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Burns, for a long time past suspected his wife of
iofidelity. Unwilling to act hastily io the matter,
• but being strongly convinced that bis suspicions
were well founded, he reeolved to take measures
to ascertain certainly the whole troth. To do
this, says the Doylestown Democrat, from which
paper we gain these particulars, he gave out that
He was going from home, and did not expect to
return soon.
lie, however, came home, some time in the
night, entered the house and proceeded to bis
room, where his suspicions were confirmed by
finding the deceased there, aud the marriage
bed prostituted to the vilest passions. He im
mediately seized a club and beat out the brains
of the seducer of bis wife, the destroyer of his
Happiness, as he lay in the bed. This done, with
the same club he beat his abandoned wife so se
verelr that she died in a few hours after.
Burns immediately gave himself up, and was*
committed to prison, in Flemln^too, N. J.
where he now awaits histtial. When the de
cease of his wife was mentioned to him, he ex
pressed the highest satisfaction, stating that it
was exactly what he desired.—Phil. Gaz.
The ftidowof Bums.—The Dumfries Chron
jcle mentions that the relict of Burns is tailoring
under the affects of a second paralysis, and rep
resents her as being in a very feeble and exhaus
ted state. She has continued, during a long
period of her widowhood, to reside in the same
house in which lived and died the poet, and dur
ing the whole time has been remarkable for her
love of tranquil life, and the pleasures of a
secluded home.
Jnr Party.—The calender of Antics, we
thought, was quite full when that of Anti-Tobac
ro Societv was added to the list} but it appears
from the "following, that another is added to the
it am her. The Boston Commercial Gazette,
says: “ There is a strong Anti-Avery party at
the Upper Kalla. W'e hear they intend run
ning a candidate for Congress in opposition to
tiro. Dearborn.
Health of the North.— The people of Cana
da, who guttered ao dreadfully from the pesti
lence last season, are now, fortunately, free
from any svmptnms of its return. The Montre
al Gazette’ of the 25th, contains the following
information, regarding the health of that city.
“Since Saturday last, we have enjoyed a very
necessary compensation for the late extraordi
nary colil and wet weather. The average
range of the thermometer has been at 80, and
the heat, consequently, very oppressive. The
accounts, from all parts of the country, represent
the harvest as having recovered beyond all ex
pectation; and we are happy to say, that the
health of Montreal was never more excellent.
,TJr. Carson.—The Rutherford, N. C. Specta
tor contains a letter from Mr. S. P. Carson, who
is very indignant at a prevailing report, circulat
ed by William Roane, E«.q. that the leading nnl
litiers were solicitous to keep up an excitement
lor the purpose of establishing a Southern con
federacy, and depended upon Mr Carson to bring
North Carolina into their schemes. “To this
charge,” says M'- C. “ I give the lie direct.”
Mr. Roane ha* also given the following certifi
“ William Roane states that he is fully satis
fied on conversing with the Honorable Samuel
P. Carson, that he has no idea that the course he
is taking as a politician, is calculated to justify
or encourage the hotheads of the South in any
madcap scheme as to a Southern confederacy;
but they have made use of his name without his
knowledge or consent. Wm. Roane
“Asheville, July 1st, 1833.”
Robert Potter.—Our readers cannot have for
gotten the outrage perpetrated, a year or two ago,
by Robert Potter, then a member of Congress
from North Carolina, on the persons of the Rev.
Mr. Taylor and a young man in Granville coun
ty, in that State. * We have not heard of him
for some time, and had almost forgotten him, un
til he was recalled to our notice by the following
paragraph in the Raleigh Register:
“ Understanding that contradictory rumors are
in circulation, in the county of Granville, with
respect to the determination of the Governor, to
grant or refuse the application of Robert Potter
for a pardon, in case he shall be elected to the
Legislature from the county of Granville, we
have taken pains to ascertain the fact, and are
authorized to state that the Governor, from ob
\ious motives of propriety, has forborne the ex
prcwion of his determination oo the subject, tie
doubtless entertains the opinion, that the only pro
per time to decide upon the merits of such an
application, will be, when it shall be presented
tor his consideration.”
Sea Serpent.—The sloop Fame, of Nantucket,
" haling for Sea Serpents, came into Boston on
Tuesday morning, from an*unsuccessfut cruise.
The Fame left Nantucket on Saturday last man
ned with three boots crews, all old and experi
enced whalemen, armed with whaling apparatus
ol every variety. She is victualled fur a month's
cruise. ___
Teentos, N. J. July Slst.
To the Editors of the Philadelphia Gazette.—
The Court of Appeals is still occupied in hear
ing the Quaker cause.—Mr. Wall was arguing
the question on behalf of the Hicksites, through
the whole of to day, and will probably fioish by
to-morrow evening. Mr. W. is forcible and elo
quent. He occupied this morning in showing
th* analogs between the conduct and doing* of
the Orthodox Friends and those who were asao
cuted with Mr. Keith, who seceded from the
Quakers, in their early settlement. This after
noon, was taken up reviewing the decision of Judge
Brake. We never saw so many Quakers and
Quaker Books in a Court House before.— Diere
i* a great number of spectators, among whom are
many ladies. Yours, «c.
The expense to the town of Salem, iucur
red by the reception of President Jackson, was
about 1600 dollars. The expense incurred by
the city of Boston, in receiving and entertain
ing the President, we have heard stated at twelve
or fifteen thousand dollars. The expense to the
State waa several thousand dollars more: the
charge for the collation at the State House was
about $2,200. It should be mentioned, to the ere-1
4>t of the parties concerned, that it cost a hand-1

| tome tom to feed end moisten the state and muni*
ctpal committies, after the President left town.
Every thing was coodnctsd on the most libsrat
scale in this qnartsr. This is as it should be—
Christmas comes botfooce a year,” as Sir Toby
Belch sings.—iV. Y. Oax.
Mechanic docitlj.
A STATED Quarterly Meeting of the Mechanic
Relief Society will be held at their Hall, on
Wednesday evening neat, at 8 o'clock.
By order, JNO. CORSE,
»ug 5—3t Sec'y.
R ANA WAY from the subscriber, living in Fairfaa
County, VaH a Negro Boy, named WINSTON,
17 or 18 yean of age^ and well grown for bis age;
copper ooloredj trunchy built; thick lipa; about 5
feet 4 or 5 inches high: no marks recollected, escept
jome light spots in bis face occasioned by poison. Had
on, whan he went sw%, dark roundabout, linen pan*
taloons, chip hat; no other clothing recollected. (
wilt give *820 if taken in the County of Fairfax, or the
District of Columbia; if out of either, the above re
ward and all reasonable charges, if secured so that 1
get him again. PETEK TRBSLEK.
West End, Fairfax County, Va. Aug 5—eotf
MATTHEW BAIRD advertises me for leaving his
bed sad board. He is very much mistaken; for
he took hi* bed with him, and board he left me none,
but spent all my money and left me pennyless,
sug5—3tOPHELIA B41RD.
Grand Consolidated Lottery,
Clast No- 31 for 1833,
Will be drawn in Wilmington, (Del.) on MonJay,
August 5
Splendid Cajiitals:
1 prize of *15,000 I 1 prize of *3,000
1 do of 6,000 I 10 do of 1,000
Tickets 84; halves 2 00; quarters 1 00
Lowest prize *5
To be bad t n a variety of numbers of
Lottery Of Exchange Broker, Alexandria.
Drawn Numbers in the Delaware Of North Carolina Lot
tery. Extra Class No 5 far 1833.
46 41 1 28 70 42 8 48 55 67 30
Grand Consolidated Lottery,
Class No 31 for 1833.
To be drawn in Wilmington, Del on Monday, Aug 5
jjr Lowest prise 15. •
Tickets (4; halves 2 00? quarters 1 00.
On sale in great variety by
Uncurrent Notes and Foreign Gold purebssed
Drawn Numbers in tbe Delaware Cf North Carolina Lot
lr u, Extra Class No 5.
46 4i i Q8 TO 42 8 48 55 6 30
And not to be equalled in the United States,
To be exhibited at the Old Indian Queen Tavern,
On Thursday, the Sth instant, only.
JT. COPS roost respectfully announces to the
• pqblic and visitants of Alexandria, that he will
have, on Thursday, the 8th, his splendid collection of
Asiatic Serpents, which are, without exception, the
largest ever imported into this country, among which
may be seen an enormoua
Or, Terrific Serpent of Ceylon; and the Great Boa
Constrictor, or Rock Serpent of Java; and a beauti
ful embroidered lloa of Bengal.
The colors of these stupendous reptiles are vivid and
beautiful beyond description. They well secured
in a wire cage, and are so perfectly docile that the most
timid lady or child may view them with pleasure and
Also, two of those beautifnl reptilea of Hindostan,
ealh d the Harlequin; or. Diamond Serpents. The
Crotulu* Horridus Likewiae, that extraordinary am
mal. the Serpent Deatroyer; oT, Egyptian Deity. The
Acelot: or. Tisrer in Miniature. An Alligator.--Art
1 alive!! - In addition to the above, the Hearts oi «o
New Zealand Chiefs, curiously tattooed, and in a supe
rior state of preservation.
%• Hours uf Exhibition fr un 9 A. M until 9 P- M.
Admittance, 25 cts One of tfc* serpents will be fed
at 4 o’clock, I*. M. with a live fowl.
A C. ROBINSON (Teacher of Ornamental and
A • Practical Penmanship) would announce to the
citiaens of Aleaandria that he Iim taken, for a
few weeks, Mr. Wm- M Jones' School Room, on St
Jsaph Street, where he will give lessons in the differ
ent branches of Writing. .
Mr. R ’a method of teaching the plain practical
hands (mercantile and epistolary) is so much improved,
that any persons whatever be the character of their
hand-v-rit.ng, may now, ins few hours, acquire anno
hand, and with so much knowledge of the pi mciples
upon which good writing is performed, as will enable
them, in their subsequent, ordinary practice, to beau
tify their style, to almost any extent desirable, and to
write with the utmost ease and dispatch.
Instructions can be given in the Ladies’ Ornamental
Italian Hind, German Text, Roman and Old English
Prints—hands so beautiful and appropriate for visiting
cards, etc fcc J
Mr, R is also introducing to the attention of the
virtuoso, and all patrons of the Fine Arts his new and
raueh admired art of Picture msking—being an art of
imitating with a pen the fiueat style of steel engraving,
and of finishing, m like manner, scenes from nature.
Principles of making Elastic Spring Pens taught in
one lesson.
Specimens of the above styles, and of pupils im
provement. can be teen at the Writing room, where
[hose feeling an interest are respectfully invited to call.
(E7 Ladies write in separate class.
Terms—Five Dollars.
Room will be open during the usual school-hours—
lessons, however, will be given at any other hours de
_jy 31—eo3t.v2awtf
Chewing Tobacco.
23 ?'£*'£•%:
16 boxes plug, 16’s
8 do do 8’i
Just received from the manufactory of Wm. Gray «
Gimklets — The yankees art in a fair way (o
destroy John Boll’s gimblet trade in tbia country.
The new twiat gimblet is almost as much superi
or to the old English gimblets, as the screw an
ger is to the old pod aager.
There is a gimblet factory at West Whatley,
which employs 15 hands, about half of them fe
males, aod manufactures 25 gross per week. The
•teel is "imported from England in round rods; the
handles are turned out in the vicinity. There is
a gimblet factory in Buckland and one in the
north part of Franklin county, and in Kean N.
H. and one in Connecticut.
Howard Street /lour.—The receipts of new
flour are a> yet very limited, and thus far there
appears to be but little if any difference in prices
between new crop flour and fresh ground of old
I wheat. The sales from stores are in moderate
I parcels of fresh ground, at 86,12*. For smaller
(retail) lots, 86,25 are occasionally paid. The
wagon price of fresh flour is very generally 86,
although we observe that some of the dealers
pay a fraction more for that made of new wheat.
City AHUs Flour.—Sales of parcels of fresh
ground, of new and old wheat, were made at the
beginning of the week at 86,374- Yesterday
sales were made at 86,25-and 6,31*, and to-day
the same price.
Susquehanna Flour.—At the beginning of the
week a parcel of fresh ground, in the best order,
was sold at 86,25. Parcels of the same descrip
tion would command the same price to day. We
Suote 86 a 864, according to freshness and con
Wheat.—The supplies of the new crop were
quite fair at the commencement of the week, and
the sales of the best reds ranged from 81 16 to
l 19 per bushel. Since then the supplies hive
been moderate, and the tales of the best parcels
of red have generally ranged from 1 15 to 1 18.
These rates continue to prevail to-day, for par
cels of this description, and we auote according
ly. Sales of common to good reds at 110 a 1 15.
Two parcels or prime, nmchjnea real were wuen
to day at l 20 per bushel—but the fair range of
the market, at we have already intimated, is 1 15
to 1 18 for good to best parcels. On Monday,
sales of good white were made at 1 25, and one
parcel of prime, family flour, at 1 30. To day
a parcel of prime, family flour white, machined,
was sold at 1 25 per bushel. A parcel or two, of
good white, not clear of garlic, was sold at
1 18.
Corn.—Sales of pare* Is of white have ranged
throughout the week, at 60 a 63 cents, as in qua
lity. Sales of good yellow at 64 a 65 cents.—
We quote the same prices to-day, with a limited
Bye.— Sales of parcels of new at 66 cents per
bushal, which is now the fair quotation.
Oats—Hive advanced a trifle, iu consequence
of a good demand for shipment coastwise. Good
parcels new are worth 30 cents and old 32
cents per bushel.
Arrived, August 3,
Schr. Celerity, Self, Nomonyj corn and wheat
to W. II Sanford.
Schr. Corinthian, Semmes, Mafhydoc; com to
Brig Beaver, Spurling. to loud below for New York.
Scbr. Harriet, Nickerson, to load below with Corn for
Schr Mount Vernon, Marston, • Boston.
_President, Kirtland, - New Vor*
To iho OiftAt YaY\s.
. The Canal
G£k0 ROE
TUft has ciimintim. • .ici regular trips, on l'uewlaya
and Friday*, for the Great Falls or Crommelin. starting
from Frederick Street Bridge (Georgetown) at 8 o'
clock, A. M.. and returning the aame dav at or before
■unset. Fare to and from Crommelin, 50 cents.
The Canal is now in fine order, and the country pre
sents a beautiful appearance-' To those who are fond
of a short excursion, and desire a short relaxation from
business, a trip to the Great Falls offers a most delight
ful treat. . , . , .
(Cy Parties, on any other dsys of the week, can be
accommodated, by giving a abort notice or applica
finn to , livin? on Third street. Gcornc
town.' Z M. OFFUT I\
aug 5—tf ____
THE highest market price will be psid for WOOL,
either washed or in the dirt, by
aUR 3S. M. U 3. H JANNEY.
Pot PtittadetpYAa—V3ana\.
The pscket sloop MILLER, D- Teal, mas.
jjjygter. will mil on Monday. For freight apply to
the Captain on board, or to . ,
tug2 STEPHEN SHINN, Janney’a wharf.
ALL persons are hereby forewarned from harboring
or trusting my wife, Ophelia Baird, who has left
my bed and board, as 1 am deteimined to pay no debts
of her contracting. MATTHEW BAIRD.
aug 2—3t_
Mr. Boudet,
At the corner of Fairfat and King streets,
aug 1—tf___
G\asa, Lamps, &c.
HC SMITH baa received by schooner Fornax,
• and other late arrivals—
18 pteksges assorted cut ana plain Glassware
2 packages Hall, Wall, Shop and Reading Lamps
India China, every article requisite to complete
Dinner Seta
India Dinner Seta, complete
Earthen Furnaces, cased with iron and plain
Together with a large assortment of CHINA,
GLASS W EARTHENWARE, for sale at the lowest
rates_31 -
•Medical Book*.
DEWEES’ Practice of Physic* Ellis’ Medics! For*
miliary, Dewees on Children* ditto on Females*
Cox’s Dispensatory, ninth, edition* The Mother’s Me
dical Guide* Manual of Materia Medics, by Tagno fc
Durand* Dunglisson’a Dictionary and Physiology.
Received for sale by *• KBNNEDT.
jy 31—«o3t _ f
ttxouiid Beats*
THE anbscribeisare authorised to sell several valua
ble Annuities of from #20 to $100'“<-£• I
jy 25 GEO. JOHNSON » Co.
Xoung LiAIm1 SemYnwj,
On Stjfsaph street, between King and Cameron.
THIS institution will be re opened for the reception
of Young Ladies on the first Monday in Septem
ber next. The most approved Teachers will be em
ployed for all the purposes of a complete female edu
cation. From long experience and past success, with
the many improvements the subscriber has made in
bis system of instruction, be flatters himself he will
be enabled to give general satisfaction to his patrons.
The most efficient means will be used for the purpose
of eliciting and strengthening the mental faculties,
by the frequent exercise of reason and judgment, and
imbuing the mind with sound sod practical informa
tion, No study will he pasted over witbout compre
hending first principles. Mental Arithmetic, to well
adapted to produce Mbits of attention and discipline
the mind for other studies will be much practised.—
Strict attention will be paid to the manners, as well as
religious and moral duties, of the pupils. Every
young lady who by perseverance and application can
sustain an examination, through a certain course of
studies, comprising the most essentisl branches of fe
male education, ahall receive a printed diploma at the
expiration of such time. All interested are respect
fully invited to visit the school frequently, and witnesa
for themulvft the advancement, Ac. of the pupils
Alexandria, d C July 31, 1833 — 3m
A\exanv\tla Boot ding Bchoo\.
THIS Institution will be re-opened on the 3d of the
9ih month, (September); and the Eatablialiment
having been considerably enlarged during the past
yes', there will be accommodation for an additional
number of Boarding Students.
The branches taught in the Institution are the La
tin, Greek and French Languages, and every part of
a complete English Education, including all the branch
es of Msthemstics, Natural and Mental Philosophy,
Chemistry, Mineralogy, Ac
Full courses of Lectures are delivered to the atu -
dents on Natural Philosophy and Chemistry, in which
the principles oftheae sciences are illustrated by a good
collection of philosophical and chemical apparatus.—
The students have the free use of a Cabinet of Mine
rals, and of a Library containing upwards of five hund
red volumes of well selected works of History, Biogra
phy, Philosophy, Poetry, Ac
In teaching every subject, particular care is taken
that the students understand the prineiplet of the sci
ences they are studying; they are then able to apply
these principles to any particular cases, une meins
adopted for accomplishing this, is, to have the students
each day in clasaes, to explain every part of the per
formances of the preceding day; by which they not on
ly become more careful, when pursuing their studies,
to impress the principles upon their minds, that they
may be able to explain them when called upon, but the
daily exercise of their reasoning faculties, in explain
ing principles and conducting mathematical investiga
tion*, has a great tendency to strengthen aud expand
the mind—the great end of Education.
The students are treated in all respects as a part of
the family of the subscriber. They are expected regu
larly to attend some place of Worship, at the discre
tion of their parents or guardians, on the first day of
the week; not to go in the water, on it, or on the ice,
without permission, and the necessary attention to pre
serve them from danger; and every care ia taken to
guard their morals, promote their comfort, and effect
their real improvement
Terms for Board, Lodging, Washing, and Tuition in
all the branches except French and Drawing, 140 dol
lars a year, each quarter payable in advance; the quar
ter consisting of 12 weeks. When the washing for a
student exceeds sis pieces a week, it is found ntecessa
ry to make a charge for the excess, at the rate of fifty
cent* per dozen. French and Drawing, each 6 dollars
a quarter, extra Heading books, pens, ink, pencils,
tie 50 cent* per quarter Other books used in the
School furnished, if required, at the store prices; but
no money furnished to a student unless at the spemal
request of his parents or guardian.
Alexandria, D. C /ih mo 30, 1833—dm
My». i*OY\ftY’8 S>em\nftYj.
THE Seventh Session of Mrs. Porter'* Seminary for
Young Ladies will commence on the ninth of Sep
tember. „ ...
Mrs. Porter gratefully acknosffedge* the steady pa
tronsgeof the early friends of her Institution, and the
confidence evidenced by the increased number of pu
pils, encourage* her to renew the assurance that every
advantage necessary to the attainment of a liberal edu
cation, founded on a strict adherence to moral and re
ligious obligations, will continue to distinguish her ef
forts, for the instruction of a most interesting and im
portant portion of the community
Board and Tuition in all the branchea of English in
struction, one hundred and fifty dollars per year of for
ty-eight weeks, payablequsrterly in advance.
Tuition for day scholars, according to the claaa in
which they rank, from four to eight dollar* per term of
twelve weeks. • . . ...
Music on Piano, Harp and Guitar • > *18 UU
Drawing, Landscape and Flower Painting
in Oils, Ac. • • * 6 00
Wax Work, Transferring, Shell Work and
Chinese do. • * s ®®
.. . .. . .. .__j_._< no
velvet raumiib, ... w.. ..... "—_
Latin, French, Italian and Spanish, each 6 uu
Lectures on Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and As
tronomy, illustrated by various experiments
Each Boarder must be provided with a single hair
mattress, or bed and bedstead, and necessary bedding*
a silver tumbler, a table and tea spoon. A uniform is
worn, of blue gingham during the week, and on Sun
days while dress, with blue belt. A straw bonnet,
with blue ribbons in summer, and crimson in winter
Mrs. Porter invite* the personal attendance of all
who wish information upon the course of instruction
and discipline pursued in this Institution ; and to those
whose remote residence prohibits this inspection, in
formation will be accorded in a printed form on appli
cation to the Seminary, corner of Duke and Washing
ton streets, Alexandria
Rev. Ruel Keith, Theological Seminary, Va.
Rev. Edward Lippitt, do
Rev C. Mann, Alexandria.
John Roberts, Esq. do
Bernard Hooe, do
A. C. Caienove k Co. do
W. Fowle do
I. P. Thompson do
T. Fairfax do
Edgar Snowden do
R. B Mason. do
J. L. McKenna do
Benjamin Hallowell do
Hon. Levi Woodbury, Secretary of the Nary,
Washington. DC. . . .
Commodore Rodgers, Navy Commisaioner, do
«« Charles Morris
Colonel Bomford
Gales W Seaton
Hon. Daniel Webster, Massachusetts
Rev. Wm Jackson, New York
Gen. George Rust, Virginia
Henry Turner, Virginia
Dr. R. Baldwin, Winchester^Va^jy^~3J*wStI^
To ttent,
A three Herr BRICK IFJRBHOUSB. eta
isssiLte on the south-east corner of Prince and Union ,
streets^ late in the occupancy of Bryan Shirley
Possession can be gins on the first October next. To
a rood tenant the rent will be made low. : J I
Also, other Warehouse# and a Dwelling Hou* for
rent. ISAAC BOBBINS, Agent
For Sale,
An excellent MILCH COfF, accustomed to town,
and none more regular in coming up, morning and,
evening* fr
Trusite'i Sale.
ON Thursday next, 8th instant, at 10 o’clock, A. M.
I shall proceed to tell nt public auction, on the
situated on the north vest corner of Allred and Queen
streets, running from the corner on Alfred forty feet,
and on Queen eighty-eight feet. The above safe ie
made under the terms of a deed of trust, sad such title
only will be given as is now vested in the Trustee
By order of the Trustee,
aug5—t8lh WM. D. NUTT, Auct.
Trust data.
WILL be offered at public auction, for cash, on
Friday, the 9th August, 1833, at 10 o’clock, A.
II , on the premises, an unexpired Lease of about five
years to come, in
upper end of King street, ami formerly occupied as a
store by Mr. Richard Windsor. This w a most desira
ble stand for business.
Also, will be sold at (be same time, two good Milch
The above property ia sold under a Deed of Trust
from Mr. Robert N. Windsor to the subscriber.
tug 3—eot9tbAug_ *
Land for &a\a.
That TRACT of LAND called EF
PINOHAM, lying in Prince William Coun
ty, Virginia, about three miles from the Court
House, containing about
The quality of tbia land is good< near one third is low
ground, lying on Cedar Hun, which might be made a
firrt rate Meadow. There is a sufficient quantity of
good Timber on this land, which is now under a good
fence. The improvements are a large and very conve
nient two story _ .
,_ PR AMP HOITfiR a omul BARN.
nj J and all other neeeaaary Out-Housea. There
lag! ia a Well of excellent Water in the yard, and
•■■Hie Urge Orchard of choice Fruit.
Thir ia the moat beautiful and healthy situation in
that part of the eountyt it lira about 30 milea from
Alexandria, 25 from Frederickaburg, and 16 from the
thriving Town of Occoquan, which is a good market
for grain -Auo,
A TRACT of LAND, called CEDAR '
HILL, in Fauquier County, about four Biles from Ef
fingham, containing about
1500 ACRES.
About 200 acre* of this land ia in a high state of culti
vation, and equal to any land in the county* the ba
lance is good improvable land* A large portion of
this land is in Wood. The improrcmeots are a tole
rable good
M FRAME HOUSE, a large BARN, and all
other necessary Out-Housea. This tract was
originally in three, and lies well to be divided,
whicli will be done to suit purchasers—Also,
A TRACT of LAND, uf about 1000
ACRES, lying in Prince William Count/, Va., about
40 miles from Alexandria and 2 miles north of Hay
Market, on the road leading to Leesburg.
This Farm, for grazing, is equal to any, being natu
rally fine gram land, and very susceptible of improve
ment Plaster acts with as much power on this land
aa any in the County of Loudoun. It liea well Cor di
viding, which will be done if required. This Tract
will be shown by Mr. Carnal), living on the Farm) Ce
dar Hill and Effingham by Mr. Green, living at Cedar
Hill. Possession will be given in time to seed a crop
in the Fall. The terms will be—Onethird each, the
residue in one and two years, with interest, and a deed of
tru*t to secure the payment. It ia desirable that these
Lands may be sold at private sale before the 12th day
of August) if not. they will then be offered at public
sale on the premises, viz: Cedar Hill and Effingham
on the 12th,and the Tract near Haymarketon the 14th.
For further particulars inquirn at the subscribers,
Near Warrenton, Fauquier County.
Executors, Alexandria, D* C.
JL7* Will be offered for sale, at the same time,
at Cedar Hill,
3uch aa Horses, Cattle, Sheep, be. Also, the House
hold and Kitchen Furniture.
fCT* We shall offer for sale, on the same daj
that the Land near Hay market ia offered, on said farm,
Also., two hundred or more BARRELS OF CORN,
if not sold at private aale before,
jy 20 —tl2t»Aug
To Rent,
THE WIGWAM ESTATE, lying upon Bull Run,
near Oentreville, Fairfax County, Virginia, be
longing to tbe heira of Tbomaa Blackburn, deceased,
1200 acres of land,
six hundred or upwards cleared. For terms apply to
Robert Ratcliffe, Esq., Fairfax Court House, or the
subscriber, living in Charlestown, Jefferson County,
Virginia. JNO. 8. BLACKBURN,
aug 2—6t ___
Fot Rent ot Sale,
about two-thirds of that fertile and well known
farm called WtST GROVE, the properly
of the heirs of the late Col. A. I. Smith. Off
three hundred and fifty acres *ere redeem
ed from tbe river, by a dike constructed off earth and
gravel drawn from the bills. About a third off Hue l.as
been cleared and put in cultivation. Tbe toil i» a ve
getable mould, five or six feet in depth-of course easy
of cultivation, and not te be surpeesed tofertiOty. It
i. thought to be well adapted to tbe growth of tobacco
of the finest sort-this, however, would be worth tbe
consideration of planter*. Could it be rented to • to
bacco grower, the owner would erect such bouses as
might be deemed necessary for tbe business. Tbe
other portion of the land has been ditched and fenced
with great care and expense, and baa meadow* of ve
ry considerable extent, well taken with timothy. No
land it better adapted to the production of grass than
tbia Farm.
Tbe whole nine hundred acres will be rented or sold '
altogether, or divided into several Farms to Mist pur
chasers or tenants. If long leases eould be effected,
very advantageous terms might be obtained. Tbe
Farm baa several substantial bouse* on it now, and
others would be built if it eould be nude an object.
A SHAD FISHERY, with all accommoda
tions for laborer* and the curing offish, b«s been made
on that part of tbe river bordering tbe reclaimed mod.
and will be rented with the land er separately. Also,
A HOUSE It LOT, containing two Acres,
just without dre corperatolimits
Murray. For term* *PP 7 w> HEWITT,
aug 1—1»

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