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Southern Mail, during, the interesting period of
the Session of Congress, must justify an appro
priation of public money, or other measures for
the accomplishment of the object.
The Editor of the Arena may well doubt the
truth of his own observations, when he charges
me jealousy of the projected Rail Road to
Potomac Creek, which is at this moment closed
to navigation by the freeze of a single night. As
to the location of the road through Dumfries, it
is altogether unimportant; as that place, like its
neighbor, Fredericksburg, has long since ceased
to rank in the geographical enumeration of the
flourishing towns of our country.
If a Rail Road could be obtained on the said
route, with depots at convenient distances, how
easy would it be for the farmers and merchants
from Culpeper, Fauquier, and other adjacent
counties, to choose their market. It is well
known that Flour, Wheat, and Tobacco, are al
ways lower in Fredericksburg than in the Dis
trict of Columbia; and even the little town of
Occoquan usually bids higher for Wheat. The
transmission of the Mail would admit of compe
tition for the contract, which has been, for many
years, the monopoly of the Steamboat Compa
ny __no one caring to invest capital in an uncer
tain opposition. The Mail would be carried
from Fredericksburg to Washington, with ease,
in five hours, and, if necessary, in less time.—
Thousands have been appropriated by the Gov
ernment on objects ofless utility; and I do verily
believe, if active exertions were used by the
Congressional Representation from the South
ern States, including Virginia, that an appropri
ation would be granted, on a footing with that of
< the Cumberland Road, which, although deemed
unconstitutional, has ever been considered a
measure of absolute necessity, in the regular
transportation of the United States’ Mail.
.1 Friend to Internal Improvements.
Dumfries, January 4, 1834.
The Weather—At the Museum on Friday, the
Thermometer ranged from 26 to 28; on Satur
day, from 14 to 26; on Sunday, from 20 to 23,
throughout each day; and on Monday, at 8 A.
M., 10; at 12, M., 26. It is, therefore, presumed
that Winter has made a commencement in ear
nest. . __
items and remarks.
Cobbett complains that, in return for the mild
and forbearing manner In which he has always
conducted himself towards others, he is now
cruelly used. The world are not, perhaps,
aware of the degree in which he possesses the
milk of human kindness. When a man’s lite
has been so remarkably void ot otfences, it may
De thought hard that he should be requitted by
unrelenting persecution.
The population of the Spanish monarchy may
be estimated at 14,159,000; its revenue is about
£5,850,000, and its expenditure about £6,300,000
this last item embraces a sum ot §660,000 for
ihe royal household and family, of £1,960,000
for interest ot floatng and other debts, sinking
fund, &c., and of £2,800,000 for the War De
Dr. Tytler, a gentleman long resident in In
dia, alleges, upon the ground of long experience
and a most active investigation of fact connect
ed with the progress of the disease in that coun
try that cholera was produced in its awful vio
lence, in 1817, by the consumption of the rice the
growth of that year, which had become delete
rious from being harvested before it was ripe, &
from a prevailing scarcity having caused the
worst kinds to he consumed.
A party of Quaker gentlemen, are about to
go a pleasure voyage, from London to tne So
ciety Islands!!!
It seems that in Paris, the ladies have a par
ticular part of the Exchange appropriated to
their use, and frequent it daily to deal in stocks.
This practice very naturally disgusted the e
mtimate sovereigns of the Change; and the
President of the Tribunal of Gommerce has
recently issued an order depriving tfte laaies or
iheir places; and commending them to the nioie
appropriate duties of their sex.
The Russians are using large blocks of wood
set up endways, for their street pavements.
Lord Brougham’s general despatch of busi
ness has been highly commended by his admi
rers—and is often set in odious contrast witn
the dilatoriness of Lord Eldon, who is known
io have had some cases before him from his ap
pointment as Chancellor, till he had retired—a
period upwards of29 years. But Broughams
adversaries give him credit for despatch also
of another kind: A late English periodical as
serts that it wTas rumored he once wTote three
letters, made three curates, read three newspa
pers, and D3~drank three bottles of wine “ in
Three Quarters of an Hour.”«£lS Credat Ju
A young couple in the west of Scotland, after
the usual term of courtship, fixed a day for the
wedding. In the meantime, the lady thought
proper to change her mind, and drew up with
another man. The disappointed lover, enraged
at this conduct, prosecuted the lady for dama
ges—an account of which, publicly pioduce ,
there appeared not only the expenses of furms -
mg a house, but a charge for the loss of tune
sustained by him in this manner—" To so ma
ny hours’ attendance on you this day, &c.
A Pleasant Alternative.—A correspondent of
the National Intelligencer, addressing the mem
bers of Congress on the want of accommmJa
tions at the capitol for spectators, says—** 1 ne
Hall of the Senate is much smaller than the Hall
of the House. The galleries are much smaller
—but ladies are not inaccessible.” It must be
•’juite comforting to know that if one cannot get
into a gallery he can have access to a lady.
Mrs. b-desired Doctor Johnson to give
his opinion of a new w'ork she had just writ
ten; adding, that if it would not do, she begged
him to tell her, for she had other irons in the
fire and in case of its not being likely to suc
ked, she could bring out something else.—
‘Then,’said the Doctor, after having turned
over a few of the leaves, ‘I advise you madam,
to put it where your other irons are.*
D3* The Citizens of Loudoun, of all political
parties, are invited to meet at the Court House
m Leesburg, on theirs* day of January Court,
to express their opinions upon the conduct of the
President of the United States, in removing the
money of the Public from the Bank of the United
States, without authority of law, and in violation
of the national faith.
January T, 1831
Price of Produce in Alexandria yesterday, from
Wagons and Vessels.
Flour, per barrel - 84 75 a 4 80
Wheat, per bushel, 0 90 a 1 00
Corn, do - 0 50 a 0 00
Rye, ilo - 0 55 a 0 60
Oats, from wagons, bush 0 38 a 0 40
Do from vessels, do 0 33 a 0 35
Corn Meal, white, do 0 65 a 0 70
Do do yellow, do 0 60 a 0 65
Fraxseed, do 1 25 a 1 30
Whiskey, per gallon, 0 28 a 0 30
Bacon, per cwt. - 7 75 a 8 00
Butter, fresh, per lb. 0 16 a 0 20
Do firkin, do - 0 10 a 0 15
Lard, do - 0 071-2 a 0 08
Plaster Paris, retail, ton, 6 00 a 0 00
Wagon Pork, per 100 lbs. 4 75 a 4 87 1-2
Flour.—Last week, 1,000 or 1,500 bbls., and
perhaps more, of wharf Flour, were sold at j
$4 87 1-2, and a few hundred barrels of King
street Flour at 84 87 1-2 to $4 90.
Saturday, the wagon price was 84 80. Yes-;
terday, the current price was 84 75: a load or
| two taken at 84 80.
Export for the week ending 4th instant, 1628
j bbls.: 64 foreign, 1564 coastwise.
Quantity inspected during the same period:
King street, - • 2190 16
Wharf, - - - 1022 00
Total, - - - 3212 16
Howard street Flower.—The sales from stores
have been very limited. Several parcels, in
cluding one or two this morning, have been
sold at 85.12 1-2 per bbl. By the dray load,
sales of several hundred bbls. have been made
in the course of the week at 85.25. The wagon j
price is uniformly 85, but a considerable por- j
tion of the receipts continues to go into store ,
. i . __t ....a
Oil me country uwueia av/cuum.
There have been very few parcels
at market, but notwithstanding the extreme
scantiness of the supply, there has been a fur
ther material reduction in prices, in consequence
of the continued scarcity of money. A parcel
• of very handsome red was in market some
days ago, but no offer above $1, could be ob
tained, for it, and it was placed in store. This
morning a sale of prime red received by the
Rail Road, was sold at $1, being the best and
the only offer made for it. We quote fair good
to prime reds to-day at 90 to 100 cents. W e
know of no transactions in white wheats, and
cannot make accurate quotations.
Flour and Meal—The market continues de
pressed. The operations since our last weekly
report in supertine Flour have amounted to 4560
barrels. Of this quantity 1400 brls. were sold,
at thp close of last week at $5,12 1-2 per brl.;
2640 brls. brought $5,25. 100 brls. very superi
or sold a little higher, and 400 brls. New Orleans
were sold at $5,12 1-2 and 5,25. Rye Flour,
162 brls. have been taken at $3,62 1-2. Corn
Meal, 170 hhds. have been sold at $12,50, and :
575 brls. at 2,75 per brl.
Grain.—No arrivals since our last report.—
Wheat—Our information only extends to the (
Sale of 600 bushels Old Southern, from store,
on terms not reported. Rye is dull, and sales
making only in small quantities at 65 cents.—
.Corn—1200 bushels Round Yellow have been
sold at 60 cents; l&tfO bushels Flat Southern at
54 cents. 1100 bushels fresh old at 53 and 54
cents; and 1000 bushels old, stored, at 50 cents.
Oats. 650 b"Qhels, at 31 1 2 emit*, all from stove.
jfe SHIP NEWS, m
Schooner Fair Lady, Baker, hence at Boston ,
31*t ulf. Schooner VVoci^y, Hammond, do. do. j
NO. 1, 2, and 3 Fall-caught Mackerel, in lots
to suit purchasers, for sale by
jan 7 LEWIS McKENZIE, Union wharf.
Grand Consolidated Lottery, Class 1 for 1834,
Will be drawn in Wilmington, Del. on Tuesday,
January 7.
Tickets $4 50; halves 2 25; quarters 1 12 1-2.
Literature Lottery of the State of Delaware,
Class No. 2 for 1834, i
Will be drawn in Wilmington on Thursday,
January 9.
Tickets S3 00; halves 150; quarters 0 75.
To be had in a variety of numbers of
Lottery if- Exchange Broker, Alexandria. !
draws this day
Grand Consolidated Lottery, Class 1 for 1834, !
To be drawn at Wilmington, Del. January 7 j
75 Number Lottery—11 Drawn Ballots.
1 prize of $20,000 1 prize of $2,000
1 do of 5,000 75 prizes of 500 (
Tickets $4 50; halves 2 25; quarters 1 12 1-2
To be had in a variety of numbers at
Lottery Office,
Corner of King and Iloyal streets.
Seats taken for Washington and Balti
more in the new line of Green Coaches._
Grand Consolidated Lottery,
Class No. 1 for 1834,
Will he drawn in Wilmington, Bel. on Tuesday, Jan 7 ,
1 prize of 820.000 | 1 prize ot 82.000 i
1 do of 5,000 | 73 prize of 5000
Whole ticket, *4 50, halves 2 25, quarters 1 12}
Literature Lottery of the State of Delaware,
Class No 1 for 1834. ,
Ticket* $3; Halves 1 50; quarters 0 75
Virginia State Lottery, i
For the Benefit of the Dismal Swamp Canal Company ,
Class No. 1 for 1834, i
Will be drawn in Hichmond on Friday, January 10 ,
I prize of 820,000| prize of 86.000
1 Pdo of 10.000 | 1 prize of 5,000
20 Capital Prizes of 82,000! &c &c
Ticketa f9, halves 4 50, quarters 2 i5i eighths 1 1-}
To be had in a varietv ot numbers at
J. W. VI01»BT*>S
Lucky Lottery Office,
Upper end of King street, near the Diagonal Pump.
In the Senatey yesterday, Mr. BENTON re
sumed his speech, commenced last week. Be
fore he had concluded, the Senate adjourned.
The House of Representatives were principal
ly engaged with memorials and petitions, a fur -
ther notice of which will be given in our next.
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and
the public that he has commenced the
at his Shop on Royal street, next to Mr. Mc
Laughlin’s Grocery Store, a few doors north of
the Market House, where Blacksmith’s Work
generally will be done with despatch. Horses
will be neatly shod, in a scientific manner, cor
responding to the anatomy of the foot; and,
should the hoof be any way disordered, attention
will be given to that part of the business, in or
der to correct the complaint.
Having been regularly bred to the above bu
siness, with an experienced workman in this ci
ty, and having, since that period, availed him
self of a further knowledge of his profession, as
practised in Boston and other large cities, con
siders himself competent to the performance of
his duty; and hopes, by assiduity and attention,
to merit and receive a portion of encouragement
from the public in general,
jan 6—d3t<fcvvtf
tfor ttoalon.
The schooner JANE, Allen, master, will
JjHy^have despatch, and take 300 barrels freight;
for winch apply to W. FOWLB St Co.
jan 3 _ _
Fov Freight.
The three masted schooner MARYt Cahorn,
carries about 850 barrels, a superior
vessel, and will be ready for the reception of a cargo
in two days. Apply to
dec 31 W. FOWLK & Co.
VoTrfSeYl \orVc.
t£1jR The schooner GLOBE, Snow, master, car*
.jafccJ^ries about 80t> barrels, will be ready for cargo in
a tew lays. Applv to
dec 31 ' W. FOWLE 13* Co.
Vive l veigYvt.
The schooner ARMADA, Capt. Philbrook,
jes^^Mirthen 700 barrels, about fifteen months old.
One South or for the West Indies would be preferred,
jan 1 Apply to A. C. CAZENOVE t5* Co.
Sugars , &c.
8 BOXES prime w bite and Brown Sugar
10 barrels prime Beef
3 tierces Oil
5 kegs Ground Ginger
Ju t received, per schooner Virginia, for sale by
jan 4 Vow-IPs wharf.^_
\\nx augurs, £?c.
9 BOXES Havana Wiiite and Brown Sugars
10 bags Palrr Nuts
1 cask fresh Zante Currants
Just received per schooner Virginia, from New*
York, and, together with the remainder of his Goshen
Butter and Cheese, Genessec Flour, Groceries, Wines,
&c. will he sold low by
jan 4—3t Prince Street Dock.
Xoui'g sun tea
r Half Chests superior Young Hyson Tea, just re
ceived, and lor hale, very low, by
.Vtw Ctu\j .Vi‘\N Orleans Sugar
5 Hogsheads New Orlean° Sugar, new crop, just re
ceived, and for sale, low, by
jan 1 Vowell’s wharf.
VlasYer of l*arcs.
"3 OIT Tons the cargo of schooner Jane, from Lu
JL S bee, for sale bv
Jan i ' W FOWLE & Co.
\ Bundles Pressed Hay, just received and for
41 J sale by J* Y EATON,
jan l-6t __ _
OrWuns nugar.
r l+f Hogsheads New Orleans Sugar, of the new crop,
«) / landing from I he Brig Uncas, Capt. Moore, lrom
New Or’eans, and for sale by
tlec 31 BOW’D. DA1NGBKFIEL1).
Y r mi
LANDING from schooner Globe, from Boston, and
A for sale by ROW’D. D AINGERFIKLD.
500 drums Smyrna Figs
100 drums do Raisins dec 31
AYvuw naU
jy »r | Bushels ot Ground Alum Salt, cargo of
o the schooner Armida, Capt Philbrook,
low landing, and for sale by
dec 31 _A.JO _C A ZENO VE & Co.
ll^s ArauYYc i. en\eut.
\FEW casks water proof Cement, just received and
for sale by ROBERT II. MILLER.
12th mo 30 ____
Blank Bank Check a,
ON the different Banks in town, bound up in one
and a half and two quire Hooks, just received on
iale by jan 1_WM. M. MORRISON.
Just VlccfcVveA,
ON sale by WM. M. MORRISON—
The Life and Writings of Major Jack Downing,
,f Downingville, away down Fast, in the State of
Maine, written by himself ____j*n 1 .
UPRIGHT & MADDOX have received an addition
al supply of HANDSOME FUR CAPES, of
various colors, which are offered at reduced pr»ces..
They have also received more CLOTHS, which
makes their assortment very general._jan *
lloratio Day
REUTRNS thanks to the ladies and gentlemen of
Alexandria and its vicinity for the liberal encou
•agement extended to him since his commencement m
justness, and solicits a continuance of their favors. He
las on hand a general assortment of
I adies* Boots and Shoes
Gentlemen’s Boots and Shoes; and
Children’s Boots and Shoes
All of which will be sold at the lowest prices for cash,
jr to punctual customers on the usual time.
Ladies or gentlemen wishing any articles made to
jrder, will be promptly attended to.
N. B. The subscriber being desirous to close his pre
,ent business between this time and Spring, appeals to
ill persons in town or country who are indebted to bis
•stablishment to settle their accounts by the middle of
January, 1834;_dee 1 l-dlwfc2aw3w
Bank of w\V exon Aria,
December 23, 1833.
FIB stockholders in this institution are hereby no
tified that the Annual Election for Ten Directors
hereof will be held at their Banking House the third
Monday (20th) of January next. Polls open from 10
i m to 3 P* M. L. McKENNA,
dee 23—eo20thJan Cashier.
WILL be sold, at the Market Square, on the
17th instant, at 9 o’clock, A. M.
about fifty years of age—to be sold for a term_of
years, to satisfy an execution in favor of Chas.
Murray. Terms made known at sale.
JOHN JOHNSON, Constable,
jan 7—eotl7th_
ON Wednesday next, the 8th instant, at 10
o’clock, will be sold on Cazenove & Co.’s
Wharf, for the benefit of those concerned, one
JIB and FORESAIL, an old STOVE, and a
JIB BOOM; damaged on board the schooner
Armada, on her late voyage from Eastport to
Alexandria. Terms cash,
jan 6—3t WM. D. NUTT, Auctioneer.
.Vev* Racou.
J ^ /Wl LBS well cured Hampshire Bacon,
1 jJ.UUlr with a full proportion of nice Hams.
Just received and for sale by
jail 4 —eo3t DANIEL C A WOOD.
Rape- Walk.
JOS!AH H. DAVIS respectfully informs his friends
and the pub'ic that his PA PEN P UOPE-WALK
is now in complete operation, and lie will thankfully
execute all orders at the shortest notice. Inasmuch as
I have got this business up at great cost and trouble, 1
hope to receive ail the support I may be found wor
thy of Alexandria, January 3, 1834,
ATLANTIC TALES, by Mis* Leslie
Children’s Friend, by M. Berquin, 4 vols,
a new and revised edition.
Letters from a Mother to her Daughter on going to
School by Mrs. J A. Sargent.
Miriam, or the Power of Truth, a Jewish Pale.
Received for sale by E. KENNEDY,
jan 1—eo3t ___I
\ avuabVfc Y atw Toy oaifc.
The subscriber will sell his highly improv
ed and valuable Farm called
_ _ _ in the County of Fairfax, four miles and a
half from Alexandria, and ten a half from the Citv of
Washington, in a pleasant and agreeable neighbor
hood, containing
3 94 ACRES.
As this Estate is so generally nown, a particular de
scription of it will be less necessary. The soil is in a
good state of cultivation, having been managed fir se
veral years past with a view to its improvement 11 ere
are about two hundred and fifty acres cleared and divi
ded into eight fields, weli fenced; the balance is in
wood and timber There are from forty to sixty acres
of meadow land, well ditched and drained, part of
which is well set w ith clover and timothy; the balance
designed to be put down in grass the ensuing fall
There is a young thriving ATPLE ORCHARD, of
about two hundred trees of choice selected fruit, be
sides a variety of excellent summer fruits. This Farm
is delightfully watered; Dog tie Hun passes through it.
and it abounds in springs of most excellent water,
which continue to jun through the farm in the driest
seasons. The buildings are good, consisting cfa large
. . FRAME DWELLING HOUSE of two stories,
with four rooms and a wide passage, built very
J^Mll'iubstantially and of the best materials, and . very
necessary out house to accommodate a large family.
The Garden and Yard are well designed and improved.
From the house there is a commanding view of the Po
tomac and surrounding country, and for healthfulness
and beauty of prospect it is perhaps surpassed by none
The price and terms of payment will be made known
by application to Gen. JOHN MASON, or
S. H JANNKY, Alexandria, D. C.
Or to the subscriber, on the premises,
augl3 —wtf Hose Hill. Fairfax County, V*.
I'oy Rvin\,
The HOUSE on Washington 9treet
^lately occupied by the subscriber, very
^conveniently arranged, and in every res
^^^^^^^Jpect a desirable residence Likewise,
on Fairfax street, near the Hank of Alexandria, former
ly the residence of William Herbert, Esq
' The House last mentioned, with the large and valua
ble Lot, will be sold on reasonable terms.
In my absence, application may be made to Mr.
dec 25—dlwUiVoSw
3etem\a\\ NV ^aUetNv\uVe,
[) E8PECTFULLY informs his friends and the pub
It lie generally that he has commenced the
in all its various branches, at the north c<;rn<°rnf King ;
and Colun bus streets, in the house formerly occupied i
by James fe Jacob Douglas, where he hopes, by perse- i
verance and industry, in—connection with an experi- |
ence in the above business for the last eight or ten
years, to merit a share of public patronage. <
HisFUKMTUKK will be made by experienced jour- \
neymen, after the latest fashion, and in the most du
rable manner, which he will warrant to be equal to any
manufactured in \he District of Columbia.
N. B. Two Apprentices wanted, of good character,
from 15 to 16 years of age. j'm 2—tf
V own A*
YESVEUDAY, e large STOKE KEY. The owner
can have it by paying for this advertisement.—
Apply at this office. _jan 4—3t J
UrivunA VVaaler, 1
For sale by the Ton, Barrel, or Bushel.
FI1H E subscriber has on hand, and intends keeping <
JL during the season, Ground Plaster, which will be
sold at as low prices as it can be procured at in the Dis.
trict _ JONA. JANNEY.
I HAVE removed my Office from the south west 1
corner of the square, intersection of King and
Washington streets, one door noiih of said corner, and
opposite Mr. Grub’s Store, where those having busi
ness with me will please call.
Wines* &c.
THE subscribers offer for sale the following assort- ]
WINES\ in casks and cases:— (
L. P. Madeira, pale and red, Murdock & Co. J
\j. p. do do Newton, Gordon 8c Co
L P. do Tinta, vintage of 1821 1
L. P. do Sercial, vintage of 1819 s
L. P. do Huai, do 1827
L, P. do Burgundy, do 1825
L. P. do East India, per Brahmin !
L P. do Payne &. Co. (
Gordon’s pure Grape Juice j \
Choice Old Sherry, gold, pale and brown, Duff, J
Gordon 8c Co.
Do Burgundy Port? do Dry Port, Harris 8c Son if
Old Hock, Dry Lisbon, Canary and Smyrna
St. Julian, Medoc and Montferrend Claret j '
Hermitage and Sauterne
Champaign, Tarragona, 8cc. (
Choice Old Brandy, Kum, &c.
With a general assortment of GROCERIES'
All of which will be sold on moderate terms. {
decll—eotf Fairfax street, Alexandria. »
A valuable FLOUR STORE
WAGON STAND, situated at die
western extremity of King street: t- ♦
boundaries of the Store beginning at
the distance of 123 feet 5 inches from the wear
side of West street: thence northwardly, para
lei to West street, 100 feet, to a ten feet ailev^
thence eastwardly, and parallel to King afreet,
22 feet; thence southwardly, and parallel t<#
West street, 100 feet, to King street; thence
westwardlv, bounding on King street, 22 fee\ to
the beginning—The boundaries of the Wagon
Stand, at present possessed bv J Gibson, begin
ning at the termination of the line of the Store
! last mentioned, and at the distance of 101 feet 5
inches from the point where the north line of King
street intersects the west line of \V est street, and
| running northwardly, parallel (o West s’reet,
100 feet; thence, crossing the alley of ten feet
west wardly, parallel to King street, 22 feet;
thence northwardly, parallel to West street, 243
feet 2 inches, to Cameron street; thence east
wardly, with said street, 123 feet 5 inches, to
West street; thence southwardly, with West
street,*243 feet 2 inches, to the alley; thence
| westwardly, with the alley, 19 feet; thence, cros
sing the alley of ten feet, southwardly, 100feetv
to King street; thence, with King street, west
wardly, 82 feet 5 inches, to the beginning.
If the property is not sold by private sale be
fore the 27th (lav of December next, it will then
be offered at auction at 4 o’clock io the afternoon,
on the premises. The terms of sale, and the ne
cessary information relative to the title, will be
given bv the subscriber.
nov 29—2aw9t COLIN AULD.
IO® The sale of the above described property
is postponed till Friday, the 3d of January next, at the
same place and hour. dec ?7
IC7* The above sale is further postponed till
Friday, the 17ih instant. _jan 3
District of Columbia, County of Alexan
dria, Set.—May Term, 1933.
George Jacobs and Surah his wife; Augustus I).'] ^
IViUiurns and Ann L his wife, Complainants, *
W illiam 1 Childs, John C Latruite and Elizabeth > C
Ann his wife; Samuel A. Childs, John Wren and ~
Mary Y. his wife; John Wesley Childs, and Ben- |
jumin A Childs, Defendants, J
riXHEbill in this cause having been regularly taken
X for confessed against the resident defendants} and
it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that dnt
publication has been ma le against the non resident tic
fen lants, the bill is taken for confessed against them
also, and set down for hearingt and the cause cumin
on to be beard, it is
Ordered, adjudged and decreed, I hat the Mardiai
of the District of Columbia do sell the tract of land
containing one hundred and fifteen acres, be the same
more or less, mentioned in tile bill of the complainant*,
of which John Childs died seized, lying in the County
of Alexandria, Distric* of Columbia, to the highes’
bidder, on the premises, after advertising the same
six weeks in some newspaper printed in the District
of Columbia, upon the following terms: One third o.
the purchase money to be paid in cash, and the ba
lance thereof to be paid in two equsl instalments at six
and twelve months, secured b> bonds and a deed of
trust on the premises. *
And further, I’hat the Marshal do convey the pre
mises to the purchaser or purchasers} and, after de
ducting for his own commission allowed by law, and
other expenses of the sale and the costs of this suit, to
be paid to the person- re^ectively entitled thereto,
that he pay to each of the complainants and dt fond
ants, children of John Childs aforesaid, or in right of
»h( ir wives, one eighth part of the ba’ance of the pur
chase money; and that he do report his proceeding*:
under this Decree to the Court
\ copy—'Test? EDM. I LEE, C. C.
In obedience to the above Decree, I shall pro
ceed to sell, on Mondav, the 27th day of January next,
1834, on the premises, at 12 o’clock —
lying in the County of Alexandria, t istrict of Columbia,
with all the Improvements thereon constating of a
“ DWELLING HOUSE and all othfc'r
Out (louses. ( he Land :s now in cultivb
tinn, has a sufficiency of wood aud timber.
_and has some excellent Meadow Land It
s situated between Hugh Minor’s land, and adjoining
he land of Colonel Opie, and was the residence ol tin
late Rev John Childs.
The terms of sale are—One-third of the purchase
noney in cash on the day of sale, before I leave the pre
nises or the land will be re sold on the spot; the balanc*
n two instalments, in six and twelve months, with in
erest,* notes to be given, and a deed of trust cn the
and for security of the balance.
This sale is made under the order of the Court, in
consequence of the purchasers not complying with the
et ms of the former sale. C SCOTT, D M.
dec 13 ?awlw&eots JFV H Ashton, Marshal.
ON Saturday, the first day of February next, the
subscribers will, under the authority of a Decree
>f the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, sell ar
>ublic auction, to the highest bidder, for cash,
, , THE HOUSE er LOT OF GROUND situate
at the upper end of Washington 3treet, oppo
|^|^site the dwelling of Fdmund 1. Lee, Esq. and
vhich was formerly occupied as a residence by the late
>1rs Mary Fendalj.
Sale will be made at 12 o’clock.iand on the premia
is R. I, TAYLOR,
dec 31—eotFebl THOMSON F. MASON.
Land Ioy sale.
[SHALL offer at public sale, on the first Monday in
February next, at Prince William Court House,
>eing the Court day of said County,
one containing 383 ACRES, per patent and
survey, both of which wiN be exhibited on
the day of sale. This Tract lies in Fairfax
Jounty, but on the line of Prince William, aod ha-*
>een in the possession of Col. John Hooe for some
ime, who now relinquishes all claim to it. It l»es or?
lull Run, and on the line dividing the Counties o<!
*rince William and Fairfax, and adjoins the lands oi
3ol. Hooe, Mrs. Kincheloe, and the Heirs of Thomas
Jlackburn, deceased.
The other Tract contains 73 ACRES, a?>d lies in
*rince William County, near Dumfries, and is at pre
lent occupied by Walter Davis
The terms of sale will be accommodating, and mad
mown on the day of the sale. Capt i homas Nebon.
Surveyor of Prince William Count), knows both tract*
>f land well, and will give any information relative t
:ither that may be wanted. Letters to him on the sul»
ect must be post paid.
As this land will be sold by me as a Commissioner,
ppointed by the Federal Court for that purpose, 1
hall only guarantee such title as is vested in me* bir*
consider the title perfectly good
GEORGE HAMILTON* Commissioner,
jan 3—dtFebO
To Rent, "
f!?S| A SMALL HOUSE north of the residence
I*l*ll Sanmipl |», Lgrroour.

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