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... are ,1*1 to see that our old and respect*
.. \udre«’s Society continues its eaiatence
usefulness Long may the descendant,
who established it, preseree and prow
die good work of their fathers.
there are support to be alre.d, 160 or 170
--embers of Congress in Washington, and min.
' .,11 arnee to da. and to-morrow. Congre..
^11 therefore open on Mood.., with ne.rlt .11
ejlt members present._
Tm oesmboat Potomac, which sailed Jester
. ,,,r s.rMk, carried to Richmond a oumber
jV„. Senators ami Delegates of the Virgin,. As
ietnbly- _____
Ihe indiscretion of some of those who write
about Mr. Clay being a candidate for
! , ’flt l’tesidentship, and his not being a can
, lUte. must be apparent enough. Mr. Clav is
no. 3<1* a candidate.-That is certain. If he
.. ,a Ut a candidate, the public vine*—folly,
,\ark. unequivocally «pressed-will so an
lit Until this is done, «e object to any
Me. Clar will not permit himself
. , * pushed forward by the indiscretion uf h.s
f: ten Is.
, »,nrrnr ot‘ nullification and State rights
.c(e is altogether a new thing in the mass
, nt ,, ople. L was the doctrine ot the whole
,'ir,( vears ago. The; approved
, Ml could be a good
Koctlv. Hut when the Jackson party found
• i not laliitic with such
IlattKComi"? ..e ~
joct.mes. and prudently repudiated them, it i*
not for us to co'i'p’am. We rather rejoice that
ne, the error*.f their ways in time to save
usf.oia civil war and Gen. Hamilton from “go
ing to the death for hi* *ogar.
j The cause of State Rights i*. in reality, the
crave of popular liberty—We cause of popular
n-ht, .gainst the despotic disposilion inherent in
all government*. The People could noi be
» a i»vt this cause if thee understood it, for it l*
heir cause Jgam*» their natural enemies, power
and privilege—Rich. Whig
hunted. But it must be that kind of State
Kiglits which admits of the union of the States.
The States perform and exercise their appropriate
and legitimate rights as well in maintaining the
$ lies united, as in preserving them sovereign,
-if that word will suit. The State Rights that
\iuuld introduce nullification, secesvion, section*
jl confederacies, &c.. is any thing but the cause
of popular liberty It is the cause of di.organi
/ition, and, ultimately, of civil war and mili
Mr. Krguet t* not pleased with our anticipa
nts the success and value of manufactures
;itl»e South. In a recent number nf his Exa
liner, he objects to our article on that subject.
Wesre me'ined to believe that he is too preju
ji ,d s »t manufactures to permit hi.nself to
julg-conectlv in the premise*. If the South
. i> benetiiu-l and enriched by the op-rations
w.'ifartorics without oppression or injury
r.\ other section of the Union, s .-cess to
.« 1 Du* »h the principle on which we have
s is, acted. It was tins that always induced
•) favor a reduction and modification of the
Ii, r.i uV,—not that we did not desire the coin
ji.<tetriumph of our own manufactures, but that
uti- dtj not wi*h to see any portion of the coun
oppressed to accomplish that end.
Tie United State* Gazette copie9 our para*
|jii| , in praise uf our oysters arid ducks and ve
' -son, See., and accompanies it with the follow
•Is, remarks:
We can scarcely inugiue a state of things that
cvulj itniuce u* to go a* far south as M ashing
• "i; but if any of our friends have upon them
tv ":ac(/t‘hes" for travelling, let them read
subjoined extract from the Alexandria D C
bi«tte. If sutih paragraphs are suft retl in the
'csspaptr* beyond the limits of the Federal Ui
‘r. ...... hrtir nf manv leave* ot ab
I ice jrauted, and perhaps of an occasional use
fie S. r"caut at-Arms.
Mexico.—Our latest advices from the
ipi'al of the Mexican republic are to the 25th
' October, at which time President Santa Anna
>•*! returned to the city, after a successful en
'Ueraent w ith the insurgent*, whose leading men
’? lad captured.
Charity S i. r m o n.—The usual Charity
v'a>» on bthail i f the st. Andrew's Society will Oe
**n hed on Sabbath dav, at the First Presby terian
‘-'Ur. by Uev. fcLtAs Hahbisow. at 3 o’clock in the
‘ m, <»n ’ l he p-ocee N of the collection to Le dis
)!‘td among th- poor of the town indiscriminately.
^•wjO _
k"7* St..iiuireiv's Society.—The members ol
o Suei*tv are requested to attend 1 he Anni
'r'~rT meeting on Sr. Andrew's day [’Saturday,
Dm.J at Newton's Hotel, at 11 o’clock, at
time an Klection of officers will take plai e
I8* »rjfr „f (J0|,0 Auld, President,
Ji'wSO—It L. McKenzie. Sec’y.
&3*The Savings Fund Institution
,!fl *vrry Saturday afternoon, from half paat 3 to 5
under the direction of a Committee of the
** ‘Ca.i, at their Uoom on Fairfax, a few doors north
r ^ice street —Thoae to whom it would be more
1^‘tnent. may make iheir depoaiW on any other day
I’ •« *eek, with William Stabler, Apothecary, fcc.
r *Htr«rt ^eSat
At Waterbury, Coon on the 12th in*t. by the
Rev. Mr. Arnold, Mr. Benjamin F. Leaven
wobth to Mi** Jane Baeiholomew, recently
of New Haven. [We have bad a communication
before us stating that the day after the marriage,
two ladies brought suit* against him for a breach
nl promise of marriage, and that some months
since, a similar suit wa* brought against him, acd
that he paid *1000 J—New Haven Register.
From London • Oct 23 I From Liverpool Oct 24
. From Havre • Oct. 16 | From N. Orleans Nov 15
Price of Produce in Alexandria yesterday, from
wagons and Vessels.
Flour, per barrel, - • *5 50 a 0 00
Wheat, per bushel, - - 1 00 a 1 15
Corn, do - - * 0 65 a 0 65
Rye, do - • 0 66 a 0 70
Oats, from wagons, per bushel, 0 58 a 0 40
Oats, from vessels, do - 0 33 a 0 35
Corn Meal, white, do - 0 72 a 0 75
Corn Meal, yellow, do - 0 65 a 0 70
Flaxseed, - do 1 25 a 0 03
Whiskey, per gallon, * • 0 28 a 0 30
Bacon, per cwt. - - • r 75 o 8 00
1 Butter, fresh, per lb. - - 0 16 a 0 20
I Do firkin, do. * • 0 10 a 0 15
! Lard. do. - - 0 07f a 0 08
; Plaster Paris, (retail) per ton, 6 00 a 0 00
Wagon Pork, per 100 lb*. • 4 75 a 5 00
Flour.—The wagon price continues at *5,50.
, From stores it is very dull, there being no pur*
chasers in the market.
Cotton continues drooping, and the accounts
from Liverpool and Havre published this morn
ing are calculated to add something to the de
cline. Flour is rather heavy at the closing pri
1 ces of ln*t week. The prices of Grain have not
varied this week. Ashes are without change.—
. . mi* 1 m t • a 1 ft_
Mackerel are steauv at du*, mu oj.
are not brisk, and the news ia not favorable.—
Molasse* and Sugar remain at last week. The
eatiei condition of monev affairs continues.
Jour. Com.
Arrived, November 29.
Schooner Hittv Tom, Chase, Boston; Plaster
to W. Fowle & Co.
i Schooner E i/a Jane, Kell?, Boston; Plaster
to H. Danger field.
Schooner Hickorv, Swann, Occoquan; Flour
to J- & J. H. Jannev.
Scnooner Juvende, Philips, Vienna; Corn to
' Stephen Shinn.
Schooner Plough Bov, VV ood, Port Tobacco;
' Wheat and Corn to Master.
Schooner Bee, Drummond. Follj Landing;
OaM, Peas, &e. to Master.
SchiH.ner \nn Maria, Brocket, Follj Land
ing OaU to Master.
Schooner Caleb. Goodwin, Port Deposit;
Lumber to Mr. McK'iight.
Schooner Accntink Packet, Delano, Accotink,
Fiour to Johnathan Jannev.
Schooner Ortiimbo, McDaniel, Pomonkev;
. Wheat to Master.
Schooner Rambler, Collev. passed up for
Georgetown. Below, one Brig.
Schooner Leonides, Dearborn, Gibraltar and
a Market
j Schooner Pamela, Nickerson, Charleston.
Steamboat Potomac, Nevitt, Norfolk.
Sailed from New York 27th inst , British brig
Duke of Clarence, for this port.
Brig Nancy,Titcomb, hence at Savannah 20lh ,
inst. . _ . „'
Below Philadelphia 28 h, brig Remittance, of,
this port, from St. Domingo.
Br tg Rubicon, of Georgetown, at Curaroa, to
1 sail in 3 davs for Georgetown, on lltli. Bv an
arrival a* Philadelphia.
Nov. 27th, Schr. President, Kirtland, hence
at New York.
Nov. 20th, Schooner Potomac, Bears, sailed
from Halifax for this port.
Nov. 16th. British schooner Caraboo, Doane,
hence at Halifax. j
Fot Freight.
The schooner HiTTY TOM Chase, mat- j
fW t— c irriea about 350 barrel*. ^ II take a freight
I JuTTr?* *>r to the West Indie*. Aj t»i> to
j nov 30__WM. FOWLS Ik Co
Fte*A\ Clo\metA.
/• a q ,ahels of prime quality, in tacks of two and
three bushel*, just received per steamboat from
Baltimore, and for sale by .
U McKKNZIB. Truon whsrf.
/ V STORE, ?0 bags ltio Coffee, of prime quality,
nov 30 a- -
iipuefcftYfc FYwur.
1 a FKW barrel* Gennessee Flour, reported of «upe
i A rinr quality, for family use
| nov SO 9 A MX B. LARUOUR *_Co.
liar litaA.
ONF. case Bar I.esd.
nov 30 SAMX B. LARWOUR & Co_
i Cotton Xt\r n V3au&\fcwYck
Ur p have just received from the Bran lywuir factory
3000 lb*. C«'tt'.n Yarn, from No 5 to 12 \l*n,
540 »lo Cmndlewkk—which >re offered for
Mle on usual terms for sueh att.clc*. and • operate
prices. Tbi* factory make* Y .m of excellent quality •
In Storey
10 kegaLeiper’a Scotch Snuff and
a few barrels Apple*- lo-w
„„ 30 «" * C.
FicWtd VivvAitw.
Barrels Picked Pippim, just recrved from
30jersey. and for **•«• TheJ HOUe.t *'
U mo 30th V®Q*N»b »• HOWIaii.
Waa\k\n*lon&A\exanArla Boat
The Steamboat ESSEX will
ALEXANDRIA at 8f, II. and
l__H O'clock—WASHINGTON at
9A, 12, and 4 o'clock—for the remainder of the aeason.
nov 30 PE I’ER JONES, Master.
[Nat. Intell- eo3t]
I HAVE removed roy Office from the ton'h weat
corner of the square, intersection of King and
Washington streets, one door nonh of said corner, and
opposite Mr. Grub's Store, where those having busi
ness with me will please call,
Office of the Chesapeake Sr Ohio Canal Company,
Washington, Nov. 27, 1833.
N'Ol'ICP. — Pursuant to the adjournment of the last
meeting of'he Stockholders of the Chesapeake
and Ohio Canal Company, a meeting of the said Stock
holders will be held on Monday, the 9th of Decem
ber next. at the City Hall in this city, commencing at
11 o'clock, A. M. JOHN P. INGLE,
nov 30—dt9thDee _Secretary. •
for boston.
<-£5: The regular packet schooner VELO
JaSmLClTi', Hammond, master, will be ready
lor cargo in a few days. For freight apply to the
master on board, at Central Wharf, or to
nov 28 WM. FOWLE & Co.
For Bos\on.
The schooner FRANCIS, Captain Chase,
Jmfclbwdl have despatch. Fur freight apply to the
subscriber-; who have landing rrom on board said
100 boxes 9perm Candles, of superior quslitv, va
rious sites
100 boxes Mould do, do do do
10 hogsheads New England Rum
nov 27A. C. Cs ZKN’OVB k Co
For Boston
The packet schooner NEIV-YORK, Smith,
master, will have despatch For freight apply
to Ute master oil board, at Central Wharf, or to
nov 27 W FOWLS k Co.
For Boston or VorttanA.
|ffg- The aehooner FAIR LADY Captain Bsker,
EfrrMT “,:n carry 800 barrela. For freight aa above
■ 1 VRA mN
no* 2J—6t
AA BBLS. “ Winchester’s*’ No 1 Beef
10 hhds New England Rum
15 boxes Lemons. Received per Velo
city, from Boston, for sale by
nov 28 WM. FOWLE & Co.
LBS. Prime Goshen Cheese, just
JL^PmFwJ received and for sale bv
YOUNG Hvson, in chests, and half chests;
Gunpowder, in chests, half chests and catty
boxes; Imperial, in half chests and ratty boxes;
Souchong and Powdmng, in half chests and catty
boxes—TEAS, of superior quatiiv. for sale by
nov 28 S. MESSERS ML IfL_
RIO. Lsguira, Java, and old White Coffee,
for sale by
nov 28 8. MESSERsMl TH.
CHESTS, half ch s's, and 13 lb boxes
iSlF Gunpowder. Hvson, anil Young Hyson
5 cases 4 and 2 lb cannisters Gunpowder do
1 chest fine Powdmng, in patters
10 hhd» Po to R'CO Sugar, prime qualify
Rpceiveil ami lor sa>e by
nov 28—eo6t VV. BAR I LEMAN.
•Mwfttv.tvttAd Tugtvr*, $*c*
lo sirjssf
10 iiof’difHih N. K. Rum
20 boxes 1 ‘ranges
50 tons PU>t- r of Paris
Received per schooner New York, fir sale by
nov 27 W POWI.K tc Co
gvi w * Rags, ("I! k) just received from the I’h®
s&y H f nix ‘‘hut l ower Gonipane of Baltimore, lor
I tie by nov 27 S MKSSLKSMII II.
A LOT of prime Fresh Cloverseed, for sale by
nov 28—d2»v J & J. II J ANNEY.
I PUBLISHED in Boston, 2d Edition, juat re
ceived and for sale bv
nov 28 WM M. MORRISON.
'■NHE Pieaident and Directors of the Ashby’s
1 Gap Turnpike Company have this day de
clared a dividend of two and a half per cent, on
pteir capital stock, payable on the fiist day of
January. 1834, to the stockholders or their legal
representatives. A GIBSON,
treasurer of shbvNGap turnpike Company.
Sliddier.org, *»i»v. 8. 18.13 nf,v 28— 3w
Al). HARMON has just received, by sebrs.
ct_ V ...i. ...a V.lnrilv from Rmlnn.
and direct from the manufacturer’s, an additional
supplv of Coarse and Fine BOOTS, BOOTEES,
and SHOES, of every variety, suitable for the
season; which are offered cheap, either wholesale
or retail._nov 38
HATS, CAPS, &c &c.!!!
JOHN T. EVANS respectfully informs his
o'd customers and the public generally, that
he has on hand a splendid assortment of superior
BLACK H ATS, of all shapes and qualities,
manufactured by journeymen of long and well
tried esperience. A» he keeps no apprentices,
he can therefore, with confidence, recommend
any work which may leave his shop,
lie has just received, by the last arrivals from
Boston and elsewhere, CAPS of latest fashions
and of best workmanship and materials; among
them will be found Youth’s and Men’s Cloth
Caps, of a variety of patterns. Also, a few do
zen Ladies’ Cloth Riding Caps, a new and beau
tiful article. H" continues to keep LADIES’
FURS «>r everv kind, *och as Fur Stocks, Boa
Constrictors, • &r*
And Fur Skids fur gentlemen’s cloak collars.
He is now mat- ^factoring L\DIES’ BEAVER
BONNETS «f the latest fashion, which are
I thought handsomer than any thing of the kind
i ever before ..ff-red to the public. All of which
he will dispose of, on accommodating terms,
j nov 28—d3m__
' Expeditiously executed at the Gazette Office.
EUg&nt Pwfumwy
' QCENTF.D WATERS:—Superior Cologne Water,
i O Lavender Water. Row Water, Orange Flower Wa
: ter. Honey Water, Florida Water.
The above delightful preparation! are put up in
plain and feney bottlea. Being prepared with the
greatest care, they are warranted equal in qualitv to
tny imported, and at price* much lower than usual.
Essences or Extract* of Rote*. Lemon, Vanilla, and
Orange Flower*
This class of extracts, independent of their fine per
fume, sre also highly useful in fi»voring pie* pudding*,
ice-creams, jellies, Ac. In order to use them, it is on
ly necessary to pour in a few drops of the extract, un
til the article is flavored to the taste t brse extracts
will keep unimpaired for years, and are veiy superior
to the common distilled waters of the shop*
Extract of Bergamot, Jtssnmnc. Villefeurt, Tuberose,
Jinquille, Orange, Musk, Bitter Almond* l avender,
'Jonquin. Camelia. Citron Flower* and Extruit dt
Rote fancy
Thi- class of extracts are of that kind moat suitable
for perfuming gloves, handkerchiefs or for smelling
butties. They are prepovd from the purest ir.gredi
cuts, and contain their different ptrfumes in the great
est perfection.
Volatile Aromatic Extraet
For head ache, tne sick ruom. or » general smelling
! bottle, this delightful compound is equal, if not supe
rior, to any thing of the kind in use.
Containing all the fragranev of the most delightful
! perfumes, it has also the volatile quality which render*
it highly useful as a remedy for fainting, and will be
found uf great utility for travellers by land or water,
or person* in crowded assemblies.
The Indian D^e for coloring and preserving the Rumen
This excellent snd very innocent preparation differs
entirely from the various article* hitherto used for the
same purpose, inasmuch as it is free from all noiioas
ingredient*, and will not, in the slightest degree, in
jure the texture of the hair, or even stain the akin.—
Ited, light, grey, or gnsly hair, can, in eight hours, be
changed by it to a beautiful and permanent black or
brown; or, if applied at night, on going to bed the
change will have tak n place by morning. Whiskers
and e>e brows are colored with the same facility.—
Price 75 cents per bottle.
Low’* Indian OIL
The Indian Oil is a compound of Beat's Oil with
other articles of equ»l benefit for the gnwlh, and for
gradually coloring the hair, it has obtained much cele
brity for its fine effects, and is in daily demand It
gives to the hair a bright aud lasting curl, and makes
it, when har9h, soft and beautiful Persons who are
becomidff irrev. will find the Indian Oil of much aer
vice in preventing to great a calamity, as it aurely i% to
the fashionable lady or aspiring bachelor No other
direction for its use is necessary than to dress the hair
with it, as is done with Pomatum or Beat's Oil. Price
75 cents per bottle.
Purified Bear's OiL
Among the many articles offered to the public for
the growth ami preservation of the hair, none seem to
have g vensomuch satisfaction at the Purified Bear's
Oil—which has been known, in many instances, to re
store the hair on heads which had been bald tor years;
it also prevents the hair from falling out, and quickly
restores it when lost from sickness, or any other cause
It gives to the most stubborn locks a strong, glossy
and lasting curl, removes the dandruff, which often
impedes the growth of the hair, causing headache, f<c
The Bear's Oil is far superior to Antique or Macas
sar Oils, which, being of vegetable origin, soon make
the hsir hard and crisp; while animal oils, on »he con j
irary mukeit soft snd beautiful. Of the latter class,
'.lie Hears Oil. being more penetrating, is, of course,
preferred. Mothers will find it excellent frr the heads
"f theirchildri n, ana to gentlemen of fashion it is re
C immended for the growth of whiskers hen used,
t should tie well nibbed into the roots of the hsir with
» pene'rating hair brush, which excites also a healthy
sc'ion in the skin. The hair should be well oiled every
oilier day, before combing it Being highly punfie.
and pleasantly perfumed, it will be found decidedly su
perior to amt other article forconataut use in dressing
the hair Price 25 cents per bottle.
Milk of Roses.
This high'y efficacious and pleasant cosmetic is re
commended as the best application known for remov
ing freckles, pimples, Ian, sunburn, mnrphew, and
most other temporary affections of the skin—also a
complete remedy for the chafing of infants. All that
is necessari in using it is to moisten the end of a nsp
k<n with it, and rubbing it gently in the place affected
once or twice uring the day, and at night on going to
bed Gvnilemen w«ll find it highly useful in removing
the smarting sensation* often occasioned by the use ol
the razor in shaving, for which purpose a few drops
poured into the shaving box previous to funning the
ia,her will suffice. It is perfectly inn. cent, and m«y
be used without the least caution. It gives to the
roughest skin a pleasing softness, and renders it beau
fully fair it may be used with much advantage for
chapped Ipa or handa. Price 25 cents per buttle.
%• A full supply of the above enumerated articles
on hand, and lor vale by
nov 13 — w3w _J. B HF.PIIUHN
WASHINGTON & nHK.NThave just received a
fresh supply of B’EIV GOODS, confuting, in
part, of—
Blue black and fancy c it'd Cloths and Cassimeres
If kite, red and Milled Flannels
Rose, Point and IVhitney Blankets
Meri o Circassians, Bombazctts and Bombazines
Cassinctts Bcgro Cloths and Linseys
Calicoes, Cumbrics and t'htck Muslins
Worsted Hose black, white and fancy colored
Cotton Host, black slate and fancy colored
Irish and German Linents Table • loths
German. Irish and Russia Sheetings
Linen Cambrics and Blond Lace feils
Shawls. Handkerchief* Bobbineits. Silk Velvets
Thread Ldeings, Comforts, Tooth Brushes, U"c.
Wnh a variety ol other uooatf atreaucea pncca.
nov V7—2w _
The L»anAftc»^e J\mvu&\ tnr
1834, »
CONTAINING 26 bplenun. Engravings on Steel of
Scenes in France and Italy.
(iallery of the Graces, Nos. 5 and 6.
Received for sale by E. KENNEDY,
nov 27—eo3t ____
YUftck lnk\l
JUST received, one cask of Boston manufactured
Writing Ink, warrant* d superior to the Bottled
Ink generally, and at one half price, viz: 12 J cents per
pint^or »■ p.f triton. W)) M MOH„„ow
Doctor Wheelwright
HAS removed to the House on St Asaph street,
between King and Prince streets, former y occu
pied by T. F. Mason, Esq. where he can be found.
nov 8—d4ti*wtf_____
V»eglo fiat's 13ourt.
a LEGION A KY Court of Enquiry , for the he*™*
held at the Town Hall, neat to the Council Chamber,
on the 13th December, pursuant to adjournment? of
which all persons interested will P1**1* not,Ce‘
The Court will be opened at 10 JMjtock,
Adj 1st Reg 2d Brig M.D. C.
nov 25-eotl3thncc___
fftTTtt lOT
I WISH to sell a FARM, containing 313 ACRES,
adjoining my residence. It is heavily timbered,
and baa on it a variety of fine Fruit. A,great bargain
may be had if immediately applied for.
Fa.rfa* County. Va. n. F. DULANT
aug 14— eotf
tCF Sale to begin precisely at 10 o’clock, A. M.
UN DVR the authority of a Decree of tbe SopeHor
Court of Chancery, holden at Staunton oo tbe
lith day of July. I8'29,in a suit there pending between
John R, Hayden, administrator with the will an '
nexed of Benjamin Beeler, Junior, deceased,
and others, Plaintiffs,
; Mary Hollingsworth, executrix of Frances Hoi
j lingsworth, deceased, who wss execu’ris of
| Jane Hollingsworth, decM, fcc. Defendants, „
The subscriber will « ff r for sale, at public auction,
on Saturday, the 30th November next, the follow inf
VALUABLE PROPERTY-that is toaay:—
^Ellflil OT <>*■' GROUND on the west side of
iGglflK Fairfax street, between Prince and Duke
reels, formerly occupied by Evan P.
Taylor as a coach maker’s shop; and the Ground be
tween the north gable wall of the said tenement and
tbe line of the lot lately occupied by Nicholas Kings
ton—in front on Fairfax street 55 feet, more or lesst in
depth 123 feet i inches.
2. The VACANT LOT ndjoioiog the Mid
brick tenement on the south, extending to Reuben
Johnson's line; in front 18 feet, more or less; in depth
123 feet 5 inches.
3. A RENT IN FEE of £4 10s. lid. Vir
ginia currency, charged on a lot 14 feet 6 inches ia
front, adjoining No 1 on the south, being part of the
lot formerly occupied by Nicholas Kingston
4. Three V\C ANT LOTS, 28 feet S inehf•
in front each, in depth 123 5, on the east tide of Royal
street, between Prince and Duke a'reeta.
The a«le will begin at 10 o’clock, A. M. in front of
the brick tenement on Fairfas street. One-third of
the purchase money to be paid in cash; the residue in
three equal instalments of three. six ambnine month*,
with intaieat from the day of tale For the deferred
payments, bonds, with good security, will be r« quired.
H I. TAYLOR, Commissioner,
oet 30— eot30ihKotr
A LARGE LOT of Nuperior British made
CLOTHS to be sold by auction on Satur
day morning neit, 30th instant, at the corner of
King and St. Asaph streets, consimmg ui muc,
Black, Olive and Claret cnlois; to which I would
invite the attention of dealer* and others} poii
lively to be told lo the highest bidder*.
oo* 29 GEO. WHITE.
INGS, &c &c.
THIS EVENING, at half paat 6 o'clock,
at White’s Auction Store, will be sold,
without reserve, to close sale*, a variety of Se*
cond Hand BOOKS. Also, Engraving*, aod a
variety of other article*, remaining untold from
sale* hitherto made.
The above sale is made by virtue of a deed of
tru*t from George White to me, for purposes
therein expressed. B HOOE, Trustee.
nov 30 _ _ __
ttook ConUnubA*
Corner of St. Jitnph and King streets.
ON MONDAY EVENING Dec. 2, 18J3, st 6|
o'clock, I shall coming; the vale* of those Urge
and splendid Invoices of BOlJCS. h c rrr.ivU
the New York. Philadelphia, and Batimore markets.
So extensive is the assortment, that as yet it i* but lit
tle broken in upon. 1 hey will consist of all the
splendid editions, as published by the principal book
sellers thr ughout the Uuion. Sales positive to th«
highest bidder*. _nor. 30—2t
ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, Dec. 4, by print
ed catalogue, mother elegant iupply of Book%
now on the way from Philadelphia Particular* here*
On THUHSDAY EVENING, Dec. 5, an ***ort
ment of Fancy Articles, Ac fcc. fcc
noT 30 GEO WHITE. Auct
In consequence of a legal informality ia
advertising the property described below, s re sale of
the liiM will take place as under.
Trunlve ft
BY virtue of a Deed of Trust from Anthony Crease,
ilecene.l. the subscriber will otter tor sxie, .it pub
lic vendue, i» 'runt of the premisi s. on Saturday, the
21sf of December next, at 1! o'clock. M
iluon the south side ot C.kiueron
3lBBlIra*,ree,t between W sshington and'•t \sxph
streets fron’ing on Cameron itrect .8 feet
6 iinches, and running b’ e. Juo/i«f. at present occupied
by lames Irwin ► sq md •ubject to bis lease. WftiCft
will expire in December next, when poeseitwn will be
given and may by arrangement with Mr Irwin be hud
sooner I'iiis is a modern • tu;t veil fi. ish-d. ’ <.n f'irt
*.,u Three Story Brick Dwelling i.’cute with convent
ent Out Howes and its situation particularly e.igtble
/r|a,«r/Drn",fiUhf cash, the balance in (our «qual
instalments. at six, twelve, eighteen and jwealy(out
months, with interest from the day of sate **Jhe de
fcmd payments, g"»u - ■■ -- .7. -w/
The title to this properly 11 believed to be/*V«|jj
W The Trustee will, however, convey auch title
cnlv aa ha* been vested in him.
n«v 19—eotSlatPcc_
UNDER the authority of a Deed of Trust from Jaa.
C Wilson, the subscriber will tell at public sue*
tion, to the highest bidder, on Monday, 9th Ucocmber
next, at 12 o’clock, one-third of that large
street, lately occupied bv K AW. Ram
lig»»l „,v Alto, one third of a LOT OF OROUBJJ
Zutkc street, adjoining the Dwelling Houae attach
ed to St Paul’* Church Terms made known at sale,
oov 8 —dta SAM'L. J. POTTS, Trustee.
By virtue of a Deed of Trust from Ro
ber I T. Wilson to me, bearing date the 2d day of
January, 18^9, and recorded in the United States' Cir
cuit court tor ihe County of Alcxanuria, I ahall offer
for tale, at the aarne time and place, all the right, title
ami interest of the said Wilton in the above deaenbed
property. Term* made known at sale
nov 25 _ Tm*".
*CP I will, at the same time, aell the remain
ing shares of the above property, Consequently the
teii" b’"“ "-wrsmftr
nov 25—t9ihDee _
distance from* town. The finder will be
rewarded by leafing them at this office.
_ i ——

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