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' * _»
— 1 • . . - ■ ■ -
“ Fait ce qu'il fmU, arrive ce qu’U pourra." . ,
xsxm. ' sy^ro^ii? wfasastot mrrauM'isM ®» a®ss. wsw amass wt. as-a®. am
ft gq per annum, payable half yearly.
albzavdhia gazette
■p gj per annum, payable in advance.
Terms of Advertising:
\]rrrtisements neatly and conspicuously inserted st
derate of one dollar per square for the first three in
and twenty-five cents for every sub* qnent
isKltion- A reasonable deduction will be made in
the rise of yearly advertisers.
A'l advertisements published in the Daily paper ap
5j»r in the Country paper.
mwt —BK——
For Frclg\\t.
iff The superior, fast sailing schooner SAR. 1 H
® jy.V, L Nickerson, master, of the burthen
67i barrels. One to the Wes* Indies would
* prefect* AC. CAZ£MJVK8t Co^
For Roaton.
rA The superior schooner PULASKI, Captain
Smith <will have despatch, and ta«e 3U0 barrels
tor which apply to
j9 Ws FQWI.B & Co
tot baYba&ooa*
!*?■ The superior copper fastened Brig FUR
'!*'>RSST Isaac McLellan, master, will load in all
rt-<nt week, and can take 300 barrels freight —
'..-k. „rt2« VV. FOWI.R & Co.
For Freight.
rfi The new schooner LjiFJYETTE. Snow,
jtag^Diiter, carries about 800 barrels, will take
neigar to the West Indies or to a Southern port. Ap
ply|» oct .8 HENttY DAI.nUKKFIELD.
For Freight.
iS The Brig LUCY, Captain Vining, carries
i_£ibout 1600 barrels, will take a freight coastwise*
* ne West tndi.-s. Aop.'y to
oct & '_W< FQWLB & Co
For UwVifttX.
The British schooner GEOROE HENRY,
H. Denstadt master, wi'l be ready »t» lohd
h. ia,,da> neat, and can t.ke three hundred barreis
ui tome sou!] stowage. Apply to
oct '6 A C. CAZENOVE Uf Co.
Alexandria aiu\ XeVi Virifcana
»4t The Brg TRIBUNE Captain Wis. f£3a
ard Brig U\CJlS, Capt Joseph jpmrm
C a jfe. The Tribune is now ready for sea, aim .i.i
*in soon as the health of New Orleans is restored.
IVDaeas will follow in fifteen or twenty day a there
Should the Potomac keep open, one of the
packet* will sail from this port as above every thirty
hit throughout the shipping season.* These vessels
t> c mmanded by experienced and accommodating
•Hirers—will at all times go up the Mississippi by
ten -and every exertion used to promote the inter
t* afshippers and benefit of pasaengera. For cabin
otKeertge passage, onlv*, apply to
_"*t S—dtlOthNov __
Siva & Sugar.
ixes > Fresh Raisins
lalf keg« 3
ror sale at reduced prices by
, 2, 3, 4 S» 5. just received and
inter OU
er-strained Sperm Oil, received
ulaski, for sale by
in, Snuff & Appita
! pound rolls Tobacco
r^s Scotch Snuff
lies. For sale by
lookstore—One handsome round
ixeellent tone and finish One
ill be sold very low to chut salts
please examine and judge fur
oct 28
ily of assorted numbers, just re
•hernia Shot Tower Company of
t by
ng\anff VVuiw
ew England Rum
ner Velocity, for sale by
a and liouisiana
ids, tierces, boxes and barrels.
lb cxnoisters > Gunpowder
>xes 3
ixes 5 ^P*"*1
l Souchong
Pouchong— TEJS, of superior
for sale by
au Shoemakers.
r six Journeymen -Shoemakers,
ork. Apply to
From the Albany Argue.
“Near Baltimore, a child, supposed to be dead
was placed in a coffin, and the lid was about to
close upon it forever, when U awoke and called
for it* mother.”—Maeonic Recorder.
“ How like those forms he looks •
That sit in stony whiteness over tombs,
Memo.'uis of their cold inhabitants ”—
‘ Barry Cornwall.
Mourners were gathering round a bier, on
A babe, clad in the snowy vesture of the tomb,
Reposed. A gorgeous pall the coffin veiled,
And the bare lid disclosed a face as stainless
As marble beautiful. With hurried step
And wildly flowing locks, the mother came.
And in the broken tones of grief thus spoke?
“ Make way, unfeeling crowd!
I wish to gaze upon the early dead.
Before ve bear him to his narrow bed;
Fold back the shroud
The wind shall kiss his pallid ctffeek once more,
Its touch perchance the life flush will restore.
“Though pale that face,
The wonted smile of joy it yet retains—
Too much of beauty for the grave remains
To hide in its embrace:
He sleeps as calmly in that box inclosed
As if within his cradle he reposed.
“ Look on the sleeper now!
Thickly the cold drops on his forehead stand,
A ro*e bud blushes in his little hand,
Torn from the parent bough:
Though death hath made my bud of promise cold.
Where angels dwell, the leaves will soon unfold.
“Speeding thy raven wing.
Why blast the lovely long before their prime.
Ere they have felt the wasting touch of Time,
Pale shadowy king!
Why rob the casket of its precious gem.
And pluck the young flower from its tender stem?
“ Bilght with thy breath
The aged pilgrim in this vale of tears.
Whose form is bending with the weight of years,
Insatiate tyrant death!
Snatch not the infant from its mother’s breast,
Lifeless and cold beneath the sod to rest!
“ But I am childless left;
The staff on which I hoped to lean is gone;
Through life alone I now shall journey on
Of all I loved bereft;
One spirit more hath left the earth to dwell
With kindred souls:—My stricken flower fare
“Hah! ‘Mother,’he faintly cries!
Perchance it was a vagary of the brain—
it cannot be! those pale lips move again,
And open are his eyes;—
W ith the life flush his cheek is growing red!
Mr eup of joy is full—he is not dead ”
Yrme Chevilng Ttibateu.
8floxc' Pound Twist of superior quality, which will
he told low to close sale*
oct 31 _ _W. H. MILLF.lt.
Coo^er’a \*aat ^To,ve\.
JUST received on sale, by W M. MORRISON,
K few copies of the Headsman; or, the Abhaye
des Vignerons —A Tale. By the author of the Brave,
Spy. Ac. Ac. _n°t ^
Real YronerVj fr»r exchange or
BEING inconvenient to the proprietor to attend to
property distant from his residence, he would sell
of exchange for improved property nearer to him. the
Two story Brick DWELLING HOUSE &
ffcSa LOT, in fee simple, on King street, near to
Henry street, occupied by Mr Philip Hooff —
Also, the two Brick arehousessnd Dwelling Houses
at the south-east corner of King and Henry stiocts; Mib
ject to $l00 per annum ground rent. If not s«;;d at
private sale, or exchanged as proposed; they will be
offered a» public sale the 14tli day of \uvember next,
on terms liberal to the purchaser Inquire of
oct 8 SaMUF.I. B I.AHMQUR A Co
rgNHE copartnership heretofore existing between the
X subscribers, under the firm of KEitK A FS i Z
IIUGH, was dissolved on the 16th instant by mutual
consent. All persons having claims against said con
cern will present the same to James D- Kerr for settle
ment; and those indebted will please make pay ment to
either of the subscribers without delay
In taking leave of their customers, they tender them
their grateful acknowledgements for the support they
have received: _ . . #
JAMES D KERR, having purchased the Stock of
Goods, which was well selected, will continue the bu
ainess at the old stand, where he offers to our old cus
tomers, on accommodating terms, a good assortment of
October 26, 1823._ W. R. FITZHPQH,
Fgt Rent,
A-t A two Story BRICK HOUSE, with mOJR
lsi**L0£2Fattached, lately occupied by May. Waugh.
rHgood ternM the rent trill tremodjr..., Po«.
aion given immediately._W. H. MILLf.K
Urownd YtaateT,
For sale by the Ton, Barrel, or Bushel
THE subscriber has on hand, and intends keepiM
during the season. Ground Pl»Merjwl»ieh will be
sold at as low prices as it can be P™?**** Vanmry*
C\iaY\ea BenntU
HAS received by the Hrig Belvidera, from Liver
pool, ami other arrivals—
Point blankets, all sizes
10-4 H-4 and 12-4 rose blanket*
ll’-4,13-4 and 14-4 beat f.mily blankets
5-4 fine B »th blankets
Shoe thread in bales, various qualitiea
Patent colored aim W. B thread
Clark's Mile End, London, first quality spool and
ball cotton
English black- g donna, single and double width
Raises and flannels
Kerseys, drab cloths and flushings
Cloths, kerseymeres and vestings
Black and colored Circassians
First quality cambists
Furniture calicoes and dimi'iea, very handsome
An assortment of printed and Madras hdkfa
“Black Italian crava-s and sewing silk
Merino and cotton hose, of all qualities
Hemming’* old patent and silver eyed W. C. nee
Gilt pins, 4, 4$ and 5
A handsome assortment of gilt buttons
Ginghams; cambric muslins
Plain and spriggt d Swiss muslins
Swiss and jaconet hdkfa
Shad and herring seine twine
OJ DOMESTIC GOODS, he has for sale—
A very handsome assortment of bedticks
Apron and furniture checks
Penitentiary plaids
Bleached and unbleached Canton flannels
Bleached and unbleached cottona
Cotton umbrellas
Cotton carpeting; Lowell kerseys
An assortment qf FRESH GARDEN SEEDS
From the Shakers. * aept 12 >
Ul J umiua.
Y¥TASI1INGT0N & BUK\ r have reocived.by the
? Y late arrivals from Philadelphia and New Yirk,
A Handsome Assortment of FALL fjf WIN
Consisting, in part, of—
Superfine blue black, Russell brown, invisible
greet* and mixed cloths; Petersham ditto
Blue black and fancy cob-red casaimeres
Blue and oltte black silk velvets
Bark blue, brown, cadet and other mixed cassinets
Hoae, point and striped blankets
Domestic and other carpeting
Hearth mgs
Black an I assorted colored bombazeta
Do and assorted colored merino Circassians
Superfine biack and colored French bombazines
Black and blue black Italian lustri rgs
Handsome colored gro de nap*
Ladies* super black and assorted colored kid
Linen cambric hdkf;; a great variety of fancy
Thibet wool cloth and merino hdkfs and shawls
4 4 at 6 4 bobfn**ta anj Grecian do do
Bobinvt and Grecianett quiliing
5 • ansdown and Valencia vestings
Furniture prints, a great variety of fancy do
Penitentiary and other plaids and stripes
Bed ticks; apron and furniture checks
Bleached and unbleached Cantoi flannels
Wed, green, and drab do
Brown and bleaciitd shirtings and sheetings
20 bales cotton osnabwrgs
Burlaps, No. 1, 2, 3. & 4; Scotch osnaburgs
Bear, Dutch, and Husain sheetingD
And a great variety of other articles usual to be met
with in a drv goods store, all of which will be sold
low at wholesale or retail.
aept 26—tf_ *__________
Oeo. UkuugU
HAS received ■ very general assortment of FALL
GOODS, viz:
Cloths and cassimeres
Super and common sattinetts
Plaid and plain tins* vs
» Hose and point blaiilrts
Woolen flannels) Canton do
Plain and figured‘baizes
Counterpanes, white and colored
Petershams, flushings and kerseys
Fine merino wool ahirts
Guernsey frocks "
Men's white sad colored lamb’s wool boM
Ladies’ do do do do
Men’s super Angola do
French and English merinos in grest variety
Merino Circassians and bombazettef
Bangups and beaverteena
.Goat’s hair camblets and plaids
Tlattinetts and colored cambrics
Fur cap-:* and mantilla*
Dsmask, Russia and bird's eye diapers
Fine soft finish Irish linens
I.inen c«mt>ric hdfclsj linen do (cheap)
Corded skirts
Fine and common lawns
Bishop's lawn, book and Swiss muslins
Domestic carpeting, hearth ruga
Blk lustrings, gro dt naps, variety of colors
Sattin levantines, very cheap
White, pink, blue and blk sattins
Blk Poult de aoie. a superior silk
Gro de Berlin
Fancy hdkfs and shawls
Blk silk cravats
Gloves) nun’s raw silk do
Russia and Irish sheetings) burlaps
Blk, blue blk, green, purple and brown silk
Bandanno and flagg hdkfs some superior
Round and flat braids
Black galloon and shoe ribbons
Black and colored lasting
Blue and green table covers) table oil cloth
Patent silver head pins
50 packs pins (low priced)
Hilditch’s superior spool cotton
Knitting yarn and boss
* Fancy hair and other brushes
White and green blonde veiN crash
With a general assortment of DOMESTICS
3000 lbs Cotton Tarn
Gotten Batts for quilts 9th mo 30
■ vrtv. .. . . -
Dy^ Goods.
JAMES McKKNZIK & Co. have received their
usual Fall Supply of %
arid will add lo it by the first New York arrivals. __ The
change they have concluded upon making in their bu
nines* induces them to offer every article in their as
sortment at widocbd raicsa_oct 1 —dtf
\V oshlngton T. Harper
RAS received, by the New York and Philadelphia
packets, and is now opening, a large and general
assortment of
Bought principally for money, he is enabled to offer
them to his customers and the public generally a« low,
by the piece or vard, a* any house in Washington or
Alexandria; which is selling at a small profit Hi* as
sortment consists in part of the following articles, which
will be kept up by frequent receipts, viz:
Blue, black, brown, invisible green, mulberry,
olive and grey cloths
Double milled and corded cassimerea
Fine black ditto for vests
Cassinetts all colors, some very low priced
Petershams, flushing*,kerseys and plains
* 8-4,9-4, 10-4, 11-4, 12-4 and 13-4 rose blankets
Point, striped and fancy end ditto, large and good
Flannels, white and colored, ad wool; figured do
Figured and plain buizes and frieze
Plain and strip* d lin>t y *
Merino wool slnrt* and Guernsey frocks
A large quantity^ woollen comfort*; cloth caps
Colored and white super Saxony and common yarn
and worsted
Cotton cords, hangups and beaverteena
Hea' goat's hair camblets; common do
Men’s white and colored lamb’s wool hose
Country knit h.lf hose »
Ladies’ black, slate, fancy and plain colored wor
. 1 I__ .
Misses’ do do do do do do
Children’s white, scar'et and red socks & atock’gs
Cloth piano, t&b'eand stand covers; toilet*
Hearth rugs and shee iskin mats
6-4 brown, moroon, green, purple, crimson *nd
scarlet, blue and black real French merinos
6-4 do do do, English, good imitation
3- 4 do ‘ do do do
Circassians and bombaxe'ts, all colors; tartan plaida
Superfine and common French and Rnglish bom>
bazineg; Pongees. unusually low
Silk Velvets:
Blue, black, moroon, crimson & green silk velvet*
Super figured gnd blank do for vesting
25 pieces hnndsomc s'aple col’d gros de nap*
Black, white and col’d watered and plain do
6 pi<*cea rich colored poult de aoie
Black and blue black gros de swisa
Firat quality Mattconi’a bl’k Italian lustring
Italian and Kngliah do do
4- 4 black Italian and India ailka
Super white, pink, blue, orange, black and other
colored s*tm*
Double and single flmvnce*, ail colors
White, green and black blond and bobinet veHa
Green figured barrtge do do
Green and black barrege for veils
. Black bobinet do do
Blue black crape for ditto, wide and handsome
White, black and colored French crapes
Crape lisse; wide and narrow hit d >• »*
Fancy Handkerchiefs—a splendid assortment:
Blond, Ilernapi, grot de nap, Pt>:> iivm:. poplin,
embroidered, figured silk, crape, srk, musnii,
gauze, pilmynne, embroiden d and pUin I hi
bet. merino, cashmere. Prussian and other fan
cy handkerchiefs
With a great variety of cotton hdkfs
Hem stitched. plain white and colored bordered
linen cambric bdkfs
Bandanna, Spittalfield, pongee, flag and company
hdkfs; super black Italian and Levantine do
Merino, Cashmere, Hub. t, Braganxa, Prussian,
cloth ar.d winter shawls
Laces and Edgings:
Thread and bobine.t laces and edgings
Cambric and bobine* biaertiona
4-4 figured Grecian nett, a new article
4-4 plain do
Book, Swiss, mull, jaconet, cross-barred, fignred
and plain muslins
White and colored rjimbrics
White and colored cravats; bonnettambric
Silk and Cotton Hosiery:
White, black and colored English and French silk
hose and half hose
5 thread cotton hose, a superior article
V\ ith a variety of ladiet.' and misses' common hose
Ladies* super white and colored kid gloves, long
and short
Lsdies* common do do do, large size
White and black silk glovea
Ladies’ fur’d end and lined glovea
Misses' York tan, kid and woollen glove*
Long mitts for misses .. .
Gentlemen's white and black ktd, bCTver, buck,
dog skin, chamois, Woodstock, Berlin and
woollen gloves ,
Hair top’d and lined gloves, a superior article for
travelling . , ,
Gentlemen** *t«»ck*t *tiffencr*f foundation*, col
Ian and boaom*
Gum elastic, patent rollers, cotton, and a quantity
of other suspenders
50 sets handsome bonnet ribbons; cap do
Lustring ribbohs, all colors, from Np. 2 to 22
200 pieces David's black galloons
Black, white and crimson, It other col'd cotton do
A superior assortment watered *ilk, velvet, figur
ed and other beltinga
Bound and flat ailk and worsted braids, cord* and
Soft dressed Irish linens, some very fine
Irish sheeting >
Bird’s eye damask, Russia nod cotton diapers
Brown Holland i crash for toweling
Long lawn and linen cambrics; imitation do
White and colored corded skirts; carpot binding
Black silk, superior finished, new style umbrellas
Common umbrellas
A large quantity cotton do, low priced
Pint, fyc.
Superior flat beads, sharp points and London pint
n quantity common pins
Btsck and white small pins, first quality
Black and white books and eyes
Sewing Cotton:
Mitchell's first quality 300 yds spool cotton
Large quantity white and col'd ball do
Calicoes and Ginghams.
A large quantity fashionable style, black grounded
Soper French chintz; Ginghams, black and col'd
Mourning calicoes
A large quantity ninepenny calicoes
Penitentiary and other plaids and atripea
Bed ticks and apron checks
Bleached and unbleached Ccnton flannels
6-4,6-4,4-4.3-4 bleached sod unbleached sheet*
ings and shirtings
Burlsps No. 1, 2,3 and 4
Scotch oznaburgs; paddings; Russia sheetings
With a great variety of other articles usually to be
met with in a Dry Good* Store; all ot which he will
sell at low prices, for Cash or to punctual customers.
He has made such arrangements at the North as will
enable him to furnish such articles in his tine as rosy be
desired by his customers, which cannot be procured
in town, upon leaving a description of the same with
him to be sent for. _ oct 5—3m
ft. Hough
HAS just received a beautiful assortment of super*
fine blue. bla< k, mulberry, brown and other fen*
cy Cloths, some very handtome. Also, super blue, '
black, mixt, and dark cinnamon drab real London Css*
Super black Silk Velvets for rests
12-4 and 13-4 Hose Blankets
Merinoes and Calicoes
A few pieces extra fine Canton Flannels
Cambrics of all colors for lining
Superior Wadding for cloaks nov 2
CBar\e& Bennett Baa imported
Nr* *S. 1, 2,3 and 0 Burlaps, of a very superior qua* .
litv i
Three bales 7-8 and 4-4 Appleton Unbleached
Cottons, fine heavy quality
Wrlghl & Maddox
HAVE received, by late arrivals from Philadelphia
and New York, a very large and general assort*
ment of
adapted to the present and approaching seasons: They
invite their customers and the public to call and exa
mine for themselves
52 pieces cloths, blue, black, rifle green, Ruaselt
brown, plum, mulberry, claret, olive, drab
snd'grey mixed
Blue, black and fancy colored caasimeres, plain
and striped
Satinets, plain and striped
Petershams, various colors
'Flushings snd kerseys, heavy and stout made, for
I,in«eys, plain, plaid snd striped
Ruse blankets 8-4 to 13-4. very superior
Point and duffle ditto
Green and scarlet friezes snd baizes, plain and
White red, green, scarlet and yellow flannels
Gauze flannels, eatr* quality
Canton do va: i* us colors
Goal's hair snd common csmblets
Lndien* camblets.a beautiful article for cloaka
French merinos, superior quality and desirable eo*
English ditto, in great variety
CircHftsians, well aborted ‘
Black and colored bomh?zets
French and English bombasines
Merino scarfs and shawls, warranted wool borders
Thibet shawls, 3-4 to 10-4, very handsome
Embroidered ahawla, new style
Valencia and Prussian shawls
Satin Fancy hdkfa, s new article, very rich
Silk do do
Italian lustrings ( Matteoni'a genuine)
Uo do colored, very beautiful
Gros de Naples, plain and figured, in great variety
Florences, assorted colors
Double green and brown ditto, for bonnets
India and satin Levantines
Satins, various colors, plain and figured *
Senchewa and saranets, uncommonly cheap
Silk velvets, black, blue black, maroon, green,
purple and brown, forbonnete
Tabby vejvcts, vanona colors
A very large assortment of super cbiuts and low
priced calicoes
Mourning ginghams, handsome new stole
Table diapers, 8-4 to 12—4s damask table cloths i
Russia do; French napkins
Irish li.iena am) lawns, very cheap
Linen cambrics and linen cambne handkerchief*
Checked and striped muslins
Damask ditto, a beautiful article for curtains
Jaconet and cambric muslins
Swim and book do, plain and figured
Grass cloth akirta, a new article M
Silk and worsted hosiery
Mohair, merino and lamb's wool ditto
Dead reticules and fancy baskets
Super Hossin and kid glove*
Long and short kid mittens
Fur trimmed and lined gloves
Pongee and Spittalfieid handkerchiefs
Several boxes handsome bonnet ribbons
Bonnet cambrics and reeds • *
Cut and plain velvet and other belt ribbons
Hearth ruga, floor and table mats
For t ippets, in great variety
All of which are offered on moderate and accommo
dating terms_11
Ciwrie* Bennett
HAS imported,by the ship Virginia, from Liverpool,
Shoe Thread in bales
Best Bridpoft Sail and Book binder's .Twine
9htd and Herring Seine Twineoct3
Cottin Seine Twine,

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