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\Ve had some haU on Thursday night.
\i it is our wont to give our reader* a synop
, of the “ Beauties of the Globe,” we may
lute that yesterday’s Official contained nothing
lfr* new. extraordinary, or curious. The charge
* _jn,t \|r Biddle of attempting to bribe the
Philadelphia District Attorney, to be sure, is
‘ ’(|e over again;—but that, now, is neither very
ritraordmajy, nor curiuus.
lhe jfew Brunswick Fredonian adopts the
alt noble, honorable course in politic#:—
Pledged to no p»ru ’* •rl'itrsr) sw«y
|o(olio# truth where'er it lead* the way.
W'nulJ that the sentiment could become univer
M: aRj the precept be reduced to general prac
There is a report that B F. Butler, Esq of
\ jinv, is to be made Attorney General. Mr.
Bu’ler is. «e believe, a good lawyer and a good
Banner of the Albany Regency. Tne report,
-(jwever, we do not think *s correct.
Citiien Genet has volunteered an opinion, in
,i# York Standard, against the U. Stares
il.'i'n. and in favor of General Jackson. This
,t,e man who insulted our nation at large, and
Washington in particular. ( i4eii Gene' would
prtapa accept of some office, if it was offered
fi,e anecdote which is told with so much spi
t bv the New York Commercial, has been cur
,i,Uv spoken of in the District for some days
nnf. arul i*. we presume, correct Tne Bank
., which Mr. Blair wheeled his two thousand
dollars was the Bank of the Metropolis, and we
-ar that the officers of that institution do not
'tank him for Ins pains, and are not particularly
anxious for anv more such favors.
'ft,ere are reports of “ squabbles" in the Ca
jiuet. v> e do n*»l Know on wnar au'imriir mc'e
rumors are founded; but certain it i-, thai the
S-cretarv of State is believed to have hod a difti
culty with one of his colleagues. We hope
t»ere wi.l not be another explosion.
H»e Indian business in Alabama is brew jpg
into a storm. The U. States troops, at the last
iccounts, were on their march to expel the in
truders upon the Creek lands iu that slate The
death of Owens, some short tune since, has
iruti'i'd the feelings of the people. We hope,
Kisrefcr, that every thing may pass oft" quietly.
It is stated in the Boston Gazette, that the
t'uinnionwealth Bank, in that city, on the first
Ms’, discounted paper to the amount of two hun
dred thousand dollars, on the strength of receiv
the public ik'posiles ** Fine feathers make
hue birds.”
i'he Italian Opera Company have arrived at
New York in the ship Erie.
James. Fennimore Cooper, who with his family
intended lo embark in the Erie, finding the ac
commodations pre engaged, went over to Kng
iaml, and will probably reach New York by the
\t Liverpool or London packet.
The spirit of fanaticism is bu-y at the North.
I; n busy, we sav, but we do not believe il is to
lie feared. The intelligence —the respectability
—the moral power of that section of country, are
rpposed to its progress. A public meeting of
the fri-nds of »• Immediate Abolition” was called
in the City of New York on Wednesday night
J«r. The call.produced some excitement. To
Bnrriiw we shall be able to communicate the pro
•(«ed:ng$ of this meeting. Until then, we abstain
•mm further comment.
•Wtp York Kaces.—On Tuesday a match race
took place foi g4000 a side, four miles, between
J'*l>n C. Steven's colt Niagara, and Col. John
*'<»'* colt Cadet.
lhe blood of Eclipse again told in triumph;
•'*'>2ira. the Ellipse colt, beating Cadet by Med
*y. without much effort a single four mile heat,
i 8 minutes IQ seconds.
*■» the sweepstakes. Shark, also an Eclipse
'••'It* look the purse in two heats of two miles
tich, against the crack Southern colt, Jessup,
and Sadi Hemet, also an Eclipse colt, we be*
‘,t,e l ime, first heat, 3 49, second, 3 56
Ise Southrons as usual backed their horses
and bled according!*.
It is stated, in the New York Gazette, that
lfre are now five hundred and seventy steam
Ifatsonthe western waters. We doubt that
t number is so great.
IVre has been quite a decrease in the nutn
5'r of deaths within the last three or four da_>s
**.'* the New Orleans Louisiana Advertiser of
e ISih ult) but it is owing more to the want
°f subjects, than any abatement in ihe disease.—
'e ^ave ascertained that there have been a few
e' cases of Cholera, but it does not appear to
*; rcad, and has been in almost every case pro
iced bv imprudence.
The popularity of Major Downing is irresiata
l'" The Columbia S. C. Times informs us
,Jt’ ie Editor of that paper was in Sumterville
‘laT «»l the elertion, and so determined
was the opposition of the Nullifiers to the Union
Candidate, (the celebrated General Blair, whom
tbe Editor of the Telegraph after his personal
renconter last winter, described as]‘ perhaps the
j largest man in the Union’) that they preferred to
vote even for a yankee—and the Major received
accordingly a handsome and most complimentary
support. At that place the vote stood thus:
For Msjor Jack Downing, 207
For Gm. Blair, 260
On Sunday morning, the 22d ult. at 9 o’clock,
the Reverend Stephen H. B Balch, D. D. of
Georgetown D C. Him mortal career was ter*
' mmated an he waB about setting out fur the
church to perfonn his official duties, and instead
of spending the holy day in the services of the
sanctuary Oelow, he was summoned to participate
in the joys of a never ending Sabbath, in “a
temple not made with hands, eternal in the hea
The subject of this sketch was born about 83
years since in llarfort County, Mil. whence, at
an early age, he emigrated \ith his parents to
Georgia. Here he remained until in the fall
of 1772—he became a student at Princeton Col
lege, where he graduated in 1774. in the same
class with the late Hnu. BrochuM Livingston, of
the supreme Court of the U S. under the of care
Dr. Witherspoon, on* of the signees of the Decla
ration ol Independence. During tins period, he
prepared himself for the holy ministry, but at
the same time imbibed his political principles at
the altar of Ins oppressed country. He was
then, and remained to the last pulsation of his
heart, a firm, un-leviatiog. undaunted Whig, the
u. dent adiinrei of him who was “first in war,
first in peace, and fi«st in the hearts of his
countrx men. ” Returning to the South after
graduating, in the latter part of’74. he was soon
after qualified for his vocation and entered on
its duties Tin* blood ot hi-* countrymen shed
in the spring and summer ot ’75, on the plains
or Lexington and the heights of Bunker, arous
ed the colonies to arms and impelled our deceas
ed friend tn aid ami assist by every honorable
effort in the accomplishment of one of the great
est political revolutions recorded in the history
of men. During the social war in the Carolines,
he endeavored on the one hand to soothe the an
grv passions which lighted up the flame* of in
testine strife among kindred and brethren,
ami on the o'her, often from the sacred xlesk,
rallied our dispirited troops to the slauxlard of
then beloved couotiy against the common foe.
On one xif these occasions, just before the battle
ol K. ng*s Mountain, where Ins congregation wa*
somewhat divided, »uth was the stale id leeitng
that Gen. N\ liliani* (who. with Shelly and Camp
bell, leu on the Whigs m that conflict} acted as
clerk, and read out the hymn, clad in full regi
mentals. with loaded pistols in his belt, and a
&woid by his side Emigiating to Maryland
while the war was progressing, he taught school
at the head ot Pa'uxent From his door he could
behold die British in their barge*, cairying on the.r
depredations lie was at once appointed cap
tain of a volunteer company composed chiefly of
his own pupils, and repeatedly marched in pur
»uii of the enemy, counter**,ting his schemes and
frnstiating his views. For these service* he late
ly received a pension under the Art of Congress
of Jone lSo'i Smne'ime in 1780 — 81, lie be
came pastor of the Presbyterian C' urc'< in George
town, and so continued lora period of nearly
fiftv fi'e veais During the course of his well
8p**nt life, he. educated seventy-four voutlis for
the ministry, a considerable number of lawyers,
several judges and members of Congress and the
Sta*e Legislatures. They loved him with undi
vided veneration. Such was the vigor ol his
constitut on. that he out-lived all the grown in
habitants of Georgetown except one; and to him
drills and thousands he performed the last rites
ot (riendsiiip
•• Besidts the bed where parting life was laid.
And sorrow*. guilt and pain by turns dismayed.
The reverend champion stood. At hi* control
despair and anguish fl d the struggling souU
Co.mton c!> n- d .w... the trembling wretch to raise,
Mid in* I-s' ftniltering accents whispered praise”
The life of Dr. Balch was often chequered with
manv severe trials, yet his fortitude, piety, re
signation and cheerfulness forsook him not.—
Keeping his eye steadfastly fixed on his sacred
calli >g, he was t • his expiring moments faithful
to his master. The younger pail ol society ven
erated i itn for his virtues, united wiih suavity
and kindness of manner which imparted great
w eight to hi* admonition*; the middle aged look
ed on him a* a sterling Iriend and counsellor,
and die venerable sires of Ins day, among whom
I was the amiable Major Graham, la'ely of this
citv,esteemed him lor his long tiied services and
[ unsurpassed virtues. Such is a faint outline of
the character of t is aposto ic man. He is now
gatheied to hi* lalhers and “ lelt alone in his glo
ry.” H'S memory is embalmed in the hearts of
I h>* people and friend*, and he ha* sonk to rest
. .........1.1 ... kt.l.. l.;»
I 11\ v 111 v 9UII niwivwi H
Frederick Examiner.
Union Canal Lottery of Pennsylvania,
(Jl:n» No *0 lor 18 v]
To be drawn in Ph'la-M h>* »n Saturday, Oct 5
Splendid Prizes:
1 prize of 830,»)00 | 1 prize of 85.000
1 do of 20,000 | 10 prizes of 1,000
I do of 10,000 j 4ic Sic Sic
Ticket* >U); halve* 5; quarters 2 50; c ghths 1 25
j'J- Lo*rst three number prize >40
To be had in a variety of numoers of
jr. ttoiass:,
hnt’rry {3 Rrekanee Broke r. .Ilf • imriria
Q& No. 1 15 Vi—the CAPITA L PRIZE of
'OOOS—in the Grand Consolidated Lot
tery, Class No. o9—yvas sold at R IORDAN'S
OlHce on Monday last, and paid on Wednesday.
Union Canal Lottery of Pennsylvania,
Vlas* A<» V0 or »83 ...
Will be drawn 'n Phil* ftt.h>a on *atii'd*), Oct 5
Splendid Cajnfals:
1 prize of R50.0W) I 1 prize of 83.000
1 do of 20,000 j 10 prizes of 1.000
l do of 10,000 | 4-c 4 c 4 c
Tickets >10; halves 5; quarter* 2 50; eighth* 125
On sale in great variety by
Uncurrent Notes and Foreign Guld purchased
Drawing of the New Yoik Consolidated Lottery, Latr*
Claas No 28.
35 44 27 53 60 20 46 55 43 62
1 Price of Produce in Alexandria yesterday, from
I wagons and Vessels.
Flour, per barrel, • • 85 75 a 0 00
Wheat, per bushel, • • 1 05 a 1 17
Corn, do • - * 0 62 a 0 65
Rye, do • * • 0 60 o 0 65
Oats, from wagons, per bushel, 0 35 a 0 37J
j Oats, from vessels, do - 0 30 a 0 33
: Corn Meal, white, do - 0 80 a 0 82
I Corn Meal, yellow, do - 0 75 a 0 80
! Flaxseed, - do - 1 00 a 0 00
Whiskey, per gallon, - - 0 30 a 0 31
Bacon, per cwt. - * * 8 00 a 0 00
Butter, per lb. - - - 0 10 a 0 16
Lard. do * - * 0 08j a 0 09
Plaster Paris, (retailJ per ton, 6 00 a 0 00
| Flour.— We have no change to notice in the
maiket, anil continue to quote the wagon price
85 75. From stores we hear of nothing doing.
The Report of the Flour [nspecter, exhibits a
falling off this quarter, as compared with the
corresponding quarter last year, of 25.332 bbls;
and the great proportion of inferior grades in this
quarter’s inspection, exhibits but too truly the
inferiority, as the great tailing offin the inspec
tions, does the shortness of the crop. The
amount of inferior grades inspected the past
quarter, is 7.879 barrels more than in the cor
responding quarter last year.—Rich. Whig.
In conseqence of the bud state of the weather
yesterday, there was nothing doing in Flour or
Grain. The Cotton market was entirely without
activity; the sales were from 200 to 300 bales, at
hardly former prices. The accounts per Erie
did not come to hand till late in the evening —
Nothing new to report in Pot Ashes. Sales of
Pearl* at 85. Sale* ol Western Hops at 17 cts.
The sale of Canton Silks at Hone’s did not go
oft* as well as the owners of toe goods expected.
The prices paid, though high, will not on many
descriptions cover costs and charges, and in con
sequence, of many of the lots, only sample cases
were sold.—N. York Courier October 2.
Colton— The sales from the 16th to the 19th
inst. inclusive, were only about 2000 bales with
out any change in prices.* But the re appearance
o' Specu'rors in the market on the 20tl», has since
....in ..ivan rim In pvlumiivc Iriln«»('tilttlH
in the "United States short Staple Cottons,
which have experienced a further advance of 3 to
5 centimes, according to kinds and qualities.—
The cause of this new movement may be chiefly
a«cribed to t*>e Inst advices from New Orleans,
announcing considerably less supplies from that
quarter than were lately expected.
Com and Flour.—The foreign market conti
nues void of interest- We understand the offer
of 3If. has been refused 100 brls Baltimore
Flour, rather healed, the duty on which was paid
many months past. About 500 brls have been
reshipped to the colonies.
Arrived. October 4,
Schr. Mary Ellen, Duncan, Patuxent River;
Tobacco to ’W. Fowle & Co. Passed below,
bound up, one topsail schooner.
Schr. Jenkins, Jones, Maddox; Wheat.
Dutch Galliot Elizabeth, Brandt,
Steam-Boat Potomac, Nevett, Norfolk.
For VLUtuVApAna—\\a Fnna\.
The packet ••loop J- IF C/UsDlFELL, J
JJlJJ^Tay lor, master, will sail on Thursday. Fur
freight apply to the captain on hoard, or to
oct 5 STBPIIKN S’llINN, Janney’s wharf._
Stint Tvfi»\e.
| Pounds of Clarkson’s celebrated Cotton
|| IIIU Seine Twine, just received and for sale by
oct 5 .STBPIIKN .S’HINN, Janney’a wharf
iAnn Bushels prime While Corn, in store, and
4t H IU for sale by
oct 5_S VI. I? S II. JANNKY.
WYvUfc Lend
ta~a handsomely iron hound kegs of pure No. 1
II While l.ead, of Itoberis’celebrated brand,
iust received from the manufactory, and for sale by
J oct 5 S’ M *< S’ H JANNKY.
Alexandria anil Xtvi Orleans
The Brig Til IB CAE. Csptain Wm. fCSv
£L,>1>-Smith. and Brig UAt'jfS, Capt Josepbjfcyfc.
| C. Moore. The Tribune is now ready for sea, and « nl
sail as soon as the health of New Orleans is restored.
The Uncss will follow in fifteen or twenty days there
after Should the Potomac keep open, one of the
packets will sail from this port as above every thirty
day* t»r«uignnm me snipping .uv.c
are commanded bv experienced and accommodating |
officers—will at a*I times ga up the Mississippi by t
steam—and even exertion used to promote the inter
est of shippers and benefit of passenger*. For cabin
I or steerage passage, onlv, apply to
f 5—dtlOthNor ___
*SYu\> Muff.
* i \ nUstHKI.S SIlip Stuff, of a very superior
11 if Ft r qualm , suitable fur horse feed, daily ex
pected from Petersburg, and will he sold to suit pur
chaser. WM THOMAS.
N. B. Some one entered mt house, during my
absence, and stole therefrom several costa, pantaloons,
1 &c. In one of the coat pocketa were several valua
ble paper*, of no use. h^w-ver. to any one but me.
I wilt give a suitable reward for the recovery of the
property or apprehension of the thief.
oct 5—3t_
A YU tick YYiiW,
RAIS] £D*v Hishop Meade's brother, is now in
to^and for sale at % 100 He ia 3 years old on
ly; wasflBhvorite of the ratseri is a half blood, short
horn iflBam, and from a superior cow which took
the pnre at the Winchester F»ir *ome year* since j
and i* thought, by some, to be superior to tithe: of
those sold for |140 and 143 last spring. Apply to
oct 5 _GEO. JOHNSON k Co
Fitfc Companies.
i N adjourned meeting of the Committee appoint.
• 4*\ ed by the Convention of Fire Companies will be
held in the /fydraulion Engine /ifwae, near the Mar
I ket in Alexandria, on (Saturday, the 5th inst, at 11
I o'clock, A M. Kl)M. F. DROWN, Jec’y.*
Washington City, Oct 5
Lard, Hama,
THE subscriber offers for sale, aa the old stand of
Edward Smyth & Co.—
100 kegs Lard
100 cured for family use
1000 bushels Bran
Corn, Kye and Oats
Together with an assortment of
oct 5 —3tED. &MVTfl.
TV\a -Meat -Market
WILL be closed every Sunday hereafter, until the
1st day of April next. .
GEO. CORYELL, Clerk of the Market,
oct 5—3t _
ICT^The Savings Fund Institution
open every Saturday afternoon, from half past 3 to 5
o’clock, under the direction ol a Committee of the
Managers, at their Room on Fairfax, a few doors north
of Prince street.—Those to whom it would be more
convenient, may make their deposits on any other day
of the week, with Willum Stabler, Apothecary, &c
Fairfax street. _[eSal
WUYlfc Y*aad.
HIM Keff* L N- Lewis’ White Lead, re
ll?(? ceived and for sale by
oct 4 _W_ II MILI.EH.
Timutkj Seed.
LANDING, 50 bushels new Timothv Seed, for sale
by W. H. MILLER.
Also, Clover and Orchard Graas Seed. oct 4 _
A FARTHER supply of Bridport Shad and Herring
."TL Twine, “ Kenw ay O’Co.’s” manufacture, receiv
ed per British barque Ada, via New Yolk, for sale by
oct 4 W. FOWL.E Us Co.
WOULD be exchanged for two Young Negroes, an
excellent Cook, Washer, Sic- and an able b(*died
Laborer. They would be exchanged for younger
Negroes with anv one residing in this neighborhood
Inquire at this office. _oct 4 — 3t
7 Half Chests extra fine Gunpowder
4 do do Pouchong, in half pound papers
10 13 lb boxes Souchong
Landing from schooner President, and for sale by
mA small sized HOUSE, northeast of Samuel
R. Larmour’s residence.
oct 3 JOSIAll H. DAVIS.
BY the arrival of the packet Phesidist, from New
York, the subscribe has received a plentivous
and eleg »nt assortment, by which he has completely
reviclualluted his conservatory with Condiments, Con
feet a, Kockadilioes, Lulea a.vi r tanua, rLuiumm
(IDS, indigenous, and extrageneous.
oct 3—3t_JOHN^ B IIKPUllUN.
I\\wk8 BenneU
I ■ AS imported,by the ship Virginia, from Liverpool,
1.1. Shoe Thread in balea
Best Bridport Sail and Bookbinder’s Twine
Shad and Herring Seine Twine_^£l2
While Havana Sugar.
5 Box s of this handsome article now lauding from
schooner President, and for sale by
oct2 WM N. McVKIGIL_
Guu\>uvidfci Tea.
6 Half Cheats Gunpowder Tea, just received and for
sale bv oct 2_* MtfSBHSMHTI,
t ot almstetdam.
jrfg- The copper fastened and coppered ship
FI RUIN LI. Captain C W. Turner, will sail in
all October, and take 50 hog heads on freight Ap
ply to oct_l W. FOWI.K U Co.
For Freight.
The new first rate Brig FORREST, Me
Jwswi' ellan, master. u ill he ready for a c.rgo in a few
d.ys, cither coast a iae or for the West Indies. Apply
to oct 1 W. FOWU fc Co.
L\vfcrp«u\ Salt.
4(51/1/1/1 Bushels Coar«e
1^1 Hill 1500 sacks Fine
The cargo of ship Virginia, from I iverpool. for sale
by oct 1__W FOWI.K fc Co
F r ea\\ Thom aft to n \Ame.
4 ru\4 \ C*sks, the cargo of brig Forrest, for sale by
llHHI oct 1 W FOWI.K 8c Co.
Ytr'JJ Goods.
JAMF.S McKKNZIK St Co have received their
usual Fall Supply of
and will add to it by the first New Yok arrivals. The
change they have concluded upon making in their bu
siness induces them to offer every article in their as
aortmmi at hbdcckd micas. oct 1 —dtf
•V otice.
Custom House, Alexandria, ?
Collector's Office, 1st October, 1833. 5
SF.Al.Kl) propose,* will lie received at this offi-e un
til 3 o’clock, P M. of Saturday, the 5th instant,
for making the following mentioned repairs on the U.
S Light But, and furnishing the articles stated below
for the use of said Boat:—
Bottom of boat to be coppered to the bends with 22
oz copper.
A squsresail, sqnarrsail yard and boom, sheet hal
yards, tack and block. The sail to be made of llol
land duck
New dead eves snd chain plates
A chain cable 7 o an.i sixty tatnoms long.
Two tin oil tank*, to hold 40 gallon* each.
New planked from one foo: below the water line to
the deck. . . , ,. ,
The deck newly planked with pine two inches thick,
and put on with coppdy nails
The upper work* to be of the best seasoned oak, and
put up with copper nails.
One new mast and bowsprit
One new lantlmrn, of the same dimensions of the
one now on board the boat, of suitable materials.
To he thoroughly calked.
New plankshecrs, waist and rails.
An awning deck from stem to stern, and
A trunk on deck. . ,
The above mentioned repairs, &c. will be required
to be done as eariy as mav be practicable—not to be be
yond the 10th day of the eeiuing month. For the
work when completed, the amount will be pmid so soon
thereafter sss survey and report of competent judges
can be obtained. GEO. BltEN I,
oct I—ot5th_Superintendent.
Public .Notice
IS hereby given that the navigation through the
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, from the head of the
Harper’s Ferry Falla to the Shenandoah Lock, will be
opened for the passage of boat*, raft*, he. on the first
day of October next. . .
By this arrangement, the navigation of the Potomac,
whi"h has been for some time interrupted at this po’nt,
will be transferred to the Canal, and boats will be en
abled to paas the Harper’s Ferry Falla, and resume the
river navigation above and below them as formerly.
It ia confidently expected that in leas than two
weeks after the admission of the water, as above notic
ed, the whole extent of the navigation from Harper’s
Ferry to the Basin between Georgetown and Wash
ington City, will be opened to the public* of which
timely notice will be given.
Harper's Ferry, September 23, 1BJ3.
TTBsUfta1 ftaU of He&\ Estate.
UNDER the authority of a Deed of Trust from the
Mechanics' Bank of Alexandria to the subteri
J bers, they will offer for sale at public auction, on the
. 5th day of October next, the following VALUABLE
PROPERTY in the Towh of Alexandria and its rici*
the north aide of King atreet and eaat
wl!g|Kside of Washington street, st their inter*
£3jQEkEH ection, on which are erected two three
atory Bnck Dwelling Housei, and one two story Fsme
Dwelling House.
GROUND on the north side of Kingitreet, between
3L Asaph and Pitt streets.
3.—A large Brick WAREHOUSE & LOT
OF GROUND on the north aide of King street and
ea*t aide of Favette street, at their intersection, now
occupied by Frederick Foote.
4.—One undivided third part of a LOT OP
GROUND and three three stor> brick WAREHOUSES
erected thereon, on the north aide of Fayette atreet and
on the soutli east aide of Commerce street; in front on
Fayette atreet 150 feet, on Commerce atreet 95 feet;
the whole subject to an annual rent in fee of $62
5.—An undivided moiety of the LOT OF
GROUND and WHARF, with the Brick WARE
HOUSE erected thereon, between Prince and Duke
streets, commonly called the Central Wharf, now occu*
pied by William Fowle 17 Co.
GROUND, on the north side of Oronoko street and
weal side of St Asn th street, at their intersection, on
which is erected a large and convenient Brick DWBL*
LING HOU9K, now occupied by Mrs Portia Hodg*
son, subject to an annual rent in fre of $66 67
GROUND on the north side of King atreet, between
Alfred and Columbus streets, now occupied by John
Shackelford, tinder a rent in fee of $20
8.—A LOT OF GROUND and two Frame
DWELLINGS on the soutli aide of Duke street and
east side of Fairfax street, at their intersection.
DWELLING HOUSE on the east aide of St Asaph
street, between King and Prince streets, lately occu
pied by George P Wise.
10—A two story brick DWELLING HOUSE
and LOT OF GROUND on the west aide ofWashi g*
ton atreet, between King street and the new Method
ist Church, now occupied bv Thomas Whittington, un
der an annual rent of jf 66 67
11.—A three story BRICK DWELLING
HOUSE and LOT OF GROUND on the north tide
of Duke .licet, between West and Payne streets, now
occupied bv Franklin fc Armheld
12.—Sundry VACANT LOTS adjoining that
last mentioned f irmer v the property of Robert Young.
13 — A LOT OF GROUND on the north
tide of King street, between Patrick and Henry streets,
on which is erected s two-story Brick Dwelling House,
unw occupied by Abner Cloud, under s rent of #38 17.
OF GROUND, on the west side of Pitt street snd south
side of Oronokn streets.
15.—A VACANT LOT on the north side of
Prince street and east side of Fsyette street, st their
16 —A LOT OF GROUND (or Half Acre)
on the eisi side of Fsyette street and south side ofCa*
memo street, at their intersection.
17. —One undivided third part of a SQUARE
OF GROUND lying to the south of the S'pring Garden,
hounded by West lane on the east, by Hamilton lane
on the west, W’Pkes lane on the north, and Gibbon
lane on the south
18. —The TRACT OF LAND, in Alexin*
dria County, called the *• Sebastian Spring Tract,”
containing two hundred and forty-seven acres
The above sale will be made in front of the Banking
House, (No 2) snd will commence at lOo’clo.k A. M*
Terms—One fifth of the purchase money to be paid
in hand, and the balance in two equal instalments of
nine and twelve months. Sale to be made for current
money. The deferred payments to be secured by the
notes of the purchasers, with approved endorsers, and
the title to he retained until the payment* ahsll be
made; with a power for the Trustees to re-sell at the
risk of the purchaser, on any default ill payment.
It. I. TAYLOR, h
aug 31 —eol5thOc_LOUIS BEELER, jj_
VAxeixix MUl Is Lifxxid lor aaAe.
UNDER the authority of a Deed of Trust from Da
vid Wilson and others, the subscriber will offer
for sale, at public auction, to the high-st bidder, on
Friday, the first day of November next, five undivided
sixth psrtk of the
in the County of Fairfax, on Holmes’ Run, near Alex
andria, called " The Plienix Mill,” with all rights of
w«) snd waters, as filly as formerly held by the late
Thomas Wilson in his life time; rnd one undivided
fourth part of the
containing 238 -1CRES, more or its«; and
five undivided sixth parts of an Acre of Land
on the opposite side of the Run, condemned
by the Countv Court of Fairfax to accommodate the
The sale will commence st 12 o'clock st noon, st
the Mill. Terms cash.
It. I. TAYLOR, Trustee.
sept 18—eotlstNov
A Tailor i
WHO can fit well and do neat work, would find an
advantageous stand at King Oeorge Court House,
where theie is an abundance of work for at least two
hands For further particulars spplv to
ocl 3 GKO- JOHNSON fc Co.
THE subscribers, intending a removal from Alexan
dria to New York in the course of a very short
time, have to ask the favor of all persons indebted
to them to call and settle their respective accounts, as
their business must be brought to a speedy close;
oct I — dtf_JIA8. McKKNZIK UT Co.
Alexandria Canal Office,?
28/A September, 1833. J
NOTICE is hereby given to the stockholders in the
Alexandria Canal that an instalment of five dollars
per share ia required to be paid on or before die 30th
day of Octobers and a further instalment of five dollar*
per share on or before the 30tb day of November next.
By order of the Board:
sept 30 JOHN II. CBKASB, Clerk A C Co.
Tailoring Business.
JOHN M. JOHNSON respectfully informs the pub
lie that he has removed directly opposite his old
stand on King street, near the corner of Royal street,
where he luts just received * large and elegant assort*
ment of ___
all of the newest atyle, which be will make up to or.
der in the beat manner, at the lowest cash prices. He
has also on hand a large of
of every description, which he will sell, whole isle o»
retail, at reduced prices...
rfe attention of the public is particularly
to cad and examine hi* stock, which is infer/
in die market. , set/ m

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