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At £8 per annum, payable half yearly.
At $5 Per annum, payable in advance.
Terms of Advertising:
Advertisements neatly and conspicuously inserted at
the rate of one dollar per squ tre for the first three in
sertions, and twenty-five cents for every subsequent
insertion. A reasonable deduction will be made in
the case of yearly advertisers.
Remaining in the Post Office, Alexandria, D. C. on the
1st of JANUARY, 1834.
(Tj* Persons calling for letters in the following list
will please say thet are advertised,or they may no
vet them.
Jacob Andrew Charity Atwell
Robert AUop Win Allen (9chr. Firm)
Miss Kliza Adams
Thomas H Buckner Miss Ellen Biawner
Robt Beale Ana Buckner
Betsey Butler Win Biers
Thomas Burd&ee Jos Brigdon
Mrs Bradley A B
Mrs Berry Mrs Brewer
Mrs Catharine Butts John P Bruce
Mrs Caulfield Leonard C#ok
Benj F Chadwick S Carson
\Vcn H Crawford John G Chapman, (La
Samuel Coalman Plata)
Capt John Cohagan Mrs Susannah Cooley
Ephraim Corning Thomas Cook
Benjamin Choate Mrs Rebecca Curry
Henry A Callis Thomas Cassilly
John Carson
Edward Davis Benj Dulany
Wm H Davis Miss Marv Ann Denty
Samuel Dyer \Vm Dudley
Miss Saraii Davis Patrick Dixon—2
Wm Egan Mrs Mary Edwards
Geo Ellis
Thomas Fairfax—4 Geo D Fowle
Albert Fairfax—13 John F Froole
A B Fairfax, USN Mrs Ann Maria Fulton
Mrs Caroline Fairfax Clias Jas Faulkner
Misses Fairfax Thomas Fenwick
Jonathan Gibson Robert Graham
Dan’l W Gibson H Glessing
Henry W Golden
Reuben Hills Misses E & C Herbert
Mid'u B W Hunter Lee Harrison
Mrs Ann Hudgins G^o Hughes
Joseph Hopkins—S Mrs Marv B llussey
Samuel Hills Capt John Howe
Samuel Herring Capt Henry H Halley
Mrs Mary Hutchins Charles Hawkins
John Harris Wm Howard
Miss Martha Iglehart Henrv C Johnson
Mrs Ann W King James P Kirby
Norman Long Frederick Lovell
Burton Lynch James I ee (carpenter)
John W Moss Je&se H Magruder
Henry Mansfield MrsJ^ne Monroe
Daniel Monroe John E Mattingly
Peter Madala Master ot Lodge No £2
James Morris
Miss Cecelia Non is Mis* Caroline Norbeck
Capt Nickerson Philip Nelson
John Paine Ignatius D Pickerall
Mrs Ann Piper John Parson
Presley Parker Archibald Pool
Craven D Peyton
R i
Capt Willis Rose John C Rogers
Josiah S C Rutter Miss Sylva Ruler
Dan’l Rich Mary Ruler
Mrs Maria Summers Hubbard Scranton—3
Mrs Dealy Stewart Miss Sarah M Stuart
Harrison Simpson Mrs Sarah Shakes
Thomas Smyrna Mrs Lucy Simpson
Wm Smith John L >mith
Wm Stanet Miss Susan H Slye
Albert Tri®o Ezra Towne
Jonathan lippitt Levering Thomas
Emetine Triplett Capt Joseph Taylor
R Woodward Charles Wright
R Windsor, Jr Mrs Jaoe Weeks
Miss Harriet H Whit- Mrs Sarah Williams
ney—2 Mrs Windsor
Miss Mary M West WmP Wilmer
Miss Margaret Walker
Alexandria, January 2, 1834—3t
For Freight ot Charter,
The coppered Brig EDWARD, burthen 180
'tons, has made but one voyage, and is in fine or
ler ror any voyage. Apply to '
Yoy Fy eight, or Pharier
T,,e copper fastened schooner HOPE,
.*^6,James Thompson, msster, carries about 900
barrels, and can commence loading the last of this
week A freight to South America.or the West Indies
would be preferred. Apply to
dec30_GEO JOHNSON & Co.
Vor *Vurto\k.
The schooner OSCAR, John Beetley, mas
dafe^afcter, can be ready to receive cargo on Wednes
day next—is in fine order, and stows about 650 barrels*
dec 30 Apply to GF.O. JOHNSON & Co.
For Freight or V)barter.
The schooner LAFAYETTE% Snow, mas
l.____cr, burthen 800 barrels, will be ready for freight
in a tew days. One to a Southern port or the West
Indies would be preferred Apply to
for AmsVtrdam.
^he A 1 copper-fastened and copperdd Brit*
ffttnr i»h Brig DUKE OF CLARENCE, Fenwick,
master, will take small freight; for wh ch applv to
dt‘c 9___VV. FOWLK & Co
Y.iifcx.—For Washington
The Steamboat ESSEX will
* tAlexandria at 10 and 3 o'clock.
« _ i Washington at 11 and 4 “
Freight and passage as heretofore.
dec 23_ _PETER JONES, Master.
liiverpooi Sait.
I 5% Bushels of Ground Alum}
1 vsl/UU 2,000 sacks Factory fil-CSALT,
led Blown j
Cargo of the ship Potomac, from Liverpool, for sale |
.N’e'w Orifcans Sugar.
8 Hogsheads good quality New Orleans Sugar
20 bbls- prime Apples, “ free of Corporation duty” j
Just received, and for sale, very low, by
dec 30 WILLI\M N. McVEIGH.
Bushels, expected to arrive during the '
H * present week. A3 we wish to sell it from
the vessel, the terms will be favorable Apply to
dec 30 GKO. JOHNSON ^ Co. j
Sugar. i
j)A Hogsheads of Porto Rico and N. Orleans Sugar .
vU 200 bags of Rio (Riba and Java Coffee
dec 30 For sale by A C. CAZBNOVB & Co.
l*a\e,nt XXaXances. '
B Setts of Patent Balances, to weigh 1800 each, for • ,
sale by dec 30 \ C. CAZKNOVK & Co
New Vruvta. X.'Aieese, isc.
A O half and quarter boxes superior^
Bunch Raisins l At verv low
*2 half l k do f prices. i
17 q.iartprS J
55 jars Grapes, in fine order
4 casks Zante Currants
10 bags Brazil Nuts
30 barrels New York Apples
36 casks
30 boxes S Cheese’ Vt*rf super.or
20 kegs New York Milch Dairy Butter
10 barrels do Buckwheat Flour
30 do do Family do
10 casks Salt Petre
10 kegs Ground Ginger
10 boxes Mustard
33 barrels*1^! Whiskey, part old j
,10 hogsheads new Hum
60 bags Rio Coffee, part old white
3 tons Shot, assorted
1 ton Bar Lead
20 bags Tennessee Feathers
15 boxes Sperm Candles
1^50 Scotch Bags, suitable for Salt or Grain
Received and for sale by
a10 c HIM n t lminiM) R, n«
A COACH will this day be
started expressly for the accom
modation of persons visiting Con
gress and Washington City, leav
ing Beltzhoover* 5t Co *s Office, Royal street, 5 or 6
doors below Newton’s City Hotel, and the Franklin
House Hotel, every day at 11 o’clock A. M for Wash
ington—anJ retu ning, leave the Office adjoining
Gadsoy’s Hotel every evening at 4£ o’clock- Those
visiting Congress will have sufficient time to hear the
denates, and after the House adjourns, return home to
supper. Seals can be secured up and down; and pas
sengers set down at the Capitol and called for again.
The hours of departure here
af-ef for Washington and Balti
more will be as follows, viz:
8$ o’clock, A~ M.
11 do A- M.
3$ do P M.
Returning from Washington—9 o’clock, A« M.
3$ do P* M.
4$ do P. M.
Passengers going to Baltimore will always meet with
a direct conveyance through, without any de en ion
whatever. For seats be particular to apply at Beltz
hoover &. Co’s Office, Royal street; at the tranklin
House Hotel; and at R. H. Harrington’s Steamboat Ho
tel, near the Wharf-and in Washington, at the Office 1
adjoining Gaisby’s Hotel.
J b 7 G. M BRUCF>, Agent.
CrT Carriages and Hors-es for hire. Apply at the
Office. dec 18 g-JLiL
(Smith’s Line) will, on Tuesday,
Thursday, and Saturday, leave
at 1 o’clock A. M. and
reach Alexandria at 4 P. M. Thia will save nigh tra
Ve!twilLhrru*^.y. Thursday, and Saturday, leave j
Alexandria for Washington at half after 4 P. M punc
tUIt will, or. Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday, leave
Alexandria for Washington at 11 A. “
dec 14—tf _ WM. SMI 1 Hj—
A FEMALE COOK is wanted, either by the month
or year, where liberal wages will be given, and
one from the country preferred. Apply to the Prmter.
Xew London RUvous PiWa.
JUST received, a fresh supply of the above useful
Medicine, direct from Dr. Lee's Dispensary
12th mo 30th, 1833. W. STABLER.
The following extract is published by Dr. Lee's au
thority, viz:—
Kxtract of a letter, written by a very respectable gen
tleman, residing in Baltimore, to the subscriber, who
deems it his duty, though unauthorized, to lay it be
fore the puhlic, withholding the writer’s name, for
particular reference, should any require it person
al|y- SAM. H. P. LEE.
Baltimore, August, 1828.
Doctor S. H. P. f ee, New London, Conn. •
Dkaii Sin—It is now upwards of twenty years that I
have used your New London Bdious Pills in my fami
ly* and always found them an efficient purgative in al
most every description of disease, and believe they sa
ved many a long doctor's bill by their early and timeh
use. I never found their accustomed certainty to vary
in their operation and effects until a few months past;
and having, since then, been sadly disappointed in eve
ry instance of using them, 1 begun to conclude that you
had made your foriune, and abandoned their manufac
ture to mercenary and unfaithful hands. Under this
impression, I accidentally saw an advertisement of
yours in a New Yorfc newspaper, designating spurious
imitations from your own manufacture, by having your
WKII I’KN SIGNATUBE to each bill of directions, *
and that in no instance were the imitations signed with
pen and ink, although a perfect copy in every other
respact. Finding those I had without this test, I be- 5
gauto suspect that “ all was not fair in medicine, as
well as in politics, and called at several of our apothe- ;
caries for your pills, with your written signature. 1 j.
found many without this test, but none with it, until I !
came to the Me*sra Keerls*, who assured me they had ! (
them direct from you. I procured a box, and on using ! (
them, found the same effects from them 1 had always -
experienced, and am so much rejoiced on finding my
idfin possession of a medicine 1 so highly piize, that
that I cannot, in justice, refrain from giving you this
X/* * o avoid the imposition of counterfeits and spu- |
rious imitations, as related above, the purchaser has '
unly to examine the bill of directions covering each , j
box, and if signed at foot, in my own handwriting, irn- 3
mediately under my printed name, they are genuine, v
ind prepared by me; hut if osly tiie printed name is -
iflixed, they are spurious, and to be avoided.
S- II. P. LEE, '
NVw London, Conn. Dec. 182.1.
JH. WHITE has received, by recent ar
• rivals from the North, a considerable ad
lition to Ins Stock, which enables him to offer
ilmost every article in the BOOT and SHOE
ine, either wholesale or retail, upon the best
erms, and particularly cheap for Cash. Among
;hem are.
Men's calf sewed Hoots, 2 d and 3d quality
Do calf pegged do
Do nailed Hoofs [cheap] [tide
Do fireman s water pro f Boots [an excellent ar
Do coarse, pegged Boots
Do c If sew. d and nailed Slipper Boots
Do calf sewed pegged and nailed Mu tiroes
Do Ktp and grain leather do \
Do coarse oegged Brogans and Shoes J c
Do gum elastic and leather (her Shoes v
Boys' calf sewed and pegged Monroes a
Do ca f sewed Shoes h
Ladies' gaiter and leather H arts
Do fur trimmed gum elastic Shoes
Do calf, seal, and morocto Walking Shoes ■
Do seal and lasting Slippers and Jeffersons
Misses' and children's Boots und Bootees, various kinds .
Also, Hair Trunks Seal Caps, Cfc CTc
Made to order, Ladies and Gentleman’s Boots ,
jnd Shoes, of the best materials and workman*
snip. uec 10
HATS, CAPS, &c. &c i!!
JOHN T. EVANS respectfully informs his
old customers and the public generally, that f
has on hand a splendid assortment of superior *
BLACK. HATS, of all shapes and qualities, 1
manufactured by journeymen of long and well
tried experience. As he keeps no apprentices, <•
lie can therefore, with confidence, recommend I
inv work which may leave his shop.
Me has just received, bv the last arrivals from j
Boston and elsewhere, CAPS of latest fashions
and of best workmanship and materials; among
them will be found Youth’s and Men’s Cloth N
Caps, of a variety of patterns. Also, a few do- c
ten Ladies’ Cloth Riding Caps, a new and beau- I
tiful article. Me continues to keep LADIES’
FURS of every kind, such as Fur Stocks, Boa
Constrictors, &c. &c. i
And Far Skins for gentlemen’s cloak collars. |
He is now manufacturing LADIES’ BEAVER s
BONNETS of the latest fashion, which are t
thought handsomer than any thing of the kind (
?ver before offered to the public. All of which
lie will dispose of, on accommodating terms. >
nov 28—d3m 5
tlats & Caps—\atoai F asVuons.
THOMAS L. MARTIN, at his old stand on King,
three doors above Fairfax street, has on hand an
rxtensive assortment of
HJiTS of tht latest Fashion,
and all the variety of shapes and qualities
that are worn, manufactured under his .
own immediate inspection, by the most 1
_ _1 experienced workmen. 1
Having sold out his establishment in Washington, his 1
*rho1e attention will be devoted to his business in Alex
indria; and he is determined to have his work got up j|
n a style that will give satisfaction. \
He has also a large supply of
;omprising all the variety of the season, viz. -Sea Ot- s
:er, Mock Otter, Cloth, Hair, Seal, 8cc. All of which
ae will sell on pleasing terms, wholesale or retail. f
Dealers are invited to call and examine his stock.
Boat Lost.
STOLEN, on Friday night last, from ship General
Smith, near the White House, her SVKRN BOAT,
sixteen feet long, painted light green, with white bot- 8
tom. Five Dollars reward will be paid for the delivery r
of the Boat to STEPHEN SHINN,
dec 30 Janney’s wharf.
Cabinet, Chair and Sofa Maker, King, next doot
to the corner of Alfred street.
HAS on hand, and constantly manufactures a gene
ral assortment of
Which, for eleganceand durability,defies competition.
His stock, generally consists of
Grecian and plain sofas, couches and lounges
Mahogany and al) kinds of drawing-room chairs
Grecian, winged and single wardrobes
Pedestal-end sideboards with marbletops and'mirers
Gothic and various other ditto
Pier tables, with marble and mahogany tops
Pillerand block dining, card and breakfasttables
do claw do do do do
Plain do do do do do
Centric or loo a<>
French and variou other bureaus, with anu without
Ladies dressing tables, with and without mirrors
Ditto workstands and music stools
Ditto and gentlemen’s abinet, secretaries and book
iVashstands, with marble and mahogany tops
tichly carved and plain mahogany, bird eye, and curl
maple and common beadsteads
Dribs, cradles>candlestands,9havingdo’>pc*'table desks !
md every other article in the cabinet line.
Mahogany of various kinds, steam sawed, curl and j
haded veneers, copalvamisli,sacking bottoms,cords,
B2DS, iVIATraiV3323,fcO.
The above articles will be disposed offer cash or to
uinctual persons on the most liberal terms,
A very extensive patronage from Washington indu*
:es me tosay, that 1 .vill deliver furniture to any pur*
ihaserin that city free ofexpence.
Turning Sr Carving executed in thebestmannen
may 20
Cabinet, Cbair, and. aota
Jk'lES GKEEN, Cabinetmaker, hasonha 1, and i
will constantly keep, at his old stand o. Koyal |
t., Alexandria, and at thecorner of LUth st., i emsyl |
ania, Avenue, Washington, a genera ass<v -ent« 1
The most fashionable <$* durable FURJVL *JREf;
irhich he will warrant equal, if not supjr.or, in :
piality, to any ever offered in the District:- dcnsist S
ng, i n part, of
Grecian, winged and plain wardrobes
Gothic, pedestal end and plain sideboa it
Ditto, with ccllaretts and marble slabs
French and plain bureaus
Pressing do with mirrors
Ladies’ and gentlemen’s secretaries ai.d book
Pier table, with marble and mahogany opc
Pillar and claw dining, breakfast & car tables
Plain do do do do do
Ladies* work stands
Shaving and candle stands
Wash stands with marble and mahogany tops
Grecian sofas; mahogany chairs
Music stools, bidetis, cribs, cradles
Portable writing desks, &c.
Tith a general assortment of BEDS '! EADS,
jrichly carved mahogany, maple and stained ;
foods All of which will be so»d as lou, for cash,
s they can be purchased of the same quality
t any other manufactory in the Union.
An assortmen of St. Domingo and Bay of lion*
uras Mahogany, a part of whicl is suitable for
andrailf; steam sawed Curl and Shaded Veneers?
Jopal Varnish of a superior quality; Sacking
lottoms, Cords, Etc*
TURNING CAR VING handsomely executed
oct 55
Sle\W\e.n 6. tS;\ugfcr,
I N tendering his sincere acknowledgements to hi a
! friends and the public for past patronage, respect
ally informs them that he still continues to manufac
ure, and has now on hand,
»f good materials and workmanship, which he will dis
»ose of upon reasonable terms.
The public are solicited to call, before they pur
base elsewheie, at his
m King street, between Columbus and Henry streets,
yliere he will satisfactorily execute all orders for arti
les in either of the above branches. Repairs in either
ine done neat, cheap, and expeditiously,
oct 8 —tf
"Levi. VivmWe,
HAVING taken his brother, THOMAS T. HUR
DLK, into partnership, will continue at the old
land, south-west corner of King and Columbus streets,
o carry on their busmessas
kml where they will make, and keep cunstautlv for
ale, at fair prices,
A general assortment of Gre
cian, Fancy and Windsor
The public are reap- ctfully invited ;
to call and examine their present as- s
sortment. They feel assured that they i
will be found not to be inferior, either
i the durability of their materials or the neatness of
heir execution, to those of any other manufacturer in
lie District. They will execute
Sign and Ornamental Painting and Gilding,
i all their various branches, on the most accommodat- |
ng terms. * ,
OLD CH AIRS will be taken in part payment for
ew ones, or will be repaired or re painted at the
hortest notice.
Chairs purchased at this manufactory will be sent,
ree ofexpense,to any part ofthe District. .
nov 23 —tf ____
Farm tor &a\o.
I WISH to sell a FARM, containing 312 ACRES,
adjoining my residence. It is heavily timbered,
nd has on it a variety of fine Fruit. A great bargain
nay be had if immediately applied for.
Fairfax County, Va. D. F. DULANY*
aug 14—eotf
"tor Sw\e <nr Exchange,
* .dL^. 0 h OUSD_ formerly occupies as a Tavern, situ
ated at the corner of King and St Asaph streets, know n
as the Indian Queen Tavern. This Kstablishment
would be sold on very reasonable terms, or exchanged
for other real property in the town. For terms apply
dec 14- tf
EarUxenvnvre Wuia, Sc.
Has just received, per Brig Belvidera -
being part of his Fall supplies of Earthen
ware and China, which enables him to offer
an extensive and very handsome assort
ment of goods in his line.
Blue, brown, pink printed Dinner Sevicea
Do do do Plates of all sizes
Ho do do and purple Pitchers,
ik i , Mugs, Ac.
Do do do Ewers A Basins, and
, , Toilet Sets
H ue and green edged Ware, in all its varieties
l ire proof Baking Dishes and Plates, superior
(.ream colored Plates, Dishes, Basins, Bowls. Ac
China l ea sets and Cups and Saucers, in an unu
sual variety as to shapes and patterns
China Pitchers, new and super!) shapes, richly eilt
Do Mugs, plain and gilt, very rich * **
Country merchants and others are earnestly invited
to call, as K It. M is anxious to reduce his stock,
which is now unusually large.
9th mo 9th. 1833,
0\\ma and Ratt\\euvfaTe.
I~| ?' S“.irH h»s received, per Brig- Belvidera,
IJ. from Liverpool, and offers for sale, en the low
est terms, wholesale or retail_
B ZB Crates of Earthenware and China
AdBnX 50 boxes English P.pes, 3 groce each
Also on hand, received lately, making his assortment
very complete and extensive—
150 crates and hogsheads China, he.
60 packages Glassware, cut plain and moulded
150 boxes German Pipes
Window Glass, every size and quality
Black Bottles, pint and quart
Demijohns, from quart to five gallon
Stoneware of an excellent quality
Furnaces, cased and plain
India China, in complete sets or any one arti*
cle separately—a full assortment
Boston Crown Glass, at Factor) price
Merchants and dealers are particularly invited to
call und examine the ware and prices, as every atten
tiop will be paid to render satisfaction. sept 16
(_¥ENRY?S commentary on the bi
3 5 BLE, in 3 voljj, price ftlO and ft!2; su
per roval 8vo fine paper, handsomely bound in
extra sheep, w ith raised bauds and spring-backs,
with practical remarks and observations, now
greatly improved by a new arrangement of the
sacred text in separate verses, at the heads of the
pages, and the insertions of the Pulvglott mar
umal readings and references—to which is pre
fixed a Preface, by Archibald Alexander, f). D
a Memoir of the Author, by the Rev. Samuel
Palmer, and an elegant Portrait from a steel en
slaving. In order to ensure the correct execu
tion of this valuable commentary, it has, at extra
expense, been carefully compared with several
of the most approved editions, and prepared for
the press from Baxter's London edition of 1811
(said to be the most correct edition ever publish
ed) edited by the Rev. Geo. Burder and Rev
Robert Hughes, A. M. Just received bv
dec 18 \VM. M. MORRfsnv
liftnd for sate.
1 OFFER for sale my Plantation called CLOVER
LAND, i) mg in the County of Prince M illmm, 35
inilea distant from Alexandria and Washington.’ It
contains °
13 00 ACRES,
Has on it a largo DWELLING
HOUSE, Barn, and other improvements,
and an excellent Mill Seat, on which a
._Saw Mill is erected. The land has been
well tilied, and for several >eurs past improved by the
ikve of clover and plaster; the effects of which are no
where more visible, or more fully proven. It is divid
E:d into Helds of an equal and convenient size, and un
ier the best enclosures. This Plantation is justly con
udered among the best in the upper country; its silua
tion is healthful and beautiful.
As purchasers will view the premises before making
in ofier, farther particulars are deemed unnecessary.
If desired, immediate possession may be given. Let
ters addressed to me (post paid) may be directed to
Richmond City, Oct, lOib, 1823.
N. B. In my absence, Mr. Edmund Newman, Agent,
jn the premises, will attend to gentlemen wishing to
view the premises- C. S. C.
The AAerx-anArla Almanac,
FOR 1834,
SHOWING the true declination ol the sun, the time
of high water, !kc. &c.—all the calculations being
[liade by Benjamin Hallowell—just printed and for sale
it this Oftice, and at the different Bookstores, by the
lingle copy, dozen, or groce: Orders from tfie coun
try attended to. dec 25 — tf
C\\e,ap for Oa&Ai.
OZEN JOSSELYN, Agent, (corner of King and
Royal streets, opposite Wright tsf Maddox,) re
spectfully informs his friends and the public, that he
ias on hand, and continues to manufacture, first, me
iium, and low quality.
A which, for color and durability, will comparo
with any found in the District.
A variety of CAPS, of the different fashions
A share of patronage is respectfully solicited*
AH kinds of Furs purchased.
Old hats taken in part pay for new ones. dec 2
4 FURTHER supply (all sizes) just received from
/\ the Phoenix Shot Tower Company of Baltimore,
md for sale by

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