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OINTMENT, (formerly Judkins’,)
Prepared by C. HERSTONS, near Frederick
town, Maryland.
Richmond. Vi July 15, 18"0.
THE public will be pleased to understand that ! was
the original discoverer of Judkins* Ointment, and
sole proprietor of the patent from September, 1817,
until the expiration of the same; but, having connect^
ad myself with Dr. Judkins in the commencement, I
permitted the Ointment to bear his name. The term ,
of the patent having expired on the 26th June, 1 have ,
made an improvement in the same, and takeni o«t *P*'
tentthereon SHE! HERD.
<Xy Imposition having been practised upon the nub-1
lie by a spurious article, bearing the name of “ Jud
kins* Ointment.** the proprietor avails himself of the
authority granted to him in his letters patent, now to
call the Ointment after his own name. Henceforth it
will be known by the name of
MENT, (formerly Judkins'.)
When I first made and prepared this Ointment, and
had, in several instances experienced its good effects,
1 sent it to several physicians, with instructions in what
cases to apply it, who were of opinion that the hint- ^
ment would be a valuable public benefit. I concluded ,
that the Ointment would occasionally fall into many j
hands, some of whom would probably undertake to
make it, and knowing the difficulty of the process - ne
vertheless, it might be progated in this adulterated si
tuation, as it might in some degree resemble the origi
nal—and in this way its good effects would be oblitera ,
ted Under these considerations, I secured the ongi .
Hal and certain remedv for those obstinate diseases,
some of which have so long baffle J the skill of me- •
dical science: # .
1st White swellings of every description;
2d Sore legs and ulcers of long standing,
3d Schirrus or glandular tumor9, particularlythose
hardened tumors in worn *n*s breasts, which oftentimes
terminate in ulceiated cancers;
4th Felons; or what some people know by thename
Af/-«tAPi>h« of everv descriDtion.
5th Rheumatic painsot the joints;
6th Sprains and bruises of every description, or in
whatever part situate;
7th Tetters of all kinds. In this complaint the pa
tient, in applying the ointment, must keep the part
nut of water;
8th Chilblains or parts affected by frost
It is also one of the best remedies for burns and
scalds. It eases the pain and draws the fire out in a
short time.
For inflamed women’s breasts and glandular swel
lings, it is superior to any medicine yet known to the
medical faculty. It is much safer than mercurial ap.
plications, (as it does not contain the smallest atom of
any preparation of the mineral,) because it does not
lay the patient liable to injury from exposure to cold.
This Ointment has cured sores of many years stand
ing. Where it is impossible or imprudent to heal the
exter a! sore, in consequence of the bones becoming
carious oi rotten, it will stop the progress of the caries,
increase the quantity of discharge, remove the offen
sive smell, and ease the pains.
It cures the worst Felods and Whitlows, on applica
tion of forty-eight hours
Prom the Hon. John Cocke. Member of the House of Re*
preservatives in Congress.
Wabhixqtojc, Mar. h 22, 1826
Sir—My son having been afflicted for five years
with white swelling, and having applied every reme
dy recommended by the most eminent physicians
within my reach without success, I at length procured !
one jug of Dr Judkins* Patent Specific Ointment, and
made the application according to tne directions ac
companying the ointment, and state, for the benefit
of the affl eted. that before one jug was used, a perfect
cure was effected. My son has eujoyed good health
ever since. I have no doubt that to the Ointment alone
he is indebted; for nothing else whs used for more
than nine months before the application of the oint
ment. Respectfully, Joex (jocxk
Dr. Wm Canton, Washington City.
From L P. IV. Batch, Psq Counsellor at Law, F ede
rick Md
FfivnstucK, Md May 6,1831
Mr. C flerstons—I det-m it proper to state, for the
benefit of the public, that, several years since, two of i
in> children were affected with scald hea 1 of an inve- j
te*aie character My family physician, Ur John T
Wi-soii, of Leesburg, Va who was very skilful and ju
dicious in his practioo, in vain endeavored by every
means to effect a cure. At length Judkins* Ointment
was applied, and. the affection w^s permanently reliev
ed. Very respectfully, vouroDedtent servant,
L. r. W Balch.
From the Honorable John Taliaferro, Member of Con
gices, dated
' astnn»Toar, January 22, 1829
Sin—It has been my wish tor a considerable time,
to communicate to you the good effect with which 1
have u<*ed the Ointment invented by a Mr. Judkins,
and which I now understand is made and sold by
agents appointed by yourself, I have applied this
Ointment during the last three years to every species
of tumor and wound, without failure to produce a cure
in every instance. 1 consider it the most decided and
etftcient remedy in all cases of tumor, be the cause
whatit may; and I have found nothing so good for
wounds of any description It may be proper to
add, that the cure of a tumor called white swelling,
given over by the most distinguished physicians as in
curable, and which they decided would, without ampu
tation, prove fatalto the patient, was, under my imme
diale notice, effected by the use of Judkins’ Ointment,
and the patient is in fine health His limb affected by
the tumor oeing restored to a perfect state of sound
ness. 'Iso that the leg ot an aged man which had been
wounded, and exhibited one dreadfully ulcerated sur
face from the knee to the foot, and which, for more
than two years, had been considered incurable, wasef- i
fectuaily cured by the application of Judkins’ Oint
ment. I mention these two cases, which fell under my
immediate notice and management, as a decided evi
dence of the erticacy oltnis remedy in cases of tumor
andofutcers: I nave exp*. lenced, as decidedly, the
good effect of this remedy in the cure of Felons, and
of every species of fresh wound, it seems to me that
any one who wll observe on the operation of this Dint
meut, must be satisfied as to its beneficial effect, lean
with the utmost confidence recommend the use oft his
valuable remedy, lam, sir, very respectfully,
Joan t uimaRo.
N. B. To more fully guard the public, (the proprie
:cr)C. Herston’s name will appear in his own hand
writing. written through the circle outsiue the ointment
Sold by appointment, in Alexandria, wholesale
vul retail, by Vi M. S I ABLtK,
oct U Druggist, Fairfax street.
CaaVi in
%m/“E will pa> cash for any number of LIKELY
1 v N EG HUES, vof both sexesjfrotu 12 to 2b years
of ag<*, Field Hands. Also, Mechauics of every de
scription. Apply to
B C Ballard A Co Richmond, Va.
J. h Saunders A Co. Warrenton, Va.
George Kcpheart * Co. FredericktuWD, Md.
James F Purveis & Co. Baltimore.
John Ware, Fort Tobacco, »id
William r^oper, Annapolis. Maryland
A. Gkimm, ltedencksDurg, Virginia.
Or to the subscribers, at tlieir residence in Alexandria.
Persons living likely Servants to dispose of, will do
Well to give call, as we, at all tune*, wid pay
feigner priced in Cash than any other purchaser whu s
Wow w may hereafter come into market.
All coamuni&aUons promptly attended to.
Health Secured, j
BU tbe use of the Hvgeian Vegetable Universal
Medicines of the British College of Health, Lon
don, which have obtained the approbation and recom
mendation of thousands who have been cured, in con
sumptions, cholera morbus, inflammations, internally
or externally; dyspepsia, fevers, ague, indigestioR, bi
lious or nervous affections, and all diseases of the liver;
yellow fever, gout, rheumatism,lumbago, tic doloreux,
dropsy, St. Vitus’s d*nce, epilepsy, apoplexy, Paraly
sis, palsy, green sickness, and all obstructions to which
the female form i9 so distressingly liable, and which
sends so many of this fairest portion of the creation to
their untimely graves; small pox, measles, whooping
cough, scarlet fever, asthma, jaundice, gravel, stone,
and all urinary obstructions; fistula, piles, strictures,
ruptures and s\ philisin all its stages; constipated bow
els, worms, scurvy, itehings of the skin, king s evi ,
and all cutaneous disorders; in short, every complaint
to which the human frame is so direfully subject, un
der all their varied forms and names; as the Hygeian
conviction is, that man is subject to one only' r**l
Disease.-that is, TO THE IMPURITY OF THE
BLOOD, -from whence springs every complaint that
can possibly assail his complicated frame; and that it
is the perpetual struggle of this vital, pure stream of
life, (the gift of Almighty power) to disencumber it
self of its viscous, acrid humours, with which it has be*
come commixed, through the negligence of parents;
the ignorance or maltreatment ot the Doctors; or tue
vicious or gormandizing propensities of us all.
This valuable Medicine, being composed only of
vegetable matter, or medicinal herbs, and warranted,
on oath, as containing not >ne particle of mercurial,
mineral, or chemical substances, (all of which are un
congenial to the nature ot man, and therefore destruc
tive to the human frame,) is found to be perfectly
harmless to the most tender age or weakest frame, un
der every stage of human suffering; the most pi asant
and benign in it operation, and at the same time the
most searching out the root of every complaint, how
ever deep, and ot perfoiming a cure, that was ever
offered to the world This wonderful effect, too, is
produced by the least trouble to the patients, by
merely swallowing a certain number of small pills, and
being called a few extra times to the purposes of eva
cuation, with the least possible sensation ot pain, or
exhaustion of bodily s rength, and without the tear of
catchmg cold, or attention to dress or diet, in any way
different from their accustom* d habits.
These pills cure all cases, and cannot betaken to
excess Rxperience. which is the touchstone of all
human knowledge has long borne testimony to. the
facts and extensive use ot them has already verified
its truth in this country.
These medicines cure by purging; and yet the weak,
the feeble, the infirm, the nervous, the delicate, are
in a few days strengthened by their operation, because
they clear the body of its bad humours, and invariably
procure sound sleep- They are the safest and most
efficacious menicine to take to sea; preventing scurvy,
costive ness, &c»
The Vegetable Cleansing Powders arc of great as
sistance to patients, and facilitate the evacuation of
bad humours; they soften, cleanse, and detach the
acrimonious phlegm; are cooling, and ailay the thirst.
One, two, or three powders may be taken throughout
the day, mixed in half a wine glass of water
Extract of a Letter to Dr. Moat.
Sm: The motive which has induced me to write this
letter to vou, is, that I might be instrumental in the
recommendation of Morrison’s Universal Vegetable
Medicines to the afflicted, which, by the Divine bless
ing has cured me of the Scarlet Fsver. My case wras
as follows: Whilst returning fr *m Washington to Alex
andria, 1 was taken very ill, which obliged me, on my
arrival, to retire suddenly to bed, but could not sleep,
and >he next day my throat became so much inflamed,
that I could scarcely swallow; and my face, breast, and
body, presented evident symptoms of the great dan
ger I w’as in, and I knew not what to do; Calomel or
llercu'y 1 abhorred as poison, and therefore desired
no assistance from the Druggist; but my mother, who
had experienced th good effect of the Hygeian Pills
in a case or two of her own, most strenuously advised
me to try their virtue, which, with reluctance, 1 con
sented to, and commenced ny taking eight No. 1 pills
at night, and eight No 2 the next morning and con
tinued taking, increasing daily, morning and evening,
until 1 took Sixteen No. 2 at a lime, which were dis
solved in water, as, by means of my sore throat, I could
not otherwise swallow them. I confess the dose made
me feel somewhat qualmish, 5tc ; Out the pills and the
powders, of which l took one or two tea-spoonsfull a
day, operated well, and the final result was, that 1 fell
into a sound sleep, of which I had been deprived, and
the next morning awoke in a stale of perspiration, freed
r r — ^ . 1 A M J A » f#. ai M U)/> nnrl mi ranonn t
until IV v Cl | VUUI ««IU J •
1 had been deranged in mind) returned} and on the
9th day from the time i was first taken, I left my room,
and have ever since enjoyed better health than l did
befoie You have my leave to make what u^e you
please of this. 1 wish you success, and am. sir, your
oDedient friend, M\UY ANN FOWLER.
Alexa. U. C. March 14 1833.
The genuine Medicines can be had of
WM. POMEROY, Alexandria,
Sole Agent for the District of Columbia and its vicinity.
By w h<>m the Pills are sold in packets or one, two,
and three dollars each, and the Powders at 37$ cents
per box, with printed directions; and also by the fol
lowing Sub-Agents; R. W. Polkinhorn, between 9th
and 10th streets, Pennsylvania Avenue; John Stillins,
Navy Yard, Washington; and Thomas C. Wright,
Georgetown; of whom alone can the Medicines be
warranted genuine By appointment of Dr. H S.
Moat, II. P. vi., M B. C. H., Brooklyn, New York, *he
aole importer of these Medicines.
Morrisonia, or lire Family Adviser, price $2 75; Prac
tical Proofs, eilustrated by numerous cases of cure,se
cond and third editions, price 25 and 37$ cents; to be
had as above.
trank tin Mimae.
The above TAVERN has been
rented by the subscriber; it is well known
iBaiii as having been long occupitd t>y Mr. Au
.^ffigg^jgj^gnstine Newton; is now in good repair,
and every coinfort that the traveller neds can be had.
The Table is every day supplied with the delicacies,
as well as the substantial of life. The Bar is well
fitted with the best L.quors, and private parties can
be accommodated in the most delightful manner.
N. B Beltzhoover's Line of Stages arrive and de
part daily from this House; and Gigs, Horses, and
Hacks, can be had on the mos* reasonable terms.
nov 5—d
Notice to ViaViftriwen.
I WILL sell out my FISHISG OlTrFITSt and the
unexpired Lease of one year, with the privilege of
the lease being extended from three to five years at a
moderate rent The shore is a first rate Herring Fish
ery, situated on the Maryland side of the Potomac, cal
led Sandy Point, next shore above Doctor Richard M.
McPherson's Fishery. I he Seine is 220 tathoms long,
fish ng 32 feet deep, with Boats, Captstons, Reel, and
in fact every article necessary to carry on the fishery.
Washington, near the Long Bridge,
oct 7 — eotf *
To VY\e Graot ¥&Y\%.
The Canal
Packet Boat
p is, on Tuesdays
ana Fridavs, for the Great Fulls or Crommeiin, starting
from Frederick Street Bridge (Georgetown) at 8 o'
clock, A. M. and returning the same da\ at or before
sunset. Fare to and from Crommeiin, 50 cents.
The Canal is now in fine order, and the country pre
sents w beautiful appearance. To those who are fond
of a short excursion, and desire a short relaxation from
business, atrip to the Great Falls offers a most delight
ful treat.
vO“ Parties, on any other day9 of the week, can be
accommodated, by giving a short notice or applies
tiontoihe proprietor, living on Third street, George
town. 2, M. OFFUTT.
m- -■ ft' *w 1 *
mtrzsp. -^ -■ —- _
C\iax\es Bem\eU
HAS received by the Brig Belvidera, from Liver
pool, and other arrivals—
Point blankets, all sizes
10-4 11-4 and 12-4 rose blankets
12-4,13-4 and 14-4 best family blankets
5-4 fine Bath blankets
Shoe thread in bales, various qualities
Patent colored and W. B thread
Clark’s Mile-End, London, first quality spool and
ball cotton . , , ...
English black g doons, single and double width
Baizes and flannels . *
Kerseys, drab cloths and flushings
Cloths, kerseymeres and vestings
Black and colored Circassians
First quality camblets
Furniture calicoes and dimities, very handsome
An assortment of printed and Madras hdkts
Black Italian cravats and sewing silk
Merino and cotton hose, of all qualities
Hemming’s old patent and silver eyed W. C. nee
Gilt pins, 4. 4$ and 5
A handsome assortment of gilt buttons
Ginghams; cambric muslins
Plain and sprigged Swiss muslins
Swiss and jaconet hdkts
Shad and herring seine twine
I OJ DOMESTIC GOODS, he has for sale—
A very nandsome assortment ot bedticks
Apron and furniture checks
Penitentiary plaids
Bleached and unbleached Canton flannels
Bleached and unbleached cottons
Cotton umbrellas
Cotton carpeting; Lowell kerseys
I Mn assortment of FRESII GARDEN SLEDS
From the bhukers sept 12
1VT ASHING YON & BRENT have received,by the
fT late arrivals from Philadelphia and New York,
A Handsome Assortment of FALL fy If IN
Consisting, in psrt, of—
Superfine blue black, Russell brown, invisible
green and mixed cloths; Petersham ditto
Blue black and fancy colored cassimeres
Blue and blue black silk velvets
Dark blue, brown, cadet and other mixed cassinets
Hose, point and striped bianketu
Dome-tic and other carpeting
Hearth rugs
Black and assorted colored bombazets
Do and assorted colored merino Circassians
Superfine black and colored French bombazines
Black and blue black Italian lustrings
Handsome colored gro de naps
Ladie-* super black and assorted colored kid
Linen cambric hdkfs; a great variety of fancy
Thibet wool cloth and merino hdkfs and shawls
4 4 t* 6 4 bobinet9 and Grecian do do
Hobinet and Greciarett quilling
S*ansdown and Valencia vestings
Furniture prints, a great vanetv of fancy do
Penitentiary and othr plaids and stripes
Bed ticks; apron and furniture chef ks
Bleached and unbleached Canton flannels
Red, green, and drab do
Brown and bleached shirting9 and sheetings
20 bales cotton osnaburgs
Burlaps, No. 1, 2, 3 & 4; Scotch osnaburgs
Bear, Dutch, and Russia sheeting,
And a great variety of other articles usual to he met
with in a dry goods store, ail of which will be sold
low at wholesale or retail,
sept ?6 tf
tail aiu\ v\ iuitr buovla.
Wtf M. THOMPSON & CO. have just received
a further supply of
Amo.ig them are the following: —
3-4, 4-4 and 6-4 printed and embossed Thibet
shaw * and handkerchiefs
Merino'■haa’s'»nd scarfs, a large assortment, at
reduced prttes
Cotton and w m ated shawls and handkerchiefs
Hernani, crape, silk, muslin, and other fancy
Linen cambric hdkfs. some very fine
6-4 French, German and English merino9
vj—o aiiu j-** oiacK #nu cuiurcu r,iigiisii mciuiua, u
handsome assortment
Plain Gro de Naples
Bf*st black Italian lustrings, very cheap
Black and blue black Poult de Soie
Black mode and colored Florences
Black and colored silk velvets
Ladies* and men’s Hoskin gloves
Cambric and thread edgings
6-4 Grecian nett and Grecian nett footings
Boltings, a great variety
Silk, cotton and worsted hosiery
Black and blue black Italian crapes
5-4 do do do do for veils
English and French black bombazines
50 pieces blue, black, mixed, Kussel brown,
olive, mulberry, claret and green Cloths, cheap
10 pieces plain, printed a d ribh’d cassum res
150 do low priced sattinetts, voy cheap
30 do superfine do ver> handsome
White, red. green and scarlet flinnels
Green carpet baizes
Rose, poirit, ihiffle and striped blankets
A variety of coarse goods for negro clothing
300 pieces low priced prints
Bur'aps, oznaburgs and Russia sheetings
4-4 Irish linens and lawns
8-4 and 10-4 table diapers
Russia diapers and crash. With
12 Packages DOMESTIC GOODS—such as
Brown and bleached shirtings and sheetings
Red, yellow, brown and leadcol’d Canton flannels
Linseys, checks, penitentiary plaids, tickings
Cotton oznaburgs, &.c &c.; with many other ar
Our assortment is very large, and prices low. We
invite our friends and the public to call and examine
for themselves. oct
Wright 8c M.ftd&o'x,
HAVE received, by late arrivals from Philadelphia
and New York, a very large and general assort
ment of
adapted to the present and approaching season-,. They
invite their customers and the public to call and exa
mine for themselves.
52 pieces cloths, blue, black, rifle green, Resell
brown, plum, mulberry, claret, olive, drab
and grey mixed
Blue, black and fancy colored c&ssimeres, plain
and striped
Satinets, plain and striped
Petershams, various colors
Flushings and kerseys, heavy and stout made, for
Linseys, plain, plaid and striped
Rose blankets. 8—4 to 13—4 very superior ®
Point and duffle ditto
Green and scarlet friezes and baizes, plain and
White, red, green, scarlet and yellow flannels
G*uze flannels, extra quality
Canton do various colors
Goat’s hair and common camblets
Ladies’ camblet9,a beautiful article for cloaks
French merinos, superior quality and desirable co
lors .
English ditto, in great variety
Circassians, well assorted
Black and colored bombazetfl
sa ~i —
Thibel iha-l* 3-4 to 10-4. vor. h.odoomo
Embroidered shawls, new sty e
Valencia and Prussian shawls .
Satin fancy hdkfs. a new,article, very r.ch
Silk do do „ . .
Italian lustrings (Matteom's genuine!
Do do colored, very beautiful
Gros de Naples, plain and figured, in great vane J
Florences, assorted colors
Double green and brown ditto, for bonnets
India and 9atin Levantines
Satin3, various colors, plain and figured
Senchewsand sarsnets, uncommonly cheap
Silk velvets, black, blue black, maroon, green
purple and brown, for bonnets
Tabby velvets, various colors
A very large assortment of super chintz and »o
priced calicoes
Mourning ginghams, handsome new style
Table diapers, S-4 to 12-4; damask table cloths
Russia do; French napkins
Irish li.iens and lawns, very cheap
Linen cambrics and linen cambric handkerchiefs
Checked and striped muslins
Damask ditto, a beautiful article for curtains
Jaconet and cambric muslins i
Swiss and book do, plain and figured
Grass cloth skirts, a new article
Silk and worsted hosiery
Mohair, merino and lamb’s wool ditto
Bead reticules and fancy baskets
Super lloskin and kid gloves
Long and short kid mittens
Fur trimmed and lined gloves
Pongee and Spittalfiefil handkerchief#
Several boxes handsome bonnet ribbons
Bonnet cambrics and reeds
Cut and plain velvet and other belt ribbons
Hearth rugs floor and table mats* •
Fur tippets, in great variety
Allot'which are offered on moderate andaccommo* <
dating terms. oct 11 j
lieu. A. UuugU
AS received a very general assortment of FALL
GOODS, viz:
Cloths and cassimercs
Super and common sattinetts
Plaid and plain linseys
Hose and point blankets
Woolen flannels; Canton do
Plain and figured baizes
Counterpanes, white and colored
Petershams, flushings and kerseys
Fine merino wool shirts
Guernsey frocks
Men’s white and colored lamb’s wool hose j
Ladies’ do do do do
Men’s super Angola do
French and English merinos in great variety
Merino Circassians and boinbazettes
Hangups and beaverteens
Goat's hair camblets and plaids
Battinetts and colored cambrics
Fur capes and mantillas
Dtnruslc, Itussia and bird’s eye diapers
Fine soft finish Irish linens
Linen cambric hdkfs; linen do (cheap)
Corded skirts
Fine and common lawns
Bishop’s lawn, book *nd Swiss muslins
Domestic carpeting, hearth rugs
Bik lustrings, gro de naps, variety of colors
Sattin levantines, v< rv cheap
White, pink, blue and bik saltins
, Bik Poult dc 8 oe, a superior silk
Gro de Berlin
Fancy hdkfs and shawls
B!k silk cravats
Gloves; m^-n’s raw silk do
liu-sia and 1 ish sheetings; burlap9
B k, blue bik, green, purple and brown slllt
Bandanno ,nd fligg hdkfs some superior
Bound and fl t braids
BUck galloon and shoe ribbons
Black and colored lasting
B ur and green table covers; table oil cloth
Patent silver head pins
50 packs pins (low priced)
Hiiditch's superior spool cotton
Knitting yarn and boss
Fancy hair and other brushes
White and green blonde veils; crash
fVith a general assortment of DOMESTICS
j 30U’J lbs Cotton Yatn
Cotton nails for quilt* 9th mo 30
WasWvngt m T. Vlarper
HAS received, by the New York and Philadelphia
packets, and is now opening, a large and general
* assortment of
i Bought principally for money, lie is enabled to offer
} them to his customers and the public generally as low,
j bv the piece or yard, as any house in Washington or
i Alexandria; which is sell ng at a small profit Mis as
; Bortment consists in part ofthe following articles, which
j willne krpt up oy frequent receipts, viz:
Blue, black, brown, invisible green, mulberry,
olive and grey cioths
Double milled and corded cassimeres
Fine black ditto for vests
Cassinetts nil colors, some very low priced
Petershams, flushings, kerseys and plains
8-4, 9-4, 10-4, 11-4, 12-4 and 13-4 rose blankets
Point, striped and fancy end ditto, large and good j
Flannels, white and colored, all wool; figured do
Figured and plain baizes and frieze
Plain and striped linsey s
Merino wool shirts and Guernse» frocks
A large quantity woollen comforts; cloth caps
Colored and white super Saxony and common yarn
and worsted
Cotton cords, hangups and beaverteens
Heal goat’s hair camblets; common do
Men’s white and colored lamb’s wool hose
Country knit half hose
Ladies* black, slate, fancy and plain colored wor
sted hose
Misses’ do do do do do do
Children’s white, scar et and red socks &. stock’gs
Cloth piano, tab'eand stand covers; toilets
Hearth rugs and sheepskin mats
6-4 brown, moreon, green, purple, crimson and
scarlet, blue and b'ack real French merinos
6-4 do do do, English, good imitation
3-4 do do do do I
Circassians and bombazetts, all colors; tartan plaids I
Superfine and common French and English bom
bazines; Pongees unusually low
Silk Velvets:
Blue, black, moroon, crimson & green silk velvets ;
Super figured and black do for vesting
23 pieces handsome staple coPd gros de naps
Black, white and col’d watered and plain do
6 pieces rich colored poult de soie
Black and blue black gros de awiss
First quality Matteoni’s bl’k Italian lustring
Italian and English do do
4-4 black Italian and India silks
Super white, pink, blue, orange, black and other
colored satins
Double and single florences, all colors
White, green and black blond and bobinet veils j
Green figured barrege do do <
Green and black barrege for veils j
Black bobinet do do
Blue black crape for ditto, wide and handsome
White, black and colored French crapes
Crape lisse; wide and .narrow hat crape
Fancy Handkerchiefs—a splendid assortment:
Blond, Hernani, gro3 de nap, Polynese, poplin,
embroidered, figured silk, crape, silk, muslin,
gauze, palmyrine, embroidered and plain Thi.
bet, merino, cashmere, Prussian and other fao
cy handkerchiefs
With a great variety of cotton hdkfs
Hem stitched, plain white and colored bordered
linen cambric hdkfs
Bandanna, Spittalfield, pongee, fl ig and cornpam
hdkfs; super black Italian and Levantine do
Merino, Cashmere, Thibet, Braganza, Prussian
cloth ar.d winter shawls
Laces and Edgings:
Thread and bobinet laces and edging*
Cambric and bobinet insertions
4-4 figured Grecian nett, a new article
4-4 plain do
Book, Swiss, mull, jaconet, cross-barred, figure*
and plain muslins
White and colored cambrics
White and colored cravats: bonnet cambric
Silk and Cotton Hosiery:
White, black and colored English and French sliu
hose and half hose
5 thread cotton hose, a superior article
Vs ith a variety of ladies’ and misses’ comm m lio%c
Ladies* super white and colored kid gloves, loi^
and short
Ladies* common do do do, large si/.c
While and black sdk gloves
Ladies’ furM end and lined gloves
Missotf’ V'ork tan, kid and woollen gloves
Long mitts for misses
Gentlemen’s white and black kid, beaver, buck,
dog skin, chimois, Woodstock, Berlin and
woollen gloves
Hair top’d and lined gloves, a superior article for
Gentlemen’s stocks, stiffeners, foundations, col
lars and bosoms
Cum olott ip nofpiii rnl l^r< rnllfin. and a finin! sk
of other suspenders
50 sets handsome bonnet ribbons; cap do
Lustring ribbohs, all colors, from No. 2 to 22
200 pieces David’s black galloons
HI aek white and crimson, & other col’d cotton ria
A superior assortment watered silk, velvet, figur
ed and other beltings
Round and flat silk and Worsted braids, cords an I
Soft dressed Irish linens, some very fine
Irish sheeting
Bird’s eye damask, Russia and cotton diapers
Brown Holland; crash for toweling
Long lawn and linen cambrics; imitation do
White and colored corded skirts; c.*rpet binding
Black silk, superior finished, new style umhrello
Common umbrellas
A large quantity cotton do, low priced
Pin*, $-c.
Superior flat heads, sharp points and London pie
rt quantity common pins
Black and white small pins, first quality
Black and white hooks and eyes
Sewing Cotton:
Mitchell’s first quality 300 yds spool cotton
Large quantity white and colM ball do
Calicoes and Ginghams.
A large quantity fashionable style, black grounds
Super French chintz; Ginghams, black and colM
Mourning calicoes
A large quantity ninepenny calicoes
Penitentiary and other p'*idsand stripes
Bed ticks and apron checks
B eached and unbleached C> nton flannels
6-4,5-4. 4-4 3-4 Reached and unbleached sheet
ings and shirtings
Burlaps No. 1, 2,3 am! 4
Scotch oznaburgs; paddings; Russia sheetings
With a great variety of other articles usually to be
met with in a Dry Good® Store; all ot which he will
sell at low prices, for cash or to punctual customers.
He has made such arrangements at the North as will
enable him to furnish such articles in his line as mav be
desired by his customers, which cannot be procured
in town, upon L aving a description of th» nmt- with
him to be sent for. net 5—5m
B-'j limvds.
JAME5* McKENZ t* m Go have received the f
usual F.ll Suppjv of
and will add to it by the first N’e v Y » k arrivals The
change they have concluded upon matting in their bu
siness induces them to off.-r every article in their as
sortinent at iisduced puicks oc* l -dtl
rl!E subscribers,intending a re noval from llexan
dria to New Y >rk in the course of a very short
time, have to ask the favor of all persons indebted
to them to call and s.»ttre their respective account , as
their business must be brought to a speedy close:
oct l—dtf j\5. McKenzie ur Go.
Cabinet, Chair tint! Anta
On King street, next door to Washington street
IRON \ HI) O. COOK respectfully tnfornr.H his friend*
A and the public generally that he has commence !
the above business in ati its v.rious branches llis
Furniture, which, for neatness and workmanship, lit
warrants equal to any ever ottered in the District, will
be sold low for cash, or to punctual persons on the
most liberal terms Persons wishing to purchase t.rt
respectfully invited to cal! and examine for themnelv. :
TURNING VARMSFIfXG handsom ,y exe
cuted Old Fumi'ure neatly repaired, and all or’cr.
punctually attende to. oct 10—"m
Virginia Real Estate Brokerage and Ge
neral Agency Office,
Fourteenth street, (a few doors from Main street,) n« xi
Byrd’s Warehouse, RICHMOND, Va.
\N Office under the above title has been recenily
established, and is now open, in Richmond, Va ;
in connection with the Emigrant Agency Offic \ New
York, for the purpose of making purchases, tff cting
Bales and leases of and loans on Real Estate and other
property; also attending to a General Brokerage «n<]
Agency Business Also connected w ith an established
Agency Office in the City of New Orleans, t,a , forma’'*
ing purchases and effecting sales of NEGR )ES (nude
and female ) Therefore, owners who have Slaves cal
culated for a Southern market, comprising stout, heni*
thy, and active Mechanics, Field Hands, Genera! Lr
borer/, House Servants, and Familv Domestics, fro®
10 to 25 years of age, can, through the medium of ll1*'*
Office, find speedy cash sales.
N B. All personal or written applications will me-1
with due attention
P. S No letters or communications taken from ih:
Post Office unless post paid
dec IQ jm Richmond, Vs*
Alexandria Canal Office, )
30th November, 1833. )
VTOT1CE is hereby given to the stockholders in the
Lx Alexandria Canal Co- that an instalment of 2dollar’*
ier share is required to be paid on or before the l*1
lay of January; and a further instalment of 3 dolls*r*
>er share on or before the 1st day of February next.
By order of the Board:
dec 3 JOHN H. GREASE, Clerk A C. Go

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