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'HP |
tt Fait ce qiCil faui, arrive ce qu'il pourra
SXHXXEI. 8ATmM SieWiS?®* Bf^raMia Sl» 13&§0 ST^ST SKB&XS3 TO. S5£-Sm 3431.
j; per annum, payable half yearly.
,// fc< j per annum, payable in advance.
ThHUi ok Advkktisihu:
,li a Ivert';*' merds published in the Daily paper ap
*-.,r i'i the C (Ultra paper.
\ |\rrtitem"Rts neatly and conspicuously inserted at
it,- N'e of one dollar per square for the first three in
K ;•)•!«, and twintv five cents for -very aubai q ient
iwrt-iu A reasonable deduction will be made in
;!i-cite of yearly advertisers.
For FrexgAxt.
The n.i< SlIEREIi, Captain Ferry, will
A,.?Q;t ike freigat tor any Ea tern port. Apply to
the matter on board, or to
v:>»n A. c. CAZSNOVE & Co. >
* "'uperior schooner MOUNT VERSON,
* v Mar-a.m. master, carries 9.50 barrels, and will
ukc lrei£ht fur the West Indies or ensatwiae. Ap
SXxoX—S \uiX—^Axo t.
1 FLKTMf.lt supply of Rh<it, just received from
.1 iliepitciix Shot tower Company of Baltimore,
sial h r tale by 6' MESSERSMH II.
apt 14
Ttaunstoii Uura.
/■a A Casksoffnslt Thomaston Lime, on board
Qyy of Urig Sherer, for sale by
. U A C. CA/KNOVK hf Co.
Oj\i | Bushels of Ground Alum Salt
'H.H.AJ *00 sacks of do
200 do of fine
1'JO barn-Is fine Salt, prepar. d for dairies
iuO buses, containing 6u ioavrs each, ol fine
Table Salt
All of the best quality, and fur sale in quantities to
. i.t Jtul'ert, by A (!• l> \/5iiNv>\ t> i* Co
sept 13 __
v“>U£v\Y 3c »N\tVASVA.
Hogsheads of St Croix and Cut to Uicu ?ugar
i»lf 50 tdv'.s andtierres Louisans Defined Sugars
30 Darrels and 30 h.»x-v Phi'adelph** da
For sale by A. C OAZSNOVfi & Co.
sept 13 __ ___
i<wt Bags of Java, Brazil, and Cuba CofTt e, for
4IrI nltbj V C. CAZBNOVB tv Co.
UC SMITH in. received, per scliooner Mount
• Vernon, sn«i offers for sale —
8 packages Cot ami pLun Glassware
Ti Demijohns quart to three gallon sept 1.3
•V e w *.\\ i.t k v l C utlo i\a.
^1«a Iljles 4-4 snl 3-4 Bnwn Sheetings an 1 5b:rt
**tt t mgs, fr on the Newmarket factory , received p<.r
.'li.,oner Mount Vernon, fur sale by
sept 11 W. FOWLR h Co
S* Ul\s.
OkM'k Casks Vails, assorted sizes, landing from
K f schooner Mount Vernon, for sale by
*ptlt W. FOWLR & Co^
& Lfcnxoua.
41) .Uj’X Lemons \ in Plime rpdep
thceiv.-d per Mount Vernon, from Boston, for sale by
sept II W. FOWLR h Co
J);* Hogsheads Fuglish Island Mi.lasaes, of superior
41 l sIII l kmlintr I'rnm P llniint VfP.
t^n, from Huston, for axle bv
EDVV’D. 1) \lNGKRFlEl.D.
Who has in More,
8 hogsheads St. Croix Sugar, of prime quality
14 q*ar*er ( c*sks Sei8n«Ue Br*m,y
19 Inlf casks American do
1 pipe Holland Gin
ga and Marseilles M’in.', ice. sept 11
Vrewcii l\rrau\\.
$ Cthc vintage oRANUIFS, of
.. , • . „ . > choice quali
. half pipes > Se.gnelte s f Hnd ^or
qr casks > Oian.l j *
[Entitled to Debenture ]
l ist received per schooner Columbia, from New
' ,rk. and for sale by
W\\u\ OV\.
o) h 'gxheads Palm Oil, warranted pure, just received
» ,r»m Philadelphia, and for Bale bv
U'Xes prime Cheese, just received and for sale
\V un\ei\«
I'' * Counting Room, a Lad of respectable conrex
, "ns. whose parents reside in town, and who will
‘content with little or no compensation. Inquire of
^ printer_ sept 9 _
.Ja\a Uoffee
J»'r* Coffee, of good quality, just re
1 ceiied and for sale by
Vift^vivrtti Coffee.
1|) h»K» old white Laguira Coffee, of good quality,
’ just received and for sale bv
VWaivUvm Wine.
hogsheads U-jusillon, of superior quality, for sale
In reply to “ Behave yourself before folk.”
Can I behave, cau I behave,
Can I behave before folk?
When, wily elf, your 9leeky self
Girs me gang eyte before folk.
In a've do, in a’ ye say,
Ye've sic a pawkie, coaxing way,
That »nv poor wits ye lead astray.
Ami ding me doilt before folk.
Can I behave, can 1 behave.
Can I behave before folk?
While ye ensnare, can I forbear,
To kiss you, though before folk?
Can I behold that dimpled cheek,
Wher love ’*nang sunny smiles might beck,
Yet, howlet-like, my e'elids steek.
An’ shun sic light, before folk?
Can I behave, can 1 behave.
Can l behave before folk?
When ilka smile becomes a wile,
Enticing me—before folk?
That lip, like Eve's forbidden fruit,
Sweet, plump, an’ ripe, sae tempts me to't,
That I maun pres't, tho’ 1 should rue’t.
Aye, twenty times—before folk.
Can I behave, can I behave,
Can I behave before folk?
When temptingly it offers me
^ae rich a treat—before folk?
That gowden hair sea sunny bright.
That shapely neck o’ snawy white.
That tongue, e’en when it tries to flyte,
Provokes me tlll’t before folk.
Can 1 behave, can I behave,
Can I behave before folk.
When ilka charm, fresh young, and warm,
Crie9 “ kiss me now”—befoie folk?
An’ oh! »hat pawkie, rowin e’e,
So roguishly it blinks on me,
I ranna’ for my soul, let be
Fiae kissing you before folk.
Can I behave, can I behave,
Can I behave before folk,
When ilka glint conveys a hint
To tak’ a smack—before folk?
Ye own, that were we bnith alane,
Ye wadna grudge to grant me ane;
Weel, gin there be nae harm in’t then,
What harm is in’t before folk?
Can I behave, can I behave,
Can I behave befoie folk?
Sly hypocrite! An anchorite
Could scarce desist—before folk!
Hut after a’ that has been said.
Since ve are willing to be wed.
We’ll ha’e a •»blyihsotne bridal” made,
When ye’ll be mine before folk!
Then I’ll behave, then I’ll behave,
Then I’ll behave before folk*,
For whereas, then, ye’ll aft get “ ten,”
It vvinna be before folk.
V Av.\Y\e» ftenweAi
s | AS received by the Brig Bclvidera, from I iver
1 a pool, xnd other arrivals—
Point blankets, all s'zes
10-1 11-4 and 12-4 rose blankets
12-4,13-4 and 14-4 best fsmily blankets
5-1 tine Both blankets
Shoe thread in bales, various qualities
Patent colored and VV- B thread
| Clark’s elite-Knd, London, tirst quality spool and
ball cotton
P.nglish blact g do-vns, single and double width
Uo'lVMli Mini flllir.plil
Kersey*, drab cloths and flushing*
Cloths, kerseymeres and vestings
B'ack and colored Circassians
Fiist quality rambiets
Furniture calicoes and dimi'.i'*s, very h»nd«ome
An assortment of printed and lladias hdkfs
Black Italian crav.Vs and sewing silk
Merino and cotton hose, of all qualititl
llemming’s old patent and silver eyed W. C. nec
Cilt pins, 4. 4j and 5
A handsome assortment of gilt buttons
(iingham>; cambr«c mudins
Plain and -prigg. d Swiss muslins
Swiss Bnd jaconet hdkfs
Shad and he; ring seme twine
. OJ DOMESTIC GOODS, he hat for sale—
A very handsome assortment of bedlicks
Apron and furniture checks
Penitentiary plaids
Bleached and unbleached Canton flannels
Bleached and unbleached cottons
Cotton umbrellas
Cotton carpeting; Lowell kerseys
An assortment of FRESH GARDEN SEEDS
From the Shakers. sept 12
CoTpotatton of \Va&Yringlon
I WILL give current paper for the above Notes, at a
small discount. JNO. COUSE,
sept 11___
To Went. I
The DtVELLiyG HOUSE opposite the i
!ll«LFarmer's Bank- Also, the Store House at the
WhoaV WftnuA.
THE highest market price will be given for Wheat, *
^UTmde'pha*",^ w HILLEB.
EartheivwaTe China, &c.
Has just received, per Brig nelvidera,
being part of his FhII supplies of Earthen
ware and China, which enables him to offer
an extensive an t very handsome assort
mcnt of goods in his line.
Blue, brown, pink printed Dinner Sevices
Do tin do Plates of all sizes
Do do do and purple Pilchers,
• Mugs &c.
So do do Ewers Si Basins, and
Toilet Sets
lllue and green edged Ware, in all its varieties
Fire proof Baking Dishes and Plates, superior
Cream colored Plates, Dishes, Basins, Bowls, Sic.
China Tea sets and Cups and Saucers, in an unu
suu! variety as to shapes and patterns
China Pitchers, new and superb shapes, richly gilt
Do Mugs, plain and gilt, very rich
Country merchants and others are earnestly invited
to call, as It. II. M. is anxious to reduce his stock, .
which is now unusually large.
9th mo 9th, 1833,
ftu^fctltit Vo*l Wine.
111 Pipes P'»rt Wine, of extra quality, from the
I \I house of Hunt, Newman, Itoope & Co. of Opor
to, just received, via New York, and for sale by
sept 2 W. FOWI.K ft Co.
llTitipuci be'nifc i! ns live.
| (51 Bales Shad and Herring. Twine, receivtd per
I X) ship Montreal,via New York, for sale by
aept 2 W. FOWI.K & Co.
Madeira Wliveu.
BUUC.UNDY ■) Of J. Howard, March
Tints f ' Si Co.’s brand, and
l.ondnn Particular, and C in casks of various
Grape Juice j sizes
c gunner biiHis ui iiuruuun., anuriruige a* v-»u m
store, and fur sale by
atig 29 GEO. JOHNSON h Co.
St \v$e
Who t ffer for sale, at reduced prices, a few hun
dred Jowls. atig 29 |
§40 Vlc^avA
RANAWAY from the subscriber, on Monday, 19ih
inst,, a Negro Hoy, named SI MOM JE AKINS. 11
Cnmplection, dark mulato; about 5 feet 6 inches , 1
high; stout made, and limps in his walk II&d on, 1
when he went away, blue cloth pantaloons, black cloth I
coat, black fur hat; took other clothing with him I
which is not recollected. He is a tolerable good j
Mricklayer and (trickmaker, as well as waiter I will j
g'r e ten dollars if lakm within ten miles of Alexandria,
or the above reward if l iken elsewhere, and secured
so that I get him agaui, with all reasonable charges.
Alexandria, atig 28—tf _
Xoung li&Aitft* ftemiuuT's ♦ <
On St. Asaph street, between King ami Cameron. 1
THIS institution will be re opened for the reception
of Young f.adies on the first Monday in Septem
her next ’I he most approved Teachers will he em
plovtd f‘*r all the purposes of a complete female edit
cation. From long experience and past success, with ]
the many improvements the subscriber has made in
his system of instruction, lie (Utters himself he will ‘
he enabled to give general satisfaction to his patrons.
The most efficient mentis will be used for the purpose
of eliciting and strengthening the menta* faculties,
by the frequent exercise of reason and judgment, and
imbuing the mind with sound and practical informa
tion. No study will be passed over without compre
hending first principles. Mental Arithmetic, so well
adapted to produce habits of attention and discipline
the mind for other studies will be much practised —
Strict attention will be paid to the manners, as well as
religious and moral duties, of the pupils. Every v
young lady who by perseverance and application can
sustain an^examination, through a certain course of
studies, comprrs ng the most essential branches of fe
male education, shall receive a printed diploma at the
expiration of such time. All interested are respect- j d
fully invited to visit the school frequently, and witness J
for themselves the advancement, ic. of the pupils t
Alexandria. D. lltlvdl. 18.13—dm !
! v
JUST received, a fresh supply of Landreth’s Gar
den Seeds, suitable f >r the present and approach
ing season; among winch are, of CABBAGE, early
york, urge york, Migar loaf, flat Dutch. Bergen, drum
head, drumhead savoy, sn.l curled savoy; of CAULl
FLOWER, early and late, of BROCCOLI, purple
cape, sulphur, and white; of LETTUCE, white cos, |(
green cos, roval cabbage, early cabbage, and early
curled; of TURNIP, early Dutch and red top: a!so,
prickly, for winter, &c On hand, a variety of otlier
Seeds from Landreth’s Establishment.
At the seeds which become too old to vegeiate are
jniformlv returned to the proprietors in Philadelphia, i
hose which remain for aale are always fresh. •*
Subscriptions received for Landreth’s Floral Maga
zine. (Warrenton Spectator)_8 mo 23
tt*\c\\€trd .V FoWard, »<
BEGS leave moat respectfully to inform the citizens
of thia place and vicinity that he intend* com
nencing his professional business in thia place, and
topes, by close attention to business, reduced price*,
ind success in operating, to merit the favor of all- ^
R. J. F. is prepared to insert Natural, Sea-Horae, ^
ind Porcelain Teeth, of all the various shades, at the .
hottest notice.
He may be aeen at Mr. A- O. Douglas*’, on King street, ,
econd door above Pitt street, north aide. He will
rait on persona (particularly ladie*) at their dwelling*,
apr 19—2av
Sugars, Molaaaea, Winaa, $fc.
illids and boxes St. CroiXi Porto Rico
. ‘ndHavana Uugar>
10 barrels Brazil f b
2000 pounds White J
10 lihds bright Retailing Molasses
30 casks Sicily Madeira, Port, Muscat, Mar
seilles and Greek Wines
40 bags M iracaibo, Manilla, Java and Rio Coffee
28 packages Gunpowder, Imperial, Young Hy
son, Pouchong and Souchong Teas
15 boxes Plug Tobacco
2 lihds winter pressed Sperm Oil
30 barrels Cider Vinegar
43 boxes G .hen > c!ieei#
5 do Pine Apple >
10 boxes Colgate Starcli
40 do Soap and Candles
50 dozen Corn Brooms
4 do Covered Hats
50 do Bed Cords and Leading Lines
20 reams Writing Paper
Together with a general assortment of other GRO
CURIES b* Mill* CHANDLERY, for sale on mo
derate tt rms by
git*a, Uuffee, &c. 2$o.
Illids and boxes Porto Rico aud HavanaT
•iO 10 boxes white Brazil V Sugars
2000 lbs l.ouisiaana Refined Loaf j
60 bags Rio, Mnpacaibo and Manilla CifTe*
30 packages Gunpowder, Imperial, Young Hy
son and Pouchong Teas
10 lihds Cuba Molasses
20 boxes Cheese
5 cases Pine Apple Cheese
20 kegs Ground Ginger
10 do Garret’s Snuff
15 barrels Cider Vinegar
1 du Kpsom Salts
50 lbs Cloves
10 do Mace
100 do Cr.ssia
20 boxes Raisins
SO do SnuD and Candles
50 barrels Nett and Gross Herrings
10 boxes Kichmond Tobacco (plug, lG’s)
10 bags Pepper
5 do Pimento
3000 pieces Wall Paper
Letter Cap and Wrapping Papci
Ground Alum and Blown Salt
Madder Alum. Conperas, Indigo
Brimstone, Prussian Blue
Together wi’h h general assortment of 1 VINES Lf j
ither GHUCER/hS, now receiving, amd offered, ;
vlioh salt and retail, upon fair term*, by
sept 6 Wll.l lAM N- McVEIGH,
A /I Hhds Orleans and Porto Kico Sugars
1 IF 4000 lbs I o*l and Lump do
40 bags prime Cuba and ltip Coffee
30 packages Gunpowder,
Imperial, and > TEAS
Your.g Hyson J
20 barrels Old W liiskey
With a g< ntral assortment of I VISES, LIQUORS,
GROCERIES, Kfc. just received and f «r sale at mode*
ate priees by J- fit J- DOUGLAS,
aug *9 [Political Spectator 3 times )_
The subscriber, ir. addition to his rtock
of Shoes and Boots received a few data
2®uC%^Mnce, hits this day received, per schr.
Abigail, a further supply of
SHOES.—Among which are
Gentlemen's fi:te pumps, shoes and bootees
I)» common slippers
Ladies' morocco walking shoes
Ho black prunelle slippers, 75 els |
Uo cheap morocco do 50 r* 6-j cts
Ho leather walking shoes
Chi'dren’s leather and morocco sh ies, ancle ties
Infum's kid *hoes, variuus colors
Which will make his assortment very good; all cf
diich are on sale on the most pleasing terms
aug31 A. I) HAKMOV.
•V oVicc.
State of Maryland, Charles County, Set.
^TOTICKis hereby given, th«t the subscriber has
^1 obtained from the Orphans’ t’oort of said County
ttersof administration rn the personal estate of Klea
or Dent, late of Charles County, deceased. All per* j (
ions having claims against said deceased are heteby i
4rnrn«V I'XIIUII UIC VW UIC nuur.nw«i| VI. VI
>re the 30th day of December next, otherwise they
ill be, by law, excluded from all benefits of «aid os
ite. Given under my hand and sea!, this 26th day of
.ugust, 18>3. PETKIl DENT, Adm’r.
ang 29—lm'_. <
ttotrt* & SUuea.
f 11. WHITE has just received, per schooner Abi ||
f • gail in part, and will continue to receive by the ,
•gular arrival* from the North, a geneial j |
And now offer* for sale—
Gentlemen’s fine calf sewed Hoots
Do do pegged and nailed Boots
Ho do srwed, nailed !» pegged Monroes f
Ladies’ lusting n-orccco and Itaiher shoes ol va- j
rinus kinds
Children’s Shoes of sM kinds it
Together with h general ^sortment of Coirse Stock |
All of which will be solJ, wiiole.ale or retail, at the t
west prices. ! '
Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Boots and Shoes made to |
■der, in the latest fashions, of superior materials and j
orkmansh p.___sfPt ~ c
Ijod\8 a\\A shots. {
i D. HARMON has just received bv schr. Veto- t
| • locitv, and is opening at his new Store, adjoin t
g Jonathan Butcher’s Hardware Store, and two doors 1
►ove his old stand, a further supply of
rect from the Manufacturer’s and suitable for the sea ■
in. Among which, are !
Gentlemen’s fine shoes snd bootees, nailed snd i
sewed t
Do fine nailed boots, s good article- t
Ladies’ and misses’ leather, morocco, snd kid i
slippers i
Children’s leather shoes and bootees t
II of which are offered, wholesale snd retail, on the I
oat accommodating terms.__ang ‘iT |
Mt TiimAct,
At thf corner of Fairfax and King streets,
For \Vnalungton § Baltimore.
P he nix Line of Blue Safely Coaches.
For Seats in Beltzhoover &
Co.’s splendid new blue English
built Coach, built expressly to run
between Alexandria and Washing
ton City, plesse be particular to apply at the Oppoai
tion Stage Office, Itoyal atreet, a fenr-door* south of
Newton’s Hotel, adjoining Breast’a Barber Shop; anil
at Richard II. Harrington’a Steam Boat Hotel, on Uni
on atreet, near the wharf.
Hours of Departure:
4 past 7 o’clock, A. M. for Washington and Baltimore
12 o’clock, M- for Baltimore
5 o'clock, P. M for Waahington
Hours of Departure from IVashington:
9 A. M for Alexandria
And at 34 P. M for - do
For seats apply at the Opposition Blue Line Stsge
Office, Gadsby’s Hotel.
P. S Persons wishing to take a morning ride, can
leave at 74 o’clock, and return by 10.
aug 24—tf _______
To tl\a Great Falla.
The Canal
Packet Boat
_ washing
T (J N lias comm, nee > tier regular trips, on Tuesdays
amt Fridays, fur the Great Falls or Crommelin. starting
from Frederick Slreet Bridge (Georgetown) at 8 o’
clock, A. U„ and returning the same day at or before
sunset. Fare to and from Crommelin, 50 cents.
The Canal is now in fine order, and the country pre
sents a beautiful appearance. To those who are fond
of a short excursion, and desire a short relaxation from
business, atrip to the Great Falls offers a most delight
ful treat.
(Ej* Parlies, on any other days of the week, can be
accommodated, by giving a short notice or applica
tion to the proprietor, living on Third street, George
town ' Z M. OFFUTT.
aug 5—tf
F‘*r Wci\\ «>*
h4,%*b°ul tw .-third, ot that fertile and well known
*Vw farm called IVEST GROVE, the property
^aw*».iif the heirs of the late Col. A. J. Smith. Of
this land, three hundred and fifty acre, were rcJc?i£
ed fiom the rWer, by a dike constructed of earth and
gravel drawn fr<.m lie lulls. About a third of this haa
been cleared and put in cultivation. The soil i* a ve
getable mould, five or six feet in depth- of course easy
of cul'ivntion, and not to be surpassed in fertility. It
is thought to lie well adapted to the growth of tobacco
of the finest sort—tbia, however, would be worth the
consideration ol planters. Could it be rented to a to
bacco grower, Ihe owner* would erect such houses as
might he deemed necessary for the business. The
other portion of the land has been ditched and fenced
with great care and expense, and has meadows of ve
ry considerable extent, well taken with timothy. No
land is better adapted to tbe production of grsss than
ibis Farm.
Tbe whole nine hundred acres will be rented or sold
altogether, or divided into several Farms to suit pur
chasers or tenants, if long leases could be effected,
very advantageous term* might be obtained. The
Farm has several substantial houses on it now, and
others would he built if it could be made an object.
A SllAD FISHERY, with all accommoda
ion* for laborers and the curing of fish, h»a been made
in that part of the river bordering the reclaimed land,
uid will be rented with the land or separately. Also,
A HO’. SE St LOT, containing two Acres,
ust without the corporate limits ol Alexandria, but
n i hat part of the town called the Village. 1 he house
s comfortable, and the garden is an early one. I he
ot has good watt r -nil fruit on it. Also,
Another TWO ACRE LOT, lying upon the
lire at Hunting Creek, and including the Bridge-house;
i portion of which is now in the occupation of Mr C.
Murray. For terms apply to
ang 1—If_T. W HEWITT.
MUion \\\\\ & Vhe Wank a of tke
SWISH to sell or exchange the above Farms for
mountain or limestone la.id They are aituated on
he Potomac Itiv* r, in Charles County, Maryland, 36
niles below Alexandria by land, and90 by water.
MI I ON IlILLcontains five hundred
Acres of (.and, and ia beautifully situated
about a mile from the river. The House,
which stands on an eminent hilt in the centra
if the (arm, with a commanding view of the river and
he adjacent country as far as the eye can reach, is
arge and spacious, containing four rooms and a large
lastuge on the low* r floor, with a kitchen, pantry and
dosets attached, alj tastefully arranged, and in tho
ough repair: The soil ia first rate, and well adapted
o the growth of the best Maryland Tobacco. This
'»rm is not more than one half cleared; the remain
lerisin Hickory, Osk, Cedar, Pine, Ac Foreligibi
ity of situation, beauty of prospect, and local advanta.
-es, this Farm is equalled by few and excelled by none.
rhousand Acres of Laud or upwards, (the exact quan
ity is not ascertained.) It lies indirectly between
lilton Hill an I the rifer. This Farm is bounded on
bree sides by water, so that a short fence encloses the
r hole Farm. The aoil, though good, can be made, at
t'le or no -xpense, of the greatest fertility by the ap
dication of sea-ore, of which masse* float up daily up
n its shores. Its locality renders an easy access to
lie luxuries of the water—which abound in Fish, Oys*
:rs, and in their season Wild Fowl To the sportsman
Ilia place holds out the moat pleasing inducement—
lial of shooting on the wing—for which it ia not excel
id by any farm on the river.
To say nothing of the various other inducements and
dvantages these Farms possess, such as water earn
ge, the choice of markets, the access to steamboats,
ic Ac I shall only add that they are pleasantly aituated
1 an agreeable, genteel and social neighborhood, and
ritbin two miles of public worship. As I am deter
lined to sell, I invite those who with to purchase to
ee me at Milton Hill, aasuring the m a great bargain
nay be bought, and any length of credit given, upon
small portion of the purchaae money being paid in
isnd. the debt satisfactorily secured, and the interest
.aidanuually- THO. II. DUCKNBR.
Harris' Lot P. O., Charles County, Md.
jy 23—2m|__
>pen ail from 10 to 12, M., sod from 3 to S, P II

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