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“ Fait ct qu'il fax*, arrive ce ftt’tf pwrra."
■rOT„ -ra^trt ®©&hbst©» ©wkbjessi m am. . swtcf eeusis m 3463.
11 Per annum, payable half yearly.
jjl ££ per annum, payable tn advance.
Terms of Advertising:
Advertisements neatly and conspicuously inserted at
;!ie nre 0f one dollar per square for the first three in
^ions, and twenty-five cents for every subsequent
itertion. A reasonable deduction will be made in
tie case of y early advertisers.
A'l a lvertisements published in the Daily paper ap
pear :n the Country paper.
The new Brig NANCY, Captain Titcomb,
yfflKill sail next week For freight or passage ap
ply to the master on board, or
17. _A C. CAZEVOVE Si Co.
FotTwiglit, cwaftVmae.
. r>- The new schooner ADELINE, Capt. Her
^•D^hon. carrying about bbla. One for Phila
would be preferred. Apply to
Voy Fre\$»Y\t.
-f-j- The schooner NORWAY, Captain F.mory,
ij^.afiics 1000 barrels, will take freight for any
no;t. Apply to
oC( 15 w. ruwLt *
Vox Amsterdam.
The copper fastened and coppered ship
J^rrWWft Captain C W. Turner, will sail in
illOc-oSer, snd take 50 hogshead* on freight. Ap
ply to oct 1 W. FttlVLK tt Co.
Alexandria and .Vev< Orleans
The Brig TRIBUNE, Captain Wm.
^s.nith. and llr.g UNCJS, Cspt Joseph
C. u..ore. The Tribune is now ready for aea, aiui v» m
sail u soon as the health oi New Orleans is restored.
.riw Uiacat will f«»l- w in fifteen or twenty davs there
tlttr Should the Potomac keep open, one of the
ack-'ts wdl sail from dus port as above every thirty
Uv.' throughout the .hipping season. These vessels
are e >mnunded bv experienced anil accommodating
oScrs—will at all times gj up the Mississippi by
ilmni -and every exertion used to promote the inter
est of shippers and benefit of passengers. Tor cabin
or steerage passage, onlv, apply to
nr* 5—dtlOthNov__
.\Vw England ft urn.
Krceived per schooner Velocity, for sale by
oct 19 A. C. CAZKKOVK & Co.
rllS day landing from schoonrr Velocity, for sale
by W FOWLE St Co.
u)i v iwyt Founds Bin Coffee
'jIMHIU 10 boxes of 12 2 lb cannisters Gurt
powder Tea
10 hogsheads New England Rum
20 barrels Fall sirained Sperm. Oil
30 tons Piaster Paris oct 17
AAA Feet Saco Lumber, cargo of schr
Sr JiUvvNotwiy, Capt Emory, for sale by
oct 15W. FOWl.F. & Co.
Sugar a £5 Cuff*,©.
6|j V Hogsheads Trinidad Sugar
■4' * 150 bjgs Hio Coffee. For sale by
_ort!5 W FOWLE & Co.
\ Ca ks Nails, of assorted sixes, just landed and
vt A f in store, for *ale"by
wilt W CilWI.K .4- r.n.
Di\ Ton> I’i.ister, on boi>rd schooner Volunteer, for
OS» wIp hv ort 15 W FQWi.E "« Co.
I'otttt tt\CO 3>ttgU.Tft.
4 jt Hogshead* Porto Hico Sugar, of prime quality,
1* * j’lU received and for sale by
jjl Barrels Brazil Sugar, suitable for retailing»land
from achr. Columbia, and for aale by
oct 1J W, H MILLER
t- At ara LBS Rio and St. Domingo Coffee, o
•t r\/vi prime quality, for aale by
•« li L McKKnZIK, Union wharf.
fitouuA Alum ?Sa\t Afloat
T^E cargo of the achr- Pembroke, C.pt Keyes,
* in lots to suit purchasers, for sale by
_ H A. C. CAZENOVB fc Co.
7 Chests Young Hyson
12 hilt chests 1
3 boxes 12 2 lb cannister* > Gunpowder
X ten catty boxes j
? hsll chests ). . ,
30 ten catty boxes $In,Penal
< half chest. J8™'110"*
10 catty boxes Pouchong—TEAS, of superior
quality, for aale by
IFmtu for sale.
to sett a FARM, containing 312 ACRES,
Mpwing my residence, lx is heavily timbered.
cm on it a variety of fine Fruit. A great bargain
The had if immediately applied for.
F**riax County, Va. D. F. DULANT
eotf _
°'1]lFf*LETSprinted at the Gazette Office.
From the New Monthly Magazine.
Sing, my Muse, in praise of Rom!
Vita tnia preziosa}
Graceful, kind, bewitching Rosa!
Have you ever teen my Rom?
Piccolioa bella cosaj
Naughty, little, laughiog Rosa!
Queen of Smiles is pretty Rosa;
Never, never dolorosa; -
Always charming, always Rosa!
Passing sweet’s the voice of Rosa;—
Haydn, Mozart, Cirmarosa,
Should have liv’d to hear my Rosa!
The pouting lip of wicked Rosa;
Cho dolce! che delizioia!
Tempting lips, but cruel Rosa!
Countless are the charms of Rosa
As the leaves in Vallombrosa;
Zephyrs, waft my sighs to Rosa!
When I read, my book is Rosa;
Farewell Leibnitz, Locke, Spinosa;
I forsake you all Tor Rosa!
Hun tunft. if Hiinirl r.nnnnprhl
And made her sad and amorosa,
To soothe and share the pain of Rosa?
Can you love me, gentle Rosa?
Will vou be my cnra sposa?
Tell inr, tell me, dearest Ro»a! B. K.
ft out a a\\& Sftofea.
JH. WHITE has just received, per schr. Velo
• city and sloop J. W. Caldwell, sn additional
stippl) of
Consisting, in part, qf
Men's calf sewed boots, 1st and 2d quality
Do nailed boots
Do sewed, pegged, and nailed Monroes
Do coarse pcgg-d b.u»*s .
Do coarse sewed and pegged brog»n* and shoes
Boys' fine sewed, pegged, and nailed i oaroes
Do do do shoes *
Do coarse pegged Brogans and shoes
Ladies’ ca f sewed and morocco walking shoes
Do lasting, morocco, and leather slippers, at
various prices from $1 25 to 50 cents
Together with a genera1 assortment of children’s
Shoes. All of which are offered for sale wholesale or
retail, at the lowest prices.
Made to order—Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s
BOOTS Of SHOES, of all kinds_oct 18
Chfeuv Boots & Sihofta.
4 0. HARMON has just received an additional
• supply of
au-tautc for the approaching season, selected by him
self from the various manufacturers’! among which are:
Men's coarse Brogans, suitable for plantation bands
Men’s coarse and fine Roots and Bootees
Ladies’ leather and morocco Walking Shoea
Boy’s cosrsc and fine Bools and Booteea
Mines’And children’ll leather and morocco Shoes
a-'id Bootees
And will continue to receive, by frequent arrivals
from the North, additions to his stock
J/jo in Store, of hi a own manufacture,
Ladies’ leather, morocco, seal skin and laating
Shot-* and Slippers
Oer.tlemrh’s calf skin Shoes and Bootees
All of which are offered, wholesale and retail, on
accommodating terms ___0C*A_
\W\la tv mV ftreto Hat ft fat
tii.mi . u r u ru riVi
At hit old stand, on Kng, three doors
above Fairfax street, has on hand an ex
tensive assortment of
Hoff'S oj the latest fashion,
and all the variets-a of shapes and qualities that are
worn, manufactured und-r his own immediate .inspec
tion by the most experienced workmen, and will be
found to be got up in a style not surpassed any * here
Ilia prices are reasonable, and a good article may be
expected bv purchasers or arm
tie would particularly invite attention to his FLJllS
RUSSIA HATS. They are not surpassed. il equalled,
in any market._____
To tho Grout FoYU^ ^ ^
TO ^ has commence l her regular trips, on Tuesday*
and Frida* s, for the Great F«»la or Crommelin. starting
from Frederick Street Bridge (Georgetown) st 8 o’
clock A. U., and returning the same dav at or before
sunset Far* to and from Crommelin, 50 cents.
The Canal is now in fine order, and lbs country pres,
sent! a beautiful appearance. To those who are fond
of a short excursion, and desire a short relaxation from
business, a trip to the Great Falls offers a roost delight
^IrTPariie*. on any other days of the week, can be
accommodated, by giving a short notice or applies
lion to the proprietor, living on Third street. George
town Z M OFFUTT.
tug 5—tf
1171LLIAH GHF60RY flt Co inform their custom
f 1 ers and the public, that they have received, by
late arrivals from New York and Philadelphia, a large
and general assortment ot
bought on the most favorable terms, and which they of
fer lor sale at very moderate prices. •
By the weekly packets from New York, they expect
to receive additional supplies, and be enabled to main
tain n good assortment throughout the season,
Wright & Maddox
HAVE received, by late arrivals from Philadelphia
and New York, a very large and general asaort*
ment of
adapted to the present and approaching seasons. They
invite their customers and the public to call and exa
mine for themselves.
52 pieces cloths, blue, black, rifle green, Russell
brown, plum, mulberry, claret, olive, drab
and grey mixed
Blue, black and fancy colored cassuneres, plain
and striped
Satinets, plain and striped
Petershams, various colors
Flushings and kerseys, heavy and stout made, for
Ltnseys, plain, plaid and striped
Rose blankets. 8-4 to 13-4. very superior
Point and duffle ditto
Green and scarlet friezes and baizea, plain and
White, red, green, scarlet and yellow flannels
Gauze flannels, extra quality
Canton do various colors
Goat's hair and common camblets
Ladies’ camblets, a beautiful article for cloaks
French merinos, superior quality and desirable co
English ditto, in great variety
Circassians, well assorted
Rtack and colored hombazets
French and English bombazines
Menno scarfs and shawls, warranted wool borders
Thibet riiawls, 3-4 to 10-4, very handsome
Embroidered shawls, new style
Valencia and Prussian shawls
3atin fancy hdkfs, a new article, very rich
Silk do do
Italian lustrines (Maitcoi.i’a genuine)
Do do co'orcd. very beautiful
Gr>i tie Nsples, plain and figured, in great variety
Florences, assorted colors
Double j;reen and brown ditto, for bonnets
India and satm Levantines
Satins, various ro om, plum and figured
Scnchew9»nd narsncs. unromrr.only cheap
Silk, velvets, buck. otuc black, maroon, green,
purple and brown, for rennets
Tabby velvets, various colors
Avery large assort merit ot super chintz and low
priced caiicoea
Moupning gingli una, handaotno new style
Table diapers, 8-4 tn 0-4; dsimtsk table clothe
Kussia dn; French onplcina
Irish li tens and lawns, vry cheap
Lin«i cambrics sud l.nen rarr^wic handkerchiefs
Checked and a;rip« d n.uahns
Damask dut;*, a bvaulitui urtic.c for curtains
Jaconet and cambric rr.uskus
Swi»a 2nd book do, p’airi and figured
Grass cloth skirts, • new article
Silk an 1 worst, d hosiery
Moham, merino and lamb's uool ditto
Biad reticules and Lney baskets
Super tiosRin and kid gloves
Long and short ki<l mittena
Fur trimmed aod lined gloves
Pongee and Spittalfield handkerchiefs
Several boxes handsome bonnet ribbons
Bonnet cambrics and reeds
Cut and plain velvet and other belt ribbons
Hearth rugs, floor and table mats
Furtippeta, in great variety
Allof which are off red on moderate and accommo
dating terms_ _oc* 11
WASHINGTON Lr BURNV have received,by the
late arrivals from Philadelphia and New York,
A Handsome Assortment of FALL 4' WIN
Consisting, in part, of—
Superfine blue black, Kuasell. brown, invisible
green and mixed cloths; Petersham ditto
Blue black and fancy c«d red cassi meres
Blue and blue black silk velvets
Dark blue, brown, cadet and other mixed caaainets
Rose, point and striped blankets
Domestic and other carpeting
Hearth rugs
Black and assorted colored Homhaxeta
Do and asserted colored merino Circassians
Superfine black and colored French bombafinei
Black and blue Mack Italian luatri ngs
lUndKome colored gro de napa
Ladiei' super black and assorted colored kid
Linen cambric hdkf>» » great variety of fancy
Thibet wool cloth and merino hdkfs and shawls
4 4 t* 6 4 bobin -rs and Grecian do do
Bo:>in<t and Grecianett quilling
5 anadown and Valencia vettings
Furniture print*, a great variety of fancy do
Penitentiary and other plaids and stripes
Bed ticks; apron - nd furniture checks
Bleached and unbleached Canton flannels
Ited, green, and drab _ do
Brown and bleached shirtings and sheetings
20 balea cotton osnaburga
Burlaps, No. 1, 2. 3. & 4; Scotch oantburgs
Bear, Ihit h, and Russia sheetings
And s great variety of otner article* usual to be met
with in a dry goods store, all of which will be sold
low at wholesale or retail,
sept 26— tf __
CWtUs Heimfcll
HAS received by the Rrig Belviders,' from Liver
pool, and other arrivals— -
Point blankets, all sixes
10-4 11-4 and 12-4 rose blankets
12-4,13-4 and 14-4 beat family blankets
5-4 fiue B ah blankets
Shoe thread in hales, various qualities
Patent colored and W-B thread
Clark** Mile Bnd, London, flrst quality spool and
ball cotton
English black gdooas, single and double width
Haiaes and flannels
Kerseys, drab cloths and flushings
Cloths, kerseymere* and vettings
Black and colored Circassians
First quality eamblets
Furniture calicoes and dimitiea, very handsome
An assortment of printed and Madras bdkts
Black Italian cravats and sewing silk
llcrino and cotton hose, of all qualities
Hemming’* old patent sad silver eyed W. C, nee
Gilt pint, 4. 4j end 5
A handionfe aatortment of gilt buttons
Ginghams; cambric muslins
Plain and spriggc d S wits muslins
8wits snd jaconet hdkfs
Shad and hearing seine twine
Of DOMESTIC GOODS, hi has for tale—
A very handsome assortment of bedticks
Apron and furniture cheeky
Penitentiary plaids
Bleached and unbleached Canton flannels
Bleached and unbleached cottons
Cotton umbrellas
•Cottoncarpeting; Lowell kerseys
An assortment of FRESH O ARDEN SEEDS
_ From the Shakers^_sept 12
Bp'S Goo&a.
JAMES McKRNZiK k Co. have received their
usual FkII «uppl>’ of
and will add to it by the first Mew York arrivals. The
change they have concluded upon making in their bu
siness induces th<*ni to offer every article in their as
sortment at rsdccso prices_ oct 1 —dtf
lieo. S. llt>ug\\
HAS received a very general assortment of FALL
GOOUS viz:
Cloths and cassimeres
Super and common sattinetts
' Plaid and plain linaeys
Hose and point blankets
Woolen flannels; Canton do
Plain and figured baizes
Counterpanes, white and colored
Petershams, flushings and kerseys
Fine merino wool shirts
Guernsey trocks
Men's white and colored lamb's wool hose
Ladies' do do do do
Men's snper Angola do
French and English merinos in great variety
Merino Circassians and bombazettes
Bsnguna and beaverteens
Goal's hair camblets and plaids
Rattinetta and colored cambrics
Fur capes and mantillas
Damask, Russia and bird's-eye diapers
Fine soft finish Irish linens
Linen cambric hdkfs; linen do (cheap)
Corded skirts
Fine and common lawns
Bishop’s lawn, book and Swiss muslins
Domestic carpeting, hearth rugs
Blk lustrings, gro dt naps, variety of colora
Sattin levsntines, very cheap
White, pink, blue and blk aattina
Blk Poult de suie, a superior ailk
Gro de Berlin
Fancy hdkfs and shawls
Blk ailk cravats
Gloves; men's raw ailk do
Russia and Irish sheetings; burlaps
Blk, blue blk, green, purple and brown ailk
Bandannu ind flagg hdkfs some superior
Round and fl it braids
Black galloon and shoe ribbons
Black, and colored lasting
Blue and green table covers; table oilcloth
Patent silver head pins
50 packs pint (low priced)
Hilditch's superior spool cotton
Knitting jarn and boss
Farcy hair and other brushes
White and green olonde veils; crash
With a general assortment of DOMESTICS.
3000 Iba Colton Yarn
Cotton latts for quilts 9th mo 30
W ashvngtun T. Rarpex
HAS received, by the New York and Philadelphia
packets, and is now opening, a large and general
assortment of
Bought principally for money, he is enabled lo offer
them to his custom-. rx and t ie public generally at low,
by the piece or vard, as any house in Washington or
Alexandria; which is sull-ng at a small profit His as
sortment consists in part ofthe following articles, which
will be kept up »y Irequent receipts, viz:
Blue, hlsck, brown, invisible green, mulberry,
olive and grey cotbs
Double milled ami corded ca-^simere*
Fine black ditto for vests
CtMsine’ts all colors, some very low priced
Petershams, flushings kerseys and plains
8-4,9-4, 10-4, 11-4, 12-4 and l3-'4 rose blankets
Point, striped anti fancy end ditto. Urge apd good
Flannels, white and cnitfreil, all woolj figured do
Figured and plain baizes and frieze
Flain and striped linse\ s
Merino wop! shirts and Guernsey frocks
A Urge quantity woollen comfort*! cloth caps
Colored and white super Saxony and common yarn
and wonted
Cotton curds, hangups and heaverteena,
Keal goat's hair csmbUts; common do
Men’s white and colored lamb’s wool hose
Country knit half l ose
Ladies’ black, slate, fancy and plain colored wor
sted hose ...
Misses’ do do do do do do
Children’s white, scar et and red socks 8» stock gs
Clotli pisno, table and stand cover*! toilets
Hearth rugs and sheepskin mats
6-4 brown, rooroon, green, purple, crimson and
•cartel, blue and b’ack real French merinos
6-4 do do do, English, good imitation
3_4 do do do do
Circassians and bombazetta, all color*! tartan plaids
Superfine and common French and English bom
basines! Pongees, unusually low
Silk Velvets:
Blue, black, moroon, crimson & green silk velvets
Super figured and black do for vesting
25 pieces handsome staple col’d grot de nape
Black, whit* and sol’d watered and plain do
6 pieces rich colored poult de soie
Black and blue black gro* de awisa _
* First quality Matteoni’s bl*k Italian lustring
Italian and English do do
4-4 black Italian and India ailkm
Super white, pink, blue, orange, black and other
colored satins
Double tod tingle florencea, til colon
" Piib:
White, green'aed black blond and bobinet veils
Green figured barregn do do
Green and black barrage for veils
Black bobinef do do
Blue black crape for ditto, wide and handsome
White, black and colored French enpea
. Crapfe Haaei wide and narrow hat crape
Fancy Handkerchiefs—a splendid assortment:
Blond, Hernani, grot dC nap, Votynese, poplin,
embroidered, figured silk. craaA silk, muslin,
gauae, palmyrine. embroidered and plain Thi
bet, merino, cashmere, Prussian and other fan
cy handkerchiefs
With a great variety of cotton hdkfa
Hem stitched, plain white and colored bordered
linen cambric hdkfa
Bandanna, Spittalfield, pongee, flag and company
hdkfa; super black Italian and Levantine do
Merino, Cashmere, Thibet, Braganza, Prussian,
cloth and winter shawls
Laces and Edgings:
Thread and bobinet laces and edgings
Cambric and bobinet insertions
4—4 figured Grecian nett, a new article
4-4 plain do
Book, Swiat, mull, jaconet, crosa-barred, fignred
and plain muslins
White and colored cambric*
White and oolored cravata; bonnet cambric - ’
Silk and Colton Hosiery: ■
White, black and colored English and French silk
hoot and half hose
5 thread cotton hoae, a superior article
W ith a variety of common ladies' and misses' bote
. Gloves:
Ladies' super white and colored kid gloves, long
and abort
Ladies’ common do do do, large size
White and black ailk glove*
Ladies' lur'd end and lined glove*
Misses* York tan, kid and woollen glove*
Long rffitt* for misses
, Gentlemen's white and black kid, beaver, buck,
dog skin, chamois, Woodstock, Berlin and
woolleo glove*
Hair top’d and lined gloves, a superior article for
Gentiemen'a stocks, stiffeners, foundations, col*
Iars and bosoms
Gum elastic, patent rollers, cotton, and a quantity
ofotHw ww«qden '
50 sets handsome bonnet ribbonsi cap do
Lustring ribbohs, all colon, from No. 2 to 22
200 pieces David’s black galloons
Black white and crimson, & other col’d cotton do
A superior assortment watered silk, velvet, figur
ed and other beltings
Round and flat silk and worsted bnids, cords and
- , Linens:
Soft dressed Irish linens, some very fine
Ifish sheeting
Bird’s eye damask, Russia and cotton diapen
Brown Hollandi ensh for toweling
Long lawn and linen eambricsf imitation do
White and colored corded skirtai carpet binding
Black ailk, superior finished, new style umbrellas
Common umbrellas
A large quantity cotton do, low priced
Pins, fyc.
Superior flat beads, sharp points and London pins
A quantity common pins
Black and white small pins, first quality
Black and whitf book! and eyes
Sewing Cotton:
Mitchell's first quality 300 yds spool cotton
Large quantity white and col'd ball do
Calicoes and Ginghams»
A large quantity fashionable style, black grounded
Super French chintzi Ginghams, black and col'd
Mourning calicoes
A large quantity ninepenny calicoes
* Domestics:
Penitentiary and other plaids and stripes
Bed ticks and apron checks
Bleached and unbleached Canton flannels
0-4,5—4, 4-*, s-4 nieaeiied ana UDDieacoed aneet
inga and shirtings
Burlaps No. 1, 3,3 an«l 4
scotch osnaburgsi paddiogsi Russia sheeting*
With a great variety of other attides usually to be
met with in a‘Dry Good" 8tore» all ol which he will
•ell at low priceat for eaah or to punctual customers.
He haa made such arrangement* at the North a* will
enable him to furnish such articles in hia line a* may be
desired by bis customer*, which cannot be procured
in town, upon leaving a description of the same with
him to be sent for. oct 5—3»
FftW Dry Gouda.
WH. THOMPSON V Co inform their euatora
• era and the public generally, that they are
now receiving from New York and Philadelphia a
large and general assortment of
Bought at the lowest prices.
Their assortment of Good* will at all times be found
worth the attention of purchasers, and their prices aa
lowu any in the District- sept 30
„ C\iwUi BfenneVt
HAS imported,by the ship Virginia, from Liverpool, -
Shoe Thread in bales
Beat Bridport Sail and Bookbinder's Twine
. Shad and Herring Seine Twine oct 3
T\i!s is to gWe noticoi
THAT the auVacriber baa obtained from the Or
phans* Court of Alexandria Comty, in the Dis
trict of Columbia, letters testamentary etj theeatate of
Gustavos h Sander*, late of the State of LomAana, de
ceased. AH persona having ekims agaiost the said
decedent are hereby warned to present the same to
5«*ubecriber, peaaed by the Orphans’ Court,on or
before the 10th day of September, 1834, or they ney.
bv law, be excluded from all beneat to said estate.
Given under my hand, this 33d October, 1833.
ADDISON H. 8 AND* 19, Admr.
| set 23—3aw€w

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