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.U.EV V.ND1UA. (D. C.)
.jmiur MuHxixi, \ursnasR a, im
jjl--Th« New York Comm.r
; J \V,dn»Jar, remark*: 'l*tie p.per* an
e that Mr. Buchanan, our Minister to the
p of St Petersburg, is on hi* way to the
“C. S.a.e- We -V* <»« ’*<
y„ , |.„s one. AH Sir b«g.g—«h« 8“-'* |
, .hattela of hi* household—have arri.ed it),
10 jyirt in advance of the Minuter. The truth
Sir Buchanan has quit tne Russian Capital
* s,v)j. Young Mr. Clay is agam left as
C^rge. __
flca'ia r Mattress.— A Patent has been ob
. ,iej by a geo tie mao ot tne city of Boston, for
lr,.lun Rubber Floating Mattress. A satis
r . ' . experiment was made with one as a Life
p eserser, at the Navy Yard, a few dars since;
‘j ... understand, says the Kvenmg Gazette,
tVnmodore Elliot intends to have some fur
“ er experiments made, the results of which will
be given to the publts._
The Ble^gs of Office - We take the follow
int* fji, picture of political life, from the New
^ ; tv ruing Star. It will be remembered that
Miior Noah, the editor, lately held the office of
,ev-r in tl,e Cust',,n H‘,Uie* Ke " therefore
‘ lfiea to speak understandingly upon the sub
' ? It •, better to nnen outers and to roll wheel a
bJw and earn a half loaf of bread by honest
' ‘ . t vM11» be reduced to the miserable uticer
;* ’ ,.f holding an office. He must play false
,, and surrender manly independence to
' Tii- result of this mistaken zeal and anxiety
f Pi e, has prodm ed-an army oj incumbents
wl expectant** nd this army is moved bv the
mil ut uoe or two persons, the depos.ior.es of
ouaer. and thus ruling the country bv the pat
, lu,e the people, or bv an abu-e of its patron
‘,,n betoie long produce a revolution in po
‘ atf;,irs. Which Will be sadly overwhelming
when it o»ei takes its victims.”
fi e —Nothing is more difficult to describe
«ith point, than the particulars of a fire. Tha
R„,01l Eveuing Transcript understands the mat
jer- a- thust
.1 \( noon yesterday, the roof of a “ cookery, ’
hi \un street, at the mouth of the ‘/straits, ’ at
present under the occupancy of Gen. Dennis
Wallace where single gentlemen of color and
,hfir wiv,-h find hoarding and lodging, was found
to be on fire. Owing to the pressure of business
at iltts es ahltshment, the director forgot to cause
tie chiu.ii■?, which was foul, to be cleansed.—
In preparing some rich soup it boiled over, and
theu.ict.ous liquid immediately ignited, which
earned the chimney to follow suit. 1 he sparks
therefrom falling upon the shingled roof of this
3nc4ent mansion, aroused the attention of the in
mates of a hi t adjoining, hut not until they wera
in imminent danger ot being obliged to undergo
t ie process of fumigating and singeing It was
Jiowmr, extinguished by the aid of an engine,
liter destroying about hall of the roof.-’
Mexico._the New (Means Bee acknowledges
the receipt of Vera Cruz p.pers to the 29'h Sep
teu.b-r, containing intelligence from the City of
j Mexicc to the 21 ‘t of the same month.
The following letter has been received by the
(VVctor of the Port of New Orleans from the
I American Consul at \ era Cruz.
Consulate of the United States oj America, >
YeraCkwz, Sept. 27, 1833 $
<?1R_\ h**o lease to advise you, for the infor
mti .oof the merchants of your city and else
.n?re. that the Governor lor the State or v era
tr.,2 h,s issued his proclamation, directing the
an -i,sum of foreign corn io entry, at tli.a port,
i.r. il •: e end of the year. I am, very respect
ful v, sir, your most obedient servant.
J. James, Consul U. S. A.
We copy from the Bee the following summary
of Mexican intelligence:
The Cnolera had ceased its ravages in the city
of Mexico, but the mortality had been such that
toe exhalations from the ilead bodies bad coiiupl
ed he atmosphere, and it was anticipated that
that p- si would either recommence its ravages,
or hai u new plague would take its p*ace.
Th* political state of the country had under
gone but veiy little change. Arista and Dar in
were still at Guanahuato which.they had foittfiej:
*nd the president, St. Anna had not yet quitted
San Miguel del-Allende. On the 16 September,
the constitutional army were reviewed by him
and consisted then of 5000 infantry and 800 u*- |
airy, supplied with teu pieces of artillery. I he
arrival ut general Mejia with 600 infantry and
•fOOcavalrv was expected on the same day. The
division of Zitcatecas were on a march to form a
junction. General M"0 ey.uma was the s«de
co'umander that contemplated giving his soldiers
abide repose at San Louis de Potosi, intending
to join the president immediately afterwards.
An official communication from general N icto
ria military coimnandei at Puebla, to the minis
ter o| war, announces that an engagement had ta
ken place at Salitriilo, near the hacienda of r*a
hudpan, in which the rebels wishing to intercept
a cnnvuj from Tula, going to the army of the
president, were completely ilefeated and put to
tout. Iti consequence of this victory, the whole _
cuunlrv between ^ueratoroand Mexico has beeo
festured to tranquilitv, anti rid of the presence
of the lawless marauders that has infested it
The fort at Ocotes, situated at the envirousof
Toluaphan, had fallen into the power of the
federal troops.
The traitor Escalado, made prisoner by Santa
Anna had been put to trial, and will probably be
condemned to death.
II the statements of deserters is to be relied
°h, the pecuniary resources of Arista and Duran
hunt be very low, as the officers attached to
them have been without pay for the last quar
t*r; two dollars and a half is only given to each
' '■her. Notwithstanding the great danger
and the probability oF certain death when taken
prisoner, Arista ha* found enough leisure to
give himself up to the enjoyments of love, snd is
about to mary the widow of general Orero.
The curate of Anahualco, bishop of Guadala
jaca has determined to aid the insurrectional
movements; he goes about, accompanied with
the host throughout his parish, and declares that
religion will be annihilated if the attempts of the
wise Arista are not seconded. Among the blind,
those that have one eye are kings, and under the
influence of lanacticism, pious cheats aspire to
domineer and rules by debasing the roost ho
ly things to subserve their vile purposes. The
governor of the state of Jalisco had sent a squad
of soldiers to arrest this energumene; they had
succeeded In seizing him, and had dispersed some
of his attendants.
The citizens of Frederick, Maryland, have
taken measures, by means of a public meeting,
&c. to establish a Carpet Manufactory at that
place. It is proposed to invest 810,000 in the
establishment; the shares to be 820 each. The
carpetings manufactured by the Lowell Compa
ny are now considered equal to the best im
ported. The colors are fast and brilliant, and
the patterns beautiful. We are informed that
the importation of Kidderminster Carpetings
has decreased 30 per cent, at least, within the
last five years. This shows the advancement
of an important branch of American Manufac
tures. The consumption, of coruse, having much
increased during that tune.
A gentleman of great notoriety, and who once
possessed great wealth, is now and has been for
four months confined in our city jail upon a
debt of 880.000, and depend*' upon chanty foe
his subsistence. A part of the time, his only
subsistance has been the daily quart of soup tnr
nished bv the Humane Society. It a coinci
dence of some interest that his creditor, who is
a man of still greater notoriety, is confined upon
sundry greai debts in the next room of .the same
prison.—N- Y. Jour. Com.
German Viano.
flTHF. subscriber ha* inst received a VOSTSPLEN
from the well known manufactory of Andre Stein, of
Vienna. The tone is moat splendid) the case of the
richest mahogany. For sale by
nov 9—eodt RICHARD DAVIS, Royal st.
' To Went,
AKSi A commodious two-story FRAME HOUSE
Ju|*^.>n Prince street, just above the Farmers’ Hank,
suitable especially for a Hoarding Mouse. To a good
tenant the rent will be made low.
nov 9 -3t _ U. \V. HUNTER.
s T is with sorrow and regret, although necessity com
1 pel* me, to forewarn all persona in dealing or
trusting my wife, Sarah Ann Clarvoe, in any manner
whatever, as I am determined not to pay any debts of
her contracting. JOHN H, ULARVoK.
nov 9 -3t _
Or UunV^,
SURGE 0 X I) E X ns T,
BEGS leave ost re-pec'fu I to inlornMte citizens
of Alexandria an I vicinity that he continues his
professional services in this place, and hopes, by close
attention to bu*in«as, reduced prices, and success in
operating, to merit the favor of all
J, D isprrpire l to insert Natural, Sea Mor e, and
Porcelain TEE I II, of ad the various shades st the
shortest notice, lie wi I also a'tend to tlleaning. Fil
ing, Plugging, and Extracting teeth
He may at a I times be found at Mr 1 A. St- wait’s
Hook Store, o:i King alrtvl, ne.rly opposite the frank
lin House Motel.
p 9 LADIES wiled upon at ti> ir respective
dwellings. __nov 9-Ci>3t
G fCtOT W V\va*\nn t\g\U
n AS r« moved to the House on St. Asaph street,
between King and Prince s’reetb, former y occu
pied by T V Mason, f.sq where lie can be found,
nov 8— d4tvwtf____
RetVftnl 1’ tr V\\rte.
\SF.UV YNT t»IHI. used to housework, f«r hire.
The reference will be given by applying at this
office.^_?!' 7 7"
WVJ [ ANPMIK.R, Jr hs q -.lifted himself for the
Practice of.DENTISTRY, and respectfully in
forma the citikcns of Alcxand IH
is prepared t» perform all OPE tAlH/NS LPON
THE TEETH with which the public m*y please to
lavor liim; sucn as r,\ir.*cun^. ’'h* ■ "
ging, Insetting, t<c. &c. ARTIHCIAfj ILL///ot
Porcelain, Metalic, or Annual, inserted, either singly
or in setts—done upon the most approved plans He
ma> be found at the Apothecary Store ol W. lanphier
Si Go. on King street._nov 7 _ri»_
yevf WodK’>5 Stationary fctore
VUGUSTUS J \C<)BS respectfully informs the citi
xens of the town and its vicinity that he hai com
me need Hie above business at the old atand. oil King
street, nearly opposite K H. Miller’s
He has on hand, and will continue »*• ke£P. “
winch he will sell low, for c*sh; and he hopes, by Ins
unremitting attention to business, and efforts to please,
to ..hare in the public patronage_no* 7 _
Vruit Trrra uuA Woofer*.
rpHls being the proper season, the subscribers. as
l agents for Prince 5* Son-’ Nufsery, Gardens, 4*c
at Flushing, would be g ad to receive orders from any
persons who are desirous of procuring from that valu
able establishment. GKO. JOHNSON if Go.
P S 'The Catalogue* lent out would be kindly re
ceived if returned, as they are wanting.
nov 7 ____
VVuttx VVioitf IVuiU unA Uair
JH WHITE lits just received—
• 1 esse of Fireme *'» Water Proof Hooti, a very
dciraole article for the appr aching aeason.
A lot of Hair Trunk;, for Vc c» e»p._nt>v 4
Fite IntiufHiicft Wm\iany of
\ DIVIDEND of Four per G> nt on the Capital
Stock paid in, has been declared for the la-t six
months payaole to the stockholder* «t their legal re
Dresentatives on or after the 5«h instant.
nov 1—dlw«i2aw3w_
TU\» ift \og*w® *VoUce,
THAT the subscriber, of Alexandria County, in the
District of Columbia, has obtained from the Or
phans’ Court of said County, letters of administration,
with the will annexed, on the persona' estate ot John
A. Foucard, late of the Countv aforesaid, deceased.
All persons having chims against Mid decedent are
berebi warned to »xh'-bit .he same to the subscriber,
parsed by the Orphans’ < ourt, on or before vhe 2l*t
day of October. 1*>4S an 1 those indebted thereto are
r quired to make immediate payment Given under
■» 2"" °“S£jjJSs 9 KINSEY,
Adm’r with the Will annexed of John 3- Foucard.
At Saint Augustine, East Florida, on Thurs
day, the 17th of October, by the Re?. Mr. Snow
den, Francis L- Danct, of the United States
Arm?, to Miss Florida Forstth, youngest
daughter of the Hon. R. R- Reid, of that city.
Yesterday morning, Virginia Thomas, aged
i 13 months, daughter of Mr. W. M. Mohiuso.v,
of this place. |C7® The friends and acquaint
ances of the family are invited to attend the fu
neral, This Morning at lO.o’clock, from Mr.
Morrison's residence, on St. Asaph, between
Ring and Ptince streets.
On Sunday morning last, after a short illness,
j Mr. William P. Burts, in the twenty-ninth
year of his age, eldest sou of Capt. Mark Butts,
■ of this place.
i From London - 3 pi. JO i From Liverpool 9ept. 30
i From llavr.‘ - Cfcl. ■’ | From V lir'rxis. Cl. 22
: Price of Produce in Mtxundrin yesterday, from
wagons and Vessels,
■ Flour, per barrel, - • 5$5 62$ a 5 65
Wheat, per bushel, • • I 00 a l 15
Corn, do - - - 0 62 a 0 65
live, do - - - 0 60 a 0 65
j Oats, from wagons, per bushel, 0 35 a 0 37$
! Oats, from vessels, do - 0 30 a 0 33
i Corn Meal, white, do - 0 80 a 0 82
. Corn Meal, yellow, do - 0 75 a 0 80
i Flaxseed, - do - 1 25 a I) 03
: Whiskey, per gallon, - - 0 30 a 0 31
Bacon, per cwr. - * * 8 00 a 0 00
I Butter, fresh, per lb. - - 0 14 a 0 16
Do firkin, do. - - 0 10 a 0 14
• Lard. do. - - 0 08} a 0 09
Plaster Paris, (retail) per ton. 6 00 a 0 00
Flour.'—Thursday, the wagon price of Flour
wn« 915 621: vesterdav. ft5 621 a 95 65.
From stores, 85 62* is offered; 85 75 asked;
and some small sales have been made at 85 70.
Ashes maintain their pi ice, and Pots are a
shade higher. Thp news from Europe has fur
ther reduced the price of Cotton half a cent per
lb: the sales are about equal to the receipts, whol
ly to manufactur. rs: for three days there have
been sold 750 Uplands, at 14£ a 15 rents for old,
and 15 a 15i for new Northern, and 16 cents for
South Carolina and Georgia. Mackerel are at
fullv last week’s quotations. Flour is quite as
well, as are Grains of all sorts. The holders of
Flaxseed are inclined to keep out of market for
the present, and so are the buyers, we believe.
Provisions firm.__
Arrived, November 8,
S’eam Boat Fredericksburg, Jenkins, Hal»i
more; Freight and passengers. Passed a ship,
off Ragged Point, bound up.
Br, Sc hr George ll-nrs Denstadt, Halifax.
Schr. Sarah Ann, Nickerson. New York.
Schr. Laf’ivette, Snow, Wilmington, N. C.
Si hr. Pul ski. Smith, Boston.
Steam Boat Potomac, N<*vitt, Norfolk.
Sc homier Velocity, Haiumond, hence at Bos
ton 4th.
Scnuoner New York, Smith, cleated at Boston
for titis port 4th. __
CnWon \arn
\ Bdes of Cotton Yarn, of best quality, No. 5 to
/4A * 12, for sale bv
I.ov 9 ' A. c. CA7BXOVK 8t Co.
JUST received « small supply of new Clover Seed,
for sale by JAMBS D KKKU.
nov 9__
srA\ien\*MVofc\\ Rxillw.
I /v Firkins of Shenandoah Butler, of scrr.Rinn qua
40 lily, received this day, for ante by
nov8 CLaGBTI* 17 PAGE.
9/ | Casks Thomsstun Lime, cargo of schooner
"I Florida, for ‘aie bv
r \v FllWf F. To.
•V iv\\a.
O if \ Cask* Nails, assorted sizes, landing from schr.
I! r Harriet, fur sale by
„ov 7 W. FOWLE k Co.
tH4 \ Hogsheads prune Retailing'Molasses, just land
*111 ed from schooner George k J tne, for sale by
nov 7 W. FOWLE k Co.
•Me cet Vittatiifes* Oil, §c.
4 6>f k» t Bushels Mercer Potatoes
17 barrels Co,l Oil
4 do Mackerel
1000 lbs Codfish .
Cargo of schooner tlo ward, from Ruxport, for sale
nov 7— 6t Duke street wlmrf.
\Y\u\e Winfc.
4 /^l Casks good quality White V\ ine, this day land
H I :ug from schooner President, and for “ale by
(io&Yitn Vyheese.
Pounds Colored Goshen Cheese, just re
H )\J ceived and for sale bv
Butk\s\\fcdi Is lour.
r BBI.S )
J! lOInlfbhls > Buckwheat Fiour
10 quarter bhla )
Jusi rtceivtd and fc.r lor sale by
rov 7 S fe.P.d ‘ a’UNN, Janney** wharf
tjl Casks superior qu City cheese for sale.
O nov f SAM’L B LAiiMOUK & Co.
w Half Chests Young llyson ? TEAS, of aupe
s5 15 ten catty boxes Gunpowder J nor quality
Just received and for sale by
nov 5 _ 3. MES3EBSMITH '
CVirrsvs aui Bttibius.
25 f°",i.|G",be"ch',,e
2j boxes Bunch Raisins
Landing and for sale by . . ,
nov 5_STEPHEN SHINN, Jannev’swharf.
tiu\twr & kamit? klouT.
Q/v. k Pounds Shenandoah Butter .
CH/O 24 barrels prime Family Flour. For sale by >
nor 5 CLAGETT k PAGE. »
T? or Boston ov Yort\*aflU
tffc The schooner HO WARD, Captain Higgins
jH&For freight of 200 barrels apply to
nov 8—6t_ J. YBATON.
For Boston.
The packet schooner HARRIET, Young.
iSX&inaater, will have despatch, and take 100 obit
freigm Apply to W. FOWLB if Co,
nov 7____b___
le or Boston or aiv^ eastern port
f The schooner FLORIDA, Robinson, master,
^y£carries 1000 barrels, will be ready for cargo on
*i4ti.i<uy. and will take a freight to any Eastern port.
! Apply to n..v 7W; POW|>, U Co
The steamboat FRRDR
RIL'KSBVRO, Captain B J.
Jenkins, having been thoro*
1 ughly repaired, has again re
sumed her route between the District and Baltimore.
I She will continue to leave Washington, during the
i present season, every Sunday morning at 5, ami Alex*
| andria at 7 o’clock; and returning, will leave Baltimore
on Wednesday at 4P. M.; touching it the usual pla
cet on the Diver for passengers or light freight,
nov 8
.Vevi BuoAts.
LONDON Night’s Entertainment, by Leigh Hichie,
2 volumes
Madden on the Infirmities of Genius, 2 volt; and the
American Journal of the Medical Sciences, No 25.
Just received by R KENNEDY.
Subscribers are respectfully invited to call for tlielr
numbers _ nov 8
3aat terrivnA, and tor
HENRY’S Exposition, 6 volumes 8vo
Scott’s Bible, 3 do 8vo
Comprehensive Bible, splendidly hound
Bick>-rsteth’s Works; Spruce Street Lectures
Characterin'ics of Women; Missionary Gazetteer
Victoria, by Mrs Sherwood
Burk's l'lieological Dictionary
Life of Philip Henry ; Christ our Example
Owen on Redemption
Library of Religious Knowledge
Memoirs of Hilyburton
.lav’s Evening Exercises; d • Morning Exercise*
Ciutz'aft’s Voyages; The Young ( hrist'an
imdimi'im; niincn n
Canon of the Scripture*; Education Annual
More's Private Devotions
Thoughts in 'flliction; Portius Eectures
Beveridge's Private I bought*; Divine Purpose
Course of • im> ; Evenings at Home
Orders for School Books and stationary thankfully
received am) faithfully fi led nov 6
A *< Warf to Went.
rpWO-THlRDSofthe Wharf in front of Mr. Jona
E than Jannev’s warehouse will he rented on mode
rate terms. nov 8 JOSIAH II DAVIS.
JtvTTeU'n Vtt\uiuh\ttn Ctfcan\
Sff.i visa SOAP,
| ) EFINED on ao entir.lv new and unproved princi
IE pie, which divests it of Alkali; recommended by
His Excellency An Irew Jackson President of the U.S
The Hon Martin Van Bnren, Vice President of do
His Excellency Governai Marcy.
Valentine Mott, M D Proles or of VIurgery.
Wm Jus. Macnevin. M II. Professor of Chemistry.
F Vanderburg. M D &c. &tc Stc.
<jT A supply of the a''ov-- incomparable article
thia dny received, p rtlie PncsinixT. from New Y- ik
Kot'inJ - akes for Gentlemen ‘.5 cents, and the Square
Cakes for Cadies 25 cents also . ogrtht-r with Jar
re't’*celebrated B tM) ESCHEW RAZ«IR STRAPS,
so high y recommended by the above -.siren riistin
guished individuals, as was shown by trstimonia's of
t' eir approbation in a former advertisement Price II
50 nov 7—3t _ J- B. HKPBUKN'._
VGOOTI F*-male House Servant, to attend to the
chambers of a small family and wait on an elderly
lady Apply to the Editornov 6 —1 w
Hula fci V3upA—Vttlfcst to tib\\ in us.
fpHOMAS L. MARTIN, at his old stand on King.
1 three doors above Fairfax street, hus on hand all
extensive assortment of
QUA TS of the latest Fashion,
and all the Xariet) of shapes and qualities
that are worn, manufactured under his
own immediate inspection, by the most
experienced workmen.
Having sold out his establishment in Washington, hi*
whole attention wdl ;»e devoted to his business in A .ex
andria; and he is determined to h«Ve lus work got up
in a style that will give satisfaction.
He h.s also a i irpe -iyplv of
comprising all the vat ic y <>f v.u *.,a»on. v 7. —."ea Of
ter, Alock titter, Cloth, Hair*‘■cal. '.c- A.I of wliich
he wiHsell on pleasing t"inr.s, w i lestJe or r*-t.iil
Dealers are inviteu to call and evaioint In* stoc*.
t»ov 6
rranuiYiv t .
JZ-k«« W The above TAVKUN has been
^vj JJ|b«rented by llie subscriber: i' i- well known
Kfu (MlBas having Wing occupy d *»y t!i Au
Newton; in in>w hi good repair,
and every comfort ilist «Ue uaveilt-r ovd* can be had.
l b? Table is every day .supplied with ihe delicacies,
as well as the substantial* ol life The liar is w--!i
fitted with the best l.iquors, and private parties can
be accommodated in the most diiigt.tlni manner.
N. B. Beltzhoover’s Line of Stages arrive and de
part daily from this H >u*<.; *nd Gigs, Worses, anu
Hacks, can be had oil the rump reasonable terms.
nov 5—d _ _
Packages of Plain, Cut, and Pressed Glassware,
Cut Decanters, Tumblers and Wines to match
Cut «nd plain Hall or Passage Lamps
Cut and Pressed Centre Howls
A beautiful variety of cut and plain Table Lamps,
ot new patterns
Lamp Glasses, Celeries, fcc
A few pair of exceedingly rich Cut Glass Salt
Just opened, and for sale st uncommonly low prices,
by ' ' ROB I’. H. MILLER.
11th mo 5th, 183.1.___________
A G WATERMAN, tor himself and AS attorney in
• fact for John M. Johnson and Albert Fairfax has,
bv deed of assignment, tearing date 9th September,
1833, made over and trfcnsferred to B. W. Richards and
William McKee all the debts, open accounts, notes,
hs due the lata firm of Jblin M. Johnson fv Co. and i
Johnson, Waterman A C<>. ol the City of Philadelphia, |
for the benefit of their creditors. Ail persons indebt 1
ed to either of said firms, whose claims have been as
signed, are hereby requested to make immediate pay
ment. W. UcKKK, Acting Assignee.
A. G. WATERMAN having consented to co-ope
rate with the subscriber in the settlement of the above
business, he is hereby apoointed sole Agent, and all
letter*, remittances, be. may be addressed to him |
W. McKKK, Acting Assignee,
Philadelphia, 20th October,. 1833
nov 5—eo4w__
FrelgYu lor YorYfc.
f/A. VESSELS of 800 to 1000 barrels may hare
jHna^freight lor New York, by applying at the
UEonOETOWy MILLS■ One is wanted to com- >
mence loading on the 8tb instant.
Georgetown, Nor. 5,1833. nor 6—2aw4«r
_ _ .— .••• »s
- . — .* —— **—♦_ J
+ ^ ;Y*
8CJ* The Savings Fund Institution
open every Saturday afternoon, from half- ptat $•<» 5
o'clock, under the direction ot a Committee of the
Managers, at rheit Room on Fairfax, a few doon Aorta
ofPnnce street.—Those to ftfhom it would be more
convenient, may make their deposits on any other day .
of the week, with William Stabler, Apothecary, kc«
Fairf«x atreet .. [eSat
i —..'-- . * 11 "
UNDER the authority of a Deed of Trust from Jaa,
C. Wilson; the subscriber will sell at public auc
tion, to the highest bidder, on Mondiy, 9i.it Decern*
I ber next, at 12 o'clock, one third ot that large
on King street, lately occupied by It. & W.
Ramsay.-Also, one-third of a LOT OF
TAD on Duke atreet, adjoining the Dwelling
I House attached to St. PauPa Church Terms made
known at sale. SAM’L-J. POTT9, Trustee,
nov 8—dta___
Land for da\e.
BY virtue of a deed of truat executed by the late •
Richard Rland l ee, and Elisabeth Lis wife, on the
16th day of June, 1825, 'the subscriber will offer at
public auction, at Fairfax Court House, in Virginia, on
i Monday, tiie 2d day of December next, at 12 o'clock,
j meridian, all the right, title and interest of the said
Rirhar! Bland Lee, and of Elisabeth Lis wife, of, in
and to the
known by the name of 11 Langly," lying in
the Count) of Fairfax, Virginia, and bounded
a* follows, vixs—On the south by the turn
pike rosil leading from Georgetown to Leesburg; on
the west by the lands of Clement Smith and Roger'
Jones; on the north hv the river Potomac; and on the
eaat by the lands of Robert S Read, Daniel Bussard
and Clement Smith; and is situate about two and a half
miles above the Little Falls of the Potomac, containing
five hundred and forty acres, more or less.
The terms of sale are -One-fourth of the purchase
money to be paid in hand, and the residue in cqnal in
stalments of one, two anil three years. The purr‘baser
to give notes, satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest
from the day of sale; and on full payment of the pur
chase money, with all inter*st and costs, the subscri
ber, as Tru-’ee a»af resa d, will convey to »he purcha
ser all the right and title derived under the said deed
It’D. SMITH, Trustee.
nov 5—eot30thNov{J,,dts
Vulmc sr^ale,.
BY order of the Orpbunv’ Court of Prince George’s
County, the stibscrtbtr will offer at public sale,
on Tuesday, the 19ih ray ot'November instant, if fair, if
not the next fair day, at Mount Air, near Piscataway,
the residence of the late Joseph Kdelin, deceased, all
the PERSONAL ESTA'/E of said deceased, con.
sisting ot more than
Thirty likely Slaves
Horses, Cattle, Mules. Sheep and Hoga
Among the Ga'tle are s- veral Yoke of well broke Oxen
Household and Kt'chen Furniture
Plantation Utensils; and
The Crop of the p esent year
Th» terma ol sale, as prescribed by the Court, are a
credit of six months, on n te, with approved security,
on 'nterest from the day of sale, for all vuma above 20
dollars; for a less amount, cash IJut purchasers may,
if they choose, pay cash, and thereby avoid the pay
ment of int'-rest. HKNRY A. EDKI.EN,
nov 5—t!9ihNov Executor of Joseph Kdtlen.
T __ I mu— mu a • I us—1 sa ■ J- --t
Vatuabve L’Topert^ tor gate.
The subvert er off ra for sale
situated in Fairfax Couflty, about. 12 mile*
Alexandri:i, and one mile and a quarter
fro n v/cc-quan containing, by the last survey,
1 his lai d is of good quality; about 400 acres of
which is well timbered, consisting principally of Oak,
suitable for building ships erecting wharves, pumps,
Nc. and would probably average 20 or 30 cord* per
acre, exclus ve of timber The land is not hilly or bro
ken, but presents a moderately waving surface, so that
every part is sufficiently levfl for cultivation. 1 here
is a fine stream of water running through it; its situa
tion is h< ahhful and beautiful, and by a system of good *
husbandry, may become a delightful and profitable re
sidence. 1 he improvements are inconsiderable, though
there is a SAW MILL convenient, for sawing plank
and scantling, which adds greatly to the facility of
building. To persons wishing to enter into the Wood
or Timber business this would be a dedrubfc purchase
l he tract may be so divided as to afford two produc
tive Farm*, and will be sold on very reasonable lerma.
Il not soid bvfore Saturday, the 7th day of Decem
ber next, I shall, on that day. off. r it for sale, for cash,
to the highest bidder, at Uttts’ Tavern, West Fnd of
\lexindna. D. MINOR,
nov £-di wtT?a wtiTthDec__
Lr-xr.tt lDr an\fc.
JPFFF.R'fpr sale my I'lantdion called CI.OVER
MM), l.irvg in the County of Prince Vv i'liHtn, 35
l miles distant from Alexandria and Washington. It
1300 ACRES,
/■r^aA. Has on it a large DWELLING
•V ; HOUSE, Bam, and other improvements,
.nd an excellent Mill Seat, on winch a
• ^.,v—Mill is erected. The laud ha* ^een
wit tilled,'and for several years past improved by the
u.e of clover and plaster; the effect* of which are no
wiiere more visible, or more fully proven. It is divid
ed into fields of an c q lal and convenient size, and un
der the bast enclosures. This Plantation it r-istly con
sidered among the oest in the upper country; its situa
tion is healthful and beautiful.
As purchasers wi I view the premises before making ^
an ofter. fa-ther particulars are deemed unnecessary.
If desired, immediate possession may be given. Let
ters addressed to me (post paid) may be directed to
Richmond City, Oct, lO.b, 1823.
N H. In my absence, Mr. Edmund Newmsn, Agent,
on the premises, will attend to gentlemen wishing to
view the premises._C. S. C.
Farxu fot ft ale.
[WISH to sell a FARM, containing 312 ACRES, *
adjoining my residence. It is heavily timbered, .
and has on u f variety of fine Pruit. A great bargain
may ue nad if immediately applied for.
Fairfax County, Va. 1). F. DULANY
aug 14—eotf
Y ur I6a\cf
A SMART, intelligent Negro Boy. about twelve
X years of age, will be >o)d for a term of thirteen
years. As it is designed he shall emigrate to Liberia
at the expiration of the term irr which he may be sold,
the advertiser would pr» fer selling him to one who
would learn him a good trade. Apply to the Editor,
nov 2'
Notice to Vifthetmen.
I WILL sell out my FJSHL'Q OUTFITS, and the
uuexpired Lease of one year, with the privilege of
the lease being extended from three to five years at a .
moderate rent- The shore is a first rate Herring Fish
ery. situated on the Maryland side of tbe Pot >mac, cal»
leJ Sandy Point, next shore above Doctor Richard M.
McPher-o«i's Fishery. The Seine is 2<:0 latnoms long,
fi.inng 32 feet deep, with Boats, Captstons. Keel, sod
in fact every artiele necessary to carry on the fishery
Washington, near the Long Bridge,
oct 7—eotf *. u

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