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Phenix gazette. [volume] (Alexandria [D.C.]) 1825-1833, June 27, 1833, Image 1

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_ • • — -— ■' - ' 1 ■■■ .. *■ ■ - l ttr
•r-3'6* asskn^ ■ffisiwssffiAT sg&ssiasy'g* .rata &f» _w&w Baroaia ib-sto. 3359
Di'ij P<lPer Ptr <*nnurn- Country paper 85.
T\\c fttean\bwat "RsstfXy
Having been pal in com
plete order, will hereafter run
(regubrlx between Alexandria and
i Washington—leaving
Alexandria, ffiashington,
At 74 A. M, At 9 A- Mi
10 A H. 11 A. M.
£i P M. Si I*- M.
5 p. M. 6 P. M
j.;ne 12j-tf____2
'VUe dtoiuubuut V’lRTVtl.
C.iPT.ilS GUY, will leave
Janney's wharf, Alexandria,
At half past 7 o'clock A. M.
! vt - 10 o* lock A. M.
- At - 2 o’clock P. M.» and
At half past 4 o’clock P. M.
leave Wsihin^ton at half past 8 o’clock A. M.
At half past II o’clock A. II.
At - *1 o'clock P. M i and
At half past 5 o’clock P II.
Alexandria, jun*' 8 ~lf___
The Steamer COLOMBO
Captain .lames Mitchell, will,
uaiil the first of September
• __ next, leave Baltimore Tor the
Dijtri t of Columbia ever* Wednesday at 4 o'clock P.
U , and returning, will have Washing-on at 6. and
Alexandria at 7 o’clock, A. M. on Sunday for Haiti
mere. ___
Steamboat POTOMAC,
Joseph Nevitt, master, be
' **’» 10 order, will,
,■ T.Td^Tthe 17 h instant, resume running to Nor
i„|lt ai,J Hichmoml leaving the City of W ashington
»t 3, ai d Alexandria at 4 o’clock, P M. Keturning,
teixe Kichmond on l uesnay n»«>rim*g, anc Norfolk on
Wednesday morning, at 9 o’clock
rare i© wunuu, iuviuu...6
Do to Richmond. d«» • 9
mav 1 j N A ni. Vk AT I I.KS, Agent.
HrazU Uc.ftVfc.
Af r/Ai\ l bs p-ime, received per Brig Carrier,
10.5(N) f rulc by
june 'JO_tV F>)WLB If Co.
CoIYf.f liiuftittA Oil, auA
FAMILY flour.
-» HAG* green I.agura Coffee
•JO 2 b*rre a Linseed Oil
140 barrel* Shenandoah Family Flour
For m!* by SAMUEL B. LARMOUR k Co.
june 21___
ftkU} \jt&n\ons.
Cjiv Tt ixr* Sicily l emons, in prime order, just rd
•){ g cp:v tl per schooner Marv Helen, from Boston,
. ,d lor <ale by 5. MBSSLRSMl TU.
it >ie 17_;__,_
liuuvovfAtt Ttft.
3 Half Chests, of superior quality, just received and
fjr as'e b) S. MESSERS WITH
jnne 17
fiduruig like, uuA
O'A <UVI Feet 14 inch Flooring Boards
^(/•UUvl 2.CKW teet 14 inch Stepping Boards
6 tierces/ Ffe9h Rice
25 bacs i
10 bags Ground Nuts
Kecri*ed per schooner Mary Ellen, from Charles*
ton. ami‘or sa'e by G. McKENMIK,
june 15 Duke street wharf.
# ft Oft\>.
| i v»\ Roses J Uurbeck’s best So 1 Soap, 20 lbs
ll W 9 each, received by the Brig Token, from Bos
ton, and for vale by
jnwe 13 KDW1!) DA1NGERF1ELD
JBURi'KCK’S Lemon Syrup, of superior quality,
• 'll boxes containing one do*.-n bottle* each for
juae 1.1 ' —
Lm\f ftvigar.
> Boxes Double i.oaf Sugar, uf superior quality, re
ceived lor sale by
jane 1 W II. MILLER
V.'tu8\\ci\ ’»\\gwr, §’c .
mRirrels Crushed Lo&f Sugar, a superior article
fur families
Id cases Hoots a^d Shoe*, assorted
deceived per schooner Mount Vernon, for sale by
ju e 12 W. FOWLK if Co
V'ruU, $c.
I ANDING froni schooner Mount Vernon, from Bos*
i ton, and for sale b t
CO drums Raisins
• 50 do Figs
3 casks Currants
10 bsgs Cxstana Not*
5 do Almonds
2 rTj»ila Dates
25 uoxes Oranges
25 do Lemon*
1 case Prunes
5 boxes Poucbong Tea. of superior qua
_* lity. _june 1*
rimtnto, sc,
to ^ ****** ** sale ty
. i"^\2_WM. D. NUTT.
1 Barrel Nutmegs, in fine order, for tale by
S \M ’ L B. LAKMOUR & Co.
IPipe genuine French Rrandv, just received and
foi sale by * .VM. D* NUTT.
Could this ill world hae been contrived
To stand without mischievous woman,
How peaceful bodies mignt hae lived
Released fra a1 thellls sae common;
But since it is the waefu’ case
t That we maun hae this tearing crony,
Wy sic a sweet bet witching face,
O! had she no been made sae bonny!
I might hae roam’d wi’ cheerfu’ mind,
Nae sin or sorrow to betide me,
A§ careless as the wandering wind,
As happy as the lamb beside me;
I might hae screw’d tny tunefu’ pegs.
And caroll’d mountain airs fu’ gaily,
Had we but wantit a’ the Megs.
Wi’ glossy een sae dark an’ wily.
I saw the danger, fear’d the dark.
The smile, the air, an’ a’ sae taking,
Yet open laid my wareless heart,
An' gat the wound that keeps me waking.'
My harp waves on the willow green,
Of wild witch notea it has nae ony
Sin e’er I saw that pawky queen,
Sae sweet, sae wicked, an’ sae bonny!
The following cunoua facts, developed in a
late police examination in the Metropolis of En
gland, give reason to believe tha», in that country
at least, the adulteratiou of Tea is earned ou to a
great extent.
Union Hall —Yesterday in the course of the
examination of two toys, who were brought up
from Camberwell before Mr. Chambers^ for j-am
bling on aunuav, wmr unviusuita,«i|i«n.iii.r
respecting the’extent to which the suspected
adulteration of Tea is carried on in this Metrop
olis, weie made.
In the possession of one of the juvenile defen
dants a police man lountt two shillings upon ta
king him into custody, and when the boy was
a*ked by the magistrate where he got that money,
he immediately replied “Not by gambling, your
worship, but by picking tea leaves.”
Mr. Chambers.—The tea plant does not hap
pen to grow in this country, my lad; therefore y.»u
are adding a falsehood to'the offence for which
you are brought here, and that offence is sure to
lead to crimes of more magnitude.
The defendant still persisted in the truth of
his assertion relative to the picking of tea leaves;
and when asked to explain the manner in which
he did it. he replied, “ Why your worship, 1 am
emploved bv a cowkceperat Camberwell, who
sends me into the fields to gather sloe leaves and
black and whitethorn leaves, and he pays me so
much a pound for all I picks. I works hard,”
added the boy, “and sometimes earns a good bit
of money at the jolv”
Mr Chambers inquired what the cow-keeper
wanted with sloe and black and whitethorn leaves;
it could not be for the use of his cows?
Inspector Hallers, of the P. division, stated
that he should be enable to throw some lignt up
on the subject of what the boy termed “ picking
tea leaves.” The Inspector then said, that tor
the last month, a number of poor persons, of both
sexes, were observed in the fields adjacent to
Camberwell, picking leaves out of the hedges.
To such an extent, in fact, had this picking sys
tem been lately carried in and about that neigh
borhood, that many of the hedge rows were com
pletely divested of their foliage.
He had questioned some ot the people as to the
__ r..« .ekioh tka It iiiPit intt-mlpd
and he had the same renly from all,—namely,
that they were employed by a cow-keeper, who
gave them a penny a pound for aloe and black
thorn leaves, and half that sum for white thorn
leaves. One man told him that he had picked
between 50 and GO lb of the leaves in a ;lay,
and always had a sure market for-selling them to
the cow keeper.
Persons were placed to watch his premises,
when it was found that they were sent in bags to
an extensive tea dealer’s in the citv, to whose
warehouse they weie traced from the cow keep
er's yard at Cainhervvell Information was giv
en to the Excise, and he had no doubt but they
intended to act forthwith upon it.
f London Courier.
Galvanism.-— The most astonising experiments
on record of Galvanism, are those made bv Doc
tor Ure, of Glasgow, on the body of a murderer,
after he had hung an hour at the giltows. In the
first experiment with the galvanic fluid, every
muscle of the body was agitated with the con
vulsive movements. In »he second, one of
legs was thrown out with such violence as nr
|y to overthrow one of the assistants, in the
next experiment, full laborious breathing was es
tablished—the chest alternately heaving and faM
mg. Iu another experiment, the muscles of the
face were thrown into fearful action. Rage, hor
ror, despair, anguish, and ghastly smiles, united
their hideous expression in the murderer’s fare,
surpassing tar the wildest expressions of a Fu
seli or a Keen. At this period, several of the
spectatora were forced to leave the room, from
terror or sickness, and one gentleman fainted.—
In another experiment, the fingers moved rapid
Iv, like those of a performer on the violin, and
an assistant who tried to dote the hand, found i|
to open forcibly in spite of all his effort*. In the
last trial, one of the conductor* was applied to a
slight incision in the tip of the forefinger, th^ fist
being previously clenched, when this finger was
instantly estended, and, from the convulsive
movements of the arm, the munderer seemed to
point to the different spectators, many of whom
thought he had come to life.
Out .>1 txnui'acluvvA
, 1 have HATS for
the Summ r, which 1 con
fidently offer to the pub
lic, knowing them »o be of
have heduci’d the phice.
I ask those that are in
want, and other* that have
been buying in the neigh
boring Cities, to ca'I and
CKsmine—c<»-ipire, ■>*!
if I am not o(V-ri i|r It** finest
m'inuficturefir the price 'i<*t
has ever be n seen: two d‘«»rs
East of Butcher's Hardware
N. B Country Gentlemen,
before you spend your mo
ney. cad on
June 15— __
3. U. Y\Utt
0A5 just received, by schooner Mount Vernon, a
tun her supply of
Men's fine Pump Summer Boots
Uo Black and tea-colored Buckskin Shoes
Do Pump* of var on* kinds %
Fine and coarse Palin l.eaf Hats
All of w hich will be sold cheap. _j'mL14_
' NVtAtfc y.fcnA.
... Kg.p.ip. . {whit. Leal
• r\r iuv ii #
Fresh ground, and a superior article, just received
per sloop Miller, .nd for sale at Philadelphia price*, by
june 4 S U. & S H JA.NNKV,
& ''Ufftt-e.
rillIB subscribers haw on hand * few bags e»fh «f
A prime Sumatra Pepper and Porto luco Coffee,
winch they will sell low to close sales,
j„ne 4 3 M. k 3 H J ANNF.V.
r\uU.fc» wadUA
rWISH to purchase about 100C lbs of Old <p kes.
4 JM I \H I II Vis.
Landing from schr. Alexandria, from -Veto York,
j . - Half Pipes American brand;, in e\ctlloul or
1 LI der, for sale by
ob at fcU L m»\U- enu i*ttaU
f|^HK above article is represented as having itscha
A racter constantly enhanced l>> numerous respect
able certificates. I faithfully applied according to ibe
directions, and a cun: be not effected, the purchaser
will have his money refunded on ettirning the box
fi ll mo 10____^85nt*_
OnpohiWmtot'WwAringlvm &
The public are respectfully
informed tba Bthxlr^over a. Oo*.
Phenix Line of Splendid B ue
Safety Coaches will, in future,
leave \leiandria for Washington and Baltimore at half
part 7 o’clock A. M Passengers going in this line to
Ba timore, are assured there will be no detention in
Pei sons wishing to go in the 2 o’clock or 10 <> clock
P. M Stage from Washington to Baltimore, can secure
their seals at either of the opposition Stage Offices,
and be sent to Washington without any extra charge.
Their Coaches Horse* and Drivers, are Mirpassed
by none. No racing ullowed. Passengers will be cal
led for and left wherever required, and every exertion
mu, 1 —. *•> nlcuse the nublic.
For seats please be particular to apply at the Oppo.
position Stage Office, next doorto C- Brest’* Barber
Shop, on Royal street, between King and Cameron
Street; amt at R II. Harrington's Steam Boat Hotel,
and at J- Morris’ Franklin House Hotel.
Fare to Washington • • $0 25
« to Biltimore • * 3 25
G. M. BHUCtfi, Agent.
Alexandria, June 8,1833
P S. t he Stage leaves the Opposition Stage Office,
adjoining Gadsby’s Hotel,. Washington, every eve .mg
at 4 o’clock lor Alexandria. _ _ June 8
*\V^T \A e *»t
through U 'ushiuglon.
The citizens of Alexandria
rw«i|v*'CtInit•- ml'-Third that the
.t>ove l ine leaves the City Hotel
on Mondays, Wednesday#, ami
Friday*, at half past 7 .’c'oc*, A. vt F*r< Bom Ale*
andr a to Leesburg, $1 75; fr-m Leesburg to Winches
ter. $2 50; l;*r* through f5 25
jnr6 tt_(1 a M.WI QN, Agent
*Mft\ixiiks ttinK Aih^i
; »T : tij. continue to give a fair price for the Notea
1 f > h/Mechanics’ Hana of Alexandria.
. K j no. COxSK, Broker.
Xn i'ttUAfc \iui\A«T6.
TUB Trustee* < f the 'Vishit.ptmi \cadtmy of West
moreland Count/, (on the first Saturday m July
at Oak Gtove,) will contract for the immediate
..USE, to be 45 fe l by 30, mil. .
Portico 45 bv 9 ditto supported by *u column*. 1 he
basement • on to have three rt.<>m», the »econd three,
and the th-rd four To be of brick. and finished in a
plain but workmanlike manner 1 he *ite ia on the
heights about four mile* from each River, and re
markably healthy. _. . .
Proposal* for the brick or wood work, or both, may
he addressed to the subscriber, “ Leedstown, W eat
mnrelami;” by whom any fur*her information de.«red
be furniihed. B, »"*« ^SBtTIi'tLOR.
,1 june 13—w3w Pmidiog Truatee.
Xevi Te-ta* stogara, Wiueft.
FRUITS. &c. &c.
Landing from New York, and for sale by the
3*0 i\ Cheats, half cheats, and boies Gunpowder,
4501J Imp. rial, Hyson. Young llyson and Poucbong
Tt'.AS, fine qualities
20 beautiful lacquered caddies ? Gunpowder
2 cases 2 lb leads 5 'e*
70 hogsheads New Orleans, Porto Kicq and St
50 hags white Brazil do
*10 quarter casks Port ^
20 Indian barrels Uojsillon j
40 quarter casks Dry Malaga
5 hilf pipe# Catalonia
40 cases Claret
10 do Muscat J *
4 half pipes Seignette’s Cognac Brandy, enti
tled to debenture
10 hxrrels Honey
50 boxes new Cheese
1 case Vermicelli
100 bale* Cu-sia
10 bidet Almonda
5 do Madeira Nuts
8o drums Prunes
150 do Figa
25 do Hates
50 boxes'Buncii Raisin*
- 20 boxes French Fruits in vinegar
40 do Capers and Olives
50 do Sicily Lemons, in good order
2 pipe* fresh Lt mon juice prepared in Sicily,
a new article
125 Demijohns, one, two, and five gallons
5 ex*.** Brown Stout
90 doxen English Mustard
N B These Goods, being imported under reduced
and abolish' d duties and purchased chi. fly for money,
can be x»ld at low pric* a _
june 10 SAMUEL B. LARMOUlt U do.
Uto\u*A V\a*1w,
For safe by the 7\m, Barrel, or Bushel.
rn u subscriber has on hand, and mien.is Keeping
1 during the season, Gr >und Plaster, wh'ch will be
sold at as low prices as it can be procured at in the Ui#
TfcttS, Wf ■Sugar, Cufffcfc*
I (5) Chests and half du sts Teas
|^5 18 lx>*ea I. oaf Sugar, assorted
12 Idids Porio Rico and N O Sugar
35 bag* lava and St. .Domingo Uoffee
6 I>:>Is Jaui iira do
10 boxes t hocutate
20 bhd* prime New Oilcan* Molasses
5 rusk* new ltice
25 boxes best bunch Raisins
50 drums pulled Figs
10 "bag?. Pimento
10 bags Pepper
10 boxes best Chewing Tobacco
8 noses Plug ' do
50 r an.s Wrapping Paper
20 reams Foolscap do
1 esse sssorted Fancy Soap
25 boxes yellow do
25 boxes mould and dipt Candles
15 ••oiIb white Cord.igc
Jimt received and for sale by
Tvitni^J DnUftrs V\«Vfatd
HTll.l. be given for the uppreheiision of JAMES
TT (>. MATHERS, an indented apprentica to the
Cabinet Business, who absconded on Sunday morning
lust. The said Mathers (more familiarly known lit the
name of Burns) is about 19 y ears of age, 5 feet 8 or 9
inches high, slender made thin visage, freckled face,
light brown hair, of rather sluggish carnage and
speech, with considerable self cousequ* nee He had
on wi.en he absconded a white hat. olive 'close bodied
coat, white pantaloons, Ac j but having a variety of
clothing, his dre^s may possibly be varied. Mathers,
having a slight knowledge of the Upholstering Busi
ness. may possibly tender his services as such.
The above reward, with all reasonable expenses,
will be paid for bis apprehension and tecurement, so
that I get h m againj and all persons are hereby fore
warned against harboring of employing said boy, as the
law will be rigidly enforced against all offending,
june 4 tf JAMES GREEN.
Office of the Chesapeake 4* unt° L nnai company,
Washington, June 3, 1833.
■\TOTICE is hereby given, that an matalment of two
dollars and fifty cents per share, (being the 39tl»
instalment) on every share of atock in the Chelapeake
and Ohio Canal Company, is required to be paid on the
15th day of August next; and a further sum of two
dollars and fiftv cents per share, (being the 40ih instal
ment) ort the 16ib day of September next» which in
stalmcnts must be paid to the credit ol the Cbesa
peahe ai d Ohio Canal Company, to the Caahier or
other officer of either of the following Hanks, vi*:—
I he Branch Hank of the United Statta at Waahing
tun, 1)C
Bank of Washington.at do
Patriotic 1 ank, o°
Bank of the Metropolis, do
Farmers’ and Mechanics’ Bank at Georgetown
Bank of Alexandria at Alexandria ,
Bank of I'otumac do
Farmers’ Bank of Alex’a -do
Hagerstown Bank in II .gerstown. Md
Branch of the Valley Bank in Charleatown, Va.
And the Branch of the Va'lcy Bank in Leeaburg, Va.
Bv order of the President and Directors:
Clerk Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Co.
june 7—wtlfilhSept__
TYiia is to gvve notice,
TH AT the subscriber, of Alexandria County, in
the District of Columbia, has obtained from the
• •rnhan’s Court cf said County, lettera of administration
„n the personal estate of William Paseoe* late of the
County aforesaid, d. Ceaaed All persona having claim*
.gainst the said decedent are hereby warned to exhibit
.he same to the aubacriber, passed by the Orphan*
t ourt, on or before tbe 18th day of June, 1834, or
they may. by law, be excluded from all benefit to saiJ
estatet and thue indebted thereto are required to
make immediate payment. Given underjny!hand this
I8*h June, 1833. JOHN JOHNSON,
june 19 Adan’r of W ro. Paacoe.
S tally and expeditiously executed at this Office
George ft. Uttugn *
[8 now opening • choice selection of FANCY AND
STAPLE OOODS, conutting in part of
Super London cloth* and easaimeres* men’s-ummer
wear* black lustrings and poult de soie* watered and
figured ailka* white, pink, bHie and blak sattinsi pa nt*
d muslin* and calicoes* light French calicoes, very
isndsome* painted palminet'e* Italian crape* Cyprus
and Iris gauze* cambrics* jackone a* plain and figured
Swiss and Hook ditto* plaid sauttinsi ginghams* real
earsuckgrs* pongees* white and brown drilling**
stripes for boys* one case super aoft dressed Irish li
nens* super long lawns* green and white blond veils*
figured and plain barrege ditto* linen cambric* ditto
hdkfs* Bishop’* lawn* white merino and cam* i’a hair
shawls* beautiful assortment of fancy bdkts* bobbinet*
and laces* Grecianette* nun** lace* Hoskin and kid
gloves* large assortment of cotton hosiery * misses’dit
to, some very superior* Marseilles and silk vestiig; ta
ble and bird eye diapers* Irish and Russia sheetings,
bleached* black and colored tastings* blue and green
table covers* colored and white knitting cotton* gtsis
cambric for bonnets* gsuse and other ribbons* galoons;
fine black borobaiette and circsaiians* 6 4 and cor mon
bombaseens* yellow and blue nankeens* g»u*e A1!1'
nels* fancy tuck, side snd puff combs* hsir brushes id
great variety* tooth and nail dittoi bandanna*, some
first chop* rattinet for coach makers* hangupssnd b»a
verleensi tickings and domestics generally* silk ana
•otton umbrella* and parasols* foundation* and wad
ding* point blanketsi coarse linens* cotton burlaps*
low pnced carpeting, veryhandsomei four cases straw
bonnets* Leghorn flatsi boys’ leghorn hats* men s su
perfine palm ditto.
Cotton Yarn, Candlewiek and Cotton Bats, constants
ly on hand, at Baltimore price*._4th mu »
Chorieft Bennett
HAS received and offer* for tale—
A few bales 37 & 28 inch stout unbleached Cotton*
4-4 bleached Cotton*
9 8 and 5 4 Cotton Sheetings
34 inch Cotton osnaburgs
No 1,2,3,4 Hempen Burlap*
llest Dorchester Bedticks* Apron Checks
• Two bales Knglish shoe Thread
Dark blue and W B patent Sewing Thread
Best dark blue and black superfine Saxony Cloth
Italian Sewing Silk, real black and blue black
4. 44 and 5 Pina, first quality
Hemming’* genuine first quality silver-eyed Nee
dles* W C ditto. _ ™»r25
Spring GtuiAft.
UAVF. received b) the last arrival*, a large and ge
neral assortment of.
which thev offer for sale upon favorable terms, w«oi»
VtanUWn Uo\wfc HMrtt
By J. MORRIS, at Ihe corner ol
King and Put street#, and recently in the
occupancy of Mr. A. Newton. This well
H-i.Kiiwwknown stand hsa juat been put in good
! order, and is now open for the reception of guests,
where they can be sccommod ted in the most agree*
able manner The salubrity of its situation, and conti
guity to the business part ofthetown, and the selection
for the table being the beat the market will afford, cn
couragcment by put favors animates the aubscnber
with renewed zeal to assure those who wish to ooard
by the week, month, or year, 'hat no pains will be spar*
ed in endeavoring to please He therefore. Irom strict
attention and ro derate charges, solicitst share ol pub
lic patronage.
N. II Persons travelling from, Alexandria to V ash*
ington or Baltimore, can secure their seata in ikltz
hoover's splendid l.ine of Oiu Safety Coaches, at the
Bar Hours of departure, half past 7 A M , 2 P. M ,
I and 10 P M_y _
Vo? lieuls
TheTarge and commodious three story
Jon the northeast corner ol Fmrfa* «nd
jtlameron street. It is in complete rtpair,
and possession can be bad immediaiely. Apply to
m,y a OE<>. JOHNSON A Co
Vluu&e Af-liUl to? ttaVfc or iVfcnt.
The subscriber offers for sale or rent his
E»fi attheintersectionofWuhing^orand rono
KO'iireevK.i II whivh uwwivmuw.
novl—lawtf EDMUND I LFE.
To Vletvt,
MThit pieasantly situsted HOUSE on Jones'
Point, to which will be attached sufficient ground
arden. To a pers of correct habits, I will
rent it on reasonable terms. .
mgyU JQ9IAII H. DAV13.
To iVeui,
Anti - A small HOUSE or two, at low rent.
r .-Jap Rosin, juat received twenty bam lit *lai-com
mon Itoiin and Pitch. _ may 24^
CALCULATING to pursue the Bope-making Busi
nea», it is my desire to close m> present busin* as
as soon as possible I will therefore dispose of my
stock of LUMBER, consisting of Boards, Plank,
Scantling, Shingles, fcc &c * and will rent my
Wharves, Lumber Yard, and Warehouse, on reason
able terms. JOSIAH II DAVIS.
flCj* A Post lie vet and Setter wanted immediately.
IWk Xotic©.
MR. CHARLES FLETCHER, one of the late firm
of Fletcher t? Dement, having assigned to me in
trust, for certain purposes in the assignment aforesaid
expressed, sundry Promissory Notes and Book Ac
counts—Notice it therefore hereby given to all per
sons indebted to the late firm aforesaid, that immediate
payment <a requested, or. if the tame be postponed,
that satisfactory security will be required, otherwise
those claims will be placed in the hands of the proper
officer for collection.
m*v 23—*«6wCHrt. WF.ALE.Trustee,
/}/*. Boxes Window GUsa, (brthern manufacture,
DIP from 8 X10 to 12 X 18. it moderate prices
Marbles, in bags, lOOO e4h
Looking Glass plates, Pi#« m boxes
60 doxen Class Knob* frill be sold low to c!o
1 set very rich cut Glass* ar\845
With an assortment Liverpool D ning •«** •“<*
other goods in my line- R« u- miller.

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