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OINTMENT, (formerly Judkins’,)
Prepared by C. HERSTONS, near Frederick
town. Maryland,
Kiontmin. V*. July 15, 18^0.
mHE public will be pleased to understand that 1 was
A the original discoverer of Judkins’ Ointment, and
•ole proprietor of the patent from September, 1817,
until the expiration of the same; but, having connect
ed myaelf with Dr. Judkins in the commencement, I
permitted the Ointment to bear HU name. The term
of the patent having expired on the 26th June, I have
made an improvement in the same, and taken out a pa
tent thereon. N SHEPHERD
Imposition having been practised upon the nub
lie by s spurious article, bearing the name of “ Jud'
kins* Ointment,” the proprietor avails himself of the
authority granted to him in hi# letters patent, now
call the Ointment after his own name, Henceforth it
will be known by the name of
MEN T, (formerly Judkins'.)
When I first made and prepared this Ointment, and
had, in several instances experienced its Rood effects,
1 sent it to several physicians with instructions in what
cases to apply it, who were of opinion that the Oint
ment would be a valuable public benefit. I concluded
that the Ointment would occasionally fall into many
hands, some of whom would probably undertake to
moke it, and knowingthe difficulty of the process —ne
vertheless, it might be progated in this adulverated si
tua'ion, as it might in some degree resemble the origi
nal— anJ in this way its grtod effects would be oblitera
ted Under these consi 1 rations, 1 secured the origi
nal and certain remedy for those obstinate diseases,
some of which have so lung baffled the skill of me
dical science:
1st White swellings ufevery description
2d Sore leg* and ulcer# of long standing,
3d 3chirrus or glandular tumors, particularlythose
hardened tumors in woman's breasts, which oftentimes
terminate in ulcet-ated cancers;
4th Felon*; or whataome oeople know by thename
of catarrh*, of every description.
5th Rheumatic pains of the joints;
6th Sprains and bruises of every description, Or in
whatever part situate;
7th Tetters of allkinds. In this complaint the pa
tient, in applying the ointment, must keep the part
out of water;
8th Chilblains or partsafFected by frost.
- . It is also one of the best remedies for burns snd
^scalds. It eases the pain and draws the tire out in s
short time. »
For inflamed women’* breasts and glandular swel
lings, it is superior to any medicine yet known to the
' medical faculty. It is much safer than mercurial ap
plications, (as it doea not contain the smallest atom of
any preparation of the mineral,) because it doea rot
lay the patient liab'e to injury from exposure to cold.
This (liniment has cu»-ed sores of many years stand
in». Where it is impossible or imprudent to heal the
«• exten al tore, in consequence of the boiu-s becoming
•' > carious oi rotten, it will stop the progress of the cane*.
^ increase the quantity of discharge, remove the offen
sive smell, *nd ease the pams
It cure* the worst Feluds and Whitlows, on applica
tion of fort)-eight bourn
From the Hm. John Cocke Member of the House of Re
presentatives in < ongress.
vs asaiHOT 'S, vtanh 22, 18?6
Sir—My son having been affl.ned for five years
with wiv.te swelling, and having applied every rente
dy recommended by the most eminent physicians
within my reach wi.hout success, 1 at leng’h rrrocured
one jug of Dr Judkins' Patent Specific Ointment, and
nude the application according to inflections ac
compaoving tbe ointment, and staterIH^MUMr'etit
of the jffl cted, that before onejug
Cure wsaeffected. My son has >njoyeo "“beaiih
eviTsmce. 1 have no doubt that to the Ointment alone
he is indebted; for nothing else was used for more
than nine months before the application of the Oint
m-nt. Respectfully, Jons Cocks.
Dr. Wm Gunton, Washington City.
From L P- TV. Batch, Esq Counsellor at Law, F edt.
, - rick Md
Frudcsick, Md. May 6,1831.
Mr. C Bcrstons—I deem it proper to state, for the
benefit of the p. Wie, that, several yeara'since, two of
my children were affected with scald bead of an inve
terate character. My family physician, Dr John T.
Wiison, of Leesburg, Va who was very skilful and ju
diciou-' in his practice, in vain endeavored by every
meins to effect a cure. At length Judkins’ Ointment
was applied, and the affection was permanently reliev
ed. Very respectfully, vour obedient servant,
L. F- W. Baixa.
From the Honorable John Talinferro, Member of Con
gress, dated
\» aamisToir, January 22,1829.
Sia—It has been my with, for a considerable time,
to communicate to you the good effect with which I
have uieil tne Ointment invenieu oy a ar. juutiui,
and which I now understand is-made and sold by
agenda appointed by yourself, I have applied this
Ointment during the last three years to every species
of lu nnr and wound, without failure to produce a cure
in every instance. I consider it the most decided and
efficient remedy in all cases of tumor, be the cause
whatit rruy; and I have found nothing so good for
wounds of any description It may be proper to
add, that the cure of a tumor called white swelling,
given over by"the moat distinguished physicians as in
curable. and which they decided would, without ampu
tation, prove fatalto^the patient, was, under my imme
diate notice, effected by the use of Judkins’ Ointment,
and the patient is in fine health. Hia limb affected oy
the tumor being restored to a perfect state of sound
ness. s Iso that the leg of an aged man which had been
wounded, and exhibited one dreadfuly ulcerated aur
face from the knee to the foot, and which, for more
thintw » years, had oeen considered incurable, wasef
fectually cured by the application of Judkins’ Oint
ment. I mention these two cases, which fell under my
immediate notice and management, as a decided evi
denceof the efficacy ofthis remedy in cases of tumor
and of ulcers I haveexpe ieuced, as decidedly, 'he
good effect ofthis remedy in the cure of Felons, and
of svery species of fresh wound. It seems to me that
any one wuo wll observe on the operation of this Omt
melt, most oe satisfied as to its beneficial effect. lean
with the utmost confidence recommend the use ofthis j
valuable remedy, lam, sir, very respectfully,
Jobs laLiaranao
N. B. To mnre fully guard the public, (the proprie
ty) C. Herston's name will appear in his own hand
writing, written ihnftgh the circle outside the ointment
Sold by appointment, in Alexandria, wholesale
and retail, by s I"
oct 18 _ Druggist, Fairfax street.
To YWllts
And possession given immediately,
The well known STAND at the
^^^^^^corper of King and Heury streets, occu
• ijMpieu by John P. Cowman for the last 12
years Th« house has a large store-room,
JjomiwooiM, kitchen, smokehouse, and three cel
lars, all in good order, and well calculated for a Tav
«n. Store, or any Mechanical business, and for the
* accommodation of a large family. It is one of the beat
in this town for a well assorted Grocery Store.
Beat low to a good tenant._C SCOTT
Kouae <3r ljot Tot Sa\e or Kent.
__ The subscriber offers for sale or rent his
ffffc HOUSE * HALF ACRE L01,
■ •Sw «.t theintersectionofWaahingfonan ron0
A£flLk>»treets, in which he now resides. ]
nov 1—lawtf EDMUND I. LEE.
W*\g\vt & Ma4Ao\
HAVE received, by late arrival* from Philadelphia
and New York, a very large and general assort
ment of
adapted to the present and approaching seasons; They
invite their customers and the public to call and exa
mine for themselves.
52 pieces cloths, blue, black, rifle green, Russell
brown, plum, mulberry, claret, olive, drab
and grey miied
Blue, black and fancy colored caiaimeres, plain
and striped
Satinets, plain and striped
Petershams, various colors
Flushings and keraeys, heavy and atout made, for
Linseya, plain, plaid and 9triped
Rose blankets, 8-4 to 13-4. very superior
.Point and duffle ditto
Green and acarlet frieze* and baizea, plain and
White, red, green, scarlet and yellow flannels
Gauze flannels, extra quality
Canton do various colors
Goat’s hair and common camblets
Ladies’ camblets, a beautiful article for cloaks
French merinos superior quality and desirable co
English ditto, in great variety
Circassians, well assorted
Black and colored bombazets
French and English bombasines
Merino scarfs and shawls, w arranted wool borders
Thibet shawls, 3-4 to 10-4, very handsome
Embroidered shawls, new style '
Valencia and Prussian shawls
-Satin fancy hdkfs,- a new article, very rich
Silk do do
Italian lustrings (Matteoni’s genuine)
l)o do colored, very beautiful
Gros de Naples, plain and figured, in great variety
Florence*, assorted colors
Double green and brown ditto, for bonnets
lNd*.a on,l cotin I .nnlints
Satins, various colors, plain and figured
Senchewt and sarsnets. uncommonly cheap
Silk velvets, black, blue black, maroon, green,
purple and brown, for bonnet*
Tabby velvets, various color#
A very large assortment of super chintz and lo
preed calicoes
Mourning ginghams, handsome new style
Table diapers, 8-4 to 12-4; damask table cloth*
Kussia do; French napkins
Irish li.iens and lawns, very cheap
l.inen cambrics anJ linen cambric handkerchiefs
Checked and striped muslins
Damask ditto, a beautiful article for curtains
Jaconet and cambric muslins
SwWs and bo^k do, plain and figured
Grass cloth skirts, a new article
Silk and worstedhosiery
Mohair, merino .rnd Iamb’s w ool ditto
Dead reticules and fancy baskets
Sup* r Husain and kid gloves
Long and short kid mittens
Fnr trimmed and lined gloves
Pongee and Suittalfv-Id handkerchiefs
Several boxes handsome bonnet ribbons
Bonnet cambrics and r< **ds
Cut and piain velvet and other belt ribbon*
Hearth rugs floor and t^ble mats
Furlippets. in ereat variety
Allot which are off red on moderate and accommo*
dating terms _of* H
Fall ah A V\’\nt6r ttt>oAs.
WM. H. THOMPSON Si CO. have juat received
a further supply of
Amo ig them are the following:—
3-4, 4-4 and 6-4 printed and embossed Thibet
sh*w % and handst rchiefs
Merino hawls and scarla, a large assortment, at
reduced prites
Cotton and wot sted shawls and handkerchiefs
Hernani, crape, silk, mustm, and other fancy
Linen camuric hdkfs. some very fine
6-4 French, German and Knglish merinos
5-8 and 3-4 black and colored Kiiglish merinos, a
haiuia.itne assort ment
Plain Pro de Naples
Best black Italian lustrings, very cheap
BIKck and blue black Poult de Soi?
Black mode and colored Florences
Black and colored silk velvets
Ladies’and men’s HnsRtn gloves
Cambric and thread edgings
6-4 Grecian nett an I Grecian nett footing*
Boltings, a great varn ty
Silk, cotton and worsted hosiery
Black ami blue black Italian crapes
5-4 do do do do for veils
English and French black bombazines
60 pieces blue, black, mixed, Russel brown,
olive, mulberry, claret and green Cloths, chtap
10 pieces plain, printed a d ribL’d casaimeres
150 do low priced sattinetts, very cheap
30 do superfine do very handsome
White, red, green and scarlet flannels
Green carpet ha zes
Rose, point. Oitflc and striped blankets
A variety of coarse goods f >r negro clothing
300 pieces low priced prints
Burlaps, osnaburg* and Russia sheetings '
4-4 Irish linens and lawns
8-4 and 10-4 table diapers
Russia diapers and crash. W;th
Packages DOMESTIC G OODS'—such as
Br. wn a.iu otcached ahiitiiit.* ,nd t, mings
Red, yellow, brown an i bade \! Ca. ton flannels
Linseys, checks, peiiitcnlisr- .ibid tickings
Cotton ozuaburgs, 5,c fcc.j v. a: • r.y other ar
Our assortmsnt is very large, ami pric ,w. We
invue our friends and the public to call ai.v. examine
for the mselves. _ >ci-9
js’ew Roovk ^twUimar's bttwt;
AUtbUSl US JACOBS respectfully informs tl iC Cl 1 J
Cent of the town and its vicinity titai he ha- >rn
menced the above ousimasat the old stand, on K i6
street, nearly opposite It H. Miller’s
He has on hand, and will cnn.inue to kern, an as
surtment of SCHOOL BOOKS Of SM'IOutHY
which he will s- i low , tor casli; and h*- cop,». by hi*
unremitting attention t-< business and efforts to please,
to share in the public patronage nov 7
Urmiud V*\atk\tfcr,
For sale by the Ton, Barrgl, or Bushel.
TitK an ncri.ier has on hand, and intends weeping
during the season, Gr >und Plaster, winch will be
so If! at asiow prices as it can be procured at in the (Jim
Outers, &c.
JOHN W SMITH, grateful for past favors, returns
his sincere acknowledgments to the public, and
assures them that be has commenced with the season
to supply them with the best
fresh from the Coves, and will be regularly supplied
by the stesmboat Potomac every Thursday. Private
familieacan be supplied at all times
The lovers of good living will find it to their advan
tage to call and judge for themselves,
oct 19—2m
Orphans’ Court, Alexandria County,
September Term, 1833.
-riBORGE WISE, Guardian of William H. Jenkins,
" submitted to the Court his final account, as guar
dian aforesaid, with the vouchers in support thereof}
which account is received, will be allowed snd record
ed, unleu cause be shewn to the contrary, on or be
fore the first Mondsy in December uext} of which all j
persons concerned will take notice, \ copy—Test:
UeaU\\ Secured,
BY the use of the Hygeitn Vegetable Universal
Medicine* of the British College of Health, Lon
don, which have obtaioed the approbation and recom
mendation of thousands who have been cured, in con
sumptions, cholera morbus, inflammations, internally
or externally; dyspepsia, fever*, ague, indigMtion, Di
lious or nervous affections, and all disease* of the liver;
vellow fever, gout, rheumatism,lumbago, tie doloreux,
dropsy, St. Vitus’* d«nce, epilepsy, apoplexy, paraly
sis, palsy, green richness, and all obatructiona to which
the female form is to distressingly liable, and which
aends so many of this fairest portion of the creation to
their untimely grave*; small pox, measles, whooping
cough, acarlet fever, asthma, jaundice, gravel, stone,
and all urinary obstructions; fistula, piles, strictures,
ruptures, and syphilis in til its stages; constipated bow
els, worms, scurry, itchings of the skin, king s evil,
and all cutaneous disorders; in short, every complaint
to which the human frame is so dlrefully tubj> ct, un
der all their varied forms and names; as the Hygeian
conviction is, that man is subject to one
Disease,—that is, TO THE IMPURITY OF THE
BLOOD, -from whence spring* every complaint that
can possibly assail his complicated frame; and MM it
is the perpetual struggle of this vital, pure stream of
life, (the gift of Almighty power) to disencumber it:
self of its viscous, acrid humours, with which tt has be
come commixed, through the negligence of parents;
the ignorsnce or maltreatraent-of^the Doctor*; or the
vicious or gormandising propensities of us all.
This valuable Medicine, being composed only of
vegetable matter, or medicinal herbs, and warranted,
on oath, as containing,not -me particle of mercurial,
mineral, or chemical substances, (all of which are un»
congenial to tlv- naturi of man, and therefore Jesttuc*
tive to the human frame,) is found to be perfectly
harmless to the most tender age or weakest frame, un
der every stage of human suffering; the most pi aaant
and benign in it operation, and at the same time the
most searching out the root of every complaint, how
ever deep, and of perfoiming a cure, that was ever
offered to the world This wonderful effect, too, is
produced by the least trouble to the p»:*ients, by
merely swallowing a certain number of small pills, and
being called a few extra times to the purposes of eva
cuation, with the least possible sensation of pain, or
exhaustion of bodily strength, and without the fear of
catching cold, or attention to dress or diet, in any way
different from theii accustom* d habits.
vt'L _111- n 11 eniiutt a II rl eunnhl tflkpn to
excess Experience, which is the touchstone of all
human knowledge has long borne testimony to the
fact; and extensive use of them has already verified
its truth in this country.
These m> cficines cure by purging; and yet the weak,
the feeble, the infirm, the nervous, the delicate, are
in a few days strengthened by their operation, beca ise
they clear the body of its bad humours, and invariably
procure sound sleep- They are the safest and most
efficacious menicinc to take to sea; preventing scurvy,
costiveness, &e,
The Vegetable Cleansing Powders are of great as
sistanee to patients, and facilitate the evacuation ni
bad humours; they soften, cleanse, and detach the
acrimonious phlegm^ are cooling, and allay the thirst.
One, two, or three powders may be taken throughout
the day, mixed in half a wine glass of water.
Extrart of a Ijrtter tu Dr. Moat.
Sib: the motive which has induced me to writethia
letter to you, is, that I might be instrumental in the
recommendation of Morrison’s Universal Vegetable
Medicines to the afflicted, which, by the Divine bless
ing, has cured me of the Scarlet Fever. My case was
as follows: Whilst returning fr if® Washington to Alex
andria, 1 was taken very ill, which obliged me, on my
arrival, to retire suddenly to bed, but could not sleep,
and the next day my throat became so much infl»me\,,
that I could scarcely swallow; and my face, breast, and
body, preseated evident symptoms of the great dan
ger 1 was in, and I knew not what to do; Calomel or
Mercury 1 abhorred as poison, and therefore desired
no assistance from the Druggist; but my mother, who
had experienced th good effect of the Uygeian Fibs
in a case or two of her own, most strenuously advised
me to try their virtue, K-'<Vh, with relur»enre, I con
sented to, and commenced by taking eight No. 1 pills
at night, and eight No 2 :he next morning and con
tinued i »k ng. increasing daily, morning and -vening.
until I took sixteen No 2 at a dm*, which were dis
solved in water, as. by means of iny sore throat, I could
not otherwise sw allow them. I confess the dose made
me feel somewhat qualmish, &c ; but the pills and the
powders, of which l took one or two tea-spor-nsfull a
day, operated well, and f»e final remit w«s, that I fell
into a sound sleep, of winch I had been deprived, a.ul
the next morning awoke i.i a state of perspiration, freed
front fever, coo. and comfortable, and mi reason (for
I had been deranged in mind) returned; and on the
9th day from the time l was first taken, I left my room,
and have ever since enjoyed better health than l did
before You have my have to make what u<e you
please of this. I wish y«u success, and am, sir, your
obedient friend, MANY ANN FOWLEtt.
Alexa- II C March 14 tS:)"
The oennine Medicines tan he hail of
WM POMEROY, Alexandria,
Sole Agent for the District of Columbia and its vicinity.
By whem.the Pills art sold in packets of on-, two,
and thi- ct dollars each, and the Powders st 37* cents
per box, with printed directions; and also by the fol
h.win*8ub. Ag'mUt it A Pokinhorn, between 9»h
and 10th streets. Pennsvlvania Avenue; John Stillins,
Navy Yir.l, Washington; and Thomas C Wright,
Georgetown; of whom alone can the Medicines he
warranted genuine By appointmenr of Dr. II. S.
Moat, II. P. VI., M. B- 0. I!., Brooklyn, New York,'he
sole importer cf these Medicines
M rnsonia, or the Family Adviser, price f2 75; Prac
tical Proofs, dlustraied b) numerous cases of cure, se
cond and third editions, price 25 and 37icents; to be
had as above.
Alexandria, mar 21,1833-—_
THE copartnership heretofore existing between the
subscribers, under the firm of KEifR St H>Z
HUGH, was dissolved on the 16th instant by mutual
const nt All persons having Uims againsi said con
cern, will present the s.me to James l). Kerr for settle
n.ent; and those indebted will please make payment to
eitce’’ tf the subscribers without delay
l.j »".airg leave of tl eir oustomers, they tender them
toeir grateful acknowledgements for the support they
h. ve received:
JAV'SS I) KERB, ,uving purchased the Stock of
Goods, which was well selected, will continue the bu
siness uirt.e old stand, where he offer* to our old cus
t mers. .n accommodating terms, a good assortment of
October !8f3 N It FI TZHUGH.
Alexandria Canal Office, )
28Ih September, 1833. $
NoI'ICE is hereby given to the stockholders in the
Alexandria Cnna! that an instalment of five dollars
per share is required o be paid on or before the 30th
dav of October; and a further instalment of five dollars
per share or before the 30th day ol November next
Bv order of the Board:
sept 30 JOHN H. GREASE, Clerk A C. Co.
Hat a & F tustaiona
THOMAS L MARTIN, at his old stand on King,
three doors above Fairfax street, has on hand an
extensive assortment of
Hjt TS of the latest Fashion,
and all the variety ot shapes and qualities
that sre worn, manufactured under his
own immediate inspection, by the most
_ _ experienced workmen
Tlaving sold out hia establishment in Washington, his
whole attention will be devoted to his business in Alex*
andrii; and be it determined to have bis work got up
in a style that will give satisfaction.
He has also a large supply of
comprising all the vane y of the season, vis.—Sea Ou
ter, Mock utter, Cloth, Hair; Seal, he. All of which
be will sell on pleating terms, wholesale or retail.
Dealers are invited to call and examine hia Mock.
IAne Gteen 1
TUB public are respectfully informed that we have
(this day, 10th,) commenced running a line of
splendid Green Coaehea between the two cities, leav
ing the City Hotel at half past 7 o’clock, A H , and
arriving in Washington in time to take the 8$ o clock
stage for Baltimore. By this line, passenger* will al
ways be secure in their aeata through to Baltimore.—
1'be stage will leave Washington for Alexandria at half
past 3 o’clock, P. H.
A share of public patronage is most respectfully so
Fare to Baltimore • '• “3 00
“ Washington • ■ 0 25
P.xtra Coaches furnished at all times. Passengers
called for at their respective dwellings
nov 1—d2w_C. I- NBWTOS, Agent
For WaaliiugVm# Baltimore.
Phtnix Line of Blue Safety Coaches.
For Seats in Beltzhoover Si
Co.’s splendid new blue Bng ish
built Coach, built expressly to run
between Alexandria and Washing
ton City, plena* be particular to apply st the Opposi
tion Stage Office, Royal street, a few door- aouth of
Newton’s Hotel, adjoining Breast's Barbershop; and
at Richard H Harrington’s Steam Boat Hotel, on Uni
on atsoot npor fh# wharf.
Hours of Departure
4 pair7 o’clock, A VI. for Washington and Baltimore
12 o’clock, M- for Baltimore
5 o’clock P. M for Washington
Hourp of Departure from Washington:
• 9 A. M for Alexandria
And at 3$ P M.for • do
For seats apply at the Opposition Blue Line Stage
Office, Gadsby’s Hotel.
P. S Persons wishing to take a morning ride, can
leave at 7J o'clock, and return by 10
aug 24—tf_
To live Groat Falla
The Canal
'Packet Boat
\G B Oh G E
TON has commence im regular tr-pa, on lueadaa
ami Fridava, for the Great K ills or Orommelin, starting
from Frederick Street Bridge ^Georgetown) at 8 o’
clock, A. U,. and returning the same dai at or before
sunset Fare to and from Crommelin, 50 cents.
The Canslis now in fine order, and .he country pre
sents a beautiful appearance. To those who are fond
of a short excursion, and desire a short relaxation from
business, a trip to the Great Falls offers a must delight
ful treat.
yy Parties, on any other days of the week, can be
scrum undated, by giving a short notice or applica
tion :o the proprietor, livingon Third street, George
town Z M. OFFUTT.
aug 5—tf_
THE subscribers, intending a removal from Alexan
dria to New York in the course of a very short
time, have to ask the favor of all »• rsons indebted
to th-m to call and tettle thi-ir respective accounts, as
’heir business must be brought to a speedv close,
oct 1—dtf J ‘8 McKKNZIE W Co.
Strayed from the subscriber, a -few
weeks since,
_ _jin»rks not recollected Jibe was raised
by Kick ... Mount, Loudoun County, Va ; but 1 think
) et in the neighborhood. Any person returning her
to me snail receive the above reward
Elvina <$• EarVUanwara
HC SMITH has received, per ship Virginia from
• Liverpool, a ft rther supply of China and Earth
ware, consisting of Sixteen Crates and Hogsheads, and
which, with nis previous large stock on hand, are offer
ed for sale at the lowest market prices_»ct '7
E\v*u\a aivA Eartheirwttve.
HC SMITH hss received, per Brig Belvider*.
• from Liverpool, and offers for sale,on the low
est terms, wholesale or retail—
m3 Crates of Earthenware and China
Mm: on iihiuI, received lately, making his assortment
very complete and extensive—
150 crates and hogsheads China, Ac.
60 packages Glassware, eul plain and moulded
15C boxes German Pipes
Window Glass, every size and quality
Black Bottles, pint and quart
Demijohns, from quail to five gallon
Stoneware of an excellent quality
Furnaces, cased and plain
India China, in complete sets or any one arti
cle separately—a full assortment
Boston Crown Glass, at Factory price
Merchants and dealers are particularly invited to
call und examine tiie ware *nd prires, as every atten
tion will be paid to render satistaction_sept 16
s /* Packages of Plain, Cut, and Pressed Glassware,
10 viz:—
Cut Decanters, Tumblers and Wines to match
Cut and plain Hall or Passage Lamps
Cut and Pressed Centre Bowls
A beautiful variety of cut and plain Table Lamp*i
of new patterna
Lamp Glasses, Celeries, Ac.
A few pair of exceedingly rich Cut Glass Salt
Just opened, and foraale at uncommonly low prices,
11th mo 5th, 1833.
E&tlYifciWfaYfc TYilna, &c.
Ha* just received, per Brig Belvidera,
being part of his Fall supplies of Earthen
ware and China, which enables him to offer
an extensive and very handsome assort*
ment of goods in his line.
Blue, brown, pink printed Dinner Sevices
Do do do Plates of all aizea
Do do do and purple Pitchers,
Mugs, Ac.
Do do do Ewera A Basins, and
Toilet Sets
Blue and green edged Ware, in all its varieties
Fire proof Baking Dishes and Plates, superior
Cream colored Piatea, Dishes, Basina, Bowls, Ac.
China Tea aeta and Cups and Saucer*, in an unu
■ual variety a* to shapes and patterna
China Pitchers, new and superb shapes, richly gilt
Do Mugs, plain and gilt, very rich
Country merchant! and others are earnestly invited
to call, as K H W. ia anxious to reduce his stock,
which is now unusually large.
9th mo 9th, 1833,___
WtttfcT Bioof Boots and Bail
JR. WHITE has just received—
• 1 case of Firemen’s Water Proof Boot*, a very
desirable article for the approaching season.
C&bVnet, CW\r, au«\ $0ta
TIMES GKftBN,..* .....ik-i, iu ,j;i. ini
* will constantly seen,at n»« old stand on, *?,
st.,Aleiandna,aiK* a. theco.aerol i .ih >t „ ' •**
vania, Avenue, *. < gton, a genera x^or*™1/
The mostfashionable $• durable FURNITURE
which he will warrant e j. a;, if t!j< „iper '
quality, to anv fver often, i in the District -Un ■
ing, i n part, of ns*‘
Grecian, winged and plain wardrobes
Gothic, pedestal end and p!*.: atJcaoarda
Ditto, with cetlarctts and tn»rule *|aoi
French and plain bureau
Dreasing do with mirr.H*
Ladies* and gentlctcen’r secretaries and borl
caaas *'
Pier table, with marble and mahogany tone
Pillar and claw dining, oreakfast * card »isir.
Plain do do do do T
Ladies* work stands
Shaving and candle standi j
Wash stands with marble and mahogany topi
Grecian aofasi mahogany chairs ;
Music stools, bidetia, cribs, cradles
Portable writing desks, lie.
With a general assortment of BEDSTE.Ms
vt r.culj carvrd manogany, maple and j
woods All of which will be so.d as low, for C|,|T
as they can be purchased of the same quailtv
at any other manufactory in the Union,
An assortmen of St. Uuraingo and Bay of Hon
dura* Mahogany, a part of wind is suitable for
handrailsi steam sawed Cun and Shaded Vererrs
Copal Vsrniah of a auperior quality; Sackn*
Bottoms, Cords, Sic, 1
TURNING Sf CARVING handsomely executed
pc' 25
vaomei, tnair ana vo[a ;unKer, am?, next door
to the corner of Alfred street.
HAS on hand, and const anti) manufactures agiur
ral assortment r>f
Which,foreleganceand durability,ddies competition,
His stock, general) v consists of
Grecian and plain sofas, couches and lounges
Mahogany and all kinds of drawing-room chairs
Grecian, winged and single wardrobes
Pedestal-end sideboards with marble tops and mircr*
Gothic and various other ditto
Pier tablet, with marble and mahogany topi
Pillerand block dining, card and breakfast tables
do claw do do do do
Plain do do do do du
Centric or loo ao
Frenchand variou other bureaus, with anuwitfcotf
Ladies Ireasing tables, with and without mirrors
Ditto workstands and music stools
Ditto&nd gentlemen's abinet, secretaries and biok
Waahstands, with marble and mahogany tops
Richly cars ed and plain mahogany. Lira eye, and curl
maple and common Leadstesds
Cribs, eradles^andlestands,shaving do-, po'tsbledeski
andevery other article in the cabinetline.
Mahogany of various k.nds, steam tawed, curl and
shaded veneers,eopalvaimah,sacking bottoms,cords,
BEDS. M.vrra&3SB3 &0.
The above articles w»i< be diipoteootfor csshor to
punctual person* on the most liberal terms. I
\ very ex»ensive patronage from Washington indu
ces me tossy, that I vill .fell ver furniture to any pur
chasers that city free of-;xpence.
Turning if Carving executed in Ihebestmannir
may JO
T\\air an A ftofa
On King street, next door to Washington ttreef.
LEONARDO CD(>K respectfully informs hi-. frirnJs
and the public generally that he has commenc'd
the above business in all its various branches. Hi*
Furniture, which, for neatness and workmanship, he
warrants equal to any ever offered in the llikir ct, a II
be sold low for. cash, or to punctual persons on the
riost liberal terms. Persons wishing to purcluif are
reaper*fully invite.1 to mil and examine for tliem»el»ri |
TimyiNG & VAR WISHING bsndsoosrty exe
cuted- Did Fumi'ure neatly rep tired, and all "r'eri
punctually attended to. oct 10—3ti^
Sti viien ^ ftwnger,
IN tendering his sincere acknowledgements it> hit
friends and the public for past pstronnge, respect
fully informs them that he still continues to msnuhe
ture and has now on hand,
of good materials and workmanship, winch lie will dis
pose of upon reasonable tvrms
t he public are solicited to call, before they pur
chase elsewhere, at his
on King street, between Columbus and Henry s'rertr,
where ne will satisfactorily execute all itrder* f«r srti
cles in either of ttie above branches Repairs in either
line done neat, cheap, and expeditiously
oct 8—tf __ .
Levi \lutd\e,
Chair Manufacturer and Ornament!
I THANKFUL for the patronage he hay already «•
. ceived from hi* frienJa and the public, reip«.
fully inform* them that he will continue to mike, an;
keep constantly for sale, at fair price*, at his Mannli
•ory, south west corner of King and Columbus street',
pposit J CTJ Douglas’Store,
A general assortment of lire
cian, Fancy and Windsor
The public are resp ctfully invitee
I call and examine his prcaent it**}
I C I nent. lie feels aaaured that they
i 1 be found not to be inferior, either u- tne
durability of their materials or the neatness of the'r'*
ecution,to those of any other roanufac'urcr in t •
trict. He will execute . ruJlntr
Sign and Ornamental Painting ana Gilding.
in all their various branch©., on the mostaccommuoa.
'"oLDCHAIRS will be taken in part P‘>mcnt,^
new onea, or will be repaired or re painted
shorteat notice. _:n »en*.
Chairs purchased at thia manufactory wil
free ofexpenae.to any part of the Diatnet.
nov 10—tf ____
Caak in Market.
WE will pay Cash for any number of U*
NEGROES,(of both s«*e*)from
of age, Field 4fands. Also, Mechanic* of cTfr’
•cription Apply to
It C. Ballard k Co. Richmond, Va.
J. M. Saunders k Co. Warrenton, Va.
George Kepheart k Co. Fredencktown,
James P. Purveia Uf Co. Baltimore.
John Ware, Port Tobacco, Md:
William Hooper, Annapolis, Marylana
A. Grimm, Fredericksburg, Virgin*
Or to the subscribers, at their residence y|) d#
Persons having likely Servants to diap pl,
well to give us a call, as we, ■» •!> *’'*5*^ wkw »
higher prices in Cadi than any other pu
now or may hereafter come into marie ■
All communications promptly

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