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departure, and in the very act of cheering the ci* |
tixens of Alexandria for their kindness and hos
pitality, and also when the boat was pot in mo-1
lion by its Captain, to -h#* otter astonishment!
and confusion, we were maliciously assailed, |
(and that without the leait provocation on our
part.) by the mob upon the wharf, with stones,
shells, and pieces of rock, from all directions,
striking the officers and privates of the company;
and which produced such disorder among the
soldiers and citizens on board the boat, that it
was impossible, by us, to restrain any acrof vio
s fence that might have been done by the assailed.
We seriously regret the occurrence, and more
so, if passible, inasmuch as a young man unex
ceptionable in his character and deportment,
should have been the sufferer on the occasion.
John McDuell, Csptain,
Samuel Sukrwood, 2d Lieut.
(ius. A- McClelland, 3d Lieut.
Washington, July 8, 1833.
The Charlottesville Chronicle gives an account
of the rupture between Mr. Gilmer and Senator
Rivet, which we mentioned last week. They i
had met in a tavern to talk their differences over,
when, at the close of the conversation, Mr. Gil-j
mer demanded that Mr. Rives should acknow- j
led^e theanjustice of his mistrust of Ins f|iend-;
ship, which Mr R. refused to do, as he
said, he could nut do it without falsifying his
conscience. Upou this Mr. G. attempted to in
r flict on Mr. R. the Randolph punishment, which
he followed up with a blow, when both went j
I hard at it, and Mr. R. came off rather worsted— !
he being mmh smaller and weaker than hisoppo-!
oc-iiL We are sorry that such an affray should 1
have occurred.
Garrison’s Liberator in reference to his holding
slaves pronounces Gen. Washington, a “Hypo
crite, Thief, kidnapper,” and adds that he is
now in Hell! What a monster is a fanatic! ex
<9pims the Romney Intelligencer. But then,
why quote the senseless ravings of such-a inon
»brr and such a fanatic?
The papers mV/meddle with the next presiden
tial election, ft is with great difficulty that they
can be kept from entering nt once, vigorously, in
to a new political campaign, ranging themselves
under such leaders as Mi Lean, Webster, Van
Boren, Cass, Sec. &e. F>»r ourselves, we touch
not, handle not the unclean thing. “ Sufficient,
unto the day is the evil thereol.”
The person who can led oft" the Telegraph from
this office on Sunday, will please return it, a* we
presume, he knows, it does out belong to him.
\V< perceive it is tne intention of M. M.
Noah to start a semi weekly newspaper in New
York. His talents as a writer are ot too good an
order to remain dormant.
An American gentleman has presented to the
hospitable monks on Mount St- Bernard, grates
for the burning of a species ot coal which is found
in the neighborhood of iheir hospi e. The monks
have found they answer very welt and arc much
pleased with the present.
Yesterday’s mails brought us no-news of the
extension or increase of the Cholera, and we in
dulge the hope that its rage i*, in some degree,
at least, spent. It has entirely ceased at. New
The accounts, of the celebration* of the Fourth
of July bring u* statements of many accident*.
&c. In New Turk, in particular, there were
We are pleased to learn that the health of the
President has much improved,since hi* return
from the North.
Girard College —The corner stone of thi* In
stitution was laid on Thursday at Philadelphia,
ami the ceremony wltne«sed by a large and res
pectab'e assemblage of'citizens. An address
was delivered on the occasion by Nicholas Bid
dle, which is spoken of by the National Gazette,
in term* of unqualified admiration. The public,
like the auditors, says the editor, will feel its el
oquence and beauty, and the force of those apt
and powerful considerations by which Mr. Bid
dle recommends so noble an institution.
Black Il iwk and suite arrived at Buff 1I0 on
Friday evening, the 28th u:t, and left there on
the Sunday morning following, m the Steamboat
Voile Sam for Detroit They availed them
selves of the oppoituni'y, whilst at Buffalo, to
visit the Seneca* in that neighborhood.
A Slaver Captured —We iearu from the Ber
muda Gazette, that II B M. schooner Nimble
ha* captured a slave schooner with one hundred
ami ninety miserable creatures on board. This
slaver appeared oft* Baibadues on the 18»l* «»f
May, then on her way to Trinidad, in conse
quence of her not bciug allowed to slop at the
Havana, from the existence there of the Cholera.
Our countryman J. Fenimnre Cooper, Esq.
writes to a friend that 25,902 drunkards were
committed to prison in Pans, last year, and thitf
there is less drunkenness in America amoug the
native population than in any other country.
A coroner’* inquest was held in Washington '
on the 4th of July, upon the body of Levin Ba-1
kir, a young mao from Sussex county. State of i
Delaware, who had been employed there fora few
weeks only, and who **» came to his death by a
blow on the back of his head by a brick-bat
thrown at hini-”
' •' ■ :4' "j ■ -■, - ’ IT*
A klip froa^tbe office of the Pensacola Ga
zette informs ut of the arrival on the 18th alt-, of
the U. 8. ship Vandalia, Geo. Budd, comman
der, from a cruize in the Gulf of Mexico, hav
ing visited the Coast of Yucatan, and thenee
n >rth to Vera Cruz,Tampico, Santander and Rio
del Norte. The yellow fever was prevailing at
Vera Cruz more fatally than for the last six
years. At Tampico the cholera was raging with
great violence, aided in its work of destruction
by the yellow fever. The mortality extended to
the shipping in port five or tix miles below the
town. The other parts of the coast at which the
ship touched, were reported healthy. The offi
cers and crew of the Vandalia were in unusual
good health.
The President, while at Boston, begged Mr. Poin
sett,as that gentlemao stated in his address, to as
sure the Lodge of Massachusetts of his sincere re
gret at being prevented by indisposition from ac
cepting their iuvitatiun to meet them, and also
that be “ shall ever feel a lively interest in the
welfare of an institution with which he has been
so loog connected, and whose objects are purely
philanthropic, and he instructed me to express to
them the high esteem and fraternal regard, which
he cherishes towards them all.”
On Saturday last, a haul was made in Great
E^g Harbour’ Bar, near Beaslv'a Point, Cape
Mav, at which 218 drum fi*h were caught, their
entire weight being from 8 to 9000 poinds.—
This is said to be the largest haul of this descrip
tion of li-h ever made in that bay.
J-rfltn the Dover (S/. H) Gazette.
On Tuesday evening last, John Williams, Jolin
B H Odiorne, Joseph H. Smith, and John P.
Jiale, waited upon the President uf the United
States at his lodgings in Concord, under the di
rection of the Committee of Arrangements for
this, town, for the purpose of asceriainiog more
explicit!v at what time it would suit his conve
nience to visit Dover, and received for answer
that he would announce his arrangements to them
at half past 7 o'clock the fallowing morning. At
that time, the committee again waited upon hint,
when he addressed them in substance nearly as
, lie remarked, he felt admonished, sctioosly
admonished tty the State of his health to desist
from the farther prosecution of his intended jour
ney. lie would have been pleased and gratified
to have visited the whole of New’ Rogland; he
had been delighted with the reception lie had
thus far received; with our institutions of learn
ing and our free schools, the hardy .ami happy
faces of our yeomanry; he expressed himself
gratified beyond measure. Ho wishes our sys
tem of free schools might be extended over the
south, the whole west and all the country, lie
was well aware that his determination to pro
ceed no further would be a great disappointment
to hi» fellow citizens who.expected him to vi
sit them, and he regretted it. and he wished
the committee to express to the ritizens whom
they retires n'ed, that they could not be more
| disnppoiot-d than he was It was not his
chore, but the act of Providence that produced
this result, and the event was beyond his con
trol But his public dunes which were very
pressing, his health, all admonished him to re
turn home in as quiet a manner as possible.
Grand Consolidated Lottery,
Clast ho 27 for t833,
To he drawn in Wilu'i’igton Del on ilnndav ?utv 8
ticket- f>5« halves 2 5U; quarters t 25.
|i_J* Lowest prize 86
To be had ui a varieiv of numbers of
J. COftSfS,
Lot’rryl91 K 'ch'tnut Broker, .He nndria.
Drawn Numbers .n the Virginia State Lottery, fur tbe
hour fit of the Petersburg ll-uevolcnt Mechanic Av
so ia'ion, Cla»s No. *J for '.83':
59 44 22 13 10 17 9 27 18
Maryland State Lottery. Cats Vo lit r 18 > >?
6i) 28 64 44 2 33 58 26 43_ 41
New Vork non«ofi«l;\ted Lottery,
Extra Class So. 19 fur 1833,
To be -Dawn n New V >’k <ut v<* tnp Uv, July 10
O APIVAIs PHIZ3 $10,030.
Tickets f>J; Halves i JUi quartets U <3.
Delaware & North Carolina Lottery,
Extra E'shs No 2 for 183J,
To be drawn at Wilmington, Uela 'are, on Thurs’ay,
Jut' M
Whole tickets only 11 j halves 30 els.
On sale iu great v.ri< tv by
(j^s Uneurrent Notes and Foreign (Jolil purchased
Dr*wn Numbers in (he Little Delaware Lottery, Extra
( lass No. G
23 52 63 9 66 15
Ditto, Virginia Petersourg, Gins Vo. 3:
59 44' 22 13 10 17 9 27 18
Ditto, Ma via id Stvte, Glss-i N* 13:
60 28 64 44 2 S3 58 26 43 41
TTuatfcfc1* Notice,
riSlIK uutersi ned having be-n appointed Trustee o»
L Orlando s. M>ir,e and Oa-jn Jo-iSelyn, insolvent
debtors, hereby g«ves notice to all persons having
cla.rtis against said tn=ulvents to present them as aoon
■s practicable and those indebted to them to
make immediate pi'.mrnt to him; as it is necessary to
close bnain ss at an early .noment, he will be under
the necessity of putting all claims in officers' han Is for
Collection that are not p.id within a reasonable time,
j 6 w D MI IT.
V*io V uft'ec
a t v B. gs good quality, just veeived and for sale by
-44 J j\ 6 root WM N McVEIGIl.
Owk WowA.
PqupDSALS for furnishing Two Hundred Cords of
go-vj. sound, merch mtable OAK WOOD—one
alf to be green Wood—will be received by the sub
•scribcr. at Fort (Washington, until the first day of Au
gust < >nr hundred cord* must be delivered on or be
fore five 1st November, 1833, and the remainder on or
befofre the 1st December, t833-the whole to be deli
vered and corded on the hill, at such plsce as the Act
ing At*ttm* Q • utertf aster msy designate.
Proposal* must endorsed • Proposals for sup
pfying Oak Wowl." ' v GEO WA TSUN,
P y * A. A Q 4 Port Wiihmgton.
Fort Washington! June^JlQ. 1833,
jy 3—2w
' -ifey . ,
QuKBKft, Jwrfs 28—A new instance of Ame*
ricari enterprise and industry occured here this
week. A Mr. Baird, of the State of Maine,
who has a patent for bee hives and who keeps a !
great number of bees, and of course trades in !
them, |ffived in Quebec with hives, which he
sold to the amount of between 2 and SOD dul
lars cash. He had brought sotae dunog the
winter, in his boxes or hives, in a torpid state,
and found a good sale; but it teemed more diffi
cult to remove them in the summer season; their
busy and active period. Mr. Baird, however,
travelled during the night, and set his bees out
during the day to feed and continue their work,
which they did with their usual activity and re
gularity. He »» about twelve nights on the
journey, by the Kennebec road, and brought the
whole of his hives to Quebec, in good condition
without loss.
On Thursday evening Iasi, by the Rev. C. A
Davis, Mr. Samuel Chiplky, to Mist Sarah •
M. Bayliss, all of this place.
In Baltimore, on Thursday evening last, by
the Rev. Mr. Bartow. Mr. Jam s F POrvis, of
Tennessee, to Miss Maria Louisa Marker, of
Pnce of Produce in Alexandria yesterday, from
wagons and Vessels.
Flour, per barrel, • * 85 62$ a 0 00
Wheat, per bushel, • 1 10 a 1 15
Corn, - do - - 0 65 a 0 00
Rve, do - - * 0 G8 a 0 70
Oats, from wagons, per bushel, 0 45 a 0 50
Oats, from vessels, do - 0 37j a 0 45
Corn Meal, yellow, do • 0 65 a 0 70
Corn Meal, while, do - 0 70 a 0 80
Flaxseed, - do - 1 00 a 0 00
Whiskey, per gallon, • - 0 28 a 0 30
Bacon, per cwt. • • • 6 00 a 0 50
Butter, per lb. - • - 0 10 a 0 16
Lard, dd - - • 0 07 « 0 07
Plaster Paris, (retail) per ton, 6 00 a 0 00
Floor.—We continue to quote the wagon
price at go 62], though dull. We hear of no
sales from stores, &nd are under tire impression
that stored Flour, such as has remained on hand
since the winter, would not command over 83 50.
As the weather is now very warm, and the time
of re-inspcction near at hand, we think, if the
holders of stored Flour consult their own inte
rest, they will make speedy sale of it, and not
risk the souring season and le-inspectmn. The
slock is considerably larger than at this time last
year, and the demand languid.
| Export for the weekending Saturday, 6th inst.,
150 barrels foreign.
I Quantity inspected during the same period:
Kmg street 523 bbls. 17 half bbls.
Wharf 15 “ 00 “
Potomac 50 “ 00 •*
‘588 hbls. 17 half hills.
Arrived. July 9,
Schooner Velocity, Hammond, Barbados, 15
; days; Ballaat and Specie to Win Fowle & Co.
and J & W. H Irwin. Left, Brig Omar, Fish,
and Scndonsr Potomac, B*;»rs, from this port.
Passeng-rs—Mr William Gregory and son; Mrs.
and Mi*s Bartlemap and servant; and Mr Phi
lip A C agett.
Schooner Alexandria, Britton, New York;
F> eight for the District.
j Schooner Palestine, Allen, Patuxent River;
j Tot>a- rn to w. Fowle & Co.
Schooner Victor, Washington, Machodoc;
Corn to Mr. Fitzhugh.
i Schooner Coiintoiin, Semnics, Machodoc;
: Corn and Wheat to master.
Schooner Philadelphia, Newton, Port Depo
! sit; Lumber to B Waters
I Schooner William Christopher, Travis, Port
D ’posit; Lumber to G. II Smoot.
Schooner Amanda, Harrington, Port Deposit;1
Lumoer to U. Waters.
— N
Schooner Brilliant, Evans, from Bermuda, at
New York 5th instant. Passengers. Mr. and
M rs. Ta'ein. Mrs. Frith, twn Miss Sommers’, J
; Mrs. Holt, Dr. Winslow, two Miss Dills, Cap
tain Lowrell, and Mr. Frith.
The packet schooner VELOCITY, Ham
nond, muster, will liave ile.spatch, and Uke
' tr. .g "|.iw} for which or passage apply to the master
j on board, at Central wharf, or to
j jv 9 __ XV. FOWLE «t Co.
6Cioki Summer strained Sperm Oit, just received
snd for site by WM. D NUTT,
j ... . - . Jtho,
1 pipe Imitation Brandy, just received.
In Store— Fra a Cognac Brandy, in pipes and half
I pipes. Also. Holland Gui (old); 30 cases, 2 dozen,
MadeiraXVine- Apply as aoove. _j) 9
Ueni^en Bftgs.
Hempen Bags 2 bushels each, just received
sH. * and lor tale by
jv 9 _ 9. MP.S3EK9M1TH
l^auk of AYextuvAxlft,
July 8, 18S3.
\ DIVIDEND ol Two Dollare a Share, for the last
sis months, has been this dsy declared on the
Stock of this Bank, and will be paid to the stockholders
on or after the llth inat. By order of the Board,
jy 9 -e* 3w ‘ J. L. McKBNNA, Caahier. .
' JSToUce.
N CARIJSI intending to visit New York about the
• first of August, will receive orders, until, that
time, Tor the purchase of Piano Fortes, in the selection
of which, strict attention will be given,
jy 8—dlw&2awtlstAug
KP The Funeral of Mr*. Margaret D.
Grf.o >ry will take place This rffteritonn, at five
o'clock* from 1*1° residence of her father, Mr.
William Bartleman, lower end of K.mg -treet.
The frlenda and acquaintances of the (atnilita
are reiipectfullj invited to attend.
|C7* None*.— A meeting of the Piscat&way
Union Temperance Society will uke plane on I bur*
day, the 18-h instant, at w >ich time the R v Messrs
Harrison, Reese, Mann, and Hutchinson, are expected
to deliver Addresses on the subject of lemperance.
By order. W M M WARD, Sec’y.
jv9 3t
Mta l’orXer'K .
TUP. Seventh Session of Mrs Porter’s Seminary for'
Young Ladies will commence on the ninth of Sep
Mrs Porter gratefully ar knowledge* the steady pa
tronage of the early friends of her Institute n, and the
confidence evidenced by the increased number of pu
pils, encourages her to renew *he assurance that every
advantage necessary to the attainment of a liberal edu*
Cation, founded on a atric: adherence to moral snd re
ligious obligations will continue to distinguish her ef*
fmts, fur the instructi<»i\.of a most interesting and i*n* I
por'ant portion of the r- m nuni'y * |
B >ard anduition in m. i <e branches of Knglith in*
str ictfou, our hundred and fif'y dnllais pt-r year of for J
ly-eight veeks. payable qu «rterly in advance.
Tui'ion for day sch>>lurs. uccddiig to the class in
which they rank, fiom four to eight dollars per term of
twelve weeks.
Xusic on Piano, Harp an 1 Guitar • 118 00
Drawing, Landscape and Flower Painting
• in Oils, sc. - • • 6 00
Wax Work Transferring, Shell Work and
Chinese do • • 5 00
Velvet Painting, in bll and w>t«*r colors 5 00
Latin. French, Italian and cp .nish, each ^ 6 00
Lectures on Natural Philosophy, Chemistry,'and As
tronom), illustrated by various experiments.
Each Boarder must be provided with a tingle hair
mattrass, or bed and bedsit-ad, aniTnecessary beddings
a silver tumbler, a table and Ira apoon. A uniform i
worn, of blue gingham during the week, and on Sun*
flay a white dress, with blue belt. A straw bonnet,
with blue ribbons in summer, and crimson In winter
... .. ..._*-.il__i ..._■_ _r ..II
wild wish information upon tb ' course of instruction
>nd discipline pursued in tins Institution; and to those
whose remote residence prohibits thia inspection, in
formation will be accorded in a-printed form on appli
cation to the Seminars , corner of Duke and Washing
lou streets, Alexandria
Rev. Ruef K^ith, Theological Seminary, V*.
Rev Kdwsrd ! :p;>itt, do
Rev, 0. Mann, A'-xandria.
John Roberts, h3q. do
Bernard llooe, . do
A C Caa.-novc & Co do
W Fowle do
I P. ‘Thompson do
T Fairfax do
Kdgar Snowden do
Hon. I.evi Woodbury, Secretary of the Navy,
Washington, D C.
■ Commodore Rodgers, Navy Commissioner, do
“ Charles Morris do
Colonel Bom lord do
Gales tSf Seaton do
Hon Uatiiel Abater, Massachusetts
Gen George Rust, Virginia
Henry Turner, Virginia
Hr. R. B ddwin, M inchester, Va. jy 9—3awt9th
\A\rt\fottr, lAuitt,
f T WING purchased Mr Josiah H."Davis' stock of
8 I Lumber, the subscribers beg leave to inform the
public that they have associated themselves in buxines*
under the firm of J G. 1. Thomas, and will always
keep on hand, at the Yard so long occupied by Mr Ha
via. a general assortment of every description ot LU\t
HER that may be required for building, together with
* constant supply of FRESH LfME, which they are
determine d to sell on as favorable terms as call be pio
cured in the Dis'rict.
Having a Urge apd extensive fire-proof Warehouse,
thev will r ceive on storage, and sell on commission.
GuODS & GR IIS of all kinds; and, being located
on the business p»rt of the whsrves. persons bringing
or sending their Produce to market, may find their in
terest promoted by placing their business in our hands.
100 casks fresh Thomastnn Lime just received and
for sale. Alexandria, July 6, 1833.
H AVING sold out mv Stock of Lumber, and Jet my
old established Stand to Mts>r§. Jas A G 1 Tho
mas, it is with much pleasure that I recummend them
to the patronage of my old custom-, rasnd to the public
generally, and feel assured that their knowledge of
the business and determination to please, will cnsblt
them to rendi-r satisfaction to those whose wants may
require any thing in their line of business. ..
Wishing to close up my old business, in order to pro
secute the Rope making Business at Jones' Point. I
request all persona having- claims against me to present
them for payment; and all persons indebted will please
call at m.v Counting Room (for the present) in the se
coml storv of the Store of Jas .1 G Thom >s
> Coffee. Uacon% xc.
(5b/1 Bar* Rio,-St Domingo, and Java Coffee
sQ\3 2,000 pounds t< wn cured.Bacon
77 coils Russia sn>l Manilla Cordage
6 barrels Ep-om Salts v
Red Cords. Lea.ling lines, Coil Rope, Leadhnd Log
Lines, English and American Sewing Twine, Pitch
Rosin, Oakum, Oars, Ships' Scrapers, Sail NeedU-s,
Pump Tacks, Nails Paint and Lamp Oil, qofittnon.Oil,
White and Black Lead, Verdigris, Oome Yellow, Red
Ochre, Lampblack, Spirits of Turpentine^ Litharge,
Paint Brushes, &c ; with a general assortment.of Gro
ceries, for tale by
new vessel, burtbeh 67 12-95 tons, and will
cari) <*.»0 barrels; built in Dorchester County, Mary
land, of the best seasoned white oak, and is complete
ly fitted with chain cables, anchors, Ac ; draws 7 feet
wattr For terms apply to the captain onboard, at
Dtvis’wharf, or to
Orphans’ Court, Alexandria County,
; Jipril Term, 1833.
ORDERED. Thst all person* having c aims against
decedent's estates, either by judgment or decree,
or on bonds, bills, or open account, do exhibit the
same at the monthly sessions of this Court, with the
legal proofs in sdpport thereof; otherwise they will
n-.t be allowed and admitted in the settlement of inch
Bitates with the legal representatives thereof, until so
submitted and proved;—and that thisYlrder be publish
ed one - a week for six week* in the Alexandria Phe
nix Gazette, fir the information of those whom it may
concern A copy—Test:
junc 6—w6w_ A. MOOHE, keg. Wills,
Orphans’ Court, Alexandria County,
May Term, 183$. - j
Elizabeth slatford, administratrix of iiobt.!
Slatford deceased, submitted to the Court her first
recount as administratrix aforesaid, with the vouchers
In support thereof; which account is received, wRI,
lie allowed and duly recorded, unless cause be
ihewn to the contrary, on or before the firat Monday in
Fuly next; of which all persona interested or concern*
sd wilt take notice. A copy—Teat* J3
June 6—w6w A MOOBE, Reg. Wills
Dpenlu’/ from 10 to 12, M.t tod from 3 to 5, P If
. rrv
* * *—
*_ - -•--——■——
V -*-* • ' ' 'ar- . -Vi r' 'v~-"4Pm‘:
; 1 temQn^j .\\K.U«mV
ON Thursday next, TQh instant, at 3 o'clock, will
be told at my Auction Store, without ItUtrvc,
80 BOXES LEMONS, of. largt tixtand of
good kind U 9
TruatWa fea\e.
ON Thursday next, the ltth in»t„ at 10 o'clock. A*
M. I shall proceed to sell at publio auction, on the
situated on the north weat corner of Alfred and Queen
streets, running from the etfrner on Alfred forty feet,
and on Q-ieen eighty eight fert The above sale U
made under the terms of a deed of trust. and such ti>
tie only will be given as is now vested in the trusted.
By order of the Trustee
jy 0 —is WH. D, NUTT, Auel.
ON Wednesday next, 10th inst, at 10 o'clock, eriU
be sold st the late resiJenee of Mr Kobt, Andes,
son, dec'd, on Pitt street, opposite St Paul's Church,
all nis
consisting of bed, matrass, betiding, bedstead, aide,
board, bureau, tables, chairs, carpets, silver spoons,
Jj 0 *
A Iso, Chesapeake {7 Ohio and lateral Canaf Stock.
Bi order of the Executor*. W. D. NUTTi
jy 6 Auct.
Auckland f iT.ftak.
PURSUAN r to a Deer) of Trust executed by John
Love, bearing date the 30th day of March, 1820,
and recorded in the Countv Court of Fauquier, 1 shall,
for the purposes therein mentioned, on Wednesday,
the '21st August nest, between the hour* of 10 o'clock
in the morning and 4 o'clock in the evening, on tne
premises, proceed.-n -ell. for cash,
with the annurtenan va thereunto belo> ging, called
BUCKLAND, or Buckjand Farm;
situsted part in the Couuty of Prince William and part
in the County of Fauquier, and eatimated in the said
Deed to contain
8 00 ACRES,
oe the same more o. less. 1 he improvements are ve
ry convenient and valuable- This Lud is distant from
>Vsrr nton 8 to 10 miiea, and about 34 milea from AL
exandriai the soil was originally of strong staple, and
ia very susceptible of improve m-mt by the use of pUi.
ter, clover, he. This valuable property ia so generally
known, that a further description ia deemed unntc a*
sary Persons desirous of purchasing, are ref rred to
John Brown, Esq who lives in the neighborhood, and
will shew the land
Such title as is in tl|e subscriber will be conveyed to
the purchaser. THOMAS L MOORB,
Warrrnton, June 14,1833. . Surviving Trustee,
june 14—wtilatAug
\/f«. CHARLES FLETCHER, one of the late find
».v J. of Fletcher W Dement, having assigned to me in
trua', for certain purposes in the assignment aforesaid
expressed, sundry Vromissory Notes and Book Ac*
counts—Notice ia ther. fore hereby given to all per*
sons indebted to the late firm aforcaaid, that immediate
payment <a requested, or, if the same be postponed,
that satisfactory security will be required, otherwise
those claims will be placed in the hands of the proper
officer for collection.
may 23—w6wCHB- NEALE,Trustee.
JSUWcTd, uUcitdl
/I11IE subscriber is a middle aged man, perfectly
I healthy« hat been eugsged in the Milling bust*
ness upward* of thirty yeani has a small fkmdyi and
has a wish to rent a Country Grist Mill, convenient to
market! or he would take one on altarea. otherwise,
ne would undertake the management of a Manufacture
ing Mill in any healthy situation in the United State*.
A note addressed to- J. K. at Fairfax Court Houae,
Vs., would be attended to immediately,'
june 22 law4w*
VVVvte du\\AwiY opring,
^ITU VTEO five miles north of Wine better, former*
O lv known u DUVALL'S Sulphur Spring, will be
opened for the reception of company on the first of
The proprietors return their thanks tn their patrons
of (he last season, and inform them and the public that
the accommodations are more spacious and comfort*
ablr | several out housfcsand additional rooma have been
added a large bath house erected, upon the most ap.
proved plan—good stables, and aheda for carriage*" in
short, every necessary arrangement for the reception
o.‘ company- Every exertion shall be made for the ac
commodation of guests.
Frederick County, V*. June 25-»»6w
U,ECIfcV\kM\ un Rfi\©
Til K Catechism of American Lav, adapted to popu
lar u*e, setting forth, in a brief and familiar m*n
wrr, (he principle* of law relaiing to title by gilt, eon*
tracts of sale, principal and agent, partnership, negoti
able paper, merchant vea*ela, contract* of affreight*
ment. insurance, kc. he Also,
Catechism of Health, tenth edition, which contains
plain amt simple rules for (he preservation cf the
health and vigor ol the constitution, from infancy to
old age._____if*
Uduse tu Ueni.
s-_a The twoatorjr brick DWELLING
|«tusr. on Royal street, opposite to Mr.
KiSjilBMcGuire's, in complete repair, will be
wpi, a-ied at s moderate rent to a careful,
permsnen^enant. Posaesaioo-given immediately. In
q*iire at the warehouse of
A CttTd*
DOCTOR W. T- DYER, having removed from
Virginia to Alexandria, respectfully offVrs his pro
fe-aiontl services to the public. Having practised ex
tensively in the eountry for eight year*, he feel* pre
R * red to discharge the duties of bis profession in all
t branches
Office and residence on the north east corner of
King and Columbus street*,
june 23
.VeahRCti Mate Quanj.,
TIIB aubaeriber, residing in Prince William County,
iVa ) tSMiriy bis sincere thanks to the public m
general for tae patronage they have afforded hun
In his line of business He wiahe* t* inform thr in
habitants of the District of Columbia, and the sur.
rouading eountry, that lie baabcen at considerable
expense in procuring a quant^r .<* KS* Slate as
can he had-in America, which he w wiltinf to furnish
and put on. at from T t® 9 dollar* per square, agreeably
to the quality- Those wishing to afford him patron
age in this laudable undertaking will signify it by ap.
plying to John K. Mills ami John Huddleston, Agents
in Alexandria or to Matthew Waite, Washington City,
mar ?4~v3m WILLIAM WA|T£

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