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“ Fait ce qu it JaiU, omt^ ce qu it pourra.11
rob* zsssm. sa®n^T immsrm®* tojsvww&jt 9* ms. st&w bemw m as-s?®. 3493.
pr/BLfSHE/l, TiiH.Y. BY
It $3 per annum, payable half yearly.
p per annum, payable in advance.
Terms of Advertising:
\ I ertisrmenn neatly and conspicuously inserted at
t r,re of one dollar p*r square for the first three in
is, and twenty-five cents for every autif. q lent
r.„ri a reasonable deduction will be made in
• w! of yearly advertisers
Ml s ',vert semeets published in the Daily paperap
n »'ir Country psptr._
Yvir VreVgAU.
. - r 1 lie schooner HlTl'Y 10M Chase, mss
eri curies about 800barrels, w IItake a freight
, » or to the West Indies. Apply to
,.A. ;ij \V It KOW1.K A Co
. - x The regular packet achooner VELO
^MTV. Hammond, master, will be ready
•ur cargo in a tew days. For freight apply to the
master '*n board, at Central Wharf, nr to
,„,v\>8 WM. FOWLE & Co.
\Y tt*\\uiglim&»\\exau&YVtt
its. O* _ I_a DQCL'V _!tl
A (1C OlUUlUVdV win
i Al.VX WDHl.V *t 8^, 11. and
,'J o’clock—W ASHING J ON at
. 1.12, and 4 o’clock—for the remainder of the season,
nov 30 PKTBK JONBS, kUstcr._
V SUPPLY •>! the above article, which is ve
ry superior to the common Boiler Plate Iron,
now on hand, and’will constantly be kept by the
subscriber-*, who will sell it wholesale at factory
prices. TH*y will also get orders for any parti
talar size Charcoal or common Boiler Plate Iron
uecuted in a reasonable time, on application to
nuv 28 A C. CAZENOVE & Co._
BBLS •* Winchester’*” No. 1 Beef
1U hhds New England Rum
15 boxes Lemons. Received per Velo
citv, from Boston, for sale by
! nov 28 ' WM. FOWLE & Co.
LBS. Prime Goshen Cheese, just
w# received and for sale bv
nov 28 WILLIAM N. McVElGH.
YOUNG Hyson, in chests, and hall chests;
Gunpowder, in chests, half chests and catty
licxeS Imperial, in half chests and catty boxes;
Souchong and Powchopg, in hall chests and catty
soxrs—TEAS, of superior quality, for sale by
VI). HARMON has just received, by schrs.
, New York and Velocity, from Boston,
ai-.d direct from the manulacturer’s,an additional
vipplv of Coarse and Fine BOO IS, BOO 1 EEs,
and SHOES, of every variety, suitable for the
«Axon; which are offered cheap, either wholesale
or retail. nov 28
S $ 10, Laguira, Java, and old \\ bite Coffee,
for sale by
qitIK subscriber*, intending a removal from Alexan
t dna t-» New York in rhe course ot a very short
T.e, nave to a«K Uie ?avor oi au person* mucutcu
them to call ami settle their respective accounts, as
'• etf business must be brought to a speedy close,
jxtl-dtl _ JtS McKKNZIE UT Co.
»Hu&cdwado sugars, §x*
10 ling*heads N. K. Hum
20 boxes » 'ranges
50 tons Plasttr of Paris
Received per schooner New York, for sale by
not 27. W. FOWLS «c Co.
o)l \ Bags, (all siz «) just received from the Phot
'St'W nii ^hat l ower Companv of llaltimore, tor
nleby ilPV 27 S MKSSKKSMI Ml.
YresU T^as.
X Chests prime Young Hyson Tta
\J 2 cases two pound caoniaters Gunpowder do
5 q-. chests Powchong (in half pound papers)
Received and for aale by
To ViaYiwmen.
v V R have received for sale—
' • dOoO Ins prime Cork Wood
5c j do Cotton Seine Twine (best quality)
Abo, an assortment of Cordage.
Ink, QulWa, trfc.
C I’PEIUOK Black Writing and Record Ink, in quart,
*3 Pmt, half pint, ami smaller bottles.
Red Ink in vials.
Q lilis. from No. 6 to 80, from the manufactory of
“ btebell A Co Philadelphia.
Cokl Leaf Steel Pens, Ink Powder, Wafers and Ink
Sltnd*. J ust received anti for tale by
\)octoT \VY\fc*VNT\gYit
HAS removed to the House on St. Asaph atreet,
between King and Prince streets, formerly occu
Trdby T. F. Mason, Ksq. where he can be found.
’>•¥ 8—d4tAwtf
■ • _
Wash\ngti>n T. Hatter
HAS received, by the New York and Philadelphia
packets, and is now opening, a large and general
assortment of
Bought principally for money, he ia enabled to offer
them to his customers and the public generally as low,
by the piece or yard, as any house in Washington or
Alexandria; which is selling at a amall profit His as
sortment consists in part of the following articles, which
will be kept up by frequent receipts, viz:
Blue, black, brown, invisible green, mulberry,
olive an i grey cloths
Double milled and corded cassimeret
Fine black ditto for vests
Cassinetts all colors, some very low priced
Petershams, flushings, kerseys and plains
8-4,9-4, 10-4, 11-4, 12-4 and 13-4 rose blankets
Point, striped and fancy end ditto, large and good
Flannels, white and colored, a>l wool; figured do
Figured and plain baizes and frieze
Plain and striped linseys
Merino wool shirts and Guernsey frocks
A Urge quantity woollen comforts; cloth caps
Colored and white super Saxony and common yarn
and worsted
Cotton cords, hangups and beaverteens
Heal goat's hair camhlets; common do
Men'a white and colored Umb'a wool hose
Country knit half hose
Ladies’ bUck. slate, fancy and plain colored wor
sted bose
Misses’ do do do do do do
Children’s white, scar et and red socks A stock’gs
Cloth piano, table and stand covers; toilets
Ill'll 111 BIIU IMCCjJiaiU
6-4 brown, moroon, green, purple, crimson and
scarlet, blue and b'ack real French merinos
6-4 do do do, Knglisb, good imitation
3- 4 do do do do
Circassians and bombazetts, all colors; tartan plaids
Superfine and common French and Rngliah bom.
baziucs; Pongees, unusually low
Silk Velvets:
Blue, black, moroon, crimson 8c green silk velvets
Sunrr figured and black do for vesting
25 pieces handsome- staple col'd gros de naps
Black, white and rul'd watered and plain do
6 pieces rich colored poult de note
Black and blue black gru« de aw'us
First quality Matteom's bl’k Italian lustring
Italian and Rnglisb do do
*-<t black Italian and India silks
Super while, pink, blue, orange, black and other
colured satins
Double and single florences, all colors
White, green and black blond and bobinet veils
Green figured banvge do do
Green and black barrege for veils
Black bobinet do do
Blue black crape for ditto, wide and handsome
White, black and colored French crapes
Crape lime; wide and narrow hat ciape
Fancy Handkerchiefs—a splendid assortment:
Blond. Hernani, gros de nap, Polynese, poplin,
embroidered, figured silk, crape, si'k, muslin
gauze, palmyrine, embroidered and plain 1 hi
bet. merino, cashmere, Prussian and other Ian
c> handkerchief*
W'ith a great variety of cotton hdkfs
Hem stitched, plain white and colored bordered
linen cambric hdkfs
Bjnd'inna, Spittalfield, pongee, fi tg and company
hdkfs; super black Italian and Levautme do
Merino, Cashmere, Thibet, Braganz*. Prussian,
cloth ar.d winter shawls
Laces and Edgings:
Thread and bobinet laces and edgings
Cambric and bobinet insertions
4- 4 figured Grecian nett, a new article
4-4 plain do
Book, Swiss, mull, jaconet, croas-barred, figured
and plain muslins
White and colored cambrics
White and colored cravaU; bonnet cambric
Silk and Colton Hosiery:
White, black and colored English and French silk
hose and half hose
5 thread cotton ho**, a superior article
W ith a variety of ladies' and misses’ common hose
Ladies' super white and colored kid gloves, lung
and short
Ladies’ common do do do, large size
White and black silk gloves
lailim’ fur'd end and lined glovea
Misses’ York tan, kid and woollen gloves
Long mitts for misses
Gentlemen's white and black kid, beaver, buck,
dog skin, chamois, Woodstock, Berlin and
woollen glovea
Hair top’d and lined gloves, a superior article for
Gentlemen’s stocks, stiffeners, foundations, col*
lars and bosoms
Gum elastic, patent rollers, cotton, and a quantity
of other suspenders
50 sets handsome bonnet ribbons; cap do
Lustring ribbohs, all colors, from No. 2 to 22
200 pieces David’s black galloons
Black, white and crimson, h other col’d cotton do
A superior assortment watered silk, velvet, figur
ed and other beltings
Round and flat silk and worsted braids, cords and
Soft dressed Irish linens, some very fine
Irish sheeting
Bird’s eye damask, Russia and cotton diapers
Brown Holland; crash for toweling «
Lt>ng lawn and linen cambrics; imitation do
White and colored corded skirts; carpet binding
Black silk, superior finished, new style umbrellas
Common umbrellas
A large quantity cotton do, low priced
Pins, tyc.
Superior flat heads, sharp points and London pins
A quantity common pins
Black and white small pins! first quality
Black and white hooks an<J eyes
Setoing Colton:
Mitchell’s first quality 300yds spool cotton
Large quantity whtte and rul’d ball do
Calicoes and Ginghams.
A large quantity fi&Bhionabi style, black grounded
Super French chintz; Giiighsms, black and col'd
Mourning calicoes
A large quantity ninepenuy calicoes
Domes ties:
Penitentiary and other plaids and stripes
Bed ticks and apron checks
Bleached and unbleached Canton flannels
6-»4,5-4, 4-4, 3-4 bleached and unbleached sheet
ings and shirtings
Burlaps No. 1, 2,3 ami 4
Scotch oznaburgi; paddings; Russia sheetings
With a great variety of other articles usually to be
met with in a Dry Good* Store; all of which he will
sell at low prices* for cash or to punctual customers,
He has made such arrangements at the North as will
enable him to furnish such articles in his lint as may be
desired by bis customers, which cannot be procured
in town, upon leaving a description of the same with
him to be sent for. ^oct 5—3m
Gfco. fc.'UtmgYi
HAS received a very general assortment of FALL
GOODS, viz:
Cloths and cassimeres
Super and common aaltineUa
Plaid and plain linaeys
Hose and point blankets
Woolen flannels; Canton do
in._i .a k.:_
Counterpanes, white and colored
Peter alums, fluahinga and kerseys
Fine merino vvoolahirls
Guernsey frocks
Men's white and colored lamb’s wool hose
Ladies' do do do do
Men’s super Angola do
French and F.ngiish merinng in great variety
Merino Circassians and bombazcttes
Hangups and beavertecns
Goal’s hair eamblrls and plaida
llsttinetta and colored cambrics
, Fur capes and manl lias
Damask. Ituasia and bird's eye diapers
Fine soft finish Irish linens
Linen cambric lidkfs; linen do (cheap)
Corded skirts
Fine and common lawns
Bishop’s lawn, book and Swis- muslins
Domestic carpeting, hearth rugs
Rik lustrings, gro at naps, variety of colors
Satlin Irvantines, Vf ry cheap
White, pink, blue and blk salting
R!k Poult ilc sjic, a superior silk
Gro ile Berlin
Fancy hdkfs and shswls
Blk silk cravats
Gloves; men’s raw silk do
Uu-sia anti Irish sheetings; burlaps
B.k, blue blk, green, purple and brown silk
Bandanniwml fligg hdkfs some superior
Bound and fl it braids
Black galloon and shoe ribbons
Black and culoted lasting
B ue and green table covers; table oil cloth
Pa'enl silver head pins
. 50 packs pins (low priced)
Miiditclt's superior spool cotton
' Knitting yarn and boss
Fancy hair and other brushes
W bite and green blonde veils; crash
lFith a general assortment of DOMESTICS
>000 Iba Cotton Yarn
Cotton Patts for quilts 9th mo 30
F a\Y aiu\ K\ \u\ er C ooAs.
WM. II. THOMPSON & CO. have just received
a further supply of
Among them are the following:—
5-4, 4-4 and 6-4 printed and embossed Thibet
shaw'sand handkerchief
Merino <haw U a'ld scarfs, a large assortment, at
reduced prites
Cotton and w or-ted shawls and handkerchiefs
Hernani, crape, silk, muslin, and other fancy
l inen cambric hdkfs. some very fine
A—1 Vrpnrli. German ami Knirli.h mprinn*
5- 8 and 3-4 black and colored English merinos, a
handsome assortment
Plain Gro de Naples
Heat black Italian lustrings, very cheap
Black and blue black Poult de Soie
Black mode and colored Florences
Black and colored silk velvets
Ladies' and men’s Hoskin gloves
Cambric and thread edgings
6- 4 Grecian nett and Grecian nett footing*
Boltings, a great variety
Silk, cotton antPworated hosiery
Black and blue black Italian enpes
5-4 do do do do for veili
English and French black bombazines
BO piece* blue, black, mixed, Russel brown,
olive, mulberry, claret and green Cloths, chtap
10 pieces plain, printed a* d ribb’d cassimeres
150 do low priced sattinetts, very cheap
30 do superfine do very handsome
White, red, green and scarlet flannel*
Green carpet baizes
Rose, poi'.t. Duffle and atriped blankets
A variety of coarse goods for negro clothing
300 piece* low priced prints
Burlaps, oznaburgs and Russia sheetings
4-4 Irish linens and lawns
8-4 and 10-4 table diaper*
Hussia diapers and crash- With
1* Packages DOMESTIC GOODS—such ai
Brown and bleached shirtings and sheetings
Red, yellow, brow n and lead coi’u Canton flannels
Linseya, check*, penitentiary plaids, tickings
Cotton oztiaburga, tic- Ac.; with many other ar
Our assortment is very large, and prices low. We
invite our friend* »nd the public to call and examine
for themaelve*.*oct29
WxlgYit. & MfiAdox
HAVE received, by late arrivals from Philadelphia
and New York, a very large and general assort
ment of
adapted to the present and approaching seasons; They
invite their customers and the public to call and exa
mine for themselves.
52 pieces cloths, blue, black, rifle green, Russell
brown, plum, mulberry, claret, olive, drab
and grey mixed
Blue, black and fancy colored cassimeres, plain
and striped
Satinets, plain and striped
Petershams, various colors
Flushings and kerseys, heavy and stout made, for
Linseys, plain, plaid and striped
Hose blankets. 8-4 to 13-4. very superior
Point and duffle ditto
Green and scarlet friexes and bcfaes, plain ana
White, red. green, scarlet and yellow flannels
Gauze flannels, estra quality
Canton do various colors
Goat's hair and common cambleta
Ladies' camblets, a beautiful article for cloaks
French merinos, superior quality and desirable co
English ditto, in great variety
Circassians, well assorted
Black and colored bombazets
French and English bombazines
Merino scarfs and shawls, warranted wool borders
Thibet shawls, 3-4 to 10-4, very handsome
Embroidered shawls, new style
Valencia and Prussian shawls
Satin fancy lidkfs, a new article, very rich
Silk do do
Italian lustrings ( Mstteoni's genuine)
l)o do coiored, very beautiful
Gros de Naples, plain and figured, in great variety
Florences, assorted colors
Double green and brown ditto, tor bonnets
India and satin Levautines
Satins, various colors, plain and figured
Senchewsand sarsnets, uncommonly cheap
Silk velvets, black, blue black, maroon, green,
purple and brown, forbunneta
Tabby velvets, various colors
A very large assortment of super chintz and lo
priced calicses
Mourning ginghams, handsome new style
Table diapers. 8-4 to 12-4; damask table cloths
Russia do; French napkins
Irish linens ami lawns, very chesp
Linen cambrics and linen cambric handkerchiefs
Checked and striped muslins
Dafnask ditto, a beautiful article for curtains
Jaconet and cambric muslins
Swiss and book do, plain and figured
Grass cloth skirts, a new article
Silli and worsted hosiery
Mohair, merino and lamb’s wool ditto
Read reticules and fancy baskets
Super Hoskin and kid gloves
Long and short kid mittens
Fur trimmed and lined gloves
. Pongee and Spiltalfield handkerchief*
Several boxes handsome bonnet ribbons
Honuet cambrics and reeds
Cut and plain velvet and other belt ribbons
Hearth rugs, floor and table mats
Fur tippets, in great variety
All of which are offered on moderate and acmmmo.
dating terms. _oct 11^ ;
11ltASHING l'ON W BRENT have received,by the
Y v late arrivals from Philadelphia and New York,
A Handsome Assortment of FALL <$* WIN
Consisting, in pirt, of—
Superfine blue black, Russell brown, invisible'
green and mixed cloths; Petersham ditto
Blue black and fancy colored cassi meres
Blue and blue black silk velvets
Dark blue, brown, cadet and other mixed cassineti
Hose, poiat and striped blankets
Domestic and other carpeting
Hearth rugs
Black and assorted colored homhaxets
Do and assorted colored merino Circassian*
Superfine black and colored French bombazines
Black and blue black Italian lustrums
Handsome colored gro de naps
Ladies’ super black and assorted colored kid
Linen cambric bdkf"< a great variety of fancy
Thibet wool cloth and merino hdkfs and shawls
4 4 a 6 4 bobinrts and Grecian do do
Robinet and Grecianett quilling
5 wansdown and Valencia vestings
Furniture nrinti. a errest variety of fanev do
Penitentiary and other plaid* and stripes
Bed ticks; apron and furniture check*
Bleached and unbleached Cantor flannel*
Bed, green, and drab do
Brown and bleached ahirtinga and sheetings
20 balea cotton osnaburgs
Burlaps, No. 1, 2, 3. k 4; Scotch osnaburgs
Bear, Dutch, and Bussia aheetinga
And a great variety of other articles usual to be met
with in a dry gooda store, all of which will be sold
low at wholesale or retail.
aept 26—tf__
HAS received by the Brig Belvidera, from Liver
pool, Mid other arrival*—
Point blanket^ all sixes
10-4 11-4 and t»-4 rose blanket*
12-4,13-4 and 14-4 hast family blankets
5-4 tine B^th blankets
Shoe thread in bale*, varioui qualities
Patent colored and W. B thread
Clark's Mile End, London, first quality spool and
ball cotton
English black gdoona, single and.double width
Baizes and flannels
Kerseys, drab cloths and flushings
Cloths, kerseymere* and vesting*
Black and colored Circassian*
First quality camblets
Furniture calicoes and dimities, very handaome
An assortment of printed and Madias hdkfii
Black Italian cravats and sewing silk
Merino and cotton boae, of all qualities
Hemming'* old patent sad silver eyed W. C. nee
Gilt pins, 4. 4J and 5
A handaome assortment of gilt buttons
Ginghams; cambric muslins
Plain and aprigged Swiss moafina
8 wits and jaconet bdkfa
Shad and herring seine twine
OJ DOMESTIC GOODS, he hot for tdt—
A very handsome assortment of bedtick*
Apron and furniture check*
1 Penitentiary plaid*
Bleached and unbleached Canton flannel*
Bleached end unbleached cotton*
Cotton umbrella*
Cotton carpeting! Lowell kersey*
An assortment of FRESH GARDEN SEEDS
_From the Shaker*._sept 13
fir] Goods.
JAMES McKENZIE & Co. have received their
usual Fall Supply of
and vill add to it by tbe first Nev York arrivals. The
change they have concluded upon making in their bu
siness induces them to offer every article in their a*
aortment at amocip rates*. oct I —dtf
WASHINGTON Uf BRENT have juat received a
freah supply of NEW GOODS, consisting, in
part, of • •
Blue, black and fancy enPd Cloths and Cassimeres
White, red and Milted Flannels
Bose, Point and Whitney Blankets
Meri o Circassians, Bombazetts and Bombazines
Cassinetts Begro Cloths and Linseys
l alicoes, ('ambries and Check Muslins
Worsted Hose black, white andfancy colored
Cotton Hose, bluck slate and fancy colored
Irish and German Linens/ Table * loths
German, Insh and Bustia Sheetings
Linen Cambria and Blond Lace Veils
Shawls Handkerchiefs Bobbinetts, Silk Velvets
'■Thread Edgings, Comforts, Tooth Brushes, Ufc.
Wiili m variety of other Goods, at reduced prices,
nov 27 -2w
FreftYi UoYtTftttd.
£l<3> Bushels of prime quality, in sacks of two and
>4 three bushels, just received per steamboat from
Baltimore, and lor sale by
L. McKRNZIE. Union wharf,
IN STOhE, 20 bag* Kio Coffee, of prime quality,
nov 30
tienaaftee Flour.
A FEW barrel* Gennessee Flour, reported of supe*
nor quality, for family use.
novjJO_ ^ SAU'L* B. LARMOUR A Co.
Vlckedi Vlpplus.
sOA Barrels Picked Pippins,just recived from New
Ol "Jersey, and for sale. Tliev are said to be very fine.
II mo30th_GEORGE 8. HOUGH.
Bar lit ad.
ONB case Bar Lead.
nov 30 SAM’L B I.ARMOUR O’ Co
Colton \avn ^ Oaud\evilek.
WE have just received from the Brandywine factory
3000 ibs. Cotton Yarn, from No. $ to 12. Alao,
540 do Candle wick—which are offered for
sale on usual tt-rms for sueh articles, and at moderate
prices. Tins factory makes Yarn of excellent quality.
In Store,
10 kegs Leiper’s Scotch Snuff, and
A few barrels Apples—low.
nov 30GKO. JOHNSON If Co.
This la to gl\e notice,
THAT the subscriber, of Fairfax County, in tbe
Commonwealth of Virginia, has obtained from the
Court of said County letters testamentary on the estate
of Richard M Scott, late of Bush Hill, deceased
All persona having claims against said decedent are
hereby warned to exhibit the same to the subscribe^
and those indebted thereto are riquired to make im*
mediate pay rr.cnt
Given under my hand this 29th October, 1831.
Executrix of Richard M. Scott, deceased,
novl—w8w _
A V alunblfc F otw for dalo.
3 be subscriber will aell his highly improv
ed and valuable Farm ca’led
_in the County of Fairfax, fou» miles and a
half from Alexandria, aod ten a half from the Citv of
Washington, in a pleasant and agreeable neighbor
hood, containing
394 ACRES.
As this Estate issu generally nown, * particular’dc
seription of it will be less necessary. The ami is in a
good state of cultivation, having been managed f»r se
veral years past with s view to it* improvement There
are about two hundred and fifty seres cleared and divi*
ded into eight fields, well fenced; the balance is in
an.1 timiu-p Tli,-re ire from forty to aixtv acres
of meadow land, well ditched and drained, part of
which i* well set with clover and timothy i the balance
dc.-igned to be put down m grssa the entiling Tall
.There is a young thriving APPLE ORCHARD, of
about two hundred trees of choice selected Iruit, be
sides a variety of excellent summer fruits. This Farm
i« delightfully watered} Dngue Run puses through it,
and it abounds in springs of most excellent water,
which continue to tun through the farm in the driest
seasons. The buildings are good, consisting of a large
. . FRAME DWELLING HOUSE of two stones,
O with four rooms and a wide passage, built very
substantially and of the best materials, and every
neceaaary out house to accommodate a large family.—
The Garden and Yard are well designed and improved.
From the house there is s commanding view of the Po
tomac and surrounding country, and for bealthfulneu
and beauty of prospect it is perhaps surpassed by none.
The price and terms of payment will be made known
by application to Gen. JOHN MASON, or
9. H JANNEY, Alexandria, D. C.
Or to the subscriber, on the premises,
aug 1^-wtf_Rose Hill, Fairfax County, Va<
MVjUouyI Land wanted.
THE subscriber wishes to exchange one hundred
and twelve shares of Ashby's Gan Turnpike Stock,
originally costing one hundred dollars per share, for
Missouri Land. Also. ___
lying in the County of Loudoun, Va., con.
Uintng six hundred acres. This land is about
four miles below Aldie, and within half a
i_the Little River Turnpike. Upon the premia
cs there are two dwelling bouses, and oat bouses at
tached} a fine apple and peach orchard} and through
it runs a stream of water, upoa either side of which is
a good meadow.
Persons wishing to exchange will addrose the sub
scriber, at Millwood, Va.
frtdffiU 9°. Oct. is—wCw
* - -- -

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