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OINTMENT, (formerly Judkins’,)
Prepared by C. HERSTOy S. near Frederick
town, Maryland.
KicianxB. Vi July 15, 1830.
rpiH E public will be pleased to understand that I was
A the original discoverer of Judkins' Ointment, and
•ole proprietor of the patent from September, 1817,
until the expiration of the same; but, having connect
ed myself with Dr. Judkins in the commence meat, I
permitted the Ointment to bear hit name. The term
of the patent having expired oo tbe 26»h June, I hxve
made an improvement in the tame, and taken out a pa
tent thereon. N SHEPHERD.
$3“ Imposition having been practised upon the nub
lie bv a spurious article, bearing the name of “ Jud
kins’ Ointment.” the proprietor avails himself of tbe
authority granted to him in bis letters patent, now to
e*N the Ointment after his own name. Henceforth it
will be known by the name of
MENT, (formerly Judkin»\)
When I first made and prepared this Ointment, nnd
hsd. in several instances, experienced its good effects,
1 seat it to several physician*, with instructions in what
cases to apply It, who were of opinion that the Oint
ment would be a valuable public benefit. 1 concluded
that the Ointment would occasionally fall into many
hands, some of whom would probably undertake to
make it, and knowingthe difficulty of the process-ne
' vertheless, it might be progated in this adulterated si
tuation, as it might in some degree resemble the origi
nal —and in this way its good effects would be oblitera
ted. Unde^these considerations, I secured the origi
oa) and certain remedy for those obstinate diseases,
some of which have so long baffled the skill of me
dical science:
1st White swellings of every description;
2d Sore legs and ulcers oflong standing,
dd Schirrus or glandular tumors, particularlythose
hardened tumors in women’s breasts, which oftentimes
terminate in ulcerated cancers;
4th Felons; or what some oeople know by the name
of catarrhs, of every description.
Jth Rheumatic pains of the joints;
6th Sprains and bruises of every description, or in
whatever part situate;
7th Tetters of all kinds. In this complaint the pa
tient, in applying the ointment, must keep the part
out of water;
8th Chilblains or parts affected bv frost.
It is also one of the best remedies for burns and
■cal Js. It eases the pain and draws the fire out in a
For inflamed women** breasts and glandular swel
lings, it is superior to any me licine yet known to the
medical faculty. It is much safer than mercurial ap
plications, (as H does not contain the smallest atom of
any preparation of the mineral,) because it does not
lay the patient liab'e to injury from exposure to cold.
This Ointment has cured sores of many years stand
iug Where it is impossible or imprudent to heal the
external sore, in consequence of the bones becoming
carious oi rotten, it will stop thnfMigressof the caries,
increase the quantity of discharge, remove the offen
sive smell, and ease the pains.
It cures the worst Felods and Whitlows, on applica
tion of forty, eight hours
From th: Hon. J >hn Cocke. Member of the House of Re
presentatives in Congress
Washikotow, Man. h 22. 1826
Sir—My son having been .ffl.oceil for five years
with white swelling, and having applied every reme
dy recommended by the most eminent ph\siciMis
within my reach without success. I at length nr<cured
one jug of Dr Judkins? Patent Specific (kntment and
nudr the application accord ng to tne directions ac
companying the vdntmeut, and stale, for the benefit
of the arHxted. that before one jug was used, a perfect
cure was .-fleeted. My son has enjoyed good health
ever since. 1 have no doubt that to the Ointment alone
he is indebted! for nothing else was used fur more
than nine months before the application of the Oint.
raent. Respectfully, Jons Cocks.
Dr. Wm. Gunton, Washington City.
From L P. IV, Batch, Esq Counsellor at Law, F- edc
rick. Md
Fa tnraicK, Md. May 6,1831.
Mr. C He'stems—I deem it nroper to state, for the
benefit of the public, that, several years since, two o*
my childran were affee’ed with scald head of an inve
te-mte character. Mv family physician, Dr John T
Wilson, of Leesburg, Va. who was verjrskilful a.d ju
dicioua in his practice, id vain endeavored by every
means to effect a cure. At length Judkins* Ointment
was applied, and the affection was permanently reliev
ed. Very respectfully, vour obedient servant,
L. P. W. Balcb.
From ike Honorable John Taliaferro, Member of Con
gress. dated
Washi>«toh, January 22,1829
Sia—-It has been my wish, fora considerable time,
to communicate to you the good effect with which 1
have used the Ointment invented by a Mr. Judkins,
and which I now understand is made and sold by
agents appointed by yourself, I have applied this
Ointment during the last three yeari to every species
of tumor and wiund, without failure to produce a cure
in every instance. I consider it the moat decided and
•Accent remedy in all eases of tumor, be the cause
« whatit mayt and I have found nothing to good for
wounds of nny description It may be proper to
add, that the cure of a tumor called white swelling,
given over by tbe moat distinguished physicians aa in
curable. and which they decided would, without ampu
Utioa, prove fatalto the patient, was, under my imme
diate notice, effected by the use of Judkins* Ointment,
and the patient is in fine health. Hia limb affected by
the tumor being restored to a perfectstate of sound
ness. A ho that the leg of an aged man which had been
wounded, and exhibited one dreadfully ulcerated sur
face from the knee to the foot, and which, for more
than two years, had been considered incurable, was ef
fectually cured by the application of Judkins* Oint
ment. I mention these two cases, whichfellunder my
immediate notice and management, aa a decided evi
dence of the efficacy of this remedy in esses of tumor
• n a_ ■ a. _ _•_J .L.
good effect of this remedy in the cure of Felons, and
of every species of fresh wound. It seems to me that
any one who wil observe on the operation of this Oint
ment, must he satisfied as to its beneficial effect, lean
with the utmost confidence reebmmeud the use oftbis
valuable remedy, lam, sir, very respectfully,
Jobs Tiuumo.
N. B, To more fully guard the public, (the proprie
tor) C, Heraton'a name will appear in his own hand
writing, written through the circle outside the ointment
(Xj Sold by appointment, in Alexandria, wholesale
and retail, by WM.8TABi.KK.
oct lh__Druggist, Fairfax street.
CaaYi if\ ALatktt.
WE will pay Cash for any number of LIKELY
EL ti ROES, [ of both sexes) from 12 to 25 years
of age, Field Hands. Also, Mechanics of everv de
scription Apply to
R C. Ballard k Go- Richmond, Va
J. M. Saunders k Co. Warrenton, Va.
George Kepheart h Co- Fredericfctown, Md.
James F. PurveiaU’ Co. Baltimore.
John Ware, Port Tobacco, Md
William Hooper, Anuapofc* Maryland
A. Grimm, Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Or to the subscribers, at their residence in Alexandria.
rutapi having likely Servants to dispose of, will do
well to give us a call, as we, at all times, will pay
higher prices m Cash than any other purchaser whei a
now <k may hereafter come into market
All communications prompt^ attended to
Lan4 for aa\e.
I OFFER for sate my Plantation called CLOVER •
LAND' lying ia the County of Prince William, 33
miles distant from Alexandria and Washington. II
contains _ „ _ _
1200 ACRES'
Has on it a large DWELLING'
HOUSE, Barn, and other improvements,
IrJ! | |K ,nd an excellent Mill Seat, on which i
OflilHiVSaw Mill ia erected- The land lias Hear
well tilled, and for several years past improved by the
um of clover and plaster; the e fleets of which are nr
where more visible, or more fully proven. It is divid
fd into 6elds of an equal and convenient size* anil un
der the best enclosures. This Plantation is justly con
sidered among the best in the upper country i its situs
tion is healthful and beautiful.
Aa purchasers wiH view the premises before making
an offer, farther particulars are deemed unnecessary
If desired, immediate possession may be given. Let
ters addressed to me (post paid) may be directed tc
Richmond City, Oct. lOih, 1823.
N. B. In my absence, Mr. Edmund Newman, Agent,
on the premises, will attend to gentlemen wishing tc
view the premises.__C. S. C.
~ JfolW8
AG WATERMAN, for himself and as attorney ir
• fact for John M. Johnson and Albert Fairfax, has
bv deed of asaignment, bearing date 9th September,
1833, made over and transferred to B. Richards and
William McKee all the debts, open accounts, notes,
he. due the late firm of John M- Johnson & Co. and
Johnson, Waterman A Co. of the City of Philadelphia,
for the benefit of their creditors. AH persons indebt
ed to either of said firms, whose claims have been as
signed, are hereby requested to make immediate pay
ment W. McKEE, Acting Assignee.
A. G. WATERMAN having consented to co-ope
rate with the subscriber in the settlement of the above
business, be is hereby spoornted tole Agent, and all
letters, remittance*, Ac. may be addressed to him
W McKEE. Acting Assignee.
Philadelphia, 20th October, 1833
nov 5—eo4w ______
Jfutice to Fishermen.
1 WILL sell out my FIS MSG OUTFITS, and the
imexpired Lease of one year, with the privilege ol
the lease being extended from three to five years at a
moderate rent. The shore is a first rate Herring Fish
ery, situated on the Mary land side of the Potomac, cal
led Sandy Point, next shore above Doctor Richard M.
McPherson’s Fishery. The Seine i* 220 fathoms long,
fishing 32 feet deep, with Boats, Captstons, Reel, and
in fact every article necessary to carry on the fishery.
fT ■9Ulli5«WH| I'VM “V..5 ~
oct 7 —eolf __ ___
Ya. 'Kennfedy "has y\st received,
*|YHE Baltimore Medical and Surgical Journal and
| E Rev<ew, No. 1—edited by E. Geddings. M. D.
Professor of Anatomy and Physiology in the University
of Maryland, and supported by an Association of Phy
sicians and Surgeons Medical gentlemen are respect
fully invited to call and examine the work for them
aelvea. To be issued in quarterly number ; price five
dollars per annum. Subscriptions received as above.
Abbolt’s \ouug t \mst\an.
| rlMIR character of this work is so well known and
E so highly approved, that more need not be said
in its praise than to state, that, in addition to tltf very
extensive d 'mand for the work in this country, four
editions have alreadv been published in Great Britain,
and ten thousand copies sold in six months Por eve
ry family that acknowledges the importance of the
principles it illustrates and enforces with so much ele
gance and power, the Young Christian would be an in
valuable acquisition.
“ W- would rather be the author of such a work,”
says the Glasgow Scottish Guardian, 11 than of all the
volumes that learning ever produced.”
A fresh supply just received and on sale by
nov 29 WM M, MORRISON.
Vb\\Y\p*\eftd far au\e.
flYHIS place has long been established as a stand for
E mercantile business, and is well improved; 'having
a good Store, Grain and other necessary house- for the
business, as well as an excellent Dwelling Mouse and
every convenience for the accomm dation of a family
f'.ere are a few acres also of Land, all enclosed and
a >:iug order. It lies within about a m^e of Boyd’s
! tiule—a stopping place for steamboats on the Potomsc
—about same distance from an Episcopal Church -six
mdet from King George Court House, and has a post
office at the place. For further particulars spply to
nov 21 _GF.O. JOHNSON UT Co
Drugs, &c.
VANILLA Bean, of excellent quality
Ko wand's tonic mixture for the fever and ague
Juiube paste in sheets and boxes
Wistar’s cough lozenge*; Jackson’s pectoral do
Compound syrup of liverwort for coughs and
hoarseness; liquorice ball of first quality
English peppermint 1
Do Fruit > Lozenges
Do Ginger j
Joffes's chlorate matches for smokers, in pocket
cases; Watts’s chlorate matches
German tapers; machine do
i Cupping instruments
Best French sulphate of quinine
Henry’s calcined magnesia, genuine
London do do light
London do do ponderous
Adhesive plaster, spread, of superior quality; pre>
pared by a celebrated manufacturer in England
Nail brushes and tooth brushes, an assortment
Soda for washing; scented bar soap
English scented soaps* a variety
Hayden’s balsam for the tooth ache
Fire King’s tooth ache drops
Edinburgh tooth ache paste
Chlorine tooth wash; do do paste
Moaon’s magnesian aperient, a pleasant medicine
Soda water ). . ,
Saratoga do \ u,bot‘,“
Preston salts; English pungents
English flesh brushes: long Denoer-. blue saucers
Beat Bermuda arrow root
Mexican black lead for cleaning stoves, a superior
article; Paris white; nursing bottles
Swaim's panacea; do vermifuge
Trusses of various kinds and for persons of differ
ent -.ges, s full assortment "
Surgeons’ instruments; patent pump syringes
Compound Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilla, prepared
by a process that extracts and retains the ac
tive part of the medieine. This is an excel
lent remedy for the Hneumatism, King’s Evil,
and for the depraved state of the system pro
duced by ulc-rs of iong standing
And almost every other article in the DRUGf LINE.
The subscriber respectfully informs Pbysieuns and
others^that he selects or prepares, as the case may be^
the articles which he offers for sale, with unremitting
attention, endeavoring to have every medicine that
goes from his store of the first quality in all respects,
and put up in the safest and neatest manner
11th mo 15th, 1833, [Warrenton Spec,]
Nttw Book £$ Stationary ftton
Augustus Jacobs respectfully inform* the citi
sens of the town and its vicinity that he has com
menced the above business at the old stand, on King
street, nearly opposite ft. H. Miller’s.
has on hand, and. will continue to keep, an as
which he will sell low, for cash; and he hopes, by bis
unremitting attention to business, and efforts to please,
to share in the pubhc patronage- nov 7
Open daily from 1 to 12, M., and from 3 to 5. PM
Ue&\th Aecuied,
BY the use of the Hygeian Vegetable Universal
Medicines of the British College of Health. Lon
don, which have obtained the approbation and recom
mendation of thousands who have been cured, in con
sumptions, cholera morbus, inflammations, internalI)
or externally; dyspepsia, fevers, ague, indigestion, bi
lious or nervous affections; and all diseases of the liver;
yellow fever, gout, rheumatism.lumbago, tic doloreux,
dropsy, 8t. Vitus's dance, epilepsy, apoplexy,
sis, palsy, green sickness, ana all obstructions to which
the female form is so distressingly liable, ana which
•ends so many of this fairest portion of the creation^ to
their untimely grave*; small pox, measles, whooping
cough, scarlet fever, asthma, jaundice, gravel, stone,
and all urinary obstructions; fistula, pilr*» strictures,
ruptures, and svpbilis in all its stages; constipated bow
els, worms, scurvy, itchings of the skin, king^s •til,
and all cutaneous disorders; in short, every complaint
to which the human frame is so direfully subject, un
der all their varied forms and names; as the Hygeian
conviction is, that man is subject to one
Disease,—that is, TO THE IMPURITY OF THE
BLOOD, —from whence spring* every complaint that
can possibly assail his complicated frame; and that it
is the perpetual struggle of this vital, pure stream of
life, (the gift of Almighty power) to disencumber it
self of its viscous, acrid humours, with which it has be
come commixed, through the negligence of parents;
the ignorance or maltreatment of the Doctors; or the
vicious or gormandising propensities of us all.
This valuable Medicine, being composed only of
vegetable matter, or medicinal herbs, and warranted,
on oath, as containing not one particle of mercurial,
mineral, or chemical substances, (all of which are un
congenial to the nature ol man, and therefore deatruc
live to the human frame,) is found to be perfectly
harmless to the most tender age or weakest frame, un
der every stage of human suffering; the most pi assnt
and benign in it operation, and at the same time the
most searching out the root of every, complaint, how
ever deep, and of performing a cure, that was ever
offered to the world. This wonderful effect, too, is
produced by the least trouble to the patients, by
merely swallowing • certain number of small pills, and
being called a few extra times to the purposes of eva
cuation, with the least possible sensation of pain, or
exhaustion of bodily strength, and without the tear of
catching cold, or attention to dresa or diet, in any way
different from their accustomed habits.
These pills cure all cases, and cannot be taken to
excess Experience, which is the touchstone of all
human knowledge, has long borne testimony to the
fset; and extensive use or them has already verified
its truth in this country.
These medicines cure by purging; and yet the weak,
the feeble, the infirm, the nervous, the delicate, are
in a few davs strengthened bv their operation, because
they clear the body of it* bad humour*, and invariably
procure sound deep- They are the safest and most
efficacious menicine to take to sea; preventing scurvy,
cosiiveness, &c.
The Vegetable Cleansing Powders are of great as
sistance to patients, and facilitate the evacuation of
bad humours; they soften, cleanse, and detach the
acrimonious phlegm; are cooling, and allay the thirst.
<'ne, two, or three powders may be taken throughout
the day, mixed in half a wine glass of water.
Extract of a Letter to Dr. Moat.
Sib: The motive which ha. induced me to writethis
letter to you, is, that I might be instrumental in the
recommendation of Morrison’s Universal Vegetable
Medicines to the afflicted, which, bv the Divine bless*
ing has cured me of-the Scarlet Fever. My case was
as follow*: Whilst returning f" *m Washington to Alex
andria, I was taken very ill, which obliged me, on my
arrival, to retire suddenly to bed, b.it could not sleep,
and the next day my throat became so much inflamed,
that 1 could *carcely swallow; and mv hcc, breast and
body, presented evident symptoms of the great dan
ger I was in, and I knew not what to d '; Calomel or
Merciry I abhorred as poison, and therefore desired
no assistance fr<.m the Druggist; but my mother, who
had experienced tin- good effect of the Hygeiao Pills
in a case or two of lipr own, most strenuously advised
me to try their virtue, which, with reluctance, l con
sented *o, and commenced Sy taki. g fight No 1 pills
at night, and eight No 2 the next morning and con
tinued taking, increasing daily, morning anil .veiling,
until l took sixteen No 2 at a time, which were dis
solved in water, as, by means of my *=ore throat, I could
not otherwise swallow them. ! confess the dose nude
me feel somewhat qualmish, 8»c ; but the pills «nd the
powders, of which I took one or two tea-spoonsful I a
day, operated well, and the final result was, that lieil
into a sound sleep, of which I bad been deprived, and
the next morning awoke in a state of perspiration, freed
from fever, cool and comfortable, and mv reason tfor
I had been deranged in mi(id) returned; and on lh».
9th day from the time 1 was first taken, 1 left my room,
and have ever since enjoyed better health than I did
before You have my leave to make wlut use you
please of this. I wish you success, and am, sir, your
obedient friend, MAItY ANN FOWLER.
Alexa. U. C. March U 1833.
The genuine Medicines can be had of
WM. POMEROY, Alexandria,
Sol* Agent for the District of Columbia and its vicinity.
By whom the Pills are told in packets ol one, two,
and three dollars each, and the Powders at 37j cents
per box, with printed directions; and also by the fol
lowing bub-Agents: R W. Polkinhorn, between 9lh
and 10th streets, Pennsylvania Avenue; John Stillins,
Navy Y-irri, Washington; and Thomas C. Wright,
Georgetown; of whom alone can the Medicines be
warranted genuine. By appointment of Dr. H. S.
Moat, H. P. M., M B. C. H , Brooklyn, New York, 'lie
sole importer of these Medicines.
Morrisonia, or the Family Adviser, price $2 75; Prac
tical Proofs, ellustrated by numerous cases of cure,se
cond and third editions, price 25-and 37J cents; to be
had aa above.
-Alexandria, mar 21.1833— _
Yhla Dtvj PobUftM,
EXPOSITION of Psalm CXIX ns illustrative of the
charaetcr and exercises of Christian experience,
by the Rev Charles Bridges, M. A Vicar oj Old
f ewton. Suffolk -first American, from the sixth Lon
don Edi ion.
Alao just received, and on sale as above—
Questions on the Lessons, Collect, Epistle and Gospel in
the Sunday Morning Service of the Church—designed
for Bible Classes and Sunday Schools By hev Tho
mas Jackson. Assistant Minister in the Monumental
Church. Richmond, Fa.
Memoir of the Rev John Summer held, A. V a Minister
of the Methodist Episcopal Church prepared for the
Christianity Vindicated, in seven Discourses on the Ex
ternal Evidences of the New Testament, wi h a con
eluding Dissertation Bg John Henry Hopkins. D.
D Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the
Diocese of Vermont _nov 15
Frank Un Honso.
AmML The above TAVERN has been
rented by the subscriber: it i* well known
j^HfijK&s having been long occupied t>y Mr. Au
dHHMBgustine Newton; is now in good repair,
and every comfort that the traveller neda can be had.
The Table ia every day supplied with the delicacies,
as well as the substantiate of life. The Bar is well
fitted with the beat Liquors, and private partiea can
be accommodated in the most delightful manner.
N. B- Beltshortver's Line of Stages arrive and de
part daily from this House; and Gigs, Horses, and
Hacks, can be had on the moat reasonable terms,
nov 5—d___
Wfttn Proof Bools and Uair
JH. WHITE has just received—
• 1 case of Firemen’s Water Proof Boots, a yerj
desirable article for the approaching season.
. A lot of Hair Trunks, for ante cheap. nor 4
Look'. Look'. Tto\o\Ut»'.
&9IX fine Gray*—started ex
presaly for the accommodation of
"the citixens of Washington and
Alexandria—leave* every morning at half pa* 8
—and returning, leave* Gadaby’a at half pa* 3 P. If.
Hours of departure of the Company' e other Mbea,
, Hair pa* 7 A. U for Washing
ton and Baltimore
• Half pa* 8 A. M- for Washing
ton—SIX Horse Coach
13 M for Baltimore.
4 P- It. for Washington.
Half past 7 P. If for Baltimore—via Mad Boat.
For seats apply at BehxhooverA Co.1* Office, Royal
street, five or six doors from Newton's City Hotel, ad
joinining Breast’* Barber Shop; and at West’* Frank*
tin House Hotel, King street; and at R. H. Marring
ton’s Steamboat Hotel, Union street, near the Wharf.
OC? Passengera called for and put down wherever
requested, and every exertion to plejue
Agent for Beltxhoover A Co.
rP. S. The Company intendsstarting another Line in
a few days, when due notice will be given, nnv 20 _
Steamboat POTOMAC,
Joseph Nevitt, master, be
ing in complete order, will,
on"Friday", th^fuHnstant, resume running to Nor
folk and Richmond—leaving the City of. Washington
at 3, and Alexandria at 4 o’clock, P M. Returning,
leave Richmond on Tuesday morning, and Norfolk on
Wednesday morning, at 9 o’clock.
Fare to Norfolk, including meals, * #7
Do to Richmond, do • 9
may 15 NATH. WATTLES, Agent.
The steamboat FREDE
Jenkins, having been tboro
_ 1 ughly repaired, has again re
sumed her route between the District and Baltimore.
She will continue to leave Washington, during the
present season, every Sundav morning at 5, and Alex
andria at 7 o’clock; and return.ng. will leave Baltimore
on Wednesday at 4 P. M ; touching at the usual pla
ces on the River for passengers or ligh* freight*
T\\e liolunibia.
The Steamer COLUMBIA,
James Mitchell, master, will
cont.nue, during me rem,inner
^ShBHIBKHK of the present season, to leave
Baltimore for the District every Saturday, at 4 o’clock
P M Returning, leave Georgetown every Wednes
day at 5. Washington at 6, and Alexandria at 7 o’clock
A. M. Freight and pas.age a» usual. sept 28
To the Great FaWe.
The Canal
Packet Boat
TON ha* commence ner rej;ul *t t'l.os, on Tuesdays
and Fridavs, for the Great Falls or Crommelin. starting
from Frederick Street Bridge (Georgetown) at 8 o’
clock, A. U,. and returning the same day at or before
sunset. Fare to and from Crommelin, 50 cents.
The Oanalis now in fine order, and'the country pre
sents a beautiful appearance. To those who are fond
of a short excursion, and desire a short relaxation from
business, a trip to the Great Falls offers a most delight
ful treat.
Parties, on any oth^r days of the week, can be
accommodated, by giving a short notice or applica
tion to the proprietor, living on Third street, Geor»;o
town Z. II. OFFOTT.
aug 5—tf____
China and fcaTtheivw a*e.
MO SMITH has received, per Brig Belvidera,
• from Liverpool, and offers for sale, on tlu low
est terms, wholesale or retail—
& J Crates of Earthenware and China
TK 5U boxes English Pipes, 3 groce each
^ iv i.i band, received lately, making hts assortment
very complete and extensive—
150 crates and hogsheads China, Ac.
60 packages Glassware, cut,plain and moulded
150 boxes German Pipes
Window GUss, every size and quality
Black Bottles, pint and quart
Demijohns, from quart to five gallon
S'oneware of an excellent quality
Furnaces, cased and plain
India China, in complete aeta or any one arti
cle separately—a full assortment
Boston Crown Glass, at Factory price
Merchants and dealers are particularly invited to
cal’ i id examine the ware and prices, as every atten
tion * d] bt paid to render satisfaction. ^ aept 16
EarU\enYiar« China, &c.
Has just received, per Brig Belvidera,
being part of his Fall supplies of Earthen
ware and China, which enables turn to offer
an extensive and very handsome assort
ment of goods in his line.
Blue, brown, pink printed Dinner Sevices
Do do do Plates of all sizes
Do do do and purple Pitchers,
Mug*, Ac.
Do do do Ewers A Basins, snd
Toilet Sets
Blue snd green edged Ware, in all its varieties
Fire proof Baking Dishes and Plates, superior
Cream colored Plates, Dishes, Basins, Bowls. Ac.
China Tea seta and Cups and Saucers, in an unu
•<■•1 mm ahanoa ,nH n,«t.,na
China Pitcher*, new and superb shapes, richly gilt
Do Mugs, plain and gilt, very rich
Country merchants and others are earnestly invited
to call, as R. H. M. is anxious to reduce bis stock,
which is now unusually large.
9th mu 9th, 1833,
Alexandria Canal Office, ?
28th September, 1833. £
XOTICE is hereby given to the stockholders in the
Alexandria Canal that an instalment of five dollars
per share is required to be paid on or before the 30tb
day of October; and a further instalment of live dollars
per share on or before' the 10th day of November next
By order of the Board:
sept 30 JOHN II. CBRASR, Clerk A C. Co.
Hats H Dap*—\aUM Y a&Yiiona.
THOMAS L. MARTIN, at his old stand oo King,
three doors above Fairfax street, has on band an
extensive assortment of
HATS of the latest Fashion,
and all the variety of shapes and qualities
that are worn, manufactured under bis
owii immediate inspection, by the most
experienced workmen.
Having sold out his establishment in Washington, his
whole attention will be devoted to his business in Alex
andria; and be is determined to have bis work got up
in s style that will give satisfaction.
He has also a large supply of
comprising ail the variety of the aeaaoo, vix.—Sea Ot
ter, Mock Otter, Cloth. Hair, Seal, he. All of which
be will sell on pleasing terms, wholesale or retail.
Dealers are invited to call and examine his stock.
Just Heeded,
And on tale by IVM. M. MORRISOtf,
THE Religious Souvenir for 1834, edited by G. T.
Bedell, d! D. Rector of St. Andrew's Cbareb,
Philadelphia. oov 32
lae\V Hut Alt,
HAVING taken his brother,, IIIOUAS T. H' li
OLE. into partnership, will continue at the'-*
stand, south wc»t comer of King and Columbus XfJ*,
to carry on their business as J|
And where they will make, and keep constantly f.
sale, at fair prices,
Xm*\ A general assortment of Ure
Ifl cian, Fancy and Windsor
Thepuolic are rcsp-ctf,illy inv.teC
I Mr a » call and examine their present u
" T I Ttment. I hey feel assured that the;
I 1 vill be found not to be inferior, either
in the durabdity of their materials or the neatneu of
their execution, to those of any other manufac uret ,n
the District. They will execute
Sign and Ornamental Painting and Gilding
in all their various branches, on the most accommoci
ing terms
OLD CHAIRS will be taken in part ps.mcntfcr
new ones, or will be repaired or re painted at Ct
shortest notice.
Chairs purchased at this manufactory will be i«r>
free of expense, to any part of the District,
nov 23 — tf_ _
Cabinet, Fbair, anti
JAMES GHEBN, CaDinet maker, hasonhand, and
will constantly keep, at his old stand on Ron;
sL, Alexandria,and at thecorneroflOth st., Per.r»>l
vania, Avenue Washington, a genera assortment;
Themostfashionable <$* durable FURSITUHF..
which he will warrant equal, if nut superior, ir
quality, to anv ever offered in the District—ten
ing, i n part, of
Grecian, winged and plain wardrobes
Gothic, pedestal end and plain sideboards
Ditto, with cellarctts and marble slabs
French and plain bureaus
Dressing do with mirrors
Ladies’ and gentlemen’s secretaries ai.d boot
Pier table, with marble and mahogany tops
Pillar and claw dining, breakfast u card tables
Plain do do do do do
Ladies' work stands
Shaving and candle stands
Wash stands with narble and mahogany topi
Grecian sofas; mahogany chairs
Miaic stools, bidetts, cribs, cradles
D/a.t.kla wesfin« rls»«lra lr<*
JVith a general assortment of BEDSTEADS
of rnaly caned mahogany, maple and stained
wood*. All of which will be told at low, for cut,
aa they can be purchased of the time quality
at any other manufactory in the Union.
An assortmen of St. Domingo and Bay ofl!oti
dura* Mahogany, a part of whict if suitable for
handrailsi steam s-»wed Curl and Shaded Vcneen,
Copal V«r an of a superior quality; Sacking
Botto.ia, Cords, he.
TURNING Sf CAR VING handsomely executed
ocr iS
ftpYeu&YtY furniture.
Cabinet, Chair and Sofa Maker, King, next door
to the corner of Alfred street.
HAS on hand, and constantly manufactures s gene
ral assortment of
Which,foreleganceanddurability,-belles competitor.
Hisstock. generally consists of
Grecian and plain sofas, couches and lounges
Mahogany and all kinda of drawing-room chairs
Grecian, winged and single wardrobes
Pedestal-enasideboards with marble tops and mircr.
Gothic and various other ditto
Pier tables, with marble and mahogany tops
Pillersnd block dining, card and breakfasttablcs
do daw do do do do
Plain do do do do do
Centric or loo • oo
Frencband variou other bureaus, with snumtLoif
Ladiesdressing tables, with and without mirrori
Ditto workstands and music stools
Dittoand gentlemen's abinet, secretaries and bock
Washstands, with marble and mahogany tops
Kichly carved and plain mahogany, bird eye, »nd cur
maple and common beadstead*
Cribs, cradles,candlestands,sharing do* portable dt‘ki
and every other article in the cabinet line.
Mahogany of various kinds, steam sawed, curlsr..
•haded veneers,copalvainish.sacking bottoms,coni
BBDS. 1KATT&A33E3. &C.
The above articles will be disposed of for c»»l> or tc
punctual persons on the most liberal terms. (
A verv extensive patronage from Washington mu
cesme to say, that I will deliver furniture to any pt"
chaserin that city free ofexpence.
Turning 6t Carving executed in the best mnnntt
mav 20
C bluet, t5\\alr an<\ ft of a
On King street, next door to Washington «frce’
LKONAKD O.COOK reapectfullv informsbisfrirndi
and the public generally that he has commence ,
the above business in all its various branches I-’*
Furniture, which, for neatness and workmans!, p. «
warrants eqnal to any ever offered in the District,»
be sold low for cash, or to punctual persons on
Most liberal terms Persons wishing to purchase **
respertfully invited to rail and examine tor themseW*
'VITt) KIKii iff VJi R XrSHfXfi handsomriv
cuted Old Furniture neatly repaired, snd *11
punctually attended to. _ ocnO—
fttVpl\en ft. ftanger,
IN tendering his sincere acknowledgement* to ! '
friends ami the public for past patronage, re*p«c
fully informs them that he still continues totn»nu»
ture. and ha* now on hand.
of good materials and workmanship, which he *•>'«
pose of upon reasonable terms
The public are solicited to call, before they P
chsxe ebewhete. at his
on King street, between Columbus snd Henry
where be will satisfactorily eaecuxe all orders t**r «
cles in either of the shove branches Repair*'"
line done neat, cheap, and eapeditiously.
oct 8—tf____
Outers, Htc.
JOHN W. SMITH, grateful for past favor*, ret
his tincere acknowledgments to the public, _
assures them that be has commenced with the
to supply them with the best
fresh from the Coves, and will be regularly »UPP1
by the steamboat Potomac every Tbursda) •
fa mi ties can be supplied at all times- . , ,
The lovera of good living will find it to their
tage to call and judge for themselves
oct 19—2m ^ __ _
Ground Plaster,
For tale by the Ton, Barrel, or Bue 1
THE subscriber has on hand, snd intend* '"t ^
during the season. Ground Plaster, which * ^
•old at as low price* u it can be procured *'^l!‘y

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