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. * ’ ' - *
“ Fait cc qvCil fceut, arrive ce qiCil pourra
• •■■ ■ r' W » S jy s •
■■—■■»■■■■ „■,, , —.■ —i ■„ ■■ ■-■ i ■ . ..—— i nr-_ -_,___
At $$ per annum, payable half yearly.
At $5 per annum, payable in advance.
Terms of Advertising:
Advertisements neatly and conspicuously inserted at
the rate of one dollar per square for the first three in*
sertions, and tw'ntv -five cents for every .->ut»s quent
insertion. A reasonable deduction will be made in
the c »*e of yearly advertisers
aMMWWMMUWHUJ>-I.' •— rr |-| f I fl« I—!■ —IMIII——
Freight or ' hvrter,
^ie coPPe,rc^ Br'K EDWARD, burthen 180
^ has made but one v<*y-»ge, and is in fine or
der tor any VO)age. Apply to
For Freight or i\uvr\er
The fine copp r fastened schooner HOPE,
James Thompson, m ster, carries about 9U0
barrels, anti can commence loading the last of this
week A freight to South America or the West Indies
would be preferred. Apply to
dec 30 GKO JOHNSON h Co.
Vor Xutf »\k.
Kf’S: The schooner OSCAR, John Heetley, mas
^-lt4|Aer- can be ready to receive cargo on Aednes
day next -is in fine order, an 1 stows about 650 barrels*
dec 30 Anolv to GKO. JOHNSON fc Co.
t ur cffclgm nv OUa Uf.
8Cb°oner LA FAYETTE, Snow, mas.
d&HSS* eri burthen 800 bari c s, will be ready for height
in a few' days One to a Southern port or the West
Indies would be preferred Apply to
Fur Amsterdam.
The A 1 copper fistened and cn^perdd Brit
master, will take small freight; for wh ch apply to
dec 9_VV. FOWLE k Co.
Essex.—For Washington
I The Steamboat ESSEX will
I ^Alexandria at 10 and 3 o’clock.
i _ i Washington at 11 and 4 “
Freight and passage as heretofore.
dec 23 FETER JONES, \laster._
A COACH will this day be
^started expr****’* for du accom
modation of persons visiting Con*
•grt-ss and Washington City, leav*
ing Beltzhoover* A Co’s fftice, Royal street, 5 or 6
■ door a below Newton's City Hotel, and tha Trank in
House Hotel, every day at 11 o’clock A M for Wash
ington—and retu ning, leave the uffi^e adjoining
Clad so v’s Hotel every evening at 4$ o'clock. Those
visiting Congress will have sufficient time to hear the
debates, and after the Houst adjourns, return home to
supper Seats can be secured up and down; anti pas
sengers set down at the Capitol and ca,!ed tor again.
The hours ot departure here
of er for Washington an 1 Balti
more will bea-i follows, via:
8$ o’clock, A. M.
11 do A M.
3i do 1» M.
Returning from Washington—9 o’clock, A. M.
b 3* do l*. M.
a • i _ i) II
•#3 uu *
going to Baltimore will always meet with
a direct conve) ance through, without any detention
whatever. For atats be ptrticular to apply at Beltz*
hoover it Co*a Office, Hoyal street; at the Franklin
House Hotel; and at R. H. Harrington's Steamboat Ho
tel, near the Wharf—and in Washington, at the Office
adjoining Gadaby’s Hotel
& G W. BRUCF., Agent.
(Tj* Carriages and Hordes for hire- Apply at the
Office. dec 1ft_M B.
>(Smith*s Line) will, o > Tuesday,
1 Thursday, and Saturday, leave
• Warrenton at 7 o'clock A. M. and
reach Alexandria at 4 P. M. 1 his will save nigh tra
velling those days.
It will, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, leave
Alexandria for Washington at half after 4 P. M punc
It will, on Sunday, Wednesday, aud Friday, leave
Alexandria for W ashington at 11 A. M promptly.
dec 14 -tf WM. SMITH.
I 4 £ Oi W\ Bushel* of Ground Alum T
X 2,000 sacks Factory ft! >9ALT,
led Blown J
Cargo of the ship t’otomac, from Liverpool, for sale
.Vow Orleans ttngar.
t. O Hogsheads good quality New Orleans Sugar
| O 20 bids- prime Apples, ** free of Corporation duty"
p Just received, and for sale, very low, by
I titan.
p Bushels, expected to arrive during the
It present week. As we wish to sell it from
k * , ve^el, the terms will be favorable Apply to
| dec 30__GEO. JOHNSON ^ Co.
I .
■ OfA Hogsheads of Porto Kico and N. Orleans Sugar
■ WVF 200 bags of Rio Cuba and Java Coffee
B dec 30 For sale by A C. CAZENUVB & Co.
1 Patent Ba\anee&.
■ 3 Sett8 p*tent Balances, to weigh ia00 each, for
■ g Sale by dec 30 A C. CAZENOVB fcy Co.
1 Cook wanted.
I A FEMALE COOK is wanted, either by the month
I on r°r w^ere liberal wages will be given, and
n 9 the country preferred. Apply to the Printer.
.\>.NN Fruits. F/hrear. &e.
Q iQ half and quarter boxes superior'!
Bunch Raisins 1 At verv low
- / price"
55 jars Grapes, in fine order
4 casks Zante Currants
10 hags Brazil Nuts
30 barrels New York Apples
36 casks }
30 boxes \ ( heese> very superior
20 kegs New York Milch Dairy Butter
10 barrels do Buckwheat Flour
30 do do Family do
10 casks Salt Pelre
10 kegs Ground Ginger
10 boxes Mustard
15 hogsheads ) ....• , A ,,
30 barrels $ 'Vluike>' P5r> jlJ
10 hogsheads new Rum
60 bags Rio Coffee, part old white
3 tons Shot, assorted
1 ton Bar Lead
20 bags Tennessee Feathers
15 boxes Sperm Candles
1150 Scotch Bags, suitable for Salt or Grain
Received and for sale by
dec 18 SAM’L. B. I,ARMOUR Sc Co.
Drags, Sic.
\T VNILLA Bean, of excellent quality
f Ro wand's tonic mixture for the tever and ague
Jujube paste in sheets and boxes
Wistar's cough lozenge*; Jackson's pectoral do
Compound syrup of liverwort for coughs and
hoarseness; liquorice bail of first quality
English peppermint^
ho Fruit > Lozenges
Do Ginger j
Joffes's chlorate matches for smokers, in pocket
cases; Watts's chlorate matches
German taoers; machine do
Cupping instruments
Be«t French sulphate of quinine
IV A«\iit r»u I a m a r) mairnaciu nrunmn a
London do do light
London do do ponderous
Adhesive plaster, spread, of superior quality; pre.
pared by a celebrated manufacturer in England
Nail brushes and tooth brushes, an assortment
Soda for washing; scented bar soap
English scented soaps, a variety
Hayden’s balsam for the tooth ache
Fire King’s tooth ache drops
Edinburgh tooth ache paste
Chlorine tooth wash; do do paste
Moxon's magnesian aperient, a pleasant medicine
Soda water } . , ...
e . „ i > m bottles
Suritoga do S
Preston salts; English pungent®
English fl *sh brushes; long pepper; blue saucers
Rest Bermuda arrow root
Mexican black lead for cleaning stoves, a superior
article; Paris white; nursing bottles
Swaim’s panacea; do vermifuge
Trusses of various kinds ar.d for persons of differ*
e *t <gc8, a full assor ment
Surgeons’instruments; patent pump syringes
Compound Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilla, prepared
by » process that extracts and retains the uc
tive part of the medieine. Phis is an excel
lent remedy for the Rheumatism, King’s Evil,
and for the depraved state of the system pro
dttced by ulcer.« of long standing.
And almost every other article in the DRUQ LINE
!‘he subscriber respectfully informs Physicians and
others thai he s -lects or prepare®, as the case may be,
the articles which he offer® for sale, with unremitting
attention, endeavoring to nave every medicine that
goea from his store of the first quality in all respects,
and pul up in the safest and neatest manner
11th mo 15th. 1833. fWarrenton Snec.l
•V Vi V lev,
1^0 the Legatees of the late Major Henry Gunnell,
. deceased, of Fairfax County, Virginia—That thev
will come forward and take charge of their property,
which is at this time in the hands of the subscriber, se
eming him agreeably to the act of A>»s« mbty, as he will
not consider himself liable, after this date, for any pro
perty under the will of said Gunnell
One of the Executors of 1L Gunnell, deceased.
December26 lfc >3- jan3—*w3w
For Sale,
MY PROPERTY in the Town of Upperville, Fau
quier County, Va . consisting of a
and the necessary Out-Buildings, nearly new and
in go'»d condition. The dwelling house is i
frame, rough cast building, very convenient in its con
struction, having two rooms and an eight feet passage
below, and three rooms above. The store.house i<
about 30 by 16 feet, with a good counting room bach
of it. The village i» one of the most improving in th<
State, situated in a very fertile and healthy country
The lot is prettily improved, and in a desirable part o
the town, well calculated for business. Intending t(
remove from town, 1 will sell on accommodating terms
It is presumed persons wishing to purchase will viev
the premises, or I will communicate any information or
the subject by letter.
Upperville, Va- Dec. 17,1833.—w6w_
fteW-Uaugiug, t.ock fij White
fllHF, subscribe* respectfully informs the Public,
J. that, in consequence of the liberal encourage
ment he has teceived during the present year, he has
been induced to buy a general assortment of material!
in his line of business, consisting, in part, of
Silver Plated Bell Pulls
Brass do do of every description
Base, Surb ise and common Cranks
Bell springs and ('arriages
Sheet Brass, suitable for Bell Plates
New Keys nf every description
Brass Handles and Spindles for Locks
With every other article necessary for the business
Work left with him will be executed as well as can bt
done here or elsewhere
Persons wishing BELLS HUNG would consul!
their own interest by giving him a call
dec 23-d3tfcw3w GEO. H. DUFFEY
X otiee.
THE Stockholders of the Farmers* Bank of Alexan
dria are hereby notified that an Election of thir
teen Directors for the ensuing year, will be held at tlx
Banking House on Monday, the 6th day of January
next. * JOHN HOOFF, Cashier.
dec 4—wtfitbJsn
.VeAN ViimAim Bilious PiUs.
JUST received, a fresh supply of the above useful
Medicine, direct from Ur. Lee’s Dispensary
12ih mo 30th, 1833. \V. STABLER.
The following extract is published by Dr. Lee’s au
thority, viz: —
Extract of a letter, written by a very respectable gen
tleman, redding in Baltimore, to the subscriber, who
deems it his duty, though iinauthorize !, to lay it be
tore the public, withholding the writer’s name, for
particular reference, should any require it person
ally. SAM il P LEE
Baltimore, August, 1828
Doctor S. II. P 1 f.e, New- I ondou, Loon.
Dear cir -It is now upwards of t wenty years that I
have used your ew London Bilious Pills in my fami
ly, and always found them an efficien* purgative in al
most every description of disease, anil believe th^y sa»
ved many a long doctor’s bill by their early and timeL
use. I never found their accustomed certainty to vary
in their operation and effects until a few months past;
and having,'since then, been sadly disappointed in eve
ry instance of using them, I began to conclude that you
had made your fortune, and abandoned their manufac
ture to mercenary and unfaithful hands. Under this
Impression, I accidentally saw ai advertisement of
yours in a New York newspaper, designating spurious
imitations from vour own manufacture, bv having your
WRITTEN SIGNATURE to each bill of directions,
an l that in no instance were the imitations signed with
pen and ink, although a perfect copy in every other
redact- Finding those I had w’ilhout this test, 1 be
gan to suspect that 41 all was not fair in medicine, as
well as iN politics, and called at several of our apothe
caries for your pills, with your written signature. I
j found mtny without this test, but none with it, until 1
I came to the Messrs Keerls’, wlto assured me they had j
| them direct from you. I procured a box, and on using j
j them, found the same effects from them I had always j
j experienced and am so much rejoiced on finding my
! sc’f in possession of a medicine I so highly prize, that
I that 1 cannot, in justice, refrain from trivine: you this
| information.
(£j* To avoid the imposition ofcounteifeits and spu
| rious imitations, as related above, the purchaser lias
only to examine the hill of directions covering each
! box, and if signed at font, in my own handwriting, im j
j medi itely under mv printed name, they are genuine,
J and prepared by me; but if oxly the printed name is
! affixed, they are apurious, and to he avoided.
INpw London, Conn Dec 1821.
JII. WHITE has received, bv recent ar
% rivals from the North, a considerable ad
dition to liis Stock, which e»)ib>»,«* him to offer
almost every article in the BOOT and SHOE
line, either wholesale or retail, upon the best
terms, and particulai ly cheap for Cash. Among
them are.
Men's calf sewed Boots, 1 st. 2d and 3d quality
Do catf pegged do
Do nailed Boots [cheap] [tide
Do fireman's wife- pro f Boots [an excellent ar
Do coarse pegged Boots
Do cu If sew fa and nailed Slipper Boots
Do calf sewed peggd, and nailed Mu nr oes
Do Kip and grain leather do
Do coarse pegged Brogans and Shoes
Do gum elastic and leather Over Shoet
Boys' calf sewed end pegged Monroes
Do caff sewed Shoes
Ladies' gaiter and leather Boots
Do fur trimmed gum elastic ‘Shoes
Do calf, seal, and moroctn li'alking Shoes
Do seal and lasting Slippers and J iff: r sons
Misses* and children's Bunts and Bootees, various kinds
Also, Hair Trunks Seal Caps, Cfc Cfc
Made to order, Ladies and Gentleman’s Boots
and Shoes, of the best materials and workman-!
ship. dec 18
IIATS, CAPS, &c. &c.!!!
JOHN T. EVANS respectfully informs his
old customers and the public generally, that
he has nn hand a splendid assortment of superior
BLACK HATS, of all shapes ami qualities,
manufactured by journeymen of long and well
tried experience. As he keeps no apprentices,
he can therefore, with confidence, recommend
anv work which mav leave his shop.
He has just received, by the last arrivals from
Boston and elsewhere, CAPS of latest fashions
and of best workmanship and materials; among
i them will be found Youth’s and Men’s Cloth
Caps, of a variety of patterns. Also, a few do
: zen Ladies’ Cloth Riding Caps, a new and beau
1 tiful article. He continues to keep LADIES’
’ FURS of every kind, such as Fur Stocks, Boa
Constrictors, &c. &c.
F And Fur Skins for gentlemen’s cloak collars.
* He is now manufacturing LADIES’ BEAVER
BONNETS of the latest fashion, which are
( thought handsomer than any thing of the kind
ever before offered to the public. All of which
he will dispose of, on accommodating terms,
nov 28—d5m
Hats & Ca\*s—tales! Fa&Yuons.
rpiiOMAS L. MARTIN, at his old stand on King1,
a three doors above Fairfax street, has on hand an
extensive assortment of
| - f{,$TS of the latest Fashion,
and all the variety of shapes and qualities
that are worn, manufactured under his
own immediate inspection, by the most
experienced workmen.
Having sold out his establishment in Washington, his
whole attention will be devoted to his business in Alex
andria; and be is determined to have his work got up
in a style that will give satisfaction.
He has also a large supply of
comprising all the variety of the season, viz. -Sea Ot
ter, Mock Otter, Cloth, Hair, Seal, Stc. All of which
he will sell on pleasing terms, wholesale or retail.
Dealers are invited to call and examine his stock.
Boat Host.
STOLEN, on Friday night last, from ship General
Smith, near the White House, her STERN BOAT,
’ -.ixteen feet long, painted light green, with white but*
f tom. Five Dollars reward will be paid for the delivery
of the Boat to STEPHEN SHINN,
i jec 30 Janney's wharf.
&p\«xu\iA It ut nituxfc.
chari.es koones,
Cabinet, Chair and Sofa Maker, King, next doot
to the corner of Alfred street.
|XASon hand, and constantly manufactures a gene
AJL ra! assortment of
Which, for elegance and durability,defies competition.
His stock, generally consists of
Grecian and plain sofas, couches ami lounges
Mahogany and all kinds of drawing-room chairs
Grecian, winged and single wardrobes
Pedesla!-endsideboards with marbletope and mircrt*
Gothic and various other ditto
Pier tables, with marble am! mahogany tops
Pillcrand block dining, card and breakfasttab'es
do claw do do do do
Plain do do do do do
Centric or loo ao
Frenchand variou other bureaus, with anu without
Ladiesdressing tables, with and without mirrors
Ditto workstands and music stools
Dittoand gentlemen's abinet, secretaries and book
Washstands, with marble and mahogany tops
Itichly carved and plain mahogany, biid eye, and cur!
maple and common beadsteads
Cribs, cradles,candlestands,shaving do*, po* table deski
and every other article in the cabinet line.
Mahogany of various kinds, steam sawed, curl and
shaded veneers,copal varnish,sacking bottoms,cords,
The above articles will be disposed offor cash or to
punctual persons on the most liberal terms.
A very extensive patronage from Washington indu*
cesme tosay,that I will deliver furniture toany pur
chaserin that city free ofexpence.
Turning Sr Carving executed in l hebest manner*
in a y 20
vamufet, utor, and r^uivi
]jT A V1F,S GREEN, Cabinet maker, hasonh a i, and
M will constantly keep,&t bis old stand o< lloyal
st., Alexandria, and at tliecorner «»f 10th st., » eansyl
vaiiia, Avenue, Washington, a genera ass^* --'nt ^
The most'fashionable 4* durable FUR NY *JREf
which he will warrant equal, if not stiptnor, in
quality, to any ever offered in the District:- Joiisist
ing, in part, of
Grecian, winged and plain wardrobes
Gothic, pedestal end and plain sideboa Js
Ditto, with cellaretts&nd marble 3iubs
French and plain bureaus
Dressing do with mirrors
Ladies’ and gentlemen’s secretaries and book
cases , i
Pier table, with marble and mahogany ope
Pillar and claw dining, breakfast & car tables
Plain do do do do do j
Ladies’ work stands
Shaving and candle stands
Wash stands with marble »nd mahogany top*
Grecian sofas; mahogany chairs
Music stools, bidetts, cribs, cradles
1 Portable writing desks, &c,
With a general assortment of BEDS ! EADS,
o jricniy carved mahogany, maple and stained
woods All of which will be so*d as loiv, for cash,
as they can be purchased of the same quality
a t any othe r manufactory in the Union.
An asaortmen of St. Domingo and Hay of Hon
duras Mahogany, a part of whicl is suitable for
handrails; steam sawed Curi and Shaded Veneers;
Copal Varnish of a superior quality; Sacking
Bottoms, Cords, &c«
TURNING 4’ CARVING handsomely executed
oct 2:5
6. Sanger,
I N tendering his sincere acknowledgements to his
a_ friends and the public for past patronage, respect
fully informs them that he still continues to manufac
ture. and has now on hand,
of good materials and workmanship, which he w ill dis
pose of upon reasonable terms
The public are solicited to call, before they pur
chase eisewheie, at bis
on King street, between Columbus i»nd Henry streets,
| where he will satislactorily execute all orders for arti
cles in either of toe above branches. Repairs in cither
line done neat, cheap, and expeditiously,
oct 8 — tf
Le\ i YYurAYfc,
HAVING taken his brother, THOMAS T. HUR
DLE, into partnership, will continue at the old
stand, south-west corner of King and Columbus streets,
to carry on their business as
\nd where they will make, and keep constantly for
sale, at fair prices,
A general assortment ol Gre
cian, Fancy and Windsor
The public are respectfully invited
to call and examine their present as
sortment. They feel assured that they
will be found not to be inferior, either
in the durability of their materials or the neatness of
their execution, to those of any other manufacturer in
the District. They will execute
Sign and Ornamental Painting and Gilding,
in all their various branches, on the most accommodate
ing terms.
OLD CHAIRS will be taken in part payment for
new ones, or will be repaired or re painted at the
shortest notice.
Chairs purchased at this manufactory will be sent,
free of expense, to any part of the District.
nov 23—tf ^ _
Vann Tot sa\e.
r WISH to sell a FARM, containing 312 ACRES,
adjoining ray residence. It is heavily timbered,
and has on it a variety of fine Fruit. A great bargain J
may be had if immediately applied for.
Fairfax County, Va. D. F. DULANY.
aug 14—eotf
For Sa\e cvr Exc\\auge,
fell^GROUSE formerly occupied as a Tavern, situ
ated at the corner of King and St Asaph streets, known
as the Indian Queen i avern. This Establishment
would be sold on very reasonable terms, or exchanged
for other real property in the town. For terms apply
dec 14 —tf
EartEeivwMre CVutm, &c.
Has just received, per Brig Belvidera,
being part of his Fall supplies of Earthen
ware and China, which enables him to offer
an extensive and very handsome assort*
i merit ol goods in his line.
Blue, brown, pink printed Dinner Sevices
Do *lo do Plates of all sizes
Do do do and purple Pitchers,
Mugs, &c.
Do do do Ewers 8c Basins, and
... , , Toilet Sets
B-ueand green edged Ware, in all its varieties
fire proof Baking Dishes and Plates, superior
Cream colored Plates, Dishes, Basins, Bowls, &c.
China Pea sets and Cups and Saucers, in an unu
sual varietv as to shapes and patterns
China Pilchers, new and superb shapes, richly gilt
Do Mugs, plain and gilt, very rich
i Country merchants and others are earnestly invited
to call, as R H. M. is anxious to reduce his stock.
, which is now unusually large.
9th mo 9th, 1833.
j V3\\*ma and Karthenviate.
HC SMITH has received, per Brig Relvidera
• from Liverpool, and offers for sale, un the low
est terms, wholesale or retail—
E£j Crate8 °f Earthenware and China
dB 50 boxes Englidi Pipes, 3 groce each
ALo on hand, received lately, making his assortment
very complete and extensive
150 crates and hogsheads China, kc.
60 packages Glassware, cut pluin and moulded
150 boxes German Pipes
Window Glass, every size and quality
Black Bottles, pint and quart
Demijohns, from quart to five gallon
Stoneware of an excellent quality
Furnaces, cased and plain
India China, in complete sets or any one arti
cle separately—u full assortment
Boston Crown Glass, at Factory price
| Merchants and dealers are particularly invited to
| call und examine the ware and prices, as every atten
tioi> Wl|l he paid to render satisfaction st pt 16
. ELE, in 3 void, price 810 and 812; su
per royal 8vo fine paper, handsomely bound in
extra sheep, with raised bands and spring-backs,
with practical remarks and observations, now
greatly improved by a new arrangement of the
sacred text in separate verses, at the heads of the
pages, and the insertions of the Pol vglott mar
ginal readings and references—to which is pre
fixed a Preface, by Archibald Alexander, D. D.,
a Memoir of the Author, by the Rev. Samuel
Palmer, and an elegant Portrait from a steel en
graving. In order to ensure the correct execu
tion of this valuable commentary, it has, at extra
expense, been carefully compared with several
of the most approved editions, and prepared for
the press from Baxter’s London edition of 1811
(said to be the most correct edition ever publish
ed) edited by the Rev. Geo. Burder and Rev
Robert Hughes, A. M. Just received hv
dec 18 \VM. M. MORRISON.
Laud for aa\e.
| OFFER for sale my Plantation called CLOVER
1 LAND, tying in tho County of Prince William, 35
miles distant from Alexandria and Washington. It.
12 00 aches,
Has on it a large DWELLING
**arn» am* olher improvements.
)£?£&*i >By a11 d an excellent Mill Seat, on which a
Mill is erected. The land has been
well tilled, and lor several years past improved by the
use of clover and plaster; the effects of which ate no
where more visible, or more fully proven. It is divid
ed into fields of an equal and convenient size, and un
der the best enclosures. This Plantation is justly cor
sidered among the best in the upper country; its situs.
I tion is healthful and beautiful.
I As purchasers wil view the premises before making
an offer, farther particulars are deemed unnecessM'y.
| If desired, immediate possession may be given. Let
ters addressed to me (post paid) may be directed to
Richmond City, Oct. 10th, 18J3.
N R. In my absence, Mr. Edmund Newman, Agent,
j on the premises, will attend to gentlemen wishing to
view the premises. C. S C.
’fllfc «*\\rift .iUnv'iVdftc,
FOR 1834,
SHOWING the true decimation ot the sun, the time
of high water, 5tc. Stc—all the calculations being
made by Benjamin Hallowell—just printed and f«*r sale
at this Office, and at the different Bookstores, by the
single copy, dozen, or groce. Orders from the coun
try attended to. dec 25 — tf
OZRN JOSS EL YN, Agent, (corner of King and
Royh1 streets, opposite Wright Isf Maddox,) re
spectfully informs his friends and the public, that he
has on hand, and continues to manufacture, fast, me
dium, and low quality, 2*
which, for color and durability, will compare
with any found in the District.
A variety of CAPS, of the different fashions.
A share of patrom-.ge is respectfully solicited
All kinds of Furs purchased.
Old hats taken in purt pay for new ones. dec 2
A FURTHER supply (all sizes) just received frorn
. the Phcenix Shot Tower Company of Baltimore,
; and for sale by
dec 29 S- MESSERSIirru
# •

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