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w Fail ce qu?U fa**, arrive ce qu?U pourra
T&b* •a^rsf^wg 'JFIKOSTJSiSBA'X id®3&T2£?£» ^tusanam 23* 2388. 8W SCS'JJSj&S THKk USE—STD* 3606.
ft £$ per annum, payable half ytarly.
albx&ebria oaisttb
Jl per annum, payable in adpanc&r
Terms ok Advertmihg:
\ ’vertisemer.ts neatly and conspicuously inserted at
• ,e f*te of one dollar per square for the firat three io* i
. .-t its, and l went lire cents for every subsequent
a r tillable deduction will be made m,
c*ie of yearly sdvertisera. _ At
All »lver; v ments published in the Daily paper *0
pesr m th» Country paper._^
t in .\mbUrAflivtt.
The A 1 copner futened and copperdd Brit*
U^gisli Bm^ DUKE OF CLARENCE. Fenwick,
r. wilMjke wall freight; f<»r wb ch tpply to
,£c 9 _W. FOWI.K A Co.
tot Vre\jt\W.
fT'it The new schooner HALCYON. U.pt Ja
eson, will take • ‘reight for the West Indies
> t. iiMiiliem port
dec 6 _A. 0. CA7.ENOVE &. Co.
Vwt Vm\r\U.
The schooner IIITTY TOM. Chv-e, m«s
• c rncs il<tw‘ 800barrels, w 11 take a freight
or lo the West Indies. Apply to
n v M , \VM FOWI.K A Co-_
litwuutV .Vitim viftuht.
rlWUl H,ishol* Ground Alum Salt, the cargo of
«m WHl ike schooner Baltimore, Captain Cutts, for
*a!e at »ur wharf, in lots to suit purchasers
dec 10 A C CAZKNOVE A Co.
tofftu. s\\uftk*s fit mu\.
/• j k dags Rio Coffee
iHf 20 hog.heads Whiskey
30 barrels old do
10 hogshead* Northern llum
Received and lor sale.
SAM’I . D. l.ARMOUR & Co.
IS TORE - A genera1 asaoitmenl of W1NE.3, l.f
Rl'QRS, and GROCERIES. _ dec 6
•l '•N Mfehuuit V’ur\w w auXw\
’Pt> • healthy, active, sober, trusty Man. capable to
1 perform his d« 'y and to take receipts from wagon
er* md others for goods delivered, we will pay a coin
,xtent salary No one need apply who does not pos
*** the qualities required,
dec 6 SAM’L. B. LARMOUH & Co.
AuVu ViPaUver.
| \ Side* good country tanned Sole Leather, just
1 t received and for sale low by
dec 3_W. H. MILLER _
BHLS. W hite Brazil Sugar, landing this morn
4<r ing from schooner Alexandria, and for sale,
very low, if taken from the wharf,
dec 2 GEO. JOI^SON A^o _
ttosYkun V\ieuau.
w\LBS coloured Goshen Cheese, just receiv
XIUU ed and for sale by
Window Vi \<$fc.
Boxes Window Glass, 8x10, Just received from
the Franklin Works, Philadelphia.
On Itand, of the same manufacture, 10x12 and 12x
1®» Any other sizes procured to order.
SO dozen Glass Knobs, Flint and Pearl
. ,7th HOB I' It. MILLER.
H RooVa.
I received—Calm. i*s Dictionary of the Uoly Bi
I w ble. 1 vol 8v«; Scot;'* Bible, 6 vola
S Henry’s Exposition, 3 vola calf
I Do do 6 vols sheep
■ •-oiden’s Concordance
■ Hobin-on’s Bible Dictionary
■ Mosbeim'a Church History, 2 vola
S Bickenteth's AA'orks; tlyrou’a Works
■ Tupe'a Poetical Works; The Federalist
■ Newton's Works; Tatter and Guardian
■ ^ttk 4to Family Bibles, in handsome gilt binding,
■ »s«Ke by dec 10 AUGUSTUS JACOBS.
1 !F»T received and for sale by
■ * 12 mo 9 WM STABLER.
I 1 IXCOLN CHAMBERLAIN has removed to Vow
1 ell’s Wharf, formerly t>ccupied by Fleming If
I |*c'*'|{li. and recently by John M Brown, who offert
■ 1 ,r '-l« GROCERIES, wholesale and retail, dec 3
I ~ "notice.
I f|^HE Pivsident and Directors of the Ashby’t
I I Dip Turnpike Company hare this day de
■ •*lrtd a dividend of two and a half per cent, or
I'>ir capital stock, payable on the first day ol
M *au»r», 133^, to the stockholders or their legal
ePre*vntatives. A. GIBSON,
H • reaaurer of Ashby’s Gap Turnpike Company.
■ _R‘ddlehurg, Nov. 8, 1833. nov .8 -3w
I. AucUou ^TwVice.
,fl rHE undersigned, having declined leaving Alexan
fl. •bis, respectfully tenders hi* thankato hisfriendi
fl l®«ir liberal patronage, and fl iters himself that b)
fl ,fnP* and faithful discharge of the several dutiei
^fl lc>* m*v devolve ui>on him as
fl j * con inusnee of public favor. Sales of Re*
■ rks Furniture, Merchandize, and other ar
H • **• 04,1 of do rs, particuUrlv attended to
^fl». » large and convenient Warehouse, situated
fli11' ’••ost central business part of the city, on King,
Waahing‘on and St. Asaph streets, he is pre
■ p ’• to receive Goods Wares and Merchandize; alsc
WM ot eTer) description.
■^^•onai'itendii'g to leave town would find it to theii
10 ^epoane their Furniture with him, to beaok
Ht,.. ■ m*> drect; and thoae disposed to purchase oi
■, “nKe old tor new Furniture would do well to givt
' Cal! fee 12 GEO WHITE.
Dry ttoods.
JAMBS McKBNZIK h Co. have received their
usual Fall Supply of
and wilt add to it by thefirst New York arrivala. The
change they have concluded upon making in their bu
sinesa induces them to offer every article in their as
sortment at aanocip rticas.oct 1—dtf
CVitrUs BcnneU
HAS received by the Brig Bohridera, from Liver
pool, and other arrivals—
Point blankets, all sixes
10-4 11-4 and 12-4 rose blankets
l2-4u 13-4 and 14-4 best family blankets
5-4 flue Bath blankets
Shoe thread in bales, various qualities
Patent colored and W. R thread
Clark's Mile-End, London, first quality spool and
ball cotton
English black giloons, single and double width
Raises and flannels
Kerseys, drab cloths and flushings
Cloths, kerseymeres and vestings
Black and colored Circassians
First quality camblets
Furniture calicoes and dimities, very handsome
An assortment of printed and Madras hdkfs
Black Italian cravats and sewing silk
Merino and cotton hose, of all qualities
Hemming** old patent and silver eyed W. C. nee
Gilt pins, 4. 4 J and 5
A handsome assortment of gilt buttons
Ginghams; cambric muslins
Plain and sprigged Swiss muslins
Swi?a and jaconet hdkfs
Shvt and herring seine twine
OJ DOMESTIC GOODS, he has f>>r sale—
A very handsome assortment of bedticks
Apron and furniture check*
Penitentiary plaids
Bleached and unbleached Canton flannels
Bleached and unbleached cottons
Cotton umbrellas
Be*vert ecus
Cotton carpetingt Lowell kerseys
An assortment of FRESH GARDES SEEDS
From the Shakers. _sept 13
ftr'j Goods.
Y*/\\SH!NGroN £5* BURNT have received, by the
v v late arrivals from Philadelphia and New York,
A Handsome Assortment of FALL Sf IV1H
Consisting, in part, of—
j Superfine blue black, Kussell brown, invisible
green and mixed cloths; Petersham ditto
j niue black and fancy colored cassamcrea
| Blue and blue black silk velvets
Bark blue, brown, cadet and other mixed cassinets
I Bose, point and striped blankets
Domestic and other carpeting
Dearth rugs
Black and assorted colored bombazeta
Do and assorted colored merino Circassians
Superfine black and colored French bombaxinea
Black and blue black Italian lustrings
Handsome colored gro de naps
Ladies* super black and assorted colored kid
Linen cambric hdkfs; a great variety of fancy
Thibet wool cloth and merino hdkfs and shawls
4-4 Si 6 4 bobinets and Grecian do do
Itobinet and Grecianett quilling
S« shadows and Valencia vestings
Furniture prints, a great variety of fancy do '
Penitentiary and other plaids and atripes
Bed ticks; apron and furniture checks
Bleached and unbleached Canton flannels
Bed, green, and drab do
• Brown and bleached shirtings and sheetings
1*0 bales cotton oanaburgi
Burlaps, No. 1, 2, 3. Si 4; Scotch osnaburgs
Hear, Dutch, and Russia sheetings
And a great variety of other articles usual to be met
with in a dry goods store, all of which will be sold
low at wholesale or retail,
sept 26—if
WTigui a
HAVE received, by late arrivals from Philsdelphii
and New York, a very large and general assort
merit of
! adapted to the present anJ approaching season*. They
! invite their customers ami the public to call and exa
mine for themselves.
53 pieces cloths, blue, black, rifle green, Russell
brown, plum, mulberry, claret, olive, drab
and grey mixed
, Blue, black and fancy colored cassimeret, plain
and striped
Satinets, plain and striped
Petershams, various colors
Flushings and kersey*, heavy and stout made, foi
Iinsrys, plain, plaid and striped
.; Rose blanket*, 8-4 to 13-4. very superior
Point and duffle ditto
Green and scarlet friezes and baizes, plain and
White, red, green, scarlet and yellow flannels
Gauze flannel*, extra quality
Canton do various colors
Goat's hair and common camblets
Ladies’ camblets,* beautiful article for cloaks
i i French merinos, auperior quality and desirable co
i: English ditto, in great variety
Circassians, well assorted
Black and colored bombazets
French and English bombasines
Merino vearfs and shawls, warranted wool borden
Thibet shawls, 3-4 to 10-4, very handsome
Embroidered ahawla, new style
Valencia and Prussian shawls
3atin fancy hdkfa, a new article, very rich
| Silk do - do
I Italian lustrings (Matteoni’a genuine)
|)o do colored, very beautiful
i Gros de Napfea, plain and figured, in great variety
Florences, assorted colors
Double green and brown ditto, for bonnets
India ana satin Levantines
Satins, various colors, plain and figured
Scnchews and sannett, uncommonly cheap
Silk velvet*, black, blue black, maroon, green
purple and brown, for bonnets
Tabby velvets, various colors
A very large assortment of super ehints and lo
priced calicoes
Mourning ginghami, handsome new style
Table diapers, 8-4 to 12-4; damask table clolha
Russia do; French napkin*
Irish linen* and lawns, very cheap i
Linen cambrics and linen eambric handkerchiefs
Checked and striped muslins
Damask ditto, a beautiful article for curtains
Jaconet and cambric muslins
Swiss and book do, plain and figured
Grub cloth akirts, a new article
Silk and worsted hosiery
Mohair, merino and limb's wool ditto
Dead reticules and fancy baskets
8uper Hoekin and kid gloves
Long and short ki^nttens
Fur trimmed and hhed gloves
Pongee and Bpittalfteld handkerchiefs
Several boxes handsome bonnet ribbons
Bonnet cambrics and reeds
Cut and plain velvet and other belt ribbons
Hearth ruga, floor and table mats
Fur tippets, in great variety
Allof which are offered on moderate and accommo
dating terms._net 11 _
F&U&nA VV inter UooAb.
WM. H. THOMPSON h CO. have just received
a further supply of
Among them are the following:—
3-4, 4-4 and 6-4 printed and embossed Thibet
shawls and handkerchief*
Merino i-hawls and scarfs, a large assortment, at
reduced pntet
Cotton and wor-ted shawls and handkerchiefs
tlernani, crape, *ilk, muilin, and other fancy
Linen cambric 3»dkf*. some v. ry fine
6-1 French, German and Sm ;i-h merino*
5-8 and 3-4 black »n<l co-ored fcnghsb merinos, a
handsome atsortmeni
I iaim mu m- tinj'ivii |
Best blark italKn lu.«*nrg% .'»r* cheap
Black and blue black I’mi't 4e *■ *ie
B!ack mode an,; entered Florences
Bl.uk anu colored silk velvets
Indies'and men’s Husain glove*
Ombre: and thread edging*
6-4 Grecian n« lt and Grecian nett footings
Boilings, a great variety
Silk, cotton and wonted hosiery
Black and blue black Italian crapes
5—4 do do do do for veils
English and French black bombazines
60 pieces blue, black, mixed, Ktissel brown, |
olive, mulberry, claret and green Cloths, cheap
10 pieces plain, printed a d ribb’d cassim* ret
150 do low priced aattinetts, very cheap
30 do superfine do very handsome
White, red, green and scarlet flannels
Green carpet baizes
Hose, point. Duffle and striped blankets
A variety of coarse goods f »r negro clothing
300 pieces low priced prints
Burlaps, oznaburga and Kuasia sheetings
4-4 Irish linens and law ns
8-4 and 10-4 table diapers
Russia diapers and crash. With
12 Packages DOMESTIC GOODS—such**
Brown and bleached shirtings and sheetings
Red, yellow, brown and leadcolM Canton flannels
Linseys, checks, penitentiary plaids, tickings
Cotton uznabuigs, &c he.* with many other ar
Our assortment is very large, and prices low. We
invite our friends and the public to call and examine
for themselves. _ _oct *9
tieo. S. UougYt
HAS received a very general assortment of FALL
GOOD*, vis:
Cloths and casstmere*
Super and common aattinetts
Plaid and plain linseys
Hoae and point blankets
Woolen fl»noela* Canton do
Plain and figured baizes
Counterpanes, white and colored
Peterahams, flushings and kerseys
Fine merino wool ahirts
Guernsey frocks
aa a _ L.._J_•_1 I_LI._At._
MCI I 9 WI1IIC »f»U WVK'IVU Wlliu 9 wvwi is»#w~w
Ladies' do do do do
Men’s super Angola do
French and English merinos in great variety
llerino Circassians and bombazettes
Bangups and beaverteens
Goat's hair cambleta and plaids
Rsttinetts and colored cambrics
Fur capes and mantillas
Darauk. Russia ami bird's-eye diapers
Fine soft finish Irish linens
Linen oamhric hdkfs* linen do (cheap)
Corded skirts
Fine and common lawns
Bishop’* lawn, book and Swiss muslins
Domestic carpeting, hearth ruga
Blk lustrings, gro do naps, variety of colors
Sattin levantines, very cheap
White, pink, blue snd blk sattins
Blk Poult de soie, a superior silk
Gro de Berlin
Fancy bdkfs and shawls
Blk silk cravats
Gloves* men's raw silk do
Russia snd Irish sheeting*) burlaps
Blk, blue blk, green, purple and brown silk
Bandannu «nd flsgg bdkfs some superior
Round snd 1st braids
Black galloon snd shoe ribbons
Black snd colored lasting
Blue and green table covers* table oil cloth
Patent silvet head pins
50 packs pins (low priced)
Hilditch's superior spool cotton
Knitting yarn and boas
Fancy hair and other brushes
White and green blonde veila* crash
fPith a gsncral assortment of DOMESTICS
WOO lbs Cotton Yam
Cotton Batts for quilts_9th mo 30
rIE subscribers, intending a removal from Ale van
dria to New York in the course of s very klmt-t
time, have to ask the favor of all persons indebted
to them to call and settle their respective account*, as
their business must be brought to a speedy close,
oct l—dtf M3. McKenzie u Co.
WaahlngVm T. llatpar
HAS reoeived, by the New York and Philadelphia
packets, and is now opening, a large and general
issortmeet of
Bought principally for money, he ia enabled to offer
hem to Ida cuatomera and the public generally as low,
>y the piece or yard, as any bouae in Washington or
Alexandria; which ia aell nr at a small profit Hiaaa
(ortment consists in part of tne following srtiolos, which
will be kept up by frequent receipts, vizs
Blue, black, brown, invisible green, mulberry,
olive an J grey cloth*
Double milled snd corded csssimeres
Fine black ditto for veata
Cassinetts all color*, some very low priced
Petershams, flushings, kerseys snd plain*
8-4, 9-4, 10-4, 11-4, 12-4 and 13-4 roae blanket*
Point, striped and fancy end ditto, large and good
FUnnels, white and colored, a'l wool; figured do
Figured and pi 'in baiaes and frieze
Flam sod striped linaeja
Merino wool shirts and Guemae*' frock*
A iargr quantity wonllen comforts; cloth caps
Coiorcu and white super Saxony and common yarn
and wonted
Cotton cords hangups and beaverteen*
U*a' gout’s hair c*m'dets; common do
Men's v ‘utf and colored lamb's wlmjI hose
Coumr. *i.»t hilt’ i*ose
Ladies’ black, al ite, fancy and plain eolored Wor
sted hose
Misses’ do do do do do do
Children’s white, scar et and red socks h stock’gs
Cloth piano, table and stan l coversi toilets
Hearth rugs and sheepskin mats
6-4 brown, moroon, green, purple, crimson and
scarlet, blue and black real French merinos
6-4 do do do, English, good imitation
3-4 rlo do do do
ri,r,Hi,nitnil Kumhszetta. all colors, tartan nlsidt
Superfine and common French and English bom*
haziness Pongees, unusually low
Silk Velvets:
Blue, black, moroon, crimson & green silk velvets
Super figured and black do for vetting
25 piece* handsome staple col'd gro* de napa
Black, white and col’d watered and plain do
6 pieces rich colored poult de aoie
Black and blue black gro* de awiaa
Fir»t quality Matteom’a bl’k Italian lustring
Italian and English do do
4-4 black Italian and India silks
Super white, pink, blue, orange, black and other
colored satin*
Double and single florencea, all color*
White, green and black blond and bobinet veila
Green figured barrege do do
Green and black barrege for veil*
Black bobinet do do
Blue black crape for ditto, wide and handsome
White, black and colorid French crapes
Crape liases wide and narrow hat crape
Fancy Handkerchiefs—a splendid assortment:
Blond, Hernani, groa de nap, Polynese, poplin,
embroidered, figured silk. crape, silk, muslin,
gauze, palmyrine. embroidered and plain I ha
bet. merino, cashmere, Prussian and other fan
cy handkerchiefs
With a great variety of cotton hdkfs
Hem s'itched, plain white and colored bordered
linen cambric hdkfs
Bandanna. Spittalfie'd, pongee, flag and company
hdkfs; jupet black Italian and Levantine do
Merino, Cashmere, Thibet, Braganz*, Prussian,
clotb ar.d winter »h*wl*
Facts and Edgings:
Thread and bobinet Uc»*a and edgings
Cambric and bobinet insertions
4-4 figured Grecian nett, a new article
4-4 plain do
Book, Swiss, mull, jaconet, cross-barred, fignred
and plain m>talins
u,-l,ii. >n,l rnlnrnl cambrics
White and colored cravats; bonnet cambric
* Silk and Cotton Hosiery:
White, black and colored English and French silk
hose and half hose
5 thread cotton hoae, a superior article
V ith a variety of ladies’ and misses’ common hoae
Ladies’ super white and colored kid gloves, long
and short
Ladies’ common do do do, large sue
White and black silk gloves
Ladies’ fur’d end and lined gloves
Misses’ York tan, kid and woollen gloves
Long milts for misses ..... , .
Gentlemen’i white and black kid, **uck,
dog akin, chamois, Woodatock, Berlin and
woollen glovea . , ,
Hair top’d and lined glovea, a superior article for
Gentlemen's'stocks, stiffeners, foundations, col
lars and bosoms
Gum elastic, patent rollers, cotton, and a quantity
of other suspenders
50 sets handsome bonnet ribbons; cap do
Lustring ribbohs, all colors, from >o. 2 to 22
200 pieces David’s black galloons
Black, white and crimson, k other col d cotton do
A superior assortment watered silk, velvety figur
ed and other beltings
Round and flat silk and worsted braide, cords and
goft dressed Irish linens, some very fine
Irish sheeting . .. ..
Bird’s eye damask, Russia and cotton diapers
Brown Holland) crash for toweling
Long lawn and linen cambrics; imitation do
White anJ colored corded skirts; carpet binding
B’ack silk, superior finished, new style umbrellas
Common umbrellas
A large quantity cotton do, low priced
Pins, SfC.
Superior flat beads, sharp points and London pins
quantity common pins
Black and white small pins, first quality
Black and white hooka and eyes
Sowing Cotton:
Mitchell's first quality 300 yda speol cotton
Large quantity white and col'd ball do
CaKcott and Qinghamt.
A large quantity fashionable style, black grounded
Super French chintz* Ginghams, black and col'd
Mourning calicoes
A Urge quantity nine penny caBeoss
Penitentiary and other plaidtnnd stripes
Bed ticks sod apron checks
Bleached and unbleached Canton flannels
6-4,3-4,4-4, 3-4 blenched end unbleached sheet
ings and ahirtlngs
Burlaps No. 1,9,3 and 4
Scotch oxnaburgsi paddings* Russia sheetings
With a great variety of other articles usually to be
met with in a Dry Good* Store* all ot which he will
sell at low prices, for cash or to punctual customers.
He has n-uJe such arrangements at the North a* will
enable him to furnish such articles in hi* line as may be
desired by bis customers, which cannot be procured
in town, upon leaving a description of the same with
him to be aent for. oct 3—3m
Land for
I will sell the TRACT OF LAND
ownrd by the late Jno Summers, in Fairfax
County, Virginia, equally distant from Alex
_andria. Georgetown, and Washington, being
ten or eleven milea from eat h, and in my immediate
neighborhood, containing
by deed, witli a auficient sui ;i!•• • f wood t here if
on the land a comfortable /Ml KLLI 'O HOUS& —
' The Farm was, during the life-time of Mr. bummers,
one of the meet profitable in the neighborhood, and
may again, with good husbandry, t>e on e a pleasant
and nrotitable residence. 'I he Isnd willbesbown to
anv person wishing to examine it. bv thr tenant, Mr.
9tra«ther, or tnyaelf If not sold before Tuesday, the
3d of December, i will then be Milo to the highest bid
der, on the premise*. The term*, in eiib« f case, will
be—one third in hand* the balsnce in tw o equal annual
payments, with interest. JNO till I IN,
Administrator de bonis non, with the will annexed, of
Jno- Su-omers, deceased.
Low Hill, (Fairfax County, Vs )
|rj* The above tale will be postponed until
Friday, the 27th of December, if lair—if not. Hie next
fair day. ___ nov *9—1«
Land for fta\e.
BY virtue of a deed of trust execuL-d hy tlie late
Richard Bland Lee, and Elizabeth his wife, on the
16th day of June, 1825, the subscriber will oiler at
public auction, at Fairfax Court Hou»e, in Virginia, on
Monday, the 2d day of December next, at 12 o’clock,
mendisn, all the right, title and interest of the said
Richard Bland Lee, and of Elizabeth his wife, of, in
and to the
known by the name of •' Langly,” lying in
the County of Fairfax, Virginia, and bounded
aa follows, via:—On the south by the torn,
pike road leading from Georgetown to Leesburg* on
the west by the lands of Clement Smith and Roger
Jones* on the north by the river Potomac* and on the
east by the land* of Robert S. Head, Daniel Bussard
and Clement Smith* andia situate about two and a half
miles above the Little Falla of the Potomae, containing
live hundred and forty acres, more or less.
The terms of sale are -One-fourth of the purchase
money to be paid in hand, and the residue in equal in*
stalmenta of one, two and three years. 1 he purchaser
to give notes, satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest
from the day of tale* and on full payment of the pur
chase money, with all interest and cotta, the sub sen
ber. as Trustee as aforesaid, will convey to the purcha
ser all the right and title derived under the said deed
R’D SMITH Truatee.
The sale of the above described property
is postponed to Saturday, the 21*t December neat, at
12 o’clo-.k, M. when it will take place, at Mr. Bewail a
on theprtmuet. on the Turnp ke Road leading from
Georgetown to Leesburg
nov 21—ta It’D- SMITH, Trustee.
___ T -- ... "■ .jvagggi
a • n V tl S n.^L^t/aswii rnk// /3a.
Virginia item cjsomc — — -
rural Agency Office,
"■“t\3tt SELTSSSSS.*?'
An Office under the above title baa been recently
established, and ia now open, m Richmond, Va.,
in connection with tbe Emigrant Agency Office, New
York, for the purpoae of making purchase*, effecting
Mles ami leaae* of ind loan* on Hoal Estate and other
property i also attending to a General .Broke?f?. V"*.
Arency Buiincii* Aliocoiintctcd with in dtsblubfu
Aeencv office in the City of New Orleans, l.a., for mak
•nd female ) Therefore, owner* who bov# slaves eal
culated for * Southern market, comprising stout, heal
thy, and active Mechanic*, Kidd Hands, General La
borer*, House Servant*, and Pamily Domeailea, from
10 to 23 yean of age, can, through tbe medium of tbi*
Office, find speedy cadi aalea- .
N B. All personal or written application* will meet
with due attention. . _ 4 . . ..
p. s No letters or communications taken from the
Post Office unless poet paid. __ „
dec 10—3m_Richmond, Va.
fc'ov fitant'
A*«l An excellent two-atory BRICK DftELLINO
Ii|»«l HOUSE, with a good Smoke Houae and every
other convenience, on West, near King ■*"**•*°r
particulars inquire of TSw*' u.
N B 2,000 Bushel* of CUT OATS "> the Straw,
(excellent cow feed) at four cent* per bushel, de iver
ed in town. l • G.
Spring Park, Poo- A 1S33._ _
BidmUe Cement.
A IK,”* lu~<“k wTa SS5kfc
Alexandria Canal Office, >
SO/A November, 1833. >
NOTICE uiereby given to the stockholders in the
AkxandrsRCanalCo- that an instolment of 2 doUai»
per share is Aired to be paid on or before the 1st
day of Januaryjknd a further instalment of 3 dollars
per share on or before tbe lat day of February next.
By order of tbe Board: 4

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