sell the improvements, which are extensive and gene
rally in good order, provided not L as than 100 acres
of Land, around the Mansion House, are included in
litas nnrrlmaH
Those inclined to ptiichase are invited to view the
premises, and decide for themselvea
may I—2a*8w CHIPSrot’ll KR NEALE.
I UR It KB Y forewarn all persons visiting Jones'
I Point, unless on legal business or by permission of
the proprit tor I am compeller to adopt tins restrict
ive c< ur»e on account of the shamef ul conduct of some
mischievous hoys for the last Sunday or two. 1 givu
tins legal notice, in order fully to inform all persons
that tbe law will be enforced against all violating the
above notice J\Mfc$ GALLIGKit,
Alexandria, may 25. 1833
¥ii\e ftonnete ft ft lstghuru
. I UTS.
JII. WHITE has just received —
• 10 dozen Ladies' superior Dunstable Bonnets,
neweat style) and
A few Boys’ Legh rn Hats, very fine
Ladies’ Green, Bronze, and Purple Slippers
Dtetricl uf Columbia,
County oj Alexandria, Set.
STEPHEN FIELD has applied to Hie Honor
able William Cranch, Chief Judge of the United
States Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, to be
discharged from imprisonment, under the act for tbe
relict of insolvent debtnrs within the District of Colum
bia, on Monday, the 3d day of June next, at 10 o’clock,
A. M , at the Court House in Alexandria, when and
where his creditors are required to attend,
may 29—31KDM. |. LEE, C. C,
b\\r tel .Uate'ing \jhx itub.
fT*HE public of Alexandria is respectfully informed
1. that the celebrated Picture of the Hesurrcction of
Ixsarus, from the pencil of Mr Boudet, of Paris, will
be exhibited in this City for one week nly, beginning
from Monday next, fom 8 o’clock A. M. untif 10 P.
M , at the old Indian Queen Tavern. The Painting it
in the proportion of about 9 by 14 feet, and the
principal figures at large as life. As to the merits of
the Picture, suffice it to aay, that it baa been highly
commended by the Philadelphia a"d m°»t ex
tensively patronized by all Jhe religious societies, pub
lic and private schools, and the public generally, of
that city Admittance 25 cents.
may 22-tf __
Seated Vropoftate
WILL be received at my house on Payne street, un
til Saturday, the firat day of June, for renting
tbe Fish Wharf the remainder of the year, ending on
the first day of March next. Good security will be
required for the payment of the rent, and, in case of
failure to comply with the terms, the premises will be
let to the next highest bidder,
may 25-tl»tJ WM. VfclTCH, S. ?■

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