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K.euVu'Ntt ft w\rU\naaa LauAs
The subscribe offers for sale
<095 0 0 ACRES OF LAND,
.voif; on «he Great K<*nhawa, and within 25
les of its mouth—more than 490 acres of
which »first rate Bottom • a small portion cleared and
70 or 30 acres in natural meadow, free of timber, which
might oe put in immediate cultivation for a v-ry trifling
expense, and is of unbounded fertility. The balance
is covered with timber of the fine-t description and
growth. S'eamboat navigation to it at ail seasons, and
a ready market for produce on the bank of the river
Since the large appropriations made by the State to
complete th- navigation and connection of James and
Kenhawa Rivera, render those improvements more cer
tain and speedy in their complet.on, land*lying near
the mouth of the latter have oecome the m ist deaira
bh* property in Virginia—always vastly superior to any
others in fertility, lying on good navigation, and now
commanding both Hasten, and Western markets, there
can be no location superior in the Union. Aiso,
in the Territory of Arkansas, represented to be of first
quality, and ly ing within thirty miles of the Seat of Go.
For lerm*, application to be mult, either in person
or by letter, to the subscriber, at Hollin Hall, \ a. near
Alexandria. District of Columbia.
Hollin Hall, July 31, 1833. G. MASON.
aug 3—w2m _____
Steamboat POTOMAC,
ftfr Joseph Nevitt, m3«ter, be
«ng in complete order, will,
o^PmS^n^TiHritant, resume running to Nor
folk and Richmond- leaving the City of Washington
at 3, and Alexandria at 4 o’clock, P M. Returning,
leave Richmond on Tuesday morning, an*. Norfolk on
Wednesday morning, at 9 o’clock.
Fare to Norfolk, including meals, • f 7
Do to Richmond. do • 9
may 15 N A PI. WATT! F,S, Agent.
To VUnts
And possession t'iven immediately,
'The weii known STAND at the
9flVVIt4rorner of King and Henry streets, occu
WJSZfMnied by John P. Cowman far the last 12
mBmmM' ears Th« house has a Urge store-room,
with nine rooms, kitchen, smoke house, and three cel
lars, all in good order, a*1 well calculated for a Tar
ern. Store, or any Mechanical business, and for the
accommodation of a Urge family. It is one ol the best
stands in tb s town for a Will assorted Grocery Store.
Rent low to a good tenant. C. SCO 1 1 -
jy 22-tf_
# Lnl tviT SaYfc or Want
. The subscriber offers ror sale or rent his
Hjt* at thei stersectionof Washingtonan ron0
ko streets.in whichhe nowresides.
nov , lawtf _EDMUND 1 LEE.
F or Went a
|K The UP RR PER Y HOUSE, near the
5 s*jl Fish Wharf It has g“e»d ‘tcc;mmod>tion for a
famT* an 1 all; for a s nail Gr .cerv. Pusses-nun will
he given the first of September. tpt*l> to
Custom House, Alexandria, ?
Collector's OJJi. e. 12th August, 1833 $
. VTrt I'll;.’ is hereby given, Dial ihe Light Moat sta
lxl Honed at Cedar Point, in the diver Potomac, will
be r. m >ve 1 on or about ihe 15th of September from her
station, in order to be repaired. #
GKO. BURST, Superintendent.
aug 13—JlSih^ep____
Cabinet .Chair, and Sofa Manufac
JV M F.3 GKEEN Cabinet maker,—hasonband,and
will constantly keep at his old stand on Koyal
st., \lexa'ilrta,i3*at the corner ollOth st., Pennsyl
t* sis. Avenue Washington—a general assortment n
t hs m sstfas liunable and durable Furniture,which he
will warrant equal,if not superior in quality, to any
everoTcredintue District:—Uonsistingi n part,of—
Grecian, wingedand plain wardrobe*
Gothic,pedestalend snd plainsideboards
Ditto, wit h cellarettsand marbleslab s
FrenchanJ plain bureaus
Dressing do with mirrors
Ladies’and Gentlemens secretariesan book-case
Pienableswith marble and mahogany tope
Pillerandclaw l.ning.breakfastandcardtablcs
Plain do do do do do
Ladies workstand
Shaving andoandl do
'•V <sh Hands with mar and mahoganytops
Grecian Sofa’s
Mahogany chairs
.Music tools,bidetts,cribs, radles
Portable writing desks Sic
With a -cncralnsortmentof bedsteads o frichly
carv-d mahogany, nrsplc and stained woods,alio!
wivch willbe so.daslow forcasb asthey can bepur
chased oftheiarnequality atany other manufactory
n the Union.
/fnissortinen ofb'tOomingoand^ay of Honduras
Manogaay, i partofwtucS is suitable:*or handrails
steam \a we.l cur I and shaded veneers, copal var
aish jfisup-rior quality,sacking bottoms,cords, Ssc
41H) C\R7IMG,
Handsomely executed may 6
U\l HutA\e,
Chair Manufacturer and Ornamental
rni(\NKFUL for the patronage he has already re
I. ceiveil from ids friends and the public, respect
fully informs them ttav he will continue to make, and
keep cnna'an'ly f»r sale, si fair prices, at itis Mnnufac
torv| south w-it corner of King and Columbus streets,
>pp >si»eJ. W J l>ouelss* Store.
A general assortment of Gre
cian, Fancy and Windsor
The public are regretfully invited
:o call ami examine his present assort
-n-nt. Me feels assured that they will
jt- found not tobe inferior, either in the
diK*S lit; oftheir uutrru’s or the neatness oftheir ex
ecution, to those of snv other msnufac urer in the Dis
trict He w'l eX-’cnte
Sign and Ornamtntal Fainting ana Gilding,
in siirn- * various oranche*. on the most accoinmodst
ing terms
Ol.n Cilkl'tS will be taken in part pa'mentfor
new unes, or will oe repaired or re painted at the
shortest notice.
Ohairs purchased this manufactory will be sent,
free of expense, to any part of »e District.
nov 10—tf
Curt A, without
THR subscriber still continues to apply the newly
discovered rented* for Dvspepsia with much sue
all of which he warrants as pure and cheap cs any in
the place Country merchant* and physicians are par
ticularly invited to c ill orforward their orders. A good
*"*' w HARPER,
Druggist, Fairfsx st. Alexandria.
fcUgftT8,&C. &C. &C
QTk Hogsheads }
□U 60 barrels > Muscovado SUGARS
50 boxes j
60 barrels and bags white Brazil do
16 boxes white Havana do
22 hhds and boxea Loaf and Lump Sugars
160 bags Rio, Laguira and Java COFFEE
100 hhds St. Croix and Antigua MOLASSES
255 chests, half chests and boxea Gunpowder,
Imperial, Hyson, Young Hyson and Pou
chong TEAS, late importations and fine
1 pipe Sicily prepared Lemon Juice
2 barrels Shrub
80C0 bushels Liverpool Giound Alum Salt
300 sacks Blown d°
.10 bags Pepper
15 do Pimento
1 barrel Nutmegs
1 do Cloves
10 lbs Mace
100 mats Cassia
200 boxes mould and dipped Candles
15,000 lbs yellow and brown Soap
2500 lbs Almonds
500 lbs Walnuts
10 half tierces Rice
500 Old Virginia Hams
With a large and general assortment of Wines. Li
quors, Spices, (includingground cloves, cassia, pimen
to, pepper and ginger,) Dye Stuffs. Snuffs, Cigars, and
other Ureceries. For sale by
VN\\\\e tuu\ Or ub ftvr
At his old stand, on Ktng, three doors
above Fairfax street, has on hand an ex
tensive assortment of
HATS oj the latest fashion,
and all (lie varieties of shapes and qualities tnat are
worn, manufactured under his own immediate inspec
tion by the most experienced workmen, and will he
found to be got up in a style not surpassed any where.
His prices are reasonable, and a good article may be
expected by purchasers
Hr would particularly invite attention to his PLAIN
RUSSIA HATS. They are not surpassed, if equalled,
in any market. ___.
vmoYinfc vooiu vp&ip,
/'or Cleansing aruLPreserving the Teeth,
Arresting decay, hardening tbe guma, correcting’un*
healthy conditions of the mouth and throat, scurvy,
tarter, ulcers, gum boils, canker salivation; and giv
ing to all who use it • sweet and wholesome breath
THIS preparation combines the virtues of ptiiifying
and antiseptic, with healing bland and demul
cent substances Travellers will find it a neat and
convenient article. Gentlemen who smoke or chew,
an l persons who indulge In eating onions and garlicks,
will find it to purify the breath and impart to it an
agreeable fragrance
Observe that it contains no acid, halt on the contra
ry wil relieve the “teeth on edge" occasioned by
acids; that it never gets hard and unfit for use; that
it is put up in neat wooden boxes with printed direc
Certificate of W Rvrd Powel, M. IV, of Lexington
M heal College, Ky
Iopjirore h g^ly »f the component parts of the Chlo■
vine tooth t ash; and find by experience that it com
bines all the odraotoges if the f'hlnr:ne Pooth Wash and
the Dent’ ifices, without the injurious consequences that
now re*ulf f'oni very ma y irtteles fnt.d in the Shops,
used for cleansing and preserving the teeth
W »«T!tr P'lWKLt,
Surgeon Dentist Xo. 31 Charles strut Baltimore.
Prepared onlt by M •< Ji.sirp h. Do. and
R H rotKMai* v Co.
PriceSOcents. Chemists, Baltimore.
For the curt of thu: destructive disease on Children, the
Summer t'omplaint and for Rowel Complaints, Cho
lera Morbus Dysentery. <Jc ; and all diseases arising
fnm a diseased state of the Stomach and Liver, as
Dyspepsia, Indigestion end Sick Dead Ache,
Certificate from Hr William Steeling
This may certify, that I have used Doctor Jayne’s Car
minative Balsam very exfensivtly in Rowel Complaints,
and have not the least hesitation in declaring it superior
to any preparation that I hove met with f r the relief of
those diseases VI *. Sieelmo, M. D.
Bridgeton, July 18, 1831.
Certificate from Dr T. J Kitts, Pastor of the second
Baptist Church o» Philadelphia
Having been permitted to examine the components of
which <ne Carminative Balsam consist* and tested in my
familv its beneficial effects. J am certain that it will be
found a very happy combination and useful medicine for
those complaints for which it prof uses to be a remedy.
Philadelphia July 28, 18 51. T. J Kitts
Pnce 25 cents per bottle.
The above articles are for 9ale by
[ (Yarrenton Spectator.] Agent.
Ca»\\ in suuTket.
WE will pay Cash for any number of LIKELY
HEURUES, (of both sexes* from 12 to 25 years
of age, Field Hands. Also, Mechanics of every de
scription Apply to
B C Ballard & Co. Richmond, Va
J- M Saunders & Co. Warrenton, Va.
. George Kepheart h Co. Fredericktown, Mil.
JanusF. PurveisIf Co. Baltimore.
John Ware, Port Tobacco, Md.
Thomas M Jones, Easton, Eastern Shore of
William Hooper, Annapolis. Maryland
A. Grimm, Fredericksburg. Virginia.
Or to the subscribers, at their residence in Alexandria.
Peraons having likely Servantsto dispose of, will do
well to give us a call, as we, at all times will pay
higher prices in Cash than any other purchaser who is
now or may hereafter come into market.
All communications prompt)* attended to.
China and Earthfenwirfe.
LI** received per ship Virginia,-just
arrived from Li v«! pool, and offers for sale
on moderate terms, wholesale and retail,
114 Crates and Hogsheads
comprising an extensive assortment of eve
ry article in the line.
Superior Dinssr Sets blue and fancy colors
Best quality Gilt Tea Sets
English Thermometers, in bronzed copper and t'n
cases .
Best quality Castors, silver mounted
Lamp Wicks, assorted sizes
India china Dinner Seta, Plates, Ac.
A large supply of cut, plain and moulded QLASS
French gilt Tea China
" indow Glass, of a good quality, every size
Pipes, in boxes 3 groce each, English and German
20 groce best quart Wine Bottles
25 groce “ do Porter do
20 groce •• pint do do
Demijohns, from quart to 5 gallon
Wat** Cart. •
[HAVE for sale an excellent Water Cart and Cask,
complete, nearly new. i
•u*22 GEO. WHITE. I*
Health Secured,
BV the use of the Hygeian Vegetable Universal
Medicinei of the British College of Health, Lon
don. which hare obtained the approbation and recom
mendation of thousand* who have been cured, in con
sumptions, cholera morbus, inflammations, internally
or externally! dyspepsia, fevers, ague, indigestion, bi
lious or nervous affections, nnd all disease* of the liver!
yellow fever, gout, rheumatism,lumbago, tic doloreux,
dropsy, St. Vitus's dince, epilepsy, apoplexy,
sis, palsy, green sickness, and all obstructions to which
the female form is so distressingly liable, and which
sends an many of this fairest portion of the creation to
their untimely graves; small pox, measles, whooping
cough, scarlet fever, asthma, jaundice, gravel, stone,
and all urinarv obstructions; fistula, piles, strictures,
ruptures, and svphilisin all its stagesi constipated bow
els: worms, scurvv, itching* of the skin, king s evil,
and all cutaneous disorders; in short, every complaint
to which the human frame is so direfylly subject, un
der all their varied forms and names; as the Hygeian
conviction is, that man is subject to one onlyi rem
Disease,—that is, TO THE IMPURITY Ol THE
BLOOD, — from whence springs every complaint that
can possibly assail his complicated frame; and that it
is the perpetual struggle of tli»3 vital, pure stream of
life, (the gift of Almighty power' to disencumber it.
self of its viscous, acrid humours, with which it has be
come commixed, through the negligence of parents;
the ignorance or maltreatment of the Doctors; or the
vicious or gormandising propensities of us all.
This valuable Medicine, being composed only ol
vegetable matter, or medicinal herbs, and warranted,
on oath, as containing not me particle of mercurial,
mineral, or chemical substances, (all of which are un
congenial to the nature ol man. arid therefore destiue
live to the human frame,) is found to be perfectly
harmless to the most tender age or weakest frame, un
der every stage of human suffering; the most pi asanl
and benign in it operation, and at the same time the
most searching out the root of every complaint, how
ever deep, and of performing a cure, that was ever
offered to the world This wonderful effect, too, is
produced by the least trouble to the ps»i«-n*s, by
merely swallowing a certain number of small pills, and
being called a few extra times to the purposes of eva
cuation, with the least possible sensation of pain, ot
exhaustion of bodily strength, and without the fear ol
catching cold, or attention to dress or diet, in any way
different from th- iraccustotmd habits.
These pills cure all esses, and cannot be taken tr
excess Experience, which is the touchstone of »l
human knowledge has long borne testimony to the
fact; ami extensive use of them has already verified
These medicines cure by pnrging;andyet the weak,
the feeble, the infirm, the nervous, the delicate, art
in a few days strengthened by their operation, beca ne
they clear the body of iUbal humours, and invariably
procure sound sleep- They are the safest ami mo*
efficacious mcnicine to take to acu; preventing scurvy
comiveness, &c.
The Vegetable Cleansing Powders are of great as
sistance to patients, and facilitate the evacuation o
bad humours; they soften, cleanse, and detach the
acrimonious phlegm; are cooling, and allay the thirst
tine, two, or three powders may be taken througl^u
the day, mixed in half a wine glass of water.
Extract of a Letter to Dr. Mout.
Si a : The motive which has induced me to writethii
letter to you, is, that I might be instrumental in the
recommendation of Morrison’s Universal Vegetable
Medicines to the afflicted, which, hy the Divine bless
ing. has cured me of the Scarlet Fever. My case wai
as follows: Whilst returning from Washington to Alex
andria, I was taken very ill, which obliged me, on my
arrival, to retire suddenly to bed, but could not sleep,
and 'he next day my throat became so much inflamed
that I could scarcely swallow; and my face, breast, anc
body, presented evident symptoms of the great dan
ger 1 was in, and I knew not what to do; Calomel 01
Mercury 1 abhorred as poison, and therefore desirec
no assistance from Use Druggist; but my mother, whe
had experienced th good effect of the Ilygeian Pi!*!
in a case or two of her own, most strenuously advisee
me to try their virtue, which, with reluctance, I con
sented to, and commenced hy taking eight No- 1 pill:
at night, and eight No. 2 the next morning, and con
tinuid taking, increasing daily, morning and • vening,
until 1 took sixteen No 2 at a time, which were di<
solved in water, as, by means of my «ore iiiroa*, I could
not otherwise sw allow Ti**m. I confess (he do»e m «d«
me feel somewhat qualmish, Ike ; but the pills and £ tic
powders, of which I look one or two tea-spoonsfull i
day, operated well, and the final result w-a, 'hat I fei
into a sound sleep, of which 1 had been d< prived, ami
the next morning awoke in a state of perspiration, free.1
from fever, cool and r.omforta' le, and m> reason (_foi
I had been deranged in mind) returned; and ou the
9lh day from the time ! was first tak n, I I ft >r>\ room
and have ever since enjoyed better h«.a*th than I di.
before You have my leave to make wltat use you
please uf this. 1 wish you success, and sm, sir, yom
obedient friend, MANY ANN FOWL Kit
Alexa. 1) C. March 14 '81.1
The genuine Medicines can be had of
WM POMEROY, Alexandria,
Sole Agent for the Uistrict of Conrnbia a-id its viciniti/.
By whom the Pills are sold in packets of one, two,
and three dollars each, and the Powders "t 37A cent!
per box, with printed directions; and also tne fol
lowing Sllb. A irf nt«: li vv. !*I,I Inlwirn hotiursn Oil,
and 10th streets, Pennsylvania Avenue; John Slillina,
Navy Yard, Washington; and Thomas C. Wright,
Georgetown; of whom alone can the Medicines be
warranted genuine. By appointment ol Dr. 11. s.
Moat, H. P si., M. d. C. M., Brooklyn, New York,’lie
sole importer of these Medicines
Mornsonia, or the Family Adviser, price $2 75; Prac
tical Proofs, ellustrated ov numrrou<> rases of cure, se
cond and third editions, price 25 and 37J cents; to be
had as above.
Alexandria, mar 21.1833—
ludia Cd\\m\.
6Roxea Clanton Dianes, from 16 to IS inches, supe
rior quality
5 do do Desert and Tea Plates, flat and deep,
pencilled and enamelled, very cheap
2 do <lo Bowls, quatt anil half gallon, will be
■old as low as Liverpool ware
15 groce Pint Porter Bottles
With a general assortment of CHINA, GLASS,
EARTHENWARE, wholesale and retail.
5 mo 23__ _ unuf H. MILLER.
Bed#, «M&\Vra#*ea, & Uidilnet
STEPHEN S S»NGEK resp-ctfully informs the
public that he has on band, at his Upholstering Es
tabliahment on King street, a few doors above Mr. L.
Hurdle’s Glimr Factory,
and will furnish to order any description of Upholster,
ing orCabinet Furniture at the lowest possible prices,
and with the utmor dispatch
N. H Repairing promptly attended to.
may 6 -tf
Saratoga A at^r, Camphor, *c,
6 Dozen Saratoga Water, from Congress Spring
112 lbs Refined Camphor
6 dozen Pink Saucers, of best English manufac
ture. Just received and for sale by
Who ii Agent for the sale of VACCINE SCABS
from the Jennerian Vaccine Institution of Maryland.
A fresh supply of Landreth’a GARDEN SEEDS
for Fall use, expected soon
Subscriptions received for LANDRETITS FLO
RAL MAGAZINE, of which a sample may be seen at
the store of the subscriber.
7th mo 23 [Warrenton Spectator]
Ground PVaster,
For salt by the Ton, Barrel, or Bushel.
rHE subscriber has on band, and intend* keeping
during the season, Ground Plaster, which will be
old at as low prices uit can be procured at in the Dis
To he published at Harper’* Ferty, V* » ^
PREUSS, U' tier tbe name of •* Tbe Harpers Ferry
TUB situation of this thriving little town renders it
very desirable, aince the junction of the Cues*
peake and Ohio Canal and Baltimore Rail Road, at the
Point of Rocks, and which ate in a short time to paw
near this place, X6 have an advertising p*Per *or * *
increase of business which this eipected event will
produce, and which moreover shall contatn items of,
foreign and domestic news, with miscellaneous, local
and general information, such as prices current ot 1 a
timore, Washingson, kc fee.; literary, agricultural,
and other scientific essays, suited for the tastes of all
classes of readers; checquered with amusing tales, se
lect and original effusions uf the mute; emblazoned
with hymeneal, and shaded with obituary noiicea.
As the Kditor designs merely that his paper *"* *
amuse and be useful to his pstrons he, therefore, for
himself, intends to abstain from introducing politics,
but his columns shall be open to the free discussion of
doctrinal points, when communicated to him in the spi
rit of liberality, and with the view to elicit truth- His
paper ahall have for its motto "Non nost.um Untas
eomponere lites ” Communications from subscribers
will also be gladly received, when they contain huuior,
wit or sentiment" He will also be thankful for any aid
that may be offered to the liteVary departmmt of hia
labors, and solicits the generous support of the public
in general to the auccessol his undertaking.
TER 'IS—The Harper’s Feiry Miscellany shall be
printed on a royal sheet of paper, of good quality,
with new and ezcellent material, at $2 50, if paid on
the appearance of the first number; f3 if paid half in
advance and the balance at the end of tbe year; if not
paid till the end of the year, #3 50 Advertisements,
£1 per square for three insertions, and 25 cents for eve
ry succee lings one. Tbe usual discounts made to
As soon as 400 subscribers are obtained, the ed.tor
will proceed to publish the first number »ug 16
DiftViici i»l Co\uw\Yiv\,
County oj Alexandria, Set.
May Term, 1S33.
James Harris, Jr and l.ucy his wife; RoberC
Brocket! and B tsey his wife; and Maria Long
den, Complainants, k^
.Nancy Craig, Henry Craig, son of Lucy Craig, sq
deceased; George Craig and Bdmund Oriig; ^
Harriet McCready and John McCready her
husband; Henry Craig, sou of George Craig;
Washington Craig, riiomas Craig, Charles
Craig and ttdwin Craig; Caroline Rose and ^
her hti.bmd Samuel Rose; John Harrison
Qraig, John Cridg, G'orgc C Long len, John
A. Longden and Alfred Norris, Defendants, „
1*HF< Defendants, Harriet McOready, John 'lcCrea.
dy, Henry Craig, (son of G-nrge) Washington
Craig. Charles Craig, Kdwin Cra.ir, John Craig, George
. C. I.ongden, John A. • ongdrn, and Alfred Norris, not
having entered their appearance to this suit, and given
security according to tli** statute and the rules of the
Court and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court
that they are not inhabitants of the District ufCo*um
1 bia; on tlx* complainant's motion by theirc tunsel, it ih
ORDERED, ' hat the said absent Defendants, Mar
riet McCre&dy, John MeOready, Henry Cra-g, (>on of
George) Washington Craig.* Charles Craig, Edwin
1 Craig, John Craig, George C. Long lcn, John Long,
den, and Alfred Norris, do appear here, oil or before
the first day of next October Term, and answer the
Complainant’s bill, and give security for performing
the decrees of the Court; and that a copy of this Or*
dar We forthwith published for two months successive*
ly in the Mexandria Phenix Gazette, and another co
py posted at the front door of the Court house of said
County. Tests EDM. I, LEE, C C,
jy 10—2m
District ot Columbia,
i County of Alexandria, Set.
May Term, 1833.
F.dward [fall, Complainant,
Stephen McCormick and Richard
Windsor, Defendants, J
THE Defendant Stephen McCormack, not having
entered his appearance to this suit, and given se
curity according to the statute and the rules of the
Court; and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court
that the said Stephen xcCormack is not an inhabitant
•jftlie District if Columbia, on the motion of the Com
pla'tiftnt. bv his counsel, it is
ORDERED, I'liat the said absent Defendant, Ste
phen Mr.' ormack, do appear here on or before the first
•lay of the next October i'erm of this Court, and an
swer the bill of the Complainant, and give security for
performing the decrees of the Court; and that the re
sident Defendant, Richard Windsor, do not convey,
pay away, or secrete the munev by him owing to, or
the e«tA*e and effects in Ins hands belonging to the
said stephtn McCormack, until the further order and
decree of this Court; and that a copy of this order be
forthwith published for two months successively in the
Alexandria Ph-*mx Gazette, and another copv posted
at the front door of the Court-house of said county.
Test: EDM. 1. LEE.C. C.
jy 3 —2m_
iViatrieV of V'oUimbVi,
County of Alexandria, Set.
May Term, 1833.
William Huge •ml Thomas Hatch ^
er, executors of Isaac Nick oils, j
aeniori William Huge and Wil |
liam Piggott. executors of "sa* ^/V CIJiSCERY
muel NicknMs, seu’r, Cumpl’ts, I
James Brandon. Defendant, J
T|^HE defendant, James Brandon, not having entered
1. his appearance to this suit, and given security ac
cording to the statute and the rules of the Court! and
it appearing lo the satisfaction of the Court that the de
fendant is not an inhabitant of the District of Colum
bia! on the motion of the complainants, by their coun
scl, it is
ORDERED, That the said defendant do appear
here on or before the first day of the next October
Term of this Court, and answer the complainants’bill,
and give a curity for performing the decrees of the
Court; and that a copy of this Qrder be forthwith pub
lished for two months successively in the Alexandria
Phenix Gazette, and that another copy be posted »t
the front door of the Court house of aaid County,
jy 4-‘2m Test: RDM I LKK, C. C.
Office of the Chesapeake <$• Ohio Canal Company,
Washington, June 3, 1833.
^TOTICE is hereby given, that »n instalment of two
IN dollars and fifty centa per share, (being the 39th
instalment) on every share of stock in the Chesapeake
and Ohio Canal Company, ia required to be paid on the
15th day of August next} and a further sum of two
dollars and fifty cents pershare, (beingthe40th inatal.
ment) on the 16th day of September next} which in
■talmenta must be paid to the credit of the Chesa
peake and Ohio Canal Company, to the Caahier or
other officer of either of the following Banka, viz:— 1
The Branch Bank of the United States at Washing
ton, DC. °
Bank of Washington.at do
Patriotic I'ank, do
Bank of the Metropolis, do
Farmers’and Mechanics’Bank at Georgetown
Bank of Alexandria at Alexandria
Bank of Potomac do
Farmers’ Bank of Alex’a do
Hagerstown Bank in Hagerstown, Md 1
Branch of the Valley Bank in Charlestown, Va.
And the Branch of the Valley Bank in Leesburg, Va. 1
By order of the President and Directors: c
Clerk Chesapeake and Ohio Canal C«. .
june 7—wt!6tbSept p
Patent Ointment,
WILLIAM STABLER, Agent, Alexanir
THE above Ointment’Trvc • om. nde< t0 thenubl
asas«*eand Cfrta:u rcmcdv fir those obstm.v
diseases, some of whim have so long osffl0 J t(,e U,f
of medical science:
1st White swellings nfcverv description;
2d Sore lees and •,‘c.’r> oflong standing, •
3d Schirrus orglan in ir turn -rs, part.cuUriyti,.,*
hardened'.train wrnn*n'a blasts, which often: •'
terminate m ulcei-wted cancers;
4th vFel<»: s, o- what so-ne people know by thenart*
of catarrhs, of every description.
5,ii Kheumatic pains ofthe joints;
6th Strains an! bruises of every description r,
whatever part situate, 1 ,rr,n
7th Tetters of *11 kin Is. In this comobint the Dl.
tient, in applying the ointment, must ieeu tin-r-.."
out of water; ^
8th Chilblains or parts affected by frost.
The following communication addressed to the nr
prietorof Judkins' Ointment, from the Hon Joim T .
iiaferro. Member of Congress, is highly interesting 1
The gratuitous manner in which it is m*de, exhib.u
feelings of no ordinary character towards suffrrinr I, .
inanity, and iscertainly well deserving of public sT.
WasaiwaTOk, Janua'y 22,13C9.
Sia—Tt has been my wish, fora considerable i.mr
to communicate to you the good effect with which i
have used the Ointment invented by a Mr. JudV.r,
and which I now understand is made and sold tv
agents appointed by yourself, 1 have applied this
Ointment during the last three years to every species
of tumor and wound, without failure to produce»care
io every instance. I consider it the most deridtdsrd
efficient remedy in all case* of tumor, be the cause
whatit may; and 1 have found nothing sogood Ut
wounds of any description It mt> be prot.tr to
add, that the cure of a tumor called white swell, ip
given over by the most distinguished physicians a, ;B!
curable, and which they decided would, without in,r, t.
tation, prove fatalto the patient, wss, under my in,it*,
diate notice, effected by the use of Judkins’ Oii.tmut,
and the patient is in fine health. Hi*limb iff.ctull,
the tumor being restored to a perfect state of >i ui l.
nesa. 11so that the leg of an aged mar. w hieh hid been
w'junitrci, an<J cxuilmcu one cirtraclt»iIIv ulC'Tktcdu'r
f.»ce from the knee to the foot, and which, (or ir.rrf
(tun two years, had been considered incurable. wistf.
factually cured by the application of Judkins’ Hint,
merit. I mention these two cases, uhichf. Ilun.lersj
immediate notice and management, as a decided tn
dence of the efficacy ofthis remedy in cates ofu.bm
and ofttScersi I have expo ienced, as decidedly, <he
g ».>d -fF-ct ofthis remedy in the cure of Felons, n J
ofev^y species of fresh wound. It seetus to me that
any one who wll observe on the operation of tint Oint
ment, must be satisfied as to its beneficial effect lr»n
with t lie utmost confidence recommend the use otthu
valuable remedy.
I am, sir, very respectfully,
To Mr Chaulis Hsbstows. Proprietor!
of-ludkins’Ointment, nearFrede- >
ricktown.Md. j
•C7* Having been for several years in po«(j
sion of a concern in Mr- Nathar Shsfiisd’s pstn;,
for making and vending his Ointment, known b> tbe
nara of* Ik. W. Judkins' Patent Specific Ointment,
and said Nathan Shepherd having obtained anew pv
ent thereon, and I having likewise renewed with
N. Shepherd the same interest I held before, it n
de*-n.ed necessary that public notice be given of tie
umstance- Having devoted much time and c»:e
dunngthe above period,in preparing and makingthis
Ointment, and been instrumental in giving it the gene*
ral character it haasustained, with whatever improve
ment, n all this time, it has received. I present it to
public attention As heretofore, the genuinene* of
tbe Ointment may be known by tbe label around the
ointment pot,thus:
“ Made and sold, wholesale and retail, near Frederick
Md by C Herstons, contemedin the patent right "
April 15. CHARLES ilKRsinNS.
June 8 Druggist, Fairfax Street.
Cabinet, Chair and Sofa Maker, King, next duct
to the corner of Alfred street.
AS on band, and constantly manufactures sgtre*
ral assortment of
Which, for elegance and durability,defies competitor.
His stock, generally consists of
Gaecian and plain sofas, couches and lounges
Mahogany and all kinds of drawing-room ciiairi
Grecian, winged and tingle wardrobes
Pedestal-*-™! sideboards with marble tops and mircu
Gothic anil various other ditto
Pier tables, with tmrble and mahogany tops
Piller and block dining, card and breakfasttsblet
do claw do do do do
Plain do do do do do
Centric or loo do
French and variou other bureaus, with «nu vsitlref
Cadies irv s.->ng tables, with and * ithout mirror* |
Ditto workatanda and muaicatools
Dittoand gentlemen’s abinet, secretaries ant! owk
•Vaahatanda, with marble and mahogany tops
Richly carved and plain mahogany, bird eye, anJ su’l
maple and common bea lsteads
Cribs, cradles,candle-stands,shaving Jo\po*tabtrdc.‘t|
and every otherarticle in the cabinet I ine.
Mahogany of various kinds, steam sawed, curlsrd
shaded veneers, copalvainish,sacking bottoms,cords*
The above articles will be disposed ot for csibor to
punctual persons on the most liberalterrrs.
Avery extensive patrontge from Washington indi
ces me tossy,that I will deliverfurniture tosny pc'
chaserin that city free ofexpenee.
Turning Sr Carving executed in lhe best man""
may 20
John A. Foucard,
Upholsterer and Mattrass Manufacturer,
r¥^KNlJrtRS his respectful acknowledgements to the
*■ public in general for the very liberal eneoursff*
went he has received, and informs them that be b*«
in hand a general assortment of
New live geese Feather Beds
Best curled hair Mattrasses
Spanish moss do
Cotton do
Cat-tail do
Straw do
Sofas, Esay Chairs, kc. kc
New live geese Feathers and Spanish Moss sold
be large or small quantities. Curled Hair for »»'*•
rholesale or retail. *
All of which can be warranted of the very best <] w*
ty,aod will be disposed of on reasonable term*. ,0‘
The public are requested to call and examine b‘*
oods may 21—t»u^
.iMPHLETSprinted at the Gazette <Jfcr

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